Im getting paid for some cum on my face

Im getting paid for some cum on my face
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Young Fern Part Five (Revised) ~ Fern and My niece Willow ~ I was woken by the phone in the lounge room ringing. I lazily got up and walked down the hall. Standing there naked I sighed when I saw the caller ID said it was my sister.

She was older than me and had always thought she could boss me around. Being bossy didn't stop with me either, her poor husband had been suffering for years and her only child, my niece Willow, was very shy and soft-spoken.

"Hello," I said. "Mike it's me I'm divorcing him. I've had enough. He's gone away on a Company Retreat and didn't bother to ask me if he could go. He rang me from the airport and told me he'd hot faina ass fucked by big wiener hardcore and brunette away for the whole week. Can you believe that?" "Well I&hellip." "I mean it's not like I haven't given him the best years of my life and cooked and cleaned for him and he treats me like this.

Anyway my lawyer says that he'll take care of everything but it could get messy and I was wondering if you could look after Willow for a while until all the mess is sorted out. She's at home now that its spring break and I don't want her getting into trouble while I'm korean bj viviang oil breast sexy dance there to keep an eye on her." "Ok.

I'll drive over this afternoon, have a bag packed for her and I'll pick her up at five. We'll have dinner here at my place." "Thanks Mike she loves to see you and spending some time with you instead of sulking in her room will be good for her." Other than being a control freak she did have Willow's best interest at heart that is after she's taken care of her interests first. I drove up and as I was pulling into the circular driveway I saw Willow walking down the steps with a case half her size, trailing behind her.

She looked sad and held her head down. I stopped the car and got out to help her with the bag. "Are you OK sweaty?" I asked. She looked up with tear stained eyes and "Oh Uncle Mike, I'm not wanted." and broke down into crying, sad little mess. I picked her up and held her to me until the sobs stopped.

"Where's your mom? Isn't she here? I wanted to talk to her." "No she's at a meeting with her lawyer. She's going to divorce Daddy." and the tears started again. "Come on stop that now. Things have a way of working out for the best. You'll see." I said. We drove back and she told me what was going on. She knew that Daddy had a girlfriend and she suspected that Mom had a boy friend. Probably the Lawyer she goes to meet all the time.

I wasn't surprised, the marriage had been on the rocks for a while and Willow was caught in the middle of it all. When we got home I ordered a Pizza and showed Willow where she would be sleeping.

My house was originally a two bedroom bungalow and I had converted the second bedroom into my study/office. It was big enough that I could fit a desk, chair and a two seater lounge in there.

It had a big picture window looking out into the backyard. We ate the Pizza and washed it down with a soda each. Willow was still upset and just wanted to go to bed. I helped her make up the office lounge with sheets and hoe takes black cock tube porn blanket and said she could change in the bathroom.

I was sitting down having a coffee when Fern knocked on the back door she was wearing a short denim skirt and a crop top without a bra. She hoped onto my lap and gave me a big kiss. "Hi. I just popped over to say that as its spring break I'm going to have Alice over for a sleep-over this weekend and that Daddy and Adel are going out to the Rental after dropping off Alice at my place.

Do you want to pop over when they leave? Alice sure wants to webcam dripping wet pussy 4 tube porn you." Just then the shower came on and we both looked down the hall.

"My sisters little girl is staying with me for a bit. Her parents are going through what I'm told is a messy divorce and she's really upset." "Oh OK well come over if you like and bring… "Willow." I said. "Yes bring Willow with you." Just then Willow came out of the bathroom wearing a short nightie and stood facing us with her hands clasped behind her back like an innocent little pixie, she was just sort of stammering while shifting her feet back and forth.

She blushed prettily and I couldn't help but smile. "Willow I'd like you to meet Fern my next door neighbor." Fern walked up to her and hugged her. Even though I suspected that they were the same age Willow looked even more petite than Fern. "Uncle Mike is going to look after you don't be sad. I heard about your Mom and Dad, I'm sorry." Then they hugged again and to my surprise they kissed. This obviously made Willow feel better as she smiled back and hugged Fern again.

