Baby girl loves it blowjob and sloppy

Baby girl loves it blowjob and sloppy
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My Uncle's New Wife; Part 4 Stacy and Mrs. Johnson "Well I'm waiting" Ashley said in a pissed off tone. What could I say? Ashley wasn't stupid and it had been clearly written out. She had discovered that I had a sexual encounter with her mother, my Aunt Debbie. It had happened before me and Ashley had hooked up but I didn't think that that would matter to her. "Well the thing of it is …" I began but as often was the case with me I couldn't make up my mind on what approach to take.

Ashley burning holes into me with her eyes didn't china sexy storys yang bday either I can tell you. "Let me help you since that's the only way this will get settled" Ashley stated "this had to have happened yesterday when she borrowed you, am I right?" "Yes" I answered simply. "So when we did it you had already done it with my slut mother, right?" "I wouldn't call her a slut Ash" I said in Aunt Debbie's defense.

"Don't correct me Jim, what did I tell you about how she admitted cheating on my Dad and not even being sure if he's my father. And now seducing her nephew who's young enough to be her son. If she's not a slut can you think nadia and his partenar grile sex a better word to describe her. Wait I have it - a fucking pig!" "She's your mom Ash, you shouldn't say that." Ashley looked at me like I was nuts or something.

She opened her mouth like she was going to say something then decided against it. She turned and left the kitchen without saying a word and I found myself following her. When she reached the living room she grabbed her purse from the table and headed toward the front door.

"Wait Ashley, where are you going?" I asked. "To discuss things with my Mom and get this all straightened out once and for all just like with Laura." "What about the food I ordered?" I asked but it was too late as she was gone, the door slamming behind her. Things had certainly gotten interesting in the past week, to say the least.

I was enjoying all the sex I'd been having but the drama I could do without, it just wasn't my thing. After ten minutes of waiting I was seriously thinking of eating but the thought of Ashley getting mad at me for not waiting for her stopped me. Just then the doorbell rang, temporarily relieving my deciding. It seemed way too soon for Ashley to have gone to her house and settled things and returned. I went and opened the door and was totally surprised to see Stacy standing there.

As soon as the door was open she pushed past me and walked into the living room before I could say anything. Shrugging my shoulders I closed the door and turned towards her. "Hey Stacy, you look pretty" I said. That may not have been what I should have said under the circumstances but I was flustered and it was true. Stacy looked good but she also had a different look going than I had seen before.

She was wearing makeup which I had never seen her wear before. Her lips were a crimson red from her lipstick and she had on a lot of black mascara around her eyes, kind of like a raccoon, but it looked real good on her I thought. Normally she had on jeans and sneakers but she now had on a pretty short skirt with a pair of black flats. Her blond hair was flowing freely instead of couples seeking teens riley reid zoey holloway caught up in a clip or scrunchy.

She smiled shyly when I complimented her appearance. "Thanks Jim. I'm sorry to just come over unannounced like this but I have to talk with you in person. I think I know why you don't want to see me but if you give me a chance I can show you that you're wrong about me." "It's not anything you've done Stacy, believe me. In fact I'm doing you a favor, though you don't think so." "Listen Jim I know I have a reputation as a good girl and it is true to a point. I'm a virgin, I'm not denying that and I know boys want sex.

I've been taught that you don't throw yourself at the first guy who smiles at you or that you think is cute.

You should wait for someone special. But for the right one I'm willing to do things that might make him hang around and wait until I'm ready and I think you might be worthy." When she said that I was stunned that she thought so highly of me. When she stepped closer and kissed me I felt as if a feather could topple me over at that moment. And when I felt Stacy's hand clumsily start to grope at me between my legs I don't think I could explain what I was feeling.

But to be honest once her fingers were squeezing and rubbing me the feeling quickly became lust. The thought of Ashley returning now, as well as trying to do the right thing by Stacy, compelled me to try and dissuade her however.

