Hot wet cunt impaled on ding dong girlfriend and hardcore

Hot wet cunt impaled on ding dong girlfriend and hardcore
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It had been a beautiful week and the weekend was looking to be even more beautiful. My wife and myself were at my mother in laws' house for dinner on a Thursday evening. My wife was talking to her sister about the annual weekend away they do with their dad. They were both not pleased that it was on one of the hottest weekends we'd had for most of the summer. As my wife and her sister talked, my mother in law asked me what my plans for my weekend on my own were.

I told her that I had lots of painting on the garage and re staining of the fence I wanted to get done. Other then that not much beside cutting grass and if the night was not too windy I might sit in back yard and listen to some music and have a Bon fire.

So the dinner and conversation continued and after dinner we all hoped in my truck and went to caught a movie at the theatre. Once the movie was over and we head back to drop the in laws off. My mother in-law suggested if I need a hand at all with painting she'd be glad to help. Once we got home the wife suggested it would lbe a good idea for her mother to help, she loves to paint and it would save me a ton of time and she'd probably cook dinner for me as well.

So the wife called her and asked if she'd was free tomorrow, as well too remind her sister that their dad would be picking her up around 430pm. Once she was off the phone she told me that I could pick up her mom tomorrow morning, just to call before I headed over. As well that she'd be up around six am, so anytime after teens loves huge cocks adria is a cute cock. I woke up early as I usually am up by five am for work, but working four days a week and getting Fridays off I've just kept the same wake up time.

It allows me to accomplish so much more with that extra day off. I took my long shower and got all cleaned up. I figured it was time to shave the boys as it had been a week since I last touched them up. Once I had that whole area cleaned up and trimmed, I cleaned up my facial hair a little. I put on some after shave and cologne.

The scent was one that my wife was kind of fond of and her mother had remarked at it last Christmas as well.

We were alone in the kitchen. She had stated that it was just the perfect scent for myself. Jokingly that if she was only twenty years younger the effect it was currently having upon her would not be as easily hid. For she would have been wearing a short skirt and no underwear!

Luckily the sweat pants she was wearing at the moment were doing an adequate job, but once dinner was made she'd have to excuse herself to take care of the moistness between her legs, because caged tushy shoplifter strip search she sat it'd look much like she'd pissed herself.

The fact that these sweat pants and shirt were making her sweat bricks was probably the only reason we all couldn't smell her arousal, she stated to me with an aroused tone, a glisten in her eye, as she drank in all of me with her eyes.

Now this kind of caught me off guard, as she'd never talked to me in such away. It wasn't the first time I have caught her staring at my crouch. Sexy stunner gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the semen I walked around in shorts or in my boxers she'd hardly ever look away, but nothing had ever been said.

Now I'm sure she's also noticed my glances when she would come down in her nighties, but never before or since had we said anything. As I piled on a little extra and slipped the bottle in my pocket as to slap a little on just before she was to get into the truck. Then this all came back to me.

I kissed the wife as she made herself breakfast and told her to call when they got out to their dad's as he was picking them up. I stopped on the way to the mother in laws' to grabbed three coffees one for each of us and one for the sister in law.

I called her mom around 645 ebon rod for white holes interracial hardcore I pulled into drive way and there was no answer so I grabbed the coffees and walked into the house. I never knocked before on door and didn't this time. I walked right in, and there before my eyes was a sight I couldn't take my eyes off, one I had seen many mornings when I use to stay ebony teen tara foxx services cock of old man when the wife lived here.

Her mother was wearing a black silk nightie that was almost transparent with silky lace mesh on the breast, the top was trimmed with dyed black fur that dropped just enough to meet the silk where her nipples would be. But all the rest of her breast was "covered", not that it hid anything.

The design on the bottom was similar to the top a few inches, it started six or so inches from bottom the silky lace mesh started and the bottom was trimmed with same fur. As I was bluntly staring and making no effort to hid my gaze or the growing erection in my shorts. She simply said " Good-morning Hun, would you like some breakfast, I was just warming up the bacon, thought I'd cook us a Hearty breakfast.

" I simply blurted out sure. As I kicked off my shoes and walked into kitchen and took my seat at the kitchen table with a completely perfect view of her as she busied herself making breakfast. My mind melted and the blood left my mind as to head south to the swelling in my shorts.

As the sight before me was the same pattern of the silky lace mesh but it was the whole back side of the nightie. She acted as if I wasn't even there or as if she was wearing something less revealing. She started to bend over to pull out a pan from the cupboard beside the stove, as the nightie started to ride up and up, it was just about to come over her ass and I was going get a full view of her ass and the pussy I'd thought of many of a times.

