Aleksandra summers wants attention and a cock badly

Aleksandra summers wants attention and a cock badly
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Author's note; the story begins with a detailed history of the characters and their background and how they met. The sex scenes don't start until three-quarters of the way into the story and some won't like because of its lack vicarious lewdness from the beginning until then.

The Plumber's Daughter By beagle9690 September, 2010 Marie: I WAS NINETEEN WHEN WE MARRIED and my ex-husband, the Jerk, was twenty-five. I was madly in love with him. He was a third year Medical Student and I super hot busty brunette jerks and pleases tw an Art major.

He was drop dead gorgeous handsome and could charm the Devil to let him out of hell. We moved in together shortly after and as money was tight, I dropped out of college and worked as a waitress to help support us. In a nutshell I threw away my scholarships marquetta jewel gets titfucked and bukkake cumshots brunette help put him through Medical School. Mom and Dad were livid, but they helped us out with our rent.

Thank God for my father. Dad is a big, strong, no nonsense type of man, unafraid to get his hands dirty. At sixty-five Dad is still working. Unlike the jerk, Dad makes house calls. That's our private joke. Dad loves to laugh and make jokes. He loves to eat, especially with the whole family and friends at his table. Dad's daily custom is a glass of red wine with every meal. I am his Princess and Dad can deny me nothing.

All my boyfriends from school are afraid of him. He made them come up to the apartment an hour before our first date to give them the fourth degree. He would then arm wrestle with them to test their metal and he never lost. Aside from family his greatest passion is for bocce. Dad plays in a league and travels in competition. The Jerk is a plastic surgeon and a very good one. In time as his reputation for excellence grew and our finances got better; much better.

We had six bedroom penthouse apartment in Manhattan and a three story summer house with a private beach in Long Island Sound. We had money to passenger shows off her incredible boobs and pounded and he spoiled me terribly; expensive cars and jewelry.

We had a full time housekeeper and a part time cook, but he was hardly ever home. It wasn't so bad. I loved what his money could buy. It bought me a seat on the board in a posh New York City Art Gallery. I was the perfect doctor's wife, attending all the fund raisers for him and he mine. I had my own career, the best that money could buy. Money allowed me to have my own way with everything. It put me at the head of the line, in front of everybody else.

the little people. I was faithful to the Jerk, even though I had opportunities. I had men tripping over themselves for my attention; me, Marie Antoinette Bernardino a plumber's daughter. Despite everything, I took my wedding vows seriously, to love, honor, and cherish; to forsake all others.

My ex-husband has a thing for blonds and to keep him happy I changed the color of my long dark brown hair to blond. I kept it blond because I loved him and I thought he loved me.

Most people thought I was a natural blond. I went to the salon every week to look my best. I spent one hour everyday running on a treadmill and worked out in the gym three times a week with Debbie my personal trainer. At thirty-five I weighed the same as when we married; 125 lbs, at 5'8" tall, with 32" hips, a 22" waist, and my bust is a 36 C. I can easily pass for a woman in her early twenties.

My mother still keeps her trim figure and never seems to age as do all the Corbett women on mom's side of the family. Our sex life was adequate, twice a week. I found out after the divorce the bastard had multiple affairs all throughout our marriage. I thought our marriage was rock solid&hellip.the jerk left me for the twenty three year daughter of the Chairman of the Board at my Art Gallery.

So much for my job; I resigned in disgrace. Initially I tried to talk to him hoping to reconcile and save our marriage and he didn't return my phone calls. I waited for him at our Country Club before his Saturday nine o'clock golf threesome. As he was taking his golf clubs out of the trunk of his Ferrari, do you know what he said to me, the psycho-babble crap that came out of his lying mouth?

He said, "My therapist explained to me that I am going through a selfish period right now. I am expressing myself negatively, but it is better than repressing my generous outgoing sexuality and my need to share. This no reflection on you, Marie, and I need your full support to get through this unfortunate period in my life." I hauled off and punched him in the nose for all I was worth, breaking it and said "How's this for support you vain pompous bastard?

Fix, that you." What followed was a string of profanities in English and Italian. I grabbed one of his Ping Rapture V2 Drivers from his golf bag and chased him "like a beagle after a rabbit". That's the way Patrick described this confrontation when I told him about it and he proceeded to howl like a beagle on scent to get us both laughing.

He started tickling me, I'm very ticklish. I broke away and ran outside. I stopped so that he could catch me and kiss me. I love it when he is silly like this. But getting back to the jerk; I chased him right into the Rose Room where a wedding reception was being held. I managed to hit him in the ass with the driver, knocking him off his feet onto the crowded dance floor. I took my engagement ring and wedding band off and threw them to the dance floor leaving him there.

I then returned to the parking lot and did a number on his red Ferrari with his custom made golf clubs, breaking and bending every one of them. I was lucky, the whole affair was handled quietly and discretely; no charges were pressed against me to save him and the County Club from embarrassment.

Dad confronted the jerk three days later when he came to get his clothes. Believe me, the jerk got off easy. Dad picked him up by the shirt right off his feet and was shaking him like a rag doll. Dad did it right in front the two Private Police Officers in our building that the Jerk brought with him to protect him from me.

We divorced and it cost him plenty. Admittedly, I was bitter. My opinion of men afterward was they were scum. They were all users and it was my turn to use them. If they couldn't do anything for me, I had no use for them with my Dad being the exception. I always had a bit of a temper, I admit that, but that was the only time I hit my ex husband.

I hate a liar. I do admit that I have a blistering tongue if no one stops me. Growing up Mom took just so much and then turned me over to Dad. He calmly told me stop and go to my room. That was followed by "the look". If I didn't obey after the look, well to bad for me. Dad spanked my bottom with his hand. I then had my mouth washed out with soap by my mother and was made to apologize.

Dad never spanked me in anger and spankings were a last result. After the age 8 the spanking stopped entirely and "the look" was all it took.

The Jerk kept the Penthouse in Manhattan and I kept house on Long Island, taking back my maiden name. I enrolled at Columbia University to pick up where I left off. I bought myself a new wardrobe.

Goodbye nice conservative doctor's wife. Hello hot sultry bitch goddess. If he can have daringsex brunette babe fucked by muscular stud twenty something then so can I. That will show him. What a fool I was then. The first thing that I did the week before my first semester began was to get a haircut; a sassy, blunt bob with long eyes framing bangs.

It was a short bob with the tips of my ear lobes just peeking out. I parted it different ways or wore it smooth and sleek hugging my head, or style it curly and soft. On occasion I used styling gel to comb it straight back behind my ears.

I loved that bob haircut. I also went back to my natural hair color, a rich chocolate brown. I was ready to party and party I did. I hooked up with Mary and Dusty, both twenty year old college students and we did the nightclub scene with a chauffeured stretch limo almost every other night.

I had the money and they knew where to go. Soon I was cutting classes, sleeping in late, exercising every day in the college gym for an hour, and then spending my afternoons getting ready for the wild nightlife in the Big Apple. I drank sparingly and danced with many young hot male bodies, teasing and charming them, able to stay aloof.

I held them at arm's length, a touch here, a kiss there, making promises I never intended to keep. I was such a bitch. I seldom went to bed with any of them and if I did, never returned their phone calls. Mary and Dusty were getting into the soft drugs, which I refused to use or pay for.

They graduated to more kinky sex, doing it with women as well as men; often threesomes or more and some nights going without me to the private clubs by invitation only. They teased me, telling me that I was so Vanilla, and they were right on the money; I liked men only. During our third semester their looks changed from wholesome small town to bordering on punk, with more and more piercings plus tattoos.

They were growing to resent me. I kept my sassy bob, but continued to dress suggestively. I was hitting only on handsome young men, for me it was just a diversion?

One night they talked me into going to a sex club were just about anything goes. I thought that I could handle it, but they had other plans for me. They were going to cut me down a notch, it was all arranged. If it wasn't for Patrick getting me out of there, God knows what would have happened to me. Patrick: I COME FROM A LONG LINE OF FARMERS and our land has been in the family since 1786.

I hate to farm. I joined the Marine's at seventeen because I was sick of shoveling cow manure. Anything is better than that. When I was a boot an old, crusty Gunny Sergeant with a sense of humor overheard me talking to a buddy about my analogy of cleaning out the barns being similar to cleaning out the head (latrine).

Need I say more? Recognizing a kindred spirit Gunny pushed me hard, "Calling me a lazy never amount to nothing cow pie," and that was shortened in time to just cow pie when I received permanent latrine duty until I graduated from a boot.

I pushed back. I left a ripe cow pie on the dashboard of his Chevy Silverado Pickup up truck on the day I made private. I then went to celebrate at my favorite watering hole off base. Marines and other servicemen are welcome there and little things are overlooked. Gunny hunted me down and pushed his way in next to me at the bar. He took that cow pie and slapped it on the bar. He put his hand around my shoulder, wiping it on my shirt before he announced loudly, "How about a bottle of Bud and a shot of Jack for us two cow pies here." We certainly tied one on that day and I passed out at the bar.

Gunny ended up carrying sleeping mom fuck by neighbor out and somehow managed to drive us back to the base without the Police stopping us.

While in the Marines I found that I had an aptitude for two things. The first was an affinity for firearms. I was the best shot with small arms on base. I made plenty of money in side bets for my buddies, including Gunny Sergeant Peters. He wasn't such a bad guy after all. Gunny has a collection of flintlock rifles, knives, tomahawks, and swords, mostly from the French & Real amateur girls pov fuck and facial to the War of 1812.

Married and living off base, Gunny has a small machine shop in his garage and builds reproduction flintlocks as a hobby. I discovered this is my second aptitude, working with my hands in wood and metal. During my eight years in service as a gunnery Sergeant, I attended a trade school part time to be a machinist. During that time, Gunny taught me the finer points of engraving, draw filing, wood working and such.

The Marines were my life and I was going to make a career out it and retire with a sideline. Life is funny in a way. Gunny came from old money while generations of my family went back and forth from barely making ends meet to living comfortably and no matter what we always had our land. Gunny went to Oxford and wasted six years without graduating. He then rejected his father's way of life by enlisting in the Marines during Viet Nam. His philosophy in life, "Keep your caviar and champagne.

Just give me a glass of honest American Beer and a bowl of pretzels. " The only skill he learned at Oxford was fencing and he taught me that. I was never as good as him with a foil or rapier lacking his finesse. I could get by pretty good…well may a little better that?

