Unusual lesbian lookers are opening up and fist fucking anals

Unusual lesbian lookers are opening up and fist fucking anals
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She was a rather small girl, only five feet tall. She had a somewhat large butt for her body but her breasts were small. Her dark brown hair went half way down her back. I had ridden home with her after school, when we arrived no one was there.

A note on the fridge said that her parents would be gone until 6:30 and for her to make her self dinner. It was 3:30 now and she grinned at me mischievously, "We've got enough time to fuck at least twice!" she exclaimed excitedly. She was somewhat of a sex addict, which was fine with me because I was too. I had just put down my bag and turned toward her smiling at the good news, she was at least ten feet from me.

She pulled off her shirt and bra in one motion exposing her small perky breasts and comparatively large nipples. I pulled off my own shirt as she walked toward me unbuttoning her shorts and dropping them in a pile on the floor.

She pushed me down into the chair that I had been standing next to and pulled off my pants. My cock was only somewhat hard but with her small hands she worked it until it stood at stiff attention. I squeezed and played with her small breasts while she stroked my cock.

After it was hard she wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and with out pause deep throated me. Compared to her small body my cock was rather large. She brushed her hands over the sweet spots on my hips as she took me all the way down her throat. I took her head in my hands and pushed it up and down, fucking her throat. She was very good at this, never gagging, her throat tight.

She would swallow while my cock was down her mouth, massaging it with her throat muscles. I pressed my cock all the way down her throat and held it there as she sucked and swallowed. "Get up." I told her, "I'm going to give you a proper face fucking." She grinned at me and we moved into her room.

She got right up onto the bed knowing what I had in mind. She grabbed both of her large pillows and laid them one atop another then lay on her back on top of them. Her head tilted back looking at the wall, her throat stretched taut. I got up onto the bed and positioned myself by her head, my cock no more than two inches from her face.

I grabbed onto both of her small tits, big tit blowjob mature cumshot first time he tricked brooke into a gam lock and then she them very tightly as she reached back with her hand and guided my still wet cock into her waiting mouth. She loved taking me in her mouth for some reason so I fucked her face as hard and as fast as I wanted to, squeezing her tits, using them for hand holds. My balls slapped against her face as my cock rammed down her stretched throat.

She made a motion with her hand that I was well familiar with and I reached between her mattress and the head board to pull out a vibrating dildo. I handed it to her and she turned it on before inserting it deep with in her pussy, fucking her own pussy as I fucked her face. She made a strange sound as my cock violated her mouth, the vibrations of her throat felt amazing.

Her body was covered with sex flush and her small breasts were slightly discolored from how hard I was squeezing them. I used to worry about that until she told me that it increased their sensitivity and felt good to her.


I flicked her nipples with my forefinger, her throat vibrating around my cock again as she moaned. She made the sign to stop so I pulled out of her throat, spit trailing my cock.

"I want to feel your huge cock up my ass!" she said in a rush. "Then you better turn around and let me see that tight ass hole of yours." I told her, she flipped around her hips now where her head had been and her now on her stomach on the pillows.

My cock was slick with her saliva and I spit on her ass hole before pressing my cock into it. It admitted me with no fuss and I immediately began to fuck her ass. "Give me that vibrator." I said and reached my hand toward it. She had let it slip out when she turned around. She handed it to me and I paused for just a second to shove it back up her pussy.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" she screamed her loins now completely filled. I could feel the vibrator though the wall between her pussy and anus as I resumed my fucking of her ass.

I grabbed one of her ass cheeks in each hand and gripped them tightly as I drove my cock up her stretched ass. After a moment of that I let go of her cheeks and reached up to her head. In one hand I took a fist full of her long brown hot busty blonde is nailed in asshole and pulled her head back, my other hand I wrapped firmly around her throat.

"You like my cock in your ass don't you?" I asked in a growl, "You like to take my huge cock up your tiny little ass hole." "FUCK YES!" she screamed in reply, "SHOVE THAT HARD COCK UP MY FUCKING ASS!

FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!" I held her neck and hair tightly, holding her down on the pillow. She rocked her body back to meet my thrusts. My cock was throbbing with in her ass, as small as she was it looked giant piercing her tiny ass hole. Her ass reverberated each time my crotch slapped against it; I pulled her hair toward me and tightened my grip on her throat. She sat up a bit, her back arching toward kerala boy forced sex with ammayi, I held on to her throat but reached around with my other hand to squeeze her small breast.

She ground her hips between my crotch and the pillows, pressing the vibrator up her pussy as my cock slid out of her. Her back arched even more and her head came to rest on my shoulder. I held her head there with my hand around her throat, her body jerking upward with every thrust of my cock up her ass.

Her hands suddenly grabbed me, one arm wrapping around my head, the other hand gabbing my ass in a vice grip, as her whole body tensed and locked. "FU, UU, UU, CK!" She yelled as I continued to pound her ass though her orgasm. "Yeah, you like my cock huh?" I growled in her ear. "Yes, fuck yes. Don't stop, cum in my ass." She said, breathless. I let go of her throat and grabbed both of her petite breasts in my hands, crushing them in my grip until they were contorted into a strange shape, her erect nipples poking between my fingers.

I held on to her tightly by her tiny breasts, pulling her down to meet my cock. She reached down and began pressing against my sweet spots every time I pulled out of her, my hips slamming forward with every press. She worked her hips against me, clenching her ass together and grinding it into me. "FUCK YEAH," I yelled, "TAKE MY FUCKING COCK UP YOUR FUCKING ASS!" my hips pounded into her ass, my cock felt like it was about to explode. "FUCK!" I yelled as I felt myself about to come, jerking down on her with my arms as my cock rammed up her ass hole.

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As I came in her I straightened my legs and arched my back, pulling her off the bed and pillows so just her feet touched the bed. My hips jerked and my cock twitched as I blew my load deep in her ass.

Spent I fell forward, pinning her under me, my cock still buried in her. We lay there motionless, with the exception of our breathing, for several moments. The vibrator lay near by; it had come out of her pussy when I came in her ass, squeezed out by her milking my cock with her muscles. I got off her, my cock finally slipping out of her though it was still somewhat hard. She rolled off the pillows and onto the bed, landing on her back. I picked up the vibrator and moved over toward her.

I ran it up and down along her pussy and ass as I groped one of her breasts, sucking on its nipple.

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"Mm.' she moaned, pressing her hips against the dildo. I teased her pussy for another second or two then with out warning shoved it all the way in her tight hole. "UHN!" she grunted, her back arching, pressing her hips against the dildo and her breast against my face. I grinned impishly and removed it completely. Her hips rocked and wiggled, searching for it. I stopped sucking on her nipple but continued to massage it with my hand as I looked down to guide the vibrator to just out side her pussy.

Once I was sure I had it lined up right I pushed it all the way in again, getting caught up for a brief moment on penetration. "OH!" she moaned and began to grind her hips into the vibrator. I began fucking her with it while I squeezed and massaged her breasts.

I was sitting on my feet, my knees spread apart from each other with her laying in front of me, her head to my left and her feet to my right. I pulled her upper body into my lap, her muslim teen fuck and fat arab black vs white my ultimate dick challenge on my left leg and her head hanging over it and japanese naked game show uncensorednews my assault on her pussy with the vibrating dildo.

She writhed under my attention, both her arms wrapped around my legs. After several minutes and a couple of orgasms my cock began to fully stiffen against her back. By now she was like putty in my hands, she had experienced so many orgasms in the past half hour or so that she was like a puddle of goo.

I pulled the dildo from her wet pussy, turning it off and setting it to the side for now. I pulled her hands over her head and moved us so that I was sitting on her arms, my cock just pressing against her head.

I reached down and tilted her head back, my cock now brushing her lips. She flicked out cock bless america story 2 tongue, running it over and around the tip of my cock, her mouth trying to wrap around my cock. I grabbed her throat in one hand and a breast in the other and slid my stiff member down her waiting mouth. I pushed my cock slowly down her throat, relishing the feeling.

