Baby jewel shares classmates cock to stepmom ashley downs pornstars hardcore

Baby jewel shares classmates cock to stepmom ashley downs pornstars hardcore
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Suzie, Russ and Mike lay on the beach, each one satiated beyond their wildest dreams. A cool breeze had blown up since their orgy big nipple japanese lesbian cosplay began and now they began to pull on their clothes, feeling the comfort of the outer warmth as well as the inner. What a delightful picture they made sitting in a circle on the beach .

whoever would have guessed that just minutes before they were . Suddenly as if in one accord they all exclaimed, "Wendy!" Neither had to say a word to the other, they all knew what was in the mind of all. Russ Redford felt especially relieved, now he could release the burden of his guilt .

now he could begin to deal with the truth. "Gee, there's something I want to tell you all ." he began calmly enough but then found that his tongue had a really hard time working in his mouth. "I . uh . ummm . I mean . I feel so close to you both now ., well, now we are all like family--the three of us-- . well . there's someone missing ." Russ said with a final spurt.

Suzie knew immediately that Russ was referring to Wendy, at the same time feeling a strange sensation in the pit of her stomach like there was something strange going on . something she didn't know about . something connected with Russ and Wendy. Her darling niece was so sweet and innocent and a virgins she didn't want to harm her young mind and yet it would be difficult to keep their liaison from her.

"I know . I know Russ," Mike heard himself say. Bangbros hot sex session with girlfriend and stepmom, however, was so caught up in his own guilt that he didn't hear Mike's confession. "Gee, I just don't know where to begin, there's so much I want to say to you both, and especially to you Suzie. First of all I want to apologize to you for my behavior this morning, I don't know what got into me, I was a mad man.

For so long I've yearned for you, my body ached to hold you in my arms. I wanted to make love to you tenderly, slowly. I wanted to take you in my arms and transport you to the blissful state we're all in now but you fought me so intensely I saw red, I got crazed with desire and lost my head . I'm really sorry Suzie . I really do care for you, you know that don't you?" "Oh Russ, I do understand.

Now I understand because I went through something similar with Mike . I wanted him with every fibre of my being and would have stopped at nothing to get so incensed with passion was I. I love you both so much . so very much." Suzie was so overcome with joy that she had to stop talking and kiss both Russ and Mike firmly on the lips.

She felt totally at peace. She was content, satisfied beyond her expectations . but Wendy, how was she going to explain this all to Wendy? "Please Suzie let me finish, let me tell you what's really troubling me. Today I did something that just blew my mind. This afternoon . Oh Jesus! How am I going to tell you Mike, how can I tell you! At the Teahouse today Mike, I overheard you and Wendy and after you left I .

well I ." "Uncle Russ . it's okay," Mike was amazed at his own sureness, he felt so mature. "I saw you two together.


I was worried about Wendy when she didn't turn up for dinner, so I went back to the Teahouse to find her . to tell her everything was okay and that I could wait for her. I saw you two together, fucking each other silly. I freaked out I can tell you Uncle Russ to see you fucking the living daylights out of my girl . I had to go for a swim to get my head back together, but now--" Suzie's mind was reeling with confusion, she couldn't quite grasp it, "What, what are you two talking about," she gasped in horrified shock.

Russ and Mike gathered around the older woman and held her tightly, kissing the top of her head, kissing her hand, comforting her. "Suzie, I'll be straight with you.

This afternoon I seduced Wendy. She is such a gorgeous girl and it was truly a wonderful experience!" "Oh my God! . Oh my God! . you and Wendy, you fucked my darling niece. Wendy lost her virginity to you, to the man I just fucked myself!" Long deep sobs tore from the older woman's ravaged teencurves bubble butt lesbians worship their asses pornstars large ass. What were they all doing, this was madness .

absolute madness. Suzie threw herself on the sand and began to sob uncontrollably. "Suzie, dear . come." Russ took the woman up gently into his arms and rocked her slowly back and forth. Let's not hold onto the past, today we've all had new experiences together that have been delightful beyond imagination. Remember how good we all felt together, our old ways of thinking were stupid and kept us from really enjoying the pleasure that was made for us to enjoy.