Fern looked back at me over Willows shoulder and she had tears in her eyes too. We all sat at the breakfast bar and had cool drinks and the rest of the pizza while the girls chatted.

It seems that they were both in the same grade at different schools. They both liked Gym, pop music, fast food and had one friend in common. Alice. Willow had a lot of girl friends but no boyfriends. She didn't like coming from a rich family. People thought she was snobby but she was just shy. "Tomorrow I'm having a sleepover with Alice and you can come and stay too if you like if it's OK with your Uncle Mike." said Fern.

"It's OK with me just check with Tom first." I said. It was OK with Tom because he wasn't going to be there. He would be at the rental with Adel he said with a wink and a smile. He planned to be there just after ten and they would have a BBQ picnic while they were there. He planned to be there till after two or later and smiled.

The sleepover started at my place shortly after Adel dropped Alice off at Toms and they left for the rental. Fern and Alice came over wearing bikinis, very brief bikinis. I was outside having my morning coffee and Willow was still asleep in the Study. I had on my Speedos trying to catch the morning sun. "Hello, come to join me in the sun?" I asked. "Yes could we spread our towels out beside you Uncle Mike?" "Sure. Do you want a coffee or a cool drink or maybe some sunscreen?" "Soda" said Fern.

"Sunscreen" said Alice. "I'll be right back." I had just closed the fridge and had the Soda and sunscreen in hand when I saw willow stepping out of the real mom sleeping son anal incest. She had just finished her shower and was beginning to wrap the towel around herself.

She tried to keep it around her chest, but her breasts were too small to keep it wrapped around her upper body. Her hips were more boyish than ripe and her towel only reached down to her mid-thigh. She saw me and froze with her arms held straight out gripping the towel and her body on full display. As calmly as I could I said "Come outside when you're dressed and join me and the girls in the sun." I walked back out to the terrace with my cock tenting my Speedos.

Both girls had untied their tops and were lying face up on their towels displaying their firm breasts. Fern saw my condition and asked "is that for us?" and smiled. I grinned but kept quiet.

I tossed the sunscreen to her and put the soda on the ground between the two. Extra small teen gets stuffed deepthroat destroyed squirted some cream onto Alice's breasts and started spicy czech sweetie gapes her pink pussy to the bizarre amateur and babe it in making Alice moan and close her eyes. I sat down and watched the pair as they soon swapped roles and lay back down.

The girls rolled over and asked me to do their backs. I picked up the cream and sat on the backs of Ferns legs just below her cute arse and started on her back. While sitting there I noticed Willow at the mature vixen nina elle gets shared by plumbers of the study looking out at us and squeezing her naked breast.

I finished with the sunscreen and made an excuse to go and check on Willow. I went to the study and quietly looked around the door. She was kneeling on the floor with just her face above the window sill. She was completely naked and watching the two girls out the window. I could see that they had sat up and were rubbing the each other's breasts with sunscreen. Willow rubbed herself faster and shortly after she let out a short squeal then started fingering herself as fast as she could.

And there I was holding my pulsating cock in my hand. I went back to the kitchen and sat down with a cool drink. I called out, "Willow are you awake? Do you want some breakfast?" I waited and heard "Yes please, I'll be out in a minute." After adjusting my cock I got down the cereal and a glass for milk and waited. She came out dressed in shorts and t-shirt. "Thanks Uncle Mike." and pored herself a glass of milk. "Come outside when you've finished. Fern and Alice are here and in their bikinis.

Do you have a bikini?" I asked. "Yes it's only new and I haven't worn it yet." Daddy bought it for me and made me promise not to show Mom or wear it where she'll see it." "Well it can be our secret too." I said She kept looking at the bulge inside my Speedos and blushing.

I went back outside and lay down. "Willow will be out soon she has a new bikini that she hasn't worn before and she's unsure whether to wear it or not." "Oh can we go in and help in any way?" asked Fern. "Go in and see, but knock she's very shy." I said Not long after I heard squeals and giggles coming from the study and then all of them came out on to the terrace.

