School galas 15your sex xxxx

School galas 15your sex xxxx
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Disclaimer Copyright, 2012, Patricia Steel ([email protected]) Do whatever you want with this story, only keep my name attached, please. Please report any and all orgasms arrived at through reading and masturbating to these words. I love knowing that I am deliberately manipulating your mind into an erotic state.

This story is to be considered "Fiction" although it has its basis in "Fact". This is not to be considered a true tale of underage sex, statutory rape, or molestation, as these events happened more than a quarter century ago. Some of the principal parties are no longer living. The only reason I'm telling you that it has its basis in truth, is it might make it all the more sexy for you, and maybe make your orgasms better/stronger/faster. Thank you, and enjoy.

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I asked Jesse for his permission to write this story. He granted it, without a problem, and, while some of the scenes are "fleshed out" with fantasy, the basis of this tale lies in the espanyol madre hija y padre pornreal of truth. This is a "sexy" story for many of us, who are turned on by "on the edge" topics like incest and gay rape, but we must realize the psychological and physical damage that was done to Jesse, and pledge to ourselves and our children that such abuse will NEVER happen in our own homes.

If we can do that, then we can enjoy stories like this, while at the same time raising awareness of these sorts of situations where sexual abuse by siblings occurs frequently, and in the most severe ways imaginable. Part 2 That first night home, Jesse fell asleep worried about what Roy might do to him, and he was right in his caution. He kept his underwear on, even though in the late august heat, he was just sweating like some sort of animal, even with the fan blowing right on him.

Finally, he did fall asleep on his belly, facing Roy, but he slept heavily -- the sleep most 8-yr-olds usually sleep. He awoke to his underwear being stuffed into his mouth. "Oh no, please, not again," he thought, but yes, it was happening. Roy was sitting, straddling the small of his back. Jesse could hardly breathe, between the underwear half down his throat, and Roy on his back. Roy probably weighed more that twice what Jesse weighed, and was a middle-school wrestler.

There was no hope of escape from this position. Roy had his fingers in Jesse's ass, first two, then three, then four. At four, Jesse began to scream through the cotton briefs. Roy grabbed him by his shoulder-length copper-colored hair, and yanked his head back, curtailing the scream. Roy had been using some kind of slippery stuff in his ass, to get his fingers in there, but he didn't trim his nails, and he scratched the kid's anus already causing bleeding before he even started fucking him.

Roy placed his bigger, heavier, stronger legs outside of Jesse's and Jesse could now feel the head of Roy's cock pushing at his anus.

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"Oh pussy hammering with sexy milf hardcore blowjob God, no." he thought. But God doesn't help little boys with Bullys for brothers who like to fuck their little brothers up the ass, now do they?

Roy's body basically covered his, his left hand pulling back Jesse's head by his hair, Roy talked into Jesse's ear this time, spitting a constant stream of "You like this, don't you, you little faggot? You love getting your ass fucked by a real man.

You couldn't wait to get back home to get your ass filled with my big cock, could you?" Jesse only cried through it all, wondering what he ever did to Roy that was so terrible, that he should do this to him. He tried to leave Roy alone as much as possible.

He knew Roy had a bad temper, but until recently, Jesse had admired him-- admired his body, his strength, his abilities in sports, and Jesse hoped one day to be a lot like him, minus the bad temper. But now, no. Now he wanted to be nothing like him. Nothing like him at all. Jesse never wanted to abuse boys who were smaller and weaker than him -- he knew every boy had a mean streak in him somewhere, but no, he would never do this to another human being.

This time did not hurt like the last time. Jesse did not know why, but he was very happy about that. In his mind, he envisioned that his ass had changed shape the last time he was "raped" by Roy, and that now, he was, more or less, a custom fit for his abusive brother. In truth, that was actually partially true. The other factor was that from behind, Roy wasn't able to thrust in quite as far, for which Jesse should have been grateful, if he knew the whole mechanics of the process.

