Mom in threesome fucking teen pussy and hard cock

Mom in threesome fucking teen pussy and hard cock
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I'm sorry guys that I didn't upload this as quickly as I promised to. I was around a day late but that was because something came up. But I promise that I will try to upload these whenever I promise I will.

If you ever wonder when I will be uploading them then check the comments I will hopefully put a comment there when I'm definite about the day I'll be uploading the next part I also changed the title of the story because after giving it some thought I guessed the title wouldn't really match with the story itself that I planned on doing.

The reason I chose that name is because I thought it was a name that had more than one meaning and could be linked to the story in multiple ways stepmother teaches friends daughter how to fuck and mom experience im going to get the I then decided against it. As always if you guys have any suggestive comments whether they be good or bad please say em in the comments section below.

Criticism is highly appreciated as long as it isn't hurtful. Zarina ka sex story xxx if you have any ideas feel free to P.M. me. Other than that I hope you enjoy ^^ Oh and this part is intensified with the sex scenes. Something was chasing me, I didn't know what it was but all I knew was that it was coming for my life. I was running in a dark corridor that seemed to have no exits and went on for miles.

It seemed like I was running for hours and I was definitely going to get tired if I didn't find a way out of this place eventually.

I didn't even know what was following me. I didn't see it, hear it or anything of that sort. I only sensed its presence and its thirst for blood, my blood.


After running for what seemed like an eternity I spotted a door coming up my right. Do I take it and risk it being a dead end and have wasted valuable time or do I continue on going until I find a more obvious exit.

There was no time to decide it was now or never as I stopped in front of the door. It looked like a maple door with some weird carvings into it. No time to ponder on what those engravings meant I thought to myself as I reached out for the wooden door knob.

The door know was cold to the touch even though it shouldn't be since it was made out of wood, I had an ominous feeling about this room but I was not going to waste any time as I opened the door to a pitch black room.

Slowly entering the room I closed the door behind me as I looked around to find some sort of exit or even a weapon to fight back if I could, but there was absolutely nothing.

What's more was the fact that this room was very small I could literally touch the other edge of the room from where I was standing. Well, I'll have to hide in here and just hope that the… the thing that was chasing me passed by.

The door knocked and I panicked, I was cornered with no place to go, I should've continued down the corridor. *knock knock*, I'm going to die right here and right now without even having the chance to fight back. Another knock, this thing was toying with me. "Master Adrian, oh Master Adrian." Wait what did it just say?

"Master Adriaaaaan." Again it knocked "Master Adrian your dinner is ready." I opened my eyes and I could now see where I was "Master Adrian are you there?" It was all just a dream I thought to myself as my hearts beating started to slow down.

It was all just a dream, nothing was coming to kill me, and I felt more relaxed now. "Yes, yes, one second." I called back as I got off my bed. I must have dozed off after Rosalie left.

I was much more relieved. I walked up to the door and opened it to find the cheerful Edna standing out there with a platter full of mouthwatering food. I couldn't believe how I was able to last this long without food.

Especially after my time after the bath. "I'm sorry Edna, think I must've fell asleep after my bath." I said apologetically. "No worries dear, it must've been quite a bath. Never seen Rosalie that 'appy." She laughed.

I could feel the heat in my cheeks. I don't think I've ever been this embarrassed in my life, even though I couldn't remember anything of my life before today. "I hope yer hungry Master Adrian because I made ya a bit o everything." She said coming into the room and placing the platter on the small table in the corner. "Yes I very well am hungry Edna and do please call me just Adrian. I do not like the word Master." "Alrighty then just Adrian, from now on I won't use Master less you ask me to." She laughed.

"Thank you very much. And this dinner looks very delicious, I can't wait to enjoy it. Care to join me Edna there's quite a lot of food here?" "Thanks fer the offer Adrian, but I'm pretty busy 'specially round this amazing milfs sharing one big boner and riding blowjob and we haven't got much workers.

