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American girl porn sex vedio
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Feeling a little bored in your current job you decide to look for a new one. At first you are not sure what you would like to do, you just know you don't want more of the same. All the jobs you look at seem boring. You start thinking out the box and looking at jobs you would never have thought of doing before. You spend ages filling in application forms, matching the julie cash massage in mouth specs etc.

Some result in interviews and some don't even seem to be getting acknowledged. After a few interviews and not being offered any jobs you start to feel disheartened. One night while looking on jobsites you spot a job advert from my company. "Import and export firm seeks a personal assistant, will involve some travelling, sometimes travelling will be to foreign countries, salary 24 26K depending on experience. Would prefer somebody with previous experience but this is not essential" For some reason this advert strikes a chord with you and the role sounds very interesting to you.

You especially like the idea of being paid to travel to different places. You send an email to HR asking for busty cece and her lovers big hard dick did the action application pack.

You make a self confident decision this job is going to be yours. Nothing is going to stop you, you are the perfect candidate. Keeping those thoughts in mind you fill in the application form matching the job spec with perfect examples. When you are finished you are really proud of what you have written. You know your application form is more than good enough to get you an interview.

A couple of days later you get an email inviting you to interview. The email also says you will be given a basic test in Microsoft Word and Email as part of the interview process. You already have enough knowledge but spend the next week brushing up on your Word and Email skills. On the day of the interview you feel nervous but also excited.

You have a strong determination to make sure this job is yours. Taking a bit of a risk you are femaleagent stud becomes a third wheel in casting smartly but there is also a little bit of sexiness to how you are dressed as well. You skirt is short but not too short. Your blouse it a little bit open but not too open.

Your stockings show off your sexy legs perfectly. As you give yourself the once over in the mirror you know you look stunning. You call a taxi early to make sure you are not late for the interview. Using the internet you have located a cafe nearby to our office so that you can have a coffee before the interview. As you sit in the taxi you notice the driving giving you admiring glances in his mirror. He starts to give you the usual taxi banter.

"You looked very smart and sexy. Going anywhere nice?" he says to you. "Job interview" you reply. "Well if they are going to employ the sexiest applicant I am sure you will get the job" he says to you. You carry on chatting and you tell him about all about your recent rejections after being interviewed for other jobs. "Well sometimes you have to do whatever it takes" he says to you. You enquire what he means by that.

He then tells you he knows of somebody who gave the interviewer a blowjob in order to make sure she got the job. You just laugh and assure him you will not be doing anything like that. You arrive for your interview 35 minutes early. As you walk into the cafe for your pre interview coffee there are a few workmen from the local building site in the there.

You draw admiring glances and a few wolf whistles. As you sit drinking your coffee you think about what the taxi driver said. You wonder how far you would go to get this job. You have your heart set on this job. When you have finished your coffee you head over to our office. The temporary personal assistant shows you to a computer and gives you the instructions you need to do the Microsoft Word and Email tests. As you do the tests you realise they are very basic tests and you complete all the tasks effortlessly.

You even finish ten minutes before the time allowed. You use this time to double check you have made no mistakes. Once you have done that you inform the temp that you have finished.

She then tells you that I will be with you in 10 minutes. As you sit there you think about what the taxi driver said. The thought of doing whatever it takes to get this job is exciting you and you can feel your pussy becoming wet.

You ask the temp if it would be okay to quickly use the toilet. Once inside the toilet you remove your knickers and put them into your handbag. As you go to put them in the bag you notice a small wet patch, you also notice how turned on you feel. You go to sit back down in reception and notice me come out of my office. "Hi I take it you are next candidate for interview?" I say to you. You notice as I ask that I am also admiring your sexy body. This again reminds you of what the cab driver said in that sometimes you have to do whatever it takes.

You confirm you are here for interview and I invite you into my office. As I invite you into the office you think more about doing whatever it takes. You start to feel a little bit naughty and your pussy feels very wet. You start to think there may be a possibility of doing whatever it takes. Once inside the office you notice it's very spacious and there are eager latina slut bounces on dick hardcore and big tits settees.

I tell you I hate formality but do it when necessary. I then go on to tell you as this is my office and my company I prefer to do informal type interviews. I invite you to sit on one of the settees.

I getting the service of his life jet multimedia on the other settee opposite you. As you sit down you make sure you cross your legs so your skirt rides up a little bit showing me more of your sexy legs. Naturally this does not go unnoticed by me. "So tell me a bit about yourself and your past experience" I say to you. You go on to tell me all about your previous work experience and also tell me what you like to do in your free time.

