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Sunny leone xxx new 2019
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POV: Maria. I went up to the front door and opened it. "I wonder what mom is doing," I said, walking towards the living room. I peeked in there.

'On the laptop again, she has been in love that lately,' I thought before I strolled in there with her. "How was your night without me, Mom?" I pondered, sitting next to her. "Fine, Maria, I did miss you," she replied before she smooched my cheek. "How young bbw get fucked hard by big cock Wade and Tracy? Are the sparks still flying for them?" "Yes," I answered, leaning back.

"I'm happy for them, but I'm the third wheel. No one wants to be the third wheel, so at times I just want to escape. They thought leaving was rude as if we were all having a great time.

After a couple of hours, I just said 'Fuck it.' and left. So, did you have a night alone with your laptop here?" She slowly nodded, but didn't look at me. "What's wrong, Mom? You seem a little tense," I pointed out, rubbing her leg. She closed her eyes and wiped her head for a few seconds. I had no idea what was wrong, but I waited for her to respond.

"Um, I was just in the middle of something, that's all." "What?" She stayed silent for a moment, and I couldn't help, but to peek down at the computer screen. 'Do I see a hidden page for Pornhub over there? Was she watching porn before I came in the door?' I thought before my eyes went up. 'Now she is biting her bottom lip too.

I think she was watching porn, she seems to be a little on edge, but I'm an adult now, wouldn't she just tell me? She has also been spending a lot of time at Lil's place too; I wonder if that has something to do with this.' "It is nothing, sweetheart, could I have a little time alone before we get to talking again. Before we know it, like 2 hours have gone by and, well, you know what I mean?" "Okay, Mom," I said before I pecked her cheek. "I can give you time alone if you need it," I mentioned, getting off the couch.

"Wait, does this have anything to do with Lil and her husband, whatever his name is? You've been over there a lot, so is everything okay with them? Are you just trying to deal with that right now?" She covered her face with both hands and rubbed it for a moment.

I still had no real answer, but then I bit my bottom lip. I feared something, but the unknown element just seemed to make it worse. "Maria," she said, glancing at me. "First of all, his name is Chase, and he is your godfather, just as I'm Rose's godmother, so you should know his name. If I have anything I need to talk to you about, I will. You are the best daughter I could dream of, but this just isn't something I think I can talk to you about right now.

Do you catch my drift?" 'Yes, you don't want to speak to me about your porn addiction, that's all,' I thought before I waved. "See you later then; I think I'll head back to Wade's place. I just thought maybe we could have some mother/daughter time, that's all.

You know me, I'd never try to make you feel bad, I'm just being honest. I've also noticed that when you are here, you seem preoccupied, so something is going on, but you'll tell me when you are ready, right?" She put the laptop on her side and calmly rose up. She closed the gap between us and hugged me. I hugged her back as neither of us uttered a word, but it didn't matter. After a moment, we just let go of each other. She smooched my forehead once. "Fine, your old mom was watching porn." "No kidding?" I giggled.

"Yes, I just don't have anyone to be with, you know what I mean?" "Mom, you certainly don't have to justify yourself to me, you are human, just like me. We all need to get ourselves off now and then, but I understand completely, you don't want to sensual blonde gets her big tits creamed pornstars to your daughter about that kind of thing." "Well, I just love you literally more than anyone else on earth, so I owed you an explanation.

Are you saying that you watch porn too, babe?" "Yes, Mom, I can't get myself off while watching Wade and Tracy anymore, they said it was creepy," I chuckled. "So, I have my laptop too, and I'm a frequent visitor of Girlsway." Her head went back, and her eyebrows raunchy lesbian gorgeous girls relax masturbation and smalltits up too. "That's lesbian porn, Maria." "Are you surprised? I know we've never talked about it before, but I do consider myself bisexual.

You know, sometimes just seeing women get together, it just drives me wild," I confessed, bringing my hands up. "Guys can't always do it for me, in real life or on a computer screen, you know what I mean?

Just on that website, they know how to capture everything and make me crave more perfectly. I've just never been with a woman, but I know I like them, and do have a credit card. I do not deny it, I just know it." "Okay then, Maria. That news to me, but already then. Maybe we do need to talk sometime then. Just get together and pick each other's brains." I nodded, but backed away. "Maybe, but I'll let you get back to your masturbation session, Mom. I certainly wouldn't want to get in the way of you getting yourself off." "Well, thank you, I guess," she responded, breaking eye contact.

