Sleeping teen gets fucked first time horny girlgirl teenagers munching each other pussies

Sleeping teen gets fucked first time horny girlgirl teenagers munching each other pussies
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I wrap my arm around your waist and pull your body close to mine, from behind. You can feel my dick growing from your ass rubbing against my groin. I pull you hair to one side with my other hand and continue to lick and bite your ear and neck. Then reaching around the front of your blouse, I start to unbutton, and reach my hand inside to grab your breasts and pinch your nipples. They respond, readily. Yearning to be suckled and teased with my mouth. You let out a light moan of pleasure.

Begging to have me do more to them. But not yet. You, in response to my grabbing your nipples, grind you ass harder against my growing member. It's yearning to have you release it from my pants. But, you are held fast, by my arm around your waist and my hand arousing your breasts. I raise my hand holding your waist and finish removing your blouse and bra.

Freeing your breasts to both of my hands. I can feel the tension, in your torso building as your breasts are freed from their entrapment of your clothing. Caressing and pinching them harder as you are responding to them being touched by my fingers. Both my hands gingerly move down your body to open your pants. You start to shiver with anticipation. Slowly pulling them down around your ankles and leaving them there. Your hands starts to try and pull mine into your inner warmth.

I slap them away. Whispering "Not yet. You're not ready." I ever so slightly caress your pussy through your panties. I feel the warmth and the wetness fascinating lady is precious at blowjobs pornstar hardcore them.

You let out another moan of desire. My hands come back up your body and turn you around to face me. Brunette latina desperate for cash gets fucked in the pawnshop lips find yours.

A deep sensual kiss, with me ending by biting your lower lip. Pulling your head in closer to mine, my tongue finds and explores you ear. Your arms find their way to be around me pulling me closer to you. As you again grind your pussy against my engorged and restrained cock. You hands start to undo my pants. I again, slap them away, harder than before. Telling you, more firmly,"Not yet!" My mouth then, starts working it way down your neck, nibbling and light kissing as it goes. Pausing at each of your breasts, to entice and suckle on your nipples.

Hearing the moans of pleasure escaping from your tender lips. You start to beg me the fuck you. But, all I reply "Not yet." As I lay you down on the bed. I work my mouth downwards towards your still panty covered pussy.

I can feel the heat as you try to buck your hips to force my mouth and tongue to your waiting wetness, as I continue down your body with my mouth. You spread your legs open inviting me to your wet panties, and the waiting pussy beyond. But, I continue down your inner thigh, nibbling, just past your pussy.

As I continue down your inner leg to the tips of your toes. You reach for my head, intent on pulling it back to your ever so waiting pussy. Again, I slap them aside, with a not yet, forcefully. As I finish at the end of your leg I start from the toes and work my way back to your pussy that horny attractive chick loves big one eyed monster in mouth ever so want me to enjoy.

I can see through your panties your pussy juices are flowing, enticing me to hurry and get there. But, I am slow in doing so. Your hips are bucking, wanting, my mouth in the one place that I have yet to take its pleasure. Then finely I arrive.

Slowly lapping at your pussy juice that has escaped to drip down your outer pussy layers. You moan in approval. But, wanting more. I start to taste, your sweet juices, driving you wilder by the second. Then my tongue caresses your clit. Lightly, at first, then faster and harder as your pussy cums all over my face.


Not once but, several times. I loose count.

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Lapping up the pussy juices as they pour out of you. You lay there quivering, basking in the glow of having multiple and powerful orgasms. Whimpering in gladness, as I start to work my way back up your body. Kissing and nibbling up to your breasts. Forcefully, pushing them together to lather my tongue between them. Tightly pressing them like the waiting pussy below. Again you moan. Pulling my face up to yours and kissing me deeply, tasting your pussy juices off of my beard. You reach for my pants to open.

I allow you this time to continue. You reach in and feel my cock, sliding my pants and underwear down You follow them. Freeing my engorged member, glistening with its pre cum dew dripping out of the tip. You slowly encircle the tip of my cock with your tongue. Lapping at the pre cum before just plunging it fully into your mouth. Part way in slowly at first. Then deeper, harder, faster. Gagging on my swollen cock as I moan with the pleasure you are giving nice chick gapes wet slit and gets deflorated virginity and hardcore. You grab the base and squeeze tightly not allowing me to cum.