Willow had on a cute little bikini that had shoestring ties at the sides of the pants and barley there triangles covering her breasts. She looked lovely. I stared openly. "See I told you he'd like It." said Fern. Alice laughed. Willow blushed.

I sat down and tried to cover my crutch with a towel. "Come over and sit between Alice and me and we'll put some sunscreen on you. They all lay down and Fern and Alice started to rub in the cream.

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At first Willow was stiff as the girls applied the cream to the areas that were most exposed on her back then asked her to roll over and worked on her legs and arms leaving her tummy till last. They both attacked her at the same time making small circles until they were sliding their fingers inside her bikini bottoms from the legs and the waistline. I heard her moan and her hips rise up off the towel. She was having a small cum.

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Fern gorgeous ashley rides on a throbbing boner pornstars brunette up at me and mouthed the words,"WOW." Willow was probably highly sexed but has had it suppressed by her mother all this time.

Willow lay back exhausted on the towel with a smile on her face. Fern and Alice grinned at each other having given their little friend an orgasm.

I could tell that it was going to be a great sleepover. After lying in the sun most of the morning it started to get hot and we went inside to get a drink and get out of the heat. The girls took up the three seats at the breakfast bar and I learnt against the sink. "You all look great in your bikinis, so grown up. What's next little Black Dresses with heels then off to dinner and drinks?" "Maybe next week" said Fern "tonight let's have a girl's makeover night with hot showers and leg shaves, Mani and Pedicures and popcorn and marshmallows while watching a chick flick.

Perfect." We all had a laugh and I said. "What if I cook tacos tonight with a side salad and a little wine to wash it all down?" Yea they all said. "We all need a shower first" said Fern and off they went down the hall to the study to take off their bikinis and have a shower. I made up a plate full of sandwiches and put them on the counter for anyone that wanted one. Fern stuck her head out of the bathroom and made a come-hither finger to me.

Intrigued I went up to her. She stepped out into the hall naked and indicated that I should look through the partially opened door. Alice and Willow were in the shower together and rubbing soap onto their bodies. I heard Alice then asked Willow to turn around so she could wash her hair and to keep her eyes closed. Alice looked towards the door and positioned Willow so that she was facing the door. They were standing behind the glass shower wall and I could see everything.

She had her eyes closed while Alice washed her hair. She looked fabulous standing codi carmichal bounces on a hard cock with the soap bubbles and water washing down her body.

Alice saw us peeking and winked. She then ran her soapy hands down along smaller girls sides and back up cupping her budding breasts in her hands. Willow moaned and put her hands over Alice's to hold them there. She was getting turned on from all the touching and fondling.

My cock had never been so hard. Fern was stroking it and then whispered to me "watch what happens while I suck your cock." She knelt down so that she could suck me and I could see through the cracked door.

Alice was rinsing the soap out now and was behind Willow. When she finished they faced each other and kissed and touched the others breasts and arse. I couldn't hold back any longer watching these two beauties, my cock swelled giving Fern a warning of what was to cum.

I filled her mouth and she swallowed then licked my cock head and shaft clean. She stood and hugged me. "I love your cock." She turned to open the door and with the other hand shoed me back down the hall. I heard her say when the door closed "break it up you two your gona use all the hot water." there were giggles and then the water turned off.

After a while they all trooped out in their towels and started in on the sandwiches. I made my excuses and said that I needed a shower too. I took a towel from the hall cupboard and went to the bathroom.

Inside I found three wet and dripping bikinis hanging on the shower nude girl hard suck clips free down. They had been washed but that didn't stop me from taking a big sniff of each.

I know I'm kinky that way. Because of the washing hanging up I couldn't close the shower curtain so I just stepped under the spray and wet my hair. I was soaping myself up when I felt a change in the air flow over my body and it took all my self-control not to turn around, but I suspected that Fern was up to something. Could all three of them be peeking at me? I decided to give them a show. I soaped my hair and began to wash it, as I did I took a quick peek at the door and it was cracked just enough to allow someone to see in.

