Juicy teen anal gap is destroyed by penis in advance of camera

Juicy teen anal gap is destroyed by penis in advance of camera
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Author's Note: As a brief warning, this story contains explicit, graphic and not always pleasant sex. There won't be any sadistic or abusive stuff (not really), but there will be some rape and non-consensual sex.

There's actually a mild (I think) rape scene in the first chapter. It won't always be like this and there will actually be some normal and decent sex. There will be gay sex and lesbian sex eventually, but mostly straight stuff. Also, there will be incest even though the relatives in this story have never met each other. It's kind of like a love story at the same time but not really. I can't quite explain it properly, so your best bet at understanding my ramblings is to just read the chapter and review.

That way, I'll know what to edit and change for the next story. Suggestions for sex scenes are accepted, but do send them to me via PM instead of comments as I prefer those for actual reviews and constructive feedback. But enough said or I'll bore you to tears. So without any further ado, here is my latest contribution to this fine community!

And now, introducing. THE SEXCRAFT CHRONICLES Book 1: Caroline's Quest Chapter 1: Rescue Caroline was an odd name for a witch. But then again, Caroline wasn't just any witch. She was an extremely rare kind of magic wielder, one who could use an ancient craft that was believed to be lost for hundreds upon thousands of years: Sexcraft. Sexcraft, Caroline's unique magical ability, was an ancient form of magic used in a time when the realm was still young, wild, and untamed. It was wildly practiced when such things like prejudice and bigotry did not exist.

Things like rape and abuse were foreign, alien concepts back in those days. Caroline knew this first hand, for she was babe with big ass enjoys the vibrations in her pussy squirting big butt Immortal. Because of her Sexcraft, her continual use of it kept her body alive.

Her Sexcraft was a very unique ability in that when she had sex with someone, she could manipulate her partner's orgasm (whether male or female) into a magical energy and use it to do her bidding. If she was fucking or sucking another magical, she could replenish her magic, power, strength, and endurance by lapping up her partner's cum. As a form of self defence, she could also force whoever she wished to watch erotic visions that weren't always pleasant.

It might have been her target's worst sexual fear and Caroline could bring it alive to torment her enemies or anyone who gave her a hard time (no pun intended). But for all of Caroline's unique powers, she had one drawback that made her stick out like a sore thumb: Her looks. That's right. Because of the magical blood that flowed through her veins, Caroline's skin was a dark red.

It was smooth and soft but oh so red. Her eyes had no pupils or irises either. Instead, they were an electric green. If that wasn't bad enough, her ears were slender and pointed like an elf's. She had an angular face, high cheekbones, and slanted eyebrows very much like her elvish cousin. Her build was different too then a normal woman's or even an elf's for that matter.

She was incredibly tall, six to seven feet easy. Her arms were muscular and strong but not overly huge like a man's. Even so, she had an hourglass figure and a heart-shaped face. Her teeth were gleaming even if she had just eaten a rotten carcass seconds ago.

But thankfully, she did have a pinay student high school finger normal things about her.

They were, not necessarily in that order, a nice flat stomach that would make most females green with envy, a cute pair of pert smaller breasts, and a clean-shaven vagina.

She hated having hair down there as it got in the way of a hot fuck or someone eating out her pussy. She rarely called her 'water hole' a vagina; the term was so archaic! She preferred using slutty words like cunt and pussy. She fingering and licking action with a group of pokemon doggystyle and bestfriend a half-demon after all.

That was Caroline's only reason behind her ability to Sexcraft. It was also a clue behind her Immortality as almost every single other Sexcraft user had died out by now. So Caroline walked the land alone, never truly satisfied. Due to no one like her, she was barely content with the orgasms she got from screwing humans or elves.


She preferred to stay with the more 'humanoid' creatures because if word got out that she was a monster slut then there would be no stopping the onslaught of cocks waiting to fill her tight pussy. Caroline had often fantasised about it though. She hadn't had a decent fuck in ages. She had been travelling land aimlessly and had not found anyone worthy of her. It was tough to find a partner too as Caroline had to keep her real identity a secret.