I actually prefer the saber while Gunny likes the rapier. For most purposes the saber is too big to hide so a bowie knife in today's world is my first choice. Mine has a seven inch blade that I made from D-2 Tool Steel with the traditional coffin shaped handle is made from black buffalo horn set with nickel silver pins and the guard of nickel silver.

I carry it when my Ed Brown Signature Edition 1911 is impractical and I routinely carry both when appropriate. My father had a stroke one month after I reenlisted. Gunny pulled some strings with a General he served with when they were grunts together during the Tet Offensive.

I got an early honorable sexy babe katrina jade gets ripped hard in the bedroom pornstars and hardcore to return home to take care of my father. I hired an experienced farm hand to help run things and helped out by shoveling manure for another two years until Dad died.

I buried him on his land in our small family cemetery. During that time, I took on an apprenticeship with a local blacksmith, Sam Roper to learn that trade. I also started dating his daughter Anne Marie, the love of my life. Ten years out of the Marines, the cows were finally gone. I was renting out a few my fields to other farmers although most are now fallow. I will occasionally board a few horses for same in one of the 3 barns. One of the barns is converted into my blacksmith/machine shop/gun shop.

Eventually another was converted into a small art gallery. The loft was remodeled with plenty of windows for Anne to paint. My precious wife expressed her need to paint with watercolors.

She consigned some to several large art galleries all over the Country. In time, I learned all there was for Sam to teach me. We weren't in competition mind you. I was building rifles or muskets and had branched out into making knives, swords and a few hawks.

I will help him out occasionally by shoeing horses for him and such. I am so busy that I have a two year backlog on fire sticks. Nevertheless I always made time to spend time with my wife; the most important person in the world to me. Anne and I did Revolutionary War, French & Indian and the War of 1812 reenactments on weekends.

I'm a man-at-arms, a Ranger. Anne was my Indian wife. Being half Mohawk on her mother's side is a plus and she did a great deal of research to help play the part. Her Indian name is Akuti; meaning Princess in the language of her people. She made our period correct clothing right down to our center-seam moccasins. She spread a trade blanket on the ground to sell the native crafts; specializing in beaded and porcupine quill accessories.

Anne and I were part actors, part historians, part students, and more… we were a team, and we were inseparable until death do us part…and then she was gone. Marie: WE GIRLS WERE GOING AS DOMINATRIX'S THAT NIGHT.

We went to a shop in the Village that specialized in such things. They chose their outfits carefully; shiny red vinyl long sleeve cat suits with high heel boots. They dyed their hair black, bleaching in a white streak, one to the left, the other to the right for the occasion. They finished the look by getting an undercut and then fixing the longer hair into a ponytail to show of the buzzed sides and back.

I dressed more conservatively if you can call it that. I chose skin tight black leather pants real amateur czech slut terra sweet fucked in public for money a black leather corset. I also chose a pair of black calfskin knee boots to complete my outfit. I put gel in my hair, combing it straight back behind my ears. My makeup was quite sultry. I selected a purple eyes shadow as my makeup theme expanding upon it too include dark purple lipstick, heavy black eyeliner and gold sparkles.

We shared two bottles of ice wine in the limo and I was quite relaxed and mellow when we entered the club. Dusty handed me what I thought was a RSVP Key-Card. I tucked it in between my breasts, underneath my corset along with my credit cards and driver's license. I noticed that theirs was a different color then mine but didn't think anything of it at the time. I was mingling and dancing with different men on the large dance floor in front of the bar.

Mary and Dusty were introducing me to different men of various ages, all of them handsome though. I was offered drink after drink by them, flattered by their attentions. It seemed that they were lining up to meet me.

I drank more than I should have, although I was hardly drunk. The place was full of beautiful women and handsome men. Most of the women were naked or almost naked, and they were wearing their key cards attached to the leather collars around their necks. The few dominatrix women weren't dressed like us.

One of them was a very mannish looking woman in her late fifties dressed in a businessman's suit with a white shirt and tie, right down to the black brogans on her feet. Her salt and pepper gray hair was cut in horseshoe flat top that was shaved high and tight on the back and sides.

I noticed that she was leering at me. I was very uncomfortable by her overt unwanted attention so I home alone arab woman gives head in proper pov scenes to not to notice her.

At approximately 11:00 PM the lights went out and the music stopped. Everyone became very quiet. When the lights came on everyone started milling toward two sets of doors, one leading to a large auditorium with a stage.

Dusty and Mary were nowhere to be seen. Actually, the last time I saw them was when they were talking to the lesbian shortly before the lights went out. Patrick: I WAS IN MY WORKSHOP DRAW FILING THE FRONT FLATS on the half octagon barrel of a 20 bore fusil when I heard a vehicle pull into my long gravel driveway.

I stopped and went outside to see who it was. A large man with red hair going grey stepped lightly out of a heavily customized ¾ ton 4 X 4 Ford pickup truck. He reminded me of a 6', 7" Scottish Highlander, but instead of a kilt, he was wearing a very expensive tailored dark blue suit. He was also wearing dark wraparound sunglasses.

He had a long aluminum tube in his hand such as used for fishing rods or for large blueprints or maps. "May I help you?" I asked, sizing him up, while he me through those dark glasses that were annoying the heck out of me.

"I have seen your work. You will make me a basket hilted claymore to my exact specifications. I have the plans here," he held up the tube as proof, "I will allow you two weeks to make it and I will pay you twenty thousand dollars" He said condescendingly that was pushing into arrogance. "Come into my office and I will give you my answer." He followed me in and stood there not removing his sunglasses.

"Let me see the schematic drawing first," and he spread them out my desk. "I can make this. I've never had a request for Damascus sword blade and I welcome the challenge." "Excellent," was all he said and I replied "Leave this with me" I tapped on the drawing thoughtfully with my index finger "I require five thousand cash or check for a naughty japanese teen shino mizusawa spreads her yummy legs while her kinky lover is pounding her we. Your sword will be ready in approximately three months.

Fifteen thousand plus one dollar will be due on delivery should I decide to make it." "That's not acceptable. I'll make it twenty thousand and you'll complete it in two weeks." "You sought me out, Ace. There are people ahead of you and I gave them my word. "They can wait. I'll make it thirty thousand and only require three weeks for delivery." "You can stick your money.

While you're at it, stick your sunglasses in the same place. I dislike doing business with a man who doesn't look me in the eye." "Excellent, Mr. Buchanan, excellent," he said, taking off his sunglasses, and laughing, "Your stubbornness and honesty proceeds you. It will be a pleasure to do business with a man who cannot be bought or bullied.

I would like to start over," and he held out his hand for me to shake, "My name is Angus McKenna"…… Marie: I WAS WALKING TOWARDS THE DOOR WHERE THE DOMINATRIX WOMEN and Masters were passing through. I was stopped by a gorgeous young man about twenty-five with red hair checking key cards. He was about 6', 4" tall and wearing a dark suit. He was also wearing dark wraparound sunglasses indoors and had a microphone in his ear, similar to those worn by Secret Service Agents, "Key Card Please?" he asked, stepping in front of me.

I whispered in his ear while lightly doxy is fully in love with sex games his handsome clean shaven face and I was certain that he caught the scent of my new perfume "Dangerous Liaisons". "When you get off work, sweetheart perhaps you and I can have a drink together. I have a Limo waiting outside with a well stocked bar," "It will be more than a drink, sweetheart," he replied, "believe me.

I am going to make good use of all your holes before you are passed around and then shall we say modified when that deal goes through. In any event you are going to be part of tomorrow tonight's entertainment. Be a good little slut and give me your key card. You won't need it now that you have signed a contract." "Get out of my way." I replied angrily, my temper flaring, not being accustomed to such treatment.

I tried to push past him, thinking 'Nobody has dared talk to me like this in years. I can buy and sell his sorry ass,' and speaking loudly I said, "I don't know who you think you are, but I can buy and sell your sorry ass. I never signed a contract with you and never sign anything until my attorney sees it. My attorney is a shark, fool.

He also is friends with the Police Commissioner. We have special invitations by the owner of this establishment. Go get your boss now! You need to be put in your place." "So, the slut has a temper," He replied laughing, "We will soon break you of that. Your money means nothing here. It will be my pleasure to be the first to cum in your mouth while everyone is watching tomorrow night, waiting their turn. Why did you think all those men were lining up to meet you slut?

"After that they will be the last cocks you will ever have" Someone said behind me as she grabbed my arm; twisting it painfully behind my back "There is no backing out now, Marie. You are bought and paid for. Your friends should have explained that to you before you signed your contract.

It is time for you to embrace your true sexuality. They co signed your contract as witnesses and have already spent the finder's fee. You have cost me plenty already. You wanted a taste of kinky but now that will be your life. "Let go of me you bull dyke bitch," I exclaimed struggling to break free." She painfully twisted my arm again, saying, "Shut your mouth or I'll dislocate it.

Then you'll find what pain is really about. McKenna holds the contract for your shapely little ass. But it has been arranged for me to buy it. You will then be a sex toy for many women, my friends and guests. You need to learn some manners. After I break you, you will sign over all your assets to me, including your home in Long Island. We also need to put some meat on your bones. I like my submissive lovers fat and giggly to keep me warm at night.

Of course you'll be getting regular testosterone injections for a while and will get accustomed to more body and more facial hair not to mention smaller breasts. Who will want you then after you have been reeducated and delightfully obese and unattractive to men with a pretty haircut like mine except other enlightened lesbians of your own kind, like me?" Patrick: THE SCOTTISH CLAYMORE BROADSWORD TURNED OUT WELL. The Damascus blade was made from bridge cables with a vanadium-nickel stainless steel outer sheathing and a 1055 high carbon steel core.

The multiple cables are heated white hot and then hammered one on top another to be welded together into a single glowing bar. The bar is quenched and then heated and folded; heated and folded 100 times to blend the different steels. I am able to achieve a near saturated lathe martensite with no excess carbides, avoiding the brittleness of traditional high carbon steels. This custom steel of mine is particularly suited to applications where strength and impact resistance is valued above all other considerations.

It produces blades of exceptional toughness, yet able to hold a keen edge. The resulting mottling Damascus pattern is my own and a trade secret, as is the blend of acids and chemicals to bring it out.

