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Horny babe jenna foxx fucks a large hard
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Lying in bed late one Sunday night listening to a couple of tunes that I had downloaded that afternoon, my phone goes off. It's a message from my oldest friend Cassie. She's lonely and looking for someone to talk to. Apparently she just broke up with her latest boyfriend who said some really hurtful things. Most of our conversations would start this way, one of us (usually her) would be going through some shit and we would just talk and catch up, maybe spend a day together but then when the shit times past we would go our separate ways again.

Once upon a time we were thick as thieves and always spent time getting in and out of trouble together. Then we started to grow up and things changed. One day Cassie asked if I wanted to start officially dating. I turned her down because as a kid I was too chicken shit scared how people would judge me and I was afraid it would ruin what we already had.

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It was a decision that I would always regret. It became awkward between us for a time and while it did get better after she moved on, things never really went back to normal.

Although we remained good friends we started to drift apart and eventually only saw each other maybe twice a year. The thing I tried to avoid by rejecting her happened anyway, I'd ruined it. I replied to Cass's message sympathising about her boyfriend and the rest of our conversation consisted of the usual small talk of "how's it goin?" and "what have you been up to?" routine.

Until she asked "Do you wanna go out clubbing Friday?" "Yeh sounds fun, I think this will be the first time we've gone clubbing together wont it?" I replied. "Yup! I can't wait I'll see you Friday; come over to my place around eight. You can crash here after if you want." She wrote.

"Ok cool, I'll take you up on that offer, see you then" Still lying in bed I began to fantasise about Cassie. Things may have gone awry between us romantically but I still found her smoking hot. She was slightly shorter than me around 170cm.

She was slightly on the heavy side but I loved it because it gave her figure the most beautiful curves in all the right places. Just imagining her in a tight cocktail dress, showing off her cute butt and generous bust gave me a raging hard on.

I started to stroke myself picturing her luscious cherry red lips sliding over the head of my cock. Her deep brown eyes staring up at me through the curls of her long dark hair as she took me deeper into her mouth. I was now stroking myself at a feverish pace imagining her head bobbing up and down, her tongue sliding along the bottom of my shaft as she played with my balls.

I fantasised could hear the sloppy guttural clucking as she deepthroated me. My climax was rapidly approaching. It started with a tingling at the base of my shaft and a tightening in my balls.

The tingling raced up the length of my dick and I began to pump long white ropes of cum into the air all over my hands and belly.

I pictured her perfect face and tits dripping with my cum as I bucked and jerked through my orgasm. Coming down from my high I towelled myself off and fell into restless sleep thinking about Friday. I work admin for a debt collection agency and it was a dull week, archiving files and placating clients while thoughts of my upcoming night out with Cassie rolled around in the back of my mind.

When Friday eventually materialised I was unbelievably keen for a loose night out. I rushed home from work and slammed down a dinner of steak and wedges. I had a quick shower, threw on my burgundy chinos and a nice army style button up. Told Dad I was going out for the night and headed out the door. I climbed into my truck and started the half hour drive to Cass's apartment.

Cass had her own place and I was deeply jealous, I just couldn't afford one on my salary. I stopped off at the bottle shop on the way and bought a six pack of Coronas so as not to turn up empty handed. When I pulled up at her real girlnextdoor facialized with asian bff pussylicking and oldvsyoung I was few minutes early.

I buzzed her number and waited a minute or so but nothing happened. I was about to buzz again when she finally answered. "Yes hello." came her voice through the speaker. "Yeh hey it's me Sam." I said "Oh hi Sam. Come on up." Came the reply from the crackly speaker. I climbed up some stairs and pushed through the door into her apartment. I couldn't see her so I assumed she was in the bedroom. "Hey Cass I brought over a few beers." I called out. "Awesome! Make yourself comfortable, I'll be out in a minute." She yelled from behind huge boobs blonde teen babe skyla novea boned by big cock closed bedroom door.

Her apartment was very small, really just two rooms. The kitchen and lounge in one and the bedroom with adjoining bathroom in the other.

Cass was never one for neatness; there were dirty plates, clothes and junk all over the place. I cracked a beer for myself and put the rest in the fridge.

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Walked over to the couch finding a spot next to a big pile of laundry and started to flick through the channels on her small TV. I had just decided that there was nothing on when Cass came out of the bedroom. Her hair fell freely, framing her beautiful face and flowing on down past her shoulders. She was wearing a tight form fitting sapphire blue dress that barely managed to contain her breasts which looked like they would spill out at any moment.

The dress finished about mid thigh, this coupled with a pair of sparkling silver pal relaxes with his amazing gf hardcore and blowjob made her shapely legs go on forever.

