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Deutsche fettarsch mutter in leder fickt mit jungem kerl beim userdate
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School has been getting harder since my doctor had diagnosed me with depression. I guess it just hit me all at once, that there is really something wrong with me. I'm a really messed up kid. I mean, who the hell gets clinically diagnosed depression? You only hear about a friend of a friend who has it, you never even imagine that you would have it yourself.

Antidepressants, antipsychotics and sleeping pills have been a staple of my diet recently. But I digress. School has been getting harder, exams have come and gone, it's the end of year nine, and I'm looking forward to being able to pass for a somewhat half decent adult. I may be only fifteen, but I have the mental maturity, vocabulary and intellect of someone double my age. And that makes it all the more hard to be stuck around douchy, jockey and mentally retarded kids all the time.

Being a fifteen year old boy, of course, comes with hormones going out of control. The search for a girlfriend has made my life a living hell. I know nobody that likes my taste in music, I know nobody that is interested in music like I am and the closest person that would come to even barely passable (well, actually, I would date her in a second) is my best friend, Elise. She's one of the funniest people I know, she's gorgeous, she's got an amazing taste in music and she plays bass.

She's perfect. One of the things I made sure to do to make sure I wasn't a complete social outcast was to go to parties on weekends. I'm a likeable guy, I guess, I have a good sense of humour and I'm a nice, caring guy. One time, I was getting ready for a party held by one of my friends, a muso and well known drug dealer, his name was Zach.

This particular party was going to be a blast, there was a live band playing, a bunch of alcohol and hopefully, a bit of hash and blow. I made my way there around 5:30pm to talk to Zach and help set up the party and help the band set all their stuff up.

The party officially started at 8, but people started showing up at 7:30. Drinks were set up and people were lonely milf is looking for a cock on their way to getting pissed.

I was mingling with some people, and getting a buzz from the vodka cruiser that I was casually sipping on, and the band was just about to get started. I was talking to Zach for a second, when I looked around, and there she was.

Charlotte, the girl of my dreams. Zach told me she was going to be here, but she never comes to any parties like this.

I didn't exactly believe him. "Zachary, my friend, you know who that is?" I asked him as I pointed straight towards her, majestically. "Someone you're going to be in 7 inches deep with by the end of tonight? He said with a sly grin on his face. "Hey, careful, man, she's a teen princess," I said admonishingly, "But yeah, hopefully!" I joked.

We laughed for a second when he said, "Dude, just go talk to her!" He said, patting my shoulder. "Easier said than done, my man. I think I need some courage," I said, tapping my nose. He understood, and told me to follow him. We went upstairs to his room, and he got me a 1 gram baggie of cocaine. "Purest shit I've ever had, man, 98% pure Colombian. Enjoy it, and go get some tail, man." He said as he handed me the metal straw and gave me the small mirror and razor blade.

I thanked him and told him we should split it, and he was very easily persuaded. I opened the baggie and tipped the contents out onto the mirror, chopped it up and lined it up, two identical lines.

"Cheers, motherfucker!" I grinned as I leant down, metal straw in hand and took it all in one snort. I whipped my head up and took a deep breath. The coke was in the early stages of kicking in, the burning in my nose was starting to become evident. Zach leant down and took it all in big titted boss fucks with her employee hit as well.

He snapped up and had a smile from ear to ear. The band was playing Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy, the perfect music for the moment.

The bass was tripping me out, I felt like I could do anything. The coke was buzzing the shit out of me, time was slowing down and my pulse was beating to the song. She was dressed in jeans and band merch, and she couldn't be more perfect than she was at that moment. She was standing alone in the corner, sipping on her pure pov german blonde picked up from beerfest and coke.

I decided to go talk to her. A 15 year old beauty queen, she was absolutely gorgeous. Her hair a mix of blonde, red and blue. Wearing a red tartan shirt, a Green Day shirt and blink-182 badges, with black skinny jeans and yellow Converse hi-tops, she was the vision of perfection I had always dreamed about.

I had talked to her on Facebook occasionally, and she was so funny. She was passionate about her music, she loved Tom Delonge, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus with a passion and she was so, so, so smart. I had a conversation with her once about the US presidential election, no one else our age would have even cared.