Look now, we're all one big family aren't we? Let go of the past, Suzie, let go . it didn't do anything but restrict us and make us miserable ." Suzie looked up into the handsome face of the man who was speaking to her and felt her heart jump in her body. She did love him yes . and she could forgive him . and Mike, she turned and looked at the beautiful young boy sitting beside her. Yes . Russ was right, how could she hold onto the past, the glorious future was theirs now .

it was wonderful. Love was to be shared and enjoyed. Most of the people in the hotel were just longing to find what they had been privileged to find between the three of them. Suddenly Suzie began to laugh and then they all began to laugh and to hug one another. "Well!" said Mike longingly. "Let's go find Wendy right now." Russ and Suzie looked at each other. Of course Mike must find Wendy now, day with a pornstar diamond kitty loves her fans and she needs anal brazzers all they belonged together, and now they could really be together.

"C'mon," said Russ, pulling Suzie to her feet. Let's find Wendy, right now!" * * * Wendy didn't know how long she had been lying on her bed, the moon had long since passed from her window but there was still a lot of light in the room. She had been dreaming of Russ, dreaming of his taut muscular body pressed close into hers, remembering his blood-pulsating cock driving its shaft deep into her belly, his mouth sucking her nipples until they felt like a part of him.

Their bodies locked together in exquisite union. Her body was on fire now with the memory of the afternoon . the sweet memory of her very first fuck. Mike came into her thoughts again and she felt a wave of shame reverberating through her body .

it would probably crush him to discover that his uncle had made love to her. And her aunt was bound to be upset.

Wendy had seen the way her aunt looked at Russ Redford when she though he wasn't looking, she obviously wanted him but was too uptight to do anything about it . and now . she had been taken by him! Oh dear, what was she going to do, why was everything so complicated .

why did it have to be wrong? It was so wonderful, couldn't it just stay that way . there must be some answer, some solution . Once again at the thought of Russ, Wendy's body jerked in uncontrollable passion, her cunt quivered and ached and longed to receive his giant cock once again. Her nipples sprang into hardness as if Russ's mouth was gently sucking olivia del rio anal fuck best edits. Her loins tingled exquisitely and aaahhh .

she felt his lips traveling down her legs . down between her legs . now she felt his mouth upon her warm, moist pussy . aaaaahhhh! The pleasure was almost more than she could bear. Ohhh, it was all toooooo much! Wendy couldn't resist herself any longer and slowly slide her hand over her nipples, over her pink pulsating nipples, over her belly, over her pussy mound to her clitoris. She rubbed it slowly and gently, she rubbed her darling little clitoris until it throbbed with delight.

Her whole body on flame now with sensual pleasure. "Aaaaaahhhh," she murmured quietly to herself. "Aaaaahhhh . yes baby give it to me, it feels so good, so very good . yes!" So into the pleasure of the moment was Wendy that she didn't hear the door open.

Now, caught naked with her body throbbing with ecstasy, her juices flowing freely she was horrified to look up and see first her aunt and then Russ Redford and then Mike all gaping down at her .

gaping at her delightful quivering little cunt, her juicy cunt throbbing with the pleasure of her own hand. "Oh my God! Oh l-l . I!" Wendy howled in horrified tones. And then suddenly all there of them began to laugh hysterically .

Wendy sat up on her bed . "What blonde harlot anna rey has her cunt drilled you doing here, what's going on?" "Calm yourself Wendy dear, we're all one big happy family now.

Oh my darling little niece I have so much to tell you." And Suzie sat down upon Wendy's bed and related the events of the day to her. At first Wendy couldn't believe her ears, she was so shocked it took her breath away and then something began to happen . they all began to look at one another in a different kind of way .

they were all becoming highly aroused and excited . and it was fine . it was just fine . Wendy looked at her boyfriend Mike and saw that he was having a difficult time breathing. Her eyes traveled down his firm young body and she gasped as she perceived the quite large bulge in his pants.

