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Small tits blonde nanny riley star sucks off and gets reamed
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--- In Plain Sight: An Escort's Story Part 4 --- As Kayla and I walked out of Mr. Keller's house and toward a brand new Black Mercedes Benz 500SL glimmering in the driveway I started to realize that my life was about to change.

I'm sure that some people will argue the change wasn't for the better but sometimes you have to do what works for you. For me stepping out of a multi-million dollar ocean front house and getting into a $90,000 dollar car that was going to take me to a private jet waiting on a runway wasn't half bad. What I didn't know was that I didn't know anything and that my education was about to begin.

Sure I had given a few blowjobs but the sex part was easy and anybody could do it. What I was arse fingered pussy fucked hardcore and blowjob to learn was how to be an escort. How I could be the most beautiful, well-dressed and classiest person in the room but not be seen. I was going learn to blend in with the crowd so that I wouldn't draw attention to myself until my client wanted me to be seen. I would be in plain sight of everyone but no one would know anything about me other than I was a guest at whatever public event we were at.

The flip side of that was when I was alone with my client. That's where things got different. Depending on my clients mood I might be the cuddly girlfriend and make tender love to him. If he was stressed he might want me to be the dominatrix and take complete control. And other times he might want me to be the innocent high school girl on my knees gently holding his cock up to my lips while looking into his eyes for his approval.

By the time Kayla and I returned from our lovely juicy ass brunette latina babe selena santana fucks and a half of pampering in NYC she had become more than just an acquaintance. This stunningly beautiful Asian-American woman had become a mentor of sorts. She became my instructor, confidante, financial advisor, and more. She had become my friend. We got off the private jet and were met ww xxx story pall on a valet who parked the sleek black Mercedes next to the plane and unloaded all the clothes and toys we had purchased.

Of all the items that we bought I was wearing the outfit that I like them most. It was simple black, high waisted pencil skirt and a loose white silk camisole top that barely covered my stomach. It covered just enough that you couldn't see anything but if I moved you would get a slight glimpse of my stomach or back.

The blouse and skirt were nice but it was only the beginning. It was the black lace panties, black garter belt, black stockings and Louboutin heels that I was wearing that really put a smile on my face.

When Kayla pulled into the driveway at Mr. Keller's beachfront house she just stopped and waited. "Are you coming in?" I asked. "If I go into that house with you dressed like that, Kenny wouldn't even know I was there. You're beautiful. He'll be putty in your hands." "Thank you. I really mean it, thank you for everything," I said leaning over to Kayla to hug her goodbye. Kayla leaned into me and placed a gentle kiss on my lips.

There was no attempt to kiss me on the cheek or turn her head to the side. "Maybe before I leave we can get together and go out," Kayla said and kissed me again. "Remember, Kenny loves to be teased." With that last comment I opened the door and stepped out into the evening heat of North Carolina. I turned away from the car to see Mr. Keller staring at the car and slowly walking down the steps.

I carried a small clutch in my hand and slowly made my way down the walkway to where Mr. Keller was waiting. "Wow, Kayla said you looked amazing but her text didn't do you justice," Mr. Keller said. "Thank you, sir." "Let's get out of this heat," Mr.

Keller said and guided me inside. My heels clicking on the tile floor as we walked. Once we got into the great room Mr. Keller stopped me in the middle of the room. "Let me have a look." I crossed one ankle in front of the other in my best model pose and let my hands lightly hang in front of my waist. "Wow, very nice. A huge difference from the teary eyed young lady wearing an old sundress that was here yesterday." Mr.

Keller moved close behind me and ran his finger lightly from my shoulder down my arm causing goose bumps to appear instantly and sending a shiver down my spine.


I leaned back into Mr. Beautiful blonde loves it in her butt chest and turned my head to look over my shoulder. I looked up into his eyes and smiled. "If I didn't know better I would say that you're flirting with me young lady. Now I've seen that look before. It's not normally directed at me from such a pretty young lady but do know that look." Mr.

Keller traced his finger down the bare skin on the side of my neck and moved the strap of my blouse out over the edge of my shoulder. "If I didn't know better I would say that you're trying to seduce me," I mimicked. "Is it working?" Mr. Keller asked. "It's a nice start," I whispered as Mr. Keller continued to caress my neck. He then pushed the other strap of my blouse out over the edge of my shoulder causing the material to strain give off a faint tearing sound.

"Please stop for a minute," I whispered. "Let me do it." "Are you okay?" "I. . I don't want to rip it. I've never owned something this nice before," I said while turning around to face Mr. Keller. I crossed my arms and reached down to grab the hem of my blouse. In a slow motion I started to draw the silken blouse up my stomach, over my breasts and finally up over my head ending with me shaking my hair to untangle it from the blouse.

I knew that Mr. Keller had seen my breasts while I was taking off my blouse but I cross my arms across my chest and covered my breasts with the crumpled material. Mr. Keller stepped closer to me and raised my dipped head so I was looking into his eyes. He hesitated for a moment, possibly thinking about how he was going to make me another notch on his bed post or how he was going to leave me with my ass sore like Kayla but then he softly kissed me. His arms pulling me close to him and closing around me.

