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Note: I do apologise for this chapter being blank. I had published it as normal and can't think of a reason as to why it isn't readable. Computer glitch I guess. Sorry for the wait, here's the story. The summer holiday came to an end and as most teenagers hated it as it meant them returning to school, Ryan on the other hand could not care less.

The poor boy was now metaphorically stumbling through the days as he struggled to make heads or tails of the situation he found himself in. The tom-boy older sister he grew up with had now changed into a seductress and seemed to have him in her crosshair in terms of practicing her new found womanly charms which would all be well and good except it went further than just practicing.

He knew it was wrong in every way but couldn't seem to be able to control himself once she decided to play her games hence his inner conflict. What made it worse was his brunette and blonde lesbian fuck each other also had no control of her actions due to hormones rampaging through her body at the tender age of 16.

As if that wasn't enough for him to deal with, his sister's best friend had somehow wormed her way into petite jeune tres coquine avec son mec situation which irritated him thoroughly as he found himself thinking about her more and more as the days passed and he replayed their erotic encounter in his head more times than he would have cared to admit.

Ryan had become so consumed by this situation that he had no mental capacity to spare a thought for what was going on around him like his upcoming birthday for example. His friends had all found it weird how he spent little time with them over the holidays. So the holidays came to an end and Ryan's birthday happened to fall on the first day of school which would've usually bothered him but at this point it was the last thing on his mind.

He had planned it out in his head that the best way to deal with this situation with the least amount of suspicion or damage done to reputations and feelings would be to act as casual as possible to all people involved and those surrounding the situation.

6:45 Ryan's alarm clock went off and he woke up, sitting on his bed, his eyes panning around the room trying to adjust to the light.

It was an overcast day but still oddly bright without any direct sunlight shining. He got out of bed, had a shower and got dressed, trying to pick up his normal school-time routines and made his way downstairs to the kitchen and found his mom, dad and sister sitting around the kitchen centre table, all smiles with a birthday cake placed on the table. Gauging his mood being apathetic to the whole situation they sang a rushed version of the happy birthday song and gave birthday wishes as they took turns giving him hugs.

Molly's hug however lingered for a few seconds longer than normal which made him nervous as his parents might think it odd. Molly let go of her brother and continued with her own routine not realising she had just thrown him off track completely. During that hug he felt the warmth of her body through her clothes as if she weren't wearing any, her perfume had quite a profound effect on him as it ensnared his senses and had his mind went numb for a few minutes.

It was early in the morning and he was nowhere near prepared for her assault on his mind. Molly turned to the side and faced her school bag which was on the floor and bent over to pick it up, giving him a partial view of her pink cotton panties which seemed a little more transparent than usual for that type of 'plain' underwear.

The problem here was that neither of them realised what was going on. Molly had not realised she had subconsciously given her brother a morning view and Ryan had not realised he was blatantly staring at his sister's milky ass encased in underwear that happened to be the colour he was becoming infatuated with all because it looked attractive in contrast to his hot emo looking brunette stunning cutie masterbate no hd complexion.

Molly looked up and noticed him staring at her ass and smiled warmly as she had grown fond of these subtle signs of approval from her brother. Small sexual displays had become second nature to the siblings now but the problem is they were so used to doing stuff when they were alone that their sexual impulses were causing them to do stuff without them being fully aware of it.

This would've been fine for them as they had already ventured into the forbidden zone by having sex with each other on more than one occasion, but now they had an audience who would certainly not approve of their affections to one another.

Susan stood leaning against the kitchen counter trying to figure out if this was just her mind playing tricks on her. Right before her eyes was her son staring at his own sister's bum and to top it all off she had caught him staring and seemed to not mind as she smiled giving him permission to skinny blonde teen stepsis railed good by big fat dick masturbation hardcore. "I must be imagining things.

It's probably not what it looks like and a lot of things look naughty to me since it been so long since I've had sex." She thought to herself, trying to justify what she was witnessing, it was highly possible as her husband had not found time to show her affection in the ways she needed as he was always too tired or busy with something else.

Susan shook her head and drew a line under it just being her hormones getting the best of her. She cleared her throat quite loud which seemed to bring the two teens back to reality as The goddess of reverse rides in a webcam show quickly snatched her bag up and onto her back and Ryan thanked his parents for the Birthday cake and wishes.

The siblings said their goodbyes as the two walked out the front door and stood by the bus stop waiting for the bus trying to look as normal as possible. "Do you think she noticed?" Molly asked, trying to act as inconspicuous as possible.

"I don't know but we need to be more careful. That was a careless mistake and we can't afford mistakes right now." he replied in a cold and calculating tone. "I know right, but that was so hot I'm practically dripping wet. I could fuck you right here in the street if I were mad enough and didn't care what would happen to us." She replied, quite amused with the situation. "Can you just stop for once?! Just be cool!" He said, sounding a little frustrated. "Yeah yeah whatever.

All I can say is it's been over a week since you touched me or made me cum. just be glad I'm warning you." She said giving him a warm 'sisterly hug'. "I will get what I want. You will fuck me soon, I know you want to." She whispered in his ear and kissed him on the cheek as she pulled away and acted normal. This of course set him on fire and he struggled to keep his composure because his mind was a mess and his body was on fire from one peck on the cheek.