As the interview is so relaxed it feels like you're chatting with a friend. You have noticed my eyes keep diverting to your sexy legs so you try and discreetly let your skirt ride higher. You also start leaning a bit more towards me hoping I will soon start glimpsing your breasts.

You ask me if the fact you have never been a personal assistant before will count against you. "If you can type a basic letter, do email, book hotels and can travel than that is enough for me" I say to you. You ask me more about the travelling. I tell you because of the nature of the business I often have to go to other countries such as China, the USA, European countries, Canada, Australia etc.

I tell you I always fly business class and always stay at a top hotel. Hearing this makes you want job even more. As I admire your sexy body you can feel your pussy getting wetter. Feeling a little bit naughty you uncross your legs Sharon Stone style. As you do this you look at me and smile. This is the moment you decide you are going to do whatever it takes. You open your legs wide inviting me to look at your naked wet pussy.

As we chat you notice my eyes diverting to your pussy. "You can take a closer look if you would like" you say to me. Without saying a word I get up and lock the office door. I then get on my intercom and inform my temp I am not to be disturbed. While I am telling my temp this you decide you are going to take charge of what happens next. I walk back towards where you are sitting. "Come here by me and get on your knees" you say to me.

Once I'm on my knees you spread your legs again allowing me to view your naked wet pussy. "You are very naughty ogling my body when you should have been interviewing me" you say to me. I reach up to touch your pussy. You playfully slapped my hand away. "No touching until I say so" you say to me. You kick off your high heels and tell me to start kissing up your legs. "You can start with my right foot" you say to me.

I start tenderly kissing your right foot slowly working my way up your right leg. "Don't you dare touch kiss my pussy" you say to me. You know as I follow every instruction to letter that you have me where you want me. You know you can get me to do whatever you please. My tender kisses on your legs are really turning you on.

Although you have told me not to touch kiss your pussy you know it's inevitable you will soon be asking me to do so. "So am I going to be your new personal assistant?" you say to me.

Before I can answer you cheekily say to me "Tell me how much you want me to be your personal assistant". You tell me to that you want me to prove to you how much I want you as my personal assistant. I am too engrossed in your sexy body and admiring the way you are cheekily turning the tables to say anything. I thought I was interviewing you not you interviewing me.

The more I kiss your legs the more turned on you become. You push me to the floor and lower your pussy on my face. "Make me cum and I will accept the job" you say to me laughing. As I tongue your pussy I can hear you softly moaning. While I tongue your pussy you think about all the fun we will have on our travels abroad. In your mind the job is already yours.

As I tongue your pussy you grind it into my face. "Oh hell yes make me come" you say to me. I can feel your pussy juices dripping into my mouth and all over my face. I start to feel your legs tighten around my head as your first orgasm goes through your body. "Make sure you swallow all my juices like a good boy" you say to me.

After you orgasm fades you feel my hard cock. "Mmmmmmmmmm feels nice. I hope you know how to use it" you say to me. "Oh I know how to use it. I am going to fuck you good" I reply. You just laugh and say "Who said you are going to fuck me?" You get up off my face and get undressed. Once you are undressed you kneel on the couch and spread your legs.

Your pussy looks so wet and inviting. You look over your shoulder and say to me "I accept the job offer". "I have not made you one yet" I reply half heartedly.

"You have and I accept" you say laughing. Well you have been the best candidate I think to myself. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear you say "Now get undressed and show me what that hard cock of yours can do".

As I get undressed you reach under yourself and finger your pussy. "I think me and you are going to have a lot of fun on our business trips" you say to me. I put on a condom and get behind you. You remove your fingers. "Now fuck me good and don't you dare come until I allow it" you say to me. As I fuck you from behind you reach up and play with your clit. Suddenly how surreal this situation is hits you. You cannot believe a throwaway comment made by the taxi driver has led to you fucking your potential new boss.

You are certain that job is yours. It is not long before I begin to feel your legs buckle as you have your second orgasm. You then get me to sit on the settee and you impale yourself on my hard cock. "I am really going to enjoy my new job" you say to me confidently. As you ride me my mouth gives your breasts some much needed attention. You continue to use my cock to bring yourself to another orgasm.

You then get up and lie on the floor. "Take the condom off and shoot over my breasts" you say to me. As I sit astride your naked body you reach up grab my cock and masturbate it. You have me so turned on it is not much longer before I cum. "Now get it all licked clean" you say to me. As I lick my cum from your breasts I realise I cannot let you think you are always going to have your own way.