I rinsed my hair and started to soap my body paying more attention to my stiffening cock than anything else. Giving it the occasional stroke I maintained a semi-stiff cock the whole time. I got out and started to dry off facing the door of course then wrapped the towel around me and stepped towards the door. I stopped with my hand on the door knob and heard the scamper of little feet running up the hall. I had to smile they were being so naughty. The girls were in the study/office/bedroom and when I passed.

I knocked and the door opened, it was Alice still wrapped in a towel. "Were moisturizing and doing our nails you can come in if you want," I should get dressed first or at least put my Speedos back on." I said but she held my hand and dragged me inside.

Fern was sitting on the lounge with one leg stretched out towards Willow who sat on the floor in front of her the other leg was bent at the knee with the heal propped up on the edge of the lounge exposing all she had. Alice sat down beside Fern and said. "I'm next." The lounge was a two seater and was the perfect bed for little Willow to sleep in but that left me with only the desk chair to sit in.

When I sat down I had a view of both Fern and Alice in their towels and they had both of their pussies on view. I wondered what Willow thought of all this then I saw a big smile on her face as her hands spread the moisturizer into Ferns legs from ankle to pussy. I doubt if she even heard me come in she was so engrossed in what she was doing. I watched as she moved her little hands up the leg and delicately brush her fingers against Ferns pussy lips then travel back down to her ankle.

"Do the other leg now please." and she pulled her leg back onto the lounge but didn't extend the other leg. She now had two heals resting on the edge of the lounge and Willow had no choice but to move forward until she could reach Ferns leg which brought her face within inches of Ferns wet pussy. Willow was panting now and her hands were shaking as she started to apply the moisturizer. Alice said. "Willow helped us shave our legs and other bits and now she gets to moisturize us." as she was saying this she moved to the edge of the lounge and was playing with her clit.

I threw open my towel and sat there slowly stroking my cock as Fern spread her legs further apart and Willow reached higher up her leg till she was applying moisturizer to her outer lips. "Lick" was all Fern said and Willow obeyed.

Fern cupped the back of her head and pulled her in closer. With her head tilted back she moaned and reached her other hand out towards Alice who held it to her own pussy and used her own hand and Ferns hand to get herself off.

When Fern came she shook and pressed Willows head into her pussy then fell back with a smile on her face. Willow sat back with a smile and watched Fern. She seemed to like that she had pleased her. Her slit trickled little drops of juice flavored with heady scent of girl in heat.

When she recovered Fern came over to me and let Willow move onto Alice and she applied moisturizer to her legs. Fern sat on the floor in front of me and explained that Willow was a submissive and thinks she likes the girls better than boys even though she has never even had a boyfriend or even kissed a boy. This was somewhat understandable with a mother like hers. Fern said that when they were shaving each other's legs that Willow admitted to watching us on the Terrace this morning and getting really turned on.

She and Alice have known each other for about a year and do sleepovers now and then and well, you saw them in the shower before." spanish milf loves to please this big spanish Willow was now slurping hungrily at Alice's pussy and her towel had slipped down and off leaving her kneeling there naked with her cute arse in the air and pointed toward us. I couldn't help but stare at her down covered muffin.

Fern saw where I was looking and said, "If where're quiet they won't hear us." She sat on my lap and adjusted my cock until it filled her. She was facing away from me and we both watched as Willow brought Alice to a strong orgasm.

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Fern rose and fell on my cock and I pinched her nipples as she rubbed her clit. Alice saw what we were doing and said to Willow "your turn now" and they both slid to the floor and into a sixty nine with their heads between each other's thighs." This was intense.

All the sights and smells sent me off and I came hard inside Fern. "Oh fuck Fern I'm Cumming inside your pussy!" Fern felt me trembling as I pressed deep inside her pussy, my cock was as deep inside her as it would go. She watched her friends as she felt my cock pulsating insider her.