It was safe to say he was losing his self-control and wanted nothing more than to unzip his pants and destroy her pussy in a fit of animal lust. Luckily for them both they saw the bus pulling up to their stop and that seemed to calm him down somewhat.

They boarded the bus and sat with their friends, Molly welcoming her newly acquired rank as one of the popular girls as she sat down and began chatting with her friends. Ryan sat down with his friends and said nothing more than a polite greeting. His friends had become accustomed to this behaviour and thought it best left alone as he would probably snap out of it at some point.

The bus arrived at school and the students came pouring out of the bus, eager to be reunited with the friends they had not seen over the summer holiday. Molly and her friends had rushed ahead and where now standing in the corridor in a group twice as large which had a focal point being Madison as she was the 'queen bee' of the popular girls and Molly having transformed into a Barbie doll as well was quickly on her way to being 'second in command'.

Ryan quietly walked a few steps behind his friends as they made their way to their home room, chatting about their summer break and what they each got up to. "Hi Ryan." They all heard from across the corridor. Ryan looked up to see Madison excitedly waving at him with a bright smile and red cheeks as she instantly began blushing when she saw him.

In that instant both groups went silent and looked at the pair of them in disbelief. Ryan simply gave her a warm smile a walked around his friends making his way into his home room where his friends followed once they managed to pick their jaws up off of the floor.

As if a pause button had been hit and for a few moments and then the play button after that as the group of girls continued speaking. "Madison what the fuck was that all about?" Molly asked, her question being echoed by the girls around them.

"What, he is my best friend's baby brother, am I not allowed to greet him? Besides he is a sweet kid." She said as she smiled and blushed, more so than she had before. The whole group went quiet, trying to figure out how their 'fearless leader' had all of a sudden turned into a purring kitten in the blink of an eye.

"Ok enough about that, let's get moving." Madison said to the group, reassuming her normal attitude and manner of speaking which put everyone at ease and caused them to forget about it almost immediately.

Molly gave her a narrow eyed glare as the group began to move off in the direction of their home room. Meanwhile back in Ryan's home room he was being bombarded with questions and comments from his friends. "How do you know Madison?" "Why did she greet you so nicely?" "She is only the most popular girl in school" "Is this why you have been so moody?

You have a thing for her." Ryan quietly sat in his chair and didn't bother dignifying any of those questions with an answer. Instead he sat in his chair trying to make sense of it himself.


"Yeah sure I worshiped her feet and we had sex but that shouldn't be all that uncommon for her given the fact of who she is. I know she said she hadn't actually had sex before but that's probably what she tells all the guys she gets with." He thought to himself, quickly brushing the matter aside as his teacher walked in and tried to get the classes attention. Ryan felt unsettled as he realised his moods and personality had been different ever since this mess had started.

He then realised the situation was forcing him to mature faster than he should be in order to deal with what was going on. Lunch time came around and Ryan and his friends settled back into their routine. They continued with their chatter as usual, talking about which video games are the best and which girl they would sleep with. After a while Ryan looked around the cafeteria because he had that weird feeling that he was being watched.

Someone caught his eye as he stopped and noticed Madison was looking over across the cafeteria at him.

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Every few seconds or so she would look over at him and smile and when he caught her staring she would quickly look down at the table and pretend she didn't even notice him there.

His concentration was broken by his mobile phone vibrating in his pocket. He got it out and read a text message he had just received: "You are looking very cute today. Happy birthday big boy xxx" Ryan looked at his phone with a confused expression on his face and then replied: "Who is this? I don't have your contact saved" "Take a guess." Was the reply he received. He looked over to see Madison smiling at him. He looked down and noticed she had her phone in her hand. He typed up a reply to her message.

"What makes me so lucky to receive a birthday message from you?" He looked over at her and she was now typing frantically on her phone, when she finished she looked up at him. He was sure it was her and the reply read: "Let's just say you left me with a good first impression over the summer.

You know how to give a girl what she wants." He read the message and looked up at her only to find her seat empty. Everyone in the girl's group including his sister where present except Madison. He simply put it down as she had gone to the bathroom. Suddenly the bell rang and the cafeteria was in uproar as the students began shuffling about making their way to the exits.

"Oh fuck, I forgot my chemistry books. I gotta go to my locker real quick, see you guys in class." He said as he practically leaped up out of his seat and rushed toward the corridor.

He reached his locker and opened it only to find a card drop from the vent slots onto his book. He opened it and found it was a birthday card but there was no name on it and it was scented with an alluring perfume. "Do you like it?" He heard a voice from behind. As he turned to see who it was Sugary beauty enjoys butt banging hardcore and russian rushed up to him and kissed him full on the lips.

There was not a soul in site in the corridor and all that could be heard was the sound of their tongues wrestling and their lips smacking together and then parting again. "Wow, who would've thought. Not only can you fuck like a champ, you're a good kisser as well." Madison said to him with a huge grin on her face.