Breaking our kiss I weakly attempted to push her away. She had made up her mind though and instead of taking the hint she had instead crouched down in front of me while continuing to rub her hand against my rapidly growing bulge. When she pulled down my zipper and slipped her warm hand inside my pants I was helpless to resist her further. She gasped when her fingers attempted to encircle my girth and she looked up to me with a dumbfounded expression.


"Oh my God Jim it feels so big to me." "Yeah that's what I've heard" I said nonchalantly as I undid my pants and pushed them down my legs freeing my growing manhood. It sprang upwards eluding Stacy's grasp and stood proud and rampant.

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Though I was as horny as I always was and I found Stacy sexy, part of me was hoping this might scare her away, also freeing me from the complications that would arise if I had sex with yet another person. In spite of her appearing to be intimidated by my big, erect cock Stacy seemed equally fascinated. She ran her fingers along the length of it before taking it in her hand and studying it intently from every angle. Her other hand reached up and touched my full, heavy balls making me shudder involuntarily.

That seemed to give Stacy confidence as the next thing she did was stick out her tongue and run it over my head like she was licking an ice cream cone. Over the top, the bottom, the sides she licked me until some clear pre-cum leaked out of me. Without missing a beat she licked it right up then ran her tongue over her lips.

"Not bad, does all cum taste as good?" hairy masturbation with cumshot tube porn asked innocently.

"Truthfully that's only pre-cum, if you keep doing what you're doing you may find out. I don't know myself as I've never tasted it." "Okay then. Do you like how I'm doing it though, I've never done it before." "It feels nice Stacy, but maybe you could take it in your mouth some more." "You want me to suck it then, all right I'll try." Putting words to action she opened her mouth wide and engulfed my head and the top of my shaft into her mouth.

It felt so good especially knowing that mine was the first one there that I moaned loudly. Her green eyes met mine and she began bobbing her staci silverstone sex sex stories story up and down taking in a little more as she went.

For a beginner she knew what to do, as she continued to fondle my balls with one hand, to stroke me with the other and work her wet mouth on me. Her bottom lip was full and it felt great on the underside of my cock especially the sensitive spot just below the head.

When she would pull her head back she would also squeeze her lips as tight as she could and not once did her teeth graze my flesh. My hand ran through her cornsilk like hair amateur teen pool and big tits oil bj lescomrades sons with mia khalifa though Blair william fuck with brother in home full time story wanted to delay my orgasm to further enjoy her unexpected talent it proved impossible.

I felt that familiar feeling in my balls begin before spreading upwards. Quickly I warned Stacy so she could prepare herself.

"Stacy oh yes, that feels so good I'm going to cum" I gasped out. Instead of pulling her mouth from me she instead took me deeper into her willing mouth while her tongue swirled on the sensitive skin. My first shot was like a rocket, hitting the back of her mouth before sliding down her throat.

It was joined by multiple other spurts of cum that exploded from me but Stacy didn't miss a beat. She continued to bob her head in time to my discharge. When a drop escaped her mouth and started to roll down her cheek she brought her finger up to it and scooped it up then managed to suck it off while not stopping. This girl was a natural. When no more cum came from me Stacy slowly pulled her mouth from me, drawing it out and making my over sensitive nerves silently scream.

She appeared to swallow what remained in her mouth before once more licking her red lips. She squeezed my cock one more time before releasing it and standing up with a cum eating grin on her face.

"Now I know you enjoyed that" she said beaming at me. "That was so fricking awesome" I told her. "Not bad for my first time, right? I admit I got advice from a friend of mine and I did practice on my finger plus a banana.

How was I?" "You were so great Stacy! That is all I can say." "Well then I don't see any reason we can't make this work. I expect you to pick me up tomorrow like we originally planned." After saying this she kissed me on the mouth and without even looking back she walked to the door and left.

I stood there for a couple of minutes in a dazed state before realizing I had to clean myself up before Ashley returned. Stacy had left lipstick all on my cock so I scrubbed myself clean before I sprayed the room, as well as my clothes, with air freshener to camouflage any scent left behind. My food had gotten cold long before Ashley returned to the house. She had calmed down by now, in fact she was almost serene when at long last I spoke with her.

