Mia martinez pussy getting rail from behind

Mia martinez pussy getting rail from behind
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I woke up to the light streaming through my bedroom window directly into my face. I had a splitting headache, probably from all the tequila the night before, and I felt like I was in a haze. I glanced over at the clock -- 10:03AM. Didn't surprise me that I'd slept in late after being up half the night drunk. I needed coffee. No, I needed aspirin. Sitting up to get dressed and get both, I realized what I really needed right then was a bathroom. I ran naked to the bathroom door and bumped my head into the doorframe trying to get it open quickly enough.

I barely made it. I can't quite explain the absolute agony of hanging my head over the toilet with dry heaves while my bladder was bursting at the seams.

I was the perfect poster child for anti-drinking ads. The pain in my temples big boobs auntys fucking storys like an electric current with each crushing contraction of my stomach to expel something that was simply no longer there.

Each compression pushed hard onto my full bladder. Any moment I would lose it and simply pee on the floor while I heaved. God don't let me pee on the floor, please don't let me pee on the floor. The contractions finally started to subside, and while I didn't win the battle completely, there was only a small pool of urine on the patterned vinyl floor that needed to be wiped up. Too exhausted by the ordeal to stand and pee, I sat on the toilet seat and released my bladder from its former agony, relief at last.

The biggest relief being that no one walked in while I was simultaneously heaving into the toilet and peeing on the floor. It was at this time that I heard a knock on the door between the bathroom and Jen's bedroom. "Are you ok in there?" I heard Jen ask in a concerned voice. "I am now," I croaked through my dry throat, "not so much a minute ago." "Do you need me to get you anything?" "That's ok, I'll be out in a minute." I said, not wanting her to come in and see me naked on the toilet with my feet spread on either side of a pool of yellow fluid on the floor.

"Thanks, classy attractive teen plays with her vagina I added. "Ok." I finished my business in the bathroom, spent a few minutes cleaning up and brushing my teeth, then got dressed and went downstairs, praying that someone had the foresight to set out a bottle of aspirin and brew a pot of coffee. Jen was sitting at the kitchen table, dressed for once. Collette was sitting at her desk in the living room talking on the phone and staring at her laptop computer screen.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a nearly-full pot of coffee on the counter. "So I guess you had just a few too many shots last night, eh?" Jen laughed at me from across the room as Real teen devours her stepdads hard cock pulled a cutie babe ally berry needed to fuck out of the cupboard to pour some coffee.

"Yeah," I said, "I feel like I was hit by a freight train." "Go ahead and drink your coffee, but if you want to start feeling better, you should really drink a bunch of water first." Jen said, "The hangovers from drinking are mostly due to dehydration. There's some aspirin in the drawer to your left if you're interested." "Ok," I said, pouring some milk into my coffee. I took Jen's advice and drank two full glasses of water quickly, along with a few aspirin, then came to sit at the table with my precious dark brew.

"Where's Tammy?" I asked, remembering that when I'd left Jen's bedroom the previous evening, they both were still there. "She had to get up early and go run some errands this morning," Jen said, "We didn't want to wake you, so she told me to tell you she had a great time last night." Jen winked at me.

Collette finally finished her phone call and walked to the kitchen table with her mug of coffee. She leaned over me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before sitting down between me and Jen. "Good morning, sleeping beauty!" She said, "Thanks for putting me in bed last night." "No problem," I chuckled quietly, "you looked like you needed the help!" "I was disappointed to be without my built-in-bed-furnace," Collette winked at me, "it was kind julias virgin snatch checked by cold last night." "Sorry," I said, smiling back at her, "I guess I just didn't want to wake you." Truthfully, I hadn't thought much about it, I was pretty drunk and bengali girl muslim desert rose aka prostitute looking for a place to sleep.

"Well, I just got a call from the director of my department," Collette said, "there's a teaching conference in California that starts tomorrow, but he's come down ill and can't make it. The department has already pre-paid his fees, so he asked me if I could go in his place." "Tomorrow?

Are you going to try to make it?" I asked. "Yes, there's a flight that leaves this evening out of Sea-Tac that I can get onto, but I need to leave pretty soon. It's in Monterey." She looked over at me, "Mark, I was wondering if you'd like to come with me? It's only for a couple of days, and it would be fun to have you with me." "I'm afraid I can't really afford to," I said, "I'm just a poor college student! Besides, I'm supposed to work on Tuesday." "Oh, don't worry about that, I can pay for you to come.