"I'll go to my room, and give myself a little privacy. Or I can stay out here, but I don't think you'd want to see me do that though." "Probably not, but I'll go take a shower now. Maybe I'll play with my pussy in there too, mother like daughter. We're both horny and need to take tushy gf cassidy klein gives her man an anal anniversary present of business now and then," I explained before I nodded. We both stood there for a moment, as I smiled, but she couldn't and calmly peeked at her laptop again.

I swallowed and lazily made my way back out of the living room. I rubbed my face for a moment and began strolling to the bathroom. "Damn, Mom, you don't need to make watching porn weird. You told me not to lie to you several times growing up, so don't be a hypocrite," I mumbled, going in there. I stripped myself and turned on the water.

"Well, I guess we have never talked about porn before, so I wonder what my mom was watching. I would think it was something tasteful, high-quality shit that is worth rubbing your cherry for indeed.

Too bad I let the door make noise, I might have caught her watching it and then I'd know," I said before a pause. "On the other hand, I probably shouldn't see her pleasuring herself. A taboo concept, but maybe too hot for comfort though," I pointed out, washing my hair. I kept her on my mind for twenty minutes as I took my shower. The whole thing wouldn't leave my mind and seemed to be humorous.

Not like ha ha funny, but something to enjoy in my mind anyway. After that, I got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I dried myself off and grabbed my clothes too. I covered up my boobs and crotch with the towel and voyaged out into the hallway. I peeked at the living room, but saw the light was off. I looked at her bedroom door. "Oh, I guess she did want some more privacy," I mentioned before I halted.

"I can see that she must have been really embarrassed. I'm only your daughter, Mom; I wouldn't judge you just as you would absolutely return the favor. You didn't judge me when I just admitted that I think of myself as bisexual, it is what it is, nothing more and nothing less," I explained before I headed to my room.

I went in and shut the door. Then I dropped the towel and lied down on my bed. I closed my eyes and smirked too. I felt happy and just ready to please myself. I wasted no time to bring my right hand to my twat. "On the other hand, my mom is quite a beauty. I know I'm biased, but damn. Even in just that tank top and gym shorts, she seems like a supermodel.

I've never licked a pussy before, but I'd lick hers if she asked me. I know that is incest, but I love her dearly." I licked my lips and covered myself with the blanket.

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I nonchalantly let my hand rub my lips back and forth for a moment. Whether I wanted to or not, I kept my mom on my mind. Not that I thought of her sexually, but the idea seemed to intrigue me. I just thought of her as the woman I petite teen camgirl fingering show masturbation and privateshow my mom that loved me, I cuddled with and went shopping with too.

We had a tight relationship, so taking things to another level attracted me. I couldn't help it, but to cheese and pleasure myself lazily. "It is alright if you want to watch porn, Mom, it is nothing to be ashamed of, you know.

Masturbation is widely common among adults, so you should have just been able to tell me that you were pleasuring yourself. Hell, you should have invited me to watch with you. We could both get naked and viewed it together, regardless of what kind of porn it was. A MILF with a younger guy, two guys fucking, or maybe even two lovely ladies getting together.

What better way for a mother and daughter to bond?" I moaned before my fingers moved faster. "We could both let our tits and pussies out into the light and just have a mutual masturbation session, if you'd like, Mom." I still hadn't pictured her nude, but I felt to be just one step away. I stayed silent as I did my best to keep my mind at least somewhat clean, but then it went another direction. "Hey, Maria, would you like to strip and join me as I'm naked here?

Maybe we could have sex," she said in my mind. I immediately opened my eyes. "Whoa, shit, that is too far, she is my mom. Crap, I'm sweating up a storm as I'm thinking of my mom, do I have a crush on her now?

Me just saying it is different from really imagining it." I didn't get an answer, but my mind illustrated it for me. I just bit down on my bottom lip and tried to comprehend what had just crossed my mind. I kept my eyes open for some time after that and felt my heart suddenly race.


"My pussy is wet, but I think it just might be for the wrong reasons, incest is wrong, isn't it?" I questioned, breathing heavily.

"Or could it be right solely because we'd make it quite consequential? Just a mother and daughter getting intimate?" I made the bed quake a bit, and I just stayed silent for over five minutes. My hand only stayed on my twat, but it didn't move. Despite that, my juice never stopped flowing out. Then I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes again. After another moment, I covered my face with both hands. "Shit, I think I might like my mom." My eyes widened a bit, and I calmly rose up off the bed.

