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Super gorgeous amateur bbw teen on webcam
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Very Hot Wife. This story is true, it took place over an 18 month period, only his name has been changed the rest is the way the encounter occurred, and I have the tapes to refer to for accuracy. This is the recount of her first affair. My wife is 35 years old, five engulfing a gigantic male weenie pornstar hardcore, long blond hair, 38dd breasts and a great ass.

Here ass is virgin and which she has denied me but love to suck cock and swallow cum. I figures it was a fair trade off. I was a summer afternoon and I was sitting in my office looking out the window when the intercom buzzed, you wife on lone three.

Hi what's up? Well I had an interesting afternoon, really? Yes john former employee and distant neighbor has been here all afternoon drinking beer and bullshitting. Really? Yes and feeling me up and getting me really wet.

Wow I didn't think he was attracted to you. The only way I got him to leave was tell him you were coming home early. Your telling me he just left? Yes, but he said he'd get more beer and be back around seven. Since it's Friday night he may stay for while. At seven o'clock the bell rang and I opened the door and in came john, Hi al, hi john, want a beer no thanks but open yourself one and have a seat.

My wife Joyce came down from upstairs in shorts and a t-shirt.


Hi john how are you, great thought I'd stop over for a beer, my wife is pissed at me so I didn't get any dinner but caught a burger before I came over. Joyce sat down very close to John, he looked at her and smiled.

I have to go to the bathroom be right back and up stairs I went. Because of the angle of the mirror in the room and the fact that I could peer into the room unnoticed gave me an interesting vantage point.

The minute I was out of sight he grabbed her and started kissing her. He was alternating between kissing her tits and rubbing her crotch. After a couple of minutes Joyce was thrusting he hips into his hand as he continued to rub her clit through her shorts. I opened the door and slowly pretended to be coming down.

They separated and by the time I was back you could see she was really hot. For the next half hour he drank two beers and I went to the bathroom twice.

The second trip he got her off right on the couch. When I got back I saw the look and new she had creamed in her shorts. John said I have to pee, go downstairs, there is a bathroom down there, thanks but first I'm going out to the car I've got more beer in the cooler. Once he walked out I asked her did you cum, damn right, I must have a wet stain the size of a softball. I think he wants to fuck me? I think your right. Well let him. Great, Thanks.

How are we going to teen lesbian girlfriends do masturbation sex video this going, I don't know we'll play it by ear. The front door opened and John came in with a cooler with three beers in it.

Ok beer in the fridge and where can I piss. The downstairs bathroom. The moment he went down stairs Joyce got up and took off her shorts and t shirt. She had on a red bra and red low cut red panties. Are you going down stairs like that? Yes this will signal my intentions, go for it, I am.

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The room was set up so I could go down the stairs with her and hide in the laundry room with a clear view of the bathroom and the TV area. She opened the door the bathroom, John was standing there with cock in hand, for the moment he tried to put it back into his pants.

Hold up big guy don't put him way and in she stepped. She wrapped hands around his cock and gently start jerking him off. Wow this is nice and big. Nice out fit, Thanks. Let go over to the couch.


They walked out of the bathroom but she never let go of his cock. She kept rubbing it, they sat down and she put her head in his lap and put the head in her mouth. What about Al? he's fine with this, can he come down and sit with us? He sure can. Joyce let go of the cock to yell come down, he stood her up in front of him and said would you take off your panties and bra, yes.

Bra first then panties.

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Then next thing he lifted her onto the sofa and started rubbing his cock on her clit and pussy lips. She was already moaning and plop the head went in, for the next seven minutes he fucked her silly. She had at least two orgasms and was building toward a third when he sat up pulled he hips tighter to him let out a groan and hot wet sticky cum was flooding her insides. That put her over the top and she came again yelling fuck me oh god yes fuck me.

They laid there for a couple of moments and he started fucking her again slowly at first then faster until once again they both exploded he came in her and her juices flowed over the sofa. My god babe is there any more cum in your nut sack? Joyce there is for you. Great, hand me my panties, ok. Joyce thought she would go clean up but John had other ideas as she got her panties on and stood up he grabbed he shoulder and she was on her knees in front of him with his cock in her mouth.

She was a great cock sucker but after having come twice in the last five minutes it took a little while but as she said it was well worth it. She was sucking for all she could and he tensed up, cum flowed out into her mouth. The amount of cum was amazing, she swallowed twice and let the rest sit on her tongue, she smiled at him and swallowed the balance of his load. My god babe you come in quarts. Is that a problem? No I love the taste of cum, good because your going to get plenty from me, that's the best news I've had in a month.

John stood up, I have to piss. Ok you use this bathroom I'll go upstairs. No sooner blonde teen fucks old guy anal she took his load like a seasoned slut he gone in then I entered the room and Joyce and I headed upstairs.

She was in front of me and as she walked she made squish sounds, my god look at the stain in your panties. He really does come in quarts. How was he? Great his cock is bigger then yours and he cums with such force it feels wonderful. Pull those panties down, ok. I leaned her over the vanity and fucked her and added another load of cum to her wet sloppy pussy.

Thanks for the fuck, your welcome now lets get back down stairs, I need to change I'm leaking cum, no way. You like cum scoop it up and swallow it, ok I can do that. Besides when we get down you can show him the stain and swallow while we watch. Sounds good to me. As we got to the basement John was sitting on the couch, hey John look at the mess you made looking at my wife's crotch. Happy to be of service. Joyce sat in a chair across from us.

She gave us a smile and spread her legs, cum was leaking steadily as her pussy had taken three loads. Just relax guy's I'm going to sit and enjoy a cum break. She put her hand down her panties and a moment later came up with a amazing milfs sharing one big boner and riding blowjob of white warm cum.

She put it in her mouth smiled swallowed and open her mouth to show it was gone. She repeated this about ten times until the major amount of cum was in her belly.

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She pulled her panties down enough so we could see her clit, she started rubbing it using the cum still in her panties as lube. In nothing flat her nipples popped out and the clit was standing straight up, I wouldn't say no to a good long hard fuck. John got up, pulled her into a laying down position and stuck his cock in, in nothing flat he was balls deep and fucking like he was possessed. Joyce alternated between your cock feel great to oh god to fuck me harder to I'm cumming. This went on for at least 20 minutes, when finally john grabbed her ass and pushed as deep as he could go.

Her eyes shot open, a low moan and then a scream of pleasure as he pumped yet another hot load into her sloppy pussy. They laid there for five minutes until John got up and headed for the bathroom.

Joyce looked dazed, she sat up pulled up the wet panties and had a look like she had been fucked senseless. John came out of the bathroom half dressed, walked over to her and said don't you want any more cum?


She smiled put her hand in her pussy, came out with two finger of cum and started swallowing it. She rubbed the cum on her tits and face in her hair and just about all over. I love cum especially yours. I have to go but I'll call you, please call me soon was Joyce's response.

She walked him to the front door in nothing but soaking wet panties, kissed him and closed the door. She turned and looked at me, hon I didn't think it was possible but I have just been fucked senseless and loved it.