Teen triple penetrations and group sex young gangbang

Teen triple penetrations and group sex young gangbang
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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism Chapter 10 - Power and Lust Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author The end of the feast was called.


And in moments the great hall was filled with the sound of benches scraping on stone and knives and forks clattering down on plates. It was very jarring after the near silence moments earlier. And it was very distracting for some. Draco Malfoy was among those distracted. His mind had been elsewhere, pondering distant thoughts. Only now was he brought back down to earth, as a nudge from Gregory Goyle alerted him to the end of the feast.

He got up slowly and fell in behind the lumbering footsteps of Vincent Crabbe as the trio tall beauteous hottie undresses in a cute way the procession leaving the hall. He let his mind wander again as they moved. On matters that only a very select group of people at this school knew about.

Among that number were his closest friends, Crabbe and Goyle. And Dumbledore knew it. And Harry Potter. Yes, the boy who lived once had become the boy who lived twice. And while the entire wizarding world pointed its fingers and called him a liar, he, Draco, was parlay to the real truth.

Voldemort had returned. And he was gathering followers. Malfoy played no part in this, yet. But he had his ambitions. And before the year was out he would see them realized. Hogwarts was an important tool in the fight for magical dominance. Malfoy was mature enough to understand that. It housed two things of great power.

One was the young minds, minds that the dark lord would need in order to see his ends met. The other was Albus Dumbledore. And that was where the problem lay. But that was not his problem to face. Voldemort would see to him in due course. No, he had other ideas. There were numerous students at the school with a thirst for power. And he could offer that, in the long run.

If they would but see the tempting light of the dark arts. Malfoy always thought it odd, that such power be named a 'darkness' when it was so enlightening.

He was jogged back to reality by a brush on his arm. He looked over in annoyance, only to see who it was that had disturbed him. Pansy Parkinson looked at him with her large saucer eyes.

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He gave her a small smile. "I wondered when I'd be seeing you." Her eyes widened further still. "I'm sorry, Draco" she said quickly, "I tried to find you outside, but the crowds." He raised a hand, "It's alright, Pansy. I was with Crabbe and Goyle. We ran into Longbottom." Pansy let out a short laugh. It was shrill and cold. And he loved it. "Oh, that buffoon" she giggled. "It's a wonder he can even tie his shoelaces in the morning." Malfoy laughed, and he even heard the low chuckles of Crabbe and Goyle, which was rare.

"Too true" he commented. "Considering where his parents ended up." The four of them laughed still harder. Then they rounded a corner and Malfoy saw another of his close friends.

"Blaise" he acknowledged with a dip of his head. Blaise Zabini returned it with one of his own. "Good summer, Draco?" he asked. Malfoy shrugged. "Eh, could be better." There was a stretching pause, before the pair of them smiled and burst into laughter. Blaise threw an arm around Draco, pulling him into a roguish embrace. "Good to see you mate" he spoke loudly.


"I assume your father has kept you in the loop?" Malfoy grinned, wryly. "More than in the loop, Blaise. He doesn't like me kept in the dark, as you well know." Both Blaise and Pansy looked at him with interest.

"Well?" Pansy asked. "What's going on?" Draco looked left and right, before facing them and saying "This isn't, ah, corridor news, if you know what I mean.

I'll tell you more soon enough." They all caught his drift, and the five of them carried on towards the Slytherin common room. When they were near it, Malfoy held Pansy back. "You go on" he called to the others.

"We'll be a minute." Blaise threw him a knowing look, before smirking and stepping into stride next to Goyle. Pansy was looking at him with heated anticipation. He asian love tunnel toying and blowbang japanese and hardcore at her, his eyes filled with obvious lust. "I've waited all summer for this, Pansy" he told her. She gasped as his hands found their way to her ass and squeezed hard. She looked left and right quickly.

They were in a now deserted corridor in the dungeons. But not for long. Draco took her hand and led her a couple of doors down to what they both knew to be a small broom cupboard. Just before a crowd of bustling first years rounded the corner, they both slipped inside and came to a stop a few feet in. Malfoy didn't have to say a word. Both of them knew just how this relationship worked.


Pansy started slowly sliding her robes off her shoulders, and they fell to the floor in a thick grey bundle. Next came her cardigan, unbuttoned delicately by her trembling hands and tossed aside.

Then she started slowly taking off her blouse. Malfoy had leant back against the wall, simply watching and admiring as she performed for him. It was a power trip, and one that he'd got his fix of every few hours during the last school year. He wasn't going to stop now. She had finished unbuttoning her blouse, and it slipped off her shoulders to reveal her tight teen body beneath.

Beautiful virgin twat vs fake penis hardcore and blowjob smoking, with long slender legs that she never failed to accentuate and cute perky tits that were just enough to keep any man happy. She knew she was no model. But Malfoy was practically salivating by the time she had slid out of her skirt and tights.

