Suck it hanna hilton and meggan mallone

Suck it hanna hilton and meggan mallone
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It had been a week since what happened between my fiancé and I and Kevin. I had been so busy planning my wedding that I could barely think about sleep, so thinking about a mind-blowing threesome was out of the question.

I was standing in front of the three floor length mirrors admiring the dress I was in and talking to my maid of honor. "So Nicole, what do you think about this one?" I asked her.


"I think it makes you look a lot wider than you are. You're small, except for your tits, and your dress should show that and maybe make your ass look a little bigger." Nicole ALWAYS knew how to answer my questions and she was right, I did need something that made my ass look bigger. It's not that I don't have an ass; I have a really nice one actually. I just want one that matches the size of my tits. "Thanks, I actually needed that, so what about this one?" I asked her as I slid the dress over my white lace bra and tanga.

"I like it the best" she told me and Sexy lily jordan steals and fucks for freedom understood why. It was a simple, strapless, ivory colored dress that corseted around my tits and waist and flowed out around my hips creating the illusion of a bigger ass. I took the dress to the counter and made an appointment for it to be altered.

Nicole and I went to our favorite Japanese restaurant to eat sushi. As we sat down, I saw Kevin and he was just as breathtaking as before. I mean words just can't describe how hot he was.


Apparently, he noticed my look and came over to our table. "Emily, it's so good to see you again. I trust you're feeling fine and the soreness has faded." He said this last part with a giant smirk on his face and a raised eyebrow in my direction. "Thanks, Kevin and yes, I'm doing well. Oh, this is my maid of honor Nicole" I had noticed Nicole practically drooling over him.

"Well, Nicole it's nice to meet you." He said with a dashing smile. "You too." She replied. Well apparently Nicole was speechless. "Well, Kevin I know this is short but your party is waiting and we need to order." I winked at him, smiled, and glanced down at his cock. He sat back down at his table which was apparently filled with coworkers. They were all in business suits. I've never been a business person but somehow I'm marrying an investment banker. I was still stuck gazing at him when Nicole hit the table.

I was jolted out of my trance. "Haven't you heard anything I've asked you?" she questioned me. "No, I'm sorry alessandra noir dirty gal fucks in the back did you ask me?" "Where did you meet a hottie like that and when were you going to tell me?" "It's a very long story, Nicole and would not be appropriate for a restaurant." "Oh well then, I never imagined you for being tight-lipped Emily" "I really need to go to the bathroom Nicole, I'll be right back.

Order the snow crab and eel for me and a hot tea to drink" I really did have to go to the bathroom. I didn't even notice Kevin following me to the bathrooms.

I went into the women's bathroom, splashed my face with water, and went into a stall. I heard footsteps and saw them walk in front of the stall and stop in front of each stall. Then, the footsteps headed towards the door and I thought they were leaving but then I heard the main door lock. I finished up and pulled up my pants and opened up the stall. He was standing right in front of my stall.

"Kevin, what are you doing in here?" I asked him. He said nothing just grabbed me around my waist and started kissing me hard and passionately. At first, I was so surprised that I was fighting him but then I relaxed and gave in to him. I eased up in his arms. He picked me up and placed my ass on the counter. He kissed and sucked down my neck while he slid his hand up my shirt.

He started playing with my nipple through the thin fabric of my bra. I exhaled deeply feeling my pussy getting wet and starting to throb. I undid his belt and almost ripped his khakis off. I had to have his big cock in me. He undid my pants and pulled them and my panties off of me in one swoop and spread my legs, admiring the view. He dove in licking and sucking my pussy lips and sliding a finger into my wet snatch. He then got up and put his cock at the entrance to my pussy and thrust his cock inside me in one push.

I screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure. "Shit Emily you can't do that, you're going to get us caught and thrown into jail for indecent exposure or something like that" he said. He started to fuck me hard and fast, holding on to my legs so he could do it harder. "Oh fuck Kevin I'm going to cum. You're just so fucking big." I said breathlessly on the verge of an orgasm. "Oh fuck, oh god, yeah fuck me Kevin, fuck meee" he fucked me harder and faster and my pussy exploded on his cock and I could feel my cum dripping down my ass.

"Oh yeah Emily I'm gonna fucking cum in you. You fucking bitch" he said as his cock exploded his cum inside my juicy fuckhole. It started leaking out mixing with my cum on my ass. "Fuck you Kevin, you weren't supposed to cum in me." I said teasingly with a smile as I struggled to find my pants and panties. I checked the mirror to see if I was presentable enough to walk out to Nicole.

"That was great baby" I told him as I planted a kiss on his full lips. "Mmm you too" he said as he slapped my ass as I unlocked the door and peeked my head out to see if anyone was waiting for the bathroom. Luckily no one was watching and I slipped three bitches overpower male and do what they want to him and joined Nicole.

"You were gone long enough. I almost thought you had fallen in the toilet," Nicole said to me. "There was a line. I'm sorry." "Well I didn't see anyone come out before you." "Well you probably weren't looking…oh look the food is coming, let's eat" I told her, avoiding her line of questioning.

We ate our sushi in silence and asked for our check. The waitress looked at me and said "Do not worry, the gentlemen over there has already paid for it." she had motioned towards Kevin who smiled at me and winked. Nicole got really pissed off for some reason and grabbed her purse and stormed out desirable christie has her trimmed snatch plowed the restaurant.

I chased after her shouting her name. After I finally caught up with her I asked her what was wrong. "You're lying to me Emily and I really don't like it," she shouted at me. "I'm sorry but it's really complicated," I told her. "I've known you for 15 years, don't you think I'd understand?" she asked. I finally told her the story of what had happened between Kevin, Jason, and me.

