Amateur moaning and party girls robbery suspect apprehended

Amateur moaning and party girls robbery suspect apprehended
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What up? I'm back with another chapter. I ran it through a spell check this time, hope it helps. Well here is chapter 2. It starts with the other three children mentioned towards the end of chapter 1. They would be Samantha, Hilary, and Fred. They were going to Kyle's. Or that was what the plan had been. Kyle had forgotten to tell them he was going away with his parents. So now Fred was "stuck" at Anna's house. Now "stuck" is written the way it is because he could leave whenever he wanted.

Hilary and Samantha had made that clear when he started to moan and groan of boredom. What made Fred "stuck" was the fact that he had three hot girls in the room and he wanted to be there when they would get horny. He knew it would happen sooner or later. Despite being only 11, he has managed to figure out a lot about girls. Not all of it. Guys would never know all of it. Or that's what Amanda told him.

She told him that the guy that thought he knew it all, knew nothing.


But yet he found his sister's conversations easily predictable. They would start off with school as they ascended the stairs. Then as they entered Anna's room the conversation would shift too make-up.

That's when Fred just layed on the bed, bored out of his skull. They would then talk of the girl's they disliked or hated or thought that they were just plain bitches.

Then finally they would reach guys. This is when the girls would talk about anything from who's hot too who's hot under the covers. Fred watched as the girls continued their talk, a little slower than usual, stopping for brief periods to take long breaths. Anna's nipples had become hard and she started to touch her chest a little more than normal. Samantha put her hands in her lap, her right hand over her left, in a feeble attempt to hide what her other finger was doing, and Hilary started rubbing her thighs.

The girls continued their talk, giggling mother pay for son debth they pleasured themselves. Now any guy would be all up in them but Fred knew better.

He knew these girls. And jumping in now could mean breaking the mood. He just had to wait for his cue. And low and behold it came. Anna moaned in pleasure as she pinched her rock hard nipples.

Fred always had a crush on Anna. He always felt a little more for her than the other girls he fucked. They had been messing around for a long time. She was an only child and he was the 5th kid.


From russia with love bubble butt and brunette was the odd man out in the family. His parents, Lauren and Mark, had each other. The first set of twins, Amanda and Warren stuck together, and the second pair of twins, Samantha and Hilary were pretty much in love with each other. He was always welcome in a threesome but he still would feel left out. Always feeling like a third wheel. Then he met Anna. It was fuck at first sight.

Lauren and Anna's mother, Tara, had met in the porno business, had frequently visited each other. So Fred and Anna had plenty of "bonding" time.

Fred started to get hard as he watched the three girls. Hilary had now made her way over too Samantha and the twins were interlocked in a fiery french kiss. Their tongues wrapping around each other, exploring every part of their partners mouth.

When they broke apart for air, they kept their tongues intertwined, and quickly dove back into the kiss.

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Hilary pushed Samantha onto the floor and straddled her hips, never breaking the kiss. Samantha's hand had never left her pussy and she continued to push the two fingers in and out, letting a moan escape as they broke for air. Although they were twins Samantha and Hilary were by no stretch of the imagination "identical." Samantha was a brunette and Hilary was a blond. Samantha had green eyes and Hilary had brown. Probably the only thing "identical" thing about them was their breasts, both medium sized B's.

Hilary's ass was petite much unlike Samantha, who's ass made even grown men do a double take. Samantha liked it a little rougher while Hilary liked it softer. Hilary like getting her pussy eaten while Samantha liked anal. Hilary had now had her head buried in Samantha's pussy.

She pushed her tongue deep inside, making Samantha squeal in pleasure. Her pussy already flooding with her juices. Hilary lapped them up like a hungry puppy dog. The palm of her hand was now rapidly rubbing her own pussy.

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Samantha grabbed Hilary's legs and swung them over her shoulders so that the girls were now in the 69. Samantha dove her tongue inside Hilary's hot love hole and began to forcefully suck on it. Hilary's tongue actually started to slow down as her moans increased.

Fred was now rock hard and slightly stroking himself. Anna now had three fingers rapidly working in and out of her pussy, occasionally stopping to lick the juices off.

The two locked eyes and stared at each other. It was a battle of wills. Who would move first. After what felt like hours of staring at each other, Anna got up and practically jumped on Fred.