Then slowly you stop, allowing me to catch my breath, so I can last longer for you. You shimmy out of your still soaking wet panties. With me watching, you take a finger and enter it into you pussy and place it in my mouth. Allowing me to taste your sweet endeavors. You pull them out of my mouth and again placing your finger back into your pussy. This time licking your dripping dew, off of your own fingers.

I reach up and pulling your waiting mouth closer. Kissing you deeply tasting your own pussy juices from your other lips. You again, moan approvingly. As we lay there together, I reach my hand down to your waiting pussy. Feel it dampness, I insert my finger, just inside your wet lips, to the soft flesh. I ever so slowly start to move my finger against the top inner wall of your pussy. Increasing the pressure and the pace of the movement.

Your hips again buck wildly, and your legs clamp down on my hand as another and another orgasm erupts from your pussy, causing you entire body to spasm, uncontrollably. After a time, your spasms subside. I again thrust my fingers deeper into you now sopping wet pussy. This time applying pressure to the harder surface at the top of your moist, inner pussy walls.

Again I start softly and slow. Increasing speed and firmness. You start to scream for me to fuck you. To just ram my hard cock into your pussy. But, I whisper, "Not yet." Again you explode into orgasmic bliss. You lay there shuddering and sweating, out of breathe. Panting that you want me to fuck you. You want feel my rigid cock pumping in and out of your now dripping pussy.

But, I tell you, "Not yet." You look over at me with a devilish smile on your face, as you reach down and take hold of my cock, licking your lips in the process.

As you start to climb on top I reach over to your hips and swing your pussy so it is now over my face. I can see your juices flowing from your now temper pussy lips. I lean my head to get a taste of your sweet juices. Brushing your now engrossed clit, you shudder. Then giving in, you lower your pussy to my face to again slurp up your spilling juices. I start by flicking my tongue, around your outer pussy lips. Getting all of the juices from there. Again you moan, as you are stroking my cock firmly with your hand.

I then flick my tongue, gently at first, to the inside of your pussy. Allowing it to part your lips. Again you moan in the pleasure I am giving you. Then as suddenly, you start to shudder with another series of orgasms. Thrusting my rigid cock into your mouth as you come again and again. At the same time grinding your now visibly dripping pussy deep on my face. I taste not only your pussy juices but also the sweat as it to is now rolling down the superlatively good position to fuck girlfriend and hardcore body.

Again, you now swing up to partake in kissing me. Forcing your tongue into my mouth. As out tongues now do battle natural wonders 50 constance devil you lap up the overflowing pussy juices from my now drenched beard.

You wrap your arms around me pulling us closer together. Grinding your pussy on the my upper thigh. Begging for me to fuck you again and again. But, this time I just smile. I flip you over and raise your hips and butt into the air, for a doggy-style position. I spread the cheeks of your waiting ass wide. Lowering my face I lick up and down your crack.

Feeling you tremor slightly as I do so. I lower my aim to the backside of your pussy. You wiggle your butt in approval as I lick the still visible juices from here. You are still begging me to fuck you. More forcefully, now, almost screaming in anticipation. I, again do not bow to your demand to be fucked, not yet. I, again insert my fingers into your pussy.

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Feeling the soft flesh that in the bottom of your pussy walls, now on top. I let my fingers sit there for a short bit. Then here to I start to move with increasing touch and speed. Eventually you thrust you legs out from under you clamping onto my hand as I again bring you over the brink of orgasmic pleasure. Your body is rocking side to side, dragging my hand along.

Finely, your orgasms subside. You grab my hand, which has brought you so much pleasure, up to you mouth. To insert my fingers, across your tongue. Your eyes closed in the pleasure of tasting your own sweaty pussy juices. You pull me down, to you. Kissing me deeply, again. I don't resist. You roll me onto my back and straddling my waist.

You grab my cock, and insert it into your waiting pussy. I can feel the tight warmth, your inner pussy walls are still quivering from old granny fuck and school vintage porn what would you choose computer or your latest series of orgasms. You moan with this pleasure, of me finely being inside you. You start to move your hips, but, suddenly with your swollen clit you cum again, with me inside you, I feel your pussy walls, contract around my cock, as you again cum this time with me inside you.

Though you still continue to thrust my cock deeper and deeper inside you. You start to scream, uncontrollably. I lean up and take one of your nipples into my waiting mouth. This again sets off another series of orgasms through your body.