Once I have all my cum in my mouth I come up and kiss you. I pass you half of my cum. "Now we both swallow" I say to you. You then cheekily tell me you have to give a month's notice in your current job. I think we both know the job is yours. "Not so quick, I always do second interviews" I say to you. I then tell you to book a good hotel for tonight and to also book a table for two at the restaurant. You get up and go on the Internet. Once the booking is made you get dressed and head for home.

We agree to meet at the hotel for 7:30 PM so we can have a drink before our meal at 8 PM.

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When you walk past my temp assistant as you leave she gives you a knowing smile. Once you get home you have a long soak in the bath. As you bathe you start thinking about what you are going to wear. Feeling naughty you decide just to wear a pair of high heels and a dress. As you know your underwear will only be coming off later you decide not to wear any. The dress lovely hottie gets her pussy engorged hardcore and bondage decide to wear is pretty small and shows off your sexy legs perfectly.

The tight fit also accentuates your breasts. As you carry on bathing you reflect on the day's events. You still cannot believe how a throwaway comment made by the taxi driver has led to all this happening. You wonder what would've happened if you had got a different taxi driver. A smile comes across your face as you think back to your interview.

Once you are finished bathing and have got dressed you order a taxi. Just before you leave you have an idea. You grab a light scarf and some stockings and put them in your overnight bag.

Again this taxi driver gives you admiring glances and tries to chat you up during the journey. When you get to the Hotel you get the room keys from reception and drop jade russell gets a guy to deposit a huge loa your overnight bag.

You then head to the bar. As you enter the bar you see I am already waiting. As you walk through the bar towards me you can see a lot of people checking you out. You are getting admiring glances from the men and envious stares from the women. I compliment you on how sexy you look.

"What would you like to drink" I say to you. "White wine please" you reply. I go to order a bottle of white for us to share then ask if you like champagne.

"Champagne makes me randy" you laugh. "Champagne it is then" I reply. Once we have the champagne and glasses we grab ourselves a secluded table. We have a chat. I use this as an opportunity to tell you more about your new job and to get to know more about you.

"Do well in your second interview and the jobs is yours " I laugh. "Oh I am going to do much better in my second interview" you reply. As you say that you grab my hand and place it on your leg.

As we carry on chatting my hand starts getting closer to your pussy. I am pleasantly surprised to feel you have no knickers on and you are already very wet. As I finger your pussy you whisper in my ear "I have a surprise for you later". I try to quiz you on what the surprise is but you give nothing away. When we are called for our table in the restaurant I order another bottle of champagne.

You can feel yourself becoming tipsy. During the meal we flirt and have a laugh. Once we finish eating we head back to the bar to finish off the champagne.

Again all eyes seem to be on your sexy body. As we drink I whisper in your ear that I am really looking forward to fucking you again. "I am fucking you tonight. I am in charge" you laugh. We have a bit of a flirt red saree bath tyalat in sex laugh at the bar until our champagne is finished.

As we get towards the end of our bottle of champagne you decide it is time for us to both go to Hotel room. As we leave the bar you are again getting admiring glances. You tell me that room teen cleo vixen gets bonked by personal trainer on the top floor. The moment the lift door closes I pull you close and start kissing you. You pull away and tell me to be patient.

Once we are in the room you tell me to sit in the chair. You also tell me I can look but I'm not allowed to touch. You start dancing as if you are a lap dancer. As you dance you slowly take your dress off. You look down to my crotch and notice you have already gotten me hard.

You come to where I am sitting and lean over swinging your breasts inches from my face. You will gain remind me I can look but I can't touch yet. As you tease me with your sexy body you can feel your pussy getting wet. You carry on teasing me with your sexy dancing. You then decide it's time to have more fun. "Get up, get undressed and lie on the bed" you say to me.

I do as you ask and lie on the bed. You reach into your overnight bag and pull out your stockings and scarf. You tie the first stocking around my right wrist and then tie the other end to the bed.

You then time my left wrist and both legs to the bed. Once you have me helpless you start teasing me. You put your pussy inches away from my face. Your pussy is just close enough for me to smell your sweet juices but not near enough for me to lick you. You raise yourself a little bit higher and finger your soaking pussy. "You are mine tonight" you say to me.

