Natural breasty beautiful girlfriend hardcore and bondage

Natural breasty beautiful girlfriend hardcore and bondage
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My name is Marc. I'm 18 years old and live at home with my parents and my two older sisters. My sisters are Margot and Sofia and they're 23 and 21. So I'm the youngest in my family. "Marc?" Sofia said, when she came down to my room. She's not afraid of interrupting me to ask if I want to do something, but I usually also just have my door open so it's fine.

"What" I replied. She stepped into my room with a lotion in her hand. I could see she had been showering. Her skin was moisty and shining with that shower glow. She had a towel on her head and she was wearing nothing but her underwear. Her bra was a skin-toned and had matching tight fitted knickers. She exercised a lot and was in an unarguably good shape.

I knew she looked good. Even my friends told me I had a hot sister. "You think you could help me with my back?" she asked, while unscrewing the lid of the lotion. I paused the YouTube video I was watching and stood up without answering.

She walked to her room and I followed. She opened up her bra and held onto it with her hands cupping her breast. I put some lotion on my hands and started rubbing it out on her skin.

I got it down to the bottom of back and touched the top of her nickers. I dragged my hands up along the sides of her and felt the curvature of her body. I have to admit that what I felt was nice. I dragged my hands down along her sides to "ensure" that I spread the lotion well.

As I did she jumped a little. I knew she was very ticklish. "Did that tickle?" I teased her. "Stop!" She responded with a voice that tried to be angry. I knew she wasn't really mad, but just hated to be tickled. I then grabbed her on her sides with my hands doing a tickling motion. She was shocked and tried to stop me. She pushed my hands of her sides with HER HANDS.

Everything happened so quickly that I almost didn't realize that her bra was now laying on the floor. Even though she still faced the back to me. I'm not gonna lie, I saw some boob. Only really the side of one but it was enough to make my dick to grow a little. Not noticeable, but I could definitely feel it waking up.

She quickly grabbed her bra and placed it on her boobs again. "I am so sorry! I didn't mean to do that!" I said. It was true, I actually didn't mean to make her drop her bra. "It's okay" she said and turned around. She revealed her very red and embraced face.

"I didn't see anything" I assured her, to calm her down. "But I think I'm done with the lotion" I said and turned around to leave the room. I felt like leaving now. Also because I could feel my dick getting harder the more I thought about what I saw. It was also the only thing I could think about.

We were a little more distant that day than we used to be. Two days had now passed and everything were back to normal. I was walking down the hallway to get to my room. I passed Sofia's room and I saw her sitting on her bed texting (like usually).

I changed my mind and chose to join her. I sat in one of two chairs bought for when she want to move out. "What are you on about? Are you going to take off my panties this time?" she asked teasing me. "I said I didn't mean to make you drop it!" I insisted. "Did you see them… my boobs?" she asked. "No, I mean I didn't see much" I said. "Did you see them or not" she laughed a little. "I didn't see them then" I staci silverstone sex sex stories story. Now I was the one feeling embarrassed and I don't even know why.

"If you've already seen a little you might as well just see them for real." She said deadly serious. My heart actually skipped a beat. I wouldn't believe my own ears. I'm sure she also saw my mouth dropping a bit.

She stood up and walked over to her door to close it. I starred with an unchanged face and followed every of her movements.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head and smiled at me. I think she enjoyed showing her tits to her brother. She was wearing a black bra today, but not for long. She got close to me and turned around.

"Undo it! It feels a lot better when it's somebody else undoing it" she insisted. I could feel my heart pound faster and harder. She grabbed her bra on her boobs. I did as she said and undid it. She turned around, and with a smile on her face she let go! I could now see everything. They were beautiful and round. I could tell she enjoyed the attention. She looked me in my eyes well aware that I was occupied looking at something else. "You wanna feel them?" she asked, and without an answer she grabbed my love creampie threesome with busty milf ends in anal creampie for teen tube porn and brought my hands up on her boobs.

I grabbed onto them. They were amazing. They felt even softer than they looked. She stepped back and went: "Now you've seen my boobs, it's only fair I see your dick!" I can't describe how hard my dick got when she said that. She pulled me up from the chair and said "Now we change roles" she laughed and I enjoyed every second of this!

She left her boobs uncovered. "Strip!" she commanded me. I did as told and pulled down my pants. I could tell she found out my dick was hard now when I stood up and had no pants on.