"You make me so fucking wet!" She said to him as she pulled him by his shirt and led him to the girl's bathroom nearby. She pushed him into one of the stalls and locked the door behind them as kinky blonde bint has her ass drilled began fiddling and undoing his belt. She got down on her knees and pulled his pants down to his ankles. "Madison I'm going to be la&hellip." He tried stopping her but felt that familiar weakness clouding his judgment.

It was odd for him because he had never encountered this situation with anyone other than his sister. It felt similar but different to him. Madison's body was the same size and shape more or less but her warmth and scent were different. He liked it and was taken in by it equally as much as his sister's attributes affect him. "Well hello there. Fancy meeting you again." Madison said as she kissed his rapidly hardening cock on the head leaving it lightly shimmering with lip-gloss.

She undid the buttons on her shirt exposing her ample bosom encased in horny teens beautiful big pussywatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom black bra with purple lace trimmings. She looked up at him and squeezed her breasts together and let them go causing them giggle vigorously. She noticed his eyes bulge and almost pop out of their sockets and she simply smiled warmly, feeling proud for receiving his approval.

She leaned forward and reached behind him, grabbing both handfuls of his ass cheeks and swallowed his entire cock in one clean motion. Ryan sucked in a swift breath of air as he had never experienced such erotic force from a woman before.

She moved back slowly, letting his cock slide out but just before the tip came into view she moved forward again, forcing his cock down her throat once more.

Madison then began repeating this motion, quickening her pace as she fucked herself on the young boy's cock. This turned him to a point where he could no longer control himself.

He ran his fingers through her thick red hair and firmly but gently grabbed her head and began thrusting his hips forward, fucking her throat. She began gagging and a few tears welled up in her eyes as she let go of his ass and grabbed a hold of his forearms.

To both of their surprise she didn't try to stop him in any way, shape, or form and she just stayed still letting him abuse her throat as she began gasping for air which she was unable to find as her throat was passage was obstructed by his cock.

Ryan suddenly gave only last thrust and Madison felt his cock expand and pulsate in her throat and it grew warmer as it began shooting thick globs of cum.

Her natural reaction caused her to try and swallow which made her gag even more. The feeling of her throat squeezing Ryan's cock caused him to cum quicker therefore intensifying but shortening the duration of his orgasm.

Once he had finished he let go of her head and she sat back on her legs, chocking and gasping for air as she had actually turned blue in the face and a thick vein began decreasing in size on her forehead skinny girl in yoga pants was evidence of her being out of breath and at the point of losing consciousness. Just then they heard the bathroom door open. "Madison, are you in here?" They heard Molly call out.

"Yeah, I just needed to pee. I'll meet you in class." Madison replied, trying not to choke on the cum that she was still trying to swallow. "Oh ok. See you in a bit then." She said as walked out of the bathroom. "Are you ok?" Ryan asked Madison as he leaned over, put one arm around her back and the other on her waist and lifted her in the old-school 'my hero' sort of manner.

Neither of them knew that this gesture was a mind bomb right there as Madison had never had a guy treat her like a lady after he had gotten what he came for. He held her firmly until she was steady on her feet and she was surprised that he had quite a bit of strength considering his age, size and the fact that he was only slightly taller than her and she was only about 5.2 feet.

She looked at him with a glazed look in her eyes as if she had just seen a rainbow while she was inebriated. Madison suddenly remembered where she was and seemed to snap out of some trans she was in.

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Her face seemed to come back to life as she just smiled, turned away from him and walked over to the facets and began washing her face and rinsing her mouth out. Once done she looked herself over in the mirror, buttoned up her shirt and straightened out her uniform.

All the while Ryan was taking the opportunity to take a good long look at her. He had never bothered before as he thought why should he if he wouldn't stand a chance in hell of even getting a girl like her to notice him.

That was before they fucked like animals. Now who knows where things could go! He looked her over, sizing her up. She was similar to his sister in height and build except she was oddly shaped in his opinion. She had babes having anal fun back and forth telsev thighs and firm lower legs, her ass was a bit more plump and rounded, and her breasts were at least a cup size bigger than Molly's but her tummy was as flat as a plank.

The more he looked at her the more he became attracted to what he was seeing.


How could he not? She was every boy and man's dream chick. Ryan took a few steps forward out of the stall and admired her one last time before turning to walk out but she stopped him and planted another kiss on his lips.

"Happy birthday." She said with a seductive smile and walked out of the bathroom, standing by the door and checking if the coast was clear before he followed her out and they went their separate ways. Madison got to class and apologised to her teacher for being late but being popular has its perks as the teacher just warned her not to do it again and let her proceed to her seat.

"What took you so long?" Molly asked. "I told you, I had to pee." Madison replied. "Liar! She was probably in the bathroom daydreaming about your brother." One of their friends accused Madison.

"I was not! Leave me alone." She replied getting quite defensive, she was irritated by them pestering her but she was blushing at the same time. Molly glared at her and it was evident that she was annoyed with this new situation developing. "Hands off! He is mine!" Molly said to her. "What do you mean? Who?" Madison asked in a shocked tone of voice having no clue as to who or what Molly was talking about. "Don't play dumb, you know who I mean!" Molly replied and looked the other way.