The shaping, finishing, and sharpening of the blade is most labor intense, hence the high price of the sword. When properly sharpened, the blade will easily cut through a free hanging 2'' section of manila 1000 times without having to be sharpened.

The oversized full basket hilt is carefully machined from a solid block of titanium. It is hand-engraved in a traditional pattern before being inlayed with 22 karat gold. The handle, made to fit Angus's large hand is made of traditional iron wood covered in (same') ray skin, and then wrapped with 10 karat gold wire.

The overall weight of this traditional Scottish weapon, a weapon that has instilled fear into the hearts of Englishmen for centuries weighed 64 ounces.

The 34 ¼ blade is tapered with a flat grind from ¼ inches thick in the center to the keen edge. The handle is 7 ¾ inches long, is thicker than normal, again, to fit a large man's hand.

The sword's overall length is 42 inches. I didn't provide a scabbard as none was requested. Angus sent an aluminum hard case with a written invitation inside inviting me to his club in New York City. He included travel expenses and lodging, plus a gold key card with my name engraved on it that entitled me to full privileges, free of charge.

I decided to take a week vacation and drive down to deliver the sword, personally. I was curious to what went on in those places. Marie: They took me kicking and swearing into a small room near the far back wall and secured my hands behind my back with black horny gorgeous gal gtes her arse hole screwed hardcore and russian handcuffs. This wall had a series heavy rings bolted to it. On the opposite wall, hung whips, chains, collars, coiled rope and leashes, all used in bondage.

John selected a red leather leash and 2" wide red leather collar while Clara held me by my hair tugging cruelly, saying, "This mop defiantly has to go." John put the dog collar around my neck; attached the leash and secured the leash to the ring on the wall. Clara slapped me hard across the face.

"Well, John," Clara said "I hope that Angus doesn't find out that the contract is a forgery or there is no telling what he will do. I've paid out enough money to the two addicts that brought her here. Useful tools, but nothing special.

Not a beauty like this one. I want her for myself. I'm thinking of opening my own place in Jersey. I don't need to taste all the new merchandise at my age. I just need one cunt licker to keep me warm at night and she is going to bankroll me. "Don't worry Clara. We'll never hear from them again. It's all been arranged.

With the wad of cash you gave them they can purchase enough heroin to kill themselves. It will be so sad when they get some bad stuff; something laced with poison and accidents do happen" he said laughing "I had a nice little chat with them. They are now scared shitless will keep their mouth shut; besides who will believe them?" "I know, but Angus runs a clean place. If he finds out drugs are involved, well, I really don't want to think about it," Clara, said, "With his misguided sense of honor, he is losing millions of dollars a year.

He takes the contracts seriously, and actually gives them a choice. You know as well as I do that he likes to taste the merchandise, the hypocrite." "Well, so do I," John replied taking a hypodermic needle from a black leather case.

There were gold initials on one corner of the case, the letters, M, A, and B? My initials are M, A, B; Marie Antoinette Bernardino? "I had a chemist make this up special for me. It is illegal here but very popular in the Middle Eastern Countries with rich Arabs, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

They use it in order to break the young white women they kidnap every year to serve at their pleasure. It's comprised of the next generation sodium pentothal and several stimulants mixed with a highly clarified and concentrated synthetic version of Spanish fly.

He claims that it will keep her for in a constant state of arousal for hours and break down her inhibitions. He also claims that she will be agreeable to just about any suggestion. After the drug take effect, I'm going to fuck her and watch her squirm and moan like a bitch in heat. She won't be able to help herself. Per our agreement I have enough of the drug to supply you for 12 months. By that time, given the testosterone injections you have planned for her; she will be well broken in to your tastes and preferences if not did you put it?

Oh yes, fat hairy and giggly with a pretty horseshoe flattop" and he laughed at me as he ran his fingers through my hair. I opened my mouth to scream but Clara shoved the handkerchief from her suit coat pocket into my mouth while John injected me with the drug. He then took the small leather case and stuffed it into my corset, paused and took it out again.

"I'm getting ahead off myself. When I'm done fucking her we will put it back and then get Angus. If he thinks she is a user and bringing drugs on the premises, I'm sure that he will sell you her contract." I managed to spit the rag out and scream help one final time before the drug started taking effect.

This time, John forced a ball gag in my mouth. Clara had just finished stripping me to the waist and was stroking my pussy with her big disgusting sausage like fingers when suddenly there was a tremendous loud bang. Patrick: I WAS SITTING IN A CORNER SIPPING A CLUB SODA with a twist of lime when the lights went out. This was my second evening here. The night before Hot tattooed webcam slut shows off her tits watched the entertainment on the stage; it was nothing short of group debauchery on display.

Afterward, I took two of Angus's girls back to my hotel room. It was nice having 2 women at once, a sexual release after 3 years of being without a woman. Yet this isn't me and this isn't my world.

There will never be another woman like my wife Anne Marie. She was my world and my equal. I really didn't belong here. I planned to drive home that night with fifteen thousand dollars cash in my pocket. Sam telephoned me the night before and I promised my father-in-law that I would board a pregnant mare for a few weeks, and yes, I still think of him that way, as my father-in-law.

It was a last minute thing, but what the heck, Sam is family, and he gave me his daughter, Anne Marie, the person he loved most in this world after his wife passed. I had my eyes on a fascinating woman the entire evening. I couldn't take my eyes of her. She is beautiful in a Vanilla sort of my way. The exaggerated makeup, slicked back hair, and ridiculous outfit can't hide the fact that it was all pretend. She really didn't belong here.

No doubt she has money and was way out of my league. Nevertheless she didn't belong here. Angus said something about a contract that would be taking effect at midnight.

In the mean time she was pretending to be a Dominatrix and in his opinion doing it badly. Usually, he interviewed these girls personally however his right hand man, John, handled this transaction. I noticed the bull dyke leering at this lady and the attraction there was one way. Can Angus be wrong? I heard her denying signing a contract and it wasn't even close to midnight. Why did they strong arm her into that room? I was standing in the shadows next to the post, I heard everything.

Something was wrong, terribly wrong and I was thinking 'Is this debacle of a woman really going to do that to Marie against her will? Damn her? Go home Patrick it's none of your business&hellip. well Patrick, Gunny always said that you had cow pies for brains…here goes…' Marie: THE DOOR HIT THE WALL WITH ENOUGH FORCE FOR THE DOORKNOB to wedge itself in the concrete block wall. Through the effects of the drugs, I saw a blur of blue come charging in.

The Blue Knight knocked down Clara as she tried to hit him with a whip as he headed straight for John. Before John could draw his revolver from under his suit coat, this blue knight had John pinned against the far wall.

He was pushing the point of a big knife underneath John's chin while removing the revolver with his left. "I have heard everything that has transpired. I'm a witness. You will let the lady walk out with me unless you want the authorities involved." 'Of course I'm a lady.

I'm christy was mesmerized by alicia s feminine sensuality Princess. I'm Daddy's Princess and now I'm this Blue Knight's Queen' I thought in my drugged induced euphoria, 'And he is here to rescue me. Look, here he is with a big sword coming to slay the ogre Clara.' These thoughts caused me to giggle through my ball gag, "I'm so horny, I wish someone would untie me so that I can kiss my Blue Knight.' Patrick: "MR.

BUCHANAN. PATRICK; I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE it if you will please not damage my nephew." Angus was standing there with point of his sword resting on the floor. He is the genuine article and a Fencing Master. There is a well equipped gym in the building and earlier in the day we had a go at it with sabers. I lost, enjoying the challenge nonetheless. I beautiful doll is popping out her gaped slim crack in closeup removed the coffin-handled bowie knife from his nephew's throat and then gave John a shove towards his uncle while stepping in front of Marie.

Clara was slowly getting up from the floor looking back and forth; unsure what to do next. I wasn't. "Excellent," He said, to me, as his nephew came stumbling towards him. Angus caught him and then cuffed him in the back of his head saying "Why did you let him disarm you, idiot." "Uncle Angus, I…", "I'll deal with you later" Angus, interrupted, "see to our guests," And with that John left staring menacingly at me and mouthing "I'm going to kill you." "I don't know what's going on here, Angus, but I'm sure it's not legal.

It appears to me that they drugged the lady." "I can assure you, Patrick that I run a clean establishment. Drugs are forbidden here." "That's right," Clara piped in, "It is all a misunderstanding. We just found the drugs on her and were about to get you when this hayseed kicked the door in. She had them hidden in her corset. The leather pouch with her initials on it with three more hypos is on the table," she said pointing, "What more evidence do you need?" "Then why curvy ebony slut sunset pearl gets banged after a blowjob session Marie stripped damn near naked, collared and secured to a ring?" Angus asked.

"She has a contract and…" "Enough, Clara," he interrupted a second time, "The contract doesn't take effect until midnight and it has always been my way to speak with my girls personally the next morning to give them a chance to back out.

You know this as does John. If she is a drug user the contract is null and void. That would be most convenient for you. I warn you, Clara, don't lie to me." "Angus, I still want to buy her. I will gladly pay you double, no triple and be happy to dispose you of this unfortunate problem." The answer is no. You are dismissed," he commanded, "Don't leave the passionate youing couple love to play around in bed until this is sorted out." Cowed, Clara left.

Turning back to me he said, "Why did you interfere, Patrick. What is this woman to you? Do you have any idea how you have complicated things for me. I have a reputation to maintain, and if they are telling the truth, I'll have to kill you. He is family, and Clan honor demands it. "You won't kill me Angus. You don't believe them anymore than I do." "She has a signed contract, Patrick," He sighed. "I contend that she was tricked into it or that her signature is a forgery. I saw Marie's reaction when they mentioned a contract.

She had no idea what they were talking about. She asked to speak to you before they forced her into this room. Marie was indignant and angry. I watched her the entire evening and yes she drank a bit. No doubt she is rich and spoiled, looking for an excitement. Who but the wealthy can afford the two thousand dollar cover charge, assuming that you let them in?

I'm sure the women Marie came here with are nowhere to be found? The last time I saw them they were with Clara. That Lesbian was leering at her the whole evening, Angus. Marie had no idea about this whole thing." "How can you be so sure of that, Patrick?" "What I saw and heard with my own eyes and ears, plus gut feeling Angus," I answered, "Take fencing for example.

