Dp makes euro amazing bitch cum hardcore groupsex

Dp makes euro amazing bitch cum hardcore groupsex
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The true account of how I became a slave to two masters: My boyfriend Anthony and I were laying on the couch one day, watching TV together like normal, when all of a sudden, he brings up masters and slaves. I was completely thrown by his question because we had never talked about such things throughout our entire relationship. Now, we have been dating for almost six years now and living together for two.

We enjoyed our vanilla sex. Sure we liked to spice things up by trying different things every now and then in the bedroom, but we had never ventured so far as to discuss one of us being a submissive to a master.

So I asked him about what had made him bring up the question. "Well," he said, "I was reading about how it could be good for the relationship because it is all about trusting one another". "Okay, so is this some thing you wanted to try? Because I have to say, I don't know how comfortable I would be with this kind of arrangement. I mean, I've never tried any thing quite so bold before in my entire life," I told him.

"But babe, we would obviously have a safe word that you could use at any time. And we wouldn't do any thing that you wouldn't be comfortable with. Can we at least try it once, and if we both don't like it, we never have to do it again.

Besides, we said we would constantly try some thing new in the bedroom." "Fine, I guess we can try this at least once. When do you want to start?" "How about tomorrow. I can research all the stuff we might need tonight, and then beauty dior sucks on her man cock go out and get it and you can go out and see if you want to get some new lingerie." "Alright, sounds like a plan." ************************************************************************************************************************ So the next day I came home after work and going to Victoria's Secret, and was greeted by Anthony at the door to our house.

I walked up the patio steps and he grabs the bags from my hand. He told me to turn around, which I do. He then tied a blind fold over my eyes.

"Honey, what are you doing? Can't this wait until I at least get in the door? I don't want to trip any where!" "Relax, I got you. Come on, step inside." "Okay," I said, as I hesitantly walked over the threshold. "Now honey," I can hear him say, "if you feel like you can't handle some thing, just say the safe word three times and I'll stop right away, okay?

Xxxmobi watch story at londonkeyes safe word is bumblebee." (Really, bumblebee?) I thought. But I went with it. He still wouldn't let me take off the blind fold. Anthony took me by the hand and slowly led me to what I thought was the bedroom. He slowly started to kiss me down my neck to where my cleavage was and then back up. (What a tease,) I thought. But he knew that I liked to be teased. It really got me going.

Then he started to take my clothes off of me, all the while his hands roamed over my body slowly getting me hotter and hotter.


Once he finally had all my clothes off me, he took my hands and held them to the sky where he then tied them with rope to the ceiling. Then, he took one leg and gently stretched it away from my body, where he then tied it to what I guess was the wall.

He then did the same to the other leg, so I was completely exposed to him. I had to say, I actually was quite enjoying myself. I was trying some thing new with the man I loved and the dying sunlight was cascading across my nude body. I could hear Anthony's foot steps shuffling away as he went to grab some thing, then I heard him coming back. The next thing Masturbation au soleil masturbation in the sun no cum tube porn knew, there was a searing pain against my butt.

"Oww!" I yelped. "What the hell was that?" He didn't answer me, he just smacked me again with whatever was in his hand. "Oww! Oh God, that really hurts!" Anthony still didn't answer me. He hit me one more time before telling me that it was my hair brush. He kissed me once on the lips before returning to whip my bottom with my hair brush. "Count," he said. "I want you to count aloud how my times I spank you." "Okay!" He waited a few seconds before hitting me.

"1," I yelped. The next couple came in quick succession. "2. . 3. . 4. .

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5! Oww babe, this really hurts!" "Shh," he told me. "Don't make me gag you." I instantly shut up. A couple more whips to the butt and he walked away. He came back a minute later and started rubbing his hands over my body, where he then started caressing and playing with my clit.

Now, I'm very sensitive there, and he knows that.


Obviously him playing with me there caused me to start getting very wet, very fast. My pussy was basically leaking with how wet I was. It was then that he started slipping his fingers into me, one at a time.

The most I can usually handle is 2 or 3 fingers, but he didn't stop there. After the third one slipping past the wall of my inner pussy, he started to push a fourth finger in. I tried to stop him, but the second I went to open my mouth he pulled out all his fingers and walked away, leaving me feeling empty and teased.

He came back soon after though and tied what I thought was a bandana around my mouth and tied ass plowed teen creamed cumshot and babe around the back of my head. He then started clipping clothes pins onto my nipples. I tried to scream out in pain, but the bandana restricted most of the sound. Then he went back to slipping fingers into my pussy. Once he got to the fourth one, yet again, my nipples really hurt and my pussy was feeling really stuffed.

It felt good though. He managed to push the fourth finger into me and started working on pushing the thumb in.

Anthony really struggled with pushing it in, but he soon had his whole hand in and my pussy was throbbing and stuffed. I was so wet though. Once his hand was in, he started licking my clit and smacking my ass. I was on sensory overdrive. I started cumming hard and fast. Once I was done, Anthony quickly pulled out.

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He reached down and untied one of my legs, lifted it up and quickly slammed his dick into me. It felt so good and he kept doing it over and over again. I could feel the veins of his cock throbbing against my pussy walls. I started to cum again, this time around his big, thick, hard dick.

This went on for at least 20 more minutes. Him pumping into me hard and fast and me cumming every few minutes until he himself finally came. When we were both done, he pulled out his dick and dropped my leg. We both stood there for a few more minutes just panting, before he finally took off the blindfold and let me see where I was in the house.

It turned out that I had been in the living room the whole time. Once I finished taking in what was around me, I looked out the large bay windows of the living room, only to see our neighbor staring in at my naked body. I tried to jump back into cover where he couldn't see me, but I was still tied up. I called to Anthony and told him to come quick. He ran into the room and asked what was wrong, to which I replied that our neighbor was staring in at me, and to untie me.

He told me that he knew he was there the whole time. He then took my untied leg, lifted it up even higher so that our neighbor could really see my spread pussy and tied the rope to the other rope attached to the ceiling. I asked Anthony what he was doing, to which he blacked beautiful blonde karla kush loves massaging bbc, "I'm giving him a better look!" He then walked away leaving me tied up like that for hours, ignoring all of my protests and screams of frustration, until our neighbor finally got bored and walked away.

I had never been more embarrassed or turned on in my life, and I couldn't wait for the next crazy thing we did together.