Busty blonde doing the dishes girlfriend bathroom

Busty blonde doing the dishes girlfriend bathroom
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My wife and I are in our forties and we both work out and are in great shape. My name is Richard and my wife's name is Jean. Are kids have grown up and our youngest moved out on her own just a few month's ago. We both have great jobs and we have a nice house with a game room, a video security system that covers every room and the yard, a large yard with an in-ground swimming pool with an outdoor covered bar.

We like to have parties at our house. About 4 years ago a new couple moved into the neighborhood. I met Angela when I was on the way to work one morning and she had a flat tire.

I changed her tire for her and got to know her while I was doing it. Angela had a husband, a 12 year old daughter Rio and a 10 year old son Donald. Angela is a very beautiful lady of American Indian descent about 5' 8" tall and she wore very loose clothing which hid her figure. Angela mentioned that she needed a babysitter and soon after that my daughters started taking care of her kids after school while she worked. We met her husband shortly after that and he was a very nice man about 5' 3" tall.

They had a very small house so within the next year we started holding their children's birthday parties at our house. They were a fun couple with him jumping in the pool with the kids and having fun but even in the summer Angela would always wear clothes that hid her figure and never got into the pool. About 6 months ago Angela's husband was in a fatal car accident. She had quite a rough time and we have been helping her get through it.

We have even paid her bills when she could not afford them. It came time for Rio's 16th birthday and my wife Jean wanted to make it special since their family had been through a lot since she lost her father. Jean loved to have parties so any excuse would do for her.

Rio's best friend Debbie and Donald's best friend Ronnie happened to be brother and sister. Ronnie's birthday was one day after Rio's so we all got together and decided to have a birthday party for Rio and Ronnie at our house at 2pm on Saturday. The deal was that we would have the party at our house and then they would leave around 7pm to have a sleepover at Debbie and Ronnie's parent's house. This would give Angela a well-deserved night on her own. On the Wednesday before the Saturday party Jean, Angela and I got together to finalize all of the party details at our house.

When we were done Angela got up and hugged Jean this girl will always be your cum hungry thanked her repeatedly and kissed her on her neck just below her ear.

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Angela then came over to me and gave me a very tight hug and pressed her boobs hard into my chest. I could feel that she had quite an impressive set of boobs and her nipples were very hard. She thanked me repeatedly and whispered I hope I can find some way to make this up to you and licked my ear. Sex makes playgirl reach the sky hardcore and blowjob then went down to the game room and got her kids and went home.

As soon as Angela left my wife attacked me and we made love for hours. Jean admitted that when Angela kissed her neck it turned her on immensely. She said that she hadn't wanted to have sex with a woman since her college days but she would like to try it with Angela.

She then asked "does it bother you that I want to have sex with a woman?" I asked "can I join in?" She said "yes, if you are there at the time. Why don't we see who can get to her first?

"Sounds like a great challenge to me. Whoever gets to her first has to video it for the other one" I said. Unfortunately the next night my wife was called by her work's Corporate headquarters and she would have to be away to busty good looking teen shows off bigtits and webcam an emergency situation in another state for the next week or so.

This meant that I got to pussylicked stepmom scissors by naughty teen lesbians milf this huge party for 14 and 16 year-olds at my house by myself.

This did not look like a fun weekend! The day of the party arrived and I spent the early part of the morning picking up all of the stuff for the party and I just made it home before 11am. The doorbell rang a few minutes later and I figured that it was Angela and her kids because they were due at 11am to help set up. When I opened the door all I could do was stare. It was Angela and her kids alright but Angela no longer was wearing her figure hiding clothes.

She was wearing a nice fitting pink blouse that was moderately low-cut and a pair of form fitting white shorts. Angela had at least double D cup boobs with a trim waist and a very nicely rounded butt. She finally said "aren't you going to let me in?" "Oh, I'm sorry please come in. I had no idea you had such an incredible body" I said. She turned very red and said "thank you very much" and walked in.

Angela and the kids were very helpful and we had everything ready by 12:30pm so I made us all lunch and we sat down together and ate it. When we were done lunch Donald asked if he could go play video games and I told him yes and he left to go play. Rio wanted to go outside and tan for a little before everyone got there and I said 'sure you can but please be sure to put on plenty of suntan lotion before you go out".

It was early June and she hadn't started to get a tan yet and she was very light skinned. When Rio came out she looked great. She was wearing a bikini which was small and her boobs threatened to burst out of it.

It was obvious she was her mother's daughter as she looked to be about a D cup already. I said "wow Rio, you look great!" She smiled and turned red from the top of her head to halfway down her boobs and said "thanks".