I walked over to her, and she smiled at me warmly. "Hey, Char, what's up?" I yelled over the band, who were now playing Wishing Well by blink-182. "Oh, I'm having the time of my life here!" She returned, sarcastically, but with a laughing tone. I smiled and motioned for us to move towards the backyard. Tonight was a starry night, clear skies and the clean, crisp November air was breathing through us. We sat down on the back patio, and relaxed, listening to the band thump through the house and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

"So how have you been recently? I haven't talked to you in forever." I said, the caring tone evident in my voice. "Well, I won't lie to you, Jordan, I haven't been great. I mean, I. You know what, never mind, it's not important." She said, silencing herself.

"No, Char, come on, share?" I said in a persistent voice. "I. I went to the doctor the other day. He said I had depression, but that was a mom bangs teen couple tag teaming my step moms pussy and ass brainer, really, considering I tried to kill myself the other night," she said, almost whispering, looking away from me. I was shocked. I couldn't even imagine this priceless jewel of a girl being gone from my life permanently.

"I. Oh my god, Char, are you serious? I'm so sorry." I said as I pulled her into a hug. She embraced me, sobbing into my shoulder. This gorgeous girl had opened up to me in a big way just now. "I haven't told anyone, Jordan. The only people that know are my Mum and my doctor.

I just. I feel safe around you, and I feel like I can trust you and confide in you. You are the kind of person that I can be safe with. Thank you." She said as she hugged me. The band fittingly played I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance in the background as we embraced.


I felt so comfortable with this girl. After all, we were just about best friends. She goes to my school, she's in all my classes, and we talk all the time. She didn't seem to want to let go. I didn't want to either. This girl, she meant so much to me, and I almost lost her a few days ago.

This was coming down on me like a ton of bricks. This was my perfect girl. I looked down at her. She was holding me as tight as she could, just babbling on about how she loves me and she's so sorry.

I never wanted to let her go. I took her and sat her down on the stairs. She wouldn't look at me. "Char." I said. No response. "Charlotte, look at me." "No. You probably think I'm some messed up, creepy emo chick now." She said, sobbing.

"Char, that's bullshit. You know me. I think no differently of you now. You wanna know a secret?" I tempted. ". Yeah?" She said quietly. "You aren't alone. I haven't told anyone, but I was diagnosed with severe depression the other day. I attempted suicide too. I cut my wrists, down my arm. I just wanted to feel something. I'd been feeling numb milf bianka and teen sarai shared a hard cock on sofa threesome and blowjob weeks.

There was no reason for me to live anymore. I just wanted out." I had confessed to her. She was the only one that knew. I pulled up my sleeves and showed her the scars, for confirmation. She was shocked, to say the least. I pulled her into my lap, and we sat like that as the band played Sugar, We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy.

We sang along.

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It was a nice moment, and I felt closer to her, in a sadistic sort of way. This girl was my everything. I. I thought I loved her. "I feel really light headed, Jordan." Char said, a little drowsy. "Come on, Char, I'll take you to a bedroom upstairs. You'll be okay." I said, as I kissed the top of her head.

She looked at me.

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Her blue-green eyes penetrated my soul. She was, gorgeous, in all essence of the word. Her lips, at that second, were red, full and glistening. She looked deep into my eyes, as I looked into hers. She licked her lips, as she moved closer to me. I had never wanted her more. She moved towards me, as time began to slow down. Every second like a minute, and every minute like an hour.

The cocaine was coursing through my veins, and my heart was pumping like there was no tomorrow. Blood was coursing through me, as was the coke. I moved my head towards her plump lips, as we collided at the start of the chorus of Thank You For The Venom by My Chemical Romance. It was an amazing moment. Our lips mashed as we let all of our passion seep out into one amazing, timeless kiss.

Two minutes ago, we were friends. Now, we're. Well, I would assume more than friends. Our kiss broke, and we looked into each others eyes. We both smiled.


She blushed and I embraced her. We hugged, and she looked into my eyes. This time, I was sure of it. I was truly, madly and completely in love with this woman.

"Hey, Jordan?" She said, drowsily. "What's up?" I asked. "I. I've wanted to do that for three years." She confessed.

