Link photocom porn story sex sexi photcom storys

Link photocom porn story sex sexi photcom storys
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"I want you to fuck me." Mark lifted his sticky face from his mother's loins and looked at her, seeing her look back at him, the lustful stare of her brown eyes piercing his. Jennifer wanted to make sure her son knew what she had said, so she curled her upper lip in such a manner that her grimace betrayed how nasty the thoughts made her feel and how nasty she wanted Mark to see her be.

She curled her upper lip as she rasped the words again while looking her son right in the eyes. "I want you to fuck me, Mark. I want to you to fuck the shit outta me." Jennifer felt a forceful shiver running through her chest as she spoke the words while rubbing one of her stocking clad feet mature busty oriental shares her love tunnel japanese and hardcore his lower back.

Tim was playing with her tits and sucking her earlobes as she made her point to her son. Mark climbed up his mother's body as his father retreated and then sat back in his chair, waiting for the next spectacle. Jennifer felt her son's flaccid cock scrape along her legs as he climbed further up until his face was aligned with hers. His hard chest squashed her soft pillowy breasts, and his eyes locked on hers like a missile.

Mother and son connected by soul and lust as they tried whipping each other further and further into that place where being mother and son actually added tenfold to fucking like animals. "Tell me again, mom. Tell me again want you want," Mark said softly.

Jennifer grinned and gave Mark what he wanted: "Fuck me! Fuck your hot slut mother! Stick that fat fucking cock in my nasty cunt and pound the piss out of it. I want to feel your dick rape my twat and your balls slap my ass. Do it, son. Shove that delicious meat up your whore-mom." Mark's cock had turned hard as a rock again and he was already dripping pre-cum all over his mother's sodden snatch. His mother's words drove him crazy and he wanted to give her what she craved.


So he grabbed his mother's legs under the knees and forced them up. Jennifer reached low and with one hand opened her pink gash wide and with another grabbed her son's cock and put it in place. "Do it," Jennifer begged and Mark shoved hard, big dick penetrates a dripping wet pussy big tits and blonde home. His cock was enveloped by hot, moist velvet as his rod sank into his mother's depths. Jennifer groaned as she felt her son return to his birthplace.

His cock drove deeper and deeper until his pubic bush was joined and entwined with the brown sodden bush of his mother. The root of his dick was enclosed by Jennifer's tight vice-like pussy and his nut sack pressed flat against her bunghole. "I'm in, mom. I'm all the way in. My cock is all the way up you cunt." "Oh shittt. Mark baby. I can feel it. I can feel your cock so deep. Please do it, son. Please fuck me hard. Fuck my cunt as hard as you can.

Fuck the piss out of my cunt and make me cum all over your fucking cock." Jennifer reached her arms around her son's shoulders and dug her heels into her son's ass. Mark felt the nylon scrape against the skin of his ass cheeks as he withdrew his schlong from the wet, searing depths of his mom's boiling snatch, and then pounded his cock back in to the root in one hard movement.

The force made his mother gasp and squeal. Again he withdrew and powered back in. The slapping sound of his pelvis against that of his mother filled the room, his balls bashed against the sweaty crack of her ass. "YESSSS.

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YESSS. ," Jennifer screamed as her son pistoned into her hot sodden cunt with pure violence. She squeezed her pussy muscles around his shaft and milked him as he withdrew and drove back in, leaving more and more white froth as a ring around his veiny pole. Her fingertips dug into the flesh of his shoulders, her hot breath blew into his face, her thighs clamped around his hips and her nylon-clad heels bore down into his buttocks. Mark drew his ass back and his cock with it, and pounded back, little specks of sweat and teen liza rowe gets slammed hard sweet eighteen first time juice flying from their pounding crotches.

Mark held his mother's face in his hands as he looked through her glasses into her squinted eyes. Her cheeks were flushed, spittle collecting in the corners of her mouth.

Mark placed a few strands of brown hair behind her ears and locked his lips onto and around the full, wet lips of his mother. He felt her hot breath rush into his mouth, and their tongues started playing. As his mother's glasses got caught between their faces, their mouths devoured each other, their tongue wrestling savagely and mother and son tasted each other's oral fluids.


Taking turns they sucked each other's tongues into their mouths and groaned heavily as they licked, sucked and bit each other's lips while their sweaty, hot cock and cunt were respectively fucking and sucking.

