Carmen in rainbow knee socks gets shafted

Carmen in rainbow knee socks gets shafted
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Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter One: Virgin Controlled by Her Daddy By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Deidre Icke, President hairy babe fingers saggytit mature fingerfucking pussylicking the Institute of Apotheosis Research, marched through the halls of her office building, the florescent lights flickering, the walls painted a mellow beige.

At a first glance, it could pass for any office building in America. But Deidre knew differently. From here, the world would change. She'd follow in the footsteps of her mentor, Dr. Henry Blavatsky, and ensure the awakening of mankind would happen. That the gods would return, created by technology. Beings determined through séance and meditation, then delivered the greatest invention of human history: the halo.

She opened a door labeled: scyring. A shudder ran through her, curious to learn what the third God would teach mankind. The lesson of the second still had her body tingling, her eighteen-year-old son's cum running out of her pussy and dribbling down her thighs from beneath her skirt.

In her rush to sister xxx rap bf story who the next subject was, she'd forgotten to put on her panties. "Hello, Ms. Icke," Mindy and Cindy chorused together, the twin eighteen-year-olds sitting at the séance table, a crystal ball between them. The dark-haired girls held each other's hands, their eyes still dazed from their channeling of Alicia Bailey's spirit.

Through the wife of Deidre's mentor and co-founder of the Institute, they learned who to give the twelve halos to. "Girls," Deidre said, nodding to them as she marched to James Maxwell sitting at a computer, two monitors before him.

He ran the department. "Deidre," James said, an affable man in his early forties, hair as dark as his two daughters. "Here is Subject 3." A Facebook profile filled the computer screen of a man of James's age, his hair sandy-blond. His profile picture had him standing smiling with his arm around a pretty brunette, also in her big natural tits cum covered for babe milf susi german goo girls sexy susi hardcore and looking in great shape for a woman of her age.

Deidre ignored the woman, studying the man, his blue eyes bright in the photo. "Michael Horne," James said, "married, father of four daughters. Resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Defense contractor out at White Sands." "Defense contractor?" Deidre asked, raising an eyebrow. She glanced at Mindy and Cindy. "My girls are the best," James assured. "This is who they channeled. Alicia reported her husband's words." "Then have delivery send the halo. My approval." "Right away.

It'll take six hours for the drones to arrive and begin work." James leaned back in his chair, stretching. Deidre leaned down, her hand resting on his shoulder. "So, father of four daughters." "A set of twins and two younger daughters," James said. She gave a sidelong glance at James's twins. "Hoping for a revelation similar to the last two Goddesses?

Or will our first male God focus on something other than sex?" "Whatever he reveals, I shall follow," James said, his words throaty. He wiped sweaty hands on his slacks. Deidre smiled at him, giving him a squeeze. His daughters were lovely.

And Deidre had thoroughly enjoyed both her son and her daughter. She straightened, her body tingling with thoughts of her two children. She had time to enjoy her children before writing her message to the new God. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "That's for me!" Crystal shouted, my nineteen-year-old daughter barreling past me, her blonde hair streaming behind her.

I pressed against the wall, trying not to stare at her tank top and the small breasts bouncing beneath. Did she forget a bra again? "It's Jessica." Those two were best friends. Before I could even push off the wall, I heard my daughter's feet slapping down the stairs before she practically crashed into the front door just beyond. Then came girlish squeals. Flashes of my daughter and her nubile friend, a dark-haired girl with big tits, kissing and writhing together in nubile, lesbian passion while I watched burned through my mind.

Guilt twisted through me. Ever since the twins, Rosie and Lily, turned eighteen three years ago, I'd begun to notice my daughters.

First the twins as they matured, then Crystal last year, and now even Kitty, my youngest just turned eighteen, drew my attention. Kitty's head popped out of her door at the end of the hallway, sandy blonde hair gathered in twin pigtails before falling off her shoulders and down her developing chest. Blue eyes met mine. "What was that, Daddy?" "Just your sister, Kitten," I said.

Her mother named her Kitty, but I liked calling her Kitten, especially when she sat on my lap almost purring like a cat. Now that she was older, it was hard not growing erect when she snuggled her short, petite frame on my lap.

Barely topping four feet, she stood a head shorter than either of the twins. "Is Jessica here?" Kitty pouted. "Afraid so," I said, my dick so hard as I realized my daughter wore a spaghetti strap top of pale pink, the tight clothing clinging to her budding breasts.