It was obvious to her that his penis was throbbing, he wanted her, oh yes, he wanted her. It made Wendy feel good to know that she could really make a man want her, she could make his cock rigid with desire just for her. She knew that the sight of herself fingerfucking her cunt on the bed had excited Mike wildly.

"Mike," she moaned, oh Mike." Wendy felt her body flood with desire for her boyfriend, now he could take her, now she could be his as never before. The boy was shaking violently, he wanted Wendy so badly he hardly knew what to do. Then Suzie and Russ looked at each other . "Oh God, Suzie, I want to fuck you, you want to fuck me .

and look . wow! . Wendy and Mike, they really want to fuck too ." Russ Redford quickly sprawled between her waiting spread thighs and fucked his hotly throbbing cock deep into Suzie's tightly sheathing cunt . while his nephew and Wendy moaned with excitement from viewing this act . The children were wildly aroused by seeing their elders this way, naked and fucking with abandon.

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Mr. Redford's hardened penis had begun pistoning deliciously into Mrs. Wong's quivering vaginal sheath again, making her grind and buck her hips upward with delightful sensation, submerging more of his giant cock in her hungrily clenching pussy . "Oh, Ohhh .

yes . oh . Ah! Ahhh!" Suzie panted up to him, squirming her erotically tautened ass-cheeks up off the bed in an effort to get more of the man-sized penis thrusting into her wet vagina.

A totally abandoned joy seemed to possess her as she stared now at the sight of Wendy and her boyfriend, increasing the delights of Russ's skewering penis thrusting into her hotly welcoming cunt. She writhed beneath him as gratefully she widened her thighs to his increasingly frenzied lustings. And Mike and Wendy couldn't stop staring at the nakedly entwined couple on the other bed, watching with riveted attention as the older man's cunt-juice slickened cock fucked rhythmically in and out of the woman's carnivorously devouring vagina.

"Oh Suzie," he moaned, kneading his thighs into her body as she involuntarily pressed her tight pink slit up over his wetly gleaming shaft, her heaving young thighs and buttocks churning in time to the naked man's rhythmic tucking . "See it children," Russ was saying . "see your aunt and uncle little sam takes huge cum on tits after creampie. see us fucking each other ." "Ohhhh, God!" moaned Suzie, "Russ .

Russ, are you sure this is right ." And it was Wendy who answered with a strangely mature assurance. "D-don't be afraid, auntie," panted the impassioned young girl. "Don't worry . I underst . now!" "Yes!" cried Suzie. "Sex is good; sex is beautiful . sex should bring loved ones together, not further apart!

Oh! Oh!" she gasped sublimely as she felt the older man's penis pumping into her vagina . "Oh, my little one, fucking is fun .!" Mike now, on the bed beside Wendy, was almost shaking now.

"Oh Wendy," he moaned, kneading his hands up and down the sides of his panting body. "Look at them!" "Yes," the teenage girl hissed through passion-clenching teeth.

"Yes, we have to do something, Mike." She took a deep breath, shuddered, then blurted out, "Let's join in!" "Wow! Oh yeah, man, right!" "Let's fuck with them! You want to, and I want to, and since they want us to, I mean, well why shouldn't we?" The young girl dropped her hand to the crotch of his thin faded slacks, beginning to rub around the front, dipping inside the waistband until her fingers could fondle all of his warm hard penis and scrotum. Then slowly, she took her other hand and zipped open his fly while he looked in wonder as she wormed the pants down over his buttocks and hips until his pants slid free onto he floor.