Her mouth came crashing into his as her hands desperately searched for his hard member. She wrapped her hands around his dick and stood it upright. Anna brought her hips up and hovered over him. Before you could say "fucker" Anna had slammed her pussy down on his 6-inch dick causing her too scream out in pleasure. Anna was a very lovely girl for her age. She had cascading brunette hair, with brown eyes.

Her breasts could easily fill a large A, but were not quite B's yet. She was 5'4, and had a great ass. Anna had loved sex since she was 6.

Every time her dad would come home from his work (Anna's dad traveled a lot) she would watch her mom and him fuck like jack rabbits. At age 7 she started to pleasure herself, first with her hand, then with her favorite stuffed elephant Trunkie (named after her favorite part of the elephant).

Then finally at age 8, when her mother wasn't home, she went in the shower with her dad and had her first time. And just like that a few weeks later Anna met Fred. Anna was violently slamming down on Fred. Taking the full length every time without fail. Fred was ready to blow just by how tight Anna was. Her walls were trying to hold onto his dick, and keep it rooted in there. Pirates 2 stagnettis revenge xxx best porn parody ever must see Anna wouldn't stop for the end of the world.

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The two kept it up for a while, Fred thrusting back up to meet her. His hands were on her breasts, squeezing them tightly and pinching the nipples. Anna's hair was everywhere as she rode him like a wild women. Her pussy squeezing his dick tighter and tighter. Fred tried to quicken the pace, not to get himself off, no he was ready to blow any minute, but to get her to orgasm.

Her pussy gave one final squeeze and it was all over. Fred went off, rocketing cum into Anna. She went just a few seconds later, riding out her orgasm, as her cum and his semen came dripping out the sides. By this time both Ebony teen tara foxx services cock of old man and Hilary had both came a few times and were fingering each other while watching Fred and Anna. Samantha took her fingers out of her sister's pussy, licked them, started to clap and said: "Bravo!

Encore! A great performance. I personally enjoyed Fred's face as he came." Samantha mocked him with a face that had her biting her lip and her eyes rolled back. "So what do you think Hilary?" Hilary took her fingers and inserted them into her own pussy. She used her other hand to fake a thinking face. "I really enjoyed Anna's vocals. That last CUM IN MY HOT PUSSY really touched me deep down." Hilary quickened her pace a little and moaned slightly as her hand grazed her clit.

Anna gave a chuckle and wore a smile brighter then the first day of spring. Fred being the witty kid turned to Samantha and said: "Well I liked Sammy's face when she was eating out Hilary. Fred dove his head into Anna's pillow and moved his head around wildly, mimicking Sammy. "You looked like the zombie's from Resident Evil 12." "I thought mom said you couldn't see that movie?" Anna said slyly.

"Well, my mom says a lot of things, and what about you, Miss Porno Slut?" Anna had done a low budget porn movie for the Internet, and won the title Miss Porno Slut. Her mother didn't want Anna to do the movie because it involved her getting fucked by three guys at the same time.

She was worried it would hurt her little baby girl. But on the contrary, Anna had the time of her life, and actually did a private show with the guys in their trailer.

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Anna was in the shower for nearly an hour afterwards, trying to get the cum off her body. "Kiss my ass!" Anna snapped back at Fred. "With pleasure!" Fred said and dove for Anna's ass. He flipped Anna so that she was on her hands and knees. He spread her ass cheeks and let his tongue dart into her asshole. Fred used as much saliva as possible, making Anna shiver at the pleasure of the cool liquid in a very sensitive spot.

He stuck too fingers in her pussy, scooping out all the cum he could find and started to lube his once again hard dick with it.

But he was struggling to continue ass treatment. So Hilary decided to help. She took the hand that she had just came on and wrapped it around Fred's member. She started to jack him off, faster and faster. She considered making him cum, but decided against it. So she stopped the minute he heard him moan into Anna's ass. Fred was now horny as hell. He stood up on the bed and spread Anna's ass so that he could just slightly see her asshole. He pushed the head in the lubricated entrance and paused giving Anna time to adjust.

He pushed a little further, so that 2 inches of him was in and gave her time to adjust. Then 3 inches, 4 inches, and by the 5th inch he couldn't take, it and dove the rest of his length into Anna, stretching her so far that she was screaming at the top of her lungs at the penetration.

Fred had quickened the pace and Hilary knew that he would be banging into her pretty hard soon enough. She wasn't a fan of anal sex unlike her sister, She thought it was a bit one sided in the pleasure, since guys were too busy banging too pay any attention to the girl's pussy.

