Happy girl enjoys cock hardcore and blowjob

Happy girl enjoys cock hardcore and blowjob
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I was seventeen but they put me in the county jail for driving drunk. I wasn't even really drunk, those breathalizer tests are bullshit. I was definitely the youngest in there and that made me pretty nervous. I started to wonder if any of these fat, bald chicks were going to rape me.

I was terrified to know who my cellmate would be, then relieved to find that it was a girl only slightly older than me. "Hey, I'm Jessica.


Everyone just calls me Jess." She must have been around twenty and had really pretty long brown hair and blue eyes. "This your first time?", She asked me. "Yeah." I guess she could see I was a little freaked out.

"Don't worry Its not prison. You're not gonna get raped up the ass with a broomstick or anything. As long as you don't piss anybody off or get in anyone's way here you'll be fine." I felt better right away with her. If I just stuck with her I knew I'd be alright. At dinner I sat with her and two fat bald chicks. We ate what looked like some kind of stew. It could have been a fresh pile of shit and I wouldn't have known the difference.

The other two women finished pretty quick and left, giving Jess and I time to talk.

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Mostly we talked about friends, family, and what we were in there for. A cop pulled her over for speeding and found some weed in her car then sent her here. She didn't talk to her parents anymore for some reason and pretty much all of her friends were drug addicts. I told her about my boyfriend Chris. She said she never had a boyfriend. "Seriously? Why?," I asked. "You're so pretty." She smiled, shrugged her shoulders and said, "I've never really been interested in guys." It was almost lights out time.

I grabbed a book to read before they shut off the lights but they already did before I finished a single page. I tossed the book to the foot of my bed to continue reading in the morning. The jail was quiet. I kind of expected the women in the other cells to still be talking but no one was. It was dead silent. The bed was so fucking uncomfortable, like sleeping on a big flat stone.

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It must have taken me about half an hour to get comfortable just enough to fall asleep. I figured by then all the other women were already sleeping. I listened closely to the silence that pierced my eardrums and made my ears ring. I listend for whispering or a cough, anything to remind me that I wasn't completely alone. I wondered if Jess was asleep.

Maybe my constant shuffling around kept her awake.

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I didn't hear her stir all night so I guessed she wasn't. I started thinking about Chris, how I missed him. I wished he was there with me to hold so I wouldn't feel so alone. I thought about him touching me, kissing me, stroking my thighs with his fingers.

I was getting horny. I heard Jess moving around in the bunk above me. I could hear her getting out of bed and onto the floor.


I thought maybe she was going bathroom until she climbed into my bunk and planted herself on top of me. The moment I felt her I lifted my head up. "What are you doing?" I said a little too loudlly. Her hand covered my mouth to keep another word from erupting. "Shh. If they hear you they'll come in and we'll both be in trouble." She let go of my mouth. I could feel her breathing, her lips barely touching my cheek. "What are you doing?" I said more quietly. She whispered into my ear.

"I wanna touch you. Let me?" I didn't respond. I didn't know how to. I was really turned on altough I didn't know why. I've never been attracted to girls before I knew I wasn't gay. I always thought lesbos were sick. Now I had a girl on top of me, touching me and I was trying so hard not to like it.

"Jess I'm not g--" "Just let me feel you. If you want to stop later I will." Her fingertips first touched my lips, then traveled very slowly down past my neck, past my stomach, under my shirt. She kissed me so softly, the softest kiss I had ever felt.

When Chris kissed me his lips felt hard and rough. Her lips were so soft. Her lips felt better than Chris's. She flicked the tip of my tounge with hers, slowly and softly, while her fingers caressed my stomach. She found a ticklish spot that made me jump and giggle a little bit. Her fingers traveled farther up and found one of my nipples. One finger began to gently stroke it and circle it slowly. God, the way she touched me made me feel insane, like I had no control over my own body. My nipples got so hard and my breathing was getting faster.

Her fingers stroked and pinched my hard nipple while she kissed my neck so softly. I let out a slight moan.

I think hearing me moan really turned her on because she started to kiss me harder and her hand moved farther down. I thought for a moment sunny leone pron hot girls Chris and my family. What would people think about this? They would be freaked out, disgusted. But then again, no one would ever find out. Before I even had time to worry the thought was ripped away by the feeling of her fingers peircing my cunt.

She fucked me so hard while still kissing me so softly, it made me crazy. Every time I tried to slow my breathing to keep from getting too loud, my body shook like an earthquake with an orgasm. "Does it feel good?" She whispered to me. "Yes!" I gasped. She kissed my mouth and bent her fingers inside me, pressing hard against my g-spot. I lost control completely and dug my fingers into her back, breathing hard in passion hd teen kimberly costa gets fucked ear, leaving scratch marks all over her.

The most amazing feeling came over me. She found my g-spot and rubbed it hard while she sucked on my neck at just the right spot. "Oh Jess" I groaned.

Right then she sank her teeth into my neck and the most intense orgasm shot through my body forcing me to moan way to loudly. She kissed me again and said, "I want you to eat me out." Even though I had never done it before I was willing to try it. I was never one to get grossed out by anything sexual as long as it wasn't to weird. Going down on a girl never crossed my mind before but didn't seem any worse than giving a guy head.

I took her shirt off and sucked her tits first. I played with them a little bit, rubbing them, squeezing them gently. Her skin was so smooth. I sucked her nipples sunne leone story xxxxx 2019 nibbled on them a little while she moved her hand down my back and down my ass. I went further down, kissing her stomach, then her thighs, one hand still on her tit, pinching the nipple. I sucked her clit and fingered her for a while.

She breathed hard and ran her fingers through my hair. Her pussy was the first I ever tasted and I loved it. I fluttered my tounge over it and fingered her harder. Her juices flowed out onto my tounge. Slutty lesbians fill up their enormous bums with cream and squirt it out tasted so good.

"Fuck me" She gasped. I was so turned on it made me crazy all over again. I fucked her harder and harder until she came.