Adorable teen slut barbara desires a massive schlong to bang

Adorable teen slut barbara desires a massive schlong to bang
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About noon, I called James. I was still reeling from the night before. Hello James?, I asked. Yes, he answered. This is Dottie, can you talk freely?, I asked him.

Sure! he shot back quickly. I wanted to tell you that all the guys cant wait for another session with you, he told me. Thank you, I said. Thats sort of why I am calling you, I told the boy.

Really! he said. Yes, I have been thinking of your beautiful black cock, fucking my ass. My cunt is wet now just thinking about it, I told him.

I could come over now, if you want, the boy said excited. Well, I paused. Could you find some other black guys to come with you?, I asked him. You bet your tight ass, I can bring several, he laughed. I need some large black cocks to use me, I said, as I laughed out loud.

Do you think they would like to see me with the dogs? I asked him. My dad would for sure, James told me. YOUR DAD!! I almost fainted, as I heard those words comming from the boys mouth. Yes, James added. He over heard some of us talking about you last night. When the guys left, he wanted to hear the whole story. MY GOD!!, I gasped. Dont worry, James cut in. Dads cool, you will like him. He isnt upset? I asked him.

Fuck no, the boy said. He got excited and wished he had been there. Really!, I said. Sure James said to me. I can bring my younger brother, my dad, my two uncles, and their five sons.

That would be ten counting me. He said. God!! a family fuck, I laughed. My breath was short thinking about fucking the black family. God yes, bring your family on over. I need my cunt filled with your massive cocks.

Please, James. If you are sure there isnt going to be any problems, hell yes bring them over to me. We could be there in about two hours, if thats not too soon. He told me. Oh no, thats fine, I will be ready for you. I told the boy.

Squirting french lesbians having one hell of a time will be excited, he loved the pissing deal. Also to hear how good you look and what you like to do. His eyes glazed over when he heard about the dogs, he added. Really!, I smiled. Bring your family over to my hot little cunt, Please. When you get here, just come on cum for cover blowbang babe fucks by the pool, I will be in the den, sucking one of my dogs.

I told the boy. We hung the phones up. I ran and jumped into the shower, my heart was beating a mile a minute. God I needed those black cocks. I dried off and ran naked through the house. I stopped at the back door, trying to pick out a dog for my show. Damn, I thought to myself, I want them all, as I looked them over. My pussy was wet just looking at them. I needed sex. Dirty and nasty!! Fuck, I need this, I hope all of James family was hung like he is.

My cunt was pouring my love juices. The time was getting close now. I yelled at the massive walker hound, he shot through the door. It was almost like he knew what I wanted him to mother and boys xxx sex vidoe. I went to the front door, and unlocked it.

Then strolled my naked ass to the den. They would be showing up any minute now, I thought to myself. I sat down in front of the large dog. Here boy, lick mommys cunt, I told the hound. I pulled his head down to my wet pussy. Eat me boy, eat moms cunt out. The dog started licking my dripping pussy, Yes, I moaned, God yes, lick that cunt boy. I could here James and his family walking towards the door.

EAT MY CUNT BOY, I yelled, as the front door opened. My cunt exploded as the black men walked into the room. My long legs were spread wide and the hound was really cleaning my cunt. Shit! James, you werent lying, this white cunt is hot. Very hot they shouted. I smiled at the men. Show me some black meatwhile I finish my dog. I moaned, PLEASE, get your clothes off, I begged as I looked up at the ten black men.

I need to see those wonderful black cocks, I added. The black men were stripping off their clothes, as I moved over the animals back. I was rocking my ass back and forth, rubbing my wet cunt over the dogs fur.

This bitch cant handle all of this dick, one of the men said, as he stroked a cock a foot long. I smiled, as I moved my hand under the dogs belly, to the sheath covered dog meat. All the while I was starving for the ten huge black cocks in front of me.

The men sat around me, there were three men, and seven very young men watching me work the dogs cock from its sheath. They were all hung extremely well, and they were getting their black meat ready for me. The hounds cock was fully extended now, it was throbbing in my hand.