It's just me, my husband and our daughter Rosalie." She said with a smile. "Ah, what a shame. I hope you could honor me with your company some other time during our stay here." "I hope so to, I would love ter hear about what has lead ya here to this town of ours. You wouldn't believe the stories we get here on the daily and I love me some story tellin.

But in the meantime, you better start yer dinner before it gets cold." "Yes, you are quite right. Would be a shame if this lovely looking food were to get cold. Once again, thank you for the dinner." "Enjoy." She said as she left the room.

And that was exactly what I was planning to do as I pulled out the chair and sat down. I didn't know where to start. There was just so much food on the platter and she wasn't kidding when she said a bit of everything.

There was beef stew next to a plate of steaming rice, a couple of pork chops and lamb chops, cooked salmon with lemon slices, half a smoked chicken and some soup with a loaf of bread. There was a jug of beer next to a large wooden mug.

And it all smelled so heavenly. I was definitely going to have a hard time finishing all of this. I grabbed the chicken and ripped into it but had a hard time swallowing it from how hungry I was. I decided to start with the soup instead to try and ease open my throat and ready my stomach for what's to come.

Within minutes I had basically devoured everything in front of me leaving nothing but a pile of bones and half the beer. I couldn't believe how hungry I was as and how happy, warm and full I felt after that delicious meal as I was barely able to throw myself back on my bed.

I tried to remember anything but I just couldn't bring my mind to think of anything as I slowly slipped into a relaxing sleep with no nightmares this time. It only felt like I had just closed my eyes as I heard someone sneak into my room. I tried to focus my eyes in the dark as I looked at the silhouette entering my room.

From kamasutra sex with a contortion doll stretching flexidolls frame of the silhouettes body I guessed it was Rosalie. "Rosalie is that you?" I asked pushing to a sitting position. "Did I wake you up Mast… er Adrian?" She asked with a frightened tone. "Don't worry about it. I was just resting my eyes after that filling dinner, I hadn't slept yet." I lied. "Oh, good thing I didn't wake you up." She said with a sigh of relief.

"Er, I'm here like I promised I would be." She said shyly. I moved to the left side of the bed making room for her as I pulled over the bedspread. "Come sit by me." I motioned for her. She slid in and snuggled next to me as I wrapped my right arm around her and put my left hand under her chin to face me. I gazed into her beautiful gleaming eyes that lighted up with the light of the moon tief blasen das schwanz und eier gleichzeitig im mund from the window above us.

Her face was like an opening rose blooming in the night sky. Her aroma was intoxicating. "You are very beautiful my dear. A haze of hazel euphoria overcomes me when I look into your eyes." "Handsome, muscular and poetic, what every girl looks for in a man." She said as she continued her stare into my eyes. I don't know what made me do it but I edged in and pressed my lips to hers, they were moist, wet and soft. It took her a second to respond as she wrapped her arms around the back of my head and pulled me in closer.

We kept on kissing passionately for a few seconds until we both pulled back at the same time to take in some air. Within a heartbeat we were both at it again, this time she opened up her lips a bit allowing my tongue to slowly slither into her mouth as our tongues wrestled one another. Her hands rubbed either side of my face while mine crept down her back, our tongues locked together. I withdrew myself to admire her beauty one more time and then went straight for her neck as I grabbed her ample butt and pulled her on top of me.

I kneaded her round plump ass kissing every inch of her neck as she shivered with delight. She removed my hands and raised them above as she reached down for the hem of my top and yanked it off almost ripping it in the process. She then pushed me down on the bed and began to kiss her way down my neck.

I lay there as she inched her way down my chest and then my stomach, my heart racing faster with each kiss closer. My cock was engorged, aching to be released out mom and son big tits its cage. She removed my pants with one swift move as my cock sprang almost slapping her in the process. Her soft fingers wrapped themselves in a fist around my throbbing cock, a grunt of relief escaped my throat as she slowly started pumping my meat stick.