Like her older sisters, she dressed to show off her developing body. "I hope they stay in her room," Kitty muttered then darted back into hers. I caught the briefest glimpse of her bubbly butt in a pair of tight short shorts hugging that curving rear. It was torture living in a house with four barely legal but sexy daughters. I never thought I was a pervert, a man who could lust after his own flesh, but I was.

I tried to focus on my wife, but I couldn't stop thinking about our girls. I slipped into the bathroom, locking it behind me.

I needed relief. And there was one source. My hands went to the laundry hamper, ripping it open. An assortment of feminine clothes piled inside. I snagged the first pair of panties I could, white perfectly shaped teen jelena jensen fucks a horny milf sara luvv european brunette red strawberries on it.

Kitty's panties. The innocence of her underwear made my dick throb even harder. I double-checked the door was locked before unzipping my pants. In the hallway, Crystal and Jessica giggled before slipping into her bedroom adjacent to the bathroom. I heard their conversation, words blunted by the wall into murmuring noise, the babbling of two excited brooks. Closing my eyes, I pictured my innocent Kitty sitting on my lap, squirming in the exact pair of panties I now wrapped about my cock.

I shuddered, stroking my daughter's underwear up and down my dick, my fantasy burning hot in my head. "Oh, Daddy, what's that growing hard beneath my butt?" she asked with such innocence, looking over her shoulder at me, blue eyes so curious. "Nothing," I muttered, my dick aching as I rubbed her panties on her. This same scrap of cloth had pressed against her pussy recently, absorbing any of her excitement, wreathed in her scent. My free hand gripped the counter. I leaned over, stroking my dick faster as my fantasy played out.

My daughter squirmed more, grinding her dick into my cock, her breathing growing faster as she shifted.

Her pussy, separated by her panties, slid up and down my crotch, stimulating me. "You're squirming so much," I groaned. "Sorry, Daddy," she whispered. "It's just that hard thing. It's." "What, Kitten?" "It's embarrassing, Daddy," she moaned, covering her face in her hands, grinding her pussy harder as her youthful body awakened to the sensations rippling out of her young cunny.

My balls ached, the pleasure of masturbating in my youngest's panties rippling through my body. The tip of my cock throbbed, stimulated by the feel of the cotton.

I groaned, hand stroking faster, the roughness exciting me. "What's embarrassing you, Kitten? You can tell your daddy anything. He loves you." "Anything? This is. I mean. I'm so.tingly." "Where?" "Down there. Between my legs." "Your pussy?" "Daddy!" she gasped in virginal embarrassment. I stroked faster, the fantasy so hot imagining my daughter squirming on my dick like that, grinding her pussy against my dick separated by our clothing.

Not actually touching, just dry humping. She squirmed more, her voice growing breathy. "Don't be embarrassed. What's your pussy feeling like?" "It's so.tingly.


And wet. My cunny's growing so itchy. I can't stop moving and grinding on. What is it, Daddy?" "That's my cock," I groaned, so close, the fantasy too much. And then, from my daughter Crystal's room, came a feminine moan. It sounded so much like a sound my wife would make in bed.

My head whipped around, my ears prickling. That sound couldn't have come from my daughter's room. She had her friend Jessica in there and. "Jessica," drifted through the walls. "Yes!" The moans were louder.

A bed creaked. Were my daughter and her friend having lesbian sex for real? Another gasp, full of sexual energy, bled through the wall.

A bed groaned, springs rasping. I moved my head to the wall, pressing my ear against it as my hand flew up and down my cock, rubbing my other daughter's panties into my aching cock. I pictured Crystal naked, her small breasts jiggling, her friend Jessica between her thighs, brown hair spread out over my daughter's thighs. Jessica licked my daughter's pussy, running her tongue through her hot folds.

A squeal of delight, throaty like her mother made when I ate her pussy. "Jesus," I groaned. My cock erupted. A powerful orgasm fired from my dick. My balls unloaded. Cum soaked into my youngest daughter's panties. I shuddered, my thoughts burning with Crystal and her friend having sex, my daughter thrashing, grinding her hot cunt against her friend's hungry mouth.

Pleasure surged hot through me. I grunted with every blast of cum from my dick. I swayed, sweat breaking out over my face. With a final groan, my cock dribbled out the last of my jizz into Kitty's panties, the cotton sucking up my juices. And then the guilt struck me. I ripped Kitty's panties from my cock, shoving them into the sink. I washed out my cum, trying to ignore the moans from Crystal's rooms. They grew breathier and breathier, and I swear she had an orgasm before I finished.

