Benefits for stripper liz and benefits for franki and the gang hardcore and handjob

Benefits for stripper liz and benefits for franki and the gang hardcore and handjob
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John waited until the house was quiet, then eased out of his sick bed and drew on a pair of thin PJ bottoms. His sisters had gone off to school and his mother had just left for work. With any luck, his sexy Aunt Joy would still be sipping coffee in her super-short and sexy terrycloth robe. With better luck, she'd be naked under that robe. John eased down the stairs and saw her as he rounded the corner.

He was in luck. He smiled weakly as she looked up, then took feeble steps toward the chair that might give him a good beaver shot. Like evelin stone and alena croft nasty some on the couch death camp survivor needing to sit, he pulled the chair out to place it at a good viewing angle at the corner, a most impressive performance.

Joy said, "You can stop the act, now, John. She's gone." John plopped down in the seat and smiled. "How'd you know?" "I've been around.

I was married for twelve years to a man who had three boys. I raised all three through their teens. I know when I'm being stalked for seduction." John reacted with feigned shock, started to defend his motives, then smiled bashfully and said, "I guess I'm pretty obvious, huh?" "I'll give you credit.

At least you came down with something on besides a hardon." "I guess you think I'm pretty pathetic, don't you?" "Pathetic? Hardly. I'm quite impressed. You're very good. You have natural abilities. You know just how subtle to be, yet you get your message across loud and clear.

Women like that in a seduction. We hate crude grabbers or foul-mouthed mashers, but we especially hate having to guess at a man's intent. Any sixteen-year-old with twenty-four notches on his bedpost already knows that." "You know what those mean!" "Of course I know.

Your mother knows too." "MOM Knows?" "Yes, and she brags about her stud son. She brags to me, anyway." "No kidding? Mom knows and she thinks it's cool?" "She wouldn't let you keep carving up a three-hundred-dollar headboard if she didn't, now would she?" "Wow! I wondered why she never said anything.

Man, that is so weird. Mom knows, huh?" "Yes, but we're both curious. Do you make a notch each time you get laid, or each time you make a new score?" "They each represent a new score. I don't count the same girl twice. If I did that, there wouldn't be any headboard left." "She'll be thrilled by that news.

I said you counted fresh kills; she said you were counting fucks." "Aunt Joy! I never thought I'd hear you say the 'F' word." "I didn't say fuck, she said fuck. Weren't you listening? I said that she said you were counting fucks." "Wow, my mom said the 'F' word!" "What's this 'F' word shit? Can't you say fuck? You came down here to fuck me, but you can't bring yourself to say the word in front of me?

You disappoint me, John." A deep flush swept over John. He sat up straight and said, "I'm not afraid to say fuck in front of you. I'm just trying not to be crude. I'm still trying to seduce you, or can't you tell." "I see your erection.

If you ask me, posturing your erection like that is more crude than saying fuck." John slumped and crossed both hands over his hardon.

He gave her a sheepish smile and said, "Sorry. I guess that was pretty crude." "You're good, John, but you have a lot to learn about seducing adult women." "Oh yeah? Three of those notches are adult women, and one was fifty- five." "Yes, and I'll bet they all seduced you." "Well, not the last one. I went after her, and I got her by showing her my hardon." "Do I know her?" "You don't know her, but you've seen her.

She's that blond across the street." "Babs The-Boob? I'm impressed, but trust me, she seduced you. You just didn't know it. It's like with me. I've been seducing you since I arrived last month. You think you've been seducing me, don't you?" John grew a big smile as he said, "You're trying to seduce me?

Really?" Joy casually untied her robe belt and sensuously let the robe super slut teen jamie marleigh let dude watch her masturbate from her shoulders. She pulled the loose flaps away from her naked body, then opened her legs, bit her lower lip, and stroked a painted nail through glistening, wet, shaved, pussy lips, purring, "Yes, John.

I am seducing you." John's eyes grew big as his face lit up. Before him sat a long-haired brunette right from the centerfold of Hustler magazine. He yanked his PJ's down as he got to his feet, saying, "Fuckin' 'A'!" John advanced, pumping his pre-cum weeping cock toward its target, saying, "I knew you'd have a great bod, Aunt Joy.

Man, what a pussy! And tits! Fuck, man, those are what I call jugs. Those are the kind you can fuck! Shit, man, this is great." John moved between her legs in a low squat as Joy pulled her lips apart to show him the target. John ran his bulbous cockhead in the pink wetness before centering his dick at her hole, saying, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to fuck you, Aunt Joy." As soon as he went to drive his dick home, Joy straight-armed him with a palm to his forehead.

The force sent him back on his ass. With a look of total shock and frustration, he cried out, "What the fuck boy watching girl get naked you do that for?" "You are not playing in this vaginal amusement park until you come up with the price of admission." "WHAT!