As it was on the verge I gasped slightly and with out missing a beat she bent her knees and squatted and my first glance was all but over. She put the pan on the stove poured some oil in it and slid the cut up potatoes into it. She then put the bacon in the oven with the exact same show as last one and it was as if time had stood still, and repeated as I held my gasp this time but the nightie stopped short again.

She turned around and smiled devilishly and asked if one of those coffees were for her. I nodded my head and she walked over pulled mine out the tray and passed it to me. She then pulled hers out and moved to my side of the table. As she moved toward me her eyes were all over me taking in every inch of my body, her gaze lingered upon my crotch. She then said " My daughter was right you are truly a gentleman, bringing me a coffee.".

She winked and blew me a kiss.

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" It looks like that thick cock of yours is just as gentlemanly as you standing up so I'll have a place to sit!". With that she plopped down on my lap.

As she wiggled around on my lap, rubbing my ever growing and hardening erection, she breathed in deeply of the scent I was wearing and turn to face me. She looked me in the eye and said " I guess we both had similar ideas this morning out of what we wanted for the day and hopefully the weekend, you knowing the scent of that cologne drives me wild and me knowing, well knowing an outfit like this would drive any man nuts." As I locked eye hardcore big dick gangbang big hooter latina is a whore for some cash with her I could barely nod my head.

She had even done her make-up and hair. She was wearing a pair of thigh high latex high heels that gave her enough added hight so that when we stood we were the same high. This was all too much. She leaned in planted a kiss on my cheek and gave an extra effort to grinding on my cock.

She then got up and returned to cooking. It was quite the hearty feast she was cooking up there was eggs, farmer sausage, bacon, toast, orange juice as well, hash browns with green, red opinions, red, green, yellow peppers, jalapeño peppers ( heavy with those), and for that extra kick she had minced up so small about three habanero peppers.

Once all of this was ready and placed on the table, with no help from me as I was told to sit and admire the sights, and It was her place as a woman to ensure that as a man I was served and given a sight worth looking at as I was served.

She served me a large plate filled with food. Once my food was upon the table before me and all the elements and what not was turned off, she walked over reached down unzipped my shorts and worked them off. Then pulled my boxers down just enough that my cock spurn out and then just a little further to reveal my balls. She grasped my cock with one hand and balls with the other. She remarked on how clean shaven they were and how it had been months since she had a cock, but she couldn't remember the last time she had a freshly shaven cock and balls.

It seemed to almost bring a tear to her eye, as she took it to mean I was expecting this and was again gentlemanly enough to shave for her. After a few strokes she hocked up the nightie and plunked her self right on my lap squashing my cock. She kissed me on the other cheek and whispered in my ear " Now Hun I'm going to feed you breakfast and rub my self on your lovely manhood.

Now I'm not trying to have you penetrate me just yet, but should it happen I'm not going to stop it. I only ask that you refrain from busting your nut in Mommy, as I have other plans for that load." As she feed me my breakfast and rubbed unrelentingly on my cock, I was trying to constantly move and work it so it would slip up into her ever moistening vagina. The heat from her vagina and the rubbing was driving me wild. As I was chewing my last few mouthfuls she kissed me on the neck.

Then nibbled on my ear and told me how good I am, and how lucky she was to have a son in law like me. She stood up walked over to the stove grabbed the pan of hash browns and placed in on the table. She then collected my dishes put them in the sink and return.

She kissed me on the lips and said " My does that juicy looking cock look delicious!" With that she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. She was so skilful and from being teased for so long I could hardly hold on five minutes, but I fought back ever urge and with every muscle, till I told her I couldn't hold off any more. She pulled off of me, and stood up. As rouse up she grabbed my cock with one hand and then once standing she grabbed the pan of hash browns with the other hand and returned her mouth to work the tip of my cock.

After thirty seconds she started stroking me as fast and hard as she could. She was going so hard it sound like she was punching herself in the face, this lasted for about fifteen seconds then she took my balls in her mouth and worked my cock harder. I loudly professed multiply times I was coming and as my balls tighten she moved the pan of hash browns and my first shot hit the hash browns with almost all of it. I kept cuming for what felt like forever, I had about eight solid shoots and then a bunch of weak little ones and then she put the hash browns on the table and sucked what was left out of my cock.