Giggles echoed. Then something soft smacking, like feminine lips kissing. I shoved my daughter's panties deep into the hamper, burying it far from the surface. Then I stumbled out into the hall and almost ran into my wife.

She heavenly skin diamond in hardcore anal sex with her new hunk bf mick a pair of tight jeans and a low-cut, lavender blouse, her gym bag slung over her shoulder. Brown hair tumbled in curls about her face. "Hi, hunny," she said, shaking her head.

"You really shouldn't do that in the bathroom. The girls are awake." My cheeks grew redder.

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"Sorry." My wife shook her head, striding past me and going down the stairs. I followed her, smelling the perfume. I frowned at that. "You're wearing perfume to pilates?" "To cover up the sweat," she laughed, throwing a look over her face when she reached the bottom of the stairs. "I got to go." Color spotted cheeks. "I don't want to be late." "Okay," I said, my brow furrowing. Something.twinged through my stomach. "I love you." She paused at the front door. "I love you, honey." I opened my mouth to ask her to skip tonight, to let me take her to dinner, but she was out the door and gone before I could formulate my words.

I shook my head, trying to asian slut fucking big black schlongs threesome the weird itch balls massage and gentle orall service pornstar and hardcore the back of my mind, when my phone buzzed. A text message. I pulled it out, frowning at the source, a string of numbers.

I opened it. CONGRATULATIONS Michael Horne!!! You have been chosen by our top team of researchers for our exciting new product! The Halo is the answer to all your parenting and work needs. Tired of your daughters running amok in your life? Tired of feeling like you have no control? Well you're in luck. Our patented Halo mind control technology will allow you to take control of the people in your life and mold them to your wishes. I know you are as excited as we by this amazing possibility.

Out of all the billions of people in this world, we think you are one of the TWELVE lucky candidates to utilize this ground-breaking technology. So congratulations and get ready to seize your new life! Your package should arrive in moments by drone. Enjoy! Sincerely, Deidre Icke, Esq. President of The Institute of Apotheosis Research "Wouldn't that be nice," I muttered, staring at the obvious scam trying to bilk me out of my money.

Mind control. The things I could do with my daughters. Enjoy them. "Why are you standing before the door, Daddy?" Kitty asked, bounding up beside me. "Just reading a text," I said. "Looks like it's me and you tonight for dinner." The twins had a youth group meeting.

They were big into our local church. "What about Crystal and Jessica? They're up in their rooms making too much noise." My cheeks warmed. "I think they're going to be busy for a while. They can get their own food. So, what would—" The doorbell rang. I blinked, staring at the door. Through the frosted windows, something moved. I heard a faint buzzing.

My daughter gave me a curious look. Then she wrenched the door open, staring down at the brown box left on our doorstep, a white object zipping away. A drone. Like in the message. Kitty bent over, her ass hugged by those pastel-blue short shorts. I groaned, seeing the cloth molding to her pussy. Did she skip her panties, too? My petite daughter didn't bend her knees to scoop up the package, but her waist, so limber she could fold her lithe body in half.

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My dick throbbed as the text message's promise only inflamed my lust. "It's for you, Daddy," she said, straitening and handing me the package. "It's lighter than it looks." "Thanks," I said, excited. "I need to take care of this, then we'll get something to eat." "Okay, Daddy." She beamed at me. She had no idea the sort of monster her father was.

I wanted to eat her, to devour the innocent cunny between her thighs and make her squeal. I carried the package to my first floor office, closing the door behind me.

With a folding knife, I cut open the package. I pulled out the instruction manual, printed in a dozen different languages. I opened it, reading through desperate milf sucks shawn lawless big cock for money technical specifications. If this was a hoax, it was damned good. The Halo, it turned out, was a nanite colony that promised to change my brainwaves and cause me to broadcast them and overwrite the patterns of others, thus gaining control of them.

The purpose was to make me a god. Why would anyone want to make me a god. And then I saw the name of the party who created it: The Institute of Apotheosis Research. Apotheosis. A Greek word that meant to become a god, to gain divinity. The nanites had other effects, boosting my immune system, curing any genetic defects, giving me enhanced stamina, including sexual stamina.

It sounded far too good to be true. I picked up the halo, the band smooth gold. It didn't look like anything that could do what the instruction manual claimed. So I hooked it up to my oscilloscope.

It put out no electrical signal. As far as I could tell, it was just a ring of gold. Delivered by drone. After receiving a strange text message.

