Big tits young nurse slut fucked by guys

Big tits young nurse slut fucked by guys
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My name is Jim and my wife's name is Lucy. We have been married for 18 years. We are as much in love now as we were the day we married. Lucy is a stunningly beautiful woman and she knows it.

She is a strawberry blonde about 5'4" and probably weighs 110 pounds. She knows how to show case her body for maximum results and loves to wear low cut blouses and dresses that display her marvelous C-cup breasts.

She enjoys sex as much as I do and she loves teasing and pleasing me. She is so uninhibited that she has never denied me any of my sexual desires or kinky requests. She has always been a daring outgoing person. She is very impulsive and loves to shock people. Her outgoing personality is what makes her an outstanding field sales person. Lucy sells high end office machines for Hillenbrand Business Equipment; a large national corporation. Her sales job is a commission only sister an brother hot xxx movei fuck. When she makes a sale it usually produces a very large commission for her.

When her sales are zero, her commission is also zero.


Hillenbrand prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer. They hire female sales reps all the time. They feel that female reps have an easier time getting in front of male purchasing agents. Unfortunately; the male purchasing agents appear to spend most of their time ogling the female reps rather than listening to their sales presentations. They are more likely to touch or proposition the females rather than buy their product.

As a result, most female reps don't hang around long. Remember this is a commission only position; no sales, no salary. Salesmen in Lucy's office are very jealous of her successful sales. They delight in pulling pranks on her and giving her bogus information on her prospective clients.

Since she is the lowest in seniority, she often ends up with the most difficult accounts and the accounts no one else wants. She generally gets the difficult accounts that others have tried but failed to make a sale. She is often given a purchasing agent who has spent his whole purchasing career dealing with just one company and is unwilling to take a chance with another.

Lucy recently closed the biggest deal of her career and earned a commission that is bigger than some of the other salesmen's annual salary. I asked her several times how she did it but she just smiles and tells me I actually didn't want to know. Well, that makes me more eager to learn her secret.

One night after we had enjoyed a great meal and was relaxing in our den, I crack open a nice bottle of wine. We snuggle and cuddle on the sofa as we enjoy our wine. I gently massaged and kneaded her shoulders and long slender neck. Lucy floated away into one of her erotic moods as I cracked a second bottle of wine. We talked awhile and then I started to press her for the details of her last big sale.

I nibbled on her ear lobe and blew my hot breath into her ear while massaging the back of her neck. It proved to be more than she could endure. She lifted her shoulders in a half shrug and finally relented and began to relate the details of that big sale. ******** She had been given an account that was deemed impossible to crack. The company in question sunny leone xxxxxxx story song mp4 three floors of a 10-story office building out by the airport.

The building had high security and no one is allowed above the first floor without a confirmed appointment. The security guards at the front desk must check everyone before allowing them to enter the elevators. Lucy had to find a way to get in to see a Mr. Taylor, on the fifth floor, who is the only executive who can okay expensive office equipment purchases. Lucy noticed that the security guards never stopped the female office workers returning from their lunch breaks.

Lucy was wearing a white silk dress with navy blue polka dots. Her neckline was low cut enough that one would have to be blind to not notice her voluptuous breast. She felt it was going to be a real challenge to get by the guards unnoticed. She waited outside the building until office babes raven bay and kenna lesbian in the breakroom female employees entered the lobby.

They were engaged in excited banter. Lucy merged with them and asked one woman where she had gotten the cute blouse she was wearing.

The woman was flattered and began telling Lucy where she bought it. The security guards assumed Lucy was with them and never challenged her. She entered the elevator with them and got off on the fifth floor. Lucy knew Mr. Taylor by sight from his picture on the company website but had no idea where his office was located. According to the website Mr. Jack Taylor was 39 years old and had risen rather quickly through the ranks.

He was destined to go much higher in the company. Lucy walked up and down the corridor trying to not look out of place while planning her next move. She fiddled with her earring trying not to look too suspicious as she went over different scenarios to explain her presence in the hallway.

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Luckily, she observed Mr. Taylor exit the men's restroom and walk toward her. He spotted her immediately and casually plucked at the cuff of his shirt as he got closer to her. He found her breath taking.

She hurriedly pulled papers from her briefcase and shuffled through them.


Just as Mr. Taylor was a few feet from her, she clumsily dropped the papers on the floor. She stooped down to retrieve them being very careful to do it in an enticing seductive blonde has her moist twat hammered interracial. The first thing that caught Mr.

Taylor's eyes was Lucy's tits showcased by her low-cut silk dress. He tugged at his collar as he bent down to help her gather the papers while continuing to secretly eye her breast. Her nipples were prominently pushing against her silk polka-dot dress. They didn't go unseen by Mr. Taylor. Once they stood up Mr. Taylor adjusted the lapels of his jacket and proceeded to make conversation with her.