There was no way I could get xxx story full length sex stories off my mind, so I lazily made my way to the door. I slathered my lips nonstop as I grabbed onto the doorknob. I slowly opened the door. "Mom opened her door, so she isn't in there," I pointed out before peeking towards the living room. "I wonder if she is masturbating now, I could see her and find out if I do have feelings for her," I whispered before I nonchalantly began walking towards the living room.

It was only a twenty-foot walk, and with each step, I felt my cherry leak out just a little more.

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I did my best not to make the floor creak, and I found myself successful as I very slowly made it to the end of the hall. "Oh, I never get tired of watching this," she moaned. "I think you are watching porn now, you dirty lady, Mom. You came back out here, and I just never knew you liked porn," I muttered, prior to gradually poking my head into the living room.

'Oh, jackpot, my mom has her right hand down her panties, and she has her tits out too. She is just in her green undergarments now and is smoking hot too,' I thought, checking her out. After only five seconds, I began rewashing my lips. 'Yep, I like my mom. She is masturbating, and I certainly seem to like seeing her doing it. Crap, I don't even know how to feel, my feelings mean I have an incestuous crush.' "Fuck yes, get that pussy you sexy young thing," she let out.

I couldn't help, but to smile, and then my right hand came onto my snatch. I immediately began rubbing my lips back and forth rather swiftly, which made me shake again.

My eyes went all over my mom, from her legs, her moving hand, her bosoms and her face. 'Now, I'm just looking at her in a whole new light, and I'm naked out here while I pleasure myself too. Damn, Mom, I'm letting my juice out too. We can masturbate together, even if I'm hiding. I can't even see what porn you are watching, but I'm sure it is hot. I'm so conflicted, I just found out I have the hots for her, but I should respect her privacy. Would she even think I'm a bitch for watching her?

Damn, I have no idea.' To no surprise, I maintained my position and kept playing with myself. I just went with it and tried to focus on the hot scene. My tongue attacked my lips, and my heart worked on busting out from my chest too.

"Oh, she is putting the laptop down, now I can see the screen. Wow, chick on chick, I didn't know you were into that either. Fuck me, you are a puzzle, Mom," I whispered, calmly coming out from behind the wall a little bit. 'Mom, you are standing up, and now you are removing your underwear now. Do you want curvy slut gets her wet crack drilled daughter to see you naked?' I had no idea if she wanted that or not, but then she sat back down and immediately began masturbating again.

"Yes, Rose, I swear that you get sexier every time I see you." "Rose?" I muttered, leaning back. "Is she watching a porno with Rose in it?

No way," I objected, calmly glancing at the screen. I squinted and tried to make out the two lovely ladies in the squirt all over my face and your. I soaked my lips again and even shoved my fingers up into my slit. "Holy shit, that is Rose," I said in a normal voice. "Maria!" she yelled, turning her head to me.

I immediately twitched, and I felt like she cut my heartstrings. "I'm sorry, Mom," I cried, looking down and covering my private areas.

"I, I, I." "Maria, were you just watching me naked?" I couldn't answer her, but I peeked back at her to see that she failed to cover herself at all. She shot me daggers with her eyes though, so I knew she was pissed. I couldn't force myself to move or speak, although, my figure jiggled around, but only because she shocked my nerves. I swallowed and breathed as heavily as I sexy pon story katrina kaif. "Are you crying, Maria?" "I'm sorry, Mom, but I think I like you," I sobbed.

"You do?" I nodded and calmly came from behind the wall. I had no idea just how she'd react exactly, but I just made the only move I could think to make. As I got right in front of her, our eyes met again, but we said nothing for over a moment.

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I couldn't resist the temptation; I had to examine her body as it was utterly visible. "Wow, Mom, you have a dazzling body." "Thanks, babe, did you really mean that you sexually attracted to me. You want to have sex?" "I think so, Mom. Rose has a lesbian video?" "Yes," she laughed, placing her hands on her face. "I think I might have a strong crush too." "I had no idea," I mentioned, sitting down with her laptop.

I put it on my lap and watched it. "I take it you like it, babe?" she pondered, sitting next to me. "Just a little bit," I replied, failing to make eye contact. I even adorable teen is in the mood to get her slit ravaged my right hand onto my pussy, and I began pleasuring myself as she just stayed next to me.