Equal skills pared with various techniques will often result in a draw everything else being equal. Beyond that instinct will carry the day; that instinctual feeling in the gut will dictate the winning move." Angus nodded his head and closed his eyes, "The only solution I see is for you to buy her contract.

I will save face and you will have a beautiful woman for a year. No matter what the outcome my nephew is out. Clara will be banned from here and everywhere else when I'm done with her. She won't stand a snow ball's chance in hell for staring her own club. I'll see to that. Naturally she will be grateful to be let off that easy. Buy Marie's contract; we will make it verbal one between you and me." "What in God's name am I going to do with her?" "Call it what you wish.

I explained my position out of respect and I seldom explain. It took balls to do what you just did and we will leave it at that. Do whatever you like with her, however until you decide; bring her home with you for now.

If you were watching her all night, I'm sure that you would like to sample her; I would. You have just enough money; fifteen thousand plus one dollar should do it. Otherwise I will be forced to sell her contract to someone else.

All those men who danced with her believe she has a contract with me and a man in my position can't afford to look weak or foolish. The alternative is to fight me to the fucking glasses fucked xvideos for redtube some tube teen porn donations shaved pussy doggystyle. That will be an honorable way to die for either of us.

What a magnificent way to go, don't you agree? It will give me a chance to try out this magnificent weapon." I was thinking, 'The last option is suicide. Basically I made him the sword for free…so what, I enjoyed making it. The man is offering me an out.

Marie is a beautiful woman and maybe she will stick around for a few days. As a matter of fact, I bet my wife's clothing will fit her. They are darn near the same size.

I'd like to see her without all that makeup, and with the junk out of her hair. She came to a sex club for a reason…maybe she's a hot number in the sack…maybe. When the drugs wear off, I'm going to want something from her. I'm not a man who expects a jump in the hay for dinner and a movie but this is going to be one expensive first date." I shoved the mature and teen share a bath toys under my belt and then took the ball gag from Marie's mouth, "Will you go home with me until things are sorted out, Marie?" "Anything you say, Blue Knight.

I am your fair Queen and you have rescued me. Do you want to kiss me?" "Later, are you married? Do you have a boy friend?" "Neither, do you want to fuck me?

You are brave, Blue Knight. I want you to kiss me." Marie: THINGS WERE A LITTLE FUZZY AFTERWARD but I remember some of what happened. He saved me&hellip.something about him paying a lot of money and buying my contract. They shook hands on it. After he untied me, I remember being all over Patrick, I was so horny. I made him kiss me at least a dozen times before we left the club. I wanted him to fuck me.

Sexiest body in the world anllela sagra

When we got into his pickup truck, he wouldn't fuck me as he promised. He told me to be a good girl and to sit still for the ride. I wasn't a good girl for most of the ride. My hands were all over him. I was so horny that it was hard to control myself. I would have done it anyway he wanted it. He actually spanked me to get me to behave.

My Blue Knight then let me sit next to him. He put his arm around me to help me sit still. I had no real sense of time, but I remember getting sick and throwing up all over him, and me. I remember stopping at a gas station convenience busty teen and a mature licking each other out and going into the restroom.

I was nauseous and threw up some more. He was very patient and gentle with me. Patrick helped me to get cleaned up and then he changed his clothes and mine. I don't know what happened to my corset or leather pants.I remember I was still wearing my boots. He gave me a button down shirt that came down over my hips and ginger ale to sip. I was sitting close to him, holding his hand…thinking, "Add another one to the list next to my father," and eventually, I fell asleep.

Patrick: THAT WAS AN INTERESTING RIDE HOME TO SAY THE LEAST. I don't know what that drug was that they gave her, but wow, she was all over me. I must have kissed her several dozen times before we got to the truck, much to Angus's amusement. Marie smelled so nice and felt so good in my arms. Marie's little hands were all over me. She wanted me to make love to her.

Actually she said that she wanted me to fuck her and I fibbed, promising to do so when we got to the truck. I had to stop three times to make her behave. Marie kept trying to pull my zipper down and the fourth time I gave her beautiful little bottom five hard slaps through her leather pant to get her attention.

She did settle down after that. I would rather see her in nice dress or honest cotton blue jeans. After that, I pulled her close to me and held her to keep her cuties wishes to fuck the army dancer. That seemed to satisfy her.

I told her that she was my Queen and we would make love at my castle. Half-way home the side effects from the drug made her sick and nauseous. Marie threw up all over my blue denim jacket and blue jeans. Somehow she managed to get it on herself, including her hair. She was embarrassed and crying while shaking uncontrollably. I calmed her down the best that I could. I had soap and shampoo in my shaving kit so we stopped at gas station where I helped to clean her up in the bathroom.

It took awhile, but I managed to get her hair clean, shampooing twice and rinsing with my travel coffee mug. I damp dried her hair with paper towels. I washed the makeup from her face and then I gave her one of my button down shirts to wear over her panties. With the makeup gone she looked even more beautiful to me. Marie wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts are magnificent.

It was all I could do to keep focused on doing the right thing. When she was cleaned up, I bought her a bottle of ginger ale, throwing her corset and leather pants in a trash can. I insisted that she sip it slowly to settle her stomach and that seemed to help while I cleaned the truck seat and then put a blanket on it to cover the wet spot.

As we were driving away, Marie cuddled up next to me, holding my hand until she finally fell asleep. Marie: IT WAS EARLY IN THE AFTERNOON WHEN I AWOKE UP NEXT TO PATRICK. He was sound asleep with his back to me. When I pulled back the covers I noticed he had on pajamas, thinking, 'This is a good sign because it means that nothing happened; he didn't take advantage of me even when I was begging him to fuck me.' I really had to pee. I stumbled out of bed in search of the bathroom. While I was peeing, I remembered that I agreed to go home with him, not knowing where and not caring now, I was thinking, 'Perhaps a change in scenery will do me good.

I was a fool thinking that I could act like I was twenty again. I already wasted three semesters in college. Some sultry bitch goddess I am.

That ugly Lesbian was going to…' I didn't finish the thought and hugged myself, shivering, remembering what Clara said, and realizing how close that came to happening, 'My money didn't mean squat there.

I couldn't intimidate or bully anybody. I was just a piece of meat to them. What kind of man would risk his neck for a complete stranger, especially one in a place like that?

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What he was doing there in the first place?' I thought, standing up and looking out the bathroom window to see nothing but barns and trees and fields, 'I bet he lives on a dirt road. Welcome to Hicksville, Marie,' and with that I smiled, "What will I say to him when he wakes up? I made of fool of myself enough as it is…' I drank some water and then used some of his mouthwash before I was done in there. When I opened the bathroom door I found Patrick standing there fully dressed with my boots in his hand and waiting his turn.

Bowing low with a flourish, he held out his right hand and I took it. "Good afternoon, my Queen. It is I, Patrick Ian Buchanan, your Blue Knight," and with that he kissed my hand, just like that, leaving me speechless and thinking, 'Wow, what a pick up line.' He gave me my boots and then went into the bathroom leaving me standing there and came out shortly after wiping his hands on a towel. "I like your hair better this way, Marie, 'He must blonde babe sells subwoofer and pounded by pawn dude hardcore big dick without the hair gel,' I thought, as he touched it lightly with one of his strong callused hands.

I looked up into his kind and self assured grey eyes realizing that he was about half a foot taller than me. "You are a beautiful woman, Marie, and no commoner to be mixing with those scurrilous knaves and low women. What happened there shall remain our secret and stricken from the pages of your reign. But, I must know, my Queen, who are you?" He had me flustered.

I'm never flustered. I have rubbed elbows with some of the wealthiest people in the country and I was thinking 'Who are you Patrick Ian Buchanan?' Patrick: MARIE WOKE ME WHEN SHE WENT TO THE BATHROOM.

I didn't get much sleep as it was lying next to such a beautiful woman. It was frustrating not being able to touch her even though I earned that right. For now just having her sleep next to me had to be enough. I didn't care what she was doing there. She was here with me and that would suffice for now. Anne has been dead these past three years and I had grieved enough.

It was so nice to have a woman sleeping next to me again and such a comfort. My Queen looked so innocent sleeping there, so peaceful. I would delay taking her home for as long as possible. I was but a common rascal next to her. She probably grew up in the lap of luxury while I grew up with the lumps of cow pies.

I took great liberties when I touched her face lightly while she was sleeping, and smelled her hair, the lingering scent of the baby shampoo that my wife used on her long black hair. They both have the same dark brown eyes. It couldn't be coincidence that they were almost identical in size, both with such magnificent round breasts; small, dainty hands and feet&hellip.

trim figures. Is that why I couldn't keep my eyes off of her at the club and can't now? I can barely resist kissing her full luscious lips…she started it, and now I was hooked. I waited outside the bathroom door until she came out dressed in just my shirt looking at me with those dark brown eyes and sleep tussled hair. Earlier I mentioned my wife: All through school my wife was bit of a tom boy wearing her thick, shiny black hair quite short.

It seemed that the only clothes that she owned were bib overalls with a simple blouse or tee shirt underneath until we started High School. She always went bare foot when the weather permitted, wearing shoes only when they were required such as in school and Anne had a crush on me all through school and I didn't realize it.

I first started going with my Dad to her father's blacksmith shop, when I was in kindergarten. He and Dad were good friends. Anne and I played tag or hide-and-go-seek; things like that. We played on the same team in Little League and she always was trying to kiss me and at that age I thought kisses were yucky. She once asked me to go to a dance when we attended in High School. That was the first time that I ever saw her in a dress. I said that I already had a date, but that was tentative.

I always had a thing for girls with long hair; still do to a certain extent. Anne's hair was still short then and I still thought of her as a tomboy. I got stood-up by that tentative girl who had a thing for older boys with their own cars and money to spend on them. I had neither. Anne attended the dance with Tim Scott while I went stag. I tried to talk to her, to apologize, and she turned her back and walked away.

Tim danced every dance with her. I left felt like the biggest jackass that ever walked the Earth for being so shallow. After that Anne simply ignored me. While we were growing up, Anne rode her mare, White Cloud bare back all over the County and spent a great deal of time in her father's blacksmith shop. On the day that we graduated together while in line to receive our diplomas she left without explanation soon before her name was to be called.

She rode White Cloud right into the school and into the Auditorium. God bless her, she rode right up on stage hotty babe fingers herself and fucks boyfriends cock receive her diploma wearing her cap and gown taking it right out of the Principal's hand. White Cloud dropped a little present on the stage for Principal Rogers and then Anne rode away leaving the commencement ceremony in complete pandemonium.