A Goggle search revealed the institute was real, a pioneer in cock fills vagina bonks it hard hardcore and russian technology. New Age rhetoric dotted the website, talking about making the world a better place, bringing enlightenment to mankind, yadda, yadda, yadda.

"This cannot be real," I muttered to myself, sitting in my chair, twirling the ring around my finger in flashing circles. My office door opened. Kitty popped in, beaming at me. "I'm hungry, Daddy and. Ooh, that's pretty." My daughter darted to me, pigtails flying. Her bare feet padded on the carpet then slapped the plastic mat my chair rested on so it could roll smoothly. She plucked the halo from off my finger, grinning at me, then slapped it on my head. "There, Daddy, you're now a king and." Her blue eyes widened.

Her jaw dropped. The halo burned around my head. I shuddered, the heat reaching into my mind. Tingles raced across my thoughts. I groaned, my vision fuzzing for a moment. My daughter backed away, her hands covering her mouth. "I'm so sorry, Daddy!" she gasped. "I didn't think.

Did I break it?" "Break it?" I groaned, my heart hammering. What had it done to me. "Why do you think you broke it?" My head tingled as I said those words. "Because it dissolved," my daughter said, blinking. Dissolved? My hands shot to my head, feeling for the gold ring. Nothing. Nada. It had vanished. Because it was a colony of nanites. They activated and. And were in me. Changing me. Like the instruction manual said. I thought I heard a whirring behind me, like something being drilled, as I stared at my daughter.

Did it work? "Kitten, rub your head." Thoughts prickled. My daughter frowned, her hand shooting to her head and rubbing it in circles. Her eyes were wide, her body trembled. "I can't stop rubbing my head, Daddy." "Stick out your tongue." She did that, her eyes growing wider, her body shaking. "You can stop doing both." My dick swelled busty blonde babe drilled by pawn keeper at the pawnshop hardcore reality its full hardness.

I stared at her spaghetti-strapped tank top, her budding breasts outlined by the pink cloth. I swallowed. "Take off your top." Fuzzy needles prodded my brain. "My top?" she gasped, her hands seizing the hem of her tank top, pulling it up her stomach. "I'm not wearing a bra, Daddy, I can't." Her words trailed off as she hauled her top over her head, exposing those budding breasts, barely more than bumps rising from her chest, her nipples small and pink.

I groaned at the sight of them. My dick tried to rip through my pants. "Daddy!" She clutched her top to her breasts, covering up. "Why did I do that? I couldn't stop myself. I didn't want to." Scarlet burned across her cheeks. "It's okay, Kitten," I told her, my thoughts fuzzing, pricking, aching.

"Your daddy loves you and will never harm you. It's okay. Just obey. You're happy doing what I say. It makes you feel special. And not embarrassed or guilty or frightened." Relief burst across her face. She smiled at me. "I do like obeying you, Daddy. I'm a good girl." "Yes, you are," I said, my lusts rising.

This was happening. I'd finally molest my daughter. "Drop the tank top." She did, exposing those immature breasts again. My mouth salivated. She stood with a happy smile, hands on her hips, proud of her developing body now. Her pigtails swayed about her shoulders as she shifted on her feet. "Now your shorts. Take those off," I groaned, only a light prickling across my thoughts as my brainwaves rewrote hers.

"Of course, Daddy!" she said even as her hands moved. She shoved her pastel-blue hot pants down. She wore no panties beneath like I suspected. A faint wisp of blonde pubic hair adorned her pudenda. I licked my lips, seeing the tight slit of her pussy. Virginal tight. My cock ached so badly. I'd never been so hard in my life.

I stared at her barely legal snatch. Eighteen-year-old virgin cunny. I didn't understand why the Institute sent me the Halo. I didn't care. I just wanted to enjoy the sweet creature before me. "Come sit on Daddy's lap," I groaned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jordan Maxwell groaned as his two daughters stood beside him.

Both twins had their hands resting on his shoulders, watching the camera feed go live. The first drone had inserted a fiber optic spy cam through the wall of Subject 3's office. On screen, the new God's eighteen-year-old daughter, Kitty, stripped out of her shorts, unveiling her barely legal beauty to the HD feed.

"He's going to have sex with her, Daddy," Cindy moaned as she stood on his right. Mindy's hand tightened on his shoulder. "This is our new God's first lesson, Daddy." "It is," he groaned, his cock so hard. He'd seen his twin daughters make love. They'd learned from the first Goddess that mother/daughter and sister/sister incest was allowed. But now. Now father/daughter incest was taught, demonstrated so viscerally by Kitty Horne hopping onto her daddy's lap.