Then slowly her fingers made contact with the blunt reddened tip of his virile cock. The teenage boy's thighs started to undulate of their own volition and his breath spewed out in ragged gasps. "Oh! Oh, Wendy!" he grunted, "I-I don't believe this!" "It's good isn't it?" "Yes .


yes . it is!" He stared downward at his girlfriend's hand on his hard cock, then over to the other bed where his uncle and her aunt were fucking wildly . Wendy, naked and sighing blissfully with abandoned desire, continued to toy with the long slim shaft of Mike's penis, her nakedly rounded breasts pressing against his chest, their nipples smoldering coals burning into his youthful flesh.

She whimpered delightedly and wriggled against his erection, her young body jerking and her heatedly moistened vaginal lips spreading apart as if to enfold his turgid cock entirely . as they slid down on the bed and lay side by side.

"Ooooohhh, Wendy," the boy moaned, crazy with desire for the beautiful young girl . "Oh baby, let's fuck . let's fuck now ." "Mike .?" "Yes ." "I suddenly have the strange desire to kiss you, love. Kiss you right in the tip of your lovely hard penis!" Her words sounded alien to herself, for never before in her young life had such a thought even entered her head . yet now she was obsessed with the idea of tasting a male penis!

Her own naked body was moist and cute cutie give suck job in pov and gets slim snatch plowed from the sensations it had received from Mike's hardness now and remembering what it was like to be fucked to cumming by his uncle, she thought . anything that can produce so much pleasure couldn't be bad to take in her mouth!

"Yes," she said, more excited with the notion than ever. "Yes, I want to feel your wonderful prick with my lips!" And as she spoke she got to her knees before the spread-legged boy, drawing his quivering young manhood closer and rubbing it lovingly against her cheeks, feeling every ridge and vein pulsing against her flushed skin.

"Oh, I do! I do!" "Would you, Wendy? Oh, I've always wondered what it would be like to have somebody suck my pecker!" The teenage boy was afraid now that this was all a dream, for it seemed to good to be true. First Wendy's aunt wanted to fuck him . and now her niece wanted to suck him? Fantastic! He felt her hand kneading his naked buttocks as xxcom 2019 full sex stories vide kneeled between his thighs, and then staring down, he watched anticipatorily as the girl leaned closer, slowly, tentatively, just as he'd been when he first fucked her aunt's pussy.

With her other hand massaging his hard yearning penis, Wendy flicked her tongue out and came in warm, wet contact with the expanding head of his erection. She circled around and around the thickening tip as the boy groaned and jerked above her from her erotic manipulations.

Her slowly searching tongue found the tiny opening at the end and darted wetly, maddeningly into it. It was already moist from his regenerated arousal, and the heady taste and odor made the young girl salivate with lustful expectation of when his penis would be sliding along inside her mouth. She took the hand which had been massaging his tender buttocks now, and cradled the base of his softly rounded testicles, while her first fingers continued to pull back the loose foreskin and expose all of the sensitive pink head of his cock to her lips.

She planted warm, gentle kisses on it, beginning at the top and tracing a path down the full length of his pulsing hardness to the base, then wetly back up again to the blunt rubbery crown. The room was wild in excited frenzy and the young girl ate her boyfriend while their elders continued to fuck . moaning and groaning and sighing in the bed right next to them.

And then Wendy ovalled her legs widely accepting his throbbing shaft into the saliva-filled cavern of her suddenly hungrily watering mouth. She could feel the smoothly rounded outline of the lust-swollen penis sliding between the hollows of her cheeks, and then slowly, hesitantly, she swirled her tongue teasingly around the invading penis. The boy groaned above her and she reveled in the sense of lewdness it gave her.

She'd suck his cock, by God! She'd suck it hard and passionately until her boyfriend groaned. "Ohhh,Jees! Wendy! That feels so . ahhhh," she heard her boyfriend moan. Yes, she's suck him good! Her inflamed mind swirled senselessly, the erotic wildness of the situation causing unbelievable sensations to stir in her belly and loins.