Her cheeks got red. I slowly pulled down my underwear to the point where my dick bounced up and stood straight out in the air. Her eyes lit up like zarin khan xxx sex stories story was the present she always wanted and maybe it was.

Without asking she just went down on her knees to rub my dick. Her attention was fully on my dick. I haven't mentioned but this is the first time a girl gave me a handjob. I enjoyed the sight of my sis sitting on her knees, topless playing with my hard dick.

Feeling another one giving me a handjob I looked up a little while to enjoy her dick-massage. Suddenly I felt a little gab folding around the tip of my dick. By the time I looked down, she had my dick down her throat.

She slit her hands up my legs and stopped at my butt. I then took my sexy shemale nicole nogueira versatile sex bareback and held onto her head. I could feel my dick sliding down her throat.

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Her tongue was massaging the underside of my dick while she did a swallowing motion with a throat pleasuring my dickhead. She had definitely tried it before. At this point I was so close to cumming. I warned her. "I'm gonna cum" I said. But she kept on sucking. I tried again. "I'm gonna cum in your mouth" I tried. She sped up and I looked her in her eyes. She knew what she wanted! She grabbed harder onto my butt.

It was like it was her mission to make me cum. I then released my warm cum into her mouth. She kept on sucking while I stopped. When I was done cumming she pulled her head away from my dick and showed me her cum filled mouth while she swallowed. I don't know if I've ever seen her this happy!


When she was done swallowing she stood up. She dragged her boobs up my body and pressed them onto my chest. She whispered in my ear.

"Come to my room 3 O' clock tonight, I want you to eat my pussy!" I was laying in my bed. I couldn't stop thinking about those last words of hers. The time was 10 minutes to 3. I could here somebody walking down the hallway. It had to be her. Who else would walk around the house this time at night? My dick was pressing on the inside of my boxers. I suddenly heard a vibration. I located to be coming from my phone. I woke my phone up a saw that I had received a snap.

I opened snapchat an tapped on Sofia's name. The picture was showing her bra laying on her bed. The text read "I'm waiting". I stood up with an instant and headed towards the door leading to the hallway. I got out of my room and stopped to check if everything was quiet as it should be and it was. Walking down the hallway I realized what was about to happen. I know it should feel weird but it didn't.

I reached her door and took the doorknob. The door opened slowly to reveal a room that was dark. I got in and closed the door as silent as I could. She turned on her dimmed bed light. "I almost couldn't wait." She said. "Me neither" I replied. She was wearing a short sleeping dress. I looked at the bed and the bra was still laying there. She saw my eyes glancing at the bed. "I just con otro chico de xvideos chichona morena to feel comfortable" She said as an answer to why she weren't wearing it even though I knew that was not all of the reason.

"But you know what?" She went. "No" I replied. "I still don't feel that comfortable. It's just that my panties are itching. Yuki tuoma 1 by packmans you mind me taking them off?" She asked. "Not at all" I went. I knew where she was heading with this. She looked at me and smiled.

She slowly pulled down her panties down. She kicked them towards me. I still couldn't see her pussy as she was wearing her dress. She walked up close to me. She pressed her body up against mine. I could feel her free hanging boobs through the thin dress. "I would like you to eat my pussy" she said.

"I would like to eat your pussy" I clarified. "But I have a rule." She said. "What's that" I asked. "I don't allow underwear in here, so why don't I just pull down your boxers." She said. I didn't even get a chance to say yes before she got down and pulled down my boxers.

"Still impressive" She went when my dick jumped out. "Come" she said and got over to the bed where she laid down.

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She pulled up in her dress revealing her beautiful shaved cunt. I got down on her bed and made my way closer to her cunt. She spread her legs and then I took the last move. I liked her cunt and started eating it. "Finally" She said with relief in her voice. Her pussy smelled clean and feminine and it was totally wed. I got her pussyjuice in my mouth and thought that this was kinda how it felt when I came in her mouth, so it must have felled amazing when I came because this was all I could dream of.

I pressed my tongue in her tight pussy. I heard she groaned when I did this. She started to move more. "I gonna cum" she said. She groaned so loud that I got a little worried about my parents hearing it. But they were asleep and didn't wake up that easily. I looked up to her face. She was looking down at me with a huge smile. "I'm so tired I'm gonna have to sleep now." She said. "What about me? Don't I get anything?" I asked.

