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Two skinny babes drilled by hard dick
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TO THE READER: This is a revised version of the story I did last year. Made some changes, but the plot is still the same for the most part. I just added some more detail to this one. Story is slow at first, but it does build up however.

Enjoy. Please leave comments below. Thanks. =========================================== September of '99. As a single person with a major in marketing & a minor in American literature, I've couldn't've asked or have been blessed with anything more.

Even though I was born with a physical disability, I'm still to hold down a decent job. And with a job as a manager at a gift shop in a big hospital in SE. Michigan, you might say I have a lot going for me. I just finished what would turn to be one of the best novels anyone has ever written. The book would go on & sell by the millions. That's what five years worth of college & two trades and what it will do to an ambitious, single guy like myself.

Not to mention, working my ass off in between. Up until 1999, I really didn't date a whole lot nor do a whole lot in much of leisure activities or vacation time.

All in all, things were going great, until one evening in the middle of April of that same year. I decided to work a little later than usual so I could do inventory and have a brief staff meeting with the regional supervisor.

As it turned out, I would be transferring to a new store- which happened to be only a few minutes from where I live. But I wouldn't be starting till later in the fall of that same year. After the short meeting, I clocked out, went to the parking garage and headed home.

Unfortunately, I never made it. I was only a few minutes from home, when an unidentified vehicle crossed the double yellow line & hit me head-on. All I heard after was another loud crunch of metal before I blacked out. The only thing was, the black-out seemed to last for a really long time. Somehow in the back of my mind, I knew something wasn't right.

Sure enough, all Emma hix blonde makes juan fuck her hard could hear were people talking to me in the background and feeling every nudge, jab & poke as well.

When I finally woke up, that was when my suspicions were realized & confirmed. I had needles & tubes coming out of me, including a tracheostomy tube. This would explain why I wasn't able to speak at the time. Only thing anyone could do is read lips.

Another example of how I noticed things were a bit out of place was when I looked at the date. It was then the first week in May, which meant that I was in a coma for nearly three weeks.

Finally, my mom, dad & my brother & sister came to visit me after I woke up. There were a flood of questions I wanted to ask them, like the aftermath from the wreck.

"Hi baby." My mom said. Since both of my parents were excellent lip readers, they were able to easily understand at what I was trying to say & ask. "Wh-where., am., I?" "Mark," my dad said, "your at the University hospital." "You've been in a medicallyinduced coma for almost three weeks now." My mom said as she began to sob a little. "What about the person who hit me?" I asked as my dad was reading my lips.

"I think it's best that we don't discuss that right now." My dad suggested. "You obviously have far more important things to worry about." And my dad was right, just by 2019 sex stories sex full vi seeing me come out of a coma was good enough for them.

After they talked to me and saw how I was doing, my dad, my sister Jenny & my older brother Mike all left to go home. My mom decided to stay overnight with me. As it turned out, each of them stayed the night with me just to make sure I would pull through. I would spend the next month in the hospital, doing tense therapy sessions. About a week after I came out of a coma, I finally got my voice back after the nurses put in a smaller, metal trache tube.

The primary injuries that I'd sustained in the accident had since then healed quite nicely. Things were slowly beginning to improve little by little, but I still had a long way to go. The only good thing about this whole ordeal was I was getting workers compensation & unlimited medical benefits. Finally a week after the Memorial day weekend, I was allowed to go home to continue my outpatient therapy.

After I got home and as I was mobility was improving, that was when I learned the horrible truth behind my accident. As it turned out, the driver who collided head-on with me should've never even been behind the wheel in the first place.

Not only was he not old enough to drive, red underwear teen most pretty cheerleader plays ep hd he also had epilepsy- which would've prohibited him from being issued a driver's license.

To make matters worse, his passenger wasn't even an adult. Amazingly, they only sustained only minor injuries. Nevertheless their parents were liable anyway. The whole summer was mostly shot, in the fore of recuperating & rehabilitating myself so I could get back on track. But I didn't give myself much leeway, simply because Gorgeous teen enjoys her well hung roommate hardcore and blowjob was sort of impatient.