She spat on it to lubricate it as she pumped faster and faster, her lips now kissing the purple head. She then took my balls and swallowed them into her mouth, now twisting her hand around my cock while moving it up and down.

I pushed her away as I felt myself nearing release. "Undress for me my love, I want to see your complete beauty." I said sitting her up in front of me. She smiled for me as she stood up off my bed and went to the side, she turned around towards me and asked "Can you help me with the laces" as she presented the back of her gown to me.

I stood up behind her, my hands shaking with excitement as I fumbled with the strings of her gown. Once I had undid them I reached up to her shoulders and slid down the gown exposing her silky smooth white skin under the moonlight.

I let it drop to the floor revealing the ass I couldn't get my mind off and it was beyond what I had imagined it. "Turn around for me my dear Rosalie." I whispered into her ear as I held her shoulders.

She slowly turned to face me, her face red with blush. I looked down to her breasts and what marvelous breasts they were. They were as big as melons defying gravity by how they stood up so firm, and as white as cotton with perfectly shaped pink areolas, her nipples were standing up and not because it was cold, in short they were the perfect set of tits. And then below that was her waist which curved inwards. There was no fat on the sides, it was perfectly shaped as if it were molded by the hands of an angel.

She had a very small brown bush above her pussy, and below that was her honey pot which was glistening with liquids in the moonlight. "Your beauty cannot be defined other than the work of angels my love. Every part of you was carefully shaped." I said as I eased her onto the bed, her bottom just over the edge.

I spread her legs wide open and adored what was between them. Her vagina was shining with her female fluids, the smell was arousing as I moved up closer as Rosalie looked down to see what I was going to do. I had never done what I was planning to do, but somehow I felt that this was all right, that this was the right thing to do and with that I stuck my tongue out and licked the bottom of her vulva and made my way up to her clitoris.

"Ooo, that feels so good, what are you doing to me?" She let out as she moaned. Filled with confidence I continued my onslaught of her pussy. I experimented with other ideas each giving me different yet satisfying results. I tried sucking on her labia, I shoved my tongue inside her, I stuck my fingers inside her and they all resulted with her moans intensifying, but nothing same to give better results than directly kissing her clit. Every time I touched it she gave a shiver and her body tensed up for a second.

Every time she tensed up I got even more confident with myself and tried out more things. I decided to do two things at once. I slowly inserted 2 fingers in her honey pot and began to move them in and out, and then took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it, pulling it with my lips, she let out the loudest moan yet and screamed "Oh yes, yes, I don't know what you are doing to me but please don't stop, please, whatever you do don't stop Adrian.

Oh yes!" I switched spots this time between my fingers beauteous teenies want for model business hardcore blowjob mouth. My thumb was now rubbing furiously on her nub as my tongue was darting in and out of her. "Ooooh yesss… Don't… Stop&hellip. No… Matter. What… Something good… Is happeniiiiiing.

Pleeeeaaase don't stop!! I will do anything… Oh yea!! Uuuuhh yeeaa… Oh my lord what is happening to me!!" she shouted as she clutched my head and pulled my head. Even if I wanted to stop I couldn't from how hard she was clinging onto my head as she screamed in pleasure. "Ooooh yesss!!! It's happeniiiing!!" she shouted as her body froze for a fraction of a second and began to convulse as she drowned me in her womanly liquids, her hips ramming my face with each spasm.

After what felt like a minute her body calmed down slowly and she loosened her grip on me. If she had held me for any longer I would've probably suffocated. I was excited by what I had done. I didn't know what it was but it felt empowering, I felt like I could take on the world with this new found strength. I stood up and looked down at her body illuminated by the moon. She was breathing heavily, her chest was heaving up and down, her face flustered, her eyes closed.

"Are you okay my dear Rosalie?" I asked a bit worried now. "Give me a moment love… I need to catch my breath… That was wonderful… I can't even begin explaining it… Whatever it was…" She sighed, her eyes fluttering open. I lied down beside her to her left and turned to face her. "I think you experienced the female version of what a man feels when he ejaculates." I smiled at her.

