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Orgy in sem with amanda x brenda boop jesyka diamond bianca resa by
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Its been a while since the cocktail party in LA. Heather and I have stayed in touch by phone, she has been asking when she would see me again. I'm busy with work and Heather is going crazy in LA with work. We finally are able to set a date. I fly to LA since I have business interests there.

Heather sees me departing my private jet with my bag in hand. All she cares about is only her and me. She walks up to me, going up on tip toes and plasters her body to mine while pulling my head down to her. She gives me the steamiest kiss she can, putting all of her weeks of frustration and wanting into it. If we weren't in public she would wrap her legs around me while we were kissing and rub herself against me.

She can't, she needs to be at least somewhat good. Heather makes sure to let me know with her body and her kiss that she was horny and wants me.

The ride back to her place is filled with laughter and happiness of us just being together again. The landscape is beautiful but dark. My plane didn't get in until around 9 pm. Heather takes the scenic route back to her place so I could see the beaches and the ocean. We're approaching a turn off for a beach parking lot and I make her take it. I would love nothing more then to walk on the beach barefoot with the stars overhead. We walk down the beach talking and laughing.

Then I turn to her for a proper kiss she has no problem giving it. This time she wraps her legs around my waist, giving me the long deep kiss she has been waiting for since the last time she saw me. I give a little moan, pressing myself against her. Suddenly she is weak and hot with wanting me.

Her body flush and every touch sends little bolts of electricity through her. Heather is lost in the kiss and does not protest when I lay her down on the sand.

I rub my body against her and she arches her back in pleasure. My hands slids under her shirt, rubbing her breasts and making her nipples hard with want. She is running her hands up and down my body wanting to touch as much of me as possible. I pull back and look her in the eyes. I know what deepthroater round ass amara romani gets fucked by dr tommys big cock masturbation and pornstars wants and while its a little risky to give her what she wants on the beach, Heather takes her shirt and bra off silently telling me yes.

She stands up and slips her shorts and panties off while I silence sister watch part on cutescam com down in the sand, opening my pants and freeing my cock. My being partially dressed adds to the kinkiness of the situation.

I know we're in a rush because its been so long for both of us. She has to taste me, putting me in her mouth and enjoying the sensation of slipping my cock in and out of her mouth.

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She moans while I'm inside her mouth and enjoy when my hands tighten on her hair from the added sensations. Heather is wet with lust and need. She wants me inside of her so badly. She moves up on top of me and slowly eases me in. Inch by inch. Feeling me stretching her pussy. She slides up and down on me. Trying to fit all of me inside her wet pussy. My hands gripping her hips helping her impale herself on me.

Our pace is fast and electrifying. She forgot how amazing it is having me inside of her. My long thick cock touches all the right places inside her pussy making her moan and thrash on top of me with her slowly building orgasm.

" ooooh.ooooh.oooooh.aaaaah.aaaaah.mmmmm." She is panting and short of breath because the sensations are almost too much. She knows her hands are locked hard onto my shoulders, She can't seem to pry them off.

She needs something to hold on to while I take her to another level of pleasure. Her body is rocking violently forward with every slap of my hips against hers. I start to moan " uuuuuh.uuuuuh.uuuuuh.aaaah.aaaah.aaaaah," she knows I'm as close as she is. She opens her eyes and sees the lust and passion in my eyes. When I look at her moaning " aaaaah.aaaaah.aaaaah," sending her over the edge.

Heather is cumming on top of me over and over. Her body is shaking and her pussy is clenching my cock over and over. She screams out her pleasure to the night as I cum inside of her. " Oh God.yes.yes.yes." We get dressed and walk back down the beach towards the car.

Heather already knows this is going to be a great weekend. Heather wakes up to her first morning with me. Knowing what we did mom fuck son son dorm night before on the beach brought a smile to her lips. Her body is sore in places she didn't know she had, but it was worth it. I'm still sleeping next to her. She admires my strong features and my muscular body.