I managed to pick my jaw up off the floor and put my beer down as Cass embraced me in a big hug. Standing there she smelled so sweet, I could have stayed like that all night but too soon it was over and we pulled away from each other. "You look stunning." I mumbled "Thanks, you clean up alright yourself." She said twirling around me. "So where do you want to go tonight?" She asked as she stole up my beer and sat on the couch.

"Wherever, I'm not fussed." I said as I got myself another beer from the fridge and sat on the adjacent armchair. "Oohh lets go to The Hive. I haven't been there in ages." She said excitedly.

"Yeh alright, don't think I've been there before, how far away is it?" I asked. "Umm not too far but let's call a cab and have a few more of these beers while we wait." She said as she shook her empty bottle.

About an hour later we arrived at the club. They had modelled the place on an enormous beehive. A huge hexagonal dance floor dominated the centre of the room, complete with yellow pulsing illuminated floor panels and a raised dais for the DJ. Surrounding the dance floor was a series of hexagonal bars and doorways that led off into smaller private rooms.

"Drink?" I yelled over the deep hypnotic drone of the music. "Shots!" she yelled back excitedly dragging me towards the nearest bar. The place was packed with people but with Cass in front of me leaning over the bar we quickly got service from one of the bartenders. The bartenders I noticed (both male and female) were skimpily clad in what appeared to be striped yellow and black underwear.

Watching the scantily clad chicks mix drinks was causing a stirring in my loins. I managed to pull my eyes away from the bartenders and look over at Cass who was herself staring lustily at the guy pouring our vodka shots.

I handed the guy a fifty and received a ridiculous but not surprisingly small amount of change in return. "Cheers" I said holding up my glass She smiled at me and we knocked back our shots, I felt the vodka burn the back of my throat and then a feeling of warmth spread through my chest as it went down. The look of revulsion on Cassie's face was priceless. Cass took my hand and started leading me through the crush of bodies towards the dance floor. I'm a terrible dancer but I discovered a long time ago that if I never took myself too seriously and just mucked around I could still have fun.

A couple of hours and several drinks later I was feeling pretty buzzed, we were laughing at my kooky dance moves when all of a sudden she stopped and was looking over my shoulder. I heard her say "Oh shit he's here." Glancing backwards I could see through the throng of writhing bodies Cass's ex. I'd only met him once or twice but thanks to facebook I easily recognised him. He hadn't seen us but he was definitely heading this way.

"Quick kiss me!" She said panicky "What?" I replied incredulously Quick as a flash she grabbed me by the collar and pulled me up against her, hiding herself between my teen fuck hardcore huge cock xxx so this week a ultracute tiny ashblonde walked into and the wall of the DJ dais.

She linked her hands behind my neck and when our lips locked together it was like someone had stabbed me. I just stood there shocked and dumbfounded as this babe hooked up with me.

It was a long time before the cogs in my brain began turning and my instincts kicked in. I put my arms around her waist and eagerly returned the kiss. Her lips were soft, tender and had a slight taste of vodka. Her smell was intoxicating. I was dazed and it wasn't just from the alcohol. We were making out for what seemed like a long time, longer than was necessary to hide from her ex anyway. Eventually we did break the kiss. "Ah realgfsexposed masturbating on her desk brunettes sologirl we should go… you know in case he comes back." She said nervously not meeting my eyes.

"Oh ok, umm sure lets go." I replied stepping back awkwardly Outside the air was shockingly refreshing and the music was reduced to a distant wumping. The street was empty except for a few bouncers and drunks stumbling about. "Cab or walk?" she asked I didn't even hear her I was still thinking about what had happened inside.

Did that mean something to her or was it just to avoid her ex? Should I act on it? If it was just an act then why did it go for so long and why was it so passionate.

I must have been staring into space with a detached look on my face. "Hey Sam, are you feeling ok?" Cass asked putting her hand on my arm. Taking a deep breath of the cool night air I let the thoughts wash from mind "Hey yeh I'm fine must have had I bit too much to drink" "So do you want to get a cab or walk home?" she asked looking at me disbelievingly "Oh ahh, I guess walk.

I'm broke." "Yeh me too. Don't worry it's not that far." She said reassuringly. We started off heading back to Cass's apartment with her leading the way. It was awkward at first but soon we were in the familiar small talk rhythm. Inevitably the conversation circled back around to what happened in the club. "Listen Sam, I'm sorry for putting you on the spot like that. I didn't even consider you might have a girlfriend naughty fucking for cute oriental attractive babe something." She said apologetically.

"Oh… um no it was fine. Well not fine… I mean not bad." I stumbled over my words. "Blah. It's alright, I don't have a girlfriend.

No harm, no foul." I tried to sound casual but it came out sounding weird. "Oh good.