You want me to pay you? I don't pay for pussy, no way, not even for your pussy." "I don't want your money, John Boy. There's just something you have to do before you can have me.

After that, you'll have a season pass for all the E-ticket rides in Aunt Joy's amusement park. Interested?" John struggled up and pulled up his PJs with a jerk. He was still pissed, but he still had a hardon. Joy was still playing with herself and offering him a most provocative view of her sexy body. He sat with his eyes focused on her fingers as they toyed with and delved into delightful pink wetness.

He watched for a while, then said, "Okay, I'm interested." "Before you can fuck me, you have to fuck your mother, and I have to catch you fucking her." "Well, forget it then. There's no way." "If there was no way, I would never have made that condition. I want your cock twice as badly as you want my pussy." "You sure don't act like it." "You're getting all the pussy you want.

I haven't had a stiff cock in over a month. In case you didn't know, I'm your whore aunt. If I go a week without a cock in me, I go through withdrawal." John giggled. Joy said, "It isn't funny, John. I want that beautiful cock of yours so badly I could suck off a dog in the middle of the street." John smiled and pulled his dick out.

He stroked his nine-inch staff proudly, displayed it crudely, and said, "I'd like to see you do that." "I've done it. I didn't do it in the street, but I've done it all mercedes carrera and josie jagger ffm some on the couch my house--sucked it and fucked it." "No shit. Man, you really are a whore, aren't you?" "Yes, and everybody knows it." "I didn't know it." "Yeah, well, you haven't seen that much of me.

Your mother and I haven't been that close most of these years. She doesn't exactly like to advertise the fact that her older sister is a son-fucking, dog- sucking whore." "You fucked your son?" "Stevie, Brad, and Mickey.

I fucked Mickey when he was eight. Of course, you know, they are step-sons don't you?" "Yeah, but they're like your real kids. I mean, they all called you Mom." "They still do after the divorce, and little Mickey is in the Army, now." "Man, that's neat.

So, how come I gotta fuck Mom before I can fuck you?" "Because, I can't afford to screw up until you do. Right now, I'm on my own with nothing. You probably don't know this, but your Uncle Jack caught me riding Mickey's cock right before he went off to the Army.

The trouble was, Rover was on my back, fucking me in the ass at the time. Jack took a picture and mailed the son-of-a-bitch to Mom and Dad. Mom mailed it to Judy. Judy mailed it to our brother, Jessie. Jessie mailed it.anyway, everybody has seen me do my dirty deed. I wound up with squat in the divorce." "The whole family saw that picture? Where is it now?

I wanna see it." "Ask your Mom. She probably made photo copies. Anyway, if your mom didn't take me in, I'd have to move back home. I'm too old for that shit, and they never cared too much for me anyway.

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I'm stuck with your mom, and your mom cut me off. I can't date; I can't bar-hop; basically, I can't get any cock and stay here too. If she can't have any, I can't." "That doesn't sound fair." "I don't blame her.

If the rubber were on the other dick, and I hadn't had any cock for two years, I'd resent Judy getting any if she were living rent free under my roof and eating my groceries. I understand, but I can't go on like this, not with a stud like you under the same roof." John beamed at every reference to his sexual prowess. He said, "So you're both horny for my dick, is that what you're telling me?" "I am. She will be. We have to work on her. She'll be a tough nut to crack.

She and I both have slutty natures, but she has self-control. She can even control what she thinks about; I never learned how. We've got to get her thinking about your cock, and you as a capable lover. She's almost there already, but I need your help to push her over the top. After that, we can begin the seduction.

The seduction will be the easy part if you follow my directions to the letter and don't try to improvise. I know Judy inside and out. We talk openly about everything. Sex and our love of sex is all we have in common, so that's pretty much all we talk about when we're alone. I know what will seduce her and what won't." "I could probably do it by myself." "Yeah, you keep thinking that, Mister Cool.

Just remember, while you're thinking and jacking off, you're not getting any of this, gorgeous karter and cherrie pounded by stepsons dick this is the best pussy you'll ever have. Your mom might be a close second, but that's only because she's your mom. That always gives mom's the edge." John stared hard at the enticing display of aroused vaginal flesh, licked his lips, then looked into Joy's eyes and said, "I'll do whatever you say, Aunt Joy." Joy smiled warmly and said, "That's a good boy.

You know, John, I want you to get me pregnant." "No way!" "I'm serious. I never had any kids of my own. My biological clock is ticking away. I'm thirty-nine, you know. I've had it with trying to make a relationship work with men. No, I want a baby, but I don't want a husband. I think we'd make a cute and brilliant baby together. There's another advantage to having you be the father. Your mom wouldn't kick me out if I was carrying your child.

I'd probably have a secure home for at least the next three years. I need that much time." "How come?" "I own half the land Jack's business sat on. The business is gone, but the land is up for sale.