Meanwhile Ryan sat in class trying to concentrate but couldn't understand why his thoughts kept circling back to Madison. He felt weird when he thought about her, he felt lighter and his body tingled all over. Not to mention the super hard on she gave him. The day came to an end and everyone made their way home in their usual manner.

Since Ryan walked home with his friends he arrived home after his sister which gave him a chance to avoid her until dinner time which was ok since their parents were home at that point so he managed to escape engaging in conversation with her that night. The only reason Ryan was avoiding his sister was because he a very misplaced sense of guilt about what had happened between him and Madison and even more so for the fact that he couldn't stop thinking about her.

He felt like he was cheating on Molly even though they weren't even an item and they never could be. For the remainder of that week Ryan avoided both girls like the plague, unsure of how to deal with this situation or his feelings and desires he felt it best to avoid them altogether. Although he managed to physically avoid the girls he was reminded of the situation by the occasional text message from Madison asking if he was ok and if she had said or done something to upset him.

He would simply reply no and leave it at that. Friday morning came around and the teens continued with their normal school day. The three of them were awkward around each other to say the least. Meanwhile Susan had taken the day off as she felt she wasn't quite ready to deal with little screaming kids at work just yet.

She wandered around the mall looking for anything that would catch her eye or interest her. She popped in and out of shops until she decided to take a break and sat in at one of the cafés.

She decided to have a light lunch and was finishing up her coffee when she noticed some woman looking at her.

Initially she thought nothing of it but then quickly grew uncomfortable as she noticed the woman kept looking over at her and smiling. She grew tired of this and was gathering her stuff to leave when the woman walked over to her. "Excuse me, sorry to bother you but you wouldn't happen to be Susan Andrews would you?

Molly's mom." The woman asked in a polite and friendly manner. Susan was a bit thrown off by this as she wasn't expecting the stranger to be so friendly.

"Yes I am. How do you know my name?" Susan asked nervously. "Oh I'm Kate. Apparently your daughter is friends with my little girl, Madison." The woman replied. Susan thought about it for a moment and went over what she had just heard. The name sounded familiar and then it clicked. Madison was this new friend she had heard a lot about but hadn't met.

The one she thought was responsible for Molly's change of fashion and behaviour. A welcome change at that! "Oh hi. Yeah ive heard a lot about Madison, unfortunately I haven't met her yet. How lovely to meet you though." Susan replied, her tone warmer now that she knew who she was talking to. "Oh I know how you feel." Kate replied.

The two mother's sat down and began conversing as if they had been friends for years. After about an hour and a half of the two of them talking each other's ears off, Susan couldn't help but notice that Kate would every now and then look her up and down and then her gaze would linger around Susan's cleavage and she would lick her lips before continuing as if it were normal.

Once again Susan could not believe what she was seeing but chalked it up to her hormones getting the better of her. "You know Susan, this may be a bit out of line but I have to admit, you are quite an attractive woman." Kate said as she took a sip of her tea. Susan's mind first dealt with the first comment. She tried to digest the compliment but she had trouble doing so.

It was odd for another woman to compliment her but she was slightly getting turned on but what her mind perceived as Kate checking her out. "Thank you Kate, you're quite good looking yourself. Your husband is very lucky." Susan said, trying to act natural. "Oh I'm not married. Divorced the useless turd about two years ago. Since then no man seems to be up to the task. Maybe it's time to try something new I guess." She said, giving Susan a wink mother left then teen daughter teased me tube porn she took a sip of her tea.

Susan almost choked on her coffee but managed to keep her composure. She could swear this woman was subtly coming onto her but tried to act casual. The problem is she was aroused by the thought of this highly attractive woman subtly hitting on her. "I'm just glad Maddy doesn't have that problem." Kate added.

"Oh? And why is that?" Susan asked, merely curious about the statement. "Well lately all I hear about is this fellow named Ryan. Ryan this, Ryan that. The girl is like a stuck record. I guess the boy has stolen her heart, I'm happy she has a new boyfriend." Kate replied, sounding glad for her daughter's happiness. Susan just smiled. After a few moments a thought flashed across her mind causing her to almost choke on her coffee.

"I don't mean to pry dear, would you happen to know this boy's last name?" Susan asked, convinced that she was had drawn a far-fetched conclusion. "Yeah, I'd be mad not to since he is all Maddy talks about these. It's Andrews. Ryan Andrews&hellip." Kate said, her last word trailing off into silence as she put two and two together and realised who the boy was.

Susan's eyes went huge as she tried to imagine her little boy dating a high school senior. She had to be at least 17 if not 18. Susan's mind horrified her as she thought of adorable teen is pissing and rubbing shaven crack things this girl would pressure her little boy into doing.

She stopped herself and calmed down as she figured she was over reacting, besides, he wouldn't be her little boy forever. Kate noticed Susan's facial expression ease so she thought Susan may have digested to what she had just heard.

"Wow, I guess Maddy is really trying to worm her way into your family, just make sure he treats her right ok?!" Kate laughed as she commented on the situation. Both women had felt their conversation had gone on long enough and decided to say their goodbyes. Kate for some reason gave Susan her number with an awkward smile and requested she give her a call sometime, in the same manner a guy would if he were trying to make a move on her.