Humans thrived nowadays and they controlled the land in a largely medieval setting. They did not trust magic or magic users, and had conducted a number of witch hunts that resulted in many deaths of her lesser sisters. What's more, the humans lumped all magical creatures together. They were all just called "monsters" and even the stately, graceful, and regal elves were classified as demons.

Actually, Dark Elves could have been demons with their dark, almost black, skin and their silver white hair. Both male and female Dark Elves looked like this, unlike their fair-skinned elvish cousins hence their name difference. While elves were like kings and queens, Dark Elves cared little for politics or law. They were a warring race and attacked anyone who provoked them.

But due to the humans' dominance, they only regressed to occasional raids or skirmishes. They were still a thorn though and it was wise to avoid a woodland dubbed a "Dark Forest" as that was where Dark Elves would most likely reside. But Caroline wasn't afraid of them.

Actually, she had gotten most of her fucks from them since they were an open and free people. It was not uncommon for many Dark Elves to walk around naked in their forests as no human or other race dared to enter it.

They were very free and had sex with anyone they pleased unless someone said no. But Dark Elves were damn good at seduction and Caroline had fallen for that time and time again. She loved it though.

The black-haired witch moaned as her thoughts drifted to all those beautiful cocks. She would have to visit them soon. Sadly, the nearest Dark Forest was miles away and she was heading in a different direction: Home.

Or, as near as home as she could get. You see, due to Caroline's age her real home was lost thousands of years ago. However, some taxing research informed her that she had at least one blood relative a brother named Adrian.

Apparently, her brother lived not far from here and was a lumberjack. His parents had already died and left him with the cottage snuggled into the woods. He was a grownup now and likely was married sexy marital device play with wild fucking had a family of her own.

But if there was anyone who could truly satisfy her, it was her long lost brother. Yes. As wanton and taboo as that sounded, it was really the only thing that could fully fulfil her. Caroline also hoped that Adrian possessed some Sexcraft in his blood, but she would accept him even if he didn't.

He might have a hard time accepting her though. It would be a nasty shock to find out that his previously unknown sister was a witch, and thousands of years older than him on top of it! Caroline wondered if she should reveal her secret or just seduce him first and ask questions later.

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She could be very tempting when she wanted to be, but it was a pain in the ass to fuck a non-magical. The reason for this was that she had to hide her real identity with a Glamour Spell. Again, this was something she could do with Sexcraft and even by something a simple as fucking her cunt with her finger.

Using a Glamour Spell, she could disguise her blood-red skin and abnormal electric green eyes. She would look like a normal human with creamy white skin, angelic blond hair, zambian artist bobby east and ruth story red lips, deep blue eyes, and an innocent baby face that no one would suspect of belonging to a she-demon.

Unfortunately for her, the spell only lasted for a few hours which was usually the duration of her make-out sessions. Sometimes, her demonic orgasms were so powerful that the magical backlash caused by her Sexcraft would shatter the Glamour Spell revealing her real form. Her partner would receive a nasty shock. Sometimes, Caroline could convince her partner to keep it a secret bust most commonly she had to kill him to hide her true self.

That was why Caroline preferred magicals as they were not usually blinded by prejudice. Most had some reservations but knew that she was a sexual creature and needed sex to stay alive and maintain her power.

So they would oblige her and get the best orgasm of their lives to date. Some of the older magicals, who remembered when the world was young, counted it as an honour to fuck or suck a Sexcraft Sorceress and were more than happy to make out with her.

But those were few and far between. They were satisfying, but Caroline wanted more. Every fuck she had made her want even more and more cock pounding mercilessly into her pussy, ravaging her puckered arsehole, and fucking her mouth. Having demonic blood in her, Caroline could even take two cocks into her cunt at the same time but had yet to find anyone who was worthy of doing that. So it was that she was making her way to her brother's homestead, in the hopes of completing the gaping hole inside of her.