As I collapsed back into the chair, she stood up fixed her hair and smiled and thanked me. I tried to mumble out a question of for what and that it should be I who thanked her, but I was so spent and barely got out the words as she cut me off with a finger to my lips and said " For giving me that cock to rub on and then suck on." she said it like it was weird of me to ask.

"A woman should never be thanked for doing her job of satisfying her man, even if it's not her man but her daughter's man." I smiled as she gave me a sexy, cute, flirty smile and look. As I sat there in my post orgasmic bliss watching her move about the kitchen but not really aware of what she was doing, she finally stopped and said "Well my studdly son in law do you think I could pureswade another load out of that thick young juicy cannon, as I could really use another load to add to our jug of milk in the fridge." "Add to the jug of milk in your fridge, why would you do that and now that I think of it why did you shoot my load all over the hash browns?" I said with a puzzled expression upon my well pleasured face.

She smiled and had the most devilish look on her face, that at same time was the hottest I'd ever seen her, with her hair and make up done just so right. She told me "Well I wanted to add your tasty cum to my jug of milk, so I can taste you every morning, but also for the same reason I had you cum on the hash browns, your my eldest daughters' husband and I just swallowed some of your load and ate some off the hash browns, but the thought of the fact I could have my other daughter, whom I have caught you checking out and eying up countless times, eating and drinking your cum too is just the most amazing thing.

Never had I thought I'd be given the chance to be used by the same cock that fucks one my daughters, and eat the same cum she eats. " She said as she started walking towards me licking her lips with her eyes locked on my cock as she occasionally and very briefly made eye contact with me. She got to me and knelt to her knees as she pulled my cock out and started to stroke it well continuing to say "As I thought about it, it turned me on so much.

Even more to think that I could share that with my only other daughter, your sister in law and we'd all have eaten your cum. The thought that my two daughters and I have all tasted the same cum is like WOW!!" She stopped talking as she had the whole time been bring her mouth closer and closer to my cock and as she spoke the last few words she was slapping herself in the face with my cock. It was clear she couldn't think of anything but filling her mouth with my meat. She worked my cock till I was about to cum and once I was ready she had me stand up and fired my whole load into the milk jug.

She then cleaned off my cock and shook the milk as to mix my cum up in the milk. She told me she was going to go get ready to go and that I should come up stairs and grab a couple of the bags she'd packed for the weekend. Once I got those into the truck she'd have some of the food she'd readied for us as well underware gorgeous hottie desires to fuck sextoy lingerie and japanese be put in the truck and then she'd need couple minutes to get ready herself to go.

"Are we stopping off or sexy pon story katrina kaif shopping anywhere before we head over to your place?" She asked. "I wasn't needing to really go anywhere, expect run in and pick up the paint and stain I order from the paint store." I paused as I ran my eyes up and down her body.

I reached out taking her hand, kissing it and then using it to spin her around in front of me. "Although I think we are going to have to go out somewhere because to not take a woman as fine and sexy as you out to parade around would be a crime." After loading the truck I stood by the front door sipping my coffee waiting for my mother in law to come down, I heard a door open and close and then foot steps coming down the stairs.

As I raised my eyes to set my gaze upon what I expected to be my mother in law, I was shocked to see a pair of the most beautiful feet with perfectly manicured toes with a fluorescent pink nail polish and amazing legs with the softest almost porcelain white skin, totally unblemished. These legs hot babes sydney cole and aidra fox in a hot threesome sex large ladies and pornstars long and curvy beauties take up with the tongue and finger masturbation and smalltits thick in all the right places.

They lead to beautiful lacy transparent pair of thong underwear so tiny they could of been a micro thong. What they did cover was almost all but visible through the transparent lace material. What lay under that material was a very soft, very cleanly shaven, very pink and tight looking set of lips on the most amazing looking vagina I have ever laid eyes upon. Just above this peace of heaven lay a very thin very shortly cropped landing strip of black as night pubic hair, that traveled just over the top of this extremely low cut micro thong.

The strings of the thong lead up to the top of a set of not so curvy but very attractive hips. In between these hips was a not completely flat stomach, but the little that stuck out was just enough that it let you know " yea I drink and party, yea I don't always watch what I eat and I'm not going to be at the gym with all my free time.". Her belly button was an innie with the sexiest little hoop piercing. As she continued to come down the stairs she had the largest perkiest breast I'd ever seen.

They were softer and whiter then the rest of her skin and looked so perfectly shaped. They where round but not that completely fake round they had just ever lightest sag to them. Although even with out a bra on they sat so up right it was amazing. The nipples on these breast were of the largest size they could of been at least three quarters of an inch, if not a full inch as they looked to be so very hard. The areoles around them where large but not overly or too large just right, as well the lightly pink colour was so just right.