I just seemed to forget my emotional troubles, and just enjoy the view. "Fuck hot sex for a reality porn vid hardcore blowjob, Mom, Rose is freaking scissoring with that MILF.

Wow, both of you have sides of yourselves that I've never seen before. Shit, this is hot, I never saw Rose naked before, and she is quite enticing too," I said before I looked at her.

"How did you even know she had this out there?" "I just came across it one night when I was horny," she replied before a pause. "Can I tell you a secret?" "What, Mom?" "I had sex with her last night." My eyes widened, and I covered my face for a few seconds.

"No kidding, you like girls then? You are bisexual too?" She broke eye contact and blinked several times too.

Again, she had me speechless and craving for her to speak. "I guess so, and there is more. I kind of had a threeway with Lil too." "What?" I giggled, setting the laptop aside and turning my body to her.

"Are you serious, Mom? Did you fuck a mother and daughter? Did they do stuff together? Are they an incestuous couple, even though Kate is married?" "I don't know, babe. This is just still very new to me, and now we're both sitting here naked with porn playing. You just told me that you like me in that way, so give me a minute please." "Okay, Mom," I muttered, leaning back.

I paused the video, and just let the silence take over the room all of a sudden. I couldn't help, but to check out my mom's body again. She didn't cry, but covered her face and maintained her position for over ten minutes. After those ten minutes, I placed my right hand on her back. "I love you, Mom, and I always will. As soon as I found out that you liked porn, it just transformed my whole view of you.

I knew you are a woman that needed to get herself off at the back of my mind, but quickly I just got this view of you, and I just liked it." She calmly brought her head up and peeked at me.

"No kidding, babe?" "Yes, I just came back out here because I thought you might be masturbating and I had to find out if I did like you in that way. Within less than a minute, I got my answer, Mom. You are the best mom there is and quite ravishing too," I explained before I glanced at her bosoms. "May I touch them, Mommy?" She nodded and my from one second to the next, my hands came onto her boobs, and my mom metaphorically put a shit ton of quarters into my metaphorical coin slot.

"They are only hooters, Maria, control yourself." "I love you, Mommy." "I love you too," she whispered, closing the gap. "May I kiss you, Maria?" She licked her lips for a moment, but then she calmly brought them over towards my lips and pressed them together. We kissed each other not as mother and daughter, but as two loving ladies that were rather horny. My hands stayed on her knockers, and I squeezed them just a little bit as her hands came down onto my legs.

The incestuous sexual levels went up, and we both seemed to like it.

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I wasn't sure if either of us were really willing to go all out, but we were going to find out. After two minutes, her lips parted from mine. "That was hot, Maria," she mentioned, bringing her palms to my boobs.

"These are quite exquisite too, sexy daughter. They might be smaller, but they are perfect for you." "Thank you, Mom." "Your welcome." She nonchalantly got up, but kept her eyes on me. Her right hand came towards me, and I took it. She brought me up with her and let both of her hands onto my shoulders. She massaged them and just stared at me. She did it as if I was just the woman of her dreams and she had me in the palm of her hand for over five minutes.

Not a word dropped because nothing needed to be said. We both could have checked out one another's bodies, but we just looked into each other's eyes.

"Would you like to go to my bedroom with me, honey?" I nodded, and she put her hand out again. I took it, and she slowly turned to the entrance to the hallway. We both strolled right to her bedroom, and I couldn't stop smiling to save my life. I could only imagine that our pussies were driving both of us, so all bets were off. As we got in there, she brought me to the bed and had me sit down.

She stood up, and we scanned each other's bodies once again.


Then her palms gently came down onto my legs, and her lips came back onto mine too. After a one minute make out session, her lips drifted off mine, and she began making her way down towards my bosoms. She kissed her way down, but kept her eyes on mine. She left a string of kisses all over my rack over a moment.

Then her fingers from her right hand calmly made the trip onto my cherry. Suddenly, I slanted my head back and vibrated a bit too. She seemed to know what she was doing: pleasuring my lips going back and forth at the perfect speed. I moaned a bit too, but I kept my position for the time being. She had my pussy leaking out a lot of juice, and she knew I loved it.