Fingering yourself has got you really turned on. You remove your fingers and lower your pussy on my face. "Time for that mouth and tongue of yours to make me cum" you say to me. You taste beautiful. I can feel your juices flowing into my mouth as I tongue your pussy. "Mmmmm that feels so nice" you say to me. Once I have tongued you to orgasm you get up and grab the scarf. You then proceed to use it as a blindfold on me.


My cock is rock hard and aching to be touched. As I lie there blindfolded I feel your sexy lips kiss up and down my body. "Are you going to get my cock on your mouth?" I ask you. "I will do what I want when I want" you reply laughing. You carry on teasing me with your soft kisses. My cock feels like it is about to burst. You stop kissing me and plant your pussy back sexy bombshells get rammed in a foursome my face.

"Make me cum again" you say to me. As I tongue your pussy you tease me some more by gently touching my cock. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm I can feel how hard you are for me" you say to me. I go to answer but you playfully tell me shut up and carry on tonguing you.

Once I have tongued you to another orgasm you move down my body and impale yourself on my hard cock. As you start to ride my hard cock you say to me "I am going to ride this hard cock of your cock of yours now. Don't you dare cum until I say" As you ride me I can feel your juices dribbling from your pussy onto my legs and then onto the bed.

"So is the job mine?" you ask me. "I think we both know it is" I say laughing. You don't say anything else and just carry on riding my cock until you give yourself another orgasm. You then tell me that you need a rest. I protest I have come yet. I untie myself from the stockings and remove the blindfold. I push you down on the bed onto your big daddy fucking boy hard and quickly enter you from behind.

"You just remember I am the boss" I say laughing. "We will have to see about that" you reply. We quickly soon get into a rhythm. "Oh yes. Make me cum again" you say to me. You look so sexy as I fuck you from behind.

I warn you I am close to coming. "So am I. Fuck me harder. Let's come together" you pant. Once we have both cum we lie on the bed in each other's arms resting. We decide to order another bottle of champagne. When the room service waiter arrives you get up to answer the door. I expect you to put on one of the bathrobes to Hotel has provided. You surprise me by answering the door naked.

The waiter does not know where to look. You invite him in and he puts the champagne and glasses on the table. He then gets you to sign the bill. As he goes to leave you tell him he deserves a thank you for bringing the champagne. With that you drop to teen sex porn sex stories nxg knees and pull out his semi-hard cock.

He looked at me for reassurance so I simply smile at him. With your expert oral skills the waiter doesn't last long and is soon shooting his cum. You swallow his cum and stand up. The let me use yours intead gives you will a peck on the cheek and leaves. Once he has left you pour us both a glass of champagne. You join me back on the bed. "So did you enjoy sucking the waiter?" I ask laughing. "I have always wanted to do something a bit wild like that.

One to cross off my bucket list" you say to me. As we carry on chatting and having a laugh I am idly playing with your pussy. "If you carry on doing that I am going to want cock again" you say to me.

"Good because I intend giving you my cock again" I reply. I pull the duvet cover open. You instinctively know what I want. You kiss down my body and take my cock into your mouth.

As you suck me back to hardness you move your pussy over my face. I tease you by gently kissing your pussy. You gently bite my cock as a warning to stop teasing you. I reach up and finger your pussy as my mouth and tongue concentrates on your clit. I can feel your body beginning to tense as you start to cum. I open my mouth ready in anticipation and start fingering you faster. You stop sucking me and concentrate on your own enjoyment.

Once you have cum and I have swallowed all your sweet juices I get you to get off bed and bend over the dressing table. "I think I am going to enjoy having you as my new personal assistant" I say to you. "I think you just might" you reply laughing. As I fuck you from behind and look into the mirror I can see your beautiful breasts swaying to and fro with each thrust of my hard cock up your pussy.

"Come on make me cum again" you say to me. I grab you by the hips and fuck you harder and faster. As you feel your orgasm jessica drake cum in mouth up you reach under and play with your clit. "Oh yes I am cumming" you pant. Once you have finished I lift you up and put you on the bed. I push your legs to the back of your head.

"Now it's my turn to cum" I say to you. As I fuck you I reach down so we can kiss. Your lips feel so soft and tender. I can feel your breathing getting heavier and heavier as we fuck.

I whisper in your ear "I love fucking you sexy". "I am enjoying you fucking me. Now shut up and fuck me" you whisper back. I don't need telling twice and carry on fucking you. I can feel your body responding to me as we fuck. Once we have finished fucking you lay your head on my chest and we have a chat for a while. You ask me more about my business and why with modern communication I still travel a lot.

I explained to you that I do make good use of modern communication but also like to keep the personal touch involved. Especially when negotiating with tough clients.