It was completely different from what I was expecting and better than any of the boyfriend flings I had ever had before. His tongue gently started to slip into my mouth. Never forcing it but taking a little more each time. I dropped my blouse to the floor and wrapped my arms around him. "Turn around," Mr. Keller instructed me and I quickly obeyed. His hands held the hem of my high waisted skirt and pull the zipper down until it stopped. I held my hand on my stomach and turned back so I was facing him.

"Sit down on the couch. I want to show you something I bought. I hope you like it," I said as Mr. Keller was sitting. Mr. Keller reclined in the middle of the couch with his feet on the floor and watched. Waiting like an eager kid at Christmas to unwrapped his presents. I pushed the pencil skirt down over my hips and stepped out of it.

I stood there in my new Louboutin heels, black thigh high stockings, garter belt and black laced panties with my breasts and stomach completely expose. Mr. Keller said nothing at first causing my heart to stop. How could Kayla have been so wrong? She said that he loved stockings and garter belts. Maybe she was right and I shouldn't have worn the panties.

I started to pull my arms up to my chest as a naughty smile started to cross his face. My confidence started to soar. Busty japanese teen fucks with two horny blokes liked it and I could see it in his eyes.

I walked forward and stepped between his legs. "You know that I'm almost completely out of self-control right now don't you? From the first time I saw you I knew I was going to have a weakness for you," Mr. Keller said.

I put one knee on each side of Mr. Keller's hips and while straddling him I sat down on his lap. His hands came to rest on my hips and I leaned in to kiss him.

My breasts brushed against his chest and the warmth of his body touching mine was like fire. Things were starting to move quicker and quicker. All at once Mr. Keller stood up while picking me up all in one motion. A giggle slipped out of my mouth, "What are you doing?" Mr. Keller spun us around and put in on the couch in the same position he was in a second before.

"I think you'll like this." Mr.

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Keller started by kissing my lips. Then he moved to my neck, collarbones, and then my chest and finally he came to my breasts. He cupped them one at a time while sucking my nipple into his mouth and twirling his tongue around it and finishing with a little nibble. As he kissed down my stomach I closed my eyes and stopped breathing. I knew what he was going to do. I had only had sex twice in my life and only let a guy go down on me once.

Mr. Keller started to press against the material of my panties with his thumb. He pressed up and down revealing a growing wet spot on my panties. "We have a little dilemma. I want to take these panties off of you but the garter straps are in the way. I could just push them to the side but then I won't be able to look at you beautiful little pussy.

So we could either undo the pure pov german blonde picked up from beerfest straps and then take them off or I could just. . ." Mr. Keller slipped the fingers of both his hands under waistband of my panties and pulled. "Rip them." The material gave with a loud tearing alanah rae fucked by tution teacher brazzers com. Giggling rolled out of me uncontrolled, "You know, those panties cost more than I make in a day." Mr.

Keller paused and looked down between my legs at my bald pussy. I quickly moved my hands to cover my pussy. "I don't care how much they cost. I'll buy you a hundred pairs, two hundred pairs, whatever," Mr.

Keller said while lowering his head between my legs. "What are you doing?" I asked knowingly with a smile on my face. "You really don't know?" Mr. Keller asked while lightly moving my hands to the side.

"I know but I just wanted to hear you say it," I said while biting my lip. "I'm going to pull back the skin covering your clit. Like this," Mr. Keller said and did. "Then I'm going to make my tongue nice and wet.

You're going to have to figure out the narrative for yourself because my tongue's going to be a bit busy," Mr. Keller said and promptly started to flick his tongue on my clit. "Ohhh fuck me," I brazzers mom big tits milf ariella farrera. Mr.

Keller paused, "I love the enthusiastic invitation but you're going to have to wait a few minutes." I'm not sure how to describe the sound I made but I was trying to say "Oh Shut up" but it came out as if some alien being had entered my body and was trying to come out through my mouth. It started low, became a whimper of increasing tone and end as a straight up moan that only ended because the alien had pushed all the air out of my lungs. I tried to suck air back into my lungs but all I could manage to do was squeeze my legs around Mr.

Keller's head while pulling his face deeper into my pussy. I had no control over my body and my legs were quivering. Not like you would shake your leg to a song but a rapid fire twitching that I couldn't stop.

In addition to this my face contorted into what I can only imagine was ugliest face a human has ever made with my mouth and eyes as wide open as they could possibly be. At that moment I realize that I had never had an orgasm. The reason that I knew I had never had an orgasm before was because the way my body was responding to the rapid fire flicking of Mr.

Keller's tongue on my clit was something I had never experienced before. "Oh God, please, stop, stop, stop, stop," I pleaded. "Maybe in a minute or two. You taste nice," Mr. Keller smiled up at me. "No, no, no, no, noooooooo, ohhhhh, fuckkkkkkk," I blurted out as my hands and arms started to spasm and my stomach clinched tight.

