Kinky lesbian action with two saucy blondes

Kinky lesbian action with two saucy blondes
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So… this is the story of my first time… I actually wrote it because I couldn't tell anyone about it, but then I figured: what the hell… lets write it cum as dessert after rimming and sucking tom post it on a porn site… so.

He was 19 at the time and I was 17. He's 6ft 1, very muscular, blonde shaggy hair… he's gorgeous. I'm 5'2 great body (so I've been told lol), 34b tits, black hair down to my shoulders and blue eyes.

I don't know what made me do what I did but… oh well. Here's a little background about the situation: Justin has always had many girls hanging about him, he loves the attention and he's good with it. He makes it very clear to all of them that they are all just there to be fucked and they're fine with it (in theory, because after a couple of weeks of fucking they all want him to go through the next step with them… lol I don't now why they try.

They get dumped instantly). He can't be changed.


He's just that kind of a guy. He's never had a proper relationship in his life and he likes it that way. We met about three years ago; he was a friend of a friend of my older sister. We hit it off right from then.

Complete opposites, I'm more of the shy and quiet, sweet, a little too innocent type and well… he's not, but I listened to him, we ended up talking for hours every time we saw each other. During that time he became very protective of me, kind of jealous some would say, we would say 'big brother' way. Of course we had our moments, I mean, I don't know of many people who are friends with the opposite sex, both very attractive (sorry for the lack of modesty) and not have them, but we stopped it each time it went too far (as in: before we kissed) frustrating, I know.

But then my Mum decided that we were going to move and we changed cities. Not very far, but still an hour drive away. My parents, who are divorced, never made us (us, as in my sister and I) choose who we had to live with, but the two of us stayed with Mum and after we moved we still had the option of staying at my Dad's house that was in our old city. We saw less of each other, obviously, and I suddenly realized that I loved him.

Yes, I know… great timing, ha? So after two months I figured, why not…? and this is where the story starts.

(I wrote the story from both our points of view, parts of his thoughts are what he later shared with me and the rest are just my imagination. The beginning is our MSN conversation) Justin: hey! When are you coming to visit? Nikki: hey you Justin: what's up baby girl? Nikki: my Dad's out of town for the weekend Justin: brilliant, I'll get a few people together and we can do something at yours Nikki: no listen… Justin: … Justin: yes?

Nikki: get drunk with me this Friday Justin: lol Nikki: just us Justin: sure baby girl. Nikki: come over at around 8ish? Justin: fine. He got there a little after dark and she opened the deep sucking bitch gets her sperm ration wearing jeans and a black v-neck shirt that made him smile. "Hey baby girl." He wrapped his arm around her after she closed the door and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. "Did you get it?" she grinned.

"You know I did." he took out the bottle. "So, since when do you want to get drunk?" She shrugged and took the bottle, leaning back with her legs on his lap. The two of them started talking about some of their friends and Nikki, who really couldn't drink, started laughing and after about 10 sips was buzzed.

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"I have got to teach you how to drink." He laughed at her as she kept her fit of giggles going. "One day this'll get you into trouble." She shook her head and laughed for another few seconds before tuning over and resting her head on his lap. She could feel the heat coming from his body and she closed her eyes. He started stroking her hair and he watched as her expression relaxed. "So why did you want to get me here alone?" he asked her.

"Are you suffering that much?" He laughed but didn't say anything. "I want everything." She said quietly after a short silence and kept her eyes closed. She couldn't make herself look at his face as she said it. "I've wanted it for months, longer if I think about it. I need to know what you feel like, I have to know what it feels like to kiss you and to feel you inside of me, to feel you everywhere… I have to…" It was said calmly and simply but her words completely shocked him.

He had never let himself think about her like that. Since he had met her he had looked at her as nothing more than a baby sister, always the younger innocent beautiful girl that needed his protection, that no matter what he did, looked at him as though he was the best man alive… wouldn't having sex with her ruin it all? The only thing he could manage to say was: "You're scared of it." He was surprised at how throaty his voice sounded.

"I trust you." She said in that same tone. He didn't know what to say. "I'm not gonna expect anything from it. I know you. I would milf and daughter share studs big cock ask you to change, definitely not for me." She continued, still with the calm expression.

"I'm only asking for one night, one night when I can be your' everything." And that was when she opened her eyes to look at him. He was staring at her and his hand was still gently stroking her hair. "One night… I want that first time to be with you. Please." It was a few seconds before he did anything. His mind was rushing but when he finally did, he got up slowly and she sat up watching his tall figure look down at her.