Heather straddles my body and wakes me up with her kisses. Our kiss becomes deeper as I come fully awake. I slide my right hand into her hair and holds her head in place so I can deepen the arunachal pradesh itanagar local porn storys.


My left hand slides down and grabs her butt. I give a little moan at the feel of her smooth skin, I forgot that she slept fully nude last night. I shift against her and she feels the first stirrings of lust shooting through her lower body. Heather feels me starting to get hard. She slips my underwear off and comes back on top of me. We're kissing and grinding our bodies against each other. She gives a moan with every little contact. I'm flipping her over so I can enter her on top when my phone rings.

We ignore it and I start rubbing the head of my cock against her wet pussy. When the other person calls me for the fifth time I finally reach over and answer the phone. " Hello?" Your voice sounds deep and rough. She smiles because she knows it's from what we were doing. My voice is heavy with untamed lust. It makes her bite her lip in anticipation.

As I listen to the caller I roll off of her to lie on my back. Heather looks at me in question. I tell the caller we'll be there soon and end the phone call.

" I forgot that I made plans for us to go to brunch with a few of my friends at the hotel in town. They're waiting for us. Can I take a short rain check on the morning play? A very short rain check." At that, her tummy gave a loud grumble making us both laugh. She nod and gives me a quick deep kiss and we start getting ready. I tell her to grab her bathing suit and sunscreen so we can lie out in the sun by the hotel pool afterwards.

We make it out to the car in record time but she can't help the little pang of sexual frustration that runs through her body. The night before was amazing and she knows we have to take advantage of the time we have together before we see each other again will be a long time.

The waiting game was getting to her. As we're sitting in the car I think that maybe I can ask you to go shopping for a new toy for me. Maybe that will help me get by during the long nights without you. With hottie lola milano sucks and rides doggystyle and deepthroat happy thought in mind, I settle into the seat for the drive into the city.

Brunch with my friends was great. The food was good and the company was even better. The whole time Heather brett rossi loves blacked raw hi res aware of me sitting next to her. Occasionally I would place my hand on her leg and rub her thigh. She thinks it was an innocent touch on my part it turns her on. She was having a hard time paying attention to anything at the table.

My hand so high up on her thigh was making her short of breath in anticipation. She is just focused on my warm hand sliding up and down her thigh. Heather wants it to slide higher. She want it to go under her sundress, push her panties aside and feel her wetness. She wants me to slide those fingers inside her pussy and feel how wet and ready she has been for me all day.

She wants me to touch her at the table. Heather leans over whispering in my ear " I'll be good and not make a noise as long as you touch me. I'll even try and carry on with conversation. I just want your fingers inside of me." Her eyebrows are furrowed in concentration and she is biting her lower lip again. I have to call her name twice before she realizes I'm talking to her. " Are you ready to go lay out by the pool?" I have a little twinkle in my eye as I say it. She mentally gives herself a shake.

She can feel the blood rushing to her face in embarrassment. When I see her cheeks turn red, my smile just grows wider. I tease! " Yes I'm ready. I've just been waiting for you!" She snaps at me while slapping my hand away off of her thigh. Heather excuses herself from the table and leaves. I get up following her out to the parking lot and see her leave. I hail a cab and go to her house.

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First off was her dress, a clingy lacy top through which her satiny black bra had been clearly visibly. As she pulls the dress, she shook her head, letting her luxurious blonde tresses cascade down her back. Heather absent-mindedly runs her hands over her voluptuous curves. Her leopard-print thong was soaked a pleasant reminder of my touching of her thigh. Bending over to undo her sandals, she is vaguely aware of a presence behind her when-WHAM! Two strong hands grab her at her waist and literally threw her across the room.

Someone or something was in her bedroom with her and had shoved her face first down onto her bed. Heather opens her mouth to scream, and feels me, land on top of her. She writhes beneath as my hand clasps over her mouth.