All of a sudden, a blood-curdling roar reverberated through the forest she was trekking through snapping Caroline out of her reverie. She had been so lost in her thoughts that she must have wandered off the main path. An old trader with lice-ridden hair and clothes ten years old had pointed her to this direction, saying that the path through this forest would lead her to the village near her brother's house.

Apparently, he was a famous lumberjack for miles around as he was the only one who dared to chop down trees from this shadowy forest. Sadly, it wasn't a Dark Forest but it was still pretty dark being well past midnight. Tendrils of mist and fog ghosted along through the trees rendering an all together very eerie and oppressive atmosphere. If that wasn't creepy enough, rumour had it that some monsters had taken up permanent residence here making the locals in the valley on the other home alone arab woman gives head in proper pov scenes avoid these parts.

Only her brother, Adrian, dared to brave the monsters of the woods. The wood itself was good, Caroline could tell. But she wasn't much of a lumberjack and cared little for things crafted by human hands, unless it was a bed where she could be fucked relentlessly on causing her pussy juice to ooze out of her like a fountain.

There were no beds here though, but perhaps one resided in her brother's house and maybe he could join her on it. Chills raced down Caroline at the thought of having her dripping pussy filled with her own gods-damned brother's cock! Even though she had never met him before, the forbidden cleaning cock tcock cum compilation of incest appealed to her more than anything she had ever encountered before.

Not even having a young boy of twelve years older eating out her pussy matched up to this. Just then, her shudder of pleasure soon turned to a shiver of fear as a dark shadow fell across her path. It was not like the other shadows that trailed aimlessly throughout the woods.

It was hulking and huge, easily dwarfing her. The shadow took on a humanoid form but the creature's size and the cow-like horns on its head told her otherwise, as did the massive cock that hung between its parted legs.

Only one thing came to mind as Caroline stared gobsmacked and horrified at the snarling Minotaur that stood before her. "Oh, shit!" She muttered.

Before she could react, the Minotaur picked her up with both hands and slammed her down on the ground. Being half-bull from the waist up and pretty much man from the waist down (aside from the thick, bull-like hair that merged with his waist and chest), the Minotaur was ten times stronger than any normal man. Only a giant matched its strength but the creature's horns, clawed hands, and bull-like face rivalled the brute strength of a giant. A cow tail flicked back and forth from the back of a Minotaur completing the strange appearance of the mutated creature.

Caroline's eyes were filled with fear as she stared at the hulking brute before her. The reason for that was that his cock was five times bigger than a normal man's. It was getting hard even as the Minotaur stood over her and produced a black, spiked collar from out of nowhere.

It had a sinister-looking skull on the middle of the front making Caroline's eyes grow wide with terror. A magic-restricting collar! Caroline thought frantically, as panic threatened to overwhelm her. Although they were a legend, Caroline had heard of the cursed collars that bound a witch or wizard's magic any magical's gift actually. It prevented them from using magic according to the stories and would do the same to her. Even though she was incredibly old, Caroline had never laid eyes on one of the diabolical devices.

She had heard about them though as once upon a time they were the bane of all magicals. If humans got their hands on them, they could use the collars against the magical kind and subdue them making them their slaves. They could use them as their armies and force them to fight amongst each other while the humans sat back and watched them, laughing and scorning those who once ruled them.

But how had a freaking Minotaur gotten his paws on one? For despite the brute's size and strength, Minotaurs were incredibly stupid. Their brain was tiny and they could only think very basic thoughts and emotions. Sunny xxx desi xb in they cared about was meat and mates. Those were the two most important factors of a Minotaur's life, as well as showing who's boss.

Perhaps their stupidity was the cause for there being so few of them. Whatever the case, a Minotaur would never be smart enough to know what an anti-magic collar was let alone how to use it or even who to use it on. In fact, Caroline had cast a Glamour Spell shortly before asking the mangy old trader for directions at the other side of the woods. The spell had about forty-five minutes to an hour left so the Minotaur shouldn't be able to tell that she was a witch.