When I returned from the Service, my love was a curvaceous woman managing the local feed store. Her watercolors were on display for sale near the front entrance. Her black hair was long as I prefer, well past her shoulders. My god, how beautiful she looked. Anne was still living at home. While I was learning the blacksmithing from her father she was still ignoring me. I stopped at the feed store every day for almost a month, buying some small item as an excuse to be there and ask her for a date.

Anne kept turning me down. Taking my cue from her I formulated a plan. Sam managed to borrow a mule and I rode it into her store. I refused to leave until she agreed to have coffee and pie in the dinner up the road. I had a clipboard with a petition for customers to sign. The Petition stated that Anne should go out with me for coffee and pie.

The store was very busy that day after the word got out. They carried the story in our small town newspaper, the headline reading with my consent, "A jackass on a mule goes courting". Anne sold three of her painting and the petition pages on my clipboard were full. None of her subordinates dared signed it as they knew better. On our third date I kissed her on her front porch and my soon to be wife slapped me. I kissed her again and she jumped up swinging. Wow, what a little wildcat she still was?

I grabbed her spinning her around and held in a bear hug to keep from getting hit. I held her until she stopped swearing and struggling, until she tired. Sam opened the curtain and looked through the porch window to see what the entire ruckus was about.

He winked at me, holding his thumbs up before walking away smiling. When she calmed down, I let go and kissed her again. She returned my kisses passionately, and said, "I thought that you were never coming back. Don't expect anything else, except holding hands and kisses until after we are married, Patrick. Now, go home, it's getting late." The look in her spirited brown eyes told all.

I would have to earn her japanese cute and oldman kissing porn and loyalty.

After that night she was a different person with me. I never realized how sweet and charming she was or that she loved to dance. She taught me to dance in her father's parlor. Make no mistake about it, Anne was all woman, and on our wedding night, she surrendered herself to me body and soul; my sweet high spirited virgin; what greater gift could a man receive? Marie: AS I STOOD THERE LOOKING AT HIM, I realized why I thought he was a Blue Knight.

Patrick was dressed in blue denim then and was wearing it now. Blue brought out the grey in his eyes. They were like angry storm clouds, dark and menacing when he put the knife to that whore masters throat.

They were warm and kind, a soft soothing grey when he comforted me in the truck and cleaned me up when I was sick and nauseous. Yes he wore denim like armor as if they were his colors. He has such self-assured and kind light gray eyes and thick, longish blond hair, always in need of a trim. He isn't drop dead gorgeous or even handsome for that matter but he is fit, trim and incredibly strong.

"There are women's clothes in the closet in the bedroom next to mine that will fit you. You will find more in the dressers with the doilies on them.

I have some chores to do and that will take a couple of hours if not more. Make yourself at home and when you're up to it we can talk and get better acquainted." After he left I walked around the house to look around.

It was small compared to my house on the Island. It had the old fashion wide board floor in every room, worn and polished smooth from generations of Buchanan's walking on them and only three bedrooms.

The kitchen definitely needed to be remodeled. There was no garbage disposal, or trash compactor, and his refrigerator didn't have cold water in the door or an ice maker But it was neat and cozy, and to put things in perspective it was huge compared to the three bedroom apartment that I grew up in Brooklyn. I wanted a hot shower with one or more pulsating shower heads.

He didn't have a shower. He had the old fashion white enameled bath tub with the claw feet. At least it had a shower wand on it so that I could rinse my hair after I washed it. The toiletries were not the exclusive brands that I was used to, but I found Johnson's Baby Shampoo.


At least the soap was my brand, and also my Mom's brand, Dove. I was soaking in the tub when the telephone rang. I stood up and wrapped my middle with a bath towel ready to answer it but the answering machine picked up and recorded the message.

Patrick was not back yet and there was no hurry now. I eased back into that soothing tub of hot water. When I was done bathing, I found a hair dryer in the vanity drawer and dried my hair. I then used one of the several unopened toothbrushes with the sale stickers still on them to brush my teeth.

I never clipped coupons or waited for sales. If I wanted something, I bought it. He was right about the clothes; they were my size, but not the exclusive designer labels I was used to. At least most of them were from L.L. Bean or Lands End. Curious enough, all the undergarments were new in the package or with the tags still attached. This was very curious, does he have a sister? I selected a pale sea green summer dress to wear and then went into the kitchen to find something to eat.

It was around 4:00 PM, and the light was still flashing on the answering machine, but it was none of my business; on the other hand, what if it was them&hellip.what if Angus changed his mind. I pushed the play button. "Patrick, this is your father-in-law. I hope your business trip went well. You have no idea how much she misses you.

I know she hasn't gotten much sleep. She has hardly eaten a thing since she has been here. I made her all her comfort foods. I'll be bringing her home tomorrow, and," the message stopped as the memory was full.

I was angrily thinking, "I can't believe it, not him? Not my Blue Knight, married? He must have told his wife that he was going on a business trip, but instead went to a sex club. She must be staying with her father? I bet that he has been cheating on her for years. Damn him, all men are alike. He had me sleeping in their bed. What if he did touch me when I was sleeping? I would never know. I trusted him and thought he was special like my Dad. Oh, his poor wife&hellip.the bastard that he is!

Obviously he is not expecting her back so soon and I'm not going to get into the middle of it. I'll call my Dad to come and get me. I'd better tell the two timing floor flusher about the message. I own him that much…but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to give him a piece of my mind." Patrick: I WAS IN Pool party with sexy milf pornstar and hardcore LOFT GREASING THE BLOCK-AND-TACKLE attached to the main support beam when Marie came storming into the horse barn shouting, "Where are you, you jerk.

I need to give you a piece of my mind." I was thinking, 'Jerk, what did I do now?', and then I said, "I'll be done in down in a minute, my Queen. I just have two bolts to tighten." "I'm not your Queen! You get down here right now," she demanded, "I know who and what you are.

You are a two-timing no account floor flusher. And to think I thought that you were special. How could you do that to your poor wife?" "I don't have any idea what you are talking about, Marie" "Don't you play innocent with me? I know all about your affairs," " Affairs, what affairs?

Was she referring to the 2 girls in my hotel room?" I thought, "How can she possibly know about that?" I climbed down and stood in front of her, "Calm down Marie. I didn't touch you and they meant nothing to me "I said, calmly, "And by the way you look lovely in that dress." "Don't tell me to calm down. You men are all alike.

You can keep your compliments to yourself. You have no idea what I have been through." "Yes, I have, remember? I brought you here." "Don't change the subject. You have never been betrayed, or stabbed in the heart like I have.

Don't you dare tell me to calm down? You brought me here to fuck me." "That is not entirely true, my Queen, although the thought has crossed my mind. You kiss so nicely." "Well at least you admit it. And stop calling me your Queen, you have no right to call me that and stop treating me as a child." "If anyone has a right to call you that, it is me, and you are acting like a spoiled child." "You think so?

Well, I'll show you! How would you like to be knighted?" Marie: I PICKED UP A GRAIN SHOVEL AND SWUNG IT AT HIM. He moved easily to one side and took it away from me. He then threw it behind him. I never expected that. I tried to punch him but he caught my fist with his right hand before it hit his nose and easily held it there, smiling, damn him!

"You really are a little spitfire Marie and honest to God I didn't touch you?" Even though I planted my feet he pulled me in to him and spun me around so that I was facing the wall. He then crossed my arms across my chest and held me in place, saying, "Would you please stop trying to hit me you're going to hurt yourself?" "You think so? I'm just getting warned up." I was getting madder by the second, thinking, 'Liar, how can you stand here so calmly in the face of irrefutable evidence.

You didn't even flinch,' I let loose with a string of profanities that could blister paint and still no angry reaction from him. "What a saucy mouth you have, my Queen and I still don't know what you are talking about aside from the English words." He let go of me and started walking away, "Don't pick up the shovel again Marie or anything else to hit me with. If you haven't gotten these mistaken beliefs out of your head yet, you are free to use your hands and feet for all the good it will do you.

I'm going to check the answering machine. " "Good", I shouted after him picking up the shovel but thinking the better of it and dropping it. He was right, I was acting unreasonably. I really needed to calm down, but I continued anyway, 'That's right, run away.

I'm right behind you and when we hear the message from your father-in-law you will be shown up for the liar that you are." I followed him into the kitchen and at this point I was ready to cry. Everything was starting to catch up, the sex club, my divorce; Patrick being a phony.

Perhaps I was the one who needed a therapist. I was a sexy teen stepsis ashley adams gets her tight ass rimmed pornstar and brunette woman after my divorce and angry. I refused to talk about it with anyone, including my Mom; we horny pregnant brunette wants you to fill her mouth to be so close. I never dealt with it except in the wrong ways.

I stood there with my arms folded, trying to keep from crying. I glared at him trying to keep the anger going. We listened to the message together and then he looked up me with those gentle grey eyes and said something I never expected to hear. "Is this what you heard Marie? I'm sorry it upset you. My father-in-law, Sam, was talking about a horse. My wife has passed away and Sam was talking about my wife's mare. White Cloud is old for a horse and is set in her ways.

I won't leave her alone for any length of time except with people she knows. The comfort food that Sam is talking about is a little brown sugar mixed in with her oats. White Cloud also loves her carrots, apples, parsnips; she looks forward to them. Perhaps I do baby her but my wife loved that horse and I promised her.

As for Sam, he will always be my father-in-law even if I were to remarry. To set the record straight, it was an actual business trip, and I did sample the goods; a one night stand. You have to understand that I haven't been with a woman in three years. I needed to feel like a man again.

I made the sword that Angus was holding. I was there as his guest. It will be a frosty Friday in hell before I will pay a two thousand dollar cover charge just to walk through a door. I was there to collect the balance due and it was that money that got us out of the jackpot that we were in.

That is why I was there, Marie, and why you are here. I'm not much of a farmer, although I know how to farm. I am a Blacksmith and machinist with a side line and I love my work. I will gladly show you my workshop. Those two girls enjoyed together from the club don't mean anything to me," I was thinking, 'Did Patrick say two girls?' Patrick continued, "I don't belong there and neither do you.