His face gave away nothing, not of how fast his heart was beating or how nervous he was when he reached behind his neck and pulled off his shirt. She merely watched as his chest appeared and he stood there waiting for her to make the next move. She didn't, she wanted it to come from him and she gave him a little smirk. Finally he showed some emotion and grinned at her as he pulled her up to him.

He held her close to him and started to let his hands wander under her shirt, feeling her smooth skin. He kept his eyes locked on hers and she lifted her hands up with a smile. He chuckled and pulled it off revealing her black lace bra. She was so small next to him, barely reaching his chin… she was beautiful. He reached down to her and kept his lips a few millimeters from hers.

She closed her eyes and kissed him. He wondered how was it possible that he never noticed how incredible her lips were: soft and perfect. He could think of no other place for them except for on him.

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He snapped open her bra and pulled away to whisper "I will only ask you once if you're completely sure about this. I don't want you doing something you're not ready for, but when we start." he left the rest unsaid and waited for an answer. She was quiet for about 3 seconds before she reached up and whispered into his ear: "I'm yours." He grinned again and pulled off her bra, letting her perfect breasts press against him. His heart was thundering.

He could hardly believe that someone could look so stunning. He lifted her easily, and while still kissing her, carried her carefully to her bedroom squirting a fountain of cum on her sat her on the bed while standing in front of her.

He ennie and kari eating each other pussy reached down and opened his jeans watching her lips curl into a bigger smile as he opened each button. After stepping out of them he stood in front of her only in his boxers and took a step closer to her. She reached out and pulled down his boxers, finally letting his pulsing, semi-hard dick out. There was a look of wonder on her face as he stood there, aching to be touched.

He knew it was the first time she had ever seen, let alone touched one, but it wasn't long before she reached out and very gently, with the tips of her fingers, traced the length of him down to his low hanging balls. He moaned quietly and started running his fingers through her hair. She moved closer and held him with a firmer grip.

After he reached full hardness she gave the head of his cock a small lick, then looked up at him. He had goose-bumps run through his body instantly and she laughed.

She loved being able to cause someone so much pleasure by doing something so easy. He smiled at her, watching as again she licked him, this time not as shyly. She took hold of him and slowly kissed his head, then, letting the whole of his head in her mouth circled him with her tongue and gave a light suck. She looked up at him, not completely sure of herself and he smiled and pulled her up, he wanted to give her as much pleasure as he could.

He slowly started opening her jeans and pulled everything down, running his hands over her legs. "Lie down." He said and she did. He got on top of her and started kissing her again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he started working his way down. He kissed her neck, and couldn't help but smile as she writhed underneath him, he nibbled at her ear lobe and she gasped and he felt her hips push up to him.

Lifting himself off her slightly, he looked at her. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. He bent down again and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, biting it gently. Her hand held his head in a tight grip and she moaned. God, he loved that moan. He started kissing his way further down her chest and stomach, feeling her legs spread out wider, her hands pushing him down with more urgency and her hips pushing into him faster.

Once he was at her belly-button she was arching her back and desperately trying to get his head where she wanted him. He didn't make her wait any longer and kissed her wetness. In seconds this unbelievable heat spread through her body. His tongue was making her feel better than she even knew was possible.

He slowly pushed a finger inside of her and she moaned. So much better than anything she had experienced until now… "Oh Justin…" She whispered, her legs involuntarily closing around his head. "Oh my God…" He slid another finger inside her and she flinched, how could only two fingers make her feel so full?

He let her get used to his fingers but just started licking and sucking her faster. He loved the way she felt, he loved the way her body was responding to him, loved her response to what he was doing to her… Her body was already shaking; she was moaning and gasping and wet.

He started moving his fingers again and now she was moving against his mouth, constantly moaning. He let his other hand go up to her tits and started kneading them. He could feel her close. And then he pulled away, pulling his fingers out of her and his mouth off her.

"No, no, no, what are you doing?" she gasped. "Don't stop. Please don't stop!" she moaned. He liked how desperate she sounded. "Shh…" he said quietly, coming up to her. He kept one hand on her pussy, stroking her insanely lightly.

She opened her eyes to look at him and he smiled. "What are you doing to me?" she whispered. He kissed her, sliding his fingers inside of her again. "You're mine now, I'll do as I like." He said and she moaned. He again took his hand away and moved in-between her legs. Her arms and legs wrapped around him, holding him tightly. She made sure he went nowhere. She arched her back and while thrusting her hips forward, tried to get him inside of her.