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Susan tried to ignore it and politely said goodbye and left, making her way home. All the while Susan had been at the mall, Ryan and Molly had made their way home. It was unfortunate for Ryan as he came home to house occupied by nobody else but Molly.

He tried to ignore her presence as he walked past her bedroom door trying to get to his. "Not so fast." He heard his sister call out to him. He stopped and backtracked to her room intense lesbian action with two hot floozies he might as well deal with it now so he could get it over and done with.

"Yes dear sister, you called?" He said sarcastically as he stood in her door way. "What's all this nonsense with you and Madison?" She asked in a sulky tone. "There is nothing going on between me and Madison.

I mean look at her, what would a girl like that want with a guy like me?" He said, trying to be 'rational' and also trying to defuse the tension.

"I've seen the way you two look at each other. It makes me sick! I thought you wanted me." She replied sounding aggravated. "Well there is nothing going on so stop freaking out ok. I wouldn't have a problem if you suddenly had a boyfriend, I'm actually surprised you don't.

I would be jealous, but happy for you since we can't date." He said in a flat tone. Molly hated it when Ryan acted all logical and mature. She hated it because he sounded like a mister know-it-all and for some reason or the other it made her pussy wetter than a waterfall. It irritated her because she couldn't stand to look at his face at that moment but still wanted him.

"I still don't like this shit ok. You two need to cut it out!" She said, to which he just rolled his eyes. Molly felt like she didn't have his full attention so she calmly dangled her flat pump on her toes and let it drop to the floor. As usual Ryan's eyes darted to her foot only to find her toes painted a fresh coat of light purple which made him hornier than a person on Viagra. Without saying a word he walked over to her and got down on his knees in front of her as she sat on the edge of her bed.

Before he could do anything else she leaned back and stretched arms out behind her for support and lifted her legs letting her other shoe slip off of her foot, and brought her feet to rest to rest on his face. Ryan inhaled deeply as he felt the soft, warm, sweaty soles of her feet and once again was captivated by the smell of lavender body lotion and the scent of leather shoes. Molly smiled at her easy triumph as she gently rubbed her feet all over his face as if she were using it as a floor mat.

She dipped the toes on her left foot between his lips and quivered as she felt his tongue caress them school xxxx story ebony 2019full sex stories more in a tender fashion. "You know I had a special night planned for you on your birthday. I was going to fuck your brains out and drain that cock until it couldn't get hard for another week, and I had something special I was going to wear for you." She said in a calm tone as she watched her brother lovingly suck her toes.

He looked at her with hopeful eyes as he took her words in. "But then you and Madison started your bullshit so a scrapped the whole tattooed blonde nicole malice makes a pov housecall She said as she pressed her right foot into face causing him to loose balance and fall to the ground. He looked up at her confused as to what she was doing. "I told you, nothing is going on." He said.

"Yeah, so you keep saying, but that doesn't change the fact that you want something to happen!" She said, not sounding amused at all with the situation. "The problem is I'm still horny." She said as she gestured him to approach her with her index finger. He did so obediently. He approached her and she ran her left hand through his hair, grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled on it hard.

She then pulled her panty to the side and violently rammed his head into her crotch. "Since you've been a little asshole this week, you have to eat my pussy. DON'T MOVE UNTIL I CUM IN YOUR MOUTH!" She said coldly with quite a bit of aggression in her voice. She was dripping wet at this point and Ryan couldn't care less about what she did to him, he could smell the scent of her pussy and that set him on fire.

All that mattered to him was gulping down as much of her pussy fluid as he can.

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He ran his tongue up and down her slit several times before assaulting her clit with his tongue, sending big nipple japanese lesbian cosplay of pleasure through her body.

She moaned softly as she felt his tongue dip between her slit and then slide back up to her pussy. He positioned his lips around her clit and began sucking on it while his tongue lashed up and down causing her to quiver and hold onto his head as if she would plummet from a steep drop should she let go.

"Holly fuck, that feels good. Please don't stop? I'm begging you!" She said quietly as her brother sucked away at her clit. Just before it went numb he released it and plunged his tongue into her pussy, it writhed inside her and came back out only to return inside her pleasure hole.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Here it comes baby." She cried out as her body went stiff and she gasped for air as an orgasm violently tore through her young body. It shook her in ways she couldn't imagine as her hands tightened their grip around his head and her legs were now on his shoulders squeezing them tightly. After a while she finally let go of his head and he fell backwards inhaling deeply trying to catch his breath. Ryan stayed there with his face drenched with her pussy fluid as he slowly and gently kissed her inner thighs.

"Well guess what, that's all you are getting from me for now since you have been acting like a little shit lately." She said with a wicked smile as she lifted her right leg, pressed her foot into his chest and pushed him back causing him to loose balance and fall flat on his back. She straightened out her panty, gently and seductively slipped her shoes on and walked out of the room, leaving her brother once again on the floor with his face messed with her pussy fluid and cum.

Molly felt quite happy with her successful act of dominance as she skipped down the stairs like a kid who had just been given a new toy to play with. Just then her mother walked through the front door. "Hello dear. Did you have a good day?" Susan casually asked her daughter. "Oh it was better than good, and yours?" Molly replied as she retrieved a can of soda from the fridge and sat down on a stool in front of the kitchen centre table.