Angela was doing the lunch dishes so Rio asked me to put suntan lotion on her back. I started at her neck and she undid the top of her bikini while I was doing it so that it wouldn't get loaded with suntan lotion. She hooked the top back as I started working down her back and she undid her back strap and let it hang. Rio was making little noises while I rubbed the suntan lotion in and when I asked her if it hurt she said that she was sore from the day before and the massage felt great.

I started to push up the center of her back to give her a butterfly massage but it only pushed her across the room towards her mother. All three of us laughed and I told her that she would have to hold onto something so that I could give her the massage. Rio leaned over at a 45 degree angle and held onto the counter. Her bikini top had only the top strap in place so that left her boobs completely exposed.

Angela looked at Rio and smiled and went back to doing the dishes. Rio looked down and then looked back at me and smiled and said "consider it a thank-you for the massage". I then started massaging her back, starting from the bottom and going all the way up to her neck. She was moaning and saying "that feels so good". I said "wait a minute let me go get my recorder.


My wife is away so I will need this for later". Rio laughed a bit and Angela busted out laughing and dropped the dish that she was rinsing. Once we all stopped laughing Angela left to go to the bathroom. Rio said "can you do my butt where my bathing suit sits and the backs of my thighs? I can't quite reach them well enough". I said "sure just slide you bathing suit down just a little and I will do the top part". So with Rio still bent over the counter and her boobs completely exposed with very hard nipples I knelt down on the floor behind her to put suntan lotion on her butt an her thighs.

Rio then looked back at me and gave me a smile and dropped her bathing suit bottom to the floor. She even stepped one leg out of it and spread her legs to give me a better view. Rio said "I just want to thank you again for that great massage". Wow, this was the body of a 20 year-old not a 16 year old! She had a beautiful butt and her shaved pussy was peeking out between her cheeks. Her inner lips were exposed and she had pussy juice running down her inner thighs.

I then started massaging the suntan lotion on her butt avoiding the area next to her pussy. I then started at her left knee and worked my way up her thigh again avoiding the area near her pussy. The whole time she was shivering lightly and moaning. As I massaged my way up her right thigh she shivered more and started moaning louder, but again I avoided the area next to her pussy.

She then bent over further, pushed her butt out and said "you missed the most important spot". I leaned in a little closer and blew a warm breath across her pussy. She moaned "oh yes, please do my pussy!" I then reached my tongue out and lightly traced her outer lips and she shivered. I kept that up for a few minutes to tease her while she kept moving to try to get my tongue to touch her clit.

I then moved my tongue to her inner lips and traced all around them but just barely missing her clit. She was breathing very heavy and moaning low. I then decided to let her go so I did a butterfly dance on her clit and she exploded. She collapsed and I caught her as she slid down onto the floor. After a minute or so I helped her put her bathing suit back on and she kissed me and tasted her own juices on my lips. She mom and sun and xxx six moves her lips and thanked me for giving her the first orgasm that she had ever had.

She was still a bit out of it so I walked her out to the pool so that she could lie down in a lounge chair and get a tan. When I walked back in Angela was just coming back from using the bathroom. Angela and I then cleaned up the lunch mess and finished the party setup work together. Shortly after we finished the guests started to arrive and Son attacking stepmom in kitchen had to run around to keep things going smoothly.

The kids mostly stayed in the pool and the adults sat around the pool deck under the roof of the bar area talking. Most of the adult talk was about Angela.

Both men and women kept giving her compliments on her new style of dress and talking about how great she looked. Finally the time came when only those that were part of the sleepover were left. They said they would help clean-up but I told them to go and have fun and they left.

I sat down in one of the chairs by the pool in the shade of the bar area to relax for a few minutes before I started to clean up. A few moments later I was surprised to see Angela sit down in the chair next to me.

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"I thought you left with the rest of the crowd" I said. Angela replied "I couldn't leave you to clean up this mess by yourself". I got her a wine cooler to help her to unwind and we sat and talked about the party etc. for a little while. She then said "I want to thank you for what you did for Rio in the kitchen earlier". I started to respond but she put her finger to my lips and said "I have a confession to make. I didn't go to the bathroom; I went to the living room to watch.

I dropped my shorts and fingered myself to orgasm fantasizing that it was me at that age that you were doing that to. You see when I was her age I was teased a lot about my boobs and I started wearing clothes to hide my figure.

It repressed my sexuality to the point where I didn't even have my first orgasm until after Rio was born. I am going to make sure that Rio does not have that problem and I am glad that you helped her.

It's great that she was able to have her first orgasm in a very safe situation with someone who cares about her". She then continued, "My husband was a wonderful man but under endowed and not very adventurous when it came to sex.


We only had sex missionary style in the bedroom with the lights off. I know from watching you in the pool for the last 4 years you have a much bigger cock than he had. I really want you to help me explore my sexuality, will you?" "Oh yes…like you really need to ask that question" I said and she smiled.

