Xxx story full length sex stories

Xxx story full length sex stories
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Jasmine sat really low in the bushes outside her next door neighbor's, Jason, house. She was peaking in his window, like she usually did.

She knew that when Jason got home, he usually went into his rooma nd mastubated, before doing his homework. she watched him hungrily as he pumped his 6 and a half inch cock.

She slowly slid her hand up under her skirt and down her panties. Jasmine went to a catholic school, while Jason went to public. A lot of the other kids in the neighborhood thought Jason was a bad kid, just because he vandalized and got brought home by the cops almost every weekend. This turned Jasmine on soo much. Jasmine was in love with Jason. She was practically obsessed with him.

She often masturbated while thinking about him. She was madly in love with Jason. She wanted him so bad, but what she didnt know was that he opften fantasized about her. Jasmine could tell that Jason was close to cumming. He started to breathe kind of heavily. As he shot out his hot, sticky load, she let out a little moan.


She ducked down to keep from being seen and when she came back up, he was gone. Jasmine decided to go back to her house and finish the job Jason had started for her.

As Jasmine layed down on the bed, she reached up under the bed and pulled out her pink, glittery, 6 in. dildo. She slowly teased herself with it, before sliding it in. She gasped a little as it entered her, only two inches though. Jasmine was still a virgin and, like most catholic schoolgirls, was saving herself, but not for marriage like most catholic girls.

She gasped a little louder as she slid in a couple more inches. Jasmine started to whisper his name loudly, "Jason! Jason! Jason!" Just then her cell rang. She picked it up a little out of breath, "Hello?" "Hey Jasmine, its Jason.

Can you come over? I wanna shoe you something," "Ok!" she replied, hanging up andpulling the dildo out, and getting dressed. When Jasmine knocked on Jason's door 5 minutes later, she was still very horny. When Jason opened the door, he grapped her and practically yanked her inside.

He quickly led/dragged her to his room, and slammed the door and locked it, even though no one else was home. Jasmine saw his wicked smile on his, as she sat down on his bed. "So whats all this about?" she asked. "I saw you lesbian pretty chicks know a lot about sex outside my window," he replied. "I dont know what your talking about?" she replied innocently. "How long have you been watchin me?" he asked. "Huh?" she said.

Stop playin dumb!" he said, getting frustrated. "So what if i was watching?" she said getting up and coming closer to him. "You liked it didnt you?" she contiued now inches from his face. He was speachless as he watched her unzip her jeans. "You want me? Then come get me" she said lying down on the bed again.

Speechless, Jason got down on the bed next to Jasmine and started to kiss her. As he kissed her, he dnuck his hand up her shirt to feel her breast.

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He was surprised to find that she was wearing no bra. She let out a little gasp as he grazed her already hard nipple. He started to pinch her nipple and give it a little twist.

Meanwhile, their tongues did a very provocatived dance in each others mouth. Jasmine grasped Jason's rock hard cock in his jeans, making him give a little gasp. She slid down her jeans, revealing to him that she wasnt wearing any panties either.

Jason's free hand went down toward her shaved, sunny leone mp3 story sexy pussy. She gave a loud gasp as he slipped his fingers inside her virgin whole. She started to gasp louder as he fingered her faster. After five minutes of fingering her hot wife forces her husband to watch, she started to moan loud, as she came all over his bed.

She shocked Jason, when she got off of him and began to lick her cum off his bed. Jason watched with his mouth agape. "Did I ever tell you i was a nympho? I looove to get kinky!" she said with a wink. Then she grabbed Jason's jeans and yanked them off. She grabbed a hold of his throbbing hard cock. She put the head of his penis between her lips and began to slowly suck on it.

She started to take more of it in, while she swirled her tongue around the head of his dick. She started to hum. The vibrations from her humming sent him into ecstasy. He was in heaven right now! He started to moan loudly. As she sucked, she started to taste his precum. "This is sooo delicious!" she thought to herself. After another 5 minutes, she heard him say, "Oh God!

Im Cummin!!" Jasmine sucked harder and harder. Jason took the hint and held in his load, until he couldnt take it anymore. He shot load after load of his hot juice into her, and she lapped up every last drop. She even completely cleaned off cock.


Jasmine pulled up Jason's jeans and buttoned them. Jason pulled her down on the bed and wrapped her in his arms.

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He kissed her passionately. "I love you," he said.

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"I love you too," she replied. They lied there in each other's arms for 10 minutes, until Jason's stepmom got home from work. Jason let Jasmine sneak put his window, and said, "Next time, its my turn." with a wink and a kiss. MORE TO COME!!!