I bet if you called your supervisor, she'd let you go." "Oh sure," Jen said, making her face into a mock pout, "leave me here all alone, no one to play with!" "I guess I can call and find out," I said to Collette, completely ignoring Jen's sarcasm, "I would like to see Monterey, and it would be nice to spend a few days in a new place with someone I like to hang out with!" "Great!" Jen said, "Just leave me here and don't give it a second thought.

It doesn't matter, I still have my Tammy, and I still have ice cream!" "Ok, then," Collette said, again ignoring Jen, "I'll go make the reservations, you'd better get packed up. We'll be gone 3 nights including tonight." Collette got up and went back to her computer. "Don't worry, Jen," I said, scooting over and giving her a kiss on the cheek, "absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I'm sure I'll be agonizing over you by the time we get back." "I can't believe my sloshy hero is leaving me." Jen pouted, running a hand through my hair, "I'll have to have a lot of sex with Tammy while you're gone to keep me from thinking about you." She ran her hand down to my crotch, "It won't be the same without you, though." Jen leaned her head into my shoulder and lazily drew her lips up my neck while she stroked my suddenly rising cock through my canvas cargo shorts.

As much as I would normally have wanted to dive right into it with Jen, my headache was still going strong and I still felt like I was moving through molasses. I waited until she finished her trajectory to my ear then wiggled my head away. "I love you, Jen." I said, placing a gentle kiss on her cheek, "But I'm feeling pretty horrid this morning, and it looks like I have to get packed up pretty quickly." I started to get up from the chair.

"Oh, ok." Jen said, resigned to the fact that I wasn't going to be playful this morning. "I'll just come up and hang out while you pack." I went up the stairs with Jen on my tail, still trying to goad me into playing around by pinching my butt on the way up the stairs. I swatted her hand away. Jen sat in there with me for the 15 minutes it took to pack and we chatted about nothing in particular.

By 11:30, Collette and I had said our goodbyes to Jen and were on the road. My headache had subsided and the haze was a bit less overwhelming. The flight left at 4PM and we had just enough time to make the long drive to the airport and check in before our departure. After about 20 minutes of chatting, Collette glanced over at me from the driver's seat. "So what happened last night after you took me up to my bed?" She asked, grinning, "You didn't do anything to me you shouldn't have, now did you?" "You're kidding, right?" I replied, "Collette, I would never take advantage of you." She had asked the question in a lighthearted way, but I was surprised she thought I would even consider doing something to her while she was more or less passed out.

"Oh, it wouldn't be such a big deal," Collette said, "It's not like I haven't been teasing the hell out of you for the last few weeks! And I certainly wasn't wearing a swimsuit when I woke up. how did I get into my nightshirt?" "Well, I did take your clothes off," I grinned, "and while I may have brushed up against you inadvertently, I didn't feel you up or anything. I have to say, though, I really don't mind taking your clothes off for you.

Just let me know if you ever need help again." My face was plastered in a stupid grin. "I see," Collette laughed, "well, I may need some help later, you never know!" She patted my knee.

"So did you go to bed after that, or did you go back and hang out with the girls?" I laughed out loud, "Yeah, sure, I went right to bed rather than go hand out with the hot babes in the hot tub. sure thing!" "So what happened after I left?" I told her about what had happened the night before, in broad terms. I told her about our little game of truth and lies and drinking a bunch of tequila.

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I even told her about fooling around with Jen and Tammy, but not in detail. "You had sex with Tammy?" She asked, no longer smiling. Uh, oh.

I thought. Better tread carefully on this one, she actually sounds a bit jealous. "Well, we did fool around a little bit, but I didn't have actual sex with her." I said, hoping not to have to go into details.

I surmised I was not on decidedly thin ice with Collette. "Mark, I know Tammy's a very pretty girl, and I also know that it's probably every guy's fantasy to have 2 women at once, but I'm kind of surprised.


You barely know her, and I kind of thought we had something. I don't know. something moderately exclusive between us? I mean, I know you've had sex with Jen, but she's my sister.

This seems, different somehow. I know you didn't actually put your penis in her, but it still seems a bit too much." "Collette, I'm sorry if I disappointed you," I said, feeling dejected, "I really didn't mean to. In truth, I probably wouldn't have done it if I wasn't drunk at the time. I guess I just made a bad decision. I didn't mean to hurt you. I guess I kind of figured, in my drunken state, that since I was with Jen, it would be ok." "Mark, I'm not mad at you, don't look so sad!" Collette glanced over at me again with a concerned look, "I just.

well. I guess in the end I really just want you all to myself. I don't have a problem with you and Jen fooling around, that's all part of our arrangement, but I guess I feel a little awkward about you allowing someone else to join in.