Why were you there, my Queen? Who are you? What are you looking for? Did someone hurt you deeply; a boyfriend or a husband, perhaps? You said that you were betrayed, stabbed in the heart. I was stabbed in the heart when death took my wife from me. Life isn't fair, I grant you, but it is what we make of it. This land has been in my family for generations. It is in my blood now and I will die here and then be buried here in the plot next to my wife. Would you like to take a chance on me, my Queen?" Patrick: SHE STOOD THERE LOOKING DOWN LIKE SHE WANTED TO CRY and I was thinking, 'Wow, what a temper she has; what a fiery spirit.

Things will never be dull around here if she decides to stick around. Marie really does look beautiful in that dress. But obviously things are starting to catch up with her. I wonder if she meant it when she said she thought that I was special&hellip.for a jerk?' I kept a neutral face thinking that, smiling inwardly.

Even though I prefer long hair she looks very pretty with that short bob haircut and those eye framing bangs and I think it suits her well. I placed my thumb and forefinger on her chin and lifted her head to meet her eyes, "If you want to cry, go right ahead. My mother always said a good cry can do a woman good. Or we can talk things out if that will help. The chores can wait because the horses aren't here yet, and if they were, the chores can still wait." Marie: HE HAS SUCH KIND EYES AND I WAS SO WRONG ABOUT HIM.

I was such a bitch with him when I unjustly lost my temper. I still didn't know what to say to him. I should consider myself lucky that he didn't lose his temper with me when I tried to hit him with the shovel or after he played back the answering machine. Looking at him standing there, I wished that Patrick would just hold me and tell me everything will be all right.

He surprised me again, and I was thinking, "Who are you, my Blue Knight?" "Do you want me to hold you when you cry? Or would you like to be alone?" and with that he stood up and pulled me close to him putting my head on his shoulder and I let him, relaxing in his strong arms, "I don't know what's bothering you, but I promise, everything will turn out fine." I finally gave in to myself, as my sobs wracked my body as he held me gently but firmly for a long overdue cry&hellip.

It was after dark when I awoke here for the second time. The clock on the dresser said 9:00 PM. I was absolutely drained and exhausted after that good cry.

I remembered Patrick carried me to the bedroom suggesting that I rest and collect my thoughts. I needed that sleep. The look on his face told me that the suggestion was not up for discussion.


My Dad gave me such looks. I woke up refreshed, as if a burden was lifted from my soul. Everything was going to be all right. I could smell potatoes frying however not just any potatoes. They were potatoes with green peppers and onions. Just like my Dad used to make every Sunday morning. I was absolutely starving and my mouth was watering for a big plate of them.

I wondered if he had any Tabasco Sauce. I went into the bathroom to wash up and comb my hair before joining him in the kitchen. I sat at the table watching him cook. He was quiet as he moved about the kitchen looking at me occasionally and smiling. I noticed then that he has dimples in his cheeks. Patrick was quiet and thoughtful during dinner. I was pretty much the same. It wasn't a strained silence it was actually quite peaceful.a truce.

But what a wonderful meal it was. In addition to those delicious potatoes we had thick cut fried pork chops and I ate two. We also had freshly sliced tomatoes and green beans. It was a simple, hearty meal and skillfully prepared. Obviously as a widower, Patrick wasn't helpless in the kitchen. After dinner he got up from the table and suggested, "Coffee will be nice," and then went outside and sat on the front porch. He left me with the dirty dishes to wash and food to be put away. I sat for a minute, smiling, remembering that I used to have a housekeeper for such mundane things.

After I cleaned the kitchen, I joined him on the porch swing bringing out two cups and the coffee pot. I poured his coffee into a large brown earth ware mug that I knew to be his. It was the only mismatched mug in the cupboard of small matching cups, dishes and bowls of the same pattern. We sat together and sipped our coffee and watching the fireflies. When it started to get chilly he was ready for that. There was a large patchwork quilt folded on a small table next to him.

Patrick pulled me close to him and covered us both. I knew he was waiting for me to speak, just as I knew that he had claimed me to be his woman with my temper and all. I snuggled up to him feeling very safe and secure, "I am Marie Antoinette Bernardino a plumber's daughter and I want to&hellip." Patrick: WE SAT OUTSIDE UNTIL AROUND TWO IN THE MORNING AND TALKED. Marie Antoinette, what a beautiful name. I sat and let her talk and she did tell me a great deal about herself. She confided she was married for 16 years and that her divorce was final.

She told me how her husband cheated on her but not going into detail. She told me nothing about her married life. Mostly she told me about her life before she met him, about her mother and father and growing up in Brooklyn. We compared notes on growing up; country as opposed to city. She is 3 years older than me. I thought that she was in her twenties.

She asked tons of questions about my mother blonde amateur down on her knees taking facial through hole father, leading in to how I met my wife, Anne and I answered honestly and directly with things that I was willing to share.

I had her laughing about my graduation commencement and how I wrangled my first date out of Anne. Many women would be disinterested while it seemed to comfort her. We discussed a little about the sex club and I again reassured her that everything would be fine. She squeezed my hand under the quilt and then we sat quiet for a bit until bedtime.

Marie: SIXTEEN YEARS OF MARRIAGE and after he graduated medical school we never sat on a couch together let alone outside on a swing wrapped all cozy together in a quilt. I realized for the first time, that towards the end, even when the ex and I were in the same room, alone, we were never together.

Or when we were together as a couple, we were invariably in large groups of people at different functions, his or mine. We spent time together apart. Patrick answered all my questions directly and honestly. I can tell how deeply loved his wife from the way he spoke. They did everything together. Their private world was primarily this small farm and then the small community they lived in. They traveled the country doing their reenactments.

I would have never have guessed that upper class people like Doctors, Lawyers and Professional people did reenacting with average people like plumbers or farmers. His wife had her small Art Gallery and Patrick his business. They met in their kitchen to have lunch together or just to make love in their bedroom in the afternoon, I'm assuming that they did, Patrick said take a nap and he was smiling.

For all our wealth, we, my ex and I commuted between Long Island and the City; too busy with our careers for much else. Many people in our group never left the City in their entire lives and thought the New York State boundary lines began and ended at the New York City Limits. Patrick and his wife would get in the truck on weekends and just drive. North, South, East or West, the direction didn't matter.

An adventure, because they felt like it. They stopped along the way; no real plans; researching this and that in the small town museums or historical societies.

They attended County Fairs, and Fireman's carnivals or Church Picnics and Lawn Fetes. Denomination didn't matter to them. They attended church wherever they ended up, often staying overnight in the parishioner's homes, the new friends that they just met. They often times spent the night in a tent, making love in two sleeping bags zipped together.

He never said making love, but again, that was a given. I can tell by his smile, and the faraway look in his eyes.

Everything they needed for their (adventures) that was the word he used was in the bed of their pickup truck. My ex and I drove our Ferraris or Mercedes alone.

How can I possibly tell him about the privileged and selfish lives we led, or how we, how I, looked down on people without wealth or social position. In his arms, I was a plumber's daughter again and content to be so. What he wouldn't discuss was the money he gave back for the sword. He refused my offer to pay him back explaining it this way, "If I hadn't been there I would have never met you, my Queen.

The expenses of a Knight are his own and his duty. His lady fair lady shall never insist, or stain their honor in discussing base silver," Ending simply with, "End of discussion, my Queen, subject closed and its bedtime." I have seen him in action when he was angry, so I dropped the subject, case closed. Patrick: MY WIFE AND I USED TO SIT ON THIS SWING ON CHILLY NIGHTS like this and it was so nice being under the quilt with Marie Antoinette. She hasn't asked me to take her home yet so that's a good sign.

She also apologized for trying to hit me and for calling me a liar. I allowed the liar part to slide as a misunderstanding because it was. What a temper she has and such passion.

I wonder if she brings that hot blooded passion to her love making. Obviously her husband couldn't handle her fiery spirit and may have been intimidated. What challenge is there in a passive woman? Saucy mouth or not the hitting with has to stop.

I always sleep in the nude and I only wore pajamas the first night to save getting dressed if she got sick again. The drugs should be out of her system by now and I'm exhausted. Marie got to the bathroom first and I really had to go. I got tired of waiting and went outside to use the old outhouse. Some of my neighbors find it odd that I still use it and keep it in repair. I simply explain that flush toilets are a passing fad and I'm waiting for outhouses to be back in style again.

Some laugh, some don't and I don't care what they think. Marie was still in the bathroom when I got into bed. I was lying on my back nodding off when she came into the room turning on the bedside lamp.

I took one of her pillows and put it over my face until she settled down and turned it off. Marie didn't. Instead she pulled the quilt off completely off of me. When I looked up she was kneeling on the bed, naked, looking down at me.

She looked incredibly hot. It was obvious why she spent so much time in the bathroom. She found the curling iron in the cabinet. Marie's head was a mass of soft brown curls.

"Don't move, Sir Knight. Your Queen commands you." "Yes your Majesty," I was wide awake now. Marie then leaned forward and kissed my mouth and touched my face gently saying "You have dimples in your cheeks when you smile, my Blue Knight," which naturally caused me to smile, "And you are special, Teen anal two big cocks and babe a magical misappropriation. You have such kind, gentle eyes.

And now for your reward you may have your way with me tonight." Marie: WHEN I PULLED BACK THE COVERS, I WAS SURPRISED AGAIN, thinking, "Momma Mia, he's hung like a stallion! No wonder his wife took so many naps with him? My ex-husband's is a little cocktail wiener compared to that big cock. I'd love to be on top and ride him." Patrick got up on his knees facing me. He took my face in his strong callused hands looking into my eyes&hellip.really looking. I was tingling all over.

He kissed me lightly and gently, a teaser of what was to come. He then closed his eyes and sighed deeply saying, "You have no idea how luscious your lips taste. From the first time you kissed me in the club, you were all that I could think about. You and those hot vanilla kisses. I was wondering about the girl behind them. That sultry purple lipstick, and gold sparkles couldn't hide you from amateur moaning and party girls robbery suspect apprehended, the real Marie Antoinette Bernardino was pretending to be something that she is not." I was thinking, "If he only knew how right he was about years of pretending." He kissed me again, this time long and deep.

I could feel his wholesome passion through his lips, experiencing what his wife must have felt. I was fleetingly jealous of her and then regrettably ashamed of myself, wondering, "Can Patrick ever love me like that?" But his kisses… his kisses are incredible. He is incredible; eliciting so many emotions with just his kisses. I felt the wetness between my legs from just those two kisses. I felt my heart pounding in my chest and although he hadn't touched them.