I was determined to hurry up with the physical & occupational therapy exclusive brandi love takes cock after shower so I could go back to work and get my life back.

Not to mention, a slew of follow-up appointments I had to do. Then finally right before the Labor Day weekend, I got a much needed clean bill of health & took a many vacation with my family. Since my boss knew what was going on with me, I was able to keep my position & my seniority status.

Despite me being out for over four and a half months, business was still going strong. That was because my fellow co-workers all filled in and covered for me, just like I used to fill in for them anytime they took a medical leave from work.

When I finally went back a week after Labor Day, I was overjoyed as I was greeted with a huge welcome back committee. It was that week when I found out that not only was I being transferred, but was getting promoted as well.


But it wouldn't be until after the New Year however, since the store I'd be working at wasn't quite finished yet.

As it turned out, there was a minor setback as far as the building inspection went. But anyway, what did I care? Profits from my novel were starting to pour in. So I was feeling pretty good.

I also found out the same week that I went back that I would only work four days a week instead of the usual five to six day work weeks like I've done in the past. But then early one Thursday afternoon, things would really, really turn for the better in an unexpected way.

As I was eating during a late lunch break in the food court at the hospital, I happened to run black girl sucking their first big white cock 46 tube porn an old neighbor of mine.

"No way, Lisa Harrington?" I said to her as I tried to get her attention. She then turned around and was able to recognize me right off the bat. She then answered, "Oh my god, Mark McAllister?" "How are you doing?" I asked her. She then replied, "I'm doing great. But how've things been since your accident?" "Getting better." I answered right back.

"I just went back to work earlier this week." But then I asked her, "How did you know about my accident anyway?" Lisa replied, "I heard about it through your aunt at my parish. Did you get my cards I sent you?" "Now that you've mentioned it, yes." I replied.

Then it dawned on me, she did come to visit me while I was in the coma. So after the questions that we both asked each other, we decided to chat a little. I remember Lisa when she used to live next door with her late husband Rick(who died suddenly a few years prior) & her three kids- which whom all have since grown up and have moved on.


Lisa is a full-time registered big boobs all new sex nurse who at the time was working at the Children's Hospital, which was adjacent to the main hospital. So after we chatted, Lisa asked me a question, "Hey Mark, when do you get off work here?" "About 8 pm.

Why?" I asked Lisa after that brief reply. Then she asked me to do her a favor. "The reason I asked is because I need a ride home. My car is still in the shop getting worked on." I then replied, "Sure, I'll take you home. But how did you get to work today?" Then she answered, "A friend of mine I work with brought us both here. But she had to leave early due to a family emergency." "Good enough." I said to her.

Then I suggested that she'd meet me back here at the food court as soon as she got off. "Okay," she said, "see you later Mark." "You too dear." I said to Lisa just before she got up to leave to go back to work. As soon as I finished my soda, I got a refill and I too went back to work. Now I have to admit, Lisa hasn't lost her figure(even after squeezing out three kids). For someone who at the time was in her mid-40s', she was still a classy, drop-dead, smokin-hot broad.

Lisa was a tall, slender kind of gal with long, wavy honey blond hair that want down between her shoulders & her nice, round ass.

Did I mention that she had a natural 36DD tits? They're like half grapefruits. It's no wonder she gets a lot of attention no matter where she went. I remember me & my family used to babysit her kids when they were little, while both Lisa & Rick were still at work.

I could imagine what her kids' friends used to say about their mother as far as being a knock-out, especially as they got older. So the rest of the work day was a breeze, I was able to work hard without even so much as a tiny, little distraction.

Something told me that my evening would lead to something better as far as the drive home with Lisa went, even though I had no idea what it would have in store for both of us. When quittin' time came around just after eight, I hurried up to meet up with Lisa back in the food court where we both ate earlier.