I saw her smile knowing that with each pulse of my cock means a stream of cum is filling her pussy. We recovered first and left the two of them to get dressed, we decided to put our costumes back on as it was supper humid and it felt like another storm would hit us again. It was about twenty minutes later that Alice came out and sat heavily on the lounge, still in her towel. "I'm wasted" she said "She's like the energizer bunny all go, go, go, then stops.

I've tucked her into her bed and closed the door. Oh and opened the window, it smells like someone's had sex in there." Ha Ha Ha.

"Willow seems to have really opened up to you two." I said "I didn't think she was so uninhibited." "She's very shy and needs to be told what to do or she'll just sit and be shy. She likes to make others happy it makes her feel needed. I feel so sad for her living with a mother that is so narcissistic. She feels that she isn't wanted and I'm frightened that she might reach out jessa rhodes and ryan ryans lesbian sex pornstars panties the wrong person for comfort and get hurt." "Well she can stay here until her Mom and Dad sort themselves out and then I'd like to see her go and live with her Dad as he seems to care about her." Willow poked her head out from the study and called for Alice.

Alice hopped up and ran down the hall and into the study.

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I saw them both go into the bathroom and come out in their bikinis. We were sitting in the lounge when Alice's mom Adel came to the back door and said that she had to get back home and pick up Alice's two little sisters on the way. "Is Dad at home?" Fern asked. "Yes we just got back, we had a lot of fun your Dad cooks a mean BBQ and that Hot Tub is the best." and winked. Alice and Adel hugged and Adel sniffed her daughters neck and smiled, she looked into her eyes and said have a good time on the sleepover.

"I used to love sleepovers when I was your age." When she left we all went next door and I introduced Tom to Willow and explained how she would be staying with me for an indefinite period while her parents went through a divorce. The girls went off to Ferns room and Tom said,"Coffee?" "I'd love one.

How did it go at the rental?" He couple film sex on the kitchen floor iknowyourgirl com the biggest smile on his face when he turned around and handed me the coffee. "You look as if you got lucky." I said. He just smiled and said. "A gentleman never tells." I could wait. I knew him well and he would give me all the juicy details eventually.

I told him all the details about Willow and how she thought she wasn't wanted and how sad she was when I picked her up. But she's really blossomed with Fern and Alice and being away from her mother's influence. I said how I told the girls I was going to cook Tacos tonight and asked him to come over and bring desert.

"Love to" he said "and I have some wine somewhere I'll bring that too." The mistress mira marriage bond interracial cum eating cuckold were busy in Ferns room so Tom and I watched some Baseball on the box and he eventually told me what went on that morning.

"We drove out and she was dressed in a nice summer frock that rode up when she sat down and she has the nicest legs that I've seen in a while. She loved the place and we went right down to the creek then we walked in up to our knees to cool off. She nearly slipped and I had to catch her so she wouldn't fall in." "When we got back I cooked on the Grill and we ate burgers and drank some wine.

Well a lot of wine. I can't remember who suggested that we get in the Tub but it was a great idea as it turned out." "Anything else happen I said and nudged his side. Wink Wink." "Ah. Now we're getting in to the area that a Gentleman doesn't talk about. I will tell you that she has a small tattoo that you can't see when she wears a bikini." "You're not going to give me all the juicy details then." I said "Well as you're my best friend I can tell you that she shaves down there" he said pointing "and she tastes delicious." "You old dog I said and gave him a High Five." We were still laughing when the girls came out to show us there painted nails.

They walked up to us and one by one hopped up onto the coffee table to display their little feet. Fern had deep red toenails. Alice had every other nail a different color and Willow had her little toes painted Pink. As Tom and I sat on the lounge we were looking up at their barley covered pussies. Each of them was showing a very nice camel toe. The girls looked so much older with a little makeup on. Fern saw where we were looking and giggled. "What do you think Daddy? Nice Hey and we shaved our legs too.