When my crotch pressed against her face I paused then pulled slowly all the way out before shoving my cock down her throat in one smooth if forceful motion. I held her in place with my hands on her neck and breast as I once more fucked her mouth. She writhed under me pretending to take offense at my cock being down her throat. It was a game we played often; she would put up a token resistance just to make things interesting.

Her legs and hips rolled around on the bed as if she were trying to wiggle out from under me, her arms tried to reach up to grab at me. From how I was sitting she couldn't do much, even if she really had wanted to. I squeezed and lightly slapped her breast, she moaned around my cock at the sharp sensation.

She loved that for some reason. I reached over to where I had first gotten the dildo and picked up a pair of hand cuffs. I reached behind me and cuffed her hands together. I ran my hands up and down her taut stomach and small breasts as I continued to fuck her face. I rubbed her clit a bit, squeezed her breasts, and enjoyed the feeling of her throat around my hard cock. I had a sudden urge to 'rape' her against the wall; it was another favorite of ours. "Get up; I'm not done with your ass just yet." I said pulling my cock from her lips.

With out waiting for her to get up I pulled her to the edge of the bed then off it. She just barely got her sunny leone xxx story sex stories more time 2019 under her as I hauled her to one of the many hooks that was fixed in her walls.

I lifted her hands high above her head and slipped the cuffs into the hook, anchoring her to the wall. I reached down and groped her ass, squeezing her cheeks together then individually, slapping them sharply once each. "Mm." she cooed at my slaps. I slammed my body against hers suddenly, one hand gripping her throat, the other gripping her hip roughly. My cock pressed against her lower back, I stood almost a foot taller than her. "No…" she pleaded softly, "Don't…" "Oh, yes.

You're mine." I replied in a low menacing voice. I bent my knees until my cock ran the length of her ass crack. I rubbed my cock up and down her, my grip on her throat and hips tight and unforgiving. "You're going to take my cock up that tight little ass of yours whether you want it or not, by the time I'm done you are going to want it though." I growled, my lips brushing her ear as I spoke then my teeth coming down to bite it. With my hand that had held her hips still I reached around to press the tip of my cock against her constricted anus.

She was resisting me, clenching her ass together to try and keep me from getting in. I moved my hand out of the way and smashed my hips into hers, shoving her into the wall, hard. I tightened my hand on her neck, "Stop clenching your ass." I snarled.

She had already stopped from me body checking her but obeying she kept it relaxed. I reached around again and lined up my cock, ramming it all the way in as soon as the tip pierced her anus. With that first thrust I had straightened my knees, lifting her off the ground as my hips pounded into her ass. "OH!" she screamed in surprise. Her feet were now several inches from the floor, her body held there by my cock up her ass and my arms around her. I let her down as I bent my knees again and rocked my hips backward until just the tip of my hard dick penetrated her.

Again I thrust into her and lifted her up with my arms and legs. "UHN! No." she protested weakly. I lowered her to the floor once more then began to fuck her ass in a more normal fashion, keeping her on the floor, but still quite forcefully.

I hadn't lubed her ass again after my first assault, it admitted me grudgingly now. I paused for a moment, placing my hand by her mouth, "Spit." I told her, she spit on my fingers and then I brought my hand around and spit on it as well. I rubbed the spit on my cock and into her ass then resumed my fucking. Her anus took me easier now, my hard member sliding in these tits and sexy cunt cry for a cock out of her tight hole.

I kept my hand on her throat just loose enough so she could breathe, but no more. My other hand came up to cover her face, pulling her head back as far as it would go.

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I pushed her down with my hands as I pushed her up with my legs and my cock. Her head was against my shoulder and I looked down her body, watching her breasts bouncing rhythmically. I held her head to my shoulder with my hand on her face, I could think of nothing more right now than the slight power trip I was getting and how good it felt to fuck her ass.

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She was at my mercy right now, again I lifted her off the floor big tit teen takes a dildo ride on webcam my legs, her mouth opened wide and she screamed, her face inches from my ear.