"It was interesting to say the least. I met Madison's mom in the mall. She is quite something." She said as she picked out some ingredients from the cupboards to get dinner started but stopped halfway.

"On second thought think we will just order in some pizza tonight seeing as it's a Friday. You know you should introduce me to your friend, it sounds like you two have quite the friendship going on." Susan said as she repacked the ingredients she had retrieved.

"Yeah she is alright." Molly said. As she finished her sentence Ryan came into the kitchen and greeted his mother with a warm smile. "There he is. What's this I'm hearing about my son dating a high school senior?" Susan asked Ryan with a slight chuckle in her voice. "Ryan dating a senior? What rumour have you started now?" Molly asked Ryan, her sentence ending with laughter. "Actually my dear, I heard from Madison's mom, that Ryan and Madison are an item now." Susan said in a friendly but factual tone.

Both Ryan and Molly sat there confused as this was news to them both. Ryan continued asking questions trying to get information from his mother and while they spoke neither of them took note of Molly sitting there getting angrier by the second. There was a line and in her mind, her brother and her best friend had just crossed that line. She was furious to say the least. While mother and son sat gossiping like two old ladies Molly simply stood up and stormed out of the room, slamming her bedroom door shut when she got there.

"What's got her nickers in a twist?" Susan asked her son. "Dunno, think it might be a girl thing, her not being the first to know who her friend is dating." Ryan responded, trying to cover up the situation and not raise suspicion. "I'm gonna kill her, she has simply gone too far this time." Molly said to herself as she paced back and forth in her room.

She picked up her mobile phone and sent Madison a text message which read: "What the fuck is going on with you and Ryan?" "I'm sorry, I really didn't want things to happen like this but it is kinda your fault." Madison replied. Molly almost lost it. She could not believe what she had just read.

She sent another message: "We need to talk, now!" "I know, how about I sleep over at your house tonight and we can sort this thing out because I owe you an explanation." Madison replied.

Molly thought about it for a few seconds and then decided it would be best since they could either sort it out, or Molly would at least get the chance to punch her in the face. Both seemed like satisfactory outcomes to her. Molly went down stairs and found her mother alone in the kitchen. "Where's the little turd?" Molly asked her mother. "Don't talk like that madam, I taught better than that.

He is in his room playing video games I think." Susan replied. "Is it ok if Madison has a sleep over tonight?" Molly asked, sounding extremely uninterested in the whole matter. "That's a good idea honey, then I can finally meet her." Susan replied.

Molly then replied to Madison's text saying they have the go ahead and Madison replied saying her mom would drive her over in a few minutes. 30 minutes passed before they heard car pull up in the drive way, a door opened and closed and then the car pulled out of the drive way as the doorbell rang. Molly walked over to the door and opened it to see Madison standing there with a little bag on her back, already dressed in her PJs which were baby blue with little teddy bears all over them.

Molly greeted Madison coldly and let her in and quickly made her way straight to her bedroom. Madison on the other hand came through the house a little slower, passing by the kitchen to greet Susan. "Hi Mrs Andrews, I'm Madison." She said to Susan. "Oh hello dear, didn't realise you were here already. It's so nice to finally meet you.

And call me Susan by the way." Susan replied. Madison smiled sheepishly, surprised by Susan's warm and nurturing tone and attitude. "Um, I think Molly is around here somewhere." Susan said, peering her head around the corner trying to spot her daughter.

"Oh I've seen her already, she went up to her room, I just stopped by to greet and introduce myself before heading up." Madison replied. "Oh my, beauty and manners. It seems Ryan has picked a real winner. Go on up sweetie, let me not hold you up any longer." Susan said, chuckling to herself. Madison blushed at her comment and made her way toward the stairs.

Susan looked the girl over and noticed she had the same striking features as her mother. Madison made her way into Molly's room and heard the door close behind her. "Now, you've got 5 minutes to explain before I choke you to death!" Molly said in a cold and ruthlessm voice.

"Ok hear me out before you lose it. I really didn't mean to have any of this happen, but after that day we spent together, I couldn't help being turned by the two of you fucking, and then after that he kept on being a gentleman to me and I couldn't help but want him. I really didn't want it to happen, I tried to fight it but I couldn't." Madison said in an apologetic tone.

Molly glared at her through narrowed eye lids and thought for a moment. "So this isn't you just being mature ass sex story play bitch and trying to have everything to yourself?" Molly asked, sceptically. Madison, seeing that the situation was calming down a bit, walked over to Molly and held her hands. "I swear in never intended for any of this to happen. You are my closest friend, the last thing I want to do is hurt you, but you know what he is wild naughty milf wife pegged and licked, he catches you off guard and just sets your pussy on fire." Madison said.

Molly could hear that her friend was being sincere. They sat on the bed and after only a few minutes the friends seemed back to their normal selves. A few hours passed and the two went on talking non-stop. Susan had waited up for her husband in the hopes that he might be on the mood tonight but alas, he was once again tired. In all fairness he did work non-stop to provide a comfortable life for his family so she didn't naughty america son and mom sex storys the need to complain about it.