I know Jen loves Tammy, and I know her pretty well, but she's not my sister." "Collette, I love you." Was all I could think to say. I hated the fact that I'd disappointed her. I never wanted to do that again. We'd only been fooling around together for a few weeks, but we'd been in a relationship together, of one sort or another, for as long as I could remember.

It was bad enough that I had to reconcile falling in love with 2 women at once. I guess she was right, that brining a third woman into the mix was a bad idea. "Mark," That brilliant smile returned to Collette's face, "I love you, too." Then she added, "That's one of the things I love about you, when all else fails, you just make my heart melt into putty. Are you sure you won't just marry me now?" She laughed.

"Collette, you probably won't have to wait until I'm 24 to marry me." I said quietly. Collette didn't respond. She just smiled, and a tear fell from first time anal sex forced and crying mom eye. We sat in silence for a few minutes, letting those last few statements really sink in.

"Mark, do you mean that?" Collette asked, wiping another tear from her eye. "You know I do. I think right now is probably not very practical, but I don't think we need to wait six years. Where else am I going to find someone as perfect as you? It's just not gonna happen. You're the one." Collette veered across two lanes of traffic bringing car horns blaring at us as she pulled over to the side of the road and came to a sudden stop.


Putting the car into neutral and pulling the parking break, Collete leaned over and grasped my head, pulling me over to her and kissing me violently. After a moment, she released me and I caught a breath. "Collette, I think we need to keep moving or we're going to miss the plane." I said, chuckling. "I know." She said, "just give me a minute." She pulled me in for another kiss, stroking her hand down my chest and over my leg, then back up to the back of my head to finish it off as her swollen lips and tongue attacked my mouth before releasing me a second time.

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I just sat there kind of stunned. Collette didn't say a word. She took the brake off, switched on the blinker, put the car into gear, and just started driving with a silly grin on her face. Amazingly, we made it to the airport with a little time to spare, so we didn't have to run to the terminal after getting our tickets. We had both packed pretty light so we didn't have to worry about checking luggage. Jen and I chatted and laughed and smiled pretty much all through two flights and a few hours layover in Los Angeles, finally arriving in Monterey at nearly midnight.

We checked into a nice hotel where the conference was being held and made it up to our room on the second floor. We were both tired from the nearly full day of traveling. Jen kissed me on the mouth as we walked in the door.

"We're here!" She said, with more energy than either of us really felt at the moment. I was beat and couldn't wait to get into bed and close my eyes.

"I'm going to take a quick shower before I get into bed," Collette said, "I have to get up pretty early in the morning and get to the conference." "Sure, I'll just brush my teeth and be out of your hair." I said.

I grabbed the toothbrush and toothpaste out of my bag and went into the bathroom as Collette started rummaging around in her own luggage. I used the toilet and was just about done brushing my teeth when Collette came into the bathroom barefoot, but still wearing the same flower-print dress she'd had on all day long. I finished up brushing my teeth, all the while watching in the mirror as Collette stripped out of her dress and underclothes. Tired as I was, I couldn't help but stare. My shorts started to feel too tight again.

She had to know what this sort of thing did to me. She unzipped the back of the dress, facing away from me, and let it fall off her shoulders and onto the floor. In the mirror I could clearly see her sheer white panties and bra. I rinsed my mouth, my eyes strained to keep watching in the mirror as she reached behind her and unhooked the clasp on her bra, pulling it down her arms. I could just catch a glimpse of the side of a very large breast falling out of the material as it came away from her body.

Then, just as I was done, she bent over, pulling her panties down as she went, and giving me a full view of her shapely hips, well toned ass, and.

as she finally pulled them off her feet, I could see the moist lips of her vagina briefly between her legs before she stood upright again. I was nearly at my limit. It was all I wanted to do right then to drop my pants and take her right there. But I held my ground, put the cap on the toothpaste, wiped my mouth with a towel, and just as she stepped into the shower, I took that last difficult step out the door.

Sleep, as tired as I was, didn't seem like an option with a raging hard-on driving me insane. I considered my options. Jacking off didn't seem out of the question, but I wasn't sure I could finish that before Collette came out of the shower and got into bed.

It would be a bit embarrassing if I were caught, though I'm sure she wouldn't really mind. I could strip off my clothes, run into the bathroom, and surprise her in the shower, but I was pretty sure that wasn't her intention at the time. We were both tired and she just wanted to relax and go to sleep. I ended up with the only other thing left.

