Secretary rachel roxxx is giving a blowjob

Secretary rachel roxxx is giving a blowjob
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I am going to inspect you. if your pussy is not clean, and shaved smooth, I will do it for you. First I will put you in the shower; I will expect you to wash yourself well, and dry, and come to me with a towel around your waist and nothing else. I will remove that towel, and you will sit back on the bed with it under you.

You will spread your knees, and you'll notice the bowl of warm water, the wash-cloth, and the single edged razor on the night stand. Your bedside lamp will be placed between your legs so that I can see what I am doing.

First I will use scissors to trim you down to a crew cut; the cold tips will make you squirm. But you trust me. My hands are sure, and you know I will not cut you. You give yourself over to the sensations; the gentle tug on your hair as it is cut away, the coolness of the steel near your most sensitive skin, and the sound as the blades cut. Next a steaming wash cloth will be applied.

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I will rub the warm, wet cloth into you, making circles, starting with the heel of my hand at your pubic bone, tracing firmly around your inner thighs, my fingers pushing the cloth between your legs, then gradually cupping your sex.

I push the warmth against the center of you, and your hips rise up to meet me. "Easy tiger" I say, but you are getting turned on and want me to touch you.

I press you harder, the cloth between my hand and your sex. Then I remove the towel. The contrast between hot and wet, cool and dry, is a sensation I will work with. In fact, this whole ritual julia ann erik everhard livegonzo about sensation; It is about exposing your nerve endings so that your pleasure will be multiplied.

It is about spinning out our title game, our foreplay, to maximize the result. You know this. The hunger is spreading from your belly, to your chest, even your face is feeling the heat.

Your eyes are heavy, breath is deep. I apply the shaving cream, which has the scent and feel of eucalyptus; at first it feels hot, then cools as it penetrates. I voice my disapproval to you, that you have not prepared yourself well for me. "Your pussy is dirty. Too much hair.

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Now I must shave you." You know that I will make you pay for this lapse of judgement, but are too involved in the sensations to care. I dip the razor into the hot water, and grasping your labia I begin to shave you near your pubic bone.

You move, involuntarily, and I stop, cautioning you by holding the sharp blade up into your vision. "You do not want to be cut, now do you?" Your eyes roll back, head on the pillow, as I grasp your sex from the inside and shave you from top to bottom with firm, deliberate strokes. The coolness you feel, with the exodus of hair and cream, is soon replaced by the heat of the wet, hot wash cloth. I am rinsing you; I take the razor and clean a bit more; The dry razor pulls at your skin, another toronto mayoral candidate nikki benz gets banged doggy style to savor.

And, It is over 'that fast'. I begin to scold you. "You were not ready; you expect me to find you attractive, yet you offer me this dirty, hairy cunt. What in the hell is the matter with you?" You can't meet my gaze.

The shame is palpable. "You know, you have been a lazy, sloppy bitch.

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And I am going to punish you". You touch your newly bare skin, marveling at the sensation; It's tingling. I can feel your heat radiating out of you. I apply some scented oil to you; It has a faint smell of clove, and heats you to the core. You roll over my lap, presenting your beautiful ass to me and pressing your chest into the bed. Greedy little whore, you are stimulating your nipples, subtly shifting your chest so that they rub the covers.


I take your arms, holding both wrists in the small of your back. You look at me as I start to caress your ass with my other hand. You know I will spank you hard, then take you from behind as the orgasm begins to come upon you. I begin slowly, slapping first one side then the other. I plan on taking my time with this.

As I begin to beat you harder, you start to moan. You are moving. I keep hitting that incredible ass, telling you what a naughty slut you are, until my hand starts to tire. I stop, and probe your bare pussy with my thumb. You are so hot, so wet, pushing into my hand. I hold my thumb deep inside you, and you push back against it.

My fingers have parted your beautiful, smooth lips, and have captured your clitoris between them. We work together, your reddened ass pushing against my hand. My thumb is inside you, pressing on your G spot as my fingers move in a circle.

Your lower back has developed a sheen of sweat, and I drink in the sight of you hottie alix lynx plays with a toy in her pussy tube porn the muscles work towards your first orgasm. I can tell by the heat of you, the wetness, and your breathing that you are there. "Oh god, oh god, ohhhh" you moan as you cum.Your right hand grabs your left wrist, and I take your left hand in mine.

What a beautiful act of submission! I had thought to tie your hands, or use cold metal handcuffs on you, but there is no need. We savor the moment, letting your breath come normal. You are still shaking, with little involuntary quakes still rippling through you. I slowly remove my thumb and you sigh.

"hands above your head" I say and you relax your grip. My left hand is white from your squeezing it; I did not realize you were holding on that hard.


"Hand above your head, you know the drill" I say. I am going to tie your hands to the ropes we attached to the frame of your bed. "Roll over, hands above your head. Now." You comply, rolling slowly, raising one knee, your hands above your head. I strip quickly, releasing my hard cock from the confines of my jeans.

"Look at your pretty little pussy" I say. You look down, and once again the change in temperature is having an effect.

I climb over you, tying first one then the other hand to the bed. You spread your legs, watching as I guide the head of my cock to your opening. I rub the head between the smooth skin, wetting it.

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Then I move it over your mouth. You suck at the underside, just beneath the head, and taste yourself on me.