The abundant juices made Mark's cock squish and they were coating his balls. Mark withdrew his face from his mother's and a few thin strands of spit were connected between their lips, until the distance made them break.

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Their lips and the corners of their mouths were wet as Mark kept humping his mom and the force of each thrust made the air rush from their lungs, escaping their mouths in pants. "Ohh God you f. f. fuck me s. s. so g. good," Jennifer groaned as she laid her head back and took the slow but hard pounding her son was giving her. Her heels left her son's ass and suspended in midair as she spread her legs a bit wider. Mark withdrew his cock for a moment and started rubbing the length of his shaft along his mother's squishy slit.

Up and down, rubbing the underside of his cock over her knotted clit, shoving his cockhead through her dripping wet bush, making his balls rub over her slit as well. His whole crotch was becoming drenched with his mother's cuntal secretions and he enjoyed that thought.

He was becoming so crazed with the thought of his mother's juices everywhere, that he even wetted a finger in her cunt, and then used the warm juice on his finger to coat his asshole as well. "Oh Christ, baby. Stop teasing me like that. Stick you cock back in my cunt nasty czech chick gapes her narrow kitty to the extreme fuck me.

Just fuck that cunt, son. Please," Jennifer begged as she had lifted her head and looked at her almost evilly grinning son.

"I'm gonna fuck you alright, mom. I'm gonna fuck your hot, wet cunt until it stays loose all by itself," Mark told his mother with a scowl as he dropped on top of his mother, shoved his cock to the root into the searing depths of her cock receptacle, grabbed her warm, soft, quivering butt cheeks into his hands as he reached back, and started lapping away at her mouth.

Jennifer lapped back and their tongues were dueling frantically as Mark kneaded his mom's assbuns, pulling and pushing, stretching her crack and pushing her buttocks against each other.

Her nipples poked almost painfully into the skin of his chest as they panted into each other's mouths. Meanwhile the young man pounded and pounded at his mother's wanton crotch, banging her needy gash hard and loud.

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Her toes curled inside the nylon of her stockings and her fingers were digging into the flesh of her son's shoulders and back. Thick drops of vaginal froth oozed into schoolgirl force fuck by teachers crack of her ass, pleasurably tickling her butt hole as it passed. "You like this don't ya, mom? You like having your own son, your own flesh and blood fucking the piss outta you. Maybe dad should be taking pictures for the family album so we can savor this moment for all time.

Tell my future kids, your grandkids about it. 'This is when your daddy fucked the holy crap out of your granny, ' you'll be telling your grandkids as they sit on your lap looking in the photo album together with you. And if I have a daughter, she'll sit on your lap and you'll tell the girl, 'when you're older, maybe your daddy will fuck you someday like this too.'" Jennifer involuntarily contracted her hot cunt around Mark's hammering cock as she listened to his perverted words about the future, reveling in the nastiness of his talking about her future grandkids and her talking about the pleasures of incest with them.

"How about making home movies with a video cam?" Mark continued as he sloppily pounded his mother's snatch.

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"We could make home movies of me sucking your cunt and then showing them at family gatherings with the adults having their kids on their laps, enjoying the family moments.

Showing you with your son between your legs, slurping and sucking away on that wet pink gash with your legs over my shoulders." "Don't put it past me Mark. I'd have your father taking snapshots or video taping us fucking without any problem. I'd love to have you show them to your kids later, so they can see their nasty grandmother and their daddy fucking the shit out of each other. Then maybe you can tell them its okay for them to taste their own mother's cunt as well." "I've got a secret to tell you, mom.

Deborah (Mark's girlfriend) and I have already role-played a little while having sexy patient rides her doctors big shaft pornstars brunette, and she's not above calling me 'Daddy', if you know what I mean." "Nasty fucking whore" Jennifer gasped, the air pounded from her lungs by the relentlessly hard pounding her son was giving teen lily jordan services hung bf with sprain. "And did she also play mommy and pretend she was me while you fucked her hot cunt, Mark?

Did you two pretend you were sucking and fucking my cunt while you did it? Tell me, did you already imagine what it was like to shove that fat cock up your whore-mom's snatch when you were role playing?" "Fuck yeah. She pretended to be you and told me to call her mom when she spread her legs for me and told me to eat her out. She even pulled her legs up and told me to eat out her ass pretending it was your ass I was eating out." "You nasty mother fucker," Jennifer retorted with a lustful grin on her face, "thinking about me while you were drilling your tongue up your girlfriend's butt.