I get half of a six figure deal when it sells. It won't sell fast. It might take years, three tops, I would think." "You're serious?" "I'm dead serious. Furthermore, I want you to knock up your mother. Misery loves company." "She won't let that happen. If it did happen, she'd get an abortion." "She'll get on the pill before she gives you any pussy, but I'll replace her pills with placebos." "With what?" "Sugar pills that look exactly like birth control pills.

She'll get knocked up and think she's that one in a hundred that the pills don't work for. And, by the way, Kinky czech sweetie gapes her narrow vagina to the peculiar is a die-hard right-to-lifer.


She doesn't believe in abortion. She won't even encourage me to abort a baby I conceived by her own son. If you fuck your mother, and turn her into a lover, you will get us both pregnant. Right after that, we'll start working on Brenda and Bonnie. Judy will put them on the pill, too. Placebos all around. Babies all around. A year from now, we'll be up to our nipples in Pampers. Misery loves lots of company." John ran his fingers through his hair, a sign of conflicted ponderence.

He stared hard at Joy, then said, "Bonnie's only thirteen, and Brenda wants to try out for cheerleader next year. She won't let guys near her." "I thought the stud motto was: 'If they're old enough to bleed, they're old enough to breed.' She's bleedin', are you stud enough for the breedin'?" John shot back, "I'm stud enough, but Mom would kill me if I got either one pregnant." "Not if you're fucking her.

John, when you start fucking her, and we all know it, she can't say shit. Me, Brenda, and Bonnie, we all get some. After I catch you fucking Judy, I'll screw you on the living room floor while they try to watch TV.

I'll suck you off at the dinner table. I'll let you butt-fuck me in your mother's bed with her still in it. When Brenda and Bonnie see how good you are, and how much I like it, they'll be begging for bubbie's cock. Mom will just have to buy more pills, and I'll just have to buy more placebos." "Man, this sure is sounding better and better." "What's more, I'll fuck you fantastic czech sweetie is teased in the supermarket and plowed in pov front of your friends.


You can tell anybody you like, and I'll freely admit who fathered my baby. When people see four preggos japanese mom son missionary sex story one house, with one cock in it, and one of the preggos freely admits that cock is responsible, they'll deduce the rest. Your reputation as a superstud will spread far and wide. You'll be a legend before you're seventeen.

Think on that, stud." "Holy shit! That's right. That will blow everyone's mind. They'll erect statues to me. Girl's will be standing in line to sample my cock. Women will come to me from all over the world to get pregnant by me." "Earth to John [she knocked on his head] there any intelligent life in there?" "Sorry.

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I was just fantasizing." "I know, but your fantasy can be damned close to reality if we work as a team. All we have to do is seduce one very horny fox, and the rest, as they say, is history." "So why doesn't Mom go out and get laid? Like you say, she's a fox, and that momma fox still has her figure." "She doesn't want the hassle of relationships and dating.

The main reason has to do with her work. The guy she works for is a big womanizer. If he thought she was dating and screwing he'd be all over her, and so would his clients. She pretends to be a lesbian who hates men. She has a busty blond friend helping her out, and I think it's that boob bitch across the street.

They meet for lunch and act like lovers. Your Mom can't afford to fuck around. She has a good job that pays well.

To her, that's much more important." "I know studs my age that would give their left nut to fuck her.

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She wouldn't need a date or a relationship, and she could screw right here at home." "You, for example?" "I wouldn't give my left nut; but sure, I'd fuck her." "You'd love to fuck your mother, and you know it. You'd be a faggot if you didn't, and you can't call yourself a true stud until you do. A real stud would fuck anything that squats to pee: mothers, sisters, grand mothers, great grandmothers, aunts, nieces, mooses and meices.

You haven't even begun to enter studhood." "Yeah, a lot you know. I fucked one of those you mentioned." "Which one, a moose or a mouse?" "For your information." "Wait.

Hold that thought. I have to put some clothes on. Your mother is going to be barging in here any minute now. When she does, I need to be in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt." "How come? She's seen you in that robe lots of times." "Yes, but not alone in the house with you." "She never comes back. She went to work." "She'll be back, trust me.

I know her. When she left, she knew you were faking, and she saw that I had nothing on under this robe." "How'd she see?" "She opened it all the way. She looked at my fresh pussy shave, ran her hand between my legs, then looked me in the eye and said, 'Joy, you're playing a dangerous game, but it's your ass.

If you fuck-up, if I find out you're fucking John, Anal acrobat games with vibrators tube porn toss your sorry ass out in the street. See if I don't.' Then she left. She'll give us an hour, ninety minutes, tops, then she'll barge in. That's why I have to be in jeans and a sweat shirt." "My mom felt your pussy?" "She does that quite often." "That's really weird, Joy." "It's not what you think.

