College xxxcom he amazing storys

College xxxcom he amazing storys
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To continue my story let me say that because at the time that my son came to me with his questions I could look back at my relationship with my brother and realize no harm had been done.

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While I went on to marry, my brother finished high school, went on to obtaining a very good job and then married a fine woman.

I had an opportunity to talk with him and he agreed that what we had done did no harm. He said it gave him more confidence and he even added that when he started dating he felt more mature and he did not have to have sex to develop a relationship with a girl. Well as I said after talking with my son I felt real horny.

Every time I thought about him or saw him I would get that yearning deep in my abdomen. I told myself I had to resist.

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I was still asian love tunnel toying and blowbang japanese and hardcore I would negatively affect him.

Then he said he had more questions. I agreed to answer him honestly. What he asked did not seem difficult but it still made me yearn to do with him as I had with my brother. Then he asked if I could show him.

I wondered if he was asking to see me naked or asking to be shown how to copulate. I had an intense desire to do both. I asked, "Are you saying that you want to have sex with me?" The moment I asked the question I was sure by the expression on his face that I had misinterpreted his intent. "Don't make fun of me because I want to have sex you mom," he said as tears came to his eyes.

I have always been a sucker for his tears. I wrapped him in my arms and gave him a motherly hug. As I felt him snuggle up to me I once again felt that deep down yearning. To fight it off I said to him, "You know that some people believe that is the worst thing that a mother can do with her son." He only snuggled against me and softly sobbed.

I went on, "You know that if we did and anyone ever found out I could go to prison and we could never see each other again." "I'm sorry mom," he sobbed, "I won't say anything more." No, you have scared him off, my inner self screamed at me.

"I'm sorry too sweetie 'cause…" I hesitated wondering if I should tell him but my inner self shouted, tell him! "Because I want to have sex with you." I felt him stiffen in my arms. I told my inner self that I would never listen to her again and then my son drew away and looked me in the eyes and asked, "Really mommy?" Looking into Timmy's blue eyes made me fearful that this was going out of control.

At last I said, "No one can ever know." "I know mom," he said as he wiped tears from his eyes with the back of his hand.

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"You can't even tell your best friend. No one…not anybody can ever know," I insisted. "I won't tell anyone, I promise," he said as he snuggled once again into my arms. I thought about the many times since his birth that I had held him in my arms. Not until recently had I had a sexual thought with him in my arms and here I was now so eager to get naked and show him everything I knew. I thought of him suckling on my breast like he had as a baby.

Any resistance that may have been present within me melted away. My inner self shouted, what are we waiting for! I repeated her words aloud, "What are we waiting for?" "Now?" Tim asked as he kissed my neck below my ear.

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I wondered if there was any benefit in waiting. I wondered if we had talked enough.


He is not my brother, I thought, he might be harmed in ways I can't know. Again I felt that yearning down deep in my gut. My inner self said, yes now, and I repeated her words aloud.

He kissed my neck again and any doubt was gone. I kissrd the side of his head and he pulled back and our lips met. It was only a chaste kiss, one like we had often shared before. He pulled back and looked into my eyes.


We kissed again, hard this time but still chaste. Then we moved together. We stood and rushed to my bedroom.

With trembling fingers I hurriedly began to unbutton his shirt and he suddenly pulled it off over his head tossing it to one side.


I began unbuttoning my blouse and he helped me. Soon it too was tossed aside. He went to the hooks on my bra and deftly undid it. As my bra began to slip he pulled it down and let it fall to the floor.

Within moments his lips were on a tit. With a fleeting remembrance of him as a baby at my breast I realized he was no longer my baby but a young man. In only moments we were standing naked before each other. His member was standing tall like a man's…not larger, not smaller. Somehow I had thought it would appear different. I lay back on the bed opening myself to him and he stood looking at me. I had one more fleeting thought that I should stop this. Then my body gave me a little spasm like a pre-orgasmic spasm and I reached out my hands to him and said, "Now." He positioned himself between my legs and I guided his member to my wet opening.

He pushed gently and stopped. "That's it," I said and added, "Now push it all the way in and then do what you feel like doing." He thrust all the way and stopped.

He pulled back and thrust in again. He did not need instruction…it came natural to him. He lasted maybe a minute and a half. He cried out as he ejaculated within me and collapsed down on me. I hugged him tight and whispered, "That was good sweetie." He seemed to be catching his breath for a bit and then he raised up and looked into my eyes.

Tight pussy mother id like to fuck likes vibrators japanese and hardcore eyes seemed to smile at me as he said, "That was…oh wow!" He, like his uncle at this age, recovered quickly and was soon back at it. I determined I would allow him to do as he chose.

There would be time later for further instruction. This was his night. The following day was Saturday and neither of us had anything scheduled. We awoke in each other's arms. My mouth was dry and I was sure my breath was horrid so I excused myself to go to the bath room. I peed and brushed my teeth. Just as I was putting my tooth brush away Tim opened the door a crack and asked, "Can we take a shower together." "I was just going to teach you about sex not be your lover," I said. I really would not have minded having him in the shower with me.

I moved to the door undecided as to whether I should allow him in. "I do love you mom," he said from the other side of the door.

"I know you love mom and kid son teaching dear but I want to keep this relationship between mother and son and not between lovers. You will someday need to find a young woman your own age and if we let this turn into a romantic relationship you may never be able to." I amazed myself with that insight.

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"You go and use your own shower and after we will talk over breakfast."