And did she suck you off good, Mark? Did she make you feel hot sucking your dick while you pretended she was me, huh? Did she cover your fat poker with her spit while you were thinking about me?" "Jesus yes. She did. She slobbered all over my dick while I called her 'mom'. I think she even stuck her middle fingers up my asshole while she did it. It was so fucking hot thinking it was your finger that was up my butt, mom." At this point Jennifer grabbed Mark's ass with both hands, used one hand to pull one buttock away, and started rubbing her son's anus with the fingertips of her other hand.

"Jesus mom. That's it. Rub my pucker while I fuck your nasty mother cunt. I love feeling my own goddamn mother's fingers on my shit hole." "Well then you're gonna love this, baby, " Jennifer groaned as she stuck her middle and index finger in her mouth to wet them with her spit, and then pushed them into her son's narrow butt hole.

"OH FUCK", Mark cried out as he felt his mother's fingers sink into his backdoor, with her cunt simultaneously squeezing tightly around his dick. "Do you like that, baby?


Hmmmm? Do you like it when mother fucks your asshole with her fingers while you fuck her wet cunt? Do you like the feeling of having your own nasty mom drilling her fingers into your tight butt?" "I'm gonna cum if you keep it up." Mark responded.

"Don't hold back for me, baby. I'll fuck your ass real good with my fingers; just cum in your mother's cunt, baby. Empty your delicious balls up my fucking pussy. Shoot your sperm up my snatch, son." With her legs wrapped around her son's thighs, Jennifer was swiftly and deeply drilling her fingers into her son's ass, feeling her offspring's sphincter squeeze them tightly.

Mark was humping and pumping his groaning, sweating mother. His churning balls pressing flat against the sweaty crack of her ass, he kept shoving his meat up his mom's cunt to the root. Tim meanwhile, was rapidly jerking his cock as he watched the perverted, incestuous spectacle taking place on his marital bed.

He knew his wife would love him all the more for giving her the realization of one of her most wild fantasies, one of the few ones they had previously deemed damn near impossible to make real. But he succeeded to do it anyway.

And there they were, his wife and his son, fucking the living shit out of each other no holds barred. The image of his wife viciously finger fucking her own son in the butt as he pounded his mother's oozing twat like a jackhammer, fucking my wife jenna in anal rapture one he would never forget.

Even so, the idea of immortalizing all this by taking Polaroids or filming it with a video camera was a hot idea, one to remember for a possible next time.

"Motherfucker, I'm cumming," Mark yelled as he felt his balls twitch and pull, as the full, aching feeling of his mother's fingers sliding up and down his shit pipe added to the arousal.

"Shoot it up me, you nasty motherfucker," Jennifer yelled in her son's face, and licking all over his face like a slut possessed. "Empty those fucking balls up your mother's fucking cunt, you perverted bastard. Gimme a record breaking flooding. Flood my nasty hot cunt with your spunk, baby. Oh Christ I'm cumming toooooooo." Mark shoved his meat up his mother's gash to the root and kept it there, tightly squeezing his asshole around her fingers as his cock started spewing his load into her milking, sucking vaginal hole.

Jennifer sucked her son's tongue and bottom lip into her mouth and moaned as she felt a hot wave crash over her. She almost pinched her boy's dick off as she felt his warm cum fill her up. She curled her toes and with the first knuckle of her index and middle finger still imbedded in her son's butt, she squeezed the butt luscious girl with nice gazoo gives massage with the rest of her hand.

The simultaneous climax of mother and son lasted well over a minute and during that time the voluntarily separate father had also cum, spewing his load all over his chest as he jerked himself to orgasm while watching his wife and son. And with sounds of fast breathing and moaning, the family trio came down from what would be the best orgasm all three of them had ever had. And it would take over five minutes for any of them to make the first move.

Mark's softening dick remained in his mother's quivering, sensitive slit; Jennifer's fingers were still in her son's ass minutes after, and Tim sat back with his softening cock slowly going down until it rested limply against his thigh. The funk of fuck was unmistakable in the room. After everything busty buffy loves anal toys in her 18yass porn story sex fairy tales flv had already happened, the three of them knew that fulfilling Jennifer's fantasy to spice of the sex life of her and her husband, would have a profound impact on their future as a family.

They would no longer be like any other family, but they would no longer have it any other way.