"Do you want to eat now Ash?" "No I'm sorry Jim, I had something to eat with my Mom. If I knew you were waiting I would have let you know. Sorry, you sit down and I'll xxxxxxx story mp 3 download it up for you." That seemed to be a hopeful sign I thought as I sat down. In a couple of minutes Ashley brought me the plate with the reheated Chinese food and sat next to me before she gently placed her hand on my leg.

"Eat Jim" she said smiling. "Yeah I'm going to, how did things go?" "We're working on it" she answered vaguely. Her hand crept up my leg and she unzipped my fly.

Ashley's fingers then began to stroke me as she started to nuzzle my neck at the same time. "You two are good now?" I pressed. "Of course silly. We'll talk after." Her fingers became more insistent as I gobbled down my food. Finally leaving half the food on the plate I stood up and as Ashley did the same I lifted her over my shoulder and headed for my room. It was a little messy but the bed was clear so I slapped her ass and dropped her on top and climbed next to her.

Ashley immediately started to wriggle out of her clothes and I joined in with her in stripping down. Her nubile body called to me and I answered by stretching out full length on top of her and feasting on her sweet lips. As we kissed her hand guided me to her wet treasure and as soon as the tip of my cock slipped between her lips she hooked her legs around my back. "Give it to me Jim, I want you inside me" she encouraged me as I sank into her velvety tightness.

Her hands now latched onto my back as I thrust deep into her. She rotated her hips as I moved inside her, rubbing against my pelvic bone. We danced the dance of love, our bodies singing with joy. My cock filled her wetness to its limit repeatedly as her fingers dug into me. Her pussy was so tight I felt it could almost break me in two. I supported my body with my arms and increased the speed of my hips as I really pounded Ashley's wet hole. "Oh fuck yes Jim, give it to me hard.

Don't stop, don't stop please. Yes, yes I'm cumming yesss!" she cried out as I didn't let up one iota. My orgasm was rapidly approaching when I felt pain in my shoulder where Ashley's teeth had sunk into me during the throes of her climax. "Fuck Ash!" I cried out as I felt my own orgasm explode inside her. As my over stimulated body sank onto hers, Ashley's legs locked tighter around me and her mouth released my flesh.


The touch of her feverish lips I next felt on mine as we coasted down to earth from our sojourn in the clouds. I rolled onto my back and pulled her soft body against mine.

As she rested her head on my chest I heard Ashley gasp. "Jim I'm so sorry" she said on discovering how her teeth had bruised my shoulder. "It's okay Ash, no permanent damage" I said before kissing her pert czech streets blonde milf car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves. Her little hand reached down and started stroking me again. When my eyes met hers she winked at me and stuck out her tongue playfully before rolling on top of me and gyrating her pelvis against mine, making me groan.

As I stiffened my cock rubbed against her black pubic hair until she scooted up my body far enough that she could again guide me into her sweet honey pot. She put her finger to my lips. "Jim I have to talk to you okay." I nodded to her in response but I also thrust into her hard making her squeal with pleasure. "Wait please, oh that feels so good, I have to talk first, please" she pleaded.

Grabbing her round ass I continued thrusting into her pussy for another minute until her eyes closed and she was biting her lip. Then I stopped and looked at her gorgeous face. Her eyes opened languidly and she placed her hand over my heart. "My Mom doesn't think it's a good idea, I mean about us but for now she's withholding judgment. But I promised that tomorrow I would go with her to my Grandma's house. We're probably going to stay a couple of days.

Me and Mom will be talking about things while we're there. We'll be leaving early so I'm going to sleep at home tonight so let's enjoy now." Putting her words into action Ashley began to slowly ride me.

She looked so beautiful to me at that moment that I wished I could somehow capture it forever and preserve it. Her round breasts bounced up and down from her body's movement and I couldn't resist reaching up and gently squeezing them. Ashley liked that and placed her own hands over mine as she continued to work my cock over with her teen pussy.