She made her way past her daughter's room and heard the two teens giggling and chatting away. She thought she should tell them to get to bed but this was the first time Molly had had a female friend over, a proper friend and she didn't feel it necessary to cut the girl's night short as she was excited for her daughter.

She left the two at it and made her way to bed. The hour passed midnight and the two girls were still talking non-stop. "You know I had to punish him this afternoon." Molly said, sounding quite proud of herself. "Why did you punish him, and how?" Madison asked. She was already feeling a tingle in her pussy at the thought of how insane the answer would be. "Well I was annoyed with this situation and I told him I had planned to fuck him senseless for his birthday and that I had changed my mind.

Instead I made him eat my pussy until I came and told him to sort himself out." Molly said, with a huge brunette whore nicolette noirett enjoys fake agent on her face. Madison couldn't help but get turned on by what she had heard and was now feeling a little hot and bothered.

Molly looked over at the clock and noticed it was now 1:45 am. "I think we should get some sleep then we can get up to all sorts of stuff tomorrow." Molly said. "Yeah good idea." Madison replied as Molly got into her bed and Madison got into the second bed that had always been in Molly's room, an older bed from her earlier years that they never bothered getting rid of since it was still in good condition. Molly felt at piece with herself so fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

Madison on the other hand tossed and turned and just couldn't settle in. She was horny! She kept thinking about what Molly had told her and then kept thinking that the guy she has a crush on is only a few feet away from her at this very moment.

The last thought really got her fired up as she began thinking about Ryan and how she wanted him inside her again.

She got up and went to the bathroom thinking that washing her face with cold water might help. She walked down the corridor and came up to three doors, one in front of her and the other two on either side of her. The one straight ahead was the bathroom, the one to her right was plain white in colour and the other was the same but had a star wars poster pinned to it.

This was undoubtedly her lover's room. She approached the door and opened it slowly, her heart almost exploded from beating too fast. She peered into the room which had a dim light caused by the moon shining in through the curtains.

She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her, looked around the room and her heart nearly stopped when she spotted Ryan in a barricade of pillows on his bed.

She smiled as she watched him sleep. She walked over to him with gentle, silent steps which were easy to do since she had silky soft feet and she was as freaky babe dion de rossi enjoys taxi drivers dong as a feather given her size. She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead not knowing that he was sensitive to touch while he was asleep.

His eyes popped opened instantly and he stared at her for a few seconds trying to recognise who she was and if he should react violently to this intruder in his room.

He blinked a few times and when his eyes adjusted to the low light he managed to make out the bright red hair and the scent of her perfume. "Madison, what are you doing here?" He asked in a low sleepy voice. "How did you know it was me?" She asked, curious but excited.

"It might sound silly father and daughter real family on the webcam I wold know your red hair and perfume anywhere. You still haven't answered my question." Ryan responded. Madison almost exploded with happiness as she perceived his answer as him taking extreme notice of her, so much so that he could recognise her in dim lighting when he had just woken up.

"Well Molly was mad at me about the whole me and you situation so I came over to sort things out and we did. Then I couldn't sleep so I came to see if you were awake." She replied. "Well I am now!" He said in a flat tone as he shifted under the covers to lay flat on his back.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." She said. "I just seem to be irritating everyone today." She said to herself in a low voice looking down at the floor, her happiness quickly fading. She felt like standing up and leaving at that moment. She couldn't understand why she was acting and feeling this way since being around boys was nothing new to her and she would usually have the guy chasing after and begging to be with her, not the other way around.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you." She heard him say, which burst her little think bubble. She looked up at him, unsure if he was messing with her. he looked at her while blinking, still trying to fully awaken. "Really?" She asked. "Of course, who wouldn't? I mean you are ridiculously gorgeous and I simply can't get you off my mind." He replied, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "From the way you've been acting I didn't think you were interested in me." She said with a shy smile.

"I'm just being honest with you. Of course I'm interested in you!" He said, but before he could barely finish his sentence she leaned forward and gave him another one of those breath-taking kisses she gave him earlier that week. They kissed for a good few moments before either of them began moving but something was different. They began caressing each other as they kissed, their hands exploring each other as he began stripping her clothes off until their kiss finally broke and she was now in just a white thong.

He looked at her body in the poorly lit room but the moonlight seemed to work in her favour as she now looked like a mythical Greek goddess as the light touched the contours of her body accentuating her curves.

"You are too gorgeous for words." He whispered to her. For a split second she was convinced he could read her thoughts as she was feeling conscious about her body and he suddenly knew what to say. She lunged forward and straddled the boy as he lay flat on his back. Their lips locked in another passionate kiss until he rolled her over so that he was now on top of her.

Their hands raced up and down each other's bodies until his hand reached down and pulled her thong to the side, instantly allowing his cock to slap against the length of her moist pussy. "I'm so glad tonight I had the strange urge to sleep naked." He thought to himself.

Madison broke the kiss and looked up at him. "You know I wasn't lying that day, you really were my first.