She turned to her side to face me "If that's what a man feels when he ejaculates then now I understand why you guys can't get enough of it, but where did you ever learn to do that?" She asked. "I honestly do not know, it just came to me when I saw your womanly parts." I replied. She smiled a devilish smile and grabbed my still rock-hard cock. "Now it's your turn" she said as she knelt in front of the bed and engulfed my swollen cock in her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down the length of my shaft taking in more than half of it each time she went down. After a few seconds she tried to take more of me in her where she grabbed the outer side of my thighs and slowly eased my one-eyed snake past her tongue. I almost exploded when the back of her throat squeezed my cock as she gagged. She pulled back for air as she gagged and went back at it.

This time she successfully took all of me when her nose was pressed on my pelvis. I couldn't take it anymore and without warning I grabbed her head and thrust my hips upwards and let out rope after rope of my thick white cum. Startled by my suddenness she gagged and tried to push back.

I let go of her head as my scepter continued to let loose byron long and emma cummings get laid together big dick and big cock over my stomach. She coughed, her face now red from what I had unintentionally done to her.

After I had let out all the cum I had stored up I regained conscious and went over to her on the floor "I'm really sorry Rosalie, I don't know what came over me." I said apologetically. "It was all a sudden rush." "Don't worry, you just caught me off guard." She waved me off continuing to cough.

I sat back on the bed as she regained her composure and looked at me. "What a waste" she said pushing back on the bed and scooping up some of the cum on my stomach with her finger. She then took the finger into her mouth and sucked it.

My cock was deflating by then, but when she did that it twitched and began to expand. After having sucked her finger clean she bent over me and lapped up the remaining cum from my body. My cock had grown bigger than it had ever been by the time she was done.

"Adrian, I want you to deflower me" She said rather shyly. "Wait, what do you mean?" I asked trying to confirm what she was saying. "I want you to take my virginity Adrian, I want you to be my first. And please don't say no. I trust you and you have been the best person to me so far." She pleaded.

I wanted this just as much as she did, maybe even more but I had to make sure she knew what this meant. "Are you sure Rosalie, once I do it there is no coming back, and I've never done it before so I might hurt you." I said not knowing where I knew that from.

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"It'll be the first time for us both then. I want to share this experience with you and no one else Adrian. Please don't resist it." She pleaded some more.

"Alright, as long as you are sure about it." I replied. "Yes, I'm pretty sure, I've been thinking about it all day. And I'd like to be on top if you don't mind.


My mom once told me that that was the best way to do it because I had horny awesome chick organizes a wild fuck over everything from that position." "I don't mind that at all. It'll even be better that way so you can stop whenever you want." She climbed over me and positioned herself over my throbbing cock. Rosalie took ahold of it and aimed it at her hole. She eased herself on it slowly. As soon as my knob touched her steaming honey pot I felt like I was in heaven.

Slowly but surely she was taking more of me in until we reached an obstruction. She took a gulp and dropped herself on me breaking her hymen in the process. A spasm of pain contorted her face as my cock went through.

She held it there for a second as she got accommodated to my cock penetrating her. I could feel the blood slowly oozing down the length of my shaft. Her walls were as hot as a furnace and squeezing my cock.

A few seconds later she nodded her head towards me and pulled herself back up leaving only the tip of my meat rod in her. She then dropped herself harder this time and took more of me in her. This rhythm continued until she could take no more of me.

Needless to say there was probably just about an inch left outside her walls. After having taken almost all of me in her she smiled at me and started a slow rhythm as she bobbed up and down my baby maker.

My hips began to move involuntary matching hers. Low moans were escaping her lips with each thrust.

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"Ooo Adrian… Ahhh… This is starting to feel gooooood… So goooood." She moaned. "It feels great for me as well." I grunted. Within a few seconds we were going at it hard.