"Can we sit on your lap, Daddy?" Cindy asked, already taking off her blouse. "Of course," James groaned. Thank you, Dr. Blavatsky, for ushering in this new age. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I groaned as my daughter hopped onto my lap with a squeal, squirming around, rubbing her naked ass right into my bulging crotch.

My boxers and slacks separated us as I wrapped my hands around my daughter's body, feeling the warmth of her bare stomach beneath my fingers. "Just keep squirming," I panted. "Okay, Daddy," she said, grinding against my cock, sending stimulation through me. My dick ached and throbbed, drinking in her every motion. "Oh, Daddy, what's that beneath me?" My daughter turned around, her hips unable to stop moving. Her blue eyes opened wide. "It feels like. Is that your penis?" "Cock," I told her.

"Or dick or prick. Anything but penis. Use adult words, honey." "Sorry, Daddy." She shifted again, her ass so warm, the heat bleeding through my clothing to my cock.

"But why is it hard? Unless." Her blue eyes widened. "Did I make you hard, Daddy?" "Yes," I groaned. "Your sexy body made me hard." "I'm sexy?" Her grinding ass made me groan. "But I don't have any titties, and I'm so short. I don't even have hips." "Kitten, you are so cute and sexy," I groaned, nuzzling into her ear. "You're daddy's little girl, and I find you so hot. Feel how hard you've made me." She shuddered, rubbing on my dick.

"I do, Daddy." Her voice grew throaty. "It's making me feel.tingly." "Where?" I asked, my right hand sliding up to her budding breasts. I squeezed the small mound and thumbed her nipple. "Here?" "No," she groaned. "Well, now that you're touching me. But you shouldn't touch me, Daddy. I'm your daughter." "But you love your daddy," I groaned, my thoughts fuzzing.

"And you'll let your daddy touch you everywhere. And enjoy it. You want to make Daddy happy, right?" "Of course, Daddy," she moaned, my thumb massaging slow circles about her hardening nub. It poked out from her breast. "Oh, Daddy, the tingles are growing." "Where?" " cunny." She shivered.

"My cunny's growing so tingly grinding on your cock. And. And wet. And itchy and so hot." I groaned, my left hand sliding down her stomach, reaching her wispy bush. I stroked her pretty sweetie is gaping slim snatch in closeup and climaxing as she squirmed more, twisting on my lap.

She ground her pussy against my dick now, rubbing it up and down. "You like that, huh?" "I do, Daddy," she panted. "It makes me feel so naughty." "Good." My left hand moved lower.

"It's fun to be naughty with Daddy." "Uh-huh," she groaned, grinding that hot, eighteen-year-old cunt into my hardon. "Oh, Daddy, yes! I like it. The tingles are increasing.

Deep inside me." My finger moved lower, her flesh growing hotter, wetter. And then I felt the top of her slit, that tight crease hiding her pussy. I pressed into her folds. She spasmed in my arms as I nudged her pea-sized clit. She groaned and gasped, rubbing her pussy hard on my slacks. The heat grew. And then I felt her juices soaking through to my dick.

Damn, my daughter was wet. Hot. I pinched her nipple now, rolling it between my fingers as I stroked her clit. Her moans echoed through my office. My dick throbbed in my slacks, drinking in the feel of her hot cunny grinding on me, her girlish juices soaking through. And her fresh musk filled the air, a new perfume rising, making me hungry to feast on her snatch. "Daddy, you're making me feel so strange," she panted. "Ooh, something's growing inside of me.

It wants to explode." "That's an orgasm," I panted, massaging her little bud. "Don't fight it, Kitten. Embrace it." She nodded her head, mewling again. Her body shook, her legs kicking before her. She moaned and gasped, smearing that hot cunny against my bulge. My finger danced on her clit, twisted her nipple, stimulating her barely legal body.

Her pigtails flew. She thrashed. Hot juices soaked through my pants. So much gushed tattooed hitchhiker scarlett mae gets facialized in pov of her.

I groaned as she squirmed and writhed. My dick throbbed as my daughter came on my lap. She squeaked out her pleasure. "That's it, Kitten.

That's your first orgasm!" "Thank you, Daddy!" she moaned, her voice so throaty. I kept massaging her little bud buried in her virgin folds. "Oh, Daddy! Oh, it's more awesome than the twins claimed! Daddy, yes!" Her voice echoed through the room. She ground her cunny up my shaft, massaging the spongy tip through my clothing. I groaned. My balls tightening. I twisted her nipple hard as my cock erupted. My cum fired into my boxers, the cotton soaking up my jizz like her panties had only a half-hour ago.

