Anal hooker getting a messy facial at the end

Anal hooker getting a messy facial at the end
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For days afterwards, I replayed Tabatha's virtual blow job in my head at night in bed. It had been a memorable experience. The visual, of seeing her naked at long last, was almost completely overshadowed by her dirty talk soundtrack.

Like the best porn scenes, I never made it very far through the replay. Certainly not all the way to the end. Her prohibition, against touching myself while she spoke, had allowed me to hold back for longer on the day.

On my own, it all came to a sticky end very quickly. My view of the world and of my sister was altered forever that day. Previously, I'd held a rather naïve view that boys had dirty minds and girls were more or less above all that. But Tabatha had said things that went beyond my own wicked fantasies. And she spoke of sexual experience that I had never guessed she had.

She had tasted cum and sucked cocks. From my perspective as a virgin, my sister was a slut. Hawt legal age teenager beautiful girl keeps felt a strange mix of jealousy and admiration and excitement at that thought.

Her telling me that she thought she heard Mum's car in the driveway was just a prank. It worked. I ran around in a naked panic for a minute before her laughter gave the game away. I cursed her and went inside to get dressed. Tabatha was waiting for me in the living room when I came back. "OK, little brother," she said. I noted the difference in her tone and her language. "I hope you enjoyed that. But let's not get carried away. Mum can never know about this and we have to act like nothing's changed.

Much and all as I love your dick, I'm still going to treat you like my annoying little brother when she's around." I smiled and nodded. It was true that Mum could never know about us. "And don't be getting any ideas about sneaking into my bed at night.

My bedroom's right next to Mum's and she's a light sleeper. "You don't initiate anything. OK?" I hesitated to respond. I wasn't sure what she meant. "I'll decide what and where and when.

You're such a goody-two-shoes, you won't have any idea about how to do stuff without getting caught. So don't come to me I'll come to you.

OK?" "OK." "And when I do come to see you, there won't be any fucking, OK? Let's just take that one off the table from the start. I'm not on the pill and I'm not having your baby, so don't even ask." I nodded, somewhat reluctantly. "ANDY! NO FUCKING, OK?" "OK, OK." My big sister had laid the ground rules for our relationship. And I obeyed. A little over a week after the virtual blow job, when I was beginning to despair that Tabatha would never visit me, my bedroom door opened webcamshow private chat with blonde girl jincamcom I sat on my bed after school.

I was still in my school uniform and Tabatha was still dressed in hers as she walked in, although her feet were bare. "Mum's just gone out to the supermarket," said Tabatha. "I thought you might like for me to come and play." I put aside the Maths textbook that had, up until now, given me a soft-on.

Before Tabatha completed the four paces to my bed, I was uncomfortably hard. She sat down on the edge of the bed and put her hand on the crotch of my school shorts, closing her hand around the bulge that she found there. "You've been expecting me!" she said, a little surprised. "Well, not really. That just happened since you walked in." "Really?" samantha mack joi cei instructions She seemed genuinely impressed.

She squeezed my cock through the layers of my shorts and underpants. I was rock hard and didn't give when she squeezed near the base. "Ooh! So strong and thick! Let me see it!" She motioned for me to stand up.

I got off the bed and stood in front of her while she undid my pants. She pulled my shorts down firmly and let them drop to my ankles. My erection bulged sideways in my jocks. It curved out and in like a banana and the outline and some obscene details were visible through the red cotton. Tabatha stared at it. I throbbed painfully and her eyes widened in delight and she smiled.

"Easy, tiger," she purred, talking to it, not me. "I'll set you free." With that she pulled on the waistband and my erection sprung up and bounced from side to side like a me la encuentro tocandose y me la follo, before coming to a stop, pointing straight up. Tabatha continued peeling down my underpants, pushing them down my thighs to my knees, where they caught briefly before falling to my ankles.

I tried to step out of my shorts and undies, but I still had my school shoes on and I became snarled. Tabatha unbuttoned my shirt while Yuki tuoma 1 by packmans kicked off my shoes and kicked away my shorts and undies.

She stood up to reach the upper buttons and pushed the shirt back over my shoulders. As the shirt fell away behind me, she rested her hands on my shoulders and let them drag over my pecs as she sat back down on the bed in front of me. She ran her hands down the front of my body. Having my sister's hands on my bare skin gave me goose bumps.

I expected her to grab hold of my cock. I wanted her to. But instead she sat down on the bed again and put her hands in her lap. She still wore her school dress. She looked up at me and smiled a warm, sisterly smile. "I've never watched a boy masturbate before. I want you to wank for me. Will you do that for me?" There was no seduction in her voice this time.

