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Shaved luscious virgin pussy filled by rod
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It was a new day and she was on the rack, again. She remembered the torture of the previous day and couldn't help trembling.

Luckily, her torturer wasn't there yet and she felt somewhat least she'd have a few moments of peace to herself.

Thus, she took a few deep breaths, thought of Mikey, and tried to calm down. As usual, he was sitting in the dark, hiding from her sight, enjoying the smell of fear emanating from her.


He loved the anticipation. He always took great pleasure from that instant previous to the actual torture when he could see the terror in his victim's eyes. He found it deliciously intoxicating and knew two kinky bimbos have fun with toys time it'd be even better. He approached her slowly and saw her squirming against her restraints in response. This time he'd decided to use leather straps instead of chains and she could feel them burning against her skin as she fought.

She was standing, spread-eagled, facing him. He stepped closer to her till they were only a few inches apart, and with a quick movement of his hand, he stripped her off her clothes. She remembered clearly their previous session as he liked to call them- and felt terror taking over her.

She froze and gasped for air wide-eyed as he ghosted his fingers on her naked flesh and smiled wickedly. He stared at her indulging in her terror and took a few steps back. Slowly, he took his own clothes off and approached her again till he was leaning against her. She felt heat radiating off of his body and tried to pull away but the straps strengthened their hold on her.

And then, all of a sudden, the restraints on her ankles loosened their grip and she immediately felt an invisible force lifting her legs up and wrapping them around his waist. He looked into her eyes and felt lust building up inside him. He kissed pov babe cockriding before doggystyle big tits and amateur ravenously and bit her lower lip till it bled in his mouth as he pressed his body against hers, his hands all over her, fingers painfully digging in her flesh, nails leaving scratches everywhere he touched her.

She squirmed trying to pull away but no matter how hard she tried, it was helpless, and then she felt his length sliding inside her. She gasped at the suddenness of the intrusion and threw her head back while Dean, seeing her response, smiled evilly and licked and bit her now exposed neck as his thrusts became increasingly violent.

She kept fighting him, moving frantically trying to pull away from him but failing completely.

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And yet, the more she fought, the more pleased he appeared to be. She wished she'd pass out but that wasn't an option in Hell. After all, where was the fun in torture if your victim fainted? Her mantra was all she had: "Mikey is ok. He's alive and well. Nothing else matters. You're strong, you can take it." She endlessly repeated those words in her head and kept her eyes squeezed shut. She felt his length painfully shoving up inside her and she thought "ok, the dude is really big and he won't play nice…at all!

Gosh, this is really gonna hurt!" He smirked, secretly flattered by her thoughts, while he dug one hand deep into her skin leaving an imprint of bruises on her hip, and scratching her ribs with the other one. Their bodies were pressed together and she felt his heavy breath on her cheek and neck.

She was writhing in agony and hearing his moans in her ear while he went deeper and harder inside of her. She soon lost track of time as he ravished her till she no longer knew how long it'd been. Finally, he was done with her and stepped away. As usual, she was released and dropped to the floor. He got dressed and looked at her: her body was covered with bruises and scratches, tears streaking her face, and a thin line of blood trickling between her legs down her sore thighs.

He seemed pleased as he approached her and lifted her head. She was expecting the usual offer and was surprised when she heard him say "Say you're mine.say it!" She closed her eyes and turned her head away. "Fine. As you like it. We have all the time in the world, baby," he said angrily. He flipped his hand and she was instantly healed and back in her small cage. She curled up and cried while he walked away. Alistair had noticed Dean's special interest in this soul so he decided it was time for a little chat with his beloved student.

"Hello, Dean. I hear you're having a good time with your latest victim." "You bet I am!" he replied with a smirk. "You know, it's been what? Eight years since you became my student?" "Yeah, almost." "And I must say in all these years of training, you've made a lot of progress.

You have such promise, kiddo." "Thanks…I'm flattered." And it actually was flattering, after all, Alistair was the master of torture and he never complimented anybody on their skills.

"So I was thinking it was time for a little present. I was planning on waiting till your tenth anniversary but, well, I think now it's a good time for it." Dean noticed Alistair wasn't saying everything he had in mind and wondered where he was going with all the chit-chat.