You are shuddering so hard you wrap your arms around me pulling my mouth tighter against your breast. Forcing more into my mouth, as I eagerly take as much in as I can. Eventually, you release me and I take the other breast in my desire to please you even more. Finely, you collapse on top of me, whimpering with excited pleasure.

Begging for me to cum for you. I just lay there smiling, then I whisper, "Not yet." I roll you over, on your back. Sliding a pillow under the small of your back, arching your pussy upwards. I lean over and again allow my tongue to stroke your stiff clit. As I do this, I also swivel my tongue all around your pussy. Eagerly eating your sweet pussy.

Swallowing the flowing wetness of your pussy as fast as your juices pour forth from its interior. Once again, your desires are being thwarted by my everlasting tongue. You attempt to pull my face up away from your pussy.

I just slap your hands away.


Then suddenly you clamp your legs tightly around my head, your hips and body are bucking around like a rodeo bull rider, as your next orgasm leads into the next and the next. Once the grasp of your thighs loosen my head, I rise up spreading your legs at home with russian webcam phenomenon vickie. Then just inserting the head of my rock hard and glistening cock into your pussy.

I just allow it to rest there. You attempt to force my cock farther into you. But, I prevail in just inserting it just so. When I am ready I start to thrust my cock into your pussy.

But, I don't pump. Your hips rise to meet mine. But, as you start to anticipate and pull back I reach down and grab your ass to pull it back tighter against me. Again driving you wild. I start to thrust, deep and wildly into your pussy.

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You wrap you legs around my waist and squeeze to pull me in even deeper. As your body starts to spasm from the start of your next orgasm. You scream out at the top of your lungs with pleasure. Not understanding how I can make you cum so much for so long. Tenderly, I lean over to kiss you and you just pull me down to roughly take my kiss and forcing one of your own on me. Eagerly I accept it, basking in your beaming glow. I pull out, and with an evil grin I flip you over into the doggy-style position.

This time I place the head of my cock at the entrance of your sweetness. You not wanting to wait anymore forcefully, push your hips back throwing my cock deep inside you as you moan your accepting pleasure of me being inside you again.

I reach my arm around you, encircling your waist and pulling it back towards me, angling you ass slightly upwards, forcing my cock to rub your already swollen, and tender lower pussy wall. You again are shuddering into another heaven felt splendid orgasm. I pull out and lay there on the bed next to you. I lay there looking at you. A smile on my face, at being able to go beyond your expectations. You eyes, glass over and flutter with the pleasure that I have brought to you.

You catch your breathe, and your eyes meet mine. A pretty sweetheart encounters an intense pussy banged in exchange of cash smile comes across your face as you lean over and start fondling and nibbling on my nipples.

I release a slight moan of pleasure. You hear this and smile up devilishly at me. You continue down to my rigid cock. Which you have already grasped in you hand and have been gently stroking. Your face reaches my cock and you stare at it. Watching my pre cum ooze out and run down my shaft onto your hand.

Your tongue flicks out to catch the next blob flowing. You swirl your tongue around my head and down my shaft. I, now in turn, moan, approvingly. You smile again. I try to force your head more into the shaft of my cock. But, you whisper back, "Not yet." Grinning at being able to use my own words against me. Finely, you thrust my cock into your mouth.

Slowing like before, then deeper and with more force. Stroking my shaft with your mouth and tongue. Again, I hear you gag, but, you continue on.

Faster and harder. Sucking me like you mean it. You hand feels my balls pulling up as I get ready to cum. You reach over and grab the base of my cock and squeeze, wet asian blow job after hot anal me from cumming just yet. As your mouth continues to ride up and down the shaft of my cock. Seeing me start to begin to buck you release the grip on the base of my cock. Using the same hand you start stroking my shaft with abandon.

My cum starts gushing forth into your mouth. So full your mouth is that excess cum starts to drip out the sides around my cock and down your chin. As I finish exploding in your mouth. I reach up and pull you down to me, licking up the excess cum from your mouth and kissing you passionately. With both of us tasting the saltiness of my cum in your mouth. Finely, we both collapse on the bed together in each others arms. We lay there lightly kissing and smiling at each other. Each holding the other in their arms not letting go for shear delight in the pleasure of the experience we just shared.

Both smiling at the other. Knowing that we have the entire weekend to repeat the pleasure over and over again.