Sex com xxx mature and girl story

Sex com xxx mature and girl story
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I moved overseas and have not found a connect yet but I still remember. I can still see myself prepping the point. I pull the plunger out and then add some crystal to the .25 line. I put the plunger back in and push it down so it's sitting at the top but not compressing. I take the cap off and put it in warm water and then draw the water in by pulling the plunger back till it's around .45 or.50 water level.

Cap goes back on and I let it dissolve. It only takes a few moments. I look at it and carefully remove any excess air.

I then line it up to where my vein is near the crook of my arm. No tie off needed. I feel the needle enter my skin and sometimes I even feel it pop as it enters the vein. I pull back to confirm and see as the clear liquid is mixed with my blood.

I take a deep breath and let it out again. I then push the plunger down and empty the contents into my vein. I quickly pull the needle out and set it down and then put my finger on the spot and lift my arm over my head. I quickly feel warmth rising in my arm to the rest of my body. My breath tightens a little and I may even cough. There is a metallic taste in the back of my throat. Then I am riding the wave. I am warm all over, my skin is sensitive to the touch.

More then likely I will want to get naked. Cloths are just a pain and in the way. I quickly and do mean quickly strip off my cloths.

Now the fun starts. My friend is doing his slam. I get down and take his cock in my mouth as he slams. My eyes are up watching him as I lick and suck him. I make sure he is in my mouth as his slam hits as well. I feel him shudder and shake a little.

Then we move to a more comfortable position. We get in a 69 on the bed. I tend to be on top. I am sucking and playing with his cock and also dipping my tongue down to his hole. He also starts working on my hole and though I keep my hands on him I end up sitting more upright so he can get to my hole better.

I am so in need and what I want, what I need is to be fucked and my friend knows this as well. I start beauty is nailed in doggie pornstar hardcore crawl forward into a doggy position and as his legs become clear gets up behind me. No lube his spit is all I need.

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He enters me and I just moan and purr like a bitch in heat. Well that's what I am at the moment in total heat to get fucked and used by cocks and filled with cum. He fucks me for a while and then we move to turn the camera on. I am on my knees ass up head down so people can see my hole. He is beside me playing with his own cock and hole and we invite others to come over.

I play with both girls and guys. I generally just chase after girls but when you use crystal you just like sex and can be satisfied with either or both. And I can have some of the wildest and pervy fantasies ever when I am high. I really enjoy the wild sex and such I have on meth. It's a true sex drug if there ever was one.

One of my favorites is that time travel exists but not your normal time travel but more along the lines of going back to being you when you were 19 or any other age. For me I think what life would be like if I was introduced to crystal injections when I was really getting to know sex and what it was about.

It's summer. I am mostly reading books, and hanging out with my friends and such. No computers like we have now so no internet porn. Had to get your thrills from magazines and story books. That's how I got good at eating pussy. The stories were so detailed on what a pussy was like, how to touch it and everything. When I finally got to go veronica rayne in keys to her pussy on a girl she loved it and pretty much every girl after as well though I digress.

I was curious though and saw some add about getting a blow job. I am horny and thinking it's just a blow job what do I care who does it. So I wrote a letter and gave out the phone number with specific times to call. must of been 2-3 weeks later, maybe even a month I got a call and it was from this guy.

He keeps it light and easy.


Says he has some videos I could watch while I get a blow job. I tell him we can't do anything here and he offers to pick me up and for some silly reason I agree.

We arrange for Friday morning at 10:00 am sharp. He is prompt and off we go. He has the radio on and I am kind of fidgety.

About a half hour, maybe 45 minutes we get to his place and he pulls in the garage and lowers it and in his house we go. It seems generally clean and he takes me into what he calls his fun room. He has a tv in there and a vcr. It's situated in such a way that the bed is the best place to watch it. So up we go and he starts the movie.

It's some pretty girls and several guys. Were watching and I am liking it and know I am getting horny. I had been way nervous till now. He suggests we take our shirts off and I do and then our pants. Here I am in my underwear sitting with this older guy in his underwear watching a fuck flick. I jump when I feel him touch me.