As time went on Ashley increased her tempo and I started to thrust from below again. Wetting my thumb and finger with my mouth I began to massage Ashley's hard, little clit. She stared down at me with a pleading expression now and she moved even faster until with a start her body stiffened up completely and she then collapsed against me.

I continued pumping into her when for the second time that night my cock erupted internally in Ashley. We lay joined together like that for a long time as we mellowed and our bodies recovered. My erection shrank away, eventually sliding from her well lubricated cunt. Finally Ash rolled off and sat at the edge of the bed. She spoke very quietly, seemingly to herself. "I'm not going to shower tonight so I can smell you on me and I want to feel your cum in me." I managed to drag myself to my feet even though my body was screaming to rest after my third orgasm of the night.

Next I got dressed. Ashley looked at me with a surprised expression as she no doubt figured I'd just fall asleep. "I'll walk you home Ash. If you're going I might as well sleep at your Dad's house tonight." After locking the front door we silently walked together down the tree lined streets. Fireflies floated by on their own travels that enchanted night. We didn't talk as we were both too lost in our thoughts but I still greatly enjoyed being with her.

When we reached her house we stayed in the shadows of an old oak tree while we said our goodbye. Our kisses started slow and sweet but became fiercer as they progressed until with an effort of her will Ashley tore herself from me. Without a word she ran to her front steps and turned and waved. Then she opened the door and disappeared inside. _____________________________________________________________________________________ The next evening I was at Stacy's house promptly at six like we planned and she sat waiting on her front porch.

She disappeared inside when she saw me coming but was back out before I reached the house. She gave me a quick peck and I noticed that she smelled like citrus. Though she had reverted to her jeans and sneakers she was also wearing makeup though less than the night before.

Just lipstick and a small amount of eyeliner as well as nail polish that matched her green eyes. As we walked to the movies she slipped her hand in mine. The movie we chose was a lame comedy but we still had a good time enjoying each others company. We stopped in a tiny skilled teens gliding her tongue up and down real tits and blowjob on the way back to Stacy's house and sat on a bench together.

Before long we found ourselves kissing but I stayed in control and did no more than nuzzle her neck or blow in her ear. Stacy seemed giddy as we headed on, even skipping ahead of me sometimes. When we reached her house the porch light was on to welcome us like an old friend well met. "Jim do you want to sit on the swing with me?" Stacy shyly asked me to which I quickly assented. We sat there looking at each other and holding hands with Stacy alternating giggling or silently beaming when I heard the creak of a door.

When I turned, my eyes were confronted with an older version of Stacy approaching us. The woman had the same blonde hair and green eyes as her daughter with the biggest difference being she had a fuller, more mature figure. She was wearing a green summer dress but on top of it she had on a frilly white apron. Stacy turned to her and simply said "Hi Mom." I leaped to my feet almost tripping in the process before I managed to catch my balance, after which I extended my hand to her.

She smiled at me and daintily took my hand in hers. "You must be the Jim that I've been hearing all these things about from my baby." "Mom please" I heard Stacy say. "Yes I'm Jim, pleased to meet you Ma'am." "Well you can figure out I'm Stacy's mother, Mrs. Johnson." She released my hand and looked at us both. "Well it's a beautiful summer night. Would you kids like a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade." In unison we both said "Yes" and all three of us laughed.

"Be right back" she said as she went into the house. "Your Mom seems great" I truthfully told her. "She so is, I'm lucky to have muslim blasphemy mia khalifa tries a big black dick, you know what she's doing now - baking." Just then Mrs.

Johnson came out with a pitcher and two tall glasses which she handed to us and then filled. Before disappearing back inside she called out "Let me know if you want anything." We enjoyed the lemonade and each others company until we heard her Mom by the front door later. "I think maybe I should go in but I had a great time Jim" she said. We walked to the front door where Stacy turned and looked at me expectantly. One more time I leaned down and kissed her lips which now tasted like homemade lemonade.

She sighed after we ended the kiss and opened the door and slipped inside. I knew how she felt, without anything sexual happening I had a great time that night.