"I'm sorry. I'm just to tired right now. I'll suck your cock tomorrow, maybe…" she said. "You better" I teased. I went back to my own room and got in my bed. I fell asleep briefly after. I woke up next day and was very exhausted. It was Saturday and it was late. I got up and pulled on a t-shirt and pants. I walked to the bathroom where I did my business. I then went towards the kitchen where I could hear some dishes being done.

I got up their and saw Sofia facing away from me doing the dishes. She was real stepmom mia guide her stepson how to bang pussy correctly a thin top and a pair of black shorts. I caught myself taking a peek of her ass. I never did that before, but all of a sudden I look at my sisters ass.

I've never really been a butt guy I have always preferred boobs but this butt was to good to not notice. I never really thought of it but she has got a big ass. Big nice ass. The shorts were kinda tight, they were tight enough for me to see the nice firm buttcheaks of hers.

"Mornin'" I said to let her know I was in the room. "Mornin'" She replied. I went over and opened a cupboard and grabbed a bowl and some cereal. I then sat down and realized that I forgot to bring the milk. "Can you get me the milk" I asked. "Sure" She said and got the milk. She got to the table and placed it while whispering to me. "May it taste as good as yours. Delicious" I look at her with a smile. She smiled back a turned to go to the living room.

I ate my cereal and wash the bowl when done. I stepped into the living room. "You wanna play GranTurismo?" she asked me. For some reason she liked watching me play that. I didn't really have much else to do. "Why not" I replied. I walked over to the PlayStation to turn it on.

I sat down in the chair closest to the TV. I started playing. We talked about how I could improve my time in some challenge. The time flew by.

Suddenly my mom stepped in the room. "Your dad and I are going now" she said to us. They where going to a hotel for themselves for the next week. And did I mention. Margot is sleeping at her friends flat tonight. I paused the game to wave goodbye when they drove out of our driveway. It's probably a weird thing to do but we've always done it in my family. I got back to the game when they were all gone. Sofia wasn't here any longer. I didn't feel like playing anymore.

Besides we needed to get dinner sooner or later. I shut down the entertainment system and found my way down the hallway. I got to Sofia's room. "July just wrote to me that she can't go clubbing tonight." She told me. (July is Sofia's good friend).

I was originally going to be home alone tonight but maybe not after all. "So that's it? You can't just be going with someone else?" I asked trying to help her find out what to do.

"I don't really party with my other friends. I guess I'll just stay home then." She said. "I don't think it's gonna be as funny as partying.

But anyway we should get some dinner." I replied. We went up to the kitchen and I got a pot and filled some water in. "Is pasta okay" I asked. "Why don't we just drink here" she said.

Clearly still thinking about what to do tonight. "Like get drunk at home?" I asked like she was stupid. "Not drunk, but maybe we could play some drinking games." "We could do that" I agreed but I didn't think that was what she thought. "Pasta's good" she went. She made the dining table ready while I was cooking the pasta. She bent down to grab the plates in a drawer.

Once again I took a good look at her ass. I just wanted to shove my head down in that ass crack. I think she pointed it towards me on purpose. It wasn't too obvious but there were no reason for her to stand like that other than showing me her ass. The light from the celling made it possible to see the outline of her panties. I picked up the pot and held the water away. I then headed towards the table where my sis was waiting. I sat down on the opposite side of cute blonde babe loves to fuck her friend table facing her.

We started eating and chatting. "So how's school going?" She asked. "It's the usual. Homework and assignments." I replied. "Not like that. Is there someone you like" she specified. "Well" I said and blushed. "So who is it" She asked. "I don't even think she knows who I am" I replied awkwardly.

"Well that's a shame, but you know her? Does she also have a brother that eats her pussy?" she asked. Just after she said that I felt something touching my dick. Something was rubbing my giving her my famous bj tips to deepthroat. It took me a second to realize that she was rubbing my dick with her foot going under the table. My body stopped working and it took me a second to start answering her.

"Well she doesn't have a brother." I finally replied. "I think she'd be happy with you then" she said referring to my pussy eating skills. "Well you would do well with a boyfriend as well." I natural wonders 50 constance devil trying to refer to her dick sucking skills.

"Why don't we end this meal and get those dishes done?" She asked and intensified the dick massage she gave me with her food under the table. "That's sound like a good idea." I agreed. She took the dishes again and I started to find some alcohol in a cupboard three bitches overpower male and do what they want to him the living room.

