Victoria lawson and jessica steele hot sexxxy

Victoria lawson and jessica steele hot sexxxy
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SUNDAY While me and Diem were kissing madly. Gabby had Gotten out of the water and was coming up behind me and ripped my shorts down. And Pushed me and Diem into the pool.

When I got up for air Gabby was there smiling at us and said "One more time." She preceded to squat down and remove her Bikini Bottom (by the way they where spongebob) and Piss on my shorts that she still had in hand. Meanwhile Diem was up to her own mischief and I felt a tugging on my cock. She was giving me a BJ underwater. Pinay student high school finger could hardly care that Gabby was peeing on my shorts when I had that little Asian mouth around my cock.

Sucking and Sucking it to perfection. She came up for air and we kissed some more and I slid my cock in that Asian pussy and we started to fuck the hell out of her, harder then the whole weekend of this sex, piss and shit fucking orgy we had going.

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:"Oh ! ! ! Fuck" Diem moaned as we just did what we were born to do FUCK. I was so preoccupied with Diem that I did not notice that Gabby was gone and no where in sight. Diem and me just kept fucking until he repositioned herself and I unloaded into her Ass. We looked up and saw that Gabby was gone and I decided that we better go find her because knowing her she would be in some kinda of trouble.

She has always been a trouble maker ever since we were little. I got out of the pool and put on my shorts that are wet from mi nuevo video en ropa sexy rosada mostrando culo y panocha pee that Gabby did.

But I looked around in the Moonlight I could see that she had left a trail of pee. Diem and I followed the trail and hopes it would led us to Gabby, Well it kinda had to. We got the wooded area of the property and followed it into the trees.

We turned the next corner and. There was Gabby squatting over a huge pile of shit and was struggling with the next turd to come out of her fine Latin Asshole. This was my turn to get revenge on her for messing with the whole pee and scat stuff this weekend.

I had a condom in the pocket the shorts I was wearing, I pulled down my shorts, put on the condom and made my way to her. I snuck behind her and as she was just about to drop the turd I inserted my cock into her ass. "What the F. are you doing ?".

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"I'm getting revenge for all the bathroom treatment you have been giving me." "Please I just need to drop this turd I will be back to full strength." "NO WAY !!! " I said. So here we were me with my cock in her ass and she is pushing as hard as she can to drop this turd.

When we hear a scream coming from the house. I quickly pulled out of Gabby and she just let the turd fly when I did. Put back on the shorts and started to run. Fearing something bad might have happened. As I ran up to the house I saw two figures one was Diem and the other was someone I couldn't recognize from that far away.

As I got closer to the house I realized it was Brandy from next door. "What's wrong ?" I sister and brother 17 age, "Nothing, Brady just surprised me that is all" Diem said.

"Sorry, but you just look so dam sexy that I had to come up and touch your pussy" Brady said with a smile. "As long as your are safe and not hurt I'm fine with the ." Gabby Interrupted me "Hey Guys, we have one more night and maybe a couple of hours to Fuck so we need to get to it" With that she ripped off my shorts again that they actually had tears in them and climbed up positioned herself on my cock and said to everyone with a moan "TO THE BEDROOM !

! " I carried her in my arms while fallowing the other girls. As I laid Gabby down on the bed with my cock still in her and we start to just fuck and watching her tits bounce up and down. I was really surprised that I didn't cum just watching those tits bounce as hard as they were. Meanwhile, Brandy and Diem had started their fun ass well, As I looked up Diem was eating out Brandy and Gabby was grabbing at Diem's legs and pulled her to her.

So it completed the Fuck Trail (We Later Named it ). It was Brandy who was being eaten out by Diem, who was over Gabby and who was eating Diem out and ME fucking Gabby and Trying not to cum to soon. It was about 2am and I just lost it and I came in Gabby. After I came I just hit the floor and was out for the night. Again like the first night I remember my cock being played with and it being Inserted into an Ass and being jerked until it came in the Ass that held it.

We all feel into a deep sleep on my bed and awoke with my cock still in the Ass but this time it was Diem's Ass instead of Gabby's. The first words out of Gabby's mouth were "That was for yesterday, Both of you !! !!


" We then look at Brandy who has Cum in her ass to and Gabby kisses her and apologizes for it with a kiss. Diem was mad to but Gabby made up for it with a kiss to her too. We all got up and did our thing, the girls showered together and Brandy with Diem Drop a load with my cum in it.

IT was noon before the girls finally said that they had to go. So they finally left and I was cleaning the place up before my parents get home and I find something the Gabby left for me and puddle of piss with a not in the middle of it. The note read "Hope you had fun and I sure know that Diem, Brandy and I did !

! !


" and the gifts just came on coming mt Great Dane found some black panties, two pairs and third Blue pair that I still have to this day. Conclusion: After our Senior Year of High School. Well I kinda went a different path. Diem and Gabby went to the same school and now live together in an apartment off Campus, Brandy is still at the high school.

Me I left the state and now playing football for a Division II Power. We Still Talk to this day about those time in High School.