In a matter of seconds my breathing turned to short quick pants and my thighs locked around Mr. Keller's head. Just as my first spasm stopped Mr. Keller then slipped a finger deep into my pussy causing me to thrash backward arching completely off the couch except for where my head was touching the couch and my legs were on Mr.

Keller's shoulders. Finally, the surge of alien life left my body again and I started to relax, well, collapse might be a better word because I just slumped back onto the couch. Mr. Keller smiled up at me with a wet gloss of my pussy juices on his face and rubbed his head, "Well, that was a first for me.

Are you always like that." Ignoring the question I asked, "Are you okay." "You pulled my hair a little too hard." "Oh my God. I'm so, so sorry. I didn't mean it. I. . ." started to say as Mr. Keller interrupted. "It's okay, I'm alright. That was pretty incredible," Mr.

Keller said with a wet smile on his face. I leaned forward and put my forehead against his as I lightly lifted him up to kiss me.

His face was dripping and he had moisture on his neck and chest. "I'm so sorry," I said as I kissed him lightly and rubbed his head.

"I didn't mean to hurt you," I kissed him again. I then realized that I was completely wet between my legs and on the edge of the couch. Mr. Keller reached down and undid his shorts and laid his hard cock on my stomach.

"I need xxxe kajal x story sex stories cum so fucking bad right now that it hurts. Are you okay?

Do you want to try?" I bit my lip and smiled while shaking my head up and down. Mr. Keller slipped his arms under my legs and pushed them up. I reached down and took his cock between my two hands and guided him toward the wetness between my legs.

When I felt the tip of his hard cock I closed my eyes and accepted his tongue into my mouth in a deep kiss. He slowly started to slide into me. Even though I had only had sex a few times before my body offered no resistance to him and he easily slipped in. I broke our kiss as my mouth started to open and close slightly with each thrust of Mr.


Keller's hips. His cock was filling my body and easing off. My eyes started to close and my back was arching. The thrusts were coming quicker and quicker. It couldn't have been long or it might have been hours but Mr. Keller's groans were getting louder in my ear. All at once Mr. Keller pulled out of me causing me squeal.

I looked down and he quickly stroked his cock and cum started to spray out. His cum sprayed onto my stomach and breasts on the first pulse and the second it squirted all the way up onto my face.

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He stroked a few more times as cum dripped onto my stomach. Mr. Keller didn't stop at that point.

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He position his cock against my pussy and thrust all the way in. This time I moaned deeply and wrapped my arms around Mr. Keller neck. The cum on my face and body smeared again his chest but he didn't stop. He started rapidly thrusting until I heard the same deep groans escaping from Mr. Keller. He thrust deep into me and held his hips tights. Not moving at first then easing back and violently thrusting forward again. I could feel a wetness spreading deep inside me.

Mr. Keller rested his head against my shoulder briefly but then started to roll his hips. He had just cum, twice, and he was starting to thrust into me again. I could hear myself moaning and was unable alexis fawx truth and dare control the sounds I was making.

Mr. Keller was starting to pant again, too. He pushed himself up off of me and held himself away from me with his arms. There were gooey strings of cum connecting our bodies. The cum on my face was seeping into my mouth and down off my chin. Mr. Keller looked into my eyes and slowly kept thrusting his cock into me.

I could feel cum seeping from my pussy and down my ass. Mr. Keller brought his face close to me but I tried to turn away because of all the cum on me but he wouldn't let me and placed his lips on mine. A soft kiss at first that increased in passion in time with his thrusting in to me. Finally, Mr. Keller pushed deep into me and held himself tight. He dropped his head against my shoulder and drove himself deeper into me causing me to wince.

A few more deep thrusts followed and slowly died down until Mr. Keller collapsed on top of me. His breath irregular at first and finally calming to a soft snore.

Mr. Keller had fallen asleep while lying on top of me in a cummy mess. There was cum everywhere. When Mr. Keller woke up he stood mistress taylor st claire mixed wrestling and looked down at me. "So that was different for me," Mr. Keller said with a smile. I looked at Mr. Keller's face, chest and stomach and it was covered in his cum. I looked at my breasts, stomach and pussy and there was cum everywhere.

The cushion on the couch underneath me was covered in cum and soaking wet between my legs. "Do you always squirt like that?" Mr. Keller asked. "What do you mean squirt?" I asked.

"When I was going down on you and you came. You squirted." "I don't know what that mean. What is squirting?" I asked again. "Some women actually squirt a kind of ejaculant fluid, cum, when they orgasm. And you squirted twice.

It's like a stream of water. What do you think all this all over us right now?" "Oh, I'm. . I'm sorry. I thought that was from you. I've never done that before." "Are you kidding me?

You didn't know you did that?" Mr. Keller said with a big smile on his face. "No." I answered shyly. "That's the first time I've ever orgasmed.

It's also the first time anyone has ever cum inside of me. This is all kind of new to me." "Come here." I pursed my lips and smirked at Mr. Keller. "Look at me.

I'm covered in cum. I am literally oozing cum from my head to my toes." "I know and it's sexy as hell," Mr. Keller said with a broad grin on his face.

Mr. Keller reached down and took my hand, "Come on. Let's go take a shower."