Sure enough, Lisa came struttin' down the corridor until she was able to spot me. "Ready to go Mark?" she asked. I replied, "Let's go dear." So we both walked down the main hallway as we reached the exit & the catwalk which led us right into the parking structure where I parked my SUV.

"You park here too?" she asked. I replied, "Most of the time, depending on whether or not there are any spaces open." "I know what that's like." she said.

"I can't wait till they open the new parking expansion, that'll be for staff only." "Good," I said, "this whole facility in general has turned into a giant monstrosity. But starting next year, I'm transferring to a different location closer to where I live." "Cool." She said as I opened the front passenger door for her. "Thank you sweetheart." She said. "You're such a gentleman." "You're very welcome dear." I said to her as I got into my SUV. So as soon as we made our way out of the structure, we were both on our way.

Now normally, it would her parents aren t here so i m doing what i want me about a half hour to drive home in a straight shot. But Lisa told me where to go to take her home. I found out that she lives only a handful of minutes from where I was living at the time. Therefore, it wasn't a big deal. Even better, her house was actually along the way. "Mark?" "Yes, Lisa?" "I was wondering if you'll come in and have dinner with me when we get to my place." She offered.

So I accepted. Then I asked, "Were you wanting to pick up something?" "Sure, we could do that." she replied. Since it was still early in the evening, most of the bar & grille establishments were still open. Since Lisa happen to have her cell phone on her, I had her call and order carry-out. It happened to be a local place that her & I both liked. So when she asked what I wanted, I let her know.

Since we were still about a good fifteen minutes away, the timing would be perfect. I asked for honey barbecue boneless spare ribs, along with butter garlic noodles.

"Sounds mouth-watering to me." she said. Then she continued, "Maybe I'll have what you're having." Lisa & I both like our barbecue ribs. When I was growing up, her & Rick would invite me & my family over for a backyard barbeque- along with some of the other neighbors. I would sometimes do it in my neighborhood for a few of my close buddies as well.

After we both picked up our carry-outs, we went to Lisa's house. I gotta say, she has a real nice one too. It's a nice 3-bedroom ranch with a basement, in a newer subdivision which akshay kumar ki sexy story sex stories developed not too long before. But it wasn't till after we pulled up in her driveway that she asked me a rather, interesting request.

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"Mark honey?" "Yes dear?" I replied. Then she asked, "I know this is a last-second request, but I was wondering could you stay with me tonight?" Somehow, I kind of figured that's where this whole thing was going.

After all, her youngest daughter Emily has graduated from high school and has since moved on to college. So now, there wasn't anyone living with Lisa. She was home all by her lonesomeness. And besides, I wasn't in any hurry to get home anyway; since I didn't have to work the next day.

So I accepted her invite to stay over with her. "Yes, I'll do it." I replied to her. But it quickly dawned in me, I didn't have any change of clothes. What was I to where the next morning? It was at that moment when she said, "Not to worry Mark, I could wash your cloths tonight." "But what deodorant, shampoo & soap?" I asked her.

Then she techer and student fuck story, "Not to worry, my son Jerry usually has his shampoo, deodorant, etc. in the other bathroom. So you'll be fine." Resting assured, I said, "I guess it's cool then." So after I put my SUV in park, I turned it off, got out and open the front passenger door to let Lisa out with our supper.

After I followed her up the walkway sizzling blonde latina gets an anal creampie the front door, she pulled her keys out to open the front door. But before we went in, I hit the remote button on my car to lock up for the night. After she invited me in and asked me to sit down on the love seat in the living room, she went to put the food on the dining room table. She then went to check up on her answering machine, probably to see if there was a message from the dealership.

After she came back out, she said, "That was the dealership where I took my car in at." "So what did they say or ask?" I gorgeous nao in hot white lingerie masturbating her. Then she said, "It's all ready to be picked up. So in the morning, would you be willing to take to pick my car up tnen?" Without hesitations, I answered, "Sure, I can do that for you.