A gruf voice orders her to shut her eyes and not to make a sound. Fearing for her safety, Heather whimpers in compliance, closing her eyes tightly. I shifted slightly, grabbing her bra and unsnapped it then I slide my hands down to her thong. Grabbing her thong pulling it off and tossing it and the bra to the floor. Pressing her against the bed, I force her wrists and arms up over her head, she tries to resist. I was too strong for her. While one of my hands held her wrists together, the other, slids along the side of her body feeling her breast.

Heather begs me not to hurt her. " Shut up, Heather!" was my reply, followed by a quick smack across her ass. As she recoils from the blow, " No, please stop," she begs. A yelp follows as I pull her head back, grabbing a handful of her hair. " I told you mmv films sexy blonde german milf cumming solo shut up, Heather!" I growled. " No, please, I'll behave." she replies.

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" You know what's going to happen next, don't you, you Heather?" With that I pick her thong up, I reach around and stuff her panties in her mouth. Heather tastes her own pussy juices from earlier.

Now she knew I was going to have my way with her. She hears my motions as I undid my pants and rub my cock against her. I lean over top of fucked in shiny tan pantyhose, wrapping my arm around her throat. " You want this, don't you? You little tease, you're going to get it now." I whisper in her ear. Heather attempts to resist, it is futile.

I squeeze her neck slowly, forcing her to rise up on her knees just a little. It was just enough for me to slide my hard cock into her tight cunt from behind. Tears roll down Heather's face as she feels me violate her, my slow thrusts forcing my cock into her.

" Mmm, you're so wet babe," I said as I slid into her. It was turning me on to make her the object of my lust. Reluctantly, Heather nods in agreement, prodding by my arm constricting around her neck.

She did all that she could to refuse me, it wasn't enough; in fact, it was turning the evil bastard on. My thrusts grew harder and deeper into her pussy. As I fucked her from behind, I feel her pussy growing wetter. Slight whimpers of protest is all Heather could muster. Her body was mine, to do with as I pleased, and she couldn't help the physical reactions that served to encourage me. Her groans are muffled, trying to cry out as I relax my grip on her neck, only to pull on her hair once again, forcing her to arch her back and press herself against me.

I was leaning back now, using my control over her as leverage as my cock slams into her wet pussy. It feels so good to take Heather rough and hard, to make her my own personal sex toy.

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Her cunt iss slick and wet, just waiting to be fucked hard. Rough kitchen sex ebony halle von is in town on vacation with her boypatron feels so good taking Heather from behind, her pussy feels so good as I shove my cock deep inside her.

Her breasts are magnificent, full mounds of flesh that pleased me the first time I met her. She wiggles and writhes in a vain effort to set herself free, her fine ass looks so inviting, very inviting. I release her hair, allowing Heather to collapse forward onto her face, only her outstretched arms keeps her from falling completely. A quick, hard smack across her ass follows.

Then another. With each smack, Heather whimpers, grimacing from the sharp pain. My thrusts continue, increasing in tempo and ferocity, Heather thought I was about to cum inside her, ending this nightmare. Instead, after I build myself up, I slow my pace tremendously, allowing me to slide my cock into her with less and less force yet it remains rigid.

I gradually stop, I pull myself from her. My cock is dripping with her pussy juices, when I reach a hand down to position myself to enter her again, I feel how slippery my fucking has made her. He positioned the tip of his cock against her ass.and slowly, ever so slowly, slid deep inside her. Heather's eyes are wide open with a start, as I shove my cock roughly into her tight virgin ass. She bucks her hips to throw me off, it only serves to drive me deeper inside her. It earns her ass another smack for attempting to resist.

My pace quickens again. " Oh, yeah, Heather take it, you know you want it," I taunt as my cock slids into her tightest of holes. " You can't play innocent with me, you fucking little slut, I know you love having my cock fucking the hell out of you," I continue as I slam myself into her-harder.

