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Sex tubidy bigass fucked com
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The past few months has been so hard for me without her. Yeah my girlfriend left me and transferred schools and all. College life huh? Well I'm barely meeting my tuition payments by tutoring others and working nights at the campus food court.

I'm tired but gotta get to this library to tutor Alicia Mitts. Booooyyy Alicia is an ex cheerleader who just broke up with her boyfriend who was the quarterback here at the school. Lets just say he spent more time with the other cheerleaders then the coach did. Shaking my head.

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Don't know why because Alicia was a total package! Brains, beauty, body, sense of humor, and down to earth. Lips pink like cotton candy always have a coat of strawberry lip gloss on them. Legs and hips when they sway back and forth they make the wind change direction.

Pretty brown eyes, nice ass, and nice breast. Oh yeah she got brains too. I mentioned that right? Well I get to the library first as always and there at the front desk is Mrs. Clark the librarian. She hate noise! "Hey Mrs. Clark" I said as I walked by. "Shhhhhhhhhh!!!!" She said as she looked over her glasses and watched my every step. I Shake my head and walked to the back of the library.

I put my books down, slid the chair out and plopped down in the chair. I laid my head on the table and closed my eyes for just a minute. I was awakened from a deep sleep by a tap on the arm.

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I raised my head to see who was tapping me. "Yuck! Wipe yo face! Damn u must have been dreaming bout me huh?" She said with a erotic laugh. I quickly wiped my face on my sleeve and stared in Awe. There she stood Alicia Mitts. 5'6", 165lbs, caramel brown skin, natural hair pulled back in a Afro puff with a red ribbon, black tank top cover with her old letter jacket, short black pencil skirt with legs coming from under it for miles!

"Umm ummm naw just tired working and school" "Oh so u wasn't dreaming bout me?" She said smiling but biting her bottom keppekisyou no onnakyoshi wa okasaretai tsukamoto yuki. I laughed at get being silly and she sat down so we could get started.

"So what we gonna do today?" I asked loving my view from where I was sitting. "Ummm yeah umm I have a confession to make. Read this." She said sliding a piece of paper my way.

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Wow. Her GPA is a half a point higher then mine in history. So why have I been tutoring her for the past 2 1/2 months? "I don't understand. Why are we here?" She slides over another piece of paper. It's a letter and its for me. I open with a confused look on my face. She leaned back in her chair with this sexy grin on her face chewing on a pencil.

It read: Hey I'm sorry for having you tutor me for nothing, but I couldn't find another way to get close to You. I had a cheating boyfriend and your girl just left you. Had my eye on you since you stepped on campus. It just something about You. Look I'm sorry I just wanted to get to know you and hope u can forgive me.

Hey who knows maybe we could be something. Hope you not mad. To a new beginning, Mitts I couldn't believe it. She wants me!?! I'm looking around in total shock waiting for someone to pop out and say you have been punk'd of something. "Well?" She whispered. "Ummm ummm ummm" I said in disbelief. "I need a drink of water" I said nervously turn to get up. Getting up so hardcore group sex session with ravishing stunners brunette and big tits I knock all my books and watch my pencils roll under this huge table we was sitting at.

"Damn!" I said picking my books up and sitting them on the table. I got on my hands and knees to crawl under the table. "Mannnn. Look at that!" I mumbled to myself as I watched her bounce her caramel leg over her opposite knee.

I stick my tongue out to lick her leg to see it was really caramel. I stopped myself wondering what she would think of me. All of a sudden her leg stopped bouncing and she reached down and put a sticky note on her shoes. I can also hear her giggling. It said: You LIKE WHAT You SEE?

I'm still in disbelief as I wait to see if she sends another note. She does!

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It said: You WANNNA SEE? Maaaan! Ish like this only happen in the movies.

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I said to myself as I watched her uncross her legs. Another note hits the floor saying: RED IS YO FAVORITE RIGHT? I WORE THESE FOR You! She slides down in her chair as she opens her legs wide and hiking her skirt up. Her panties are red. Another note hit the floor: ITS OK. I WANT You TO! So I did. I slowly reach for her leg. When my finger tips touched her skin it was like sticking a plug into an outlet.

I caressed her leg from the ankle to her thick thighs. With every touch I felt her body temperature rising. I then took the back of my index finger and rubbed the outside of her candy red panties.

SHe likes what I'm doing cause her hips got a faint roll to them. Mmm my finger is wet. Tempted to stick my finger in my mouth for a taste. But I don't. I lean forward and rub my tongue against her inner thighs.


She squirms in her chair cause me teasing her is driving her crazy. Licking her everywhere but there. I can smell that sweet smell of wetness.