Wait I mean I'm glad I didn't screw anything up for you. I mean. ahh you know what I mean. Single life can be pretty hard at times huh." She replied trying to change the subject. "Mmm wouldn't know any different." I muttered under my breath. "Seriously! You've never had a girlfriend?" she gasped. Apparently I didn't say it as quiet as I thought I did. "Well… umm no. I mean I've hooked up and copped a feel before but yer nothing serious." I said ashamedly.

"Have you had sex?" she whispered loudly I just sort of mumbled and trailed off, embarrassed. "Hahaha what, no way, you've still got your V plates? I don't believe it." She giggled "Shut up, it's not funny. I guy at my age still a virgin is just pathetic." I grumbled "Aww look come on, it's not that bad. Hey it will happen when it happens." She tried to sound sincere but wasn't very convincing through the giggling.

"Gee thanks that's really reassuring" I said sarcastically. "At least I can show some restraint." "Hey! What's that supposed to mean? I show restraint!" she said as she punched me in the arm. I put my arm around her shoulder. "Yeh sure you do, that's why you mashed your face into my mine earlier to avoid a slightly awkward encounter with one of your ex's." I said putting extra emphasis on the one.

"Shut up." She elbowed me in the ribs but there was no venom in her voice and we walked the rest of the way back to her apartment just content in each other's company. We arrived back at the apartment around 2am. After much jingling of keys and fumbling with locks, we fell through the door actress radhika apte leaked mms 1. I immediately made a beeline for the bathroom and relieved myself.

Her bathroom was even messier than her lounge room. Cosmetics, hair products and even more clothes littered all over the place.

Looking into the mirror as I washed my hands and face revealed I was more weathered than I originally thought. I swayed back out into the lounge room to find Cass had kicked off her shoes into the middle of the room and was gulping down a large glass of water.

"So I guess I'll take the couch" I said "No don't be silly, just come and sleep in the bed with me, like we did as kids. There's plenty of room, more than on the couch with all my laundry bubble butt hottie got double penetrated really well yeh I suppose your right" I replied following her into the bedroom.

Cass disappeared into the bathroom. I called out to her "Which side is yours?" "Ah I guess the right." Came the muffled reply.


I stripped down to my briefs and climbed into the double bed. Moments later she emerged from the bathroom wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of Hello Kitty panties. I could tell the way her nipples poked through her shirt she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"Nice undies." I mocked I immediately had to duck as a cushion from a nearby chair was thrown at my head. "Shut up they're comfy to sleep in." She pouted at me She climbed under the sheets and turned off the bedside lamp.

"Good night Sam." She said stifling a hardx mia malkova s outdoor massage turns wild Cass." I replied. Within minutes she stopped shuffling about, I could hear her breathing slow and I knew she was asleep.

Sleep didn't come easily to me. It was in the darkness all the demons of my life came back to haunt me. What am I doing with my life? Why don't I have a girlfriend?

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Where is any of this going? I was still awake a couple of hours later when Cass began to mumble and struggle in her sleep. With a shriek she jerked awake and began to shake violently. "Hey Cass it's alright it was just a nightmare." I said in a calm voice putting my hand on her shoulder. She jumped at my touch but once she realised where she was, she shimmied across and began to quietly sob into my chest.

I put my arms around her and just held her until she had calmed down. "Thank you." She whispered. "Do you want to talk about it?" I asked "No, I don't really remember what it was about anyway." She said looking up into my eyes I just stared back into her eyes. She leant in and gave me a light kiss, this time I was prepared for it and kissed her back.

At first it was tender but things rapidly started to get very hot and heavy. Our tongues twisted and writhed together as our hands roamed and explored each other's bodies.

The feeling was electric. I rolled on top of her moving my attention down to kissing and nibbling her neck. This elicited a deep throaty moan from Cass. I ran my hands down her sides just grazing her breasts, and then ran them up again bringing the shirt with it. We parted so I could lift the shirt over her head revealing her gorgeous tits. They were perfectly shaped, soft but perky and topped off with cute little pink nipples that stood to attention with arousal.

Staring up at me, she said ever so softy "I want you." I dove back into a full on kiss. Her curvaceous body moulded itself to mine. Her arms pulled my shoulders down onto her as her legs wrapped one of mine so she could grind herself into my thigh.

I could feel her heat and wetness through her panties. Disentangling myself from her limbs I trapped her arms above her head as I started a trail of kisses down her body. Starting at her earlobe then neck then moving on town to her breasts. I kissed around each nipple in turn before give each a quick nibble. Cass made little moans and gasps of pleasure the entire time. Moving on down past her navel I left a teasing trail of kisses along the elastic of her cute underwear. I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs and tugged on her hem of her panties.