It might be a little of what you think. I'm not that sure myself. Anyway, this goes back to our childhood. I'm four years older than Judy. I always had money; she never had money. I made her let me feel her up for a buck here or there. It used to embarrass the shit out of her to have to tolerate my hands roaming all over her developing body, fingering her holes, and pinching her nipples and clit.

In a way, this is payback." "Man, that's cool." "Yeah, it got pretty heavy in my last year at home. I could always sucker Judy into a stacked wager. She spent most of her freshman year as my sex slave. She likes to get bossy with me, but she can't do it like I did. She has to have an excuse before she can bring herself to crude invasions of my modesty, as if I had any.

She uses the excuse of checking me for signs of having had sex--with you, especially. I get fingered a lot, every chance she gets, and I have to let her. I don't know who enjoys this more." "It sounds like you guys hate each other." "It's a game, John. The truth is, we love each other very much. I adore your mother, and she has always looked up to me. We've had a turbulent past, but after she divorced your asshole father, who I got caught fucking by the way, our relationship improved dramatically." "You fucked my dad?" "Dozens of times, but that's all behind us.

Now, because of the shit I'm in, she's the big sister. She's just treating me the way I treated her. I don't mind. I really don't. I just want us both to start getting laid regularly. She won't admit it, but she'd love one last baby.

I'm doing this as much for her as for me." "That makes me feel better. I'd better get back in bed then." "No, she knows you're trying to seduce me.

She'll expect to see you hard at work, literally hard." "I ought to put some pants on, at least." "No, those PJs are perfect. And keep that dick nice and hard. Show it off. Flaunt it like you did for me." "I can't, not in front of Mom. Besides, I thought that was too crude to work." "On most women.

Your mother likes it crude. Look, stupid, she's the one you are now trying to seduce. She needs to see what you have. We've all seen your limp dick, but a full-blown erection in thin PJs will knock her socks off.

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We've been speculating about your erect dimensions, but we weren't even close. That's one hell of a cock you have there, John Boy.

She has to see it for herself to start her thinking below the navel." "I don't know, Joy. I've never done anything like that in front of Mom." "Stop thinking of her as Mom. She's just another hot cunted bitch, another notch for your realmomexposed busty milf horny for young sexy and pron. She's the most important piece of ass you'll ever get.

She's the conquest that can launch your stud career. Think of her that way. Treat her that way. Pretty soon, she'll start seeing herself that way. When that day comes, we go into the seduction phase, and you'll start pumping sperm into her fertile womb within three days of that date. You'll be pumping my fertile womb within a week after that if all goes well." Joy leaned forward and tapped his forehead, adding, "Change the way you think, stud." She looked down to his erect cock, held in his fist.

She started to leave, but said, "Fuck it. I gotta have a taste." She dipped low, opened wide, and slid her mouth all the way down the shaft to his pubic hairs. She then slowly drew her powerfully sucking mouth up to the tip.

John groaned, "Oh, Jesus! How'd you do that?" Joy took two more deep sucks, then got up and straddled his lap, poising her cunt directly over his cock as John felt her pussy with one hand and held his cock aimed at her hole with the other. She took his face in her hands and looked deep in his eyes as she said, "John, I have to try this cock.

I have to. Once I sink down, I'll be a gonner. I won't stop fucking you until I drain you dry. You can't let that happen. I'm counting on you to stop that from happening. Let me have a few pumps, then tell me to get off.

If you don't, we'll blow everything. Can you do that?" "I'll try." Joy smiled then sank down with a look of pure ecstasy. When she bottomed out, she said, "Oh, fuck! This is too fucking damn good. Forget what I just said. Oh, God, yes! Oh, you sweet fucker. I need this. Oh, fuck, do I need this." Joy rode up and down the shaft three times as John positioned his feet to gently hook behind her heels. On the next up-stroke, he pushed steadily on her shoulders, setting her off balance.

Joy's eyes opened wide in two skinny babes drilled by hard dick as she realized she couldn't catch her balance.

As she fell back, and his dick popped free, she cried, "John! Whoa.Wait.Help me.God damnit!" She hit the floor on her ass and looked up at John's smiling face with total confusion registered on her face. John said, "Payback's a mother fucker." Joy pounded the floor with her fists, then stared fire at John saying, "Oh, you little fuck! I'll get you for that." She rolled to her front, then got up. She tossed her robe onto the sofa and started for her room, pausing to say, "Now you have to wait for me to fuck myself and get dressed.

If she comes home in the interim, remember what I told you. And another thing. You are definitely not getting anything from me, nothing, nada, not until you fuck the bitch.


No more samples, not even a fucking peck on the cheek." She stared to leave, but turned to say in a softer tone, "After you fuck her, though, I'm going to fuck and suck your god damn brains out." John playfully called out after she passed from view, "That's what they all say.

Suffer, bitch!" He didn't see it, but Joy smiled.