After another moment, I peeked down at her again. She blew me a kiss with her other hand just before her mouth opened. She grabbed my left boob and took my nipple into her mouth. My hands abruptly became fists, and I closed my eyes.

I felt her suck on my nipple for a moment as I just loved the feeling. We hadn't dived into the incest pool, but our midsections had definitely gone in there. Feeling her tongue and lips on my nipple and fingers on my cherry was groundbreaking, but yet I knew, it was only the tip of the iceberg. I angled my head back up and saw her looking right at me again. Those eyes screamed everything in the best way possible. 'Crap, I'm crying a bit now, I think she knows they are tears of love.' I noticed a prominent spot on the bed, but she wasn't about to stop her thrilling.

After a couple more minutes, her fingers sought shelter inside my twat, and she sucked even more of my nipple into her mouth too. I kept my arms down the entire time because I felt like she nearly paralyzed me.

Her gratification was flawless, but that could have been traced back to the incest thing. I wasn't sure, but after five minutes, her lips came off my nipple again. As our eye contact never broke, she smooched her way down towards my pussy. Her fingers failed to drop from it, and she even began moving them a bit too.

I moaned loudly and made the whole bed quake. She lowered herself to my slit lips and looked right at me again. I saw the tears on her face too, but as she smiled right back at me. Then her fingers slipped out of my snatch, and she let them into her mouth. My tongue slathered her lips as I viewed the lewd act she was performing. I cheesed as much as I could, and after two full minutes, she gradually came back up with me.

We stayed still for another few seconds before she nonchalantly leaned onto me. She kissed me, and we both went down. Our knockers clashed, and I wrapped my arms around her. She placed her hands on my thighs and kept her lips on mine for over ten minutes as we experienced some quality mother/daughter time. We kissed nonstop and exchanged bodily fluids too. It was like dropping lighter fluid on a big fire, that it certainly made us love each other even more it seemed.

With every passing move from our lips, I felt my heart loving her a bit more. The sexual nirvana was perfect, and then she let her lips off mine and placed her right palm on my cheek.

"You are stunning, Maria, now I'm going to make you feel good," she let me know before she kissed me again. I prepared myself for whatever she had planned, and as I knew what it was, I crawled back to the end of the bed. I rested my head on her pillow and opened my legs widely for her.

She inserted a couple of fingers into her mouth again as she made her way towards me. She wasted no time placing the tips of her fingers on my cunt. She caressed it as softly as possible, but yet, she had me twitching again. I had no idea we'd be doing this when I wandered into the hallway, but I was happy.

"I had some fun with Kate and Rose, and now I think we should have our own incestuous love, especially if you are interested in me, Maria. Are you ready for me?" "Yes, Mommy." "Will you promise to love me still after this?" "Yes, Mom." She lowered her head right to my cunt and let her tongue out. She gave my pussy a single lick and immediately jolted once. Her left hand came onto my thigh, and the other on the right over my pussy.

I had no idea what all she did with Rose and Kate, but her tongue did the talking. I placed my right hand on the back of her head and the other on my left tit.

I gripped it a bit, and she had only licked my cherry a few times. The results were evident just how much I adored her the gratification. We grinned at each other one more time before I felt her tongue slither right into my twat. I calmly had to slant my head back and close my eyes again. She wasted no time licking my pussy walls and making feel good.

I caressed her head as softly as I could, but her actions made me have to start scrubbing it after only a moment. I fought the urge to mutter all the sexual and loving things I wanted to spout off, but I bit my tongue and kept the intimacy perfect. Even with my juice coming out, it served as no obstacle for her. She just kept licking my pussy as if she was a pro. I desired to look at her, but I couldn't. She had me in the palm of her hand, just as I thought and she took advantage.

'Oh, Mommy, this is wrong, incest is wrong, but it feels right as I feel you eat me out. I love you so much that I just can't stop this. I want to tell how much I love it, but I think you already know.' She failed to stop and express her feelings, but I swear I felt her tongue dive even deeper into my slit. She teased my clit and still made sure to massage my body with her hands. I knew she cast the incestuous spell, so I just stopped fighting it.

Then I forced myself to slant my body up and watch her. She looked right back at me again, even began moving her head back and forth swiftly. That stimulated my clit even more as I felt her touch down all over in even faster strokes. hot tory likes her some anal pounding you learn that from watching Rose?" She nodded and calmly brought her head up again. "If this is wrong, Maria, then I don't want to be right.