In keeping with the 'rape' game we had going I kissed her hard, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She moaned and screamed 'NO!' against my mouth, it came out as a muffled noise. I felt the pressure building in my groin, I knew I was close. I thrust my hips into hers hard enough to make her go up on her toes but not off the ground as before.

Again and again I rammed my cock into her, earning myself a moan each time. I broke our rough kiss and looked down her body, watching her breasts shiver from the force of my pounding. I felt my self reaching my peak and smashed my hips into hers, lifting her up one last time and slamming her into the wall, pinning my one arm under her.

I held her there deutsche fettarsch mutter in leder fickt mit jungem kerl beim userdate my cock twitched inside her. Finally I was finished, I lowered her down and leaned against her, our bodies slack. I reached up and unhooked her cuffs from the wall then released the cuffs them selves. She turned and fell into me wrapping her arms around my waist and hugging me. I wrapped my arms around her chest and hugged her to me, taking pleasure in the feel of her nipples and breasts against me.

We stood there for what seemed the longest time, some how ending up on the bed, cuddled together. With out realizing we had fallen asleep I woke up. The clock said 5:15 PM. I breathed a sigh of relieve that I hadn't slept too long, not that long at all in fact. As I became more awake and my body realized it was pressed against a hot girl my cock began to rise and stiffen once again. She was lying on her back now, and I on my side pressed against her, one leg just a bit on top of her legs.

I propped myself up on one hand letting the other one trace lazy patterns across her body, form her neck down to her legs as far as I could reach with out moving. My fingers ran over her crotch and across her stomach, coming up to circle then run over her nipples, now relaxed.

As I continued to run my hands over her I noticed that her nipples stiffened, a very light flush came over her chest. With out opening her eyes she spoke, "What are you waiting for?

I'm yours, take me." I rolled onto her, my body completely covering her small frame. My hard cock pressed against her thighs as I kissed her passionately, she returned it with every bit of passion. I moved and shifted my hips until I felt the wet entrance to her pussy against my tip.

I pressed my cock forward into her, she shifted a bit then I slipped with in her. "Oh." She moaned. She was such a small person that her pussy wouldn't take all of my cock. A tiny bit would not go in. I pushed my hips forward until I felt resistance, knowing that was a far as I could go. I shifted my body a bit so that I could press my hips all the way down without ramming my cock into her too far. Once we were situated I rocked my hips in a slow steady rhythm, placing one hand under her shoulder, and one hand cupping her breast.

My hips rolled back and forth, undulating above her, my cock sliding in and out of her tight, wet pussy. "Mm." she moaned now and then. Her body under me was rocking and grinding into mine, helping my hips. I kissed up and down her neck and chest, even down to her breasts as I slowly and gently fucked her for the third time today. Her hand ran up and down my back lightly sending chills up and down my spine. Her legs wrapped around mine and pulled her to meet my hips as they came down against hers.

I ran my hand over both her breasts and down her side and stomach.


I ran it down to her clit and rubbed it for a few minutes. For what seemed like a really long time we stayed like that. Then she stopped me and said "I want you to cum on my tits. I'll suck you till your ready." I smiled replying, "Alright." I moved behind her again, my cock just above her head. She looked back at me and took me into her mouth. My cock looked huge going into her small mouth but she took all of it, her throat tight around japanese masseuse surprised by erection. I reached over and grabbed the pillows, putting them under her so she took me easier.

I leaned over her as I fucked her face faster and faster, my face came down to her crotch and I sucked on her clit. Her breasts pressed against my stomach as both our hips ground into each others face.

I grabbed her ass to keep her hips from moving too much and squeezed it as I shoved my cock repeatedly down her narrow throat. Being the third fuck today I didn't last long.

I felt myself nearing my peak and I sat up ready to pull out and cum on her small breasts. Just as I felt I was about to cum I tried to hold off and pulled my cock from her mouth, grabbing it tightly with my hand and stroking it as I blew my load over her stomach, then chest and breasts.

The last bit landed on her neck, while her hands rubbed my cum over her body.