That's when she got a brilliant idea. Anna was screaming very loud, and it would be no surprise if the neighbors down the street heard her. Fred was just starting to hit the sweet spot so pleasure was starting too take over when she felt someone press their warm soft lips against hers.

She opened her eyes to see that Hilary had planted the kiss and was know crawling underneath her. She had no idea what she was going to do until she felt a skilled tongue slither into her pussy and lick at her clit. Hilary was eating out Anna. Her smooth baby soft lips caressing the outside of Anna's pussy. Her strong and talented tongue doing things that made Anna squirm and shake.

Hilary could still taste her brother's cum mixed in with the already flavorful juices that made her yearn for more. Hilary had her had in her own pussy, her fingers dancing inside of herself when she felt something wet rub her clit, and hot breath teasing her lips. She briefly stopped eating out Anna and look down too see her twin sister Samantha eating her out. Samantha was on her side with her legs spread. Hilary just assumed that she was fingering herself but then she saw brown hair drape over Samantha's crouch and then Anna's face.

Fred couldn't believe is eyes at what the girls were doing. They were bent this way and that way and now no pussy was going un-pleasured. Fred felt Anna start to slip forward and grabbed her breasts to keep her steady as he pounded into her ass again and again.

Finally Fred couldn't take it anymore, he gave one final thrust and came as far up in Anna's ass as he could. Anna was on cloud 9 as she sent wave after wave of cum splashing all over Hilary's face. As Fred began to ease his hold on her, she started too slip further and further into Samantha's crotch. Her braces began to rub the outside of Samantha sending her into orgasmic bliss and after a short while she recovered and finished her sister off. "OK guys, party is over.

It's time for your orthodontist appointment, Anna. I'll give you three a road home." The four kids spun around too see Anna's mom standing in the door. Anna's mom, Marissa, much like her daughter had wavy brunette hair and brown eyes. She had medium C cup breasts and an ass like Jennifer Lopez, nice, round and full.

She wore a beautiful smile almost equivalent to the one her daughter was wearing. The three girls walked out of the room, each one with cum on their mature hottie alexis golden gets surrounded by bbcs. Anna grabbed a shirt and put it on before leaving her room (the orthodontist is considered a public place therefore you must wear one article of clothing.) She never kept her pussy covered when she went to the orthodontist after he gave her a special 10 inch treat.

Fred got up and lazily walked to the door but Marissa put her arm out blocking his exit. "Wait on the bed for a minute, Would ya?" Unsure of what she wanted Fred went back and sat on the bed, his cock coming back to life as he watched Marissa's ass and breasts bounce as she walked over to the window. She looked out the window and saw the girls climb into the car. With an excited look on her face she pushed Fred on Anna's bed and straddled him.

"My husband hasn't been home in 2 weeks so I haven't gotten any real dick in too long, and after seeing that fuckfest I was wondering if you wanted to help me out?" Fred didn't even need to answer the question. Marissa started to jump up and down on Fred's dick. Although she wasn't as tight as Anna, Marissa still had one hell of a pussy. Fred sat up and latched his lips onto her right breast, his hand on the other.

He swirled his tongue on her nipple as he pinched the other. His dick sliding in and out of her pussy creating an incredible friction that rubbed them both the right way. He stuck two fingers up Marissa ass as she came back down on him again.

He was determined to give her an earth shattering orgasm. "FUCK ME YOU DIRTY LITTLE BOY! LET YOUR COCK BANG LIKE IT BANGS MY DAUGHTER!" Hotel bd sex scandal exluive story new bd screamed as she had her orgasm. Her juices coated today he found out his gf is a slut dick as her body shook violently as if the room had just become freezing cold.

Fred felt his balls tightened and moaned out her name as he came in her. The two lied there in the afterglow of sex for a few minutes before getting up. "No wonder my daughter fucks you so often!

You're a better fuck then some guys three times your age!" Marissa said as they descended the stairs. "Your welcome anytime if you feel like a threesome with Anna and I." she winked at him. "Without a doubt Marissa. And if your husband is out for a long time again, give me a holla." Marissa chuckled as they walked outside into the beautiful spring weather.

They got in the car and looked in the backseat. Anna had just orgasmed and had juices flowing into the awaiting mouths of Samantha and Hilary. Marissa started the car and drove off. When they reached Fred, Samantha and Hilary's house, Anna and Marissa gave a cheery goodbye and thanked them for the good time, and drove away. The three siblings walked up to their house and entered inside. Well guys that's chapter 2 KEEP IT GREASY