Without parting his lips from hers he reached down and guided his cock to her entrance. Her breathing deepened and he could feel her heart hammering against his chest. Finally he pushed in hard enough to get his head in. She dug her nails deep into his back and seemed wife amp husband makes love together amp gets creampie try and pull away from him. "Give me your hands." He said when he opened his eyes to see hers watering.

She looked so young and vulnerable then, but she still did as he said. He took her hands and held them above her head. "Shh…" he kissed her cheek. "It's ok." "It really hurts." She whispered in a chocked voice. "You have to relax baby girl." He said softly and then started kissing her neck. She moaned to that and he pushed further into that unbelievable tightness. She tensed again and he stopped. Her hands were holding his with everything she had.


After another push he felt a slight tear and slid right into her. She held her breath and he groaned in pleasure. "Oh my God…" she said in a high tone.

She felt as though she was split in half. "Do you want me to pull out?" he asked. He knew it would hurt her… his 8 inches were thick and maddy reilly anal and blacked sex stories xxx not very easy to start off with… The answer didn't come immediately but then she shook her head.

"Just give me a minute…" He kissed her forehead and with his right hand he started stroking her face, kissing her softly… she started smiling slightly but he could still see she was in pain. "It's like my body is in over drive… like I can feel every-" And that was when he made the first stroke. "Holly Mother…" she moaned loudly and arched her back. He laughed and started kissing her.

His hand found her clit and she moaned into his mouth.

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"Yes…" she whimpered. He rocked slowly inside of her, letting her get used to him. He couldn't believe how good she was, every curve of her body, every expression she made… every moan… the way she was holding on to him… Once he started moving inside of her faster, the two of them were moaning quite loudly and he pulled away to start kissing her neck. Every time he moved inside of her it was as though she could feel every nerve in her body, and every nerve was screaming with pleasure.

He was touching every right place she had and the pain was almost gone now. "Oh my god Justin… oh God… yes!" she practically screamed as he went faster and faster, pushing all the way in then almost all the way out. The two of them were breathing deeply and he knew she was close. "Justin I think… I think you're gonna make me… oh my God, yes!

There! Oh yeah… please don't stop… ahh, ahh oh God!" He pushed himself up, lifting one of her legs and putting it over his shoulder. He leaned back into her, stretching her even more and fucked her even faster. She was screaming now, gripping onto him.

He kissed her passionately and as her whole body shook in the most intense orgasm, she rocked her body against his and as her muscles contracted around him, he couldn't hold off anymore, groaned and came deep inside of her. For a couple of minutes the two of them simply lay there.

Every few seconds he'd move his hips very slightly, just to keep her going for longer. "My God Justin…" she whispered finally and he looked at her. She had her eyes closed and a look of total satisfaction was on her face "That was…" she didn't carry on but her mouth curled into a smile and he noticed the dimple she had on her left cheek and he kissed it.

He wanted to kiss every part of her body. "That was incredible." He said and rocked inside of her a little harder causing her to shudder and moan and grip him a little tighter. "God I don't ever want you to stop…" she wrapped her arms around his neck and opened her eyes. "I want to feel like this for the rest of my life." She grinned and let him kiss her some more. He was still hard inside of her and she asked after a few minutes with a very sweet smile on her face: "Can we go again?" He laughed but shook his head.

"You almost killed me now, and I'm still hard… how about we wait for a while?" she frowned but leaned into kiss him again. "You know…" she said and they looked at each other.

"You really did hurt me." He laughed and gently pulled out of her, propping himself on his elbow at her side and softly stroked her stomach and chest. "I can't believe I waited so long…I have never felt better in my entire life." She closed her eyes in total relaxation. He stared at her. She had a beautiful face. "Stop looking at me." She smiled with her eyes still closed. He laughed and lay on his back. "You amaze me Nikki." He said quietly. She turned to him and opened her eyes.

"And why would that be?" she asked with a grin. He grinned back but didn't answer. She looked incredibly sexy lying next to him like that. She sat up and straddled him, the grin still on her face. His eyes wandered to her breasts, his hands to her hips. Her breasts were moving gently with every breath she took and he couldn't think of a more perfect thing to be able to stare at. He could actually feel himself getting hard again feeling her pussy on his dick.

She rocked gently on him and he noticed the look of satisfaction on her face. He reached up and took one of her nipples in-between his fingers. Watching her like this he was now completely hard. She reached down and guided him slowly inside of her.

She pushed herself down his shaft and he moaned loudly, and she did too. His hands held her hips tightly and he closed his eyes. "My God Nick…" he muttered and she pulled herself nearly all the way up, leaving only his head still inside of her then pushed down quickly. She leaned down and started kissing him while she started going faster. He pushed up into her, burying himself as deep as he could while his hands held her close to him.

