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First time sexy seel pack
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Factual Note: In certain Asian countries, it is believed that 'corpse oil' or liquid collected by burning the chin of a corpse with a small flame, possesses great power which can be used in black magic rituals. The best corpse oil should be obtained from a corpse which fulfils the following criteria: 1. Female 2. Young (below 30 years old) and beautiful 3.

Pregnant for the first time 4. At least 7 months pregnant 5.The unborn fetus must still be in the dead woman's womb 6. Died from unnatural causes, preferably murdered The corpse must be dug up and brought to a (un)holy man for the ritual to be performed within 9 days of her death. It must be done at a particular time at night and the person performing the ritual must have post-mortem sexual intercourse with the corpse to demonstrate his dominance over the spirit of the dead woman.

The following story is inspired by this practice. A syndicate dealing in the oil has received an order for a top quality bottle of corpse oil urgently needed by a high paying client. He wanted step mom and cock doctor a fucking family affair grade corpse oil and the syndicate was getting worried that such a corpse would be extremely difficult to find.

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Then fate, in the for of the Kosmetics Killer, took a hand. The last victim, the pregnant woman who was smothered to death, met every criterion for top grade corpse oil. The syndicate excitedly sent its agents to the funeral of the victim to find out where she was going to be buried.

They traced her to the cemetery on the other side of town. The night after she was buried, they got 2 men to dig her up.

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There was no time to lose in order to ensure that the corpse remains fresh and attractive. The holy man has been known to reject ugly or highly decomposed corpses as he has to have sex with them. Fortunately, she still looked as beautiful as her photograph in the newspapers. Indeed, she looked almost alive as the mortician had done a good job. The two men were sorely tempted to have their way with her corpse but they did not want to risk damaging this piece of precious cargo.

They have to satisfy themselves with kissing and stroking her dead face and fondling her cold but still supple milk swollen breasts. They placed her body in their car and drove off to where the holy man was living deep in a wooded mountainous area far away from the city.

The trip took 2 days and along the way, they took turns to hug and kiss the corpse while the other one was driving. Once, a highway patrolman stopped them for speeding and one of the men had to pretend that the woman was his pregnant wife who was sleeping. Fortunately, it was at night so the patrolman could not see that the woman have already started to show signs of decomposition.

He did wonder why the car had a sickly sweet decomposing smell though and noted that the sleeping pregnant woman sexy fuck date with teen lucy tyler a bit familiar and was very pretty.

Finally, they arrived at the holy man's house. The pregnant corpse has started to decompose slightly. Her body still looked pristine and lovely, but her skin colour has darkened slightly and her mouth has been forced open by escaping decomposing gases, showing her pearly white teeth.

Her pregnant belly seemed to have gotten more bloated due to the gas building up in her abdomen.


Some bloody fluid has also started to ooze out from her mouth. They carried her in to the waiting holy man who dismissed them from the room. He lighted candles and incense and placed them around the corpse then walked around her, muttering incantations. He then pulled up her dress to have sexual intercourse with the corpse as part of the ritual.

He was careful not to be too vigourous as her swollen pregnant belly could easily burst and make quite a mess. Despite her slight decomposition, she was the most beautiful corpse he has ever copulated with and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He kissed her on her mouth, tasting the bloody fluid oozing out and also savouring the sweet, sour smell of decomposing gas escaping from her mouth.


He pulled down her dress and sucked at her dead, stiff nipples. The milk which seeped into his mouth tasted cold, sour and stale but he swallowed hungrily while fondling her face and breasts.

Soon after, amazing babes share lucky pov dick in hot foursome shot a load of holy cum into the pretty mother not to be, activating the hidden mystical power needed for the corpse oil.

After he was done, he held up the body of the dead woman causing her head to slump forward towards him. He kissed her on her long hair gently. He then pushed her head backwards so it fell back and her chin tilted up seductively at him. Her mouth gaped wide, seemingly in a final silent scream, or an invitation for his tongue or penis.

He decided to get on with his business however an held a lit lighter under her chin. Soon, a yellowish oily liquid appeared where the flame was burning and started dripping down the dead woman's chin. He quickly collected it in a small bottle.

When the bottle was full, he dressed himself and passed the bottle to the men in exchange for a wad of cash. He does not charge too highly as part of the payment was his joy and satisfaction while raping the corpse.

The two men then carried the woman's body away and drove to a deserted forested area where they unceremoniously dumped her on the ground. They did not even bother to fold down her dress which have been left pulled up by the holy man, exposing her naked vagina. 2 days later, a trekker found the half-naked corpse.

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By then, it was green and bloated with decomposition. There was blood coming out of her mouth and from between her legs. Strangely enough, she had what seemed like a burn mark on her chin.

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The authorities were alerted and her grieving husband was asked to identify her body and collect her for her reburial.