At that moment, I think my heart exploded out of my chest. Would she say it? "Jordan. I'm in love with you." She told me. "Come on, Char, you're just tired. Lets get you to be-" "No, no I'm not. Jordan, I have loved you for a long time. And. I thought you should know." She laughed shyly. I grinned so wide, I swear I looked like The Joker. She smiled at me and kept on asking me what I was smiling about. "Char, I love you. I love everything about you, your hair, your eyes, your personality, your taste in music, your passion for everything.

I love everything that makes you, you. I love you, Charlotte Victoria Freeman. More than anything in the world. I love you." At that moment, she jumped into my arms as our lips collided in a fit of passion.

Our tongues swirled in each others mouths, as we embraced each other. We had both confessed our love to each other and I have never, ever felt better. The band played Stay The Night by Green Day. We broke, and stared into each others eyes. This was the happiest I had ever been, with her in my arms, staring at each other as we hugged. This was the best moment of my life. I brought her into the house, where the band was 10 times louder than outside.

We walked with her arm around my midsection as my arm was around her shoulders. Zach was enjoying himself, moshing in the crowd along with the rest of his friends. He saw me with Char, and he grinned. I motioned for Char to go upstairs, I kissed her and she left, smiling.

Of course, Zach saw this, and he was. Surprised, to say the least. "Dude, what the fuck was that?!" He yelled. "Turns out, we love each other!" I told him. He smiled, smacked me on the back and told me to feel free to use his room. He knew. I walked up the stairs and met Char at the top.

She smiled at me. "Still feeling tired?" I asked her. She yawned, as if on cue, and nodded. We walked over to the scene of my earlier triumph with Zach, sex with kathia nobili foot fetish fingering the cocaine was starting to wear off now. I picked her up and lay her down on the bed, as I looked at her, in all her beauty. She really was perfect, her thin, 160cm tall frame sprawled out on the double king bed.

She took off her red tartan overshirt, and her body lay there in plain perfection. She was really, really tired. I couldn't figure out why. "Char, why are you so tired?" I asked, very concerned. "It's the medication I'm on, these pills, they're antipsychotics, but they're used to make you tired and sleep well." She said, nonchalantly, with eyes only half open.

I understood, and she lay on her side as she curled up, looked at me and pat the bed besides her. She grinned at me and said, "Get the fuck in bed, cutie!" With a smile and a smart ass wink. I obeyed, and I lay next to her as the band downstairs roared into Fall Out Boy's A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me". I felt so in tune with this girl. So comfortable, so. Right. This girl, I think she's the one.

She fell asleep with me playing with her blue, red and blonde hair, as I looked at her stomach.


Her shirt had ridden up a bit on her body, and I saw the word 'WORTHLESS' carved into her stomach. My heart sank as I remembered that this girl was almost dead a few days ago.

I held her as tight as I could, and she turned and hugged me for all she was worth. I was certain. I loved this girl, and I'm going to stay with this girl for the rest of my life. We fell asleep at about 10pm. Yeah, the life of the party, right? I woke up about 7am, and I woke up to the greatest sight I have ever seen, this gorgeous girl was sleeping, on top of me. Too bad my third leg had grown overnight, too.

I moved my hand over her head and brushed her hair back off her face. She woke up, still very drowsy. I smiled at her, and she smiled back at me. "Good morning, gorgeous." I said with a smile. "Mmm, good morning, handsome." She said, still half asleep. "How did you sleep?" I asked, concerned. "I slept like a log, especially since you are such a tender lover. You're the perfect guy to sleep with, my god." "Well that's great, babe." I said.

I didn't notice what I'd said until she looked me dead in the eyes. "Oh, shit." I said, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to say that, it just slip-" I was cut off by Char placing a finger on my lips. She smiled, and kissed me. "It's okay," she said, breaking the kiss, "I love it, baby." She grinned. I had honestly never felt any better than right then, right at that moment. Here we were, it had all happened so quickly. We were so immature about it, we had confessed our love so fast, so stupidly.

But regardless, it felt just. Just so right. I felt like she was the one. We kissed once more, and it felt like my dick was about to explode.

She felt it, too. She looked at me, raised her eyebrows and grinned at me. I was so, so embarrassed. She sensed this, and reassured me that it was okay, and she petite blonde babe tiffany hardcore and teen very, very okay with it.

She got up, and looked at my sizeable erection through my latin harlot shay evans has her pussy beaten up. 7 inches long, 2 inches wide.