He pulls back and hands me a glass of soda. I drink it up as he suggests. I was nervous. I go back to watching the movie and in a short while I feel a little strange but in a good way. He again starts to busty blonde cougar has her pussy penetrated my leg and slowly moves his hand up to my underwear.

Soon his hand is inside playing with my cock and rubbing it and such. At some point he must of pushed my underwear down because there gone and he is leaning over licking and sucking my cock. I am really enjoying it. He asks me if I would like to play with his cock too and I say something about girls but please don't stop. He continues and i notice he sometimes licks all the way to my ass and even has fingers caressing it and pushing in as he licks.

He never actually pushes a finger in but is teasing and making me feel really good. He stops and sits up and at some point he must have got completely naked too because I can see his big hairy balls and a very fat and hard cock sticking up. I start to play with my cock and continue watching the movie. You might say I am distracted and focused and the sex. The movie is changing up. Going from guy girl to more guys then the one girl and the guys seem to be playing with each other as well.

At some point I semi noticed a band on my upper arm. and he is holding it on a pillow but I go back to the movie. I hear him say hold still this may pinch but don't worry. I feel the pinch and as if in slow tiny blonde kenzie reeves blowjobs and railed by fat dick I start to look over and by the time I see he is pulling a syringe from my arm.

He smiles at me and says no worries just a little pick me up. You will love it. Then he removes the band. My throat seems to tighten, I can't really breath almost like trying to catch my breath. Several huge coughs. He pulls me down so i am laying on my back. My ears seems to be slightly ringing and my eyes are all blurry and unfocused. I try to mumble and that's about all it was. My head is totally fuzzy.


I feel strange all over. I notice I am playing with my cock and I am feeling so horny yet I am so soft and seem so small. I feel his mouth on my cock again and I just moan it feels so good. He stops sits up and moves up closer to me and asks how I am feeling. He is touching me all over as he is doing this. I get out the words it feels good and what was that. I think I hear him say that was my girl Crystal.

Can't be sure though. It seems all a blur.

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He rolls me on my side and again starts playing with my ass. while kissing me and switching off with my nipples as well. I feel his finger slip in and though I should protest it just feels to good. In fact as he is fingering me I start to rock my hips back and forth trying to get more of his finger.

What does he do, he stops. I mumble out please don't stop. I hear him say "Oh you like that". Does it feel good? I focus and say yes. He gets me up on my hands and knees and gets behind me and I again feel his fingers and something else being rubbed up and down my hole.

What can I say it is feeling really good. Again he stops only what ever he was rubbing up and down is stopped right at my hole with just enough pressure to have me feel him there but not enough to push in. He asks me do I want more? I say yes. he then says well the only way I am getting more is to get his cock in me and was that what i wanted?

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I should asiannbspsatomi suzuki provides serious pleasures on cocks japanese and sucking screamed load and clear no. Didn't happen. I was saying please and I actually was pushing back a little.

Just enough for more pressure but not forcing it in me. it just felt so good there. He feels my slight push back and grabs my hips in a tight grip. Then he pushes and pushes more I want to say stop because it is starting to hurt but the words don't come. The next thing is he pops in my hole. Once he is in me he pauses for just a moment. Never have i ever felt anything like that.There was pressure and surprise even some hurt and yet it felt good too.

Then he just pushes all the way in me. There was another brief surprise as he slips past what i come to find out in the internal ring to the next section. He only stops when he is totally in me. Then he starts to slowly move inside of me. Just a couple of inches back and forth. The feeling changes from pressure to more joy and pleasure. Soon enough he is long dicking me pulling almost all the way out to then sick back full depth.

At some point I notice my own cock is still soft but is dripping like crazy. Soon he asks me how I am loving getting fucked and being his boipussy slam slut. All I can do is just groan and moan and hoping this never stops. I have no idea how long he fucked me. I do know he had me sit on him for time, and even on my back with my feet on his shoulders etc.

Then he started grunting and says get ready here it comes and i feel him do one last deep hard push and hold inside of me. Is it possible I feel him expand. He is shooting his cum into my formally virgin hole.

It goes on from there as he introduces me to full on perv sex. In real life I was a much older man when i was introduced to cocks and asses and most definitely to injecting crystal into my veins. I almost wonder if I have missed out by not being introduced to all of this at a younger age though what that age is only I know.