Young bbw get fucked hard by big cock

Young bbw get fucked hard by big cock
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It was a big barbecue to celebrate the warm weather FINALLY arriving. My name is Rhonda. I got to the party with my husband and we began drinking and enjoying ourselves. I'm only thirty, in great shape, tall slim in a size 5, big c/d cups that I work out enough to keep pretty perky especially in a push-up bra.

I was wearing a denim skirt, not mini, but not long, and a cream colored blouse that kind of wrapped across my front with a low neck-line. In the V of the neck my half-cup push up bra put my cleavage at the lashes of most of the men there.

My husband Darren is pretty mature fucking and getting cumshot two times, tall dark, handsome, pretty muscular I guess. He knows I'm attractive and likes when others take notice. We once discussed going further and decided at the time against it.

'Maybe when we're forty and sick of each-other' we joked. On this particular night we had been cooped up all winter. Heavy coats and long cold nights had kept me covered and I was feeling frisky and daring. We drifted together and apart as the night progressed. I noticed some dancing going on and told my husband the next time I bumped into him that I wanted to dance.

He was a little too drunk he confessed, but told me I could if I kept it clean. I smiled a little tipsy myself. The next time I passed by the dancing which was away from the house near the tree-line of the large yard I lingered until someone asked me to dance.

"I'm married, so it's just a dance." I giggled. The guy smiled graciously and nodded. We danced and I really enjoyed it after the dance with a bit of fire spreading in my groin I headed back towards the house to locate my husband.

I didn't find him, but wandered my way inside where there was a quieter more intimate setting. I soon ended up talking to another couple and two guys about local real estate and schools or something pretty trivial, but engrossing.

I sipped my rum and coke and relaxed forgetting about my husband. A half hour passed and we ended up sitting around in a downstairs den. We were chatting and gabbing while the tv buzzed through the news on mute. I was beginning to lose track of time, but didn't mind it was warm and cozy and I was feeling the booze and a light flirtatious arousal.

The other woman seemed to be feeling my vibe and feeding it. I was sitting in a recliner and she the corner spot of a large sectional sofa. She had jeans on and she kicked off her shoes and curled up her legs, encouraging me to get comfy and relax. I kicked off my sandals and wrapped my legs up under me, causing my skirt to creep high on my legs, but I wasn't showing anything more than thigh, so I didn't care. It was cooling off and one of the guys got the gas fireplace going.

The conversation kind of gave way to a comfortable quiet and I soon found myself half nodding off in the comfort of the chair by the warmth of the fire. I wasn't out more than a few minutes when I woke the couple were making out very heavily and the two guys were just watching. The guy had one hand up her T-shirt and the other was fiddling in her cute valerie white gets her gorgeous ass worshiped which were un-done.

I couldn't help but watch. A few minutes later the man pulled his glistening fingers from his wife's panties and they went upstairs. The guys got another round including another beer for me and soon we were all engrossed in a movie.

I sat on the sectional closer to the guys and the fire. I was soon nodding off again, but my skirt kept bunching at my waist from where I was sitting. Seeing that the guys were involved I unzipped it for comfort. It zips down the side. So doing so exposed the side strap to my high cut thong panties. I then curled my legs up again and was soon sleeping. As I slept I must have lain back or squirmed or something. I stirred a little and found that I had managed to get my skirt bunched around my waist.

My condition wasn't missed by the two guys who were looking at the sheer blue material covering my pussy. The panties were see-thru from my clit up, so they could see the full, but narrow swath of my landing strip. I was very horny, and still a little sleepy so I just sat up and left the skirt. I reached for my beer and asked if I missed anything. For the next ten minutes or so I lounged slutty women sarah and mindi sucks every others pussies, my skirt now very loose floated at about my waist my bare buttocks on the couch.

With me awake the guys weren't looking as much.


So I sized them up. One was named Brandon, the other Jimmy, I don't remember who was who. One was blond and boyish with a slim tall boy, the other had short black hair and was a bit rugged irresistible blonde gets banged on the table. My husband wandered down and immediately noticed my state of dress.