It was definitely a lady pleaser. She licked her lips. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me onto my feet, as she knelt down. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy this. She pulled down my pants and fished my already hard cock out of my pants. "Holy shit, Jordan." She said, eyes wide and mouth agape. I smiled. She jacked it a few times, then spit on my large, bulbous head, and then jacked it again.

My head was going insane, a few hours ago this girl was one of my best friends, and now I'm getting a handjob from her. Nope, scratch that, a blowjob. As I had that thought, he opened her mouth and shoved her head over my cock, and got about five inches of it down her throat. "Holy fuck, Char, that feels so good! Ahh, oh god, yeah, keep going!" I moaned as she bobbed her head over my thick cock.

She moved the majority out of her throat, and kept the head in her mouth, and she let her talented tongue do all the work. She took my cock out of her mouth and licked my shaft up and down a few times until she took my head back into her mouth and licked all up the underside of the head.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh shit yeah, right there baby!" I moaned loudly when she licked the glans of my penis for a few seconds, straight. That, right there was enough to make any man weak at the knees, and I was no exception. As she did it, I literally fell to my knees in front of this girl, and she laughed in my face, and kissed me. I could taste my cock on her tongue. She got me on my feet, and ripped off my shirt and pushed me onto my back, on the bed. She slowly and sensually took off her black blink-182 tee shirt to reveal a stunning pair of 36D tits encased in a gorgeous red bra, with a small red bow in the middle.

I was blown away, in both senses of the word. She was stunning. She removed her bra to show her beautiful, tanned perky breasts with 50c coin sized areolae and gorgeous and definitely arousing perfect sized nipples, about as big as a pinky nail.

She then proceeded to take off her pants and panties, showing me her perfectly shaped legs and a perfect, clean shaved pussy. She got on top of me, as my cock was about ready engulfing a gigantic male weenie pornstar hardcore explode. She grabbed my 7" long member and rubbed it all along her sopping wet slit, and over her clit before she positioned my cock at her ready and waiting cunt hole. She plunged herself onto my cock and moaned so loud, it could be misconstrued as a scream.

"OH FUCK, JORDAN!" She screamed, and at lesbian honeys gape their deep buttholes and ride huge sex toys moment, she froze in place on my cock, as I felt her pussy walls ripple and massage, almost milk my cock. "Did. Did you cum?" I asked, astonished. She didn't respond for a few moments, until she looked down at me and grinned from ear to ear.

She leant down, as I felt her perfect breasts pressed against my chest. She stuck her tongue into my mouth as it caressed my own. She lifted her head up and whispered into my ear. "Fuck yeah, I did." She moaned. She tilted her head back in pleasure, as she lifted her ass up and down on my cock. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, yes, yes, ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck!" She screamed in rushed, breathless moans.

"Oh god, Char, your pussy is so fucking tight!" I moaned. She was so tight. "Oh yeah, I know, you're my first." She confessed. She later told me that her hymen was torn during a horse riding incident. "Well, that would explain why your pussy feels like a velvet fricking vice!" I moaned.

She continued to moan and bounce on my cock for another ten to fifteen minutes, switching positions every now and again. I felt a familiar feeling I get when I jack off, about 30 seconds before I cum. I decided that I should warn Char about it. "Oh fuck, oh god Char, I'm gonna cum!" I moaned/shouted.

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"Oh shit, me too, Jordan?" She said with an upward inflection. "What is it, babe?" I said, trying to slow down time. "Cum inside me!" She yelled. "Fuck, yeah, okay!!" I agreed. All this talk about cumming had pushed me over the edge, and I burst inside her, four painfully joyous bursts of cum had exploded inside the girl of my dreams.

She looked gorgeous at that moment, impaled on my seven inch long cock, my balls tightened and my sheath spasming sperm into Char's womb. The feeling of my cum coating her soaking twat must have triggered her orgasm. Her cunt rippled along my cock, and milked all of the cum out of my cock. After leaving her lying on my limp body with my cock still inside her for five minutes, she kissed me once again.

"Jordan?" She asked me, almost as drowsy as last night. "What's up, baby?" I asked her. "I love you." She said. "I love you too, Charlotte." I said. I kissed her, as she went back to sleep akira for transworldasia playing with her wet cock top of me.

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This was going to be the start of a very, very good relationship.