He tried but was unable to keep his eyes off her breast. She noticed his eyes and put a hand over the scooped-neck opening of her dress, pretending to be offended. "Are you looking down my dress?" She loudly gasped as though she were upset. It mortified Mr. Taylor, who blushed and looked away. He scanned the hallway to see if anyone had witnessed his actions.

He recovered quickly from the awkwardness and asked her who she was there to see. She pushed out her chest and boldly announced she was there to see a Mr.

Taylor in the purchasing department. "Please keep your voice down. I'm Mr. Taylor," He told her as he took her by the elbow and swiftly ushered her to his private office. He instructed his secretary not to disturb him. He sat down behind his desk and offered Lucy a chair in front of his desk. She formally introduced herself and told him why she was there.

She promptly launched into her sales pitch and began bringing out colorful sales visuals to illustrate the features of the office equipment. It was soon obvious that Mr. Taylor was more interested in Lucy's tits than he was in the sales visuals.

It was beginning to make her feel uncomfortable. She felt she needed to get close enough for him to smell her perfume. That almost always weakened their resolve. She took a deep breath and asked permission to come behind his desk and spread the visuals on the desk in front of him. She justified her request by telling him it would be easier to demonstrate the main features from that position.

Her request was granted and she stood to the right of Mr. Taylor and launched back into her presentation, pointing out features on the visuals. She soon got the feeling he was not paying attention because didn't make any comments one way or the other.

Lucy looked back over her shoulder at Mr. Taylor to see if he was following her selling points and the first thing she noticed was a sizable bulge in his pants. Mr. Taylor was studying her ass very intently. She could see that he was paying more attention to her rear end than the sales presentation.

She tried to ignore his gawking but started to feel wetness in her panties. She had to find a way to regain control of her presentation. She turned to face him and growled, "Mr. Taylor, I would appreciate it if you would spend more time listening to my presentation and less time staring at my rear end!" Her sudden outburst caught him by surprise. He set straight up in his chair and offered his sincere apology. No one had ever called him on his unethical conduct before.

It boosted his respect for her professionalism. "I am so sorry. It won't happen again. And please call me Jack. There's not that much difference in our ages." "I accept your apology, Jack.

I'm sorry I snapped at you like that and I promise not to do it again." At this point she determined that Jack was the type client who would respond more to a little harmless flirting. She decided that if it took a little teasing to get him on board she was okay with that sales approach.

It had worked for her in the past. She planned to tease him to the point that he would be begging to sign her contract. She knew that horny men were always easier to manipulate. She decided to let him continue his salivating over her well-rounded ass. Lucy stepped away from his desk for a minute and pulled another sales visual from her briefcase. She then leaned in over Jack's shoulder to point out a bullet point on the sale visual; intentionally dragging her tits over his shoulder.

At that same instant Jack turned to speak to her. He found his nose firmly planted on the bare skin between her marvelous breasts. He inhaled the sweet aroma of her honeysuckle perfume. He lesbo cuties caress and fuck one another in a threesome it intoxicating.

She let him linger there for a moment before stepping back and apologizing. His cock got harder and was obviously noticeable to both. She glanced at the bulge and smiled as she made a brief eye contact with him before diverting her eyes. Jack adjusted the bulge when she bent over again to retrieve another sales item from her sales bags. She let him admire her ass for a moment before standing up. She turned too rapidly and lost her balance causing her to fall toward Jack. She put left hand out to break her fall and her hand came to rest on Jack's hard cock.

This move wasn't planned and Not believing her hand was squarely on his cock, Lucy tenderly squeezed it and gasped at the same time Jack gasped. They were eye to eye; neither moved, nor spoke. Lucy finally jerked her hand away like she had just touched a hot stove. She backed away and again apologized; offering relax with group fucking pornstar and hardcore leave and come back another day.

Jack enthusiastically insisted she go on with her presentation. It took a minute, but she composed herself and attempted to recover from her faux pas.

She had never taken her flirting or teasing that far before, but it seems to be working in her favor. She was standing at angle leaning across his desk once again, pointing at a bullet point on the chart.

Her presentation seems to be getting back on track, when she felt Jack's. hand slowly slid under her dress. Her first thought was that it's her imagination until it came to rest on her inner right thigh. His hand was just a few inches above her knee. She froze momentarily and discontinued her sales pitch; waiting for him to give some kind of explanation.

Jack motioned with his other hand for her to continue, acting like nothing was going on. Her breath quickened and her breast rose and fell with each breath. Her first thought was to pack up and head for the door, but she had too much invested at this point and decided to ignore his hand for the time being. After a brief pause alluring dykes enjoy each others wet pussy did continue with her presentation acting husband watches wife fuck black guy if his hand was not dangerously close to her vagina.

Lucy resumed her presentation and Jack continued to slowly ease his hand higher and began to softly stroke her vagina through her panties with his index finger. Lucy could feel heat coming from around her neck and face. She couldn't believe that she was allowing this man to blatantly massage her pussy. Her breathing increased and her heart was slamming against her ribcage.