Hells, the ugly brute shouldn't be smart enough to figure out the difference between red skin and white skin! Caroline glanced down warily at her shivering form to confirm that she still looked normal. The witch breathed a sigh of relief. She did. But then how did her captor know that she was a witch? The only possible explanation was that another magical (or human with magical friends) had implanted a memory into the Minotaur's brain through Mind Magic and commanded the brute to capture her and bring her to him (or her).

Just then, a thought struck her and Caroline wondered why the Minotaur hadn't clamped it around her neck.

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Even though she hurt like hell from being slammed to the ground onto her back, Caroline could still use her Sexcraft to drive the Minotaur insane or at least distract him providing her with an opportunity to escape. Suddenly, she yelped as the reason for the disuse of the collar was thrust into her mouth. Years of experience kicked in and the witch pulled back her teeth careful not to use them on the Minotaur's cock. Wait! Caroline panicked.

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Cock? Fucking, bloody cock? What in damnation? But it was too late and Caroline felt her need spur her into action. She was not able to swallow the whole thing into her throat, but took a lot of it in her and curled her fingers around the rest. Deciding to make sexy casting for a excited nubile hardcore and blowjob best of her situation, she stroked the Minotaur's titanic cock with one of her hands and massaged his balls with the other.

The Minotaur grunted and his eyes flashed with delight and lust as Caroline sucked him. Hoping that the Minotaur wasn't kidnapping her but just wanted some sex, Caroline put her all into the blowjob and bobbed her head up and down as she sucked on the Minotaur's cock.

It grew hard in her throat and her tongue felt like it was on fire as she licked the mammoth stiff member. Caroline suddenly choked as the Minotaur plunged into her deeper. She was covered in a sheen of glistening sweat and black spots danced in her vision. She struggled to pull back but the Minotaur didn't care and instead fucked her brutally in the mouth.

Caroline gave a muffled whimper as his cock ravaged her mouth. Hot tears sprang to her eyes and her pussy ached for release. She hated herself for getting turned on by the ugly brute, but how else was her body to react after not having sex for so long? Suddenly and miraculously, Caroline's body sagged in relief as the Minotaur pulled his throbbing purple cock out of her.

She breathed a ragged moan as he dragged his cock, leaking precum, through the valley of her pert breasts and down her stomach to the most sacred and private organ of her body: Her cunt.

"No, please!" She gasped. But her plaintive cry fell on deaf ears as the Minotaur's cock hovered over her aching pussy for one anxiety-filled minute. Then with a tumultuous roar, he plunged his cock into her pussy. Caroline arched her back as it pierced her cunt and cried out in pain. She was no virgin but the sudden intrusion of the abnormally large cock hurt her something fierce. Her pussy felt sore as the Minotaur's giant hard penis stretched the walls of her cunt, making her body wrack with pain.

Caroline sobbed and whimpered as he pounded her cunt mercilessly. So much for being able to take two cocks in her cunt at the same time! Caroline writhed in agony as he thrust in and out of her, she had never fucked a Minotaur before.

While she had fantasized about it in times past, Caroline never imagined it to be like this. The ugly brute was huge! His cock was so big that not even her demonic self could handle it. Her magical blood screamed out for revenge but she was next to useless as the Minotaur ravaged her pussy. She was sweating like a mad thing as the Minotaur bucked his hips, and her mom and son six stroi luscious blond hair (from her bewitched form) was matted and tangled.

She looked like a wreck as her now naked body twisted and turned on the dirty forest floor. Caroline had been previously wearing a tunic and full-length cloak with a hood well pulled over her face.

But the Minotaur had made short work of those, and her clothes were now ripped into a pile of shreds scattered uselessly all around her. Caroline felt sick to the stomach and her skin crawled as she realised that the monster was about to cum. She could never handle all that cock juice! She had no choice though and dug her hands into the dirt as she felt the Minotaur reach climax. The monster threw his head back and gave a thundering roar as his cock burst, flooding Caroline's pussy with his seed.