"Okay?" he asked curiously but also cautiously. "Oh, Dean, all this time I've seen the way you torture her, the way you look at her, the way you touch really want her, don't you? You're fascinated by the little thing." "She…mmmh.doesn't break easy.and she's." Dean said hesitantly. "I know, she's delicious, isn't she?" Dean relaxed and they both laughed wickedly. Then, Alistair added "Well, my boy, she's all yours." "Really?" Dean answered with a brilliant smile.

"Yes. You get to keep her. She's your own little plaything now. Yours and no one else's, but make sure you break her. Dash has already failed with her, don't make his mistakes." "Of course. I've been using other methods lately as the usual ones don't really seem to be working on her." "Yes, I've noticed. Looks like the time you spent with Lust served you well." " it's a lot more fun!" he replied in a low hungry voice.

"As I said, just make sure you break her, you know the rules: she can get off the rack as long as she agrees to put other souls on." "Yeah, I know." "Other than that, do as you please. Get as creative as you want.I've always liked that about you." "Thank you." "You're welcome, kiddo. Enjoy!" Alistair saw how delighted his student was and left. Dean couldn't believe it. He owned her now. No one would touch her but him.

He could do anything he wanted to her and he wouldn't have to do any explaining to anyone. He felt so excited that his heart started beating faster and faster, almost out of control. He walked towards teen sex budak sekolah french torture chamber and saw her on the rack.

She looked as beautiful as usual and she shivered at the sight of him. He smirked playfully and approached her. "Morning, gorgeous." He said to her as my dirty hobby lia louise outdoor fuck mydirtyhobby and doggystyle stroked her face. She remained silent and looked away. "No, baby, you don't get to decide anything here. I own bro makes teen sister do the anal penetration creampie He retorted.

He released her from her restraints and she fell kneels down on the floor. She found it strange, she was released from the rack only after she'd been tortured or raped. He saw her confused look and grinned as he thought "poor little thing, she has no idea what this is all about". He then flipped his hand and they were both naked. He knelt in front of her and hooked his arms around her.

"See? I call the shots here." He slid one hand down her spine to her butt and then cupped it while he darted his tongue inside her mouth and explored it slowly. She felt him growing hard and moaning in her mouth while she squirmed and fought to free herself from him. After a few moments, he looked into her eyes and smiled. "What have I just told you, sweetheart?


I'm in charge." He stood up and she suddenly noticed the shackles on her wrists that kept her chained on her knees to the floor. She then looked up and saw his chest heaving up and down and his growing erection right in front of her face. She realized what was about to happen and panicked.

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"Open your mouth, sugar, I really wanna see those soft lips around me." He fisted her hair and forced himself inside her mouth.

She tried hard to fight back but had no control of her own body. Her mouth opened obediently on his command and he thrust powerfully inside it as he fondled himself. He looked at her all babe fucks her neighbor in his backyard time and saw her tears running down her cheeks as he filled her mouth.

He increased the pace of his movements and she started choking. She managed to relax a little bit and take deep breaths as his length hit the back of her throat. He was pulling her hair hard and stroking her cheek with his hand while he wiped away her tears with his thumb. He stared at her fully satisfied: her eyes were wide open and she was breathing raggedly. "So beautiful," he thought. And then, with one final thrust he filled her completely. He smiled at her and pulled out.

He sat down next to her and started caressing her body. He licked her neck and kneaded her breasts as he said "That was so good, wasn't it, baby? You always taste so good to about me? Did I taste good to you?" She looked at him feeling hurt and humiliated and on the verge of crying once again, then he whispered in her ear "Yeah, I bet I did.after all, you swallowed it all.not even a drop fell from that beautiful mouth of yours." He hadn't hurt her this time and there were no wounds on her body except for the few bruises on her cheeks and mouth, and yet it had felt so much…worse.

He stood up, healed her and held out his hand to help her stand up. At first, she hesitated but quickly realized he seemed to be done for the day so she took his hand shyly and trembling. He smiled at her and helped her up. Then, he lifted her chin and kissed her softly, adding "Say you're mine.


Say you belong to me." She looked away -as she always did- and he put her back in her cage. She was already curling up and rocking back and forth when he tapped the bars of the cage and said to her "Don't worry, honey, I'll see you tomorrow.I'll think of something really special." That said he left. She was terrified. Her mantra wasn't really working anymore. It had worked just fine with the usual type of torture, but it hadn't worked today, or the day before, and now he was planning to do something special to her the following day.

Her breathing increased furiously, her heart rate sped up and she almost faint: she was having a panic attack.