She turned to Jack and meekly asked if he wanted to learn more about the office equipment. He said that he was more interested in learning more about her wet pussy. She was speechless and stood frozen as he continued the tender assault.

He worked his finger under her panties and inserted his index finger into her wet pussy and began methodically finger fucking her pussy. She closed her eyes and felt faint.

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She leaned forward placing her elbows and forearms on his desk. She broke out into a cold sweat. She felt she should tell him to stop but didn't want to give up the pleasure that was rushing through body at that moment.

Spreading her legs for that hard rod inserted a second finger and started steadily moving them in and out of her quivering pussy. He used his other hand to find her clit and started pinching and massaging it. After just a few minutes her body was racked with a chill that caused her whole being to shudder. Wave after wave of the most intense orgasm consumed her whole body.

Jack lifted the hem of her dress, removed her panties and licked the juices running down her thighs. Her legs weaken and she slid helplessly toward the floor. Jack stood up and pulled her up into his arms and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She could taste her juices on his lips. She appeared to be in a daze as he propped her against his desk and removed the rest of her clothes.

She was further stunned as he started removing his own clothes. They stood there for a moment studying each other's naked body. He admired her tits for a moment then sucked a hard nipple into his mouth and rolled his tongue around the areola. She gasped and placed her hands on his head and pulled him to her breast. He gave both of her tits a good tongue massage before gently biting the nipple of one.

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Lucy did nothing to resist. She appeared to have her second orgasm right then. Jack scooped her up and carried her across his office and laid her on a large sofa. She was breathing heavy as he continued his tit kissing and then kissed her on the lips again.

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Almost immediately her tongue was in his mouth, and she was moaning. He inserted two fingers in her pussy and searches for her G-spot. He could feel the juices flowing from her pussy and knew he had found just the right spot. He trailed kisses from her lips down to her navel. From there he moved to her inner thigh and began to kiss lusty busty dolls 3 scene 1 lick it.

Lucy moved her legs wider apart and he moved to her neatly trimmed cunt. As he swept his tongue up and down her pussy lips, she drifted into a wild frenzy. After his tongue hits her clit, she went really crazy. She was gasping for air and telling him how great this felt and how much she loved what he was doing to her. He circled her clit with his tongue a few times and then shoved his middle finger into her ass.

The excitement of his finger entering her anus was enough to push her into her third orgasm. Jack positioned himself between her legs and put his cock to her labia and rubbed it up and down the length of her pussy. She was so ready for sex he could feel the heat from her slit. He pushed about one inch into her pussy. She shivered and lifted her hips to drive his cock in another inch before wrapping her legs around his hips and pulling him deep into her.

From there on, it was wall-shaking sex as he slid his rock-hard cock in and out of her pussy.


He could feel the walls of her pussy gripping and squeezing his cock. She let out a sudden gasp and Jack could feel her crashing into her fourth orgasm.

He continued the slow in and out motion until her spasms stop. They rolled over, and Lucy got on top of him and he kept driving his 8-inch cock in as far as it will go. It looked like she was going to break the sofa the way she was robustly bouncing and fucking him. She placed her hands on his chest and slid her pussy back and forth against his pelvic bone. The wetness from her pussy made a sloshing sound each time she moved.

Suddenly she looked up at the ceiling, her body stiffened and she let out a loud cry as she moved into her fifth and final orgasm. Jack gripped her around the waist, his breathing was coming in short, quick bursts. He lifted his hips and began rapidly slamming his dick up into her pussy. It was obvious he was experiencing an earth-shaking orgasm of his own. Lucy slumped over on his chest and they both continued to shudder as they rode out their mutual orgasms. Jack was sweating profusely as he pushed her off of him and jumped off of the sofa.

He handed Lucy her clothes and told her to get dressed as he quickly put on his own clothes and hustled over to his desk. He hurriedly signed all the contracts and shoved them into her hands; telling her he was late for another appointment.

On the way out, the door he instructed his secretary to make sure Lucy left all of her contact information. He definitely wanted to meet with her again. ******** By the time Lucy finished telling me the story behind her big sale, I was so hard my cock was round and raunchy bbw moon baby is fucked silly by a skinny guy to break off.

I grabbed Lucy and shoved my tongue down her throat. She kissed me back with just as much gusto. We rolled around on our sofa clawing at each other's clothes. Her shirt and bra were the first thing to come off. I buried my face in her chest and started devouring her breast. She asked me several times if I was mad that she gave herself to close the deal. I never answered. I tackled her crotch next and lunched on her wet hot clit.

We now have a new way of celebrating her sales successes. She tells me all the secret little details and I reward her with a rock-hard cock and multiple orgasms. Lucy has been named the "SALESPERSON OF THE YEAR" the last three years.