She shuddered at the thought of what they were all doing . sucking her boyfriend while her aunt and his uncle fucked openly on the next bed . and the exquisite madness of this uncontrollable passion overcame her totally. Wendy moaned softly around Mike's hardened young cock. She felt his smooth loins press against her nose and cheeks, his tight sac of testicles swinging gently against her chin with each thrust, and as the previous sensations of blatant lust grew again to hotly burn her cunt, nothing mattered but the delicious agony of swirling excitement once more searing her subserviently kneeling body.

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She took one hand and slid it down her pulsing belly to the throbbing triangle of her black curly cuntal hair, and then slipped her fingers into the wetly open slit of her pussy, hungry now for all she could get. She could feel the blood-swollen tip of Mike's penis battering the back of her throat as she struggled for air, and finger-fucked herself with the same tempo that Mike's uncle was fucking her aunt's passion-stretched vagina.

Her tongue swished with a vengeance around the rigidly heated cock sliding in and out of her mouth, and she moaned submissively from around her red, wet ovalled lips while she hovered on her knees like a love-slave before naked Mike below her. Suzie Wong saw her niece Wendy's lewdly rounded lips nibbling with salacious delight as Mike thrust forward with his buttocks, wetly sawing his saliva-glistened penis in and out of the tightly locked confines of her warm, wet mouth.

She stared at the tiny ridged flesh pulling back from Wendy's lips in an obscene semblance of a tight, hairless cunt being fucked, and at the rock- like shaft that was being greedily accepted up inside it. She heard a muffled plea from her nakedly kneeling niece for Mike to fuck her mouth harder, faster .

Suzie was caught helplessly by the erotically arousing sight, her passions rising to where she bucked up against Mike's uncle, feeling the man's pounding cock filling her to the utmost, and finding she still wanted more .

more! "Fuck harder . please, harder!" she sobbed in frustration into his panting mouth. Her shamelessly aroused body felt white- hot and her head flailed wildly from side to side on the bed, her mouth open in total abandonment. She swung her naked thighs up and clasped them on Russ Redford's hips with the backs of her calves, winding her tapered legs all he way around his full-grown muscular body.

Her ankles locked tightly together high upon his muscular back. Her heels dug sharply into his heaving back, spiraling her ravenously hungry cunt up the full, slippery length of his madly plunging penis. "More! More!" the insatiable woman urged him, her bare feet pounding desperately against his humping back.

"Fuck me more!" "Christ!" the man wheezed. "What more can I do, my hungry love! You've already taken every inch I've got!" Suzie was beside herself now, kicking her legs out wide into he air and waving her arms ineffectually as if trying to grab the answer.

And then another idea took hold of her delirious consciousness . "In-in the ass!" she squealed . "Like before, my love, like before .

oh, fuck my ass!" Her body was no longer human but more like an animal as she twisted and contorted, lewdly spreading her legs wide apart and spurring on her lover with her heels once more digging into his hips.

"You did it once today my love, why not again? If you don't I'll have Mike fuck me in the ass, I promise I will!" Russ laughed with wild delight . "All right you hot blooded wench . Big Daddy's gonna show you where it's at!" "Yes! Yes!" Suzie dug her outstretched fingers greedily into her wildly quivering cunt trying to reach the impossible depths which his rigidly thrusting cock had produced in her.

Russ looked down at her, his face flushed and his eyes gleaming. Suzie lay immobile when he levered her unresisting legs up off the bed in an arc far back over his widowmaker the best masturbating big dick d hentai, pressing the toes of her feet gently into the cushion on either side of her shoulders. Her flexible, impassioned body was nearly bent double as she presented her now hungrily puckering little anal lips for him ella hughes seduces a waiter danny and fucks him fuck into.

"Fuck me!

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Fuck me in the ass like before!" Fire licked through her tender loins, spurred on the sheer wantonness of her lewd demands. Through lust-glazed eyes she could see her niece sucking Mike's long slender cock nearby, and the depraved act only served to fan her unfulfilled needs out of control until they were raging in her twitching crevice.

And the woman felt Russ Redford's foreskin being stretched as his long, thick shaft was slowly pressured into he narrow, uptilted tunnel of her rectum. There was a momentary pause . then suddenly it popped inside, past the tightly clenching muscular barrier .

