Sweet babe naiomi mae fucked hard for pleasure smalltits and pornstars

Sweet babe naiomi mae fucked hard for pleasure smalltits and pornstars
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This is our first story!

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Please be nice. Also, tips and comment would be appreciated greatly! Thank you and enjoy. There is a lot more to cum The anticipation and nerves had been eating away at me for weeks.

We had been building up to this moment for so long and if I'm really honest the suspense and build up has been escalating for years. The last two weeks have been utter torture for me as I have been keeping the most amazing secret from John.

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I was going to surprise him with a trip to see him. Not just any trip, our first time together in the flesh. I met John online several years ago and we have been sexy and steamy ever since. We indulge in the naughtiest ways we can but all from afar. Now it's time to put all those wicked fantasies into realty. Before I board the plane to Indiana I am a bundle of nerves.

I feel certain John knows I'm up to something and I've never lied to him so I was fumbling and sweating in our video chat. He is expecting me to be on a Work trip, I mean that is what I told everyone but I have actually planned the entire week to be available as he is able.

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I already have my first stop planned. Chevy Super Store. I have always fantasized about this and tonight before he leaves I will make I a reality.


I find my window seat on my direct flight and I feel completely on edge and buzzing with excitement. I feel my chest and cheeks are flush and my breathing heavy. I try to calm my nerves by closing my eyes and taking some slow deep breaths.

On a last deep inhale I am greeted by the scent of masculine cologne. Not overpowering, just lightly inviting. I open my eyes and find an attractive man looking at me with concern. "Are you going to be alright?" He asks. "Yes, I'm sorry. Just a little on edge." I say quickly with a smile. "Let me get you something to ease those nerves when we take off." He offers. I hesitate a moment and then realize John would love if I did. A few drinks later I learn that his name was Mark and he lived in Indiana and was visiting family in California.

Unfortunately, I can't hold my liquor and spilled my guts about plans for my secret visit. I could tell he was intrigued and a little excited as I could see him adjust himself from time to time as I ran my mouth. I can't deny that this excited me as well. I felt hot and swollen and wet. God I really needed to be fucked. I could tell I was getting really comfortable as I realized I began to touch his arm or knee as I talked. I couldn't help myself. I get even full body waxing story with xxx excited as I notice him watching my mouth more than my eyes as I speak and then I feel tingles inside my breasts as I watch his eyes drop to my cleavage.

I can't help but think how much John would love to watch me flirt this way. As alcohol often does to me, I find myself hot and loose. I am surprised when Mark reaches up to move the hair out of my face. "Feel free to ditch John and spend the week with me." He whispers close to my ear.

My pussy aches hearing this and I lean into his cheek and move close to his ear. "I definitely won't be ditching him but you never know, three isn't always a crowd." I trace my tongue along his ear and he brunette lady masturbate and orgasm top show camdotnet.


"You really are naughty, aren't you?" "I sure hope so." As we exit the plane we elsa jean and alexia fawx casually to baggage claim and he walks me toward the rental car area.

He grabs my arm and leads me to a secluded area and pushes me against a wall. I'm stunned for a second and looks me deep in the eyes. "Were you serious about the threesome?" "Yes, I think so. I mean maybe so." I bite my lip as he studies me.

"Fuck you are too much." He leans in and kisses me hard and pushes his knee in between my thighs. The pressure is unreal. I moan into his mouth. The kiss is so good. I feel so wet and breathless. He pulls back but I just can't have that. "Please" I beg.

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I realize that I am so in need that the thought of stopping is too much. He puts his mouth back over mine and our tongues dance. I'm rocking into his thigh and feel incredibly close. I almost don't care if we are seen I just need it so bad. I feel heat in my toes all the way up my body.

It was like electricity pouring off of me shooting out through my pussy and nipples. I beg him again and again. "Please please please make me cum" he growls against my mouth and slides his hand down my pants.

"Fuck you are soaked." His finger slides inside me and then rubs along my clit. I am grinding him without a care and just need to take from him. I am asian cutie shows off her riding skills and biting his lips and tongue until the firm pressure on my clit pushes me over the edge. I can barely keep myself standing as the waves wash over me.

Utter release. I can tell that I am not being near quiet enough as he makes shhhh sounds in my ear. He slides his hand out of me and I move his wrist to take his fingers in my mouth.

I look into his eyes as I suck my juices off his fingers. "Christ" he says.

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I smile and lean into him. I feel his erection so hard against me. I slide my hand into his pocket and feel his cock. "Mmmm" I whisper. I reach in deep and he puts his head back. I can feel his surprise when I slide my hand out of his pocket. He looks down and I hold his phone in my hand.

I smile and swipe the screen. I enter a text to myself and slide his phone back into his pocket. "Time to go, Mark" he laughs a tortured sound as I walk out the door away from him.

I can't wait to tell John about this and I can't wait to see what is in store for me next on this trip.