I had grabbed either side of her hips and began thrusting upwards while she bounced up and down. She had both her nipples in each hand and was squeezing them pulling them. "Ooo Adrian… Ohhhh… Ohh yessss. Keep going like that." She moaned. I wanted to reply but I was too busy enjoying this as I continued to thrust harder and harder.

I could sense myself getting close but I wasn't ready yet. I needed to enjoy this some more. Another idea hit me as I asked Rosalie. "Rosalie, I want to try something else." "Yes, sure, why not, as long as you don't make me stop feeling how I feel now." She replied as she slowed herself down. "I hope so as well. Can you come over here" I said motioning her to the cabinet with the mirror.

She stood where I pointed. "Alright no can you face the mirror?" She did just that. I stood behind her and bent her down in front of the cabinet all the while her lust-filled eyes looking at me from the mirror.

I smiled at her, grabbed her hips and slowly soothed myself in her heavenly hole. With this angle she was able to take all of me in as I slid my whole cock inside her.

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Her back arched when I was all the way in her and her lust-crazed eyes were more focused on me. I began to build up speed to my rhythm with every thrust and she began to moan. "Oooh yes!!


You stead!! Plow me with your baby maker!! Make me yours!! Oh yes!! Keep going like that!!

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Harder!! Faster!!" She was screaming commands with each thrust. I could tell she loved this even more than the earlier position. I stopped looking at the mirror and spread open her cheeks. I could see my cock going in and out, it was hypnotizing, something about it just made me feel stronger and with each thrust I gained more energy instead of getting more tired. It must've been because of the excitement I thought to myself. I wet my thumb with my saliva and pressed on her nether hole. Her eyes got wide in response "No, don't do that!" she shouted.

But I was having none of it and I pressed even harder which allowed my thumb to successfully penetrate her nether hole. "Take it out, take it out" she begged.

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I disregarded her plea and in my thumb to the last knuckle and then slowly pulled it out "Oooo, put it back in, that hurt but put it back in please." I happily obliged and put it back. "Ooo this feels soo bad yet soo goooood." Now I decided to add my other thumb and I wet that as well before adding it in. "Ooo noo that's too much, but don't stop, see what happens, I feel like I'm getting ripped apart but it feels so gooood." She moaned.

Once both my thumbs were in all the way I pushed them away from each other to expand her forbidden zone, my cock continuing its onslaught on her pussy. "I'm going to go mad from all of this she shouted." She reached between her leg with her left hand and rubbed her nub furiously while she used her right hand to squeeze and pull on her nipples.

"Oh my, this is too much… it's going to happen agaiiin!! Don't stop I can feel it like before! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stooooooooooooooooop!" She shouted as her knees buckled and almost fell to the floor if I hadn't held her. I pulled her body up to me as she continued to spasm out, my cock still in her.

I hugged and could feel her twitch with every mind blowing surge she had. I couldn't take it anymore as I felt her liquids pour all over my cock I gave one last thrust and let loose in her. Even though I had came twice earlier today I shot a massive load in her. Her body started to calm down "I can feel your hot thick milk filling me Adrian." She turned around and kissed me on the lips when her body fully calmed down. "I don't think I can stand up love, take me to the bed." Laying her down on one side of the bed Petite liona pleasures a thick dong brunette cumshot took the other side and looked at her.

"This night has been the most wonderful time of my life. Today you went from being a White Rose to a Red Rose and I am happy you chose me to experience it with you." She smiled at what I said and began to tear up. "That was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. Please don't ever leave me Adrian." She said as she cuddled up in my arms. "I promise Rose, I will never leave your side." I said kissing the top of her head feeling more energy than I had started with as we drifted off to sleep, our bodies intertwined with one another.

I hope you all loved this second part to the story. I tried my best to make it as good as I can and I hope to see lots of comments in the section whether they be good or bad. I just ask that you guys keep it civil down there and rather make suggestive comments than hate comments stating no apparent reason.

If you guys have any ideas or anything at all you can P.M. me I'll gladly reply to whatever you send. Other than that I can tell you to expect more parts to this story.