"Wow, that's quite a story Emily and Jason didn't mind?" she asked. "No, he actually liked it a lot." I told her. "Was he big?" she questioned with a huge smile on her face. "He was HUGE, Nicole, I almost thought he was going to rip me in half!" I exclaimed.

"So what really happened in the bathroom?" she asked. "Kevin fucked the shit out of me," I laughed. "Well, was it good?" she inquired. "Very" I stated.

So we caught a cab and went to my apartment. I gave Nicole a hug and told her bye and that I would call her later. When I got inside, I ran to the bathroom to finally clean Kevin's cum off of me.

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My pussy and my panties were completely soaked in his cum. I finished undressing and turned the shower on. I jumped in the shower under the warm jets of water and let it run down over my body. I heard a knock on the door while I was in the shower and I climbed out soaking wet and grabbed a towel and ran to the door. It was Jason.

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I greeted him and told him to come in and sit while I finished taking a shower. I quickly finished up and walked into my living room and asked Jason about work and things like that. He told me that work was fine and his day was good.

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I kissed him and he looked me in the eyes and told me he needed to ask me something that I may not be comfortable with but he wanted me to do it. "What baby?" I looked at him with my big brown eyes. He sighed and reluctantly asked me, "will you have sex with Kevin?" "Huh?" I looked shocked.

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"Well it was just so hot to watch you with him and I'd really like you two fuck because it's so blond latin bomb fucked by the pool the way he stretches your pussy. I wouldn't watch it in person or anything, but I'll set up the video camera," he explained to me. "Well, I guess I will" I agreed. "Good, I'll set up the camera" he excitedly said. "Um when is this supposed to happen?" I asked. "Oh tonight I called Kevin when you were in the shower and asked him to come over.

He'll be here in about 30 minutes," he told me with a smile. "You sneaky sonuvabitch, you planned this already didn't you?" I giggled. "Yup, so I'm going to go set up everything" he walked to my bedroom and set the camera on my dresser facing my king sized bed" He came back into the living room and told me he loved me and kissed me goodnight and left in his truck.

I was still pretty dumbstruck because it was the last thing I expected but then again that was just Jason for me. I was still sitting in my towel when I heard a knock on the door. I ran to my room and grabbed my robe and went to the door and answered it. It was Kevin all right; he still looked hot from earlier today.


"Well this is quite a surprise" he said looking me up and down, "it was the last thing I expected tonight especially after earlier today" He walked into my house and before I could say anything, he picked me up and started walking to the house, not talking to me, looking for my bedroom. He entered my room and laid me down on my bed.

"Now this is what I've been wanting, just me and you, in a place where I can fuck you for hours" He whispered into my ear. Before I could respond, he pressed his lips against mine and began to slowly and passionately kiss me while running his hand down my thigh. He kissed down my neck and across my collarbone while untying my robe, revealing my nude body. He looked me in my eyes and told me how beautiful I was before he began caressing my breasts, toying with my hard nipples and giving them firm squeezes.

He lowered his head to my left breast and began to softly kiss around my nipple, barely brushing his lips on my nipple every now and then. He took my nipple in his mouth and started to softly suck and nibble it. I could feel my pussy clenching and aching for his cock. He continued to kiss down my flat tummy to the top of my pussy. He spread my legs and kissed the russian mom sex porn sex fairy tales of my thighs and slowly made his way to my swollen, wet clit.

He gently took it into his mouth and sucked it softly. He began to nibble it and I started grinding my pussy in his face. I could feel my orgasm welling inside of me, beckoning to be released. He teased and toyed my pussy making me cum all over his face. He moved up my body with a big grin on his cum covered face. I turned him onto his back and straddled him and began to kiss his neck and ear while running my hands up his shirt.

I then moved to his mouth and began to kiss him while unbuttoning his shirt. I could feel his hard cock pressing my pussy through his khakis. I kissed down his chest, giving his nipples a playful lick.

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I undid his pants and pulled them off of him, releasing his cock from its prison. I licked the pre-cum soaked head. I kissed down to the base of his cock and gave his balls a playful lick. I kissed back up his shaft and took his pulsating red head into my mouth and began to suck gently, slowly working my way down his cock until his entire 9 inch cock was down my throat I worked it up and down slowly feeling more of his pre-cum ooze out of his cock and down my throat.

I slid it out of my mouth and crawled up his body until my pussy and his cock were at the same level. He put his cock to the entrance of my pussy and began to slowly push it in to me, stretching it wide open. My pussy was like a vise around his cock, clenching it and quivering under the slow pressure of his entrance.

He lowered me down on it until it was completely in me. I started moving my hips in a circular motion, slowly riding his cock. "Oh fuck Kevin, it's so big" I screamed as I reached my first orgasm. He grabbed my hips and flipped me over onto my back and spread my legs wide. He started pounding my tight pussy hard. "Oh God, Oh yeah Kevin fuck me," I screamed. I started moaning loudly as he fucked me harder. My pussy started clenching harder as I exploded with another orgasm.

He fucked me harder and faster and I could hear his balls slapping against my ass. He flipped me over on my hands and knee and slid his cock back into my pussy and grabbed my hips and started sliding in and out of my soaking wet, juicy cunt. He began to fuck me hard again and I could shy oriental slut positions for the cam another orgasm building.

He kept fucking me until my pussy spasmed on his cock again. He started to breathe heavy and grunt. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and shot his cum all over my ass and back. He collapsed beside me and looked into my eyes. "You really are beautiful you know." I smiled at him and thanked him and drifted off to sleep with his cum running down my ass and dripping down my hot, wet pussy.