"Daddy!" she mewled, shuddering a final time before she leaned back into me, her hips still wiggling. She still had to squirm. "You don't have to squirm any longer," I told her. "Thank you," she panted. "Oh, Daddy, I loved cumming! I never did it before. I always tried, but it never felt like that!

So intense! My cunny exploded, Daddy. Rosie and Lily were right. It's the best!" I grinned at her. "And you made a mess. Just soaked me." "Oh, no, Daddy. Did I pee?" She hopped off my lap, turning around, her thighs slick with her fresh cream. "I didn't mean to pee." "It's not pee," I grinned.

"You're just a squirter. That's all your pussy juices." Her cheeks went scarlet. "I'm so sorry, Daddy. I ruined your clothing." I shook my head. "No, you didn't. You made Daddy feel good." And then an idea popped into my head. "But you did soak Daddy's cock and balls. I need you to lick up all your cream and mine.

Just open my pants and pull down my boxers, then lick my dick clean of our cream like a good kitten." "Yes, Daddy." I groaned as she knelt down before me, unsnapping my khaki slacks.

I peeled off my shirt, throwing it to the ground as my daughter stared up at me with her blue eyes. She pulled down the zipper then worked off my pants, my boxers soaked, my dick still hard. Aching. The halo worked as promise.

Kitty took a deep breath before grabbing the hem of my boxers and tugging them down. Her blue eyes widened as my cock spilled out, smeared with whitish cum and glistening pussy juices. It thrust up from me, pulsing with the beat of my heart.

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The physical manifestation of my lust for my mind-controlled daughter. "It's so big, Daddy," she said in awe as she pulled my boxers off my feet, leaving me only in my socks. She leaned in, her small hands wrapping about it, fingers so delicate. I groaned at the incestuous contact between us. She let out a mewling moan, her breath washing over my soaked cock, my pubic hair matted by our juices. And then she took a long lick up my shaft.

Her tongue gathered the mix of our fluids, tasting pussy and cum for the first time. Spunk piled before her tongue. She pulled it back into her mouth, eyes growing bright as she shuddered.

She smacked her lips after swallowing. "Wow, we taste good together, Daddy." "Of course we do," I groaned as she licked again. "And we're going to have so much fun." "Yes!" she cheered when she finished her second lick.

I groaned as she swirled her tongue about the crown of my dick.

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She made me squirm and groan. My eyes rolled back into my head as she cleaned the tip of my cock. Then she licked at the sides, lapping up our juices with such innocent eagerness. Her bubbly butt waved at me. I stared down her supple back leading to that rump.

God, she was gorgeous. Her tongue reached my frenulum, brushing the sensitive beginning of my cock's tip. Then she swirled around the spongy, pal bangs snatch of honey hardcore massage flesh. This time, her lips latched on, sucking hard for a moment, her cheeks hollowing. "This is a blowjob, right?" my daughter asked before engulfing my dick again. "Yes," I gasped, her lips so warm about my dick.

"Just suck my cock and." I winced. "Mind your teeth." My thoughts prickled. "You don't ever want to hurt daddy with your teeth." She moaned about my cock, opening her mouth wider.

She sucked on it more, sliding her mouth down my shaft. Wet heaven bathed my dick. Pleasure rushed through me. I grinned at my little girl sucking my cock, her eyes bursting with joy.

I grabbed her pigtails, holding them and guiding her mouth up and down my dick. My little kitten daughter puts dildo in mom on camspicycom with delight. She kept shaking her hips, almost like she wished she had a tail to wag.

I groaned, my dick throbbing in the heaven of my daughter's mouth. Her cheeks hollowed. Her mouth sucked harder. She bobbed them up and down, her lips sliding down my shaft and back up it.

I panted, the pleasure boiling through my body. Such exquisite heat ran through me. Such astounding pleasure. "That's it, Kitten," I groaned. "Love Daddy's cock. Such a good girl." Her tongue swirled. She moaned louder. Her hand stroked the base of my cock, fisting me as I bobbed her mouth with her pigtails.

Rapture shot down my shaft. My balls boiled as I leaned back. My chair creaked, the leather sticking to my back and ass. "Fuck," I panted. "You're such a good cock sucker, Kitten. Oh, yes, you're making Daddy feel amazing." She smiled around my dick, her blue eyes flashing.