I want to explore these feelings with hawt mother id like to fuck gets a lusty fucking, and unlike Kate, I'm not married.

You were the one with the crush on me, remember?" "Yes, but once something started to happen, it was just different." She leaned back to me and kissed me. "Does it feel different when I kiss you?" "Yes, a little bit." "Do you have any plans tonight?" "Yes, not to get dressed and stay naked with my mom," I answered, placing my hands down onto her legs.

Suddenly, I had her shaking a bit, and making the bed vibrate a bit as well. A few seconds later, she brought her lips back to mine. Both of us put our hands on one another's legs and caressed them for a couple of minutes. Then we both began moving back, and both of us brought our hands over to each other's tits too. Both of us grabbed onto them somewhat as we made out and stayed active for a couple more minutes.

"Oh, you are sexy, Mom," I complimented her before I son ripe mom italian sleeping my lips part from hers. I lied down, but spread out my legs.

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She calmly got over my pussy and let hers come onto mine. Then we both closed our legs and began grinding our private parts together. We kept eye contact again, and our mother/daughter intimacy went up even more. Our juices combined just made the perfect combination and contaminated the sheets. She began moving a bit and let our pussies pleasure one another. Both of us moaned incessantly, but nothing could really be made out. Both of us just tried to deal with the pleasure, and after every single moment went by, the wrong feelings just became more right.

It just seemed that our act was so wrong, that it was right. Superiorly in the right way to make us melt for one another.

I had never sexually seen her until that day, but yet, I found myself thoroughly enjoying having sex with her. Feeling her naked body on mine was sensational, and just flat out sexually appealing as I thought of her not as my mom, but a sexy MILF. I couldn't help, but to eyeball her hooters as they shook around.

Almost as if she was on a trampoline, and it was indeed an image for me to tattoo in my brain. She held onto my leg hard in efforts to keep herself up and kept the pleasure going. "Am I better in bed than Rose?" "Yes, in every way imaginable, my sweet and sexy daughter.

You bring something to the table that Rose cannot: you are my real daughter. Incest can certainly be wonderful if used in the right way, Maria. I love you more than chocolate," she explained before she leaned down to me. "And you know how much I love chocolate," she reminded me before kissing me. She continued to let our clits rub together, but then she lifted herself up somewhat and allowed her bosoms and dangle around right in front of me. Even just from a foot closer, the having fun with fat bbw asian fuckfriend i met online made my lust for her soar.

"Go ahead, help yourself to mommy's boobies, Maria. They won't bite." Even as they kept moving somewhat, I managed to let my tongue out and then it got onto her left nipple every time it swung by it. "Tastes like heaven, Mom." "I know, now keep quiet." "Then great looking legal age teenager often gets super lustful during the day still, Mommy," I requested, grabbing onto her melon.

"I'm going to make you feel good now," I informed her, prior to starting to lick her nipple. 'I can't see her, but I'm sure she is biting her bottom lip and breathing heavily too. I did see Rose enchanting that MILF's nipple as well as her pussy too. She must have learned that from somewhere, but now I'm using on my mom. And Rose and Kate are hooking up? Holy shit that is a lot of information,' I thought, flinging her nipple frequently.

I kept my tongue busy, but the emotional toll still went over me. Too much of a good thing could be bad, but there was no way either of us wanted to stop. I felt her shake the bed, which made her boob jiggle somewhat. I didn't let it break free from my grip, I just applied a little more pressure to it and made it stay still.

Although, after another moment, I just let it go free and I moved right to her other tit. Even as it tasted the same, the thrill just grew. I kissed it, licked it and of course sucked on it nicely as well. With each passing moan, she jiggled a little more. I couldn't help, but to cheese as much as I could. I was pleasuring the woman I loved most in the world. "Oh, babe, I had no idea you had experience in this area.

Now I'm playing with my pussy as you gratify me with your tongue on my nipple." "Shut up, Mom, I'm your daughter and you supposed to show me special treatment when we're having sex." "No," she said, bringing herself back down.

"I'll treat you like the horny chick you are, and if I find myself unwilling to hold still or let words out, then you'll have to deal with it," she warned me, prior to pasting her lips back onto mine. I encased my arms around her and let my palms on her butt. We made out again as if we were lovers and we got into the motion of feeling each other inside and out.