I then said "let's start by going swimming". And she replied "but I don't have a bathing suit". "Then I won't use one either" I said.

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I looked up to make sure I was in the right position for the camera and I stood up and started taking my clothes off right in front of her.

She sat up and stared at me the whole time I was undressing with her mouth hanging open. When I was done undressing I stood right next to her chair and her face was only a few inches away from my cock. She sat in her chair with her mouth still hanging open and stared right at my cock for a couple of minutes without saying anything. I broke the silence by saying "you know, if you give it a nice wet kiss you can see how big it gets".

I have to admit that it was taking everything I had to stop my cock from getting hard. Having such an incredibly built woman staring at my cock with her mouth inches from it usually would have me hard as a rock.

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I wanted to make sure that she knew that it was her touch that turned me on. She licked her lips, leaned forward and gave my cock head a tentative little kiss.

When my cock jumped and grew a little she said "ooh" and did it again and of course my cock jumped and grew a little more. She smiled and started fondling my balls and when she leaned in this time to kiss my cock head she stuck out her tongue and licked the bottom of it. My cock jumped and grew to half-hard and it was my turn to say "oooohh yes". Her eyes got a bit wide and she smiled and laughed a little to herself. At this point I don't think that she knew that any of the rest of me was there.

Her whole concentration was on my cock and balls, which I didn't mind one bit. She then opened up her mouth and wrapped her luscious lips around my cock head. She snaked her tongue out first around the bottom of my cock and then she danced it all around my cock head. I finally stopped holding back and let my cock go fully hard.

She jumped back a bit surprised when my cock jumped blacked brunette teen takes monster black cock full hardness and then she just stopped and looked at what she had done for a minute. She then leaned back in and ran her tongue over every inch of my cock. She licked her lips and ran them all over my cock while her tongue painted fire all over it.

With my balls still in her hand she tilted my cock so that it reality kings couple pay for their way pointed straight at her mouth and she spoke to it like it was a microphone.

She said "you have made Rio cum today and you have made me cum today but you haven't had a chance to cum. I want to make you cum and I want you to know that it was me that did it. I've never done anything like this before but I want you to cum in my mouth more than anything else I have ever wanted". She licked her lips and put as much of my cock in her mouth as she could and she danced her tongue all along the bottom of it.

She just held it there with the head against the back of her mouth trying to get more of it in. Her eyes were watering and she was choking a little but she kept trying. She pulled my cock back out and after catching her breath she spoke to my microphone again "I am so sorry that I can't take all of you.

I guess I am going to need to practice a lot. Would you please cum in my mouth even though I can't take all of you?" "Yes I will" I said "but you will have to take off your blouse and bra first". She squealed and had her blouse and bra off in 2 seconds and went right back to sucking my cock.

She started slowly going up and down on my cock while sucking on it and dancing her tongue around. She kept getting better and better at it as the minutes went by. I reached down grabbed her left nipple and started rolling it between my thumb and forefinger.

She moaned long and low onto the head of my cock while it was pressing against her throat which felt very incredible. I reached over and grabbed her other nipple and did the same with it and she moaned even more and shook all over. I was getting really close to cumming and I told her so.

She step mom and ally companions daughter sex family kink anal the treat trade pt started going crazy on my cock, moaning constantly and shivering. That was all I could handle and I exploded into her mouth. She didn't lose a drop as she kept swallowing every time I shot another wad of cum. I didn't let go of her nipples the whole time I was cumming and when I shot my last shot I pulled out and she screamed and came also. She laid back in her chair to recover and I laid down on mine.

It was an incredible view looking over at her with her breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing. Once our breathing had returned to normal she said "I really want to get into the pool. I haven't been swimming since I was 14." She then took off her shorts and jumped into the pool with me right after her.

We played around in the pool for a little while and she got a little winded so she sat on the side of the pool. I walked up to her, spread her legs and stood between them and kissed her lips. I then worked my way around to her ear and then to her neck. I had been thinking about sucking her nipples since I saw her at the door when she got here so I spent a lot of time on them.

She had very sensitive nipples and she kept getting hotter and hotter, moaning and squirming all over the place. While I was sucking on one nipple I would be rolling the other between my thumb and forefinger. Finally when I took both nipples in my mouth at the same time she screamed and came. After she came she laid back which put her pussy in the perfect position for me to go down on her.

She was so hot that after only about a minute of my tongue in her shaved pussy she screamed and came again. After a few moments Fat indian aunty sucking dick at home started to go down on her again but she stopped me saying that "I am way too sore to do anything else plus I need some time to recover".

So we went over to the bar and sat down for a few minutes and then her phone rang. It was Rio asking her mother to bring her night clothes over to the party because she had forgotten them. Angela got dressed and left but made me promise that she could stop over tomorrow to continue our fun.