I'd just reached the bottom of the steps when the door opened. Turning I saw Mrs. Johnson at the opening. "Jim can you do me a favor" she said in a low voice "I have to run to the store for an ingredient I ran out of for my recipe but I'd like to have a word with you about Stacy.

Can you meet me at the corner, I don't want Stacy to know." "Sure thing Mrs. Johnson" I replied. While I waited at the corner for her I wondered what this was about. Could she somehow have found out about my recent activities and was going to warn me off her daughter?

In a couple of minutes a silver minivan pulled up with Mrs. Johnson driving. The door was unlocked so I climbed in. "Put on your seatbelt Jim" doxy is fully in love with sex games said still smiling. Buckling up I saw that Mrs. Johnson had fine lines around her eyes but beyond that she looked barely older than Stacy. "Stacy had such a wonderful time with you Jim, she practically floated upstairs" she began.

"It hasn't been always easy the past couple of years since her Father passed away." "I didn't know, I'm sorry for your loss" I said. "Thank you Jim. The reason I wished to speak with you is that because the way we raised Stacy to be a proper young lady and to resist peer pressure sometimes puts her at odds with other young people. Especially young men that she takes a fancy too.

Now Jim you seem like a nice fellow but I have to warn you that Stacy has morals." "Mrs. Johnson" I interjected "I know that Stacy is a good girl, as she put it, and I don't claim to know how things will work out but I do like her and let me tell you that I wouldn't pressure her to do what she doesn't want to do." "Thank you for that.

But we also have to worry about her falling in love, or thinking she has, and wanting to prove her love.

I know it can be difficult for young people. Mr. Johnson and I were sorely tempted when we were courting and that was before things were as they are today.

And I know it is more difficult for males to rein in their lust with temptation everywhere. I would like to make a deal with you Jim. But we're already at the supermarket. Do you want to wait out here?" "I'll come in, if you don't mind Mrs.

Johnson." "Not at all Jim, glad to have your company." We proceeded to the store and onto the aisle that had baking supplies. Mrs. Johnson wanted a container of sprinkles that was on the top shelf so I managed to step on the bottom shelf and reach up and get it for her. "Oh you are gallant Jim" she said.


She then needed unbleached flour which was on the bottom shelf. Instead of bending at the knee Mrs. Johnson bent at the waist to get it.

There must have been something wrong with the first package because she kept rummaging around. For a minute I forgot myself and I found myself admiring the swell of her round buttocks.

Suddenly I realized she was looking at me and my face reddened from the embarrassment of busty girlfriend made a home sex video caught checking her out. She straightened up and I saw the hint of a smile on her lips as she smoothed out her dress with a flourish. We didn't say a word to each other on the way to, or at the checkout. Once in the minivan she started it and began to drive across the lot before turning and driving behind the store to the loading dock area.

She stopped the motor and turned to me. "Like I was saying earlier Jim, I have a deal to propose. What happened inside only convinced me I'm right." "I'm sorry about…" I began when she shushed me.

"As I was saying it is more difficult for young men, but it's also difficult for a relatively young widow who enjoyed the physical aspect of marriage. You showed in the store that almost all you think about is raw, hot sex." All of a sudden she moved, rising from her seat and straddling me where I sat. Her arms reached out and twined about my neck.

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Mrs. Johnson smelled like a combination of soap, sugar and cinnamon. As her body shifted on my lap I felt myself start to grow. She must have felt it because she then moved her ass in a sensual, provocative manner against me.

"What I'm suggesting Jim is that you and I come to an understanding that will be mutually beneficial. We will both receive the intimacy we desire and no pressure will be put on Stacy to rush into any sexual activity before she is truly ready.

What do you think of my idea?" The End of Part Four I will be taking at least a brief hiatus from this series as there is another story I wish to write plus I might enter a contest on the sex story forum and I would have to write that story as well.

If you wish the series to continue leave comments, positive feedback and votes. For those in U.S. Happy Fourth of July!