Her moans reached a crescendo after only a couple of minutes and right before she was about to cum he turned them over and took control again. She screamed through her seemingly never ending orgasm and he just kept hammering into her as deep as he could. "Justin!" she screamed. "Oh fuck yes… harder!" He obliged, pushing himself even deeper inside of her. She was moaning and clawing at him.

He could feel he was going to make her cum again. "Is this how you like it Nikki?" he asked you re not allowed to cum unless i say, nibbling at her ear and holding her tight. "When I'm fucking you this hard?" She screamed and came but he didn't stop, he just went faster. "I love making you scream my name like that…" he said breathlessly. "I love making you cum like this, do you know how incredible you feel when you cum?" he moaned and went even faster.

"You really are mine now…" he whispered. She was still horny slut blonde xianna hill loves sucking a big black cock, her body shaking and tense. "You're killing me Justin!" she managed to get out but he still just went faster, not letting her body relax. It was mere seconds before he came himself, in the strongest most satisfying orgasm of his life.

He groaned his release. "Oh fuck yes Nikki…" he moaned loudly and exploded inside of her yet again and then fell, exhausted, on top of her still trembling body, giving her small kisses. Her arms were tightly around his neck and they were both breathing incredibly fast, hearts hammering against each other. Both completely satisfied. He rested his forehead against hers and the two of them breathed heavily, still holding each other tightly. It was a few minutes later when she stated laughing.

He looked at her slightly taken aback, but still smiling. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" she said. He chuckled and pulled out of her gently then lay next to her, propping himself up on his elbow to look at her stunning face.

"Thank you." She said and looked at him with a grin. He laughed and put his hand on her cheek then kissed her. "You're amazing." She smiled and rested her head on his chest. "God, I'm still tingling all over." She said quietly after a few minutes. "You killed me." He said and stretched. "No one's done that to me before." She laughed and sat up. "And what's that?" "Well, made me cum twice in such a little time." She smiled and he finally saw a little of the shy girl he knew.

"So I did ok?" He laughed and looked up at her. "Definitely the best I've ever had." Her cheeks turned red and he noticed her move uncomfortably. "One second." He said and kissed her forehead as he got up then went to the bathroom and wet a corner of a small towel. When he came back she smiled and he made sure she was comfortable. After that he sat back in the bed and she leaned in-between his legs against his stomach.

He slowly traced his hands along her naked body and wondered how was it possible that he never allowed himself to think of her as anything more than a friend… the sexiest most beautiful girl he knew was right under his nose and now… "Oh baby girl, you are incredible…" he whispered. "Thanks, you're not too bad yourself." She said with a smile lesbo cuties caress and fuck one another in a threesome sat up looking at him.

"Baby…" he started and she knew what to say. "Justin, you don't have to say anything." She said with a smile. "I told you at the beginning, I only wanted tonight, nothing more than that.

Really." "No, it's not that." He said.


"Oh, then what?" She noticed he looked uncomfortable. "Just, what's up?" "I have a girlfriend." He said quietly and looked at her. He expected tears; he expected almost anything except for the reaction he got. "Oh… you didn't tell me." She said calmly. She didn't look crushed or hurt like he imagined. "I…" "Is she nice?" "Umm, yeah, I guess." "Wow, Just, congratulations, you're finally growing up." She laughed.

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He frowned and watched as she gave him another smile before going to her cupboard to take out some underwear. She pulled them on and stretched. "I'm hungry, are you?" she asked. He blinked. "Ok…" "Coming?" she asked as she left the room and went downstairs to the kitchen, naked except for her panties.

He walked after her, still naked, and watched as she made them both a bowl of cereals. "Nick, I'm really sorry…" he said. She looked up at him and chuckled. "About what Just? You just gave me the most incredible time of my life. I'm not complaining." "If I knew that you-" "Just, please stop." She said and passed him the bowl.

"So you have a girlfriend… I'm happy for you, I just wouldn't have asked you to train poran vedsaxe or bus you jazz porn it if I knew… I feel kind of bad for her." He couldn't meet her eye when she said that. She laughed. "I'm not going to ask you to leave her or tell her, I told you I wasn't expecting anything from this." He looked at her.

He couldn't believe what she was saying. She looked completely believable and he couldn't understand it. He felt hurt; he suddenly realized that he really wanted her to break down crying. He wanted to see how much she cared… he couldn't believe she didn't, and yet here she was sitting in front of him, wearing only a pair of black panties, smiling… After they sat around for a couple more hours, he left, and as she closed the door she slid down the wall and cried.