It was a simple request. Like she was asking to sit in on basketball practice. "Sure," I said. The idea of having her watch me wank was kind of exciting. She patted the bed. "Just a moment," I said, and I ran to the bathroom to get the baby oil. When I came back, I hopped on the bed and lay down beside her.

I poured a stream of baby oil along the length of my shaft. I set the bottle down and took hold of my cock left hand at the base, right hand at the head.

I used the middle finger and index finger of my right hand to rub the frenulum in a circular motion. I started off slow. "That's not what I expected," she said. "I thought boys made a fist like a pussy and fucked their hand. You're rubbing your cock the same way I rub my clit." "I've never really had any lessons. I'm self-taught. This is what works for me." I watched her watching my cock.

She licked her lips and let her mouth hang open as she stared. I could see her eyes wandering over the length of my cock, taking in the details. "What do you think about?" she asked. "You." She smiled briefly and then blushed.

"Very funny. But seriously, what do you think about?" "Seriously, you." She looked into my eyes and I returned her gaze earnestly. She smiled again. "That's nice, Andy." Her eyes moved slowly down my body to my cock again.

"Am I naked when you think of me?" Tabatha had a slow, sexy way of talking that turned me on. I nodded. She climbed off the bed and took off her dress.

I watched her carefully and kept wanking as she unclipped her bra at the back and let it drop to the floor. Then she casually slipped her panties down over her hips and let them drop too.

"I suppose I think of you too," she continued. "Or, at least, part of you." My cock strained to full length and a slippery drop of precum lubricated my fingers. Tabatha held out her two index fingers, pointing one at the base of my cock and one at the tip. "A big part of you," she added, holding up her hands while maintaining the distance between them to demonstrate the length of my cock. "You're a big boy, Andy," she said with admiration. Then, standing up off the bed and maintaining the relative position of her fingers, she put one finger to her pussy and held the other one against her midriff, to indicate that if my cock was inside her, it would reach up above her navel.

Then she gave me a questioning look with raised eyebrows. "Maybe, too big." I modestly suggested that she had stretched the distance between her fingers somewhat. But she brought them back to the length of my cock to prove to me that they were the same distance apart. "Besides," I added, "when am I ever going to be inside you when you said, no fucking?" Tabatha blushed again. I never thought of Tabatha as the blushing type. I kept wanking the whole time in a slow way that would keep me hard, but wouldn't push me over the edge.

But suddenly the reality of the situation came back to me. I was lying naked in my bed, masturbating in front of my sister. It was like the most natural thing in the world, and yet it had never happened before. It seemed strange that it should feel so normal. "Hey!" exclaimed Tabatha suddenly, looking beyond me to the wall above my head. "Did you really shoot a load at Britney's face that time?" "Yeah," I admitted. "From down here?" "Yeah." "Awesome." "It was very intense.

I'd been wanking for nearly two hours when I did that." "Mum'll be home in an hour, so you'll have to show me another day." She made it sound like no big deal. Maybe most guys could squirt two metres.

I wasn't sure I could do it on demand. Tabatha knelt down beside me and rested her chin on her hands on my thigh.

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Her face was close to my groin and her eyes were almost going cross-eyed, focusing on my cock. She sighed and I wondered if she was bored. "It's such a handsome cock, Andy." I picked up the pace a bit. Having an audience was exciting, but also distracting. "OK, big brother. Why don't you bring this one home and show me what you can do?" Her hands felt warm on my thigh and it turned me on to see her face so close to my erection. Precum started to stream out of my cock in a sign that I was getting near the end.

'That's it, Andy. Come for me." She sat up. "Let me see your cum." There it was again, I thought. That dirty talk that I love. I kicked in the last burst fleshly bawdy cleft pleasurings lesbian and college speed.

My fingers worked furiously and my whole body stiffened. I wanted Tabatha to see me squirt. I forgot to turn my head and the first shot landed on my cheek. "Whoa!" shouted Tabatha.


She was almost as surprised as I was. I kept squirting and squirting. It landed all over my chest and my stomach.

"Oh my God, Andy! Do you always shoot such big loads?" I was still squirting as she spoke. It became excruciating towards the end, as it always does. I chuckled nervously to relieve the tension. "Yeah. That's about average for me." I was panting and trying to get my breath back.

"Is that a lot? I wouldn't know." I grabbed a few tissues from the box beside the bed. Tabatha took one and wiped the cum off my face. She was searching my face and my eyes with an expression of mild wonder.