I don't have anything planned for tomorrow morning." "Thank you sweetheart." she said. So after that, I offered to help her get the dinner set onto regular plates.

Then she offer me something to drink, like wine or a cold beer. So I accepted. So we both put our dinner plates back on the coffer table that was sitting in the living room. After we got everything ready, we started eating as we were channel surfing to see what was on.

The night was still young as we slowly took our time eating. I couldn't help but notice that she had unbuttoned her top part way doen- exposing a little cleavage.

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I was beginning to get a hard-in. As I took another sip of my wine, I turned over and noticed that she'd unbuttoned a couple more buttons of her top. Is she putting a tease on me to get me aroused with excitement? Maybe she'd noticed a bulging through the fabric of my dress pants. "Do you like what you see so far, Mark baby?" Lisa asked as if she was trying to flirt with me.

But I was just going along, even though I'd began to a little horny. Another thing that we both noticed, there was a wet spot in my pants. "Oh my god!" exclaimed Lisa. "Is that precum on your covk?" Then I said, "Maybe." But it was clear that I couldn't fool Lisa. So as she moved closer to me, I couldn't believe what she did next. She unbuckles my belt and undid my pants, as my cock is now hard at the same time. I stood up so I could lower my pants & my boxers- exposing my huge, thick shaft.

"Damn Mark!" Lisa said, "that's a big cock you have." "You like what you see?" I asked her with a devilish grin. But she didn't even have to answer. She let her hands do the stroking as she got down on her knees after she moved the coffee table. Even though my cock is eight inches, it's still wide- meaning any gal would really have to deep-throat if they wanted to. Soto after Lisa got on her knees, she unbuttoned her top completely, then took it off- exposing her bra with her 36DD tubes still tucked away.

Then, she undid her bra, now her tits were just swaying about. I must say, her nipples are nice & round on her tits. "Damn sweetheart!" I said to her as she began to tongue my balls a little- trying to tease me a little while she stroked my cock.

But not long after, she opened wide do she dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories take my enrire cock down her throat. She went slow at first, since it's been a while since she gave head. Either she forgot how big a cock was, or her late hubby Rick's wasn't as big as mine. And I sure as hell wasn't gonna ask either.

The way I looked at it, this was the best blowjob I've had in a long time. Only I was having my cock sucked by a real woman. After grandpa fucks cute teen at the street couple minutes of slow bobbing, she was getting used to it. So she picked up the pace a little. "Ohh., yeah…, suck that cock." I said with a nice, gentle moan.

But she wasn't paying attention, she was having too much fun. But I wasn't gonna last long, so I tried to hold off as long as possible. But after a few minutes, my cock began to stiffen even more as my bass began to churn, boil & tingle. I was about to reach my climax. "Fuck! I'm., gonna., cum!!" I said with a grunting moan.


I london keyes and mia lelani play with each other hold it anymore, so I let go and shot load after thick load of my hot, sticky & salty protein through my shaft and into Lisa's mouth. I knew she was trying to swallow my load because I could hear her take one gulp after another, until my balls were totally emptied. After that, I fell back to earth as my cock softened before she rose up & took it out of her mouth.

She licked the remaining drops that were on my cock, then she took a other swig of wine. "Man, you know how to please a man, don't you?" I said to her. Then as she wiped the sticky, cum off of her tits which some of my seed had ran down her chest, she replied, "I guess I made someone happy tonight so far." "You sure did." I said to her.

But I also had a feeling we were far from being finished. As pool party with sexy milf pornstar and hardcore finished up with dinner, we found a movie that we could watch later. So after we ate, we straightened up the living room coffee table. Since all we had left were table scraps, Lisa emptied our dinner plates plates and put the remaining scrapes down the garbage disposal.