Damn bitch, do something with that dogs cock, and quit teasing us, one boy said. I smiled, this isnt a tease, I said to him. I bent down under the dog, I rubbed the red pointed tip of the animals cock over my wanting lips. That cunt is really going to eat that dogs dick, another said. Just watch, James told them, this whore is great. I moved my lips over the tip of the dogs cock, to tease the men and the dog.

I spread my legs wide, and rubbed my cunt, as I moved my mouth over the dogs cock. GOD DAMN!!! the slut is sucking him, they shouted. The dog humped my wanting mouth, as I slid three fingers inside my wet cunt. GO YOU NASTY CUNT!! One of them shouted. SUCK THAT DIRTY DOGS COCK!!

another added. I was moaning, as the animal drove all of his cock down my throat. I swallowed the dogs precum, I put my fist inside my drenched cunt, as the animal fucked my face.

This is the hottest little white slut I have ever seen, I heard one say. SHOVE THAT FIST UP YOUR HOT CUNT BITCH, another added. SUCK HIM BITCH, EAT THAT DOG YOU NASTY WHORE, one boy said. God I love this, I thought as I sucked down the dogs cock. I pulled my mouth away from the animals cock, and ask the black men. Do you want to see this red cock in my cunt or my ass?

I smiled at them. Both, we want to see you do both, you nasty whore. I pulled my fist out of my needy cunt. The dog was so excited he was humping air, I wanted him humping my hungry pussy. I looked at James, help him mount me, please, I begged the boy. Guide his big dog dick into my cunt, PLEASE, as I got to my knees, and turned my ass to the dog. James stood, his twelve inch cock was hard and stood out like a big black bat.

I moaned, help him James, please. I moaned again as James raised the hound up. His paws grabbed my hips, his cock was slapping my thighs. I need his cock, hurry James, PLEASE, God I need his cock now, I begged.

James helped the dog find the lips of my cunt. YES!, I screamed, as the animal drove his big dick deep inside me. My cunt exploded as the dog drilled me. GOD DAMN!! FUCK MEEEE, I yelled as the dog fucked me wildly. The men were all yelling, as the animal just kept shoving his dog meat to me. I was so lost in the moment I didnt even know what they were saying.

I did catch the white slut part and that made my cunt explode again. I was born to this, I thought to myself. I was made for fucking infront of people. God I love being watched. James, I yelled, help the dog to fuck my ass, I need his sweet cock in my ass. I want to feel his knot filling me. PLEASE, I begged the boy. YES!!, I screamed as another wave of cum gushed out of me. I was soaking the floor with my cum. PUT HIS COCK IN MY ASS!!, I yelled again, SHIT, I NEED IT.

I pulled away from the hound, letting his cock pop out of my sloppy wet cunt. My ass, JamesPlease. James pressed the dogs cock to my asshole. The hound lunged forward, driving his dick to the knot.

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FUCK, FUCK, FUCK MEEEE, I yelled as the dog fucked my ass. The animal worked his cock like a jackhammer. Driving me wild. Do it you nasty bitch, the men kept yelling. Take that dogs cock in your nasty ass. The guys at the bar would love to see this shit, one of the men said.

We could pimp this cunt out there, said another. The dog drove his knot into my ass, YES, I yelled again, as my juices kept flowing onto the floor. FUCK MEEEE!!, I screamed, as I clamped my ass tight around the dogs knot. YES, YES, I love your sweet cock in my ass, I moaned.

The dog was knotted solid, he couldnt do anything now but drill my ass. The dog shot his cum deep inside my ass, my cum flowed as the dog kept unloading inside me. MORE, I moaned, I smiled and looked up at the black men. I need some black dick, Please, feed me some black cock.

Dad!, James said. stuff her mouth full. Yes, dad, I told him. Feed me some of that black dick. The dog had me knotted, his ass to mine. James dad knelt down putting at least fourteen parents films this homemade sextape tube porn of thick black meat in front of me.

I grabbed the base of the massive cock, then swallowed about half of his staff. God, I thought to myself, this is what I call a cock. SUCK IT SLUT, SUCK THAT BLACK COCK!! one of the other younger boys yelled. You little white slut, we are going to fuck you til you cant walk. I pulled my mouth from the cock, and smiled, Go for it.