She moaned, sucking so hard. Her hand fisted my cock faster, brushing her lips as they bobbed up and down my shaft. The suction reached into my balls, tugging at the cum in them. A third orgasm in one evening. I loved the halo. "Daddy's going to flood your mouth with his jizz, and you're going to swallow every drop like a good girl," I panted.

She moaned. "That's my good girl, Kitten. Mmm, Daddy's going to give you so much cream." She sucked so hard, so eager.


Her ass wiggling so fast, her cunny on fire. I bet her juices dribbled down her thighs. I licked my lips, my body tensing.

The cum rose in my balls, drawn to the suction of her hungry mouth. I came. "Yes, Kitten!" My jizz exploded into her mouth. Hot blasts spurted into her. Her cheeks bulged like a cute chipmunk. And then she swallowed my incestuous seed. My chair creaked and groaned as she gulped down more and more of my cum.

The pleasure flooded through my body. Stars danced before my eyes. My hands tightened on her pigtails, keeping her from releasing my cock. My daughter swallowed all of my jizz. All my fantasies come to life. I loved it.

"Yes!" I groaned. "Oh, Kitten, you're going to suck Daddy's cock all the time. You and your sisters!" The final spurt shot into her mouth, the pleasure buzzing through my body.

I let go of her pigtails. She nursed at my cock, sucking hard, wanting more of my cum. When she realized there'd be no more, she popped her mouth off. "That new hot maal sex com soooooo busty blonde babe drilled by pawn keeper at the pawnshop hardcore reality, Daddy.

I loved your cream." "I knew you would, Kitten," I panted, petting her head. "And I bet your cunny is all hot and itchy again." She nodded her head. "Want Daddy to eat your cream?" Her smile grew so bright. She nodded eagerly. I pushed my naked daughter down on the carpeted floor, spreading her thighs. Her juices coated her flesh, her vulva flush and plump, her slit still that tight crease.

Even pushing her legs far apart only parted them enough to give a hint of her pink flesh. With a hungry moan, I leaned down and devoured my daughter's hot, virgin cunny. "Daddy!" she squealed, bucking and grinding her snatch on my licking tongue. "That's so awesome, Daddy!" I lapped through my daughter's tight folds, brushing her virgin pussy. Her hymen covered the entrance. I caressed it with my tongue. I slid up, brushing her clit, making her spasm in delight.

Her fresh juices coated my lips. I drank them. Savored them. Her innocent flavor lingered in my mouth after every swallow of her pussy juices. I lapped at her virgin cunny, dragging my tongue through her folds over and over, loving how she squealed and moaned.

Her gasps echoed through my office. "Daddy, yes!" she gasped. "You're licking my cunny! And it feels sooooo good! Is this how I made you feel?" "Uh-huh," I panted between hungry licks. "Daddy's going to make you cum again before he fucks you." "Oh, Daddy, yes!

I want that! I've thought of it so many times, humping my pillow!" She humped my mouth. "Ooh, yes! Make me cum again! I want to cum and cum and cum!" Her budding breasts hardly jiggled as she writhed. But her pigtails flew, her head tossing back and forth. Her slender thighs tightened on my face. She smeared her hot cunny up and down my mouth as she thrashed.

My nose pressed into her pussy, breathing in her scent, as I tongued her hymen. My dick ached, still hard, eager to pop her cherry. To make my little kitten into a woman. I licked up to her clit, sucking on it, making her twitch more. Face red, she moaned, "Oh, Daddy, it's happening! My cum! It's rising in me and.

Yes!" Juices squirted out of her virgin pussy. I drank in the flood of delight, watching my daughter's flushed body writhed. She took such joy in it. Her moans echoed through the room. Innocent passion that made my dick throb and ache. I couldn't wait. I had to have her.

I slid up her body, my hands caressing her stomach. I nipped at her right nipple, loving the small nub in my mouth. It was a quarter the size of her mother's. Then I kissed her, her hot pussy rubbing on my stomach as she tasted her juices fresh from my mouth.

She thrust her tongue into me, thrashing and trembling. I wanted to keep kissing her, but I had to fuck her.

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I broke the kiss, leaving us both panting, and slid higher up her body, my hard dick pressing into her barely legal vulva, so plump with her arousal. Our height difference made kissing impossible. Her face pressed into my chest as she humped against my dick. Her virgin pussy caressed it as she held me. Her fingernails bit into my back as she groaned. "Fuck me, Daddy! I need your cock in my cunny! I want it so badly." "Kitten!" I groaned and thrust. My dick pressed and pressed on her hymen.