She was left in only her underwear and school tie, just the way he liked her. She'd worn a skimpy set, just in case the evening went the way she wanted. And boy, was it just. The waiting over, Draco approached her and the two started to make out like their lives depended on it.

He was groping every inch of her body he could reach, and Pansy could feel his rock hard bulge prodding her hip. It excited her to no end, knowing that she would soon have Draco Malfoy pummeling into her with his sizable manhood.

She reached down and unbuckled his belt, letting his slacks fall to the floor. And he slipped out of his shoes, Pansy dropped to her knees in order to take him just as he liked it.

But to her surprise he placed a hand under her chin and pulled her upwards. "Not yet" he commanded her. When she looked puzzled, he smiled and continued. "After. I want you to taste yourself on my cock, bitch." She felt her knees going weak with desire, as his lecherous tone appealed to her submissive streak. She heeded his desires and turned away, presenting her delicious rear to his quivering cock.

He was fully hard, and needed no help to achieve his seven inches. That was part of what Pansy loved about Draco. He was always ready, no matter what. And what Draco loved about Pansy, he though as he advanced on her, was that his mere get your meat ready so yhookup com get your was enough to get her dripping wet. There was no need for foreplay here.

She'd been soaking since the moment she saw him outside the great hall. He placed the head of his cock between her cheeks, pulling her lacy underwear out of the way. Her sopping cunt came into view, sporting a neat little strip of pubic hair that hadn't been there before.

"You want me to shave it?" she asked him with a concerned edge to her voice. "I just thought." "No" he silenced her with a word. "I like it. It makes me want to do this." And with that, he plunged into her pussy with one forceful thrust.

Pansy let out a moan of pure ecstasy, and leant low against the wall as her knees weakened even more from the pleasure. Waves of joy rippled through her as he began to rut back and forth into her, his cock so deliciously full to her needy cunt. Malfoy smirked as she began a staccato series of gasps that he knew signaled her impending end. And sure enough, barely a minute later, he felt her pussy clamp down on his pounding cock as she squealed with delight. "So soon?" he questioned, his smirk widening.

Pansy looked back at him with a coy smile. "You get me all riled up, Draco." He forced her head back down and bent low over her, picking up his speed. "Keep quiet, bitch. It's my turn." Malfoy started forcing himself in to the hilt, again and again, over and over. He did not relent even as Pansy cried with obvious pain. She had tightened up over the summer, he remarked. But not for long. He could feel his approaching end, and gave a few last great shoves into her pussy before the fireworks began and he fired off a stream of his piping hot seed into her shaking hole.

He then withdrew his cock and sent the next stream flying over her glistening ass. She was bathed in sweat, and panted as she recovered from Malfoy's rough treatment.

He milked his cock dry over her glorious cheeks, spreading his cum out over it. Then he laughed and stepped away from her.

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"Go on" he told her. "Don't waste that." He watched as Pansy reached around and began taking his streaks of cum in her hand. She then brought them around to her mouth, lapping them up with her tongue like a kitten enjoying milk.

"Good girl" he commended. She didn't wait to be told, and got down on her knees as soon as she was done with his cum. Malfoy stepped towards her, and groaned as her lips closed around his rapidly rising cock.

He had softened after his finish, but with her lips wrapped tight around his shaft he couldn't stop himself from getting hard even if he wanted to. Not that he was ever unwilling. He took her head in his hands and began pumping back and forth, forcing his full length into her throat and beyond in slow rhythmic thrusts.

"Can you taste it?" he asked her. "Tell me." "Yngghh, Unghh knhhh" she moaned onto his balls. Laughing, he gave a violent shove and heard her gag beneath him. He then began to hammer in and out of her, making her wretch and gag repeatedly for several minutes. Pansy was a great actress, she acted like she was shocked and terrified for the show. But Malfoy knew just how much she loved being abused by him. He was her master, and his pleasure was also hers. When he grew weary from the treatment, he let himself go, gave into the desire, and loosed a torrent of his noble seed deep into Pansy's throat.

He felt her swallowing, trying to big toys sex girl sex stories him all. But it was not to be, and several strands erupted from around her mouth and ran down her chin making her look like the slut she was. Malfoy kept her down there, her mouth still clasped to his dick.

She was only too happy to oblige, loving having her lips around his manhood. He knew her motives. He had realized the second time she had ever fucked him. Pansy knew she would never be powerful herself, she hadn't the stomach nor the resources.

But he would be. And for the same reason she fucked Blaise, she fucked him. Because she understood the way of the world. As with fame, some people are so powerful that you can fuck them and then you're powerful. And Pansy was simply staking her claim on his dick, in the hope that Malfoy's vie for power was not in vain.

He wouldn't disappoint her. He wouldn't let his father down either. The Malfoy name would not be tarnished, not while he still drew breath.