I stripped down to my underwear, laid my clothes over a chair, and climbed into the queen-size bed. I figured I'd just close my eyes and hope to sleep, raging erection or not. In hindsight, dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories how tired I'd been, it's kind of surprising that I even woke up at all.

I actually did fall asleep, nearly as soon as my head hit the pillow. The previous night of drinking and then traveling all day had me worn down something fierce. I was dreaming when I felt Collette's warm body snuggle up against me under the sheets.

I was lying on my back and could feel her wet hair on my neck and bare chest as she draped a warm leg over me, still moist from her shower, and nestled her head in the crook of my arm.

In my dream Collette smoothed her hand over my chest and just held me gently as she cozied up in bed next to me. I wrapped my hand around her back and gave her a gentle snug as we both slept. My dream was getting better, though, in my mind I could feel her hand stroking back and forth stomach. Her head turned slightly and kissed me on the chest a few times, finally pulling my small nipple into her mouth and running her tongue over it.

Her hand drifted further down and cautiously, gently, brushed just over my underwear, sending a slow wave of pleasure through me. I felt her leg move further over me until she was on top of me, straddling my thigh, still kissing my chest and ever-so-gently stroking the hardening mound over my briefs. I felt moistness extreme pussy close and bdsm wax first time slavemouth alexa my thigh and it occurred to me that it was probably just from the shower.

I slowly became conscious with the realization that it wasn't a dream, and the warm moistness on my thigh was coming from bare skin. Collette's bare skin. The bare skin between her legs. Collette wasn't wearing any panties, just the oversize T-shirt she usually wore to bed.

Her kisses moved from my chest to my neck as her hips very slowly, very gently, began to rock forward and back over my thigh. By the time those warm lips made it just below my ear, I was fully awake and realized it was all real. Collette was actually on top of me. The person I had been pining after for weeks now, ever since I realized how I felt about her, was doing more than just making out a little bit before bedtime.

I tried to pretend I was still asleep, but she had to know I was awake by now. Her movements over me were becoming firmer with each stroke. I wanted so badly to open my eyes, to pink slits are licked masturbation and smalltits her, to take her, but I was worried that if I stopped pretending, she'd back away. Collette continued her rhythm, getting stronger and stronger as time went by, while I just lay there, hoping, wishing, dreaming that something more would come of this.

Her hand stroking over the mound in my underwear had become more insistent, moving faster, moving harder, at the same time as her hips were grinding ever harder into my thigh, the moistness between her legs spread a good several inches along my thigh. Collette had stopped kissing me and concentrated on what was going on below. She started softly moaning. Her hand, no longer content to feel me through the thin covering of cotton, ran up to the waistband of my briefs and slipped underneath, her fingers touching my bare, sensitive flesh at last.

She stroked up and down the hard shaft with her delicate fingers in time with the pulsing tempo of her hips. No longer content to simply pretend I was asleep, I placed my hands on her sides, just below her arms which were now propping her up above me.

I opened my eyes and saw her beautiful face, full of desire, just above my chest. Her hair hung down over me, brushing back and forth on my chest with the movement of her body. I ran my hands down her sides to her hips, sliding my fingers underneath the hem of her T-shirt, then running them firmly up her smooth sides, feeling the moistness and heat from her skin, then moving underneath to hold those wonderfully full globes in my hands.

I felt a rush of desire as her firm nipples slipped between my fingers, I wanted more, a lot more. Collette sat up, but continued rocking back and forth, giving me better access to her breasts. Her moaning was increasing and she had even lost track of the hand which had been stroking my cock, she was now just holding onto it while she lost herself in the building hunger.

Collette finally let go a loud moan, squeezing my erection firmly as she came to orgasm on my thigh. She looked beautiful in the dim light, the object of all my cravings. "Sorry about that, Mark, I guess I've just been waiting a little too long." Collette smiled down at me as I continued grasping her breasts. "Fine with me," I said quietly, "I've been wanting it just as much if not more." "But you're not.

finished." She said with amusement, "Maybe I should help you with that." I smiled deep in dat chocolate pussy bkb pornstars and hardcore at her, "Sounds like a great idea to me!" Collette dismounted me and pulled back the sheets a little further, then pulled my briefs down my legs and off my feet, leaving me completely naked before her. I had no modesty left, I simply wanted to make mad, passionate love to her.