I knew we both felt the sweet connections and was mostly due to us kissing, rather than the sexual things. "Whatever you want, Mommy." "Even I want you to sleep with me tonight?" "Sure, Mom." She smiled, kissed me once again and then she leaned off me.

She helped me up and enveloped her arms around me again. I did the same for her, and we got extra close to each other. "Just wait until you get knocked up, then your boobs will get as big as mine." "Good to know," I said before I let my lips onto hers.


That time, we let our lips stay together for over twenty minutes. Our chemistry proved to be rock solid as it just felt normal to kiss each other like that by then. Feeling our naked bodies together was phenomenal, and we the finish line seemed far off still. 'Damn, what a sexy MILF. Evidently, I think we both had things for each other, and now that couldn't be more clear.' After our long make-out session, she slowly parted her lips and just looked at me again.

Nothing was said, but then she let go of me and lazily got off the bed. I watched her as she stood up and turned around. I submerged my lips frequently as she peeked back at me and placed her hands on her pussy.

I cheesed and slowly made my way over to her. She didn't need words or any communication for me to figure out what she desired. I crawled on the floor right to her and stayed on my knees.

With her legs adequately spread out for me, I placed my right palm right onto her twat. She immediately moaned and plopped her hands on her bosoms too. I scrubbed her cherry for a moment as we managed to keep looking at each other. We looked at each other as lustfully as possible as I charmed her so to speak. It was an easy task as we both had each other on our hooks. Then I let my hand off her pussy, and I brought it to my mouth.

While maintaining eye contact, my tongue came out, and I gave it a single long stroke from bottom to top. Just like with me, the sight of seeing one of us lick the other's pussy juice caused us to rejoice.

"That is steaming out, babe," she let out, caressing her melons. I blew her a kiss and slowly brought my tongue out again. Unlike her, I just let it slither right in between her pussy lips and placed my hands on each side of her snatch. I let my tongue go up and down on her clit somewhat, but I made sure just to tease it. I looked at her the whole time and enjoyed the fireworks.

She had her juice sailing out like a ship at sea. I kept my fingers right in place, but applied a little pressure to make the pleasure just a little bit better. "Fuck yes, Maria, I like this, you sexy woman." I sakura hirota sucks cock while casting for porn my head up and down, which made my tongue zoom so much faster.

The results showed as she had to close her eyes and angle her head up. 'Now she is even pinching her nipples, she likes this, but she likes me. She likes me a whole lot. If I can make her whole body move like a flag in the wind, then she obviously loves the intense pleasure I'm giving her.

We could do anything together now, have sex, shower together, or maybe share someone.' "I swear, I've never loved you than this moment, Maria, I'll never stop loving you and will always support you in any way." I let my lips off her slit and let a couple of fingers up in there too. "I know that Mom, but the incest is just making you love me more. Now show that love by shutting the fuck up, I need to show you the love by making you feel good in silence," I informed her, thrusting my fingers.

"Do you understand?" She lowered herself to me and kissed me. "Can we please try this together, babe? You know, being an incestuous couple?" "Are you sure you aren't just high on the incest?" "Maybe, but it is with the perfect woman in the world. Not Rose or Kate, but my own daughter," she mentioned, placing her hands on my butt. "I imagine what great sex we could have." "Okay, Mom, if that's what you want." "Good," she said before she smooched my cheek and rose back up.

I stuck my fingers up in there as far as I could and brought my lips back to it too. I allowed her lips into my mouth and sucked on them a little bit.

I just got her to caress her boobs and my head on and off for over ten minutes. She managed to keep her position, but of course, she had to twitch a bit as well. I couldn't blame her, because the love and lust had taken over, so all of her defense seemed to shatter. Mine did the same office milf with big tits olivia fox fucks a new employee tears came out frequently. "Your pussy is drenched, Mom." "All because of you, Maria.

I owe everything to you because you are my pride and joy. I don't need anyone or anything else, just you." "Is that why you love me so much?" "Yes, now you shut up and thrill me." "Yes, Mommy," I answered, dropping my hands.

"Only for you," I mentioned before I let my tongue back onto her pussy lips. I instantly began licking those swollen lips frequently, and she had to bring her hands to my head. She grazed it ever so softly and looked right into my eyes.

We looked directly at each other as I slathered her pussy lips at a medium speed. Bright big tits student lena paul oral and fucking in class pornstars hardcore passing lick, I had shake just a little bit, and grab onto my hair too. My mom failed to hurt me, but the message was clear. Having her lovely daughter pleasure her did british teen pornstar michelle moist tube porn to her, and it made her feel like a whole new woman.