She quickly lifted her bum and then her legs into the air allowing me to slide her underwear right off. The sight of her laid out in front of me had my manhood straining to burst forth from my briefs. Her hair had billowed out across the pillow; her brown eyes watching me intensely, biting her lip in anticipation. Following the trail of kisses I made a moment ago I walked my gaze down across her breasts as they heaved up and down with her every breath.

Below the tanned skin of her toned stomach l marvelled in the sight of her moist shaved pussy as it glistened in the meagre light. Suppressing the urge to just dive straight in, I started from the inside sexy teen cam girl eira emerald getting fucked till she can take it no more the left knee and lovingly kissed up the inside of her shapely thigh.

When I got to her lips I lightly blew on them and then quickly moved away to the other knee. Cass groaned and squirmed in frustration at my teasing.

As I moved up the inside of the right thigh I could feel her break out in goosebumps. Upon reaching her pussy, I hesitated for a moment and then using the breadth of my tongue licked from her opening all the way up to her clit.

Cassie gripped the bed sheets hard, her eyes rolled back in her head and her whole body shuddered. "Oh my God! That feels so fucking good!" she cried. Encouraged, I continued my oral assault. Licking, rubbing and exploring with my tongue. I pushed a couple of fingers inside her. They slid in with ease, she was unbelievably wet. While my fingers massaged her insides I began focusing my tongue on her clit. Licking and swirling until I found what made her moan and what made her gasp, concentration on what she liked the most.

Cass's moans were getting louder and her body was more animated. She was twisting the sheets into knots and breathing in short ragged gasps. "OOhhh don't stop&hellip. please don't stop&hellip. Don't you dare stop." She mumbled barely coherent. All of a sudden her pussy started to pulsate around my fingers and her thighs slammed shut around my head trapping me.

Her back arched and she shuddered as she started to climax. I pressed the flat of my tongue against her clit and held it there. Cass bucked uncontrollably, her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth hung open in a silent scream as she rode out the orgasm. My hand, chin and upper chest were coated with a rush of her sweet juices. Eventually she relaxed enough that my head and hand were able to pull free.

Crawling up beside her I held mom and son romantic sex v against my chest as she was still spasming from the powerful orgasm. After she stopped shaking, she broke my hold on her and looked into my eyes once more.

All I saw was a deep fire of burning desire. "I need you inside me now." Was all she said. Flipping me onto my back she hungrily tore my briefs from my legs.

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My manhood sprung free slapping against my gut; wet with pre cum. Cass straddled my waist locking me in another heated kiss. With one hand she lined my cock up with her opening teasingly rubbing the glands over her swollen lips and clitoris. "Wait!" I yelled out. "I don't have a condom." "Doesn't matter, I'm on the pill." And with that she sat down hard on my twitching erection.

"Oh Fuuuck!" We both said together. At first Cass just sat there trembling, letting herself stretch and adjust to my girth inside her. I was happy to lie there as this goddess straddled me. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting and slipping along the length of my shaft like a wet velvety vice. After a short moment she started to rock back and forth rolling her hips against mine.

We soon built up a slow steady rhythm echoing each other's movements. I was happy to let her control the pace; I wanted this to last as long as possible.

I ran my fingertips lightly along her thighs and cupped her buttocks kneading the soft flesh. Moonlight filtered in through the window blinds casting stripes of soft light onto Cass's rocking body.

I gazed at the juncture of our hips, at the way I disappeared inside her, the way she ground her clit into my pelvis. My eyes were drawn to the slight dance and jiggle of her boobs beneath her hands as she tweaked her own nipples. Her face was bathed in the hot latino cream and dp on cam and her eyes were closed, face awash with pleasure.

It was a long time yet still too soon when I could feel the tingle in my loins that signalled my impending climax. "Cass…uhh… gonna cum." I managed to say "Mmhmm… I know." "she purred grinding herself harder against me.

My dick began to swell and harden as I felt cum rising up from my balls. My body tensed as I thrust up deep inside Cass's pussy. "Ohh… cum for me baby" she moaned A huge load raced up the inside of my prick and exploded. Cass let out a long sigh as jet after jet of searing hot seed filled her insides. I was still cumming when she put her hands on my chest to steady herself as she shuddered into her own orgasm.

The walls of her pussy clamped down rippling on my ejaculating manhood, milking it for every last drop. My hard on was shrinking and our mixed juices were flowing out of her pussy and down over my balls when she eventually collapsed panting on my chest.

Her soft tits pressed between us, hard nipples milf ava addams some with teen couple in the kitchen threesome and blowjob into me. "Don't pull out." she said between light kisses to my neck. "Let's just stay like this for a while." I reached down, pulled a blanket over our intertwined bodies and gently began rubbing circles up and down her back. It was only after her breathing slowed and I was sure that she had fallen asleep that I allowed myself to follow into a deep peaceful dream.