The top half of these breast, now maybe it was the way the dyed red hair was laying on them or the fact her arms were stretched out above her head and on their way to rubbing her eyes, but the top half was so full and thick that with out a bra it almost looked like a push up bra was pushing her cleavage up.

Now I had been expecting my mother in law to be blonde milf tanya tate masturbates while watching lesbian porn masturbating pornstar one coming down the stairs so upon hearing the foot steps and as I turn my gaze upon the stairway to the descending footsteps coming down I raised my phone up to record video as what was suppose to be my mother in law dressed to drop jaws and turn heads.

As I stood watching my sister in law come down the stairs unaware of my presence and the fact I was recording. As I held my phone up still recording I dropped my eyes to the screen, watching her hands rubbing the sleep from her eyes, I said " Oh your finally ready too go, about time I was about to.".

I was cut off mid sentence by the terrified and startled shocking scream as she realised I was standing at the bottom of the stairs she spun around and took off up those stairs so very fast. As her bedroom door slammed my phone went nuts with messages from my mother in law asking if I enjoyed the sights. I told her I really had and that I'd been lucky enough to video tap it and she should hurry up before she came back out.

She replied with okay, keep that video cued up as she wanted to see it. I then heard her knock on her daughter's door and ask if she was alright and that she was sorry she didn't think she'd of waken up till after we left and that there was hash browns and eggs and milk for breakfast.

Also too have a good weekend away with their dad. I txted my mother in law and said " Work it hard for me Mommy when you come down, give me a good show". As I looked up and brought up the video recorder app on my phone up I heard her little giggle and then her footsteps on the stairs. As she came my first sight was of a pair of well tooled very worked smooth black leather boots.

The boots had a nice point as they narrowed sexy stepmom kendra lust horny threesome with cute teen young old pornstars drastically at the toes. The stitching on the boots was a fluorescent pink. It was of a great contrast to the very well worked and tooled black leather of the boot, but the soles of the boot as I glimpsed but briefly were of a dark deep red. It appeared from the bottom on the stairs that the very small front sole / ball of the high heel boots was black rubber and on the arch portion of the boot was a dark deep red of the leather that wrapped it's self slightly up the sides in the shape of flames.

The flames of many small sizes appeared to be licking up the sides of the boots. the red leather wrapped around the very tall and thin 8 inches of the heel.

The boots laced up in the front with the same dark deep red leather used for the sole, as laces as well. They were run through a gold colour eyelets. You could tell just from the look that these laces of red leather were a great fit to the boot as she had pulled them skin tight. The red laces ran all the way from the top her feet, up her shins, up over her knees where the top of the boots were cover by the bottom of almost matching black leather skirt, just above her knee.

The skirt was just as the boots were skin tight, so tight was the skirt that she could barely walk down the steps as it was restricting the movements of her legs. She stopped and turned around, I could not say it was a carefree twirl as a lady would do to show off her out fit, for it was evident that it was a laboured effort to do so in the heels she was in and the tightness and restriction of the skirt.

As she turned around I was deeply delighted at the sight of exposed skin showing hard work letast xxx story and being pushed out through the laces that held them together. The laces were an almost identical red leather, it as well used almost identical eyelets. These laces however had a decorative design with black and gold stitching on the red. The slit on the sides of the skirts were tapered, so as to follow like her thigh and widen as it went up.

Now she defiantly had that infamous problem so many woman with any native heritage have, commonly referred to as " Bannock Bum ". This skirt however kind of gave her a bit of an ass and as it widen on the sides it widen just enough to show off the small amount of a curve where her ass was.

She continued to turnaround as she became more confident in her footing. As she did so I took in the fact that the back of her boots exposed the whole back side of her legs.

It seemed the leather wrapped around the front and sides, stopping just short enough that the leather seemed to be pushing where it stopped and pushed out the skin through the laces. The skin bulge out just enough that the leather laces were clearly digging into the skin and would leave a clear mark. These laces were of the same red leather as the front and as well there was golden coloured ones and black ones intertwined to lace the back side up. It laced up all the way under the skirt.

But handing down from underneath the skirt was the two ends of the floppy bows they tied up into at the top. As she turned around on last time I took note that threw the slits on the side of skirt I could not notice any signs of a pair of nylons, or straps that would indicate she was wearing a thong or panties or something.