For one short moment she felt a little ache and then she felt a wild pleasure spreading ever stronger throughout her body . The man began fucking into her with long, sawing strokes, the warm rubbery walls of Suzie's rectal passage expanding around his hardness, until, ultimately, with one long lunge, he buried every single inch of his hotly throbbing penis far up into the backstop of her tight little rectum.

"Ohhhhh," the woman moaned . "Ohhhh . I love it . I love it!" And suddenly they all heard Mike shout, "Fuck her Uncle Russ!

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Oh, give it to her!" he yelled in encouragement. "Oh, Mike, she's got a tight little ass!" the older man moaned. "Oh, I tell you true my boy, this is one sweet woman, stem to stem!" He glanced down and saw the upturned reddish slit shopper cum actress eliza ibarra full video att her ovalled anus draw back with his cock as he started to fuck rhythmically in and out of her belly.

At first the pressure had been almost too much for him. but now it was easier, promising to siphon out his sperm with the ferocity of a typhoon. He thrust forward again and again, and again, relishing the howling mewl of pleasure coming from the woman's mouth. He'd cum soon, and he wanted to feel the torrent of his semen gurgling into he beautiful shaped ass of Suzie Wong.

"Fuck your ass back, honey! Fuck it back!" he demanded. Willingly, Suzie obeyed, grinding her up-thrust buttocks against his thick pistoning erection. And Suzie sensed an increasingly mounting sensation of sharp excitement. Yes . oh, yes. Oh how she loved it! She raised her head and stared down between her tautly jiggling breasts, just able to see where Russ was fucking his rigidly pulsing cock so deeply up into her rectum, and she was able to feel his spemm-swollen testicles buffeting against the tilted crevice of her buttocks with every savage stroke he made into her.

"Oh, it is wonderful! It isss!" Suzie heard herself moaning frantically . and it was also heard by the two teenagers in the next bed. "Hump back! Hump back!" Redford was shouting. "Hump your beautifully hot asshole back over my cock, Suzie ." Young Wendy had been able to see all of the details and had moaned then in concert with his aunt's cries of passion .

She stared, overcome with lust . moaning and sucking on Mike's cock, she had shuffled around the better to see the entire spectacle. She had almost forgotten for a moment that Mike was fucking his eagerly jerking penis into her greedily ovalled mouth while she knelt before him and sighed with passion as she emphatically felt the older man's hardness screwed into her rectal passage.

Her aunt was reveling in the fucking of her asshole! The sight of her naked aunt going stark raving mad with pleasure filled Wendy with an explosive excitement. Seething with newfound passion, she sucked the hotly hammering cock in her mouth with increasing fury, her left hand caressing the youth's testicles as they slapped wetly against her chin, while her right hand continued to finger her own throbbing cuntal slit.

She glanced past Mike's spasmodically jerking hips, seeing that her aunt was looking at them again . and this time a lust- dazed smile passed between Wendy and her aunt. It was a different kind of smile than they'd ever give before, and it was a smile which meant more than a thousand explanations. It was a mute message that the two were not only physically naked, but soul- naked as well, and that they knew what they were now and that it was all right.

From now on, whatever they did separately or together would be accepted and approved, and that nothing could ever come between them again. And so, released from all mental pressures, the lovely young girl and her passionately writhing aunt abandoned themselves to the enrapturing sensations of the two heavily fucking male cocks in their love starved bodies. Delight flowed through Wendy as she sensed that all was well and there was no more need to have the slightest fear of shame about what they were doing.

She massaged the softly dangling sac of her boyfriend's testicles, his hard young shaft completely absorbed between her hungrily sucking lips. Her right hand fucked in and out of her wetly quivering cuntal slit, and the lewdness of her masturbation swirled maddeningly up through her rhythmically jerking thighs.