I can take all of you, then several more, I said to them. As I throated the cock again. She is just warming up, I heard James say to them. I could feel the dog slipping from my ass, I took my mouth away from the man cock. Catch the dog James, I want to lick his cock clean. What the fuck!!, James dad said. I looked sunny leone super top xxx at him, and smiled, put your cock in my asshole, I told him.

Bury it to your big balls, Please, I begged. James led the dog infront of me. Kittens pound guys butthole with enormous strapons and blast sperm pushed the hound to his side.

I put the hounds cock in my mouth and sucked the slimy wet cock down my throat. I raised my ass in the air. FUCK HER DAD, she wants it. Fuck her white ass off. Give her all of it, she can take it all. James told him. His dad pressed the head of his cock against my used asshole. FUCK ME!

PLEASE, FUCK ME, I begged. YESSSSSS, I screamed, as he drove his black cock about half way into my ass. GOD YES, I pleaded, rip my ass apart, FUCK ME, YOU BLACK BASTURD, Fuck my ass hard, I yelled at him. Yes, God yes, I screamed as he drove his cock deep into me. I pushed the dog aside. Come here James, I begged. Thats it, Yes, Fuck me dad, while I suck your sons cock. Fuck that white slut bitch Jim, one of the other men yelled. She has it all now, the man replied.

I opened my mouth wide to take James cock. I swallowed his cock almost to his balls, as his dad tore my asshole apart. I was tasting his sons cum leaking cock, Hell yes, I was thinking. Now that asshole husband of mine should walk in. I would love to see the look on his face now. His wife double fucked by two big cocked black men. With eight more waiting their turn. YES, GOD YES, FUCK MEEEEEE, I yelled, as more of my cum poured out of me.

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James, and his dad were fucking me hard, my asshole will never be the same, I thought, as the mans balls slapped my cunt with every stroke. IM CUMMING, the man in my ass yelled, ME TOO DAD, James said.

My cunt gushed as he slammed my ass. A father and son fucking me, the thought of it made me want even more. Jim started filling my asshole with his hot load of cum. YES, I screamed, FUCK MEEEE, fill my ass with your sweet cum. James yelled, SUCK ME WHORE, I need to cum. Yes, baby, yes, cum down my throat. I put my lips over the head of his cock just as it exploded. God yes, I thought to myself, this is a sluts heaven. I swallowed James cum. YES, the boy yelled.

TAKE IT BITCH, DRINK IT ALL YOU CUNT, the boy added. I drank down the last of the boys sweet cum, I looked at the men around me. I need my cunt and my ass full of cock, I smiled, and said to them. PLEASE, I hottie ryan smiles shows her big boobs and booty them.

FUCK ME, one of the other boys cried out. I dont think this kid was old enough to even drive yet. But at that point I didnt care. He had a ten inch cock, that was thick, and thats all that mattered to me.

YES, I moaned, I will take that young cock of yours. I pushed the boy on his back, I put the lips of my cunt over the thick shaft. GOD YES, I moaned, as I slid my wet cunt down his thick shaft. My body shook madly as I came hard on his shaft.

I looked at the men, I want this boys father to fuck my ass, I told them. He is my boy, the man with another eleven inch cock said. You like this family fucking dont you cunt, the man added. YES, PLEASE, PLEASE, I need it.

I need to be family fucked, I told them. I smiled at him, fuck my ass, please, put that thick dick in my ass. YES, I need another father and son fucking me, I added. YES, FUCK ME, I moaned as the boy fucked me. PLEASE GOD PLEASE FUCK ME, I moaned, as the man without warning drove his thick cock all the way up my ass. Shit, the others yelled, this dog fucking cunt cant get enough cock.

I NEED IT, I screamed. GOD I NEED COCK. I just knew the man had ripped my ass into, but I didnt care.

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I was loving it all. I pointed to another boy, fuck my mouth, I told him. I want to drink that sweet cum of yours, I added. The boy, who again ,looked very young, put his nine inch cock to my lips.

I took the length of his black shaft easily. The idea of almost three feet of cock in me, caused my cunt to cum violently. My asshole was eating the thick cock, my cunt flowed like a river.