The skirt came up, but was a very very low cut and stopped just barely below where the top of her pelvic bone would be. The sides rose up a few more inches but didn't make it to the top of her hip bones which were exposed. She had on a corset that came in to a sharp point that slid under the top of the skirt. From this point it raised up on the sides leaving a line of exposed skin, of a couple of inches between corset and skirt.

It followed the lines of the skirt up and over her hip bones wrapping around to the back where it dipped under the skirt just as in the front. This corset was clearly not one you'd pick up in the mall and clearly this whole fit was starting to look custom made, the way it hugged her every curve and inch of her body.

The corset was an exact match of black leather to the skirt. It was clearly a metal boned corset, it also had some kind of material that was being use on the bottom and shaped her body to its form. It was black leather over every bone, but in some places it was a black meshy kind of material that was extremely see through. The mesh spots were shaped as flames.

The mesh material only exposed of portion of the front of her body. From her sides back it was solid leather that stopped to expose a fair amount of her back. From the way the fluorescent pink leather used for the laces to tie the back of this corset together was digging in to her back and the fact that there wasn't all that much leather on the sides of the corset to have them as close together as they were it would have to be so tight.

The leather also had in a lighter shade of black flames stitched onto the leather. It all blended together splendidly. The corset really gave her some curves as she wasn't the most shapely woman more of a pole with some tits.

This corset really did wonders and the way the skirt manipulated her ass and seemed to create an ass that wasn't there, the way the corset gave her a beautiful curve at the waist. It probably took two or three sizes off her waist. This was just so fucking hot. The real wonder of this amazing corset was the way in which it held her breasts.

Her breasts are so lovely as they are just massive.

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Now they were as big as my head and for her age still had some good perkiness to them, every time I seen her walking around the house in a T-shirt or the nighties she use to wear so mornings with out a bar. This corset however held her breast at up some what more then would be natural.

In any outfit with breast so large and held up so high would be a attention grabber in a wool sweater. This corset held them up so perfectly, but the real amazement was the way in which it almost seemed to amplify the movements of her breasts. She walked up and I took her hand. As I took hold of her hand I noticed that her nails were done up amazingly. She had these fake nails that had a slight point to them.

They were painted in a deep dark red nail polish with the French tips.

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She had taken time to add letters if a very fluorescent pink. " What did you write on your nails? " I asked as I held her right hand up to see that it spelled out from pinky to pointer, " F U C K ". On her thumb was first letter of my name. " I just wrote what I am hoping you'll make me this weekend!

" She then handed me her left hand to which the first letter of my last name was upon her thumb and an appostorfie ( ' ) with an " S " on her pointer and on the remaining fingers spelled out " T O Y ". As I looked at her hands and took her right hand and kissed it as I brought my eyes up to look upon her face I noticed she'd changed her lipstick to match her finger nails. I also noticed she had added fake eyelashes, that were just so long and sexy.

As I seemed to have lost my self in her eyes she spoke in a very soft sultry voice that sent chills of arousal through me. She said " Well unless your hopping to get us caught by my daughter, whom I'm sure is getting dressed right now to come down, you need to pick out the shirt I'm going to wear today well you parade this dressed up old, but very young at heart Fuck Toy around." She looked at me and winked and then said " Well you know I wouldn't be apposed to getting caught by her, but you'd have to know for damn sure you could make her not rat us out." She gave me a wink and lick of her lips as she got a sexy little smirk on her face.

She then said " You know how hot that would be to share you with my daughter or well daughters. To share you with my daughter who is your sister in law though would be amazing. I'm sure I could teach you both a thing or two and I'm sure she'd love that thick piece of meat of yours. " I looked and her and said " Yes one day we are going to have make that happen and one day I'll have the three of you at the same time. But today isn't the day for any of that as I think we'd need to lay some ground work first.

If we are going to do it one day though, I say we start with their half sister they never talk to. Really work her over to feel out the bumps, as that could cause less damage and be easier to turn around. " I stopped and twirled her around before me and took her all in once again. I firmly, but gently grasped her by the back of the neck, so as not to mess up her hair as we didn't have time to fix it, pulled her in and planted a kiss that brimmed and over flowed with passion, lust, arousal, and forbidden desires.

The kiss lingered for longer then it mia martinez pussy getting rail from behind should of as we heard the opening of her daughter's bedroom door.

We pulled apart and I grasped the door knob as to open and exit the house rapidly should the footsteps we were focused on start down those stairs. As we listened breathlessly, the footsteps lead bunny busty japanese enjoys cock in pov style masturbation and sucking another door closing and my guess of it being the washroom was confirmed by the sound of running water and the toilette flushing accompanied by her bitching.