She sensed Yevonne hot blonde sucked a big cock growing excitement, and sucked harder to end it now and taste for the first time in her thirteen years the pungency of fresh virile male sperm But suddenly, before the nakedly kneeling teenager could react, Mike pulled his burgeoning cock from between her ovalled lips and held the blunt, pulsating head about two inches from her mouth.

She was unable to protest as it began spurting heated streams of his bursting semen deep into her still roundly ovalled young lips like warm milkly cream spewing out from a cow's udder. He filled the warm wet cavern of her welcoming mouth to the brim, and his girlfriend swallowed voraciously, trying not to lose any of the wonderfully delicious fluid, her boy and anti hinde porn move orgasm surging through her and making her gurgle through the white liquid in her mouth and throat.

As his penis shot out the last of his youthful seed, a thin strand of cum ran from the tip of his cock to her sperm- cleaning lips, and she desperately moved forward and swallowed the slowly deflating shaft greedily back in her mouth. He saw her deep down blondes throat tube porn with her own shattering orgasm time and time again as she swished her tongue madly and licked his ejaculating penis of every last delicious drop of the cascading cum.

Across the room, Mike's uncle suddenly ground heavily into Suzie, and the woman took up the wailing chant. It was the time for them! The older man jerked deep into her hungrily clasping anus, spearing thick jets of his sperm deep up inside her hotly milking rectal passage. Suzie, her climax the last to arrive, thrust up her wide-split buttocks on the orgasmically expanding penis of her lover, her every muscle contracting as though she were having concussions. Her nakedly churning buttocks flexed when her orgasm hit and she screamed, "I'm cumming!" The power of her firm, rounded body had once again been unleashed in ecstasy.

There was no time, no space, nothing save the unbelievable rapturous sensation of her orgasm. She was struck by the spasmodic twitchings of her lustfully draining nerves. until finally, she had emptied herself as well as the now dangling testicles of handsome Russ Redford. Gradually the two men withdrew their deflating cocks from the two women, and the four of them sprawled nakedly on the beds, half-comatose from the fantastic release. Suzie lay across the loins and chest of the older man, her long shapely legs wide apart, in the moonlight her sperm Hooded cunt gleamed and sparkled, still inviting but very satisfied.

Wendy crawled over Mike and held her aunt tightly and tenderly. "Oh Aunt Suzie, I love you so much," the girl said enthusiatically. "l love you too Wendy dear," Suzie replied and then much to her surprise the young girl leaned over and kissed the upturned nipple of her aunt. Kissed her own aunties quivering nipple with relish and delight. "Holy shit!" Russ Redford sighed, he was in paradise . yes siree! He was in paradise .

"Yeah man, this was one hell of a get together. I'm so happy Uncle Russ, I'm out of my mind," said the fourteen year old boy. "That's right, boy and stay right out of your mind, it's the best place to be, that way you can have more fun!" Russ replied, laughing heartily. Holy Moses! What parties they were going to have.

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They had another week at the hotel and everybody could make love to everybody. It was good this way thought Suzie, now if I can loosen up Brad a little when I get to America maybe things will be a little different between us.

I can show Brad what loving is all about. Suzie and Wendy smiled at each other with secret, knowing smiles. They would never be parted now, they had discovered a new life together, they were a family, a happy family and Brad could be part of their happy family too.

The four of them made such an outstanding group by the pool the next day that the other guests couldn't help but stare at them. As some woman remarked to her husband, "Now there's a happy family, they do things together. Those children won't run off getting into drugs and such like . don't they look adorable together ." Ah, if only they knew . * * * Suzie sat by the pool on the last day of their stay at the hotel, Russ was sleeping beside her, the children were off in the pool.

They certainly had become close in the few days they'd been together, really together in the meaningful way they'd all learned to share each other. She felt free now, free and totally a woman. She looked towards the ocean, towards America, towards Brad her husband.

She wondered how he would feel about Russ and Mike . how he would feel about the new Suzie. I'll help him to understand she thought, I'll bring him in slowly and gently to this very happy family.

The End