She got done in the kitchen and sat down in a chair in the living room.

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"I have this game. We need a dice for it." She started out. "Is that all we need?" I asked. "Yeah, it's pretty simple as well." She replied. I got a dice and sat down. "All right, so the rules are, if big boobs on cam more videos on wwwsexfixtk roll a six you'd have to drink. You can however choose to take off one piece of clothes instead of drinking." She introduced. "I mean, we could always try it." I replied. She was looking at me with the same kinda light in her eyes as when she sucked my dick.

"I'll start." She said. She picked up the dice and rolled it. Six! She looked at me like I had been giving her a fake dice. She grabbed a the drink I made for her and took a good zip. We continued like this for a while. We then agreed that it was going too slow. "On every even number we do a forfeit" I said She nodded. It was her time.

Four! She smiled and took off her top. I rolled a two. Pants were going off. She then rolled a three. I rolled six. T-shirt was going off now. Her turn. Two. She stood up and pulled down her black shorts. She had a matching pair of underwear on again. And again skin toned.

My turn. Five.

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We didn't even bother drinking anymore we both wanted to see each other naked again. I liked the way she looked at my body. And she love the way I looked at hers. Her turn. Roll… six. She took her hands behind her back and a second after it popped loose. Big boobs mom ebony girl took it all off. I froze for a second but woke up when I heard her laugh. She clearly love the attention a gave her breast.

"Your turn" she said. I rolled the dice. Four. "Can I pull them down?" She asked. I laughed and stood up. She slowly pulled them down. My dick jumped out pointing her right in the head. She opened her mouth and started sucking my dick. I groaned loudly. We were alone home so it didn't matter. She brought her hand down into her own panties and started massaging her pussy. I felt my dick sliding down her throat. I deepthroated her the best I could and then she suddenly stopped.

She looked up at me and said. "I still have one more piece of clothes" I sat down accepting her tiny stephanie has her teen pussy plugged brunette cumshot to lose her panties.

She picked up the dice and rolled. It rolled and rolled and then. Two! I looked at her. She stated spreading her legs revealing her soaked panties that you now could see trough. "What can I say?

I love having your big fat cock in my mouth!" she said and stood up. She slowly pulled down her panties. I could see her wet juicy pussy now. "Can I have a taste?" I asked. She stepped over to me and place her pussy on my face. The juice tasted like coconut-milk. I ended with a kiss on her pussy when she started pulling away from me.

"Why don't we treat each other at the same time?" She asked. "We could try 69." I said. "Marc! I want your dick in my pussy!" Once again I've been chocked! This is so wrong but I want it to happen so bad. "But I don't have a condom" I said. "I don't care!" she insisted. "I want your big fat cock up my tight pussy." She added.


I couldn't resist that tight and beautiful pussy of hers. "And I want my dick inside you" I replied and laid down on the sofa. She got up on the sofa and aligned her pussy with my dick. She lowered down her body. Now there was contact. I slid in my dick and automatically started groaning. At the same time I heard a scream coming from her. I scream of pleasure. We slowly started giving motion to it. She screamed every time. It big titted latina milf masturbating on cam so right having a part of me inside her.

Her pussy squished on all sides of my dick but it still slid back and forth easily due to her pussyjuice and my precum. She had the most satisfied face right now. She had closed her eyes so she could comprehend the amazing feeling. She wrapped her hands around my upper arms and let out a scream. "I need you to fill me up." She cramped out thru the screams. "I need your warm cum inside my pussy!" She added. "I'm gonna cum." I said to calm her. We both sped up and I force my dick even further in.

I couldn't hold it back any longer! "Yeahh" She screamed when she felt my warm cum filling up inside her. I slowly pulled out my dick and saw my cum dripping from her pussy. She bend down and gave me a huge kiss.

She got her tongue inside and around in my mouth. "I've never cum this good" she said. "Me neither" I added. She still laid on top of me. My dick was between her legs and still touching her pussy. Her boobs were pressing down on my chest. I could lay here forever. Just my naked body against her naked body.

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She whispered in my ear: "I have one more hole" "Anal" I asked. Her appearing smile was answer enough! If you want the next part please come with suggestions and please help me make my stories better.

I would love if you could tell what you think I could do better to the next part.