She didn't answer my question. But I didn't care. I just wanted her to kiss me. Her face was so close and she looked like she was thinking about it. Peculiar lesbos fill up their huge asses with milk and splash it out I kicked myself for not making the first move to kiss her.

But she told me not to initiate anything. Was that just about hooking up or did it include what we did when we were together? Tabatha had always been bossy and I had always fallen into line. For so long she was bigger than me. But now I was bigger than her. The weather turned cold for a few days in early April and it seemed like summer was over. But then the following weekend the sun came out again and it was forecast to be 26 degrees on the Saturday.

Mum made my favourite chicken sandwiches and we sat outside on the deck for lunch. Tabatha joined us, wearing a tight fitting little white top and her black bikini bottoms. She looked hot, but a little under dressed even for a casual lunch in the garden. "Tabatha, you've got lots of clothes, why do you insist on walking around half naked?" said Mum. "At least put on a skirt for lunch." Tabatha just gave her a withering look and grabbed a sandwich off the platter.

Mum admitted defeat and changed the subject. "Well, I'm getting my hair done this afternoon. What have you two got planned?" "Lisa's coming over later," said Tabatha, "and we're just gonna chill by the pool." "I'll probably just sunbake and swim too." "Oh no you're not!" said Tabatha.

True to her word, she had continued to play the role of hostile sister very convincingly in front of Mum. "I'm not having you hanging around me and my friends being all creepy." "I'm not creepy!" I was genuinely offended. "He is, Mum! He doesn't say anything. He just listens and stares. It's embarrassing!" I blushed. "Sweetheart, maybe you could give your sister and her friend a bit of space today. Maybe you could go over to Russell's house." "But he hasn't got a pool! This is probably the last hot day of the season, Mum.

Why does Tabatha get to monopolise the pool? She doesn't even swim and she doesn't tan! Why can't she go to Lisa's house?" Tabatha scowled, but I just glared back at her. She was still scowling as Mum cleared up the dishes, but she winked at me as soon as Mum turned her back. We repeated these hostilities two or three times a month and, rather than suspecting that we were lovers, Mum began to despair that we would ever be friends.

It turned out that Lisa was not coming over until half an hour after Mum left. "I'm going to lie by the pool until they come," says Tabatha.

"Why don't you put on your Speedos and join me? We've got 30 minutes to play." I don't need to be told twice. I am changed and beside her in a flash. Tabatha is already lying in the sun, face facial cum through car window on a hot blonde girl in public gang bang dogging on one of the sun lounges. She has taken her top off and only wears her bikini briefs. "Do you want me to put some sunscreen on your back?" I offer.

"Yeah, in a minute. But why don't I do you first?" Without waiting for an answer, she gets up on her hands and knees on the sun lounge before standing up. Her bikini bottoms gather immodestly in her crack, baring her lovely white buttocks as she first bends and then stands.

I watch her boobs hang and sway. I am completely fascinated by her movements and her body. My jaw drops as she pulls the fabric from her arse and spreads it taut over her butt cheeks. Then she turns to face me and her boobs look great.


Her pink areola tighten into neat little bulls-eye circles around her nipples, which seem to stiffen as I stare. "Never seen breasts before?" asks Tabatha, challenging me with her own lustful look, and she gives my erection an affectionate squeeze through my Speedos.

"Come on, big brother, lie down for me." I get down onto the sun lounge, adjusting my cock as my weight falls on it uncomfortably. Tabatha pours coconut oil on my back and sits down beside me, rubbing it in gently but firmly with her soft little hands. She has a nice touch. After a few minutes of that, Tabatha stops and says, "Let's try something different." She leads me out of the pool area to the lawn and lays down a beach towel.

"Take off your bathers and lie down." I look around quickly to check that this spot is still shielded from view from the neighbours. "Hurry up!" says Tabatha impatiently. I drop my pants and lie face down on the towel. Tabatha kneels beside me and pours oil all over her breasts and tummy and starts to rub it in.

"Don't you want me to do that?" "Shut up." Then she climbs across me on her hands and knees and starts to rub my back with her breasts and stomach. She is slippery and soft. It is very relaxing and calming, but exciting at the same time. "Mmmm. That's nice." "I should think so." I breathe deeply and enjoy the physical intimacy of the body slide for a few minutes.

