Oriental legal age teenager enjoys deepthroat schoolgirl and japanese

Oriental legal age teenager enjoys deepthroat schoolgirl and japanese
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-Under the bridge, based on a true story- Tuesday: "I, uhm, I. I really like you. I love you." I knew this was coming. I stood there as he declared his undying love, as others had before. I waited, then broke the news, "I like girls." This had happened at least three times before. Boys would 'fall in love' with me. And I'd tell them that I. bat for the other team. We were sat in the park, me and Micheal. I was sat on the swing and he was stood up next to me.

He was looking down at his feet, struggling to find words. "That's cool, I don't mind." He replied and told me how he was accepting of it, but he hoped we could still be friends. "Of course! Nothing's changed with our friendship." I told him. In truth, it was annoying- having him lust after me and tell me I'm 'beautiful' all the time. Sunday: I was sat on the sofa after dinner, when there was a knock at the door.

I looked out of the window, it was Micheal. I went to the door and he came in for a while, then I pulled on my leather jacket and we went out.

We walked for a bit, then got to a shaded area of forest. I took him under the bridge, it was quiet under there curvy ebony slut sunset pearl gets banged after a blowjob session it was beginning to get dark.


We'd watched the sun setting. I like that, watching the sun. I like to be out and surrounded by nature. We were both quiet and my thoughts were wandering.

Recently I'd been having thoughts about men. I'd known all my life that I liked girls, but recently I'd been getting sexual feelings towards men. I didn't like them in a romantic way, but whenever I masturbated, I'd think about men and how I wanted so much to feel a dick inside me.

I though- I hoped- that it was just some teenage phase. Perhaps. We were just standing under the darkened bridge. "What do you want to do?" I asked. "I don't mind Kacey." Micheal replied. I moved closer to him. It was awkward and there was fairy tail mirajane strauss porn storys real sexual tension in the air. I was really wet.

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Micheal stood awkwardly. "Micheal." I started. He remained quiet. I moved closer. I stopped moving toward him and lent against the wall. Micheal followed. I moved closer to him, our arms touching.

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I was getting really wet at the thought of what we could be doing, this could be my chance to try it out with a guy, to see if the feelings had any meaning. I moved round and lent against him- unable to take the frustration any longer. "Wha." he started, in surprise. Right then I kissed him. It was.

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okay, but it was certainly making me even wetter. I was so wet my panties were soaking through. "Look, I know what I said- and I AM gay.

But, I've been starting to have feelings for guys recently and I think we both know, that there is so much sexual tension right now." He gave a slight nod, not knowing what to make of the situation. I slipped my hand through his black jeans and stroked his cock. It was hard, I knew it would be. I wasn't sure what to do, I was still a virgin but I'd seen a lot of porn videos, and read a lot of stuff.

We were both sixteen, so it was legal and all. I moved down slowly till I was on my knees. I unzipped his jeans and got out his massive erect cock. Even in comparison to porn videos, his cock was really big- especially for a sixteen year old. It was thick too, really thick.

I got to my knees and started to lick up and down his shaft. Right from the balls to the tip, I lingered at the tip for a while, stroking my tongue over the very tip of his cock. I took the head in my mouth and started sucking on it gently, covering it with my saliva. I pushed a bit further, and further. I was going slowly. Every now and then I lingered on the tip and licked him. He let out a moan and stroked the back of my head.

He was a virgin too. I started to get faster, moving my mouth swiftly up and down his big she wont stop sucking till he cums twice, getting faster and faster each time. He moaned more and I started thrusting my whole head as far as I could, each time increasing with speed and intensity. He was thrusting his pelvis against my head. as his cock slipped further onto my warm, wet mouth. His hands were on the back of my head, pushing me forward, letting me twist on the way back up.

I reached up with my hands, and started to stroke his balls with one, rubbing his shaft with the other. I kept going, faster and harder. His hands reached down to grab my hair as I was sliding my mouth against his dick with intense passion. I could feel him getting ready to cum, it was making me so wet.

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"OOOOOOH" he cried, as he thrust his cock right into my moth, cumming straight down my throat, I clasped his cock in my mouth, It was deep, in to the balls, his love running down my throat, as I withdrew I swallowed the rest and suckled on the tip of his cock, as the last few drops squirted into my moth.

I took my time cleaning him up with my tongue, and he became partially erect once more. I looked up at him and smiled, he looked down into my eyes and smiled back. "How was I?" I asked. "Fucking great," he panted in return. I stood up to meet his eyes. "I, uhm. I want to, please you." He panted shyly. I looked down in embarrassment and laughed, "It's fine," I said, "You don't have to, I don't mind.

helping you out." I said. "No." "I want to." He asserted. I looked down more, "I. I need to Kacey." Right then his hand slipped into my jeans and I moaned.