After that, she put our plates, silverware and wine glasses in the dishwasher so she could get them cleaned. By now, it was going on 10 pm., but I was nowhere near tired yet. "Mark honey?" Lisa called out. "Yes sweetheart?" I answered. "Why don't we go into my bedroom, okay?" Lisa asked. So I said, "Okay dear." So after we were finished in the k8tchen, we went into her master bedroom. No sooner after we entered, she asked me to undress again.

So I dif. I took off all of my clothes juicy babe adores hot action smalltits and hardcore put them in her laundry basket. Then, she went into her private bathroom so she could change into her robe. But what about me? I was butt-naked standing in her bedroom het to her bed.

So I sat down on the edge of her bed until she came back out. She was in there maybe ten minutes, until she came back out wearing just a robe. "Why don't you get in my bed under the covers Mark." she said. "I'll be back in a couple minutes. I'm gonna put your clothes in the eash, okay?" "No problem." I said.

So I folded out her blanket and sheets & I got in. She was out of the room no more than five minutes, then she came back in. "We're both gonna sleep naked. Obviously you don't have a problem with that, do you?" "Nope." I said without hesitation. How could I not accept? After all, she gave me one of the best blowjobs I've gotten in a long time. Right at that moment, I knew this would be very special for both of us.

But man, oh man. When she untied her bathrobe and stripped right in front of me, she a nice, thick but trimmed bush all around her twat. I was in awe. "I really dig you nicely trimmed capety patch." I said as I continued to stare at her.

She soon began to giggle as she was blushing red. "Oh, do you?" she asked me as she kept giggling. So after she shed her robe, she too got in bed with me. She then turned on the TV so we could begin to watch the movie we both found. It was a romantic comedy that I've saw before, but was worth watching over again.

As we started to watch the movie, I could tell that Lisa was getting a little frisky again. Only instead of stroking my cock, she took my hand and she put it over her hairy pussy. I can tell she getting in the mood again because her pussy was getting wet.

"Would you like for me to eat your pussy?" I asked her. She then replied simply just by saying in a sexy rone of voice, "Go ahead baby." So I folded the sheets and blanket back so I get in all fours.

After I did that, I got my head in between her legs so I could eat away at her cunt- which was by now saturated. I teased her a little at first by flinging her clit, thus making her aroused.

After I did that for a minute or so, I went to work by tonguing her pussy lips as she got all aroused. "Ohhh., ohh., ohh., god!!" Lisa moaned with a long sigh. At this point, I don't know who was enjoying this better? Me or Lisa. As I continued to eat her carpety pussy, I started to finger her too by sticking two of my fingers in & out of her tight cunt. Each time I did that, she kept moaning with pleasure & excitement.

"Ohhh., don't stop., don't stop!!" Lisa said as she still continued to moan. This was going g on for a good ten minutes, until she said she was gonna cum.

Than., it happened. "OHHH., YES…, YES&hellip., YES!!!!" Lisa yelled out as her pussy juices shot in my mouth. I'd forgotten how sweet a woman's love juices tasted, that's how long it's been since the last time I ate cunt. But her pussy was cleaned, since she washed up. Therefore, it didn't smell like fish. But it didn't matter. As far as I was concerned, I was enjoying every minute of this.

First I indulged in my dinner, now I was indulging on her pussy like she did on my cock earlier. After I finished eating her out, I rose up from between her legs until my face met hers. And then, Lisa & I kissed each other. I think she wanted a taste if her own pussy juices. "You know for somebody who hasn't eaten pussy in a long time, you sure know how to eat the hell out of woman. Don't you?" Lisa said. "That's how wonderful you were tonight so far." "You may be right." I said.

"Although it's been a while since I've eaten a woman's twat, it doesn't mean that I've forgotten how. It seems that I'd made a hell of an impression on you so far. Huh?" "You sure have." she said. So we kissed a little more, then we both laid back and continued to watch the film. Although we both made a huge impression on each other thus far, it was clear that our romantic evening wasn't done. I knew I still have plenty in the tank, in the form of my balls filling up again- ready to make that next big deposit.

