Xxx sex story 2019 new

Xxx sex story 2019 new
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Everyone liked Fitzgerald, or Fitz, for the most part even though he thought he was just another average person trying to figure out what his role in life was. He seemed to get along with anyone who crossed his path by reeling them in with a killer smile and interesting small talk that always led to deep conversations that made a person ponder what they really knew.

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It also helped that he wasn't bad looking either. Standing at just under 6 feet, a great athletic body, a mop of almost red bed hair and slightly pale skin dusted with freckles he seemed to be every girl's idea of a cute ginger. While he didn't sleep around often, he knew his way around a good set of tits and had an incredible long-stroke that often sent females flying off the edge within 20 minutes.

He learned back in high school from the "best of the best". Fitz was standing alone in the middle an outside basketball court behind the rec center wearing an over sized sweater and basketball shorts debating on whether he should go get the ball. He missed the shot completely and it rolled into the melting snow that had been shoveled kandi hart likes to get drilled hard to the sides of the courts by the campus maintenance people.

After a few minutes he began to just say 'fuck it' and return the ball before another guy came onto the court out of the blue and headed towards the ball.

Fitz raised an eyebrow when the guy finally retrieved the ball and passed it to him. It felt cold and icky but it almost didn't matter at the moment. The guy came over and introduced himself as Kris. Fitz could tell right off the bat that Kris wasn't your average black nice sexy body in sexy beauteous virgin sex. He had a blue afro that was begging to be pulled, a few piercings and tattoos here and there.

Come to think of it, Fitz wondered why Kris would be wearing a tank top in this kind of weather. "Nice to meet you dude, I'm Fitz." "Cool beans.

I was hoping I was going to be alone but. Uhm. wanna shoot together," Kris asked confident that Fitz would accept. Fitz knew he didn't have anything to do for the rest of the day so he nodded and they began playing a game of 21. Midway through the game they were both exhausted and decided to take a break. Fitz laid out on the court while Kris shed his top and began to sop up all of the sweat off his upper body.

Fitz low-key looked at the way Kris' bubble butt looked edible before bolting up and wondering what the fuck he was thinking. On the other hand, Kris was always attracted to guys like Fitz. He knew from the moment he saw him not too long ago at this very same court that he wanted a piece of him and this was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. "Fitz, dude, for a white boy you play a good game of ball, want to make it interesting," Kris finally asked after a few minutes of trying to catch his breath.

"What did you have in mind?" "Well. how about this. for every shot a make you have to truthfully answer a question, and vice versa on your end.


For every shot you make you get a free question. Anything goes." Fitz stayed quiet for a moment. He was curious as to why he would set it up like that. "Why?


Just come out with it bro," Fitz quietly said, half-hoping he wouldn't be heard. "Okay, sure. I'm gay, you're hot and I'm hoping like hell you'd like to fool around," Kris quickly said.

Fitz quietly stood up and grabbed the ball. The thought of another guy touching him like a female made him feel a the wildest gang bang ever smalltits and homemade sick. "I don't roll that way," Fitz said with a slight edge, "but I'm cool with you being 'that way' if you roll that way." "It's okay. But can I at least show you something," Kris asked as he wiped the sweat from his face again and walked his way. "Maybe. What is it," Fitz asked as he took a half step back once Kris got in his bubble.

Kris smirked and crouched down. He began tying Fitz shoe since it had been untied the whole game. Fitz rolled his eyes as Kris finished up. Suddenly, Fitz felt a quick yank of his shorts and a cold breeze hit his ass and thighs. He quickly sucked in a mouthful of air as Kris immediately swallowed his soft 5" cock without hesitation.

"Ohfuckman," was all Fitz could say as Kris continued to swallow the hardening dick.

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He could feel it expanding to at least double it's size in his throat. He could taste the sweet precum dribble down the back of his throat.

He could even feel the strengthening pulse of the thick veins that ran under Fitz fat dick. "Mmmhhmm," is all Kris could get out as he began to deep-throat Fitz all the way down to his slightly hairy balls. Even then, he managed to stick is tongue out and lick them as he stuffed the meaty head down deeper. Fitz dropped the ball, grabbed Kris' hair and began to skull-fuck him.

Kris gagged for a moment before opening his throat up even more and more to accommodate the forceful ramming of such a thick cock up against his windpipes. "Shit man you're a wet dream," Fitz grunted as he pulled Kris off of his cock and began to furiously jack his blushing cock in his face.

Kris grinned and opened his mouth as he grabbed his own crotch and gave it a firm squeeze.

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Within seconds Fitz shut his 5 guys gang rape twgirls tight and blasted one. two. three. four. six. nine ropes of scalding hot cum into Kris mouth and all over his face.

He dropped to his knees in front of Kris and wrapped his arms around his shoulders for support. He was spent. Kris took his shirt and wiped his face clean then handed it to Fitz. He took it and wiped himself off before pulling his shorts up over his softening cock, which was still dripping traces of cum. "You're hot. Everything about you so far is hot. Maybe we can do this again sometime," Kris said nonchalantly.

Fitz nodded before getting up and fishing his wallet out of his shorts. He handed Kris his student ID. "Come by later on tonight. This shit is new to me but that was fucking awesome. I live in the Pueblo dorms across the campus, 10th floor. You can't miss them. Just swipe my card and come on up. We can chill or whatever." All Kris could do was nod in excitement as he watched Fitz walk away with a certain glow to him. ---- So I got a few e-mails asking if I would continue the Blurred Lights series, the answer is probably not.

I made it too busy and it got cluttered. Instead, I kind of want to write stories that revolve around each other while taking place on the same campus, if that makes any sense.


For example, it just so happens that Link and Avery live in the Pueblo dorms, same as Fitz but don't know each other. Kris happens to be the same guy from "I'm Sorry". Anyways, stick this out with me and we'll see where it all goes soon enough and thanks for reading my nonsense!