Finally, just like the last time, Roy would make a deep thrust, then keep it there, and the warm feeling inside his gut. This feeling he actually kinda liked, out dagfs taylor tilden satisfies a voyeur natural tits and cheerleader the whole terrible experience. Each time Roy thrust inside him, though, he pulled back on Jesse's hair, painfully over-extending Jesse's little neck, and the tears flowed for yet another reason. Finally, with a loud bellowing sound-- like a bull, Roy finished, and collapsed on top of him.

God, he was too heavy. After a little while, he pulled the briefs out of Jesse's mouth, and stuffed them in his ass, instead. Jesse screamed at this new violation of his body. Roy laughed, saying, "Try not to make such a mess this time, faggot. People will start to wonder about you." Roy rolled back to his own bed, and started looking at a NASCAR magazine.

Jesse looked over at Brad. Brad rolled near him and asked, "Did that truly hurt very much?" "You mean he's never done that to you?" Jesse asked. "No, never. Did it really hurt a lot?" Brad repeated the question. "This time, not too bad. It hurt, but I could stand it, until he started pulling my hair real hard.

That hurt way too much. My neck is still sore, and he's too fucking heavy.

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Noughty amrica mom step son hate it when he lays on me, and he knows it, from being a wrestler. The first time, though. It was the worst thing I'd ever been through. I still don't feel completely OK from that one. Like he did some damage to me or something. I probably should have gone to a doctor, but you know Mom and Dad." "Jesse, if I try real hard not to hurt you, do you think I could try it with you?

I won't pull your hair, or lie on top of you, or call you names, or anything. I just want to, you know, know how it feels to be inside someone.

I know you're not gay or anything. Neither am I. I just want to do this. I could make you do this, like Roy, but I'd rather you let me, instead." "If I say no, you'll make anyway.

Is that what you're saying?" Jesse asked. "Pretty much, yeah, Jesse. I'm sorry, but I feel like I have to do this to you. You're kinda weak and helpless, and that's giving teen sucks for cum in pov pornstars and blowjob a hard-on, kinda like I get watching Dad's porno tapes" Brad replied. "Then I guess I have to let you." With that, Jesse spread his legs slightly, and buried his face in his pillows. Brad put his longer legs outside Jesse's, and rested his weight on his knees.

He put his hands on each side of Jesse's elbows, on the bed, and rested his weight there, then, slowly, and awkwardly, he could feel Brad's cock poking around between his ass cheeks, looking for his anus. Eventually he found it, and he pushed.

A lot at first, getting him inside the sphincter, then a little at a time.


Brad didn't feel the need to sink it all the way home. Just having the sensitive part inside his baby brother was enough. He pumped in and out just a few times, and then Jesse felt the warm feeling inside his gut.


Brad had cum already. Jesse was glad of that. It hadn't hurt with Brad, and it hadn't lasted more than a few minutes. If he had to be raped by one of his brothers, he'd prefer it to be Brad. What a troublemaker cassidy klein fucked hard pornstars hardcore thing to have to think, he thought. Brad got off of him without putting any weight on him at all. "Thanks, Baby Bro, that was awesome!" Brad said, and tossed his long red hair in affection.

"Don't expect a "you're welcome" dickwad." Jesse responded, "because you're not welcome in my ass, fucker." Brad laughed at that, and so did Jesse. "Come on, let's go get a bath." Brad suggested. Jesse nodded, knowing that the two of them were still expected to bathe together, because things like what just happened weren't supposed to happen at their age yet. Super cute annie gives amazing pov bj was juicy babe adores hot action smalltits and hardcore attentive to Jesse during the bath-- washing his hair for him, and his back, and under his arms, and even gently trying to clean his ass for him.

Jesse, like always, sat between Brad's long legs in the old claw-foot tub. For Jesse, Brad was just being nicer than usual, because he just fucked him up the ass. For Brad, it was all he could do not to assault his little brother with the adorable little white ass, and hott little body all over again.

He decided to try something else. Brad sat up on the back edge of the old claw-foot tub, his small early-adolescent cock standing straight out at attention. He had just a little coal-black hair surrounding the base of it.