I could feel the blood rushing to my nipples, as they hardened at the thought of him caressing my breasts with his strong hands when he kissed me a third time. He opened his eyes and looked at me, sliding his hands down my neck to my shoulders, "You looked so peaceful and innocent sleeping next to me, the first time my Queen.

I couldn't have my way with you then and now I shall with your gracious indulgence." Patrick put his hands around my waist, kissing my face. I closed my eyes as he kissed my throat, the sides of my neck and behind my ears.

His hot lips and tongue were branding me were they touched, marking me as his. He kissed his way down to my breasts, slowly and methodically, while returning to kiss my lips, my tongue desperately seeking his. I wanted those kisses to go on forever&hellip.and they did, in my passion for my Blue Knight, I was losing all sense of time.

His hands were everywhere, touching me in places I was never touched before by a man leaving invisible tattoos, marking me forever his; Patrick Ian Buchanan's woman. Patrick: MY GOD, WHAT I Young blonde sucks old mans cock at home GIVE FOR MARIE TO BE MY WOMAN and not just for the night. I was right about her; such hot blooded passion just under the surface.

Her womanhood was damp before I hardly had touched her. Her musky womanly smell was driving me crazy fueling my passion and the taste of her lips are beyond belief.

I can feel her fiery spirit through the very tips of my commoners' callused fingers. My lips were scorched by her creamy white flesh until I could stand it no more and then to be soothingly healed by her luscious full lips, as I returned to them, time after time, to the memory of my first succulent kiss. Marie: WE LAY ON OUR SIDES, FACING EACH OTHER AND MY hands were all over him now, all over his hard body.

Patrick is all muscle but not the bulbous kind that you see in the gym reeking of steroids. He has the healthy, compact ropey muscles that were earned by the sweat of his brow from years of hard manual labor.

I have been so long without a man, so long without that sweet orgasmic release. My vagina was dripping with sweet bliss as he teased me with the tip of his huge cock, probing while we kissed, our tongues intertwined. He brought me to the brink of my sweet release several times, only to pull back, he was driving me crazy with desire for him and he knew it.

I desperately tried to pull him into to me, grabbing his tight ass and pulling, trying to impale myself on his cock, but to no avail. He held me easily in place as he did in the truck when I wouldn't behave. Patrick: MARIE'S HIPS WERE GYRATING as she pushed her plump pussy towards my cock, "Tell me what you want my Queen.

Do you want to come, shall I let you come?" She didn't ebony teen screwed hard and creampied by throbbing cock, and grabbed my ass, struggling to push her dripping pussy on to my cock, "Tell me what you want, Marie, I want to hear say it?" Marie: I DIDN'T ANSWER HIM, HE KNEW I WANTED TO COME, and then he pushed his cock all the way into me, or so I thought, holding it there, and making me gasp, before pulling it out again, it filled my cunt entire cunt so tightly, it was so big.

"I know what you want, Marie. You want to buck, and squirm and scream," and then he did it again, slapping my ass hard enough to sting and arousing me all the more. "By your leave and command, I am going to have you my Queen. I don't want you to hold back, I want to you to be yourself, the hot little spitfire that you are." In my pre-orgasmic euphoria, I was thinking, 'How can Patrick possibly know that? I had to be so passive with the jerk and hold back.

He hated when I bucked and squirmed and moan and I believe it intimidated him; Wee-wee-wee little cocktail wiener man" I laughed to myself 'wee-wee-wee all the way home.' Patrick gently pushed me over onto my stomach and then got on top of me, straddling my dripping and welcoming pussy with his cock.

He then leaned forward until his face was close to mine kissing my cheek, Please, Marie," and then he entered me, pushing slowly, making me gasp and moan, stretching my tight cunt until I could feel his balls caressing my ass cheeks. He was pushing me down into the mattress, holding me in place with his cock japanese mother raped by sons twschool friends supporting himself with his arms.

(My ex could never manage that for long. He would get tired and would lay on top of me with his full weight, almost suffocating me). It seemed that Patrick's cock filled my entire uterus and I have never experienced anything like this before. I started to orgasm immediately, moaning and squirming from side-to-side as my sweet orgasm washed over me Patrick continued, making love to me slowly, and gently; in and out in and out, his balls kissing my ass cheeks, his cock caressing clitoris.

I was thinking, 'Isn't he ever going to come? It feels so damn good to have his cock in me. I don't care if he never comes just as long as he leaves it there.' Patrick got up on his knees and started pounded me relentlessly, his thrusting becoming more forceful and his cock seemed even bigger and harder as his balls spanked my ass.

Amazed, I felt the beginning of another orgasm building as he was fucking me. Then he started to natural cutie blows cock in pov and gets spread kitty reamed amateur babe wild.

But so was I, moaning and bucking, clawing at the sheets. I knew that he would like that, I just knew it. It got him even more aroused. I can be myself with him. Soon, I was on my hands and knees and Patrick had his hand in my curls pulling my hair. This enhanced my second orgasm and then the third, better than the first two as they consumed me. I could felt his hot creamy semen flood into me, I was thinking, "Here is a man who actually knows what do with a woman's hair.

Patrick is such stud, thank god; hung like a stallion and he fucks like one? What an interesting contrast to his gentle ways." Patrick: MY QUEEN WAS MAGNIFICENT, WHAT A HOT LITTLE NUMBER she is in the sack with all that bucking, loud moaning and panting. I loved that. She really got excited when I pulled her hair, moaning, and talking, "pull my hair&hellip. fuck me harder&hellip. fuck me harder. Yea, she looks cute with short hair, although I would love to see it longer, but that's her choice not mine.

I will only suggest and only if she asks my preference. Marie cuddled up next to me afterwards, while I played with her soft, thick curls, as we touched each other and kissed. I was thinking, "Boy oh boy, we are so compatible in the sack.

I wonder if she this hot ass blond gets fully satisfied by her masseur in this ass massage fuck she gets her pussy f French fries with malt vinegar." That was my last thought as I contently drifted off to sleep, dreaming of my wife.

Anne was smiling as she watched over me from Heaven&hellip. Marie: PATRICK ACTUALLY HELD ME AFTERWARD, RUNNING HIS FINGERS THROUGH MY HAIR and we kissed…it was nice. Before he fell asleep, he kissed my cheek and said, "Thank you, Marie," and then he sighed and closed his eyes. He had to be exhausted though from that long drive, getting little sleep and then doing his chores the next day. I wanted to talk, but that can wait. After he fell asleep I got out of bed and went into the kitchen to see what I could put together to make him breakfast.

I then lay down next to him, putting his alarm clock underneath my pillow, so that he could sleep in…………………… I was up bright and early taking a quick bath.

I found a simple yellow house dress to wear. All of his wife's clothes, including her bras and panties fit me perfectly. Even though I haven't prayed in years, I said a little prayer for Anne Marie, and then for myself, first with my confession and then asking God that things work out between Patrick and me.

I even said a little prayer for the Jerk, finally letting go. All the repressed anger and angst that I was carrying inside of me for so long was finally gone. I had forgotten how healing that prayer could be, remembering that when growing up, the family never missed Mass. We always went St. Luke's and Dad seldom misses it there now. He still carries my First Holy Communion Picture in his wallet.

The one where I am dressed completely white, white dress, shoes and veil, everything white. God knows how many of the original wallet size photos he still he has. When one wears out he retires to the envelope in his sock drawer. That's my Dad.

Patrick doesn't care where he goes to church. I'm afraid that when he and Dad finally meet, sparks are sure to fly. Asian girlfriend gets licked and fucked tube porn man is good enough for me according to Dad. My father might just finally meet his match. I was mixing the batter when Patrick walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist, putting his face close to mine, while looking down into the bowl.

He kissed my cheek most intimately and said, "Good morning, my Queen. What are you making, soup?" He then reached for the bowl and I slapped his hand with the spoon. I put the spoon into the bowl and turned to face him, putting my arms around his neck, and kissing his lips, "Coffee, pancakes from scratch, bacon and fried eggs anyway you like them, Blue Knight." "Is there anything that I can do to help?" he asked. "No, and breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes." "Yes ma'am.

I'll have two eggs sunny-side up please. I have something that I have to do in the barn," and with that he stuck his finger in the bowl and then darted out the screen door, stopping to put his batter covered finger into his mouth, "Very tasty, but not as delicious as your lips are, Marie Antoinette." Ignoring the porch steps, Patrick vaulted over the porch railing and ran to the barn, shouting," Marie Antoinette's lips are delicious, and she's making me pancakes." He left me smiling, and thinking, "If he reacts that way for pancakes, just wait until he tastes my sauce." Patrick: I WAS IN THE BARN GETTING IT READY FOR THE NEW HORSES and my mind racing.

I was on cloud nine I couldn't wait to introduce Marie to Sam and to everybody for that matter. I took my dream about my wife as sign, a portent that Anne approved; such was our love for each other in life. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts about Marie that I didn't hear his father-in-law arrive with a guest and the horses and I was thinking 'Wow, my favorite breakfast.

Maybe Marie will like to go with me to a doggystyle pounding in elsa jean ass brunette and big tits Fireman's Carnival later this afternoon. The Draft Horse Competition starts at four, and after we can grab a bite to eat. She felt so good in my arms last night, and then looked so beautiful this morning with the sunlight shining on her through the kitchen window. I can't remember when I have been this happy.

Sam should be here anytime now. He can have breakfast with us. When Sam meets Marie, he will have to stop his good intentions at being matchmaker. Susan just won't take no for an answer. What an annoyance that woman is. I'm just not interested…although, I couldn't keep my hands out of her long red hair when we were in High School, and I did have her several times before I joined the Marines. Now the widow McCartney, Susan has the same long flaming red hair…well maybe I was tempted for a roll in the hay for old time sake, but then she will never leave me alone.

I had better get into the house though, my pancakes are getting cold." I walked outside and saw the horse trailer in the driveway which meant Sam was already in the house.

When I walked in there was Susan sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and Marie standing behind her glaring at me. Sam wouldn't look up at me from his plate of pancakes and I was thinking, "Damn it Sam, of all days to bring Susan here, you had to choose this morning. This is definitely going to throw a monkey wrench into things. What did you promise her now? I hope there are some pancakes left for me." It didn't help that Susan got up and hugged me and then kissed my cheek, saying, "Thank you for volunteering to help me in the ticket booth, Patty.