"You can turn over now if you like." While I flip, Tabatha takes off her bikini pants. She pours oil on my chest and rubs it in with her hands. She climbs across me in a transverse position hands on the left side of my chest and knees on my right. Her lovely ass and thigh are close by and I look at them with awe. "What are the rules for this? Can I touch you?" "Sure." I run my right hand over her firm ass. It is soft and smooth and creamy white.

Not a blemish on her skin. Then I run my hand down her gorgeous thigh. I watch her circle slowly on my body with hers. Her horny chick martini bows getting her big dick smalltits pornstar is sculpted, but not taut.

It has a lovely feminine softness about it. "You can touch me down there if you like." "Really?" I was not expecting this. She looks at me very directly and nods. Her pussy is shaved clean. I prise apart her lips and feel for the entrance to her vagina.

Because she is side on to me, I can't see anything and I am exploring her by touch. She is not wet and my fingers are dry, so she grabs the coconut oil and pours it over her own crack. "Mmmm. Good idea." I rub the oil over sexy round ass cuban chick sucks and rides huge cock hardcore and handjob crotch.

"Can I finger you?" My heart is pounding with excitement at the prospect. "Of course," she says casually without any hesitation. My dream flashes back into my mind and I seem to move back and forth between fantasy and reality.

My oily finger slips easily into her tight vagina and she groans. It is wonderful. My finger is pressed on all sides by puffy pouches of slippery muscle, like the inside of an oiled boxing glove.

It feels exactly the same in real life as it did in my dream. Only her shave pussy is different. "Amazing. . " "What's wrong?" Tabatha stops moving and looks at me. "Nothing," I reassure her and she resumes rubbing her gorgeous body against mine. "It's just that I had a dream about this last year. I dreamt that I put my finger in your vagina. And in the dream, it felt like this. It felt the same then as how it feels now. It's unbelievable." Tabatha is either unimpressed or doesn't believe me.

Or maybe she's not listening. I am pinching her puffy nipples with my other hand and they shrivel up into firm little buttons. Her boobs feel deliciously soft. Her cheeks are flushed red and she has a look on her face like she is enjoying what I'm doing. I have never done this before and I have no idea what I'm doing. I just make it up as I go along. She keeps circling and I finger fuck her tight cunt with my index finger and feel around for her clit with my middle finger. Her circling becomes a bit erratic and I can feel her vagina lubricating itself.

I must have found her clit. I am distracting her. I smile. She arches her back low and holds her head up. I run my other hand over her lovely shoulders stunning brunette milf delivers a fantastic blowjob down her back.

My cock is twitching and leaking. "You are fucking gorgeous, Tabatha." "Thank you." Her raised head droops briefly as she stifles an embarrassed giggle. I'm amused. I've never seen her like this. Finally, she sits back on her heels. "Now it's my turn. You have to massage me." We swap places. I pour coconut oil on her sublime ass and thighs.

The bottle is nearly empty and it doesn't squirt. Her skin is smooth and plump and glistening from the oil. Just gorgeous. I rub her gently while kneeling beside her.

After a while I dip my hand down between her thighs. I start to rub her pussy and her clit again. She is still wet from before and my fingers are oily this time. She groans. I push my finger into her vagina again and she writhes slowly. She keeps her eyes closed.

I rub her gorgeous arse with my left hand. Her cheeks are spread and her anus is plainly visible. It is lovely and brown and clean. As I finger her pussy, my thumb goes close to her anus. It is very sexy. I am so completely engrossed with her body that I have forgotten that I am naked in the back garden with my sister. There is a noise behind us and we both freeze. We look around and listen, but there is no one there. "I hope that's not Lisa." "No, I told her to text me when she arrives." "I'm happy to keep doing this, but you don't have to put on a performance for my benefit.

If I'm not doing it right, just tell me if you want me to stop." "This isn't a performance. If it was a performance, I'd be like "Ohhh, ahhhh." She writhes in an exaggerated way to show me how she would fake it.

"That's good. It's just I have no idea whether I'm doing it right or not. I've never done this before." "You're doing fine, Andy.

Just keep doing what you're doing." Reassured that I'm on the right track I start to get into it more. I rub her clit for a while and then finger her. She moans when I finger her and writhes when I rub her clit.

Her arse is so sexy and she is so beautifully put together down there that it is a marvel to watch. My knees get sore and I lie down beside her. I kiss her tenderly on her shoulder, on her back and on her ass and she gets more wet. I snuggle up against her. "How are we going for time?" I ask after about 5 minutes.

Tabatha looks at her phone. "They won't be here for another fifteen minutes." "That's plenty of time. Do you think I could make you come?" "You can try." She sounds hopeful. I keep going for a few minutes, but at some stage I lose her.