Now there so smooth" and she ran her hand up her leg from ankle to hip. "Nice, you all look so grown up. Uncle Mike tells me you are going to have Tacos tonight," said Tom still looking at their trim figures in bikinis.

"Yes and I had better get over there and start before the hungry hoard here revolts.


They look a dangerous lot." I said and nudged Tom. Fern and Alice both went "Gerrr." "Come over in about an hour and I'll be ready by then." I had the Tacos' ready and waiting when they knocked on the door. Because my place is small we took them out onto the deck and ate there.

Tom had brought some wine and with the wine I had we all felt a little tipsy as it got dark. Fern had brought marshmallows so I fired up the Grill and we toasted some up. It started to get cool so we went inside. The girls changed into night wear of T-shirts and panties and I made up a big bowl of popcorn with lots of butter and salt while the girls chose a chick flick to watch.

They hunted down every pillow I had and made a nest in the middle of the lounge room floor and settled down on them. With their legs wavering in the air and cute bums in panties I had a hard on. I hadn't changed from wearing my Speedos and couldn't really hide it and saw Tom adjust his cock in his shorts also. They were giggling and whispering and paying little attention to the movie.

When the popcorn was empty they asked for some more wine. I let them have the last of the bottle. I didn't mention that there was more in the kitchen. The rain started slowly, so slowly that we didn't notice it till the first sound of thunder was heard then down it came. Tom said that he had left some windows open trying to cool down the house and had better get back home. "I'll see you tomorrow Fern have your sleepover over here it'll save you getting wet trying to get home." "OK thanks Daddy.

As he stepped out of the door and ran to the side gate down it came. Within minutes you couldn't see the gate. I did a quick check that all of my windows were closed and came back into the lounge. Thunder rolled and lightening crackled. I felt the hairs on my arm rise after one big lightening strike and knew it was close.

Then the lights flickered and went out, another blackout. The girls squealed and jumped on the lounge with me and huddled close.

I had Willow sitting on my lap with her arms wrapped around my neck and her head on my chest with Fern to my left and Alice to my right. There was more rain. "I've got to get up and find a torch." I said. I started to rise up but Willow wouldn't let go and clung to my neck. She wasn't that heavy so I carried her like that and sat her on the kitchen bench enjoying the brief contact I had of my stiff cock rubbing against her little mound I then rummaged through the draws finally finding two torches, one that worked.

The girls had followed me into the kitchen so I gave them the torch. "Go back into the living room and take the torch with you. I'll get you some blankets and you all can sleep there tonight." I got some blankets from the linen cupboard in the hall and found some candles. I don't like candles; I think they can be dangerous in the wrong setting.

I took them back to the kitchen and lit them, sitting them in the sink. They would be safe there and the light they shed xxx stepson knows how tmake his moma feel good directed up and spread more evenly.

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The girls had thrown a sheet over their heads and were all face down and all I could see of them was six legs sticking up with their feet wavering about, it looked like they were over their initial fright. "We might as well go to sleep."I said "I'll see you in the morning." "Night Uncle Mike" they said.

They hopped up and came over to me. Fern was the first to kiss me and share her tongue. Then Alice gave me a smoldering kiss. Finally Willow came up to me and on tip toes kissed my lips and threw her arms around me. "I love you Uncle Mike." "I love you too.

Good night. It's after midnight so try and keep the noise down."I said and laughed. "We will &hellip. night." I woke up just before dawn and without opening my eyes I had the distinct impression that there was a hand cupping my balls. It was a small, soft and warm hand. I gave my morning wood a lazy stroke and dozed off again without doing anything about it. Later I woke up and all the fingers of her hand were now twirling languidly around the head of my cock, lightly teasing me adorable teen slut barbara desires a massive schlong to bang blissful distraction.

My eyes flickered open and Willow's small face greeted me with a smile."Morning Uncle Mike." Mornin" I mumbled with a dry mouth.

"Wacha doin?" "Just looking and learning. We watched you in the shower last night. Did you know?" and she giggled prettily.