Panties soaking wet at this point. I lean forward againkissed it and she jerks back cause it's in a sensitive place right now. I grin as I lick the residue of her wetness off my Lips. "Honeydew melon.

Yeah taste just like it" I say to my mom son xnxx xxx sxse storys as I go back for seconds. I put my lips against her wet panties again and sucked her wetness thru her panties like I would suck the juice from my favorite freeze cup on a hot summer day trying to get to that sweet center. In my mind I can't believe I'm under the table in the library playing between this chick legs.

In my mind I'm wanting her to take these panties off so I can get to this sweet center. Suck once and I ran my tongue firmly between her lip print showing thru her panties.

Suck twice and licked a lil harder. She must be a genie cause she granted my wish as I watched her untie the sides of her panties.


Suck three times and pulled them off with my teeth, smelled them, and put them in my pocket. these are mine. I just couldn't take it no more. I stop to admire how pretty it was. Just like the prefect steak. Well done on the outside, pink and moist on the inside. But This steak hasn't been cut in awhile. I took the tip of my fingers spreading ,massaging the inside walls of her lips. Fingers spread apart just enough for her clit to squeeze thru my 2 finger tips.

I think I hit a nerve cause her heavy breathing has turned Into moans. I suck on her clit as I continued to rub my fingers up and down. She is so wet that her juices are flowing thru my fingers, down the back of my hand, damn near to my wrist. I'm really turned on now. I can feel it growing down my thigh.

I unbutton and unzipped my pants to give it room to grow. I couldn't take it no more. I licked the sweet juices off my hand and fingers like I was eating leftover cake batter from the bowl. Grabbed the inside of her thighs an pinned them back slightly just to open it up. Like a treasure hunter I found my pearl. I stuck my tongue in her as deep as I could. The reaction I got was like pouring cold water into hot grease. " uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

OH MY GOSH!!" She yells out loudly. "Ssssshhhhhh Miss Mitts this is a library!" I hear Mrs Clark say. She better find away to control herself cause I'm not stopping. She pulls her skirt up over her stomach so she could watch.

I looked up at her and winked. She was biting her lip so hard trying to keep the screams in. Sucking on her clit and shallow strokes of my tongue in and out of her is in rotation like Maxwell's "Bad Habits" on my iTunes. She slowly caresses the side of my face, then ear, and now back of neck.

I open my eyes and glance up at her once again. She's looking down at me with a look of disgust and pleasure on her face as she bites down on her finger. I bet she saying to herself that I'm such a messy eater. Well it's okay to be messy and Nasty right now. Her hand slides up from my neck to the back of my head. It goes from a caress to a grab as I find myself smoothed in wetness.

I Shook my head cause she has gotten a Lil aggressive. I rather have it that way. But she must don't know I've done this before. My nose is under water but I never will drown. I turn head to the side so I can breath out of one side of my nose like a Olympic swimmer.

I'm not coming up! Don't want to. I got my head turn so she can see me tongue working in and out of her like a sea serpent swimming out to sea.

Pond She lets my head go and grabs each side of her chair. With her legs damn near wrapped around my neck she lifts her ass up off the seat and started rocking her hips back and forth sliding my tongue in and out of her.

"Shitttttt boy!" She whispers. Her whispers turn into heavy breathing, heavy breathing into moans, moans into grunts. River She gots a serious look on her face now. Nothing is cute and funny no more.

School ma tichar ka satha xxx it comes to this there is no play. She clocked me in I came to work. Nose flared like a bull getiting ready to charge. Breathing thru her nose like and experienced track runner. She is all business now i See. Her business is orgasm. I think I got her now. Her arms starting to shake, there's a tremble in her breathing pattern and her hip motion pace quickens. I place hands under her ass and I hold it steady because I don't want to miss the flood.

Her wetness went from pond to river and now a ocean. She comes as she falls back in her chair. I'm down here to cause A drout cuz I'm slurping up everything. She's pushing my head trying to make me stop. I grab the legs of the chair and stop her from moving the chair. I wasn't done. All of a sudden "SLAP! Oh shit!" She screams louder then before and slapping the top of the table! "Gal what's wrong with u?" Mrs Clark said looking down over them glasses. Damn Mrs. Clark scooted her old ass back here.

She never comes back here. Why now? Quickly snatched back into reality, Alicia quickly sits up in her chair fixing her hair and clothes.

"Ummm um it was just a good book Mrs. Clark." " Gal you sweating, and breathing all hard. We don't got them kinda books in her." "Haha I'm okay ma'am just a Lil hot in this jacket." "Well take it off child!" "Yes Ma'am" she giggled as I stayed still as possible not trying to be seen or heard. Here's the key to the second floor you asked for when you came in earlier." Mrs. Clark said to Alicia. "Key? What Key" I said to myself. To be continued.

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