"Let's try something different," she says again. I lie down on my back again and she sits back and positions herself carefully so that I can see her boobs and her pussy while she wanks me. She pours more oil on and has a nice slow action.

Her mouth hangs open with a hungry expression as she stares at my cock. After a few minutes she starts to speed up. "You don't need to speed up. I like it nice and slow." She slows down and squeezes me harder in her fist. "Did you dream about this?" Her question takes me by surprise. She must have been listening after all. "No. But I dreamt that you gave me a head job." "Of course you did. How very convenient for you?

I suppose you'll be telling me next that you dreamt of anal sex and gang bangs?" Her cynicism is hurtful. "No, just the two dreams. A wet dream about fingering your pussy and. . in the second dream you were sucking my cock, but I woke up before. . ." Without waiting for me to finish the sentence, Tabatha climbs into a 69 position on her knees with her lovely thighs astride my chest. She pushes her pussy back into my face and puts my erection into her mouth. It is wonderful. It feels just like it did in the dream.

I have a close view of her gorgeous bum, her neat little pink anus and her delicate pink pussy lips. In all the porn I have watched, I have never seen pussy lips like them before. They fold and interlock in ripples like a clam. I've heard the nickname "clam" before, but I've never seen a pussy that actually looks like a clam before. Tabatha has a pink clam. I kiss it and lick it and feel for her clit with my tongue. I poke my tongue in her entrance. Her pussy does not have a strong taste.

Meanwhile she sucks deeply and my cock throbs in her little mouth. I take a break and grab her plump cheeks in each hand and run a thumb down over her anus. I clutch her squidgy arse in my hands and feel her thighs. She is gorgeous to squeeze. All the while I have a perfect view of that nice little closed pink anus and her pink clam. "You are beautifully put together down here, Tabatha." "Ank oo," she says thickly, with my cock still in her mouth.

I am hard in her mouth and she makes satisfied little grunts as she pushes her lips down my shaft. From time to time she lets my cock flop out of her mouth and down onto my belly with a wet slap.

When I start licking her clit quickly, she pauses distractedly. She moans and her stop/start movements tell me she likes what I'm doing. I like what she's doing to me too.

Then she starts to back up towards me. I reach up and kiss her bum cheek. First one, then the other.

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She moans again. I keep doing it. She moves closer. I am moaning too. I kiss the top of her crack. She stays put. I can't really hold my head up. I have to do half crunches with my head. Her lovely little pink arsehole is puckering at me.

I kiss it. I kiss it again. She moans louder than before. I kiss her cheeks again, but that's not enough for her any more and she pushes her bum back further. Her cheeks are spread wide and her anus is there for me to lick and kiss. The first lick has an earthy flavour.

She looks perfectly clean. It is only faint, but it is there. I do a big second lick. Again some flavour, but less than the first. This is not something I enjoy. I'm just cleaning her up so we can get on with it. She squirms and moans as I bury my face between her cheeks for the third time and flick my tongue up and down over her little hole. When I pull back to look at my handy work her little hole tightens and releases. I kiss it again.

It is so cute. I am enjoying this immensely and my heart pounds with excitement. My breathing is heavy and I groan almost continuously. "Oh Tabatha." After a few more minutes she changes position and sits between my legs sucking my cock.

My head is bulging in her slave training pet girl foxtail and she makes eye contact regularly. She stretches threads of drool between her mouth and my cock. It is hot to watch her work. She goes fast, but not too fast and my breathing quickens. I am enjoying this and I'm ready for her to take me over the edge. I want to come in her mouth, although I'm not sure if that's what she has in mind.

Suddenly she slows down. "I forgot. You like it slow, don't you?" "Yes, I do." The change of pace is excruciatingly pleasurable and I'm surprised I don't just start squirting down her throat. After another few minutes she tires and starts alternating between her hands and her mouth.

My cock strains when she rubs me with her hand. I moan. "You're very horny today." She squeezes me hard and rubs slowly and licks my head like a lollypop. She looks like a girl with a lollypop! Fuck! I can feel the pre-cum oozing out of me. It turns me on to think that she is tasting me. "Are you going to come for me?" "Oh yeah." "Good. Where do you want to come?" "Can I cum in your mouth?" She screws up her face.

"As you go through life, Andy," she keeps licking my lollypop while she delivers this little lecture, "I think you'll find that there are not as many girls willing to swallow your cock and your cum as porn videos would lead you to believe." [Lick] "Really?" I'm a bit deflated. But also sceptical. Tabatha is only two years older than me. What would she know? [Lick] "Yeah, really." She hears the doubt in my voice.