"Are you sure?" I asked him. "Yes." HE replied. "mmmmm" I moaned, his cold long fingers stroking my wet pussy. "Do you, now how to?" I asked, I wasn't expecting much." He looked unsure but said "I'll try, okay? And then you can tell me if it's okay." I nodded and he started.

I thought he'd go straight for my pussy hole, and start fingering me, but to my surprise- he didn't. It was as though he knew what he was doing. Really knew. He started rubbing me softly, from my soaking wet pussy to my clit.

Then, he used my juice to make small circles around my little clit. I moaned softly and lent against him. He was using his fingers to rub me, then he'd move them fast across it, varying the pressure. It felt amazing. Suddenly, he lifted me up, still rubbing me, and carried me to a nearby wall where I'd lain my jacket.

He laid me down there and with his free hand, pulled down my jeans and pants. With one hand, he was rubbing my clit and with the other, rubbing my pussy hole, making circles with his hand.

He pushed his fingers in slightly, but didn't penetrate me at all. I could feel it building up in my body as his movement became quicker and quicker. I groaned loudly "ohh, Micheal, yeah." Right then, in one swift motion, he moved his finger away from my clit and pressed his mouth against it, flicking it with his tongue.

He now had both hands playing with my pussy hole whilst his tongue pressed against my clit. This was it, I was going to cum. His movements got faster and harder, he slipped his fingers in to my hole and finger fucked me. I was reaching a state of pure ecstasy, he was an expert- a genius, a. "OOOOOOOOH MY GOD!" I screamed, my head flung back and my hands pressed his head against my pussy. I Screamed and "ooooooooooooooooh" I was squirting my juice into his mouth and he was still sucking and licking and playing with me hard.

I had the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had, in my life. eventually he slowed as I'd emptied all my juice into his mouth. "That was. I." I was panting. He moved me down, and kissed me, letting me taste my juice. I leaned against his strong body, I never thought I could feel this way for any man. My pussy was lent against his bare cock- he'd taken off his jeans and mine were still down.

I could feel him getting even harder than he already was. We stood there for a while, embracing each other, in pure heaven. Then, he lifted me back onto the wall. I took off my jeans completely and spread my legs as he leaned against me, the wall was the perfect height for his two chicks enjoying hard cock and get jizz to be leaning against my soaking pussy. "I want you inside me" I said then. He looked astonished. "But.

I d-don't eve have a condom!" He said. "I NEED you Micheal, please." "I'm cool with it" he replied "But. only if your sure." And right then I pushed my pussy tight against his massive, hard cock.


He just nodded, and smiled. He started with the tip, putting it just inside me- driving me crazy. Then, he pushed in a bit further, inch by inch. It hurt, but felt so good. His massive cock in my virgin pussy felt amazing, no plastic between us.

pure heaven. Then, I jumped onto him, still with barely the tip inside me. He knew- knew what I wanted, still holding me he turned and sat on the wall himself. And then, I sat on his cock.

It went right it- until my pussy was touching his balls- I'd done it so fast and let out a massive cry, but I sat there. A tear of pain rolled down my cheek. Micheal hottest talkative milf online masturbation and bigtits to talk but I put my finger to his mouth"shhh." Then, I moved up and down, once slowly but after that.

"Micheal, I want to do this right. and fucking hard" I told him, he nodded and understood. Right then he put one hand on my clit and began rubbing it gently, following me as I shoved my pussy straight down his shaft- I screamed again but started to pound his big cock.

I was pounding so fast and hard.


Micheal increased the speed and pressure with which he was rubbing me. I screamed again. "OOOOOOH" Faster and faster. Now Micheal started to thrust his pelvis, meeting with my pussy.

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The sound of my thighs slapping against his was so loud, and so fast- but we didn't care. We were fucking each other. Hot babe aj applegate straddles hung delivery guy pornstars hardcore all that mattered. We kept on for almost five minutes before we both released at the same time, I screamed so loud as we thrust hard against each other and my pussy clamped down in his dick.

I felt him squirting his cum deep into my pussy and my juice squirted down his balls. I collapsed onto him. Breathing heavily. my pussy still tingling with the last few orgasmic spasms.We just sat there, his cock, still erect, deep inside me.

Peaceful almost. Right then, a woman, middle aged with blonde hair walked up to the bridge we were under. I noticed her and tried quickly to move. "Don't." she said. And put her hand up. I was scared and confused and looked at Micheal, he too looked worried. "I've been watching you." she said with a smile.

"You're good, both of you. And brave, so very brave." I was frozen, not knowing what to do. The woman walked up to us. "If you'll allow it" she said with a little laugh, "I'd like to help you out." With this she reached around my body and put her hand on my clit and, I can't deny, it felt amazing.