Palatable adorable hottie rides long cock girlfriend and hardcore

Palatable adorable hottie rides long cock girlfriend and hardcore
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They were watching a movie on the couch. She snuggled closer when the movie got scary, and he put one arm around her to comfort her, and they stayed that way as the movie went on. But as it reached the romantic part of the movie, he pulled her closer, and suddenly she was sitting on his lap.

She looked up at him, and was shocked as their lips met for the first time. She started to pull away, but his arms were wrapped around her. Slowly, she began to kiss him back, and put her arms around his shoulders as the kiss deepened. She had never known a kiss could be like this. Panting slightly, she broke the kiss long enough to whisper, "I've never.done this before." He began to pull away and she said, "No, wait." and pulled him back, and the kissing resumed.

She slid her hands along his back, and his hands began to slide towards her waist. Her heart was thundering in her chest now, as his hands reached the edge of her shirt.

She ran her hands over his torso, feeling him, as though she were trying to memorize every muscle. Slowly, clumsily, he began unbuttoning her shirt. After he fumbled the buttons a few times, she unbuttoned the rest for him, while he tugged his shirt off over his head. Their kissing resumed, even more passionate than before. His hands were all over her back, and realizing what he was searching for, she leaned closer to give him better access.

He unclasped her bra, and she was lost in kisses and sensation as she felt his strong warm hands massage her breasts.

Then she felt her heart skip a beat as his hands began to lesbian beauties like to use their dildos down towards her waist. Suddenly, he broke away, shaking his head slightly. "We should stop," he said, and began reaching for his shirt.

But she shook her head and said, "No, it's fine." He looked at her uncertainly.


"It's alright," she repeated. "I want this." He looked in her eyes, and it was like for a moment they were frozen in time together. "Are you sure?" he asked. She answered by kissing him, long and hard, and wrapping her arms around him. The next thing she knew, she felt his mouth on her breasts, and she leaned into him. He made a little sound, then spoke, his voice filled with something she couldn't identify. "Not here." he said, and surprised her by hoisting her into his arms.

She held on with her arms around his shoulders as she found herself being carried down a hallway towards his room.

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He set her down on the bed gently, as if she were a delicate flower and was afraid she might break. He turned away and she heard something unzipping. A moment later he returned and her eyes grew wide when she saw that he was in his underwear.

Her first instinct was to pull away, but something held her in place. She looked into his eyes and what she saw there made her fears melt away. Slowly, she slid closer and put her arms around him, her head on his chest. Neither of them spoke for a few moments, then she looked up at him. Their eyes met and he kissed her passionately, fiercely, longingly. He began to caress her tenderly, and she ran her hands through his hair.

She hesitated again when she felt his hands work their way into her jeans.


He stopped and began to pull away, but she stopped him. "No," she said, "don't stop, please." and she moved even closer, turning slightly to give him better reach. "How can you wear such tight jeans?" he mumbled, having difficulty tugging them off her. She laughed and got up to take them off. Then she laid back down and they resumed. Her breath caught in her throat as his mouth began working its way down her next, his lips creating little fires wherever they touched.

She had to remind herself to breath when his mouth closed over her right breast, and his tongue traced little circles around her nipple. He switched to the other one as his hand found its way into her panties and he began stroking her.

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She was shaking now. Not with fear, but desire. Her body arced as his mouth traced little kisses further down her body. "Wait.," she said. "What is it?" he asked, his voice a husky timbre. "Can.can you turn down the lights?" He went still for a moment, and she said "Please, I'm-" but he shushed her, pressing a finger to her lips.

He got up and turned on a small lamp before flicking off the light switch. "Thank you." she said, quietly. He began kissing his way along her leg, working his way up until he paused. She squirmed out of her panties and suddenly he was kissing her there.

She moaned as he flicked his tongue inside. For a brief moment, her only coherent thought was that this must be what sex makes curvy beautiful hottie cum a lot feels like to be eaten; then her mind went blank. She heard herself cry out for release, feeling pressure building inside her, and it came. She laid there for a few minutes, panting, unable to think. Then she felt him move between her legs, spreading them apart to make more room.

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Her eyes widened, and she barely had time to think "When did his underwear come off?" before she felt him enter her. " hurts." she gasped, as he pushed further. "It will be okay." he said. She squeezed her eyes shut and pressed her head against his chest. Her arms wrapped tighter around him, holding on tight. She felt a strange sensation; there was pain, yet pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before.


She cried out again as she felt him push home. His mouth found hers and they stayed that way until the pain was gone. He moved slowly at first, but steadily grew faster. She forgot the pain she had felt at first, and knew only pleasure. She realized her hips were moving on their own, matching his increasing rhythm.

Their desire kept building, until they both cried out as they reached a crescendo, and they fell back onto the bed as one. Then they lay there, staring into each other's eyes. He brushed a strand of hair from her face, and she laid her head on his chest, his arms around her. They knew how each other was feeling; there was no need for words. They stayed like that, wrapped in each other's arms, until they lost track of time, and slept.