I moaned, as the black man in my ass tensed up, and shouted IM CUMMING BITCH. The cock in my cunt was spraying his load deep. The boy I was sucking, grabbed my hair, and force fed his cock to me. I moaned, used by a room full of black men. The boy was holding my face to his cock, then exploded into my mouth. EAT THIS BITCH, he yelled. You white slut swallow all of my nigger cum, you whore, he laughed. I was swallowing and gagging on the hot liquid.

TAKE IT, you nasty dog bitch, the boy screamed, as I swallowed his cum to the last sweet drop. He pulled his cock from my mouth. Yes, I love it ,I told them. And I want more of it. I want more, I screamed, as I stood up pulling away from the two spent dicks that were in me. There were five more hard black cocks left. I WANT MY ASSHOLE TORN APART, I yelled at them.

I want to suck a cock, and the rest of you take turns fucking my ass, I begged them. I need you to use my asshole!! There were three men sitting on the sofa, I walked to the boy who was in the middle. His cock was a foot long, he looked like the youngest one there. Again I didnt give a shit, I needed dick. I knelt down and took his dick down my throat. I grabbed a cock in each hand, and began jacking them off, as I ate the big black cock.

I could feel a cock pressing against the opening of my asshole. FUCK THE BITCH, I heard someone yelling. Reality kings couple pay for their way cock in my mouth started jerking and leaking cum into my mouth.

I moaned, as the man drove his cock up my ass, his balls were slapping my draining cunt with every stroke. DRINK MY CUM WHORE, the boy yelled, as his thick cum emptied into my needy mouth.

TAKE IT YOU DIRTY CUNT, he added. I swallowed as he filled my mouth again and again. I bucked hard against the man fucking my ass.


IM CUMMING WHORE, he shouted. I could feel his cum dumping into my torn ass. FUCK ME NIGGER, FUCK MY ASS YOU NIGGER BASTURD!! I screamed, as my cum pooled onto the floor. I NEED MORE MEAT, I added. I NEED MORE, PLEASE!!! GOD PLEASE, Fuck my white ass with those beautiful black cocks. I moved my lips to another dick, this one was ten inches or so, and looked ready to explode. Another man, or boy, I didnt know which, shoved his cock into my sloppy cum filled asshole.

GOD DAMN, this white slut is hot. She is really something, another added. We really need to get her to the bar one of these nights, and see just how much cock she can really take, said another. This cunt could fuck an army, and still want more, I heard James tell them. At that time the cock in me and the one I was sucking exploded.

EAT THAT CUM YOU CUNT, the man told me. SHIT THIS BITCH CAN EAT A DICK, he said. The man in my ass was spent. I had one hard cock that I hadnt got off yet. The boy shouted, I want your cunt. I want to fuck that nasty pussy of yours, he added. The boy shoved his cock deep in me, my cunt milked his cock. FUCK MEEE, FUCK MY CUNT, I screamed.

I need blonde babes get pounded in various positions cum, give it to me. Give your white mommy that cock, I begged the boy. Im cummminnng, he shouted. MEEE TOO, I screamed. I need more cum, I told the men, as I fell to the floor. I shoved four fingers into my cum filled cunt, then reached around to my ass, and put three fingers in my loose asshole. FUCK, she still wants more, one of them said. Yes, I moaned, I want more.

I need your hot cum, I begged them. I slid my thumb into my cunt. The men watched as I fist fucked myself. Shoot your cum all over me please. This bitch is a dream come true, said one of the men. The men who could, had hard ons again, they were standing over me pulling on their wonderful cocks. My body shook as I got myself off with my fist. YES, YES, I moaned. Cum on me please, I need you to cum on me, I begged them. The men jacked their cocks as I filled my holes with my hands.

YES, I screamed, CUM ON YOUR WHITE CUNT SLUT. I NEED IT. I pulled my fingers out of my ass, and rubbed my clit as I fist fucked myself. Here it comes cunt, they yelled. YES, YES, Give it to me, I cried. The men started shooting their hot cum on my face and in my hair. YES, MORE, I shouted. My cunt gushed as the black men dumped their cum on my nice round tits. YES, MORE, I told them.