Having been already caught I made no attempt to draw attention to it in any way. "Hey Rhon." My husband said. "I'm beat and pretty drunk how bout we walk home now?" He said not mentioning my exposed panties. I thought long and hard about my answer and then answered with total honesty. "I'm too cozy and comfy to move down here, I'll meet you home in an hour or so, maybe after this movie." I said referring to the late movie which had just started.

"That doesn't end until one its only eleven fifteen." Darren said, this time looking right at my crotch. "Alright then I'll be home around one-thirty, if I make it, I may crash right here." I said patting the cushion. The host had told us earlier that if we got tired to stake out a quiet corner. "Babe I think we're both trashed. I woke up in a lawn chair about twenty minutes ago, why don't we call it a night." Darren seemed a little miffed, with good reason I suppose.

"Darren I don't have it in me to walk home right now, I'm beat and into the movie, the beer, and the campfire." I reached under my shirt from the back and unhooked my bra.

"I just want to get comfortable and wake up in the morning." I snaked the bra through my sleeves, the act of doing so caused me to lean forward, which meant I put my legs down and spread them slightly for balance. As my bra came off I melted into total comfort. I set one foot on the sofa in front of me, sitting so un-lady like caused my very moist pussy to gape a little, and I could feel my panties up against it, the outline must now be visible below the see-through portion.

"Jesus Rhonda, watch yourself." Darren whispered. I smiled. "You know I like looking sexy, you like when I look sexy, relax, I'll be fine, take this." I handed him my bra. "Go home, I'll wander over when I think I can." Darren looked at me dumbfounded.

"Go!" I said. "I'm fine." As he turned to leave I felt odd. I had wanted him gone, so I could keep teasing the two guys. It was true. I was getting such a charge from exposing myself that I had sent my husband home so I could do it. To make it even stranger he left, with my bra. What the hell kind of a man was he?!


He was in for it in the morning, but the truth was I wanted nothing to do with leaving. So I wasn't planning to go anywhere no matter what. Now I was left with Jimmy and Brandon who looked at me with lusty eyes, and amazed stares.

One of them started to say something. "Shhhhh." I said quietly and motioned to the movie. I sat Indian style in the corner of the sectional. As the movie progressed, I lost interest and found myself massaging a nipple.

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My hand has slipped into my blouse and was gently rolling my naked flesh. I looked over at Jimmy and Brandon and they were both staring at me, Jimmy was massagin his crotch through his slacks. I was about to cross a threshold. They both met my gaze for a moment and with a tipsy content confidence I flipped the breast I was fondling out of my blouse and began to rub it openly.

My other hand dipped down and touched my pussy through my panties. the material was damp to the touch. I moaned. With Jimmy and Brandon watching I stood and let my skirt slide to the floor. I kelly strokes big cock and sucks it deep sat back down and first through my panties and then tugging them to the side I masturbated to orgasm. When Iopened my eyes Jimmy had his cock out and was lightly stroking it.

Brandon was rubbing gently through his pants. I was too horny to care at that point and slid my panties off. My blouse followed. I closed my eyes and nodded. I soon felt them a light kiss on my left nipple, then a kiss at my inner thigh. firm hands guiding my legs apart.

I don't know who went down on me, but it was magnificent.

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The lean one then kissed my lips and we made out momentarily while the other ate me out. Then he guided my mouth to his cock. I sucked it slowly enjoying the tast and flavor. The other got up between my legs and I felt his cock began nosing its way into my pussy. In-out/in-out doggy style hardcore fucking with holly michaels time going a little deeper.

I was so overstimulated that I quickly began to come. It lasted a minute, somewhere near the end I felt the one in my pussy tense up, I wanted to tell him to pull out, but between my orgasm and the enjoyment I was getting from running my tongue around his friend's cock I never got the chance.

Our orgasms mingled as jet after jet of cum filled my pussy. As he withdrew the other suddenly grabbed my head and a moment later I was swallowing fiercely as the cock in my mouth erupted cum also. For a few minutes they knelt beside where I lay on the couch tracing my nipples and abdomen. the afterglow was nice. then they dressed and left and I was alone in this basement with a pussy full of cum stark naked. I began to nod off and woke to the gentle touch of the woman from earlier.

She covered me with a blanket and I slept until morning. The End.