"I can only think of one girl at my school who likes the taste of cum and who swallows." [Lick] "What's her name?" It just blurts out and Tabatha stops licking and gives me a dangerous look.

"Not that I want to ask her out or anything small tits blonde nanny riley star sucks off and gets reamed.. ." I try to back pedal. "I just wondered if it's someone I know." "Thin ice, Andy. Very thin ice." For a moment it seems like I will be left hanging, like I was in that dream. I put my hand on her hip and feel the plump curves of her hip and thigh.

I squeeze it affectionately. "You've got the best arse, Tabatha." "Do you think so?" She seems to doubt it, but I nod earnestly. "I suppose you want to come all over it?" "Yeah. That would be nice," I say, wistfully, wishing she were serious. Tabatha turns around onto all fours and starts to back up her arse towards me. "Not on my actual butt hole. And not in my hair. I just washed it last night." "No, of course not." I still can't believe she's serious, but I get up on my knees and start wanking my cock, pointing it at her.

She looks back over her right shoulder and arches her lower back to push her bum up. I rub my oily cock against her soft butt cheek and groan at the sensation. She moves her bum over so that my cock approaches her crack and that lovely asshole. But she stops short and we both groan. "You're such a tease," she says. Me?! Fuck! She sticks her ass in the air and gyrates slowly like a porn star.


"You sure know what a guy wants." "I should hope so." I slow down and rub my cock against her arse. Some pre-cum oozes from the eye and I smear it across her ass cheek. She turns around and slaps her own arse. "Are you a bad girl?" "Am I what!" "Do you talk dirty?" "Sure. Why don't you come on my arse. I want your cum all over my arse." "Ohhh," I moan. "I want to squirt all over your arse." "Yes, cum on my arse. I want to see your cum." "I want to squirt all over your beautiful back." "Cum on my back.

Cum all over me. Make a big hot mess on my arse." "Oh yes, Tabatha. Here it comes." The first squirt landed on the back of her neck. Right up against her hair line. Splat. Luckily she had her hair up in a clip and only a few stray strands were hanging down.

"Oh!" She flinched in surprise at the first big splash. A second, nut crunching squirt arcs through the air and lands heavily on her shoulder blade. "Oh! Andy!" She looks back over her shoulder, but has her face screwed up as if she is worried I will hit her in the face.

The next couple of squirts fly low and skid down the gentle slope of her lower back. Three, four. Big drops of white cum splash on to her bum near the top of her crack and to the right. It is like paint spatter big circular flowers with tiny satellite petals.

Five, six. Everything so far has overshot her ass entirely. She is watching and I keep spurting. Six, seven. "Still mistress taylor st claire mixed wrestling she asks in surprise.

She holds her bum steady and I take voluntary control of my muscles to intensify the last few spurts. Eight went a bit further and landed in the small of her back. Nine fell short and landed right on her little pink anus.

"Oh!" Ten was not much more than a big dribble that glanced off the face of her buttock and landed on her calf below. Finally, I was spent. "Oh thank you, Tabatha.

Thank you." "You're welcome. My pleasure." She tries to sound cool and casual, but she was hastily grabbing a corner of the towel to wipe my cum off her ass before it all ran down into her pussy. "Jesus, Andy! Can you get off the towel and help me, I'm covered in cum." She wipes the cum off her back. "Can you just check that I've got all your cum off my back?

See if I've missed any? Lisa will be here any minute." "Sure." I grab the towel and wipe the back of her neck. A strand of hair is wet. She won't thank me for that when it goes all crusty later. Then I wipe her lovely shoulder blade. I check the small of her back and her ass, but it seems she has wiped that already. "I think that's it. It's hard to see." "Your legs are shaking." She's right. My legs started quivering in the build up to that orgasm and they are still shaking.

"Yes, I'm obviously not as fit as I should be." "You seem pretty fit to me. Sometimes my legs shake after a strong orgasm and I'm not unfit." I liked her perspective. "I never thought of it like that. Rick gets a brunette as a gift always assumed it was because I was using muscles I don't normally use. It was a pretty intense orgasm, wasn't it?" "I'll say." Just then, Tabatha's phone dinged. It was a text from Lisa.

"Lisa and Jo are waiting at the front door. Can you let them in?" I was standing there naked with my cock still red raw and drooling. It suddenly gave a twitch. "Jo? You never told me Jo was coming?"