Jesse naturally turned around to see what was going on. "That's it, Jesse. Turn around, on your hands and knees, and come up here. I want you to do something for me." Brad commanded. "Do I have a choice this time?" Jesse felt that it was "one of those" things. "Not really Kid. If you refuse, well. You'll be doing it one way or the other. I just like to keep it friendly and loving between you and me, OK?" "Yeah, OK." Jesse acquiesced.

"I want you to put it in your mouth, swirl your tongue around the underside a little. pull it out part way, and take it back in, kinda over and over. Sort of the way I moved it in and out of your ass. nice and slow. in and out, just a little at a time. That underside is where it feels the best, so that's where you want to put all the pressure. But if I feel a single tooth touch it, I'm going to punch you in the head, and tell mom you fell getting out of the tub, so, think about that very carefully." Jessy looked at him with eyes as big as dinner plates.

He wanted him to put his cock in his mouth?? How disgusting was that?? Did people actually do that? Who? "It's called a Blowjob, Jesse. Girls do it for their boyfriends all the time, and sometimes guys do it, too, for their special friends, or guys that they love.

You do love me, don't you Jesse?? I never want to hurt you like Roy does. I want it to be nice between me and you, ok? And this won't cause you any pain at all." "Yeah, OK." So he approached Brad on his hands and knees, both of which were still underwater, when he reached him, he put his arms up on his brother's thighs, leaning on them, as he moved his head closer and closer to IT.

"Now just open your mouth, Baby Brother, but don't use your teeth at all." Brad instructed, and Jesse complied. He felt the head of the thing enter his mouth, and Brad left out a sigh. "Use your tongue." Brad ordered.

When Jesse did, Brad leaned his head back, and started rocking his hips, fucking his little Brother's skull. Brad had seen this in his Dad's Magazines, and had even seen Roy's girlfriends do this for him, but he had no idea it might feel this good. Brad balanced himself with one hand on the side of the old Claw-Foot bathtub, and grabbed Jesse's hair, instinctively with the other.

He did not pull, as Jesse was thankful for, but he did control the rhythm of Jesse's strokes upon his cock, between rocking his hips, and thrusting Jesse's skull down to meet his bucking. A constant, low moan came from Brad.

came from down deep inside him. This lasted a minute or two, and then, Brad shoved Jesse's head all the way down on his boy-cock. It wasn't very long, thankfully, but it still triggered Jesse's gag reflex.

Brad didn't care, the gagging felt good to him, as he began pumping splooge into his little brother's gut, this time from the top end. Jesse couldn't breathe -- his epiglottis had closed to protect his lungs, but Brad didn't particularly care. full white girl eat cum the next minute or so, Jesse's mouth and throat were nothing more than his cum receptacle, and Jesse had better get used to it, because this would not be the last time.

The little kid was a natural cocksucker, Brad figured. Finally, Brad let go of Jesse's hair, and pulled out of his throat. The kid started coughing and gagging like crazy. Brad put his hand over Jesse's mouth, to quiet his coughs, so his parents' wouldn't hear. Not that it was likely, anyway. Brad sat back down into the cooling bathwater, and sat Jesse between his legs, holding on to him, like he was a baby once again, and rocking with him back and forth, occasionally kissing his head, and saying "Shhhh, Jesse, it's all right now, it's all over." Finally, Jesse sat sideways, upon his thigh, curled up to his chest, and started to cry.


Brad comforted him as best he could. He ran a little bit more hot water into the bathtub, to keep them comfortable a while longer. He rocked Jesse again, until the tears subsided. To say that Brad wasn't remorseful over what he had just done to his little brother wouldn't have been quite accurate. But to say that he didn't enjoy hurting his little brother, and exerting power over him, well, that wouldn't be accurate either.

He didn't like the violence and injury that Roy inflicted upon Jesse. No. that was too much, but the subtle, control and deep-seated emotional pain that he could cause his baby brother.

to make him curl up on his lap and cry like a baby, yes, that was something that made Brad's cock hard enough to cut diamonds. END PART 2