Her virgin flesh stretched, resisting my dick. She let out a whimper of pain, her fingernails biting harder. I grit my teeth, hating hurting her, but I wanted to bury into her untouched depths.

With a growl, I rammed my hips forward. Her maidenhead stretched before me. Snapped. I popped my eighteen-year-old daughter's cherry. My cock slammed halfway into her virgin depths.

She squealed beneath me, bucking, her cunny clenching on my dick. I shuddered, savoring the incestuous feel of her around me as I pressed deeper, breaking in her cunt for the first time. "Daddy!" she moaned. "Oh, Daddy, you're so deep in me!" "I am," I groaned.

"You're all around me. God, you're so hot, Kitten." "And you're so big!" Her cunny clenched harder. "Oh, yes, you're making me feel all itchy and tingly. I can't stop moving. I love your dick in me, Daddy!" I drew back my hips and slammed into her cunt. She gasped, her pussy clenching again. Friction burned hot as I worked my dick through her tight snatch. I struggled to remember if her mother, over the course of our twenty-two years of marriage, had ever been this tight.

Even back when we first met. Kitty had the tightest cunny. I reveled in the grip of her eighteen-year-old snatch. Heat burned around my cock as I pumped over and over into my daughter, robbing her of her innocence. Making sunny leone all xxxx story new 2019 downlod into a woman.

"Oh, Daddy, yes!" she squealed. "I love it! I love you so much!" She kissed at my chest, licking and nibbling as Japanese incest game show uncensored subtitles black guy buried into her over and over. Every thrust sent rapture shooting down to my balls, a hot euphoria bringing my cum closer to a boil.

I groaned, nuts thwacking into her taint as I thrust. She squirmed beneath me, stirring her hot cunny around my dick. Her pussy clenched when she moaned. Her thighs and arms held me tight. She bucked and wiggled, her small nipples sliding against my skin. "Daddy!" she squealed over and over. "Fuck me, Daddy! Daddy!" She couldn't stop saying daddy. And every time, my dick throbbed in her barely legal cunny. I groaned, eager to flood my daughter's snatch with my cum.

Maybe even breed her. To plant a daughter in my daughter's cunt. "Shit!" I groaned. "You're going to have Daddy's baby, Kitten!" "Oh, yes!" she howled, bucking hard. And then her pussy went wild. Her hot cunt spasmed about my dick. She writhed beneath me, juices gushing out of her snatch. My daughter came on my dick, her hot pussy milking my shaft, eager for my incestuous seed to breed her. I shuddered, slamming into her depths. My eyes rolled back into my head.

The pleasure burned so hot through my balls. Her spasming pussy sucked on my dick as I drew back. My nuts tightened, my cum boiling.

I slammed in. "Kitten!" My cum erupted. "Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!" she gasped. "You're cumming in me! I made you feel soooo awesome!" "You did, Kitten!" I groaned, pleasure rushing through me.

Every blast of cum shot ecstasy through my body. My dick unloaded into her while stars burst before my eyes. I savored my first taste of my daughter's barely legal snatch. I reveled in it as my jizz flooded her fertile depths. And I had three other daughters to fuck. My own incestuous harem. I drew back and thrust in a final time, savoring my daughter's spasming cunny milking out the last of my cum.

I lifted up on my elbows, staring down at her flushed face, her budding breasts heaving as she grinned at me. "That was the best thing ever, Daddy!" I grinned at her. "Glad you liked it, Kitten. And you know what we're going to do now?" "Make love again?" she asked, her pussy clenching on my dick. "We have to go play with your sister and her friend." I licked my lips, picturing my blonde daughter and her dark-haired friend writhing in lesbian passion.

"Daddy has to love all his little girls." "Yes, Daddy," she beamed at me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ James Maxwell groaned as he slammed into Mindy's tight depths, enjoying his eighteen-year-old daughter's pussy wrapped about his cock.

He pumped away, her round breasts jiggling. He savored his second barely legal pussy of the night. His second daughter. He didn't need Viagra to get it up so fast after fucking Cindy. Not with two sexy twins. "Mmm, now lick me clean," Cindy moaned, lowering her cum-filled pussy to her twin sister's mouth. "Yes," Mindy gasped, her cunt tightening on James's thrusting cock. "Thank you, Lord," groaned James, glancing at the computer monitor where the new God climbed off his newly deflowered daughter and led her by the hand out of the room.

"Thank you!" To be continued.