A naughty thought comes into your mind. "I can always help you with the tough clients and get the contract signed" you think yourself. Your mind wanders as you then picture yourself sucking of one of my clients with me fucking you from behind. For now you decide to keep those thoughts to yourself.

A few days ago you would never have had thoughts like you just did then. You have decided as well as getting a new job you are also going to get a new sex life.

Time to get my bucket list done you think to yourself. We carry on talking for a little while longer. Still feeling horny you start thinking about your sexual bucket list. You think about all the things you have wanted to do and try but have yet to do. "It's time for the new me, I'm going to do what I want to do, this is the new me" you think to yourself. As you lie thinking about your future travels and new adventures you can feel yourself getting turned on.

You reach down and feel my cock. "You man enough to go again?" you say to me teasingly. "I am sure your mouth could get me hard again" I reply laughing. With that you climb under the duvet and take me into your mouth. You are feeling so horny from all your thoughts a few moments earlier you just want me inside you. As soon as you have me hard you remove the duvet and get on top of me.

As you ride my hard cock you imagine all the sexy fun you intend to have on your future travels. Picture all the sexy fun you intend having is really turning you on.

You lean forward giving me a chance to give you nipples and breasts some attention from my mouth. I can feel your juices seeping over my hard cock and onto my body as you ride me. I can hear your breathing getting deeper and faster as your orgasm approaches.

"Let me know when you are cumming so I can cum with you" I say to you. As your orgasm approaches you ride me harder and faster. "Oh get ready to cum" you shout to me. I wait until I can feel you coming all over my cock. Once I can feel you coming I let go and shoot all my cum. You fall forward and collapse on me.


We just kiss for a while with my limp cock sill inside you. After a while you climb off me and we lay beside each other mom and son sex story very hot and hard kissing and cuddling. You feel so warm in my arms and your lips feel so soft and inviting.

I tell you although it is Saturday I have some work related things to do on Saturday morning. You decide that as you have nothing to do you will get up after me, have a shower and breakfast and then leave. I get up at 7:30 AM trying not to disturb you. I get a shower and get dressed in the bathroom. As I leave the bathroom to get the rest of my stuff I see that you are awake.

"Morning sexy. I am sorry but I have to go" I say to you. "Not just yet you are not" you reply. With that you jump out of bed and push me against the bedroom wall. "Something to start your day off nicely" you say to me laughing.

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With that you get on your knees and unzip me. I watch as your expert mouth and tongue sucks me off. You have me so turned on I just have to fuck you again.

"Bend over the chair sexy" I say to you. "Mmmmmmmm I was hoping of a good morning fuck" you reply. As I fuck you over the chair you reach under and play with you clit.

Once we have finished fucking I tell you I have left my business card with my mobile number. "Oh and by the way put your notice in the job is yours" I say to you. "I have already put it in yesterday afternoon" you reply horny hot babe maya wears mask and asks johns cock in the backseat. Once I have gone you reflect on how much your life has changed in just a couple of days.

A couple of days ago if somebody told you what you were about to do you would have thought they were crazy. A throwaway comment by a taxi driver has led not only to a new and exciting work life but also to a new and exciting sex life.

You feel like you have unleashed a new and exciting side to yourself. You decide to order breakfast to the room. As you lie on the bed your mind wanders and you think about your interview and in the hotel room last night. You also start to think about the possible future sexy fun that you will be having. You like this new confident sexy side of yourself. All those sexy thoughts have dad doctor fucking daughter nd sucking puss you turned on and you start playing with yourself.

Just as you are getting close to cumming you hear a knock on the door. It must be the waiter with the breakfast.

You get up totally not thinking about being naked. You see it is the same waiter from last night. "Wow do you work 24 hours?" you say to him. "No just doing some overtime. Thanks for last night. Your husband not here?" he replies. You decide not to go onto explanation as to who I am but simply tell him I have gone. "He's gone and left me and I need a hard cock to fuck me" you say to the waiter.

You look and see what reaction he gives you. He looks at you and says "I would love to but I can't stay too long" He quickly drops his pants as you get on all fours on the edge of the bed.

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You tell him the condoms are on the dressing table. As he fucks you the waiter says things like "I would love to fuck meet you again and fuck you with your husband" "You are a sexy little slut" All his dirty talk is really turning you n. Once he cums the waiter tells you he will have to go or he will be in trouble. You get back in bed and enjoy your breakfast. After eating you get a shower and head for home.