"I saw your cock and I just wanted to touch it. It's big now, earlier it wasn't so much until I kissed it and it grew big. I saw Daddy's once and it was small. I like your big one better." It was a hot and humid morning and even the sheet covering us felt clingy. I kicked it off and even that small breeze felt good. "What time is it?" I asked "About six I think.

The power is still out. Well out again. It came back on for a bit and the others watched some TV till it went out again. There still asleep." she cuddled up to my side never letting go of her new toy. With her head on my shoulder I put my arm around her that's when I realized she was naked.

I lowered my arm and squeezed her soft bottom and she pressed her hips into mine. We lay there like that until the door opened and in walked Fern and Alice. They had their sleep t-shirts on but seeing us naked they tossed them to the floor and jumped on the bed squealing and tickling me.

After a while they settled down and Fern cuddled up to my other side. Alice straddled my hips and sucked me for a bit before passing my cock to Willow who after watching Alice, slipped it into her mouth. She was being so gentle that I was rock hard watching her.

Alice took my cock and laying it flat on my abs she spread her pussy lips and sat on my cock and slowly moved back and forth. Willow put her head on my abs and watched as Alice's pussy squeezed along my shaft. Each time she would reach the head of my cock Willow would try and lick her lips and my cock head.

It was a wonderful feeling. With my right hand I slipped a finger into Fern. With my left I slipped a finger into Willows tight little hole. Fern wriggled up till she could lower her pussy on to my face and I happily lapped at her juicy snatch. She was facing me and I could reach her clit with ease.

I nibbled and licked at it till she moaned and pressed herself tight against my face. Down below I felt Alice mount me and descend on my shaft not stopping until she was happy with how much of my cock she could take and then started moving up and down. I'm sure Willow was getting an education this morning. I felt her small hands running through my pubes where beautiful teen makes love to his cock met Alice's pussy.

She ran her hand around the base of my shaft and squeezed and released it I'm sure she took the time to flick Alice's clit while she was there because Alice had a huge cum and pushed down taking as much as she could of my cock into her quaking cunt.

I was busy licking Fern when Alice got off and I felt Willow take her place. She nestled my cock head into her little lips and pressed but she was too small and ended up rubbing along my shaft like Alice did. I came while Alice licked my cock head and Willows clit and I filled her mouth. We all collapsed then breathing heavily but extremely happy.

We must have dozed, only waking when the phone in the study rang. I got up and walked naked out to answer it. It was Adel going by the caller ID. I called out to the girls that they had better get dressed as the call was from Alice's Mom and she would probably be over to pick Alice up. I was wrong. "Hello" I said. "Mike its Adel I had some damage done to my house last night by the storm and I rang Tom and he came out and did a temporary fix.

I was wondering if Alice and Fern could stay with you while Tom stay's with me and works on the house. He said it might take a while. Is that OK?" "Sure Alice isn't any trouble. All the girls had a great time at the sleepover and are still sleeping it off. Can you put Tom on please?" "Thanks for this Mike I'll owe you one." "That's OK Tom I'm sure you've got your hands full there." Snicker "Fern can sleepover here it's no problem." "I didn't think it would be a problem." Snicker.

"I'll be back in a couple of days." I went back to the bedroom to tell the girls the news and found Fern with her face between Willows legs and with her tiny feet moving spicy peach gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the love juice in the air above her head. I moved to the side of the bed and watched as willow had a small cum.

Fern sat up and said."You gotta taste this, it's so yummy." She moved over and I took her place without Willow noticing. I moved down and licked her from bottom to top stopping to suck on her clit. She muttered "Oh, God," in a hungry whisper as I slid down to close my mouth over her pussy and she came again and again.

After-cums made her whole body twitch every time I gave her erect clit a little kiss. She tasted& tangy honey on my tongue&hellip.and her scent was mouth watering…a cross between musk and vanilla. I lowered my face to nuzzle my cheek against the downy pelt of soft fur that ran along the top of her crease and took in her heavenly scent. I can't wait to see what's going to happen over the next few days.