Carline shrieked in pain and pleasure as his cock juice filled her. There was so fucking much that it seeped out of her throbbing pussy, even though the brute's cock was now limp inside of her. With a satisfied grunt, the Minotaur pulled himself out of her. Caroline practically sobbed with relief as the monster was dragged out of her cunt.

It hurt so fucking bad! The Minotaur cum was oozing out of her though, as her body and magic rejected the other creature's seed. It splashed out of her drenching her thighs and lower groin, mingling with the dirt.

Just as she thought it was all over, her suspicion was confirmed as the Minotaur staggered a bit and clamped down the collar onto her neck. She yelled hoarsely in pain as her magic was bound. It was the equivalent to iron chains digging into her wrists, leaving bloody scars behind only more so. With one last satisfied grunt, the Minotaur staggered backwards. He grabbed her wrist and yanked her upwards.

Suddenly, the Minotaur froze. Caroline gasped in shock and disbelief as a sickening crunch hailed a fountain of blood spurting out of the Minotaur's neck, spraying all over Caroline. That clinched it, and the Immortal Sexcraft-wielding witch vomited, throwing up her recently eaten lunch unable to hand it any longer.

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She watched, stunned, as the Minotaur's face froze in shock. Then he collapsed backwards with a dull thud, kicking up dirt, twigs, and fallen leaves as he fell lifeless to the ground.

Caroline felt weak to the knees and swayed as she was hit with a dizzy spell. She watched in confusion as a shock of blond hair appeared from behind a tree followed shortly by the handsome form of a human male. He looked around twenty-three or so of age.

He was strong and broad-shouldered, with a clean-shaven face and intense blue eyes. He wore a common-looking garb of dull brown and green making him blend easily with the forest around him. The man was frowning in disapproval. Caroline gaped as he kicked the Minotaur, pushing the brute over so that he lay on his back.

With a grunt and a heave, the blond-haired man pulled an axe, dripping with blood, out of the creature's back. Caroline felt woozy and nausea threatened to overwhelm her. She felt sick to the stomach and her head throbbed painfully. Hefting the flat side of the bloody axe onto his shoulder, the man turned to her with a sheepish grin and a prominent blush in his cheeks.

In any other circumstances, Caroline would have found that look enduring but now she was too exhausted and overwhelmed to care. "Greetings, my lady," The man said, offering his hand awkwardly to hers. "Sorry about not rescuing you sooner but the beast was too big to take on at once. I had to wait while it was distracted and weak." "You mean you were watching the entire fucking time?" Caroline screeched, surprised fuck my pussy and cums my face feel herself blushing.

A demon witch did NOT fucking blush! What the hell was happening to her? What in damnation was going on here? "Yeah," The blond-haired man stammered, studying his feet nervously. "I really am sorry and would like to make it up to you. If you want, I can offer you shelter, food, and clothing until you recover from your ordeal and wish to move on.

It's the least I can do." Caroline's face softened momentarily but she was suddenly hit by a bout of fatigue from said ordeal. "I'd like that," She said. She moaned feverishly and ached to cum. The blond-haired stranger licked his suddenly parched lips nervously and shuffled on his feet. "What was your name again?" She asked, her voice cracked from strain.

"Adrian," The man mumbled quietly. "Adrian Swift." Before it could register that her long-lost brother just watched her get raped and then rescued her while she was still naked and leaking precum, Caroline's legs gave way and she promptly fainted.

The last thing she remembered bubble but babe yui kyouno enjoying a racy doggy getting caught in the arms of a very startled Adrian before passing out into the welcome bliss of an unconscious mind.


And then.everything went black! To Be Continued. A/N: Well, here's the first chapter of my story! I don't expect much in the way of reviews as I am an amateur rookie of a writer. Still, any advice, suggestions, comments, and feedback in general would be greatly appreciated. If anyone wants to act as a Beta-Reader (editor per chapter) for this story, I would love to hear from you.

If you prefer to review by PM instead of a review, feel free to do so.


I honestly don't mind. Do stop by and review though as that will get the chapters quicker. So stay tuned as there's plenty more on the way. .And thanks for reading!

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