This was the norm as my mother in law rarely flushed the toilette if it was just urine. " We better pick out the top I'm going to wear quickly. " she stated as she opened the duffle bag and removed four different tops.

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To which she held up to her body but didn't put them on. " They all match nicely, but which one shows off the most of those breasts. The one that gives the greatest cleavage is the one you should wear.


" So I stated quickly to her. " I always knew you were a breast man. " She said with a wink and a grab of my cock through my pants. She continued to say " So when's my oldest daughter getting a set of bimbo making bolt on tits?", with a sexy smirk.

" Slammed hooters cummed on big tits blonde she makes it so your no longer a just a M.I.L.F., but also a G.I.L.F., Grandmother I'd Love to Fuck. Don't worry though you'll always be my M.I.L.I.L.F, Mother In Law I Love to Fuck." I said with a smile. " When she does get them done I'll be sure to get a couple pictures for you to Jill off on when I'm not available. You'll love them, trust me they'll be bigger then yours. " I told her with a wink.

Giddily she bounced lightly up and down as I stared at her breasts. She pulled me in and kissed me. She then said " I can't wait for that day, but hopefully you won't have to get me pictures cause hopefully I'll see them up and close.

Maybe I could be the one taking the pictures of you and her. If we are really lucky it'll be both my girls and the two of us in those pictures and I know just who we could have take them.".

" If we're lucky it will be and yes having their half sister take the pictures would be a great idea. If we wanna get there though we best get a shirt on you and get the hell out of here before the one upstairs comes down and sees you dressed like the piece of meat you are. " I said to her as I grabbed the other three shirts and the duffel bag. I went to put the shirts in bag and she said " Hold on I got one more thing to complete outfit. Can you pass me the black leather jacket in the bag, please and thank-you.

" She put the shirt on and I passed her the jacket that was only half a jacket, but it covered up her arms to her elbows and when she did it up it only the bottom few inches came together. It pushed her breasts out and held them very firmly kind of like a push up bra. So we left, and headed to the paint store.

As we pulled up to the paint store she said " Back the truck up to the door there. I'm going to go in and pick up the paint for you. I think I'll get it at a better price, you got cash right?".

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So I hand her the cash and told her good luck. I waited in the truck for her. I repositioned the mirrors so I could watch her through the store windows. She was working it so very hard. She had the front desk big ass ebony kali dreams sucked a big cock just about drooling. As he was finding my order for her the lady I placed the order with over the phone walked out from the back. I was lucky enough to see her stop look my mother in law up and down, lick her lips and scurry over to the front desk.

As I watched this very attractive woman slide in beside her co-worker and tell him something that seemed to confuse him. She then said something to my mother in law and grabbed her co-worker by the shoulders turned him around and pushed him out from behind the desk.

He couldn't take his eyes off my mother in law and walked into the wall as he tried to find the door. Once he found the door he seemed to forget how to turn the handle and ploughed into the door, once he got it open and disappeared through it the two woman were giggling, then once he was gone they had a good solid laugh.


The whole time the sales ladies' eyes never left my mother on laws chest. They were leaning in and talking and clearly flirting. There was a lot of touching and giggling. Then my mother in law walked over to one of the walls and the sales lady just took it all in and walked over and the touching became more openly.

This went on for awhile, then they walked back to the desk. The sales lady grabbed a print out and headed to the back. About five minutes later she came back with a cart full of my order as well as a could bags of things.

My mother in law put her skimpy purse on the counter pulled out her cell phone and then my phone buzzed with a message, that read " Got slutty cutie is taken in anal nuthouse for harsh treatment all, meet me at the back of truck your going to like this. " So I got out opened tail gate and then grabbed the door.

The sales lady pushed the cart to the back of my truck and I thanked her and started to load it up. As I loaded it up my mother in law introduced us.

She then thank her and said " I'll give you a call this evening. Looking foreword to you coming over. Trust me you'll enjoy it, it's very filling and he just knows how to use it.".

They then kissed on the cheeks, and my mother in law grabbed two full handfuls of the sales ladies' ass and as they parted they winked and my mother in law smacked the ladies' ass playfully, as she pushed the cart back in the store. We got into truck and she said " I guess I won't wear you out today. It would be awfully rude of me to hog you all to myself after I promised that lovely thing at least one round with the two of us together.

I however told her not to expect a multiply round performance from you as it going to be next to impossible to leave you with enough left to share.