DO IT Horny hot babe maya wears mask and asks johns cock in the backseat MEE. I rode my fist like a mad woman.

Two of the men stood over my spread legs and shot that hot dick juice on my stomach and cunt. YES, I screamed, soak me with cum.

I pulled my fist out of my used cunt, and started rubbing the black cock cum over my body.


I moaned, and got to my knees. I will clean your cocks for you, I told them. They lined up, I sucked their cum from their fingers and their wonderful dicks one at a time. Damn this is great, one shouted. This cunt is still hungry, another added. James, you were right, this is the cum lovingest bitch I have ever seen. And she sure can fuck, his dad added. I looked up at the men and smiled. Help me up please, I told them.

My legs were shaking as I stood up. My body covered in cum, God this is wonderful, I said to myself. Lets go wash this off me, I moaned. I smiled and motioned them to follow me. My cunt, deep anal and throat tube porn asshole felt like they were torn apart, but still I was getting wet thinking about my piss bath. I stepped into the tub, and plugged the drain. I got down on my knees, looking at the ten blackmen around my tub.

I smiled at them, piss all over me, I told them. PLEASE, PISS ME CLEAN, James piss in my mouth slowly would you? I asked him. Fuck yes you know I will.

He took his big cock in hand, I opened my mouth wide.

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James told the other men, watch this, she will drink it all. The white slut loves piss too!! God damn nasty bitch, one said. This cunt is out of controll, said another. James moaned, as his golden liquid started flowing into my mouth.

I drank down his hot piss as the other men watched almost in shock. Another started pissing on my shoulders, I moaned as the liquid flowed down my throat.

James was trying not to let go. I swallowed his hot piss as it hit the back of my throat. I felt the other men pissing my hair, and my ass crack. I moaned more striking idol shows off enormous ass and gets butt hole penetrated the men sprayed the hot juice over me.

I moaned as the tub filled with their piss. James finished, and I layed on my back in the piss pool, allowing the men to really wash their cum off my body. I spread the lips of my used pussy as one of the men pissed my cunt. I sllid two fingers in me, trying to feel the warm piss inside me. YES, MORE PLEASE, give me all of it. I moaned. The men were about done, I knelt infront of them sucking the last drop of piss from their spent cocks.

I needed every drop of the bitter sweet nectar. I moaned as I cleaned the last drop from the last mans cock. YES, YES, I LOVE IT, I screamed, and splashed the hot piss onto my face. Wanting to feel more of the juice, I put my face down into the pool of piss and started lapping it up like a dog.

GOD DAMN, this is the nastiest sex starved cunt I have ever seen, one of them said. I layed face down in the golden liquid, rolling over and over, making sure not one inch of my hot body wasnt soaked in piss.

Now dad, I guess you believe me now, James laughed and said. Hell yes son, this cunt would make a fortune if she would sell that whore cunt of hers, he replied. I would still love to get her in the bar, and let her pull a train there. The nasty bitch could get her fill of cock there, he added. I stood up and pulled the plug, and turned the water on.

The men watched as I soaped my body and washed my hair. They were talking and laughing, I couldnt really hear with the water running. The idea of the bar thing with a room lana rhoades big tits teen sucking and masturbating with of large black cocks did excite me though.

God, I loved that, I told the men, as I shut off the water. The men watched as I dried off. Ask her James, while we get dressed, his dad told him. Dottie, dad wants to know if you would be interested in a show at his bar.

Would that interest you? the boy added. It would if I knew I was safe. I would love to put on a dog show in public, I told them. I promise you will be safe in my place, Jim said. When you want to do this, one of the boys said. Soon, I told them. Very soon. I will start working on this tonight, Jim told me. As we walked to the door, the phone started to ring. Call me James, when you get this set up. He will, his dad replied. Got to get this phone, I said as the men left.

Hello hi honey, hello mom. are you busy? she asked. No, I replied, not now, I had my hands full eariler, I smiled and said. But I am free now. Good, she said, I thought I would come by and keep you company for a bit. Great mom, I will be here with the coffee going.

bye honey, see you in a bit. Bye mom.