Collette began stroking my raging erection once more, with a bit more focus now. "I think we should keep it to this sort of thing for now," She said, dashing my ambitions, "I want to do more, but I don't want it to be when I'm exhausted." "Ok," I replied, trying to hide my disappointment, "but just one thing." "What's that?" "You're about to rub me completely raw down there," I laughed, "I think we should find some lotion or something!" "I have just the thing." She said.

Collette got up and went to the bathroom, returning with a small travel bottle of lotion from the hotel. "Will this do?" She asked. "That should do fine," I smiled, giddy with the excitement of knowing I was actually going to get somewhere with this.

Collette knelt down beside me on the bed and poured a rather large amount of the lotion into xxx sexi foking movies storys hands, then rubbed them together to warm it up. "One more thing," I said, eyeing her lustfully, "take your shirt off." Collette laughed, "I can't do that now, I have lotion all over my hands! You'll have to do it for me." "Glad to be of service once more," I said gleefully.

I sat up and pulled the shirt over Collette's head as she lifted her hands for me. Once it was off, I couldn't help but to run my hands once more over her breasts, then I leaned over slut teases the poor guy before making him cum took a nipple into my mouth.

Finally! I couldn't believe how big her breasts were. By this time, I was more familiar with Jen's body than Collette's. Jen had good sized nipples, but here breasts were quite small in comparison. Don't get me wrong, I loved them, but variety is the spice of life! I spent the next five minutes devouring Collette's breasts in my mouth and hands, thrilled to finally get to touch and feel where I'd been focused for so long. "Ok, ok!" Collette laughed, "I do have to get to sleep tonight, you know!" "Oh, alright," I said as I lay back down, "but there's more of that to come later!" Collette laughed again, and then reached down, slathering the lotion from her hands all over my cock and balls.

I bit my lip hard to keep myself from just losing it all right there. I wanted this to last a little while at least. With one hand, Collette began long, slow strokes up and down my hardened shaft, while her other hand massaged my balls with warm, wet, slippery fingers.

I was in heaven, I could do this all night long, I thought. As she got more and more into it, Collette bitch lying on a machine in bdsm video take both hands and cup them around my penis, running them from the top all the way down to the root before coming slowly back up again, her thumbs taking a moment to rub the tip of my cock.

Every now and again, she would rub one or both hands down the insides of my thighs and around up toward my anus, then run a few warm, slick fingers up from there and over my scrotum again. Every time her fingers got close to my anus I started to feel like I was going to lose it. Her fingers running just below my balls, her other hand stroking up and down on my cock, spending extra time around the ridge just below the tip, she was driving me crazy and I didn't think I could hold out much longer.

"Do you like it when I rub down here?" She asked, as she again ran a few fingers below my scrotum and just down above my anus before returning. "Mmmm hmmm." I agreed, unable to speak for the pleasure.

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"What about here?" She asked, running her fingers down again. Her other hand was holding around the ridge of my penis and rubbing around and on top over and over again. I was having trouble holding back. This time her fingers went all the way down until they found my anus, she made little circles around it as her other hand stroked the tip of my cock.

"Ooooh, yes, there. That's. just. mmmmm." I managed to get out. "So you like that?" She smiled and giggled, moving her hand back up a little, the other still stroking the tip of my cock.

I simply nodded as she ran her hand back down again, this time circling the little hole for a short time, then she gently pushed the tip of her finger in, rubbing very gently in and out. I couldn't take it any longer, with a somewhat violent burst, my cock thrust out a short stream of white fluid, landing partially anya olsens giving a hot closet deep throat blowjob hardcore bigcock her right breast and arm.

Collette laughed out loud as I continued coming for a while longer, the fluid running down the sides of her hand onto my pelvis. "Well, that took a while!" Collette mused as she leaned over to give me a kiss. I, spent, just lay there exhausted. Collette got up and got her wet towel from the bathroom, then cleaned us both up. As much as I enjoyed the hand-job, I really enjoyed having her clean me off as well.

I felt so close to her, I loved her so much. She was in every way the ideal woman for me. Throwing the towel to the floor, Collette lay down beside me naked and pulled the covers up over us. She leaned over to the nightstand and set an alarm on her cell phone, then rolled toward me and cuddled up under the blankets.

"Mark, I love you. I really love you." She said quietly as we snuggled together. "I love you, too, Collette. I always will." I kissed her lips gently, then we both relaxed and drifted quickly into sleep. Author's Note: I'm gonna work on the other stories before I do the story with Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Only because the ideas are fresh in my head.