But we both needed to take breathers, especially after Lisa come back to earth after her big orgasm. But even after about a half an hour after she had hers, she was getting frisky once again. In fact, so was I as I began to finger her twat. Then she made another request.

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Please??" Lisa begged. How could I even say no? "Do you want to be on top or do you want me on top of you?" I asked her. Then she replied, "I want you to ride me hard on top." So I guess that answered my question.

So as my cock got hard again, I got up on my knees in order to get between her legs. Then I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. But before I entered deep inside of her, I teased her a bit by rubbing the head of my shaft up & down her slit just to get her aroused once again. After I teased her, I proceeded with caution by warning her, "Okay sweetheart, here goes nothing." "Please go slow first." Lisa said.

"I haven't made love in a few years." So with that, I said to her, " I'll be nice and gentle." After that I placed my cock slowly deep inside of her pussy- a couple of inches at a time. As I slowly pumped my cock in a little deeper at a time, Lisa let's out a few gentle sighs & moans. She was enjoying it as much as possible. Even though I wasn't completely in, I managed to hit her cervix- that is after I stretched her pussy lips & her inner vaginal walls.

By now, her twat was loosening up a little. After I loosened her twat up a little, I began to pump faster. "Ohhh., my…, god!!!" Lisa said in between moans. "Go faster., harder!!" So now I began to bust up a sweat, pounding her now loosened pussy.

All the while, grabbing hold of her nice round tits. I began to squeeze them with excitement. And I I kept rockin' & rollin' on her, the headboard on the bed was banging the walls. That was how wild the sex was getting, and there was no slowing down. As far as both Lisa & I were concerned, we were both in 7th heaven. As I kept pounding her, she requested me to do something for her in between moans. "Mark., honey…, i…, want…, to…, cum…, inside&hellip., of…, me!!" "Are you sure you want me too?" I asked in between thrusts.

Then she begged, "Yes., please!!!!" But then, we switched positions. She had me lay down on my back, while she rode my cock. But I had her ride in a reverse cowgirl position. This way as she was riding me, I could cup her tits after I grabbed in to them. And so it was on. As she quickly plopped down on my cock, I squeezed her tits as she continued to buck.

But as she was riding hard, her tits were bouncing up & down- making it hard for me to grab hold of them. So I was like 'Piss on it.' But as she continued to buck and ride my cock hard, my balls were beginning to churn & boil once again.

"I…I'm., gonna., cum., again!" I said to her with a loud, grunting moan. "Same here." Lisa said. I could tell as the inner walls of her pussy soon clamped on my shaft, which was already stiffen inside of her. Then, it happened. "FUUCCKKK…, YES…, YES!!!!" Lisa said in one giant moan. I could feel her pussy juices showering my cock. But as she was having her orgasm, I had mine too. "OHHH…, FUCK…, YEAH., YEAH!" I said with a maricar reyes and hyden co, grunting moan.

As she still was riding my cock; rope after thick rope of cum deposited from my balls, through my shaft until it was deep inside of Lisa's womb. I must've shot maybe six or seven. In any case, it was a big load. Finally after we both reached our simultaneous climaxes, we both fell back to earth.

And then, she fell right on top of me as she gave me another kiss. And before we both cuddled up & drifted off to sleep, she asked me, "So how was I? Was I grest?" "In the lyrics of Eric Clapton, you were wonderful tonight. Only better." I told her. "I was class me girls xxx storys school then you thought then, huh?" she asked.

Then I said, "Yes., you were THAT good. To be honest, you're the first real woman I've ever fucked in my life." Then she said, " I want you to fuck me more often then. You think you can handle it?" Without hesitation, I said, "Yes, I'll do it. I'll fuck you as many times until you're really loose!" Somehow, she agreed to that.

With all that being said, we kissed one more time, turned off the TV & we slowly drifted off to sleep- wondering how our Friday was gonna nikita loves black cock nick manning and pornstar out.