I was so excited when Sam told me. I'm sure that we will sell more tickets than anybody like we did together at the home coming dance. Remember what we did afterwards, Patty?" Hells bells, did Susan have to say that in front of Marie. I didn't get pancakes, just scrambled eggs and toast. Susan just prattled on and on about Patty this and Patty that, and how we were an item our Senior Year.

Susan always insisted on calling me Patty, not Pat or Patrick, and my name is Patrick damn it. Marie quietly cleaned the kitchen and the excused herself going into the spare bedroom closing the door. Well at least she didn't slam it or break any dishes.

Susan followed me outside quite certain that I had finally given in to her. She was talking about packing a lunch and about her Church Social on Sunday, making plans for me.

I couldn't refuse and make Sam out to be a liar; his intentions were good, misplaced though they are. After the horses were settled in, and they left, I went back into the house to do damage control only to find that Marie locked herself in the bathroom&hellip.great. "Marie, we need to talk.

Will you please unlock the door?" no answer, "I'm not interested in her, Marie, that is ancient history", still no answer, "I didn't know anything about it," still no answer. I was thinking, 'This is so unfair of her," and I was starting to get angry, thinking, "Take a deep breath Patrick, and count to three before you speak again," I took a deep breath, several actually, "The hinges are on the outside of the door, my Queen.

Don't make me takes them off and open the door that way.' "Save your breath and save my ears," she replied, "I have already made up my mind." "For goodness sake, Marie, give me a chance to explain. Won't you at least talk to me? I'll get Sam back and he will explain everything." "I said I have already made my mind up about you and nobody is going to change it no matter what they say.

Nobody had better get in my way now that I have finally made up my mind." "Darn you, Marie," I said, pounding on the door, "You're really something you know that. Open the darn door and stop acting like a spoiled child or this time I just might treat you like one.

"Oh, that's real mature, pounding on the door, Patty. Who's a spoiled child now?" "I'm getting angry, Marie. You can push me just so far!" "How far is too far, Patty?" "It's Patrick and you really don't want to know, so open the darn door." "Don't you ever curse or swear when you are angry, Patty, Patty, Patty or is it all wishy-washy baby talk, like darn door or for cute asian blonde is happy and squirting sake?" "Not in front of women or children I don't.

" I said, throwing up my hands in frustration. "I'm not coming out until I'm good and ready, Patty, Patty, Patty." "God bless you, woman," and I hit the door again. Marie: WHEN I OPENED THE DOOR PATRICK WAS STANDING THERE with his feet apart and his hands clasped behind his back. His eyes were like dark gray storm clouds, menacing and dangerous.

Wow, maybe I did push him a bit too far. I sexy burnett jessica shows off her feet brunette and fetish about to find out. This was the final test. I took my robe off and let it drop to the floor at my feet, standing naked before him. I then put my arms around his neck and kissed his lips.

He let his arms drop to his side and let out a big sigh, "You were teasing me weren't you? It was all an act? "You're my man now, Blue Knight. I have made up my mind. I'm not going anywhere. You are stuck with me." "Do you have any idea what you just put me through, Marie?" "Of course I do. I was there, remember?" "Then I suppose that you are my woman, my Queen," He said, smiling, "and stuck with me." "You suppose?" I asked, kissing his lips, again. "Most definitely you are my woman, Marie Antoinette," And he put naughty college neighbor masturbating hard on cam sexy and babe strong arms around my waist and pulled me tight.

"Good, it's settled then. Do you think I'm pretty, Patrick?" "Not just pretty, I think you are a beautiful?" "Am I more beautiful than, Susan?" "Susan is merely pretty while you are beautiful, my Queen." "That was an honest answer, stud.

Do you think I am hot, sexy hot?" I already knew the answer. I could feel his erection straining against his blue jeans. I kissed his lips again. "You scorch my lips when I kiss you my Vanilla girl." "Do you want me to suck on your big cock?" "Oh yah!" "Talk dirty to me then." "A pig fell in the mud." "You will have to do better than that," I said reaching down squeezing his crotch." "Can't I just think it?" he asked.

"No, you have to talk dirty." "I want you to lick and suck, my cock, you hot and sexy Spitfire." "That's it Stud, keep it up, just be yourself, my Knight, don't hold back." "No holds barred, Marie?" He asked holding me in place with his right around my waist while stroking my wet pussy with the fingers of his left.

"Oh yes, that feels so good… so good, keep it up!" "Your plump little cunt belongs to me now, Marie. I can smell your hot musky woman's scent when you are in heat like this. Like a bitch in heat, dripping with estrogen." I was thinking, 'My god, I can't believe that he just said that to me, or the way he said it, the inflection in his voice. He has me tingling all over. Will he make me do it here on the floor? I was thinking that we would do it in the bedroom.' Patrick's eyes were a different shade of grey now, like clouds gathering for an impending storm.

Not quite as dark, but hinting to what would come next. Patrick grabbed my hair and tugged, pulling my head back. He looked deep into my eyes, "You will suck on my cock and then swallow for teasing me, bitch. This hairstyle is cute on you, but is not what I prefer. A cock sucking bitch's hair should be much longer." My god, he was getting me even more aroused. I can hardly stand it.

I could actually feel my juices dripping down my legs…well I asked for it. He took a few steps back releasing my hair. He then said, "Undress me, little bitch. You will keep your eyes closed." I stepped forward closing my eyes.

I reached up and took his face in my hands. I kissed his mouth like he kissed me, long and deep. I opened one eye to peek, and he gave my ass a hard slap saying, "No peeking." I liked it though.

Patrick can be so domineering and forceful. Maybe that is why I am fascinated with him. Here was a man who can actually handle me. Not that I would push that issue for its own sake. I might not like the outcome. I started with his heavy leather black belt, unbuckling it.

I then unbuttoned the copper button of his blue jean so that I could pull out his blue chambray shirt that was tucked. I unbuttoned the shirt and took it off of him, dropping it to the floor. As I ran my hands over his hard arms and shoulders, I could feel that he was not wearing a tee shirt. I then ran my hands over his hard chest and stomach, 10402357 658758357553528 782738325 n tube porn my way down.

Patrick had a clean, masculine smell devoid of heavy aftershaves or colognes that many men favor. I was down on my knees when I unzipped his jeans and pulled then down over his ankles for him to step out of; next his socks and finally his boxer shorts.

His hard cock was huge. "You will get a washcloth and wash me first," he said, "don't worry about getting the floor wet, just soap my cock good and then rinse well." It was so erotic washing him, and thoughtful on his part. I soaped his big cock as he ordered and rinsed it clean with the washcloth. I dried it with a towel while Patrick ran my fingers through my hair. I dropped the towel on the floor where I got it wet. Patrick then put his strong callused hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down on my knees on the rug and I started licking it.

I could feel his cock pulsating on my tongue. I looked up at him for his approval and he looked down nodding his head, smiling. "Use your mouth and tongue for now. Be a good girl and after I come in your mouth I'm going to take you into the bedroom, I may fuck you like a stallion on a broodmare. I was trying to hold back my orgasm and barely succeeding. Patrick continued running his fingers through my hair while gently caressing my face. I was looking up into his eyes, and then I closed them.

I continued to lick and suck, concentrating to please him, taking his cock deeper into my mouth, anticipating when he would take me into the bedroom and fuck me like a stallion on a broodmare. Soon his breathing increased, deep steady breathes and he was making a low noise in his throat, a low deep primal growl that actually gave me goose bumps. This was followed by his thunderous orgasm releasing a deluge of hot creamy cum raining into my mouth.

It was a delicious relentless barrage of semen for me to swallow. I swallowed it greedily, much as the parched dry earth is nourished by the precious rain after a drought. I was overwhelmed by that onslaught of cum as my orgasm washed over me. It seemed to me then that my past sex life was a drought of sexual repression as Patrick's flood of semen warmed and nourished my tummy and I was thinking; For some reason the Jerk never cared for oral sex.

He didn't like blow jobs` and wouldn't eat me out. Can you believe it? What man doesn't like getting a blow job? We always did it in bed from behind, lying on our sides with a pillow underneath his head so he was comfortable; always in bed, never facing me, and always the same way. If I tried to initiate anything new he became surly and sulky.

Now, here I was, hundreds of miles from home, on my knees sucking on a big cock, the cock of a man that I just met and loving it. Of course I have made my mind up about him; I want him, Patrick is my man now. He has made it perfectly clear that he wants me and actions speak louder than words.

The Jerk can be charming when he wanted to be. He is a smooth talker, a player, while Patrick is a doer. No man makes love to a woman like Patrick does unless he has some feelings for her. You can't fake that. And earlier, the familiar, intimate way that he hugged me and kissed my cheek. Or when he stuck his finger in the bowl batter and ran out the door&hellip.he showed me a side of him only his wife ever saw. That ridiculous woman is not about to stand in my way.

I have to admit that she is a beautiful woman. Susan now thinks that she has a chance with him. If Patrick was interested he would have had her long before now. Can she possibly be that obtuse, she continued prattling on, Patty this and Patty that like I wasn't even there. It must be the hair, Patrick let that inadvertently slip just now, or did he? I wonder how I would look with long braids.

I can't very well play the part of his Indian wife with my hair this short, and besides, it will give him something to pull on while he is fucking me like a stallion on a broodmare…what a way to put things. I saw the look on Patrick's face when he walked into the kitchen. His father-in-law didn't even look up from his plates of pancakes, and boy can Sam eat. Sam looked guilty and embarrassed; he didn't say a word. Patrick was as stiff as a board when she hugged and kissed him.

I was just having a little fun at his expense. Besides, he will be taking me to the Fireman's Carnival and it will be fun. The three of us can sell tickets. I have plans for us. I will keep my house on Long Island. We can spend part of our summers there or get away on the weekends the rest of the year. Dad can put in a corner shower here, I know just the spot. I defiantly want a refrigerator with cold water and ice in the door.

I need to go back to Long Island soon and take care of some things. I will bring back some clothes and my makeup. Then we will stop in Brooklyn. I'm going to take Patrick to meet my Mom and Dad. We can talk about it on the way to the Fireman's Carnival.' To be continued.