I failed to suck her lips into my mouth; I just licked them for as long as I could. I knew my tongue would get tired, but I was going for all, rather than nothing. I also kept my hands down on the floor too, to better pace myself. I did that, and as time went on, I gave longer and fuller licks. The outcome of that came sooner rather than later as only a minute after that; she began dispensing out her juice even more. All the juice I couldn't drink just drifted down to my chin, and some also go onto my chest.

That alone made it so much hotter. I knew it was happening, but yet, I found myself surprised I just had busty taxi driver tries lesbian sex in public think about it. My mom's whole persona was perfect, due to her being her, but being so sexual too.

Even as she kept her hands on my head, she still managed to shake her boobs around and give me quite a show to view. They were going up and down mostly, but did go back and forth a few times as well. I felt her juice splashing down on my hands, and then I let my tongue inside her slit a little bit. It touched down on her clit and licked it as well. Although, again, I made sure not to push her too far, too fast.

"Fuck, Maria, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you had watched some girl on girl porn too. Just maybe, you studied up a bit to learn how to please a woman in the past." "Yes," I muttered while failing to stop my pleasuring. "I love your bush by the way." "So, you don't think I should trim it?" "Maybe when I find myself getting more hair than pussy, then you should trim it somewhat." "You want to keep eating my snatch for that long, sweetie?" "Maybe, now shut your fucking mouth and let me open these lips even more," I ordered her, letting fingers from each hand slither in there.

"If we're going to be an exclusive incestuous couple, you are going have to work on shutting your yap when we have sex, Mom." "I promise I'll shut up, whatever keeps me you." I smiled and came up with her. "Don't you love it when you listen, Mommy?" I pondered, wrapping my arms around her. "I love it when you listen too, sexy young thing." "Good," I said, taking her hand. I escorted her back to the bed, and we both lied down. Although, I got onto my side facing away from her, and she helped herself to close the gap.

Her boobs pressed onto my back, her lips pecked my neck several times and then her right hand made the trip over me and to my pussy. "Oh, you are the sweetest and sexiest daughter on the planet. I might be biased because you are my daughter, but Rose is out of luck. You are #1 in my universe, simple as that." "Good to know, Pretty babe plays with chubby one eyed monster hardcore blowjob I muttered, pulling the blanket over us.

We cuddled together, but her hand never stopped moving. She caressed my pussy lips and continued to kiss my neck all over it. I smiled somewhat and enjoyed the intimacy again. I had to vibrate a bit as I also loved the feel of her fingers down there. Just like before, my twat let out more of my juice, and we both moaned a bit too.

I felt more than comfortable with my mom by then. I knew it was due to the incest, love, and lust of the whole thing, but I truly believed at that moment, it was meant to be. Feeling her finger fuck was quite a life-affirming, to say the least, but when the giggles escaped her mouth, I felt tingles surge throughout my body.

I nearly felt like taking off like a rocket, but I stayed put. We held our positions for at least twenty minutes as not a word dropped from our mouths. The undeniable chemistry between us was rock solid, and I only wondered why we hadn't started an incestuous relationship sooner. "Do you like it when your mommy fingers you, Maria?" "Yes, Mommy, I love it a lot." "Do you promise you'll never stop loving me?" "Yes, Mom," I responded, breaking free from her grip and turning around.

"I'll always love you, Mommy. Whether we have a sexual relationship or not," I informed her, bringing my right hand to her cherry. "Good to know, sweetheart," she said, closing the gap. "I am serious, Maria, I'd like us to start walking down this incestuous path together, would you like to walk with me?" "Yes, but you are going to tell Kate?" "Of course," she replied, letting her eyebrows down.

"I just scored with my hot daughter, I have to brag about that to someone, and she is already hooking up with her daughter. Who else can I gloat to, babe?" "Okay, Mom," I said before I leaned over and made her go down on her back.

"Can we just cuddle for a little while longer before we have sex again?" "Anything for you, sweetie," she answered, wrapping her arms around me. "Let's take baby steps here, we can push ourselves a bit more and pleasure each other even more in ways a mother and daughter hardx big butt mia malkova ass pussy ass again shouldn't." I laid my head on her chest, and we just enjoyed each other's presence like never before that day.