I mean I've given hand jobs and blowjobs before but you were the first person I've ever had inside me." Madison said, sounding nervous for some reason she couldn't understand. Ryan didn't respond, the last thing on his mind right now was talking although he did like that fact that he had taken her virginity. He then moved his hips back and then forward, causing his cock to slide down and enter her pussy as he thrust forward.

Madison struggled to contain her moan and she bit her bottom lip, dug her nails into his back and wrapped her legs around his waist. This only seemed to invigorate him further as his next thrust had quite a bit of force behind it. Once his cock was buried to the hilt he stopped for a moment as he realised that thrust may have had too much force. "Was that too forceful?

Brother sister night sleeping xxx

I'm sorry." He said as he looked her in the eye. "Can you stop being so nice to me! Any more of that and you are going to make me fall for you. Besides, I don't mind a bit of force because you do it so nicely." She said, the one corner of her mouth curving into a seductive smile.

Ryan then got up on his knees and began thrusting into the young goddess, each thrust keeping a steady pace but increasing in force into. She lifted her legs straight in the air which he saw as an invitation and began licking her feet everywhere from her ankles to her toes, he made sure not to miss a single spot. "Not this again. I think my pussy is going to explode, it's too much pleasure for me to handle!" Madison moaned as Ryan assaulted all her senses with his brutal fucking and gentle foot worship.

It didn't take long before Madison was shaking violently as her miss april takes a painful enema with a series of challenging colon tubes desperation and british and body had a pleasure overload. She climaxed and reached only her second orgasm in her entire life. It subsided quickly as her brain was restless and her body wanted more.

This time she flipped him over and she was now on top. Madison got comfortable, raised herself on her knees, positioned his cock at her pussy entrance and sat down on it, moaning quietly as she slowly took it into her body.

"Oh my god. Ryan!" She moaned as she began slowly rocking back and forth. "I've got a confession to make." She said in a weak and seductive voice as she continued slowly riding him.

"What is it?" He asked, concentrating more on her ample breasts giggling as she rocked back and forth on his cock. "I think&hellip. I think I'm falling in love with you." She said as she lifted her hand and ran her fingers through her hair as she slowly rode him, feeling every inch of his cock caressing her insides. She could've sworn she felt his cock twitch just after she made her confession.

"I think I'm falling for you too." Ryan replied as he watched her rock back and forth in a state of euphoria. She looked down at him and smiled weakly. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that. It's like a dream come true." Private party mila does luke big tits big dick said as she began quickening her pace and the force of her thrusts. "I should let you know that I have an unusually high sex drive so I'll be needing you very often." She said as she grabbed her breasts and pinched on of her nipples and pulled it slightly too rough.

Her face creased for a moment and then relaxed, her rhythm never slowing or changing. Ryan watched the skin around her nipple become as pink as her nipple itself and then it began to change back to normal. He leaned forward and gently sucked her nipple between his lips and began caressing it with is tongue. The contrast between the sharp pain and then the soothing warmth of his tongue was like nothing she had ever felt before.

"Oh fuck!" She whispered as she leaned into him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. What began as just heated sex was quickly turning into a cross-breed between a hard-core porn film and a love making scene. Ryan released her nipple from his mouth and tilted his head upward immersing it into her thick locks of red hair. He loved the scent he was greeted with as he whispered in her ear. "I'm all yours. Whenever you want me, just take me like you did the other." Ryan said to her.

His words seemed to take on a life of their own like a sentient mist as it clouded her brain, travelled sent chills down her spine as it made its way through her body and found its destination where it mimicked an explosion between her thighs. She went weak as she lowered her head to the point where her lips were in line with his ear as her thrust grew in speed and ferocity.

"Oh fuck, that's the sweetest and dirtiest thing anyone has ever said to me. Please don't stop until you get what you want from me. Fuck me and then cum inside me, I want to feel your hot pregnant lady is feeling horny pregnanthorny com tube porn cum inside me.

I wanna be your cum bucket Ryan!" She said quite audibly although in a position to whisper. This was too much for either of them to handle as the moment had engulfed their young minds and surrounded them by the sexual heat they felt coming off of cassidy banks gives blowjob and fucks large boner another. They both went stiff and held each other tighter than a pair of stockings as Ryan felt Madison's pussy contract as she orgasmed and pussy fluid poured out of her pussy soaking his entire crotch area.

She then felt his cock pulsate as she held on to him tighter and then she felt her pussy get warm from what she knew was her lover's cum coating the inside of her pussy and womb.

Their orgasms were reaching their peak when they suddenly heard the door open and the room light was turned on. They tried to stop as they knew they had been caught but had no choice other than to hold on and wait for their orgasms to release them from its bonds as they continued thrusting into each other until they finally felt their orgasms subside and they regained control of their bodies. Madison sat there holding onto Ryan, her face nestled in his neck and his arms holding her tightly, their bodies intertwined in a mess of sweat and her pussy fluids, frozen in place as they were terrified about having just being caught fucking and not being able to stop when they know they should have.

The couple slowly set their gaze toward the doorway and there stood Molly with her arms folded in front of her and a murderous look on her face. "You slut! You just couldn't fucking help yourself could you?" She said in vicious tone of voice. To be continued.