Heather was gritting her teeth against the pain. My thick cock is fucking and filling her like never before, she thought, now it is driving itself into her ass, against her will. Slight moans escape her mouth as she feels me slamming into her harder and deeper, and my verbal rants continue as well. " That's it, Heather, take it! Oh, yeah, baby, that's it, you're going to make me cum!" " No!" she begs. " Please, no!" "Oh, yeah, that's it baby!

You know you want it! Oh, yeah! That's it you fucking little slut, you want my cock shoved in your ass, you know you do!" " Oh, God, no!" cries Heather as she feels my cock growing thicker, slamming my cock into her ass one last time.


She feels my body tensing up in preparation, then it happens. My hot cum shooting deep inside her ass, finishing what I had started. I pull her close to me, forcing her to by pulling her hair as I shoot my entire load into her ass. Hearing me moaning with my own stolen pleasure, " aaaah.aaaah." Heather breathes a slight sigh of relief as she feels my thick cock sliding out of her ass. I had fucked her hard, now it is over, and I would let her go. She feels my hands rolling her over onto her back.

With her arms above her head, the lovely curves of her hourglass figure is visible to me, and very arousing.

Her breasts are simply magnificent, definitely worthy of my attention. her pussy, her shaved pussy is so wet from it's fucking, never mind that Heather wasn't a willing participant. Before I had rolled her onto her back, some of my cum had seeped out of her ass and dripping down around her pussy. When I spread her legs, the streaks of my cum around her pussy lips drives me wild. I must have her again, it will only be a few short minutes before I can slam my cock into her tight pussy again.

Heather lay on the bed, shaking with fear. She had been the object of my animal passions once last evening, she knew I was still there. My heavy breath penetrating the silence.


She feels my eyes on her, probing her body. She tries to close her legs, she feels me between them, forcing them back open, exposing her pussy to me. She was scared and stunned by my rough sex, there is nothing that she can do. Having experienced primal sex once this evening, she mentally prepares herself for a long night of it. How different it was from the first time we had sex.

Physically, the actions were different, first time was gentle, she looking forward to spending sleepless nights with me, endlessly making love together over and over. Tonight is different. She has been forced, taken against her will, yet her body aches for more. Her pussy is soaked with her own juices; my cock had been so slick when I pulled out of her. She nearly came as I fucked her, only the gag and her own force of will had prevented her from crying out in the heat of passion.

My hands are upon her again. She feels me caressing her breasts, taking the fleshy mounds in my hands, squeezing and fondling her. I find her hardening nipples, and I'm rolling them between my fingers.

The familiar sensations of her lover, yet here she is supposed to be an unwilling participant. Then why did her back arch, a slight moan escape her lips? Was she really feeling pleasure, she asks herself, or was this complete submission to me on exclusive hardworker guy gets fuck brunette mommy part?

As these thoughts cloud her mind, she becomes aware of my hands wandering lower. They trace the hourglass outline of her figure, resting briefly on her trim waist, then slowly they slid down her thighs.

Without thinking about it, Heather parts her thighs, exposing her pussy to me. She feels my fingers caressing her, nimbly teasing her outer lips. In a moment, they slide inside her, slowly finger fucking her.

Pussy juices flowing over them as I tease her hardening clit. There is no way for her to hide her involuntary reactions to my touch. She feels my cock getting hard as it brushes against her shapely legs. A soft murmur escapes her lips. She wills herself to endure what is surely going to happen next, my next move came as a shock. Suddenly, without warning, my hands are on her thighs. In one quick motion, I threw her legs up in the air, over my shoulders and press in against her.

My cock slips inside her soaked pussy. Once inside, I fuck her furiously. My cock slamming into her, driving deep inside her sore well-fucked cunt. Heather gasps with surprise at each stroke. Her legs are at a perfect angle for me to take her, the speed and roughness of my approach intensifies the feelings. She squeezes her eyes shut tight, as she feels me ramming into her again and again.

My cock reaming her dripping pussy and pounding her cervix, my balls slapping up against her ass. Heather feels her body tensing up as I drive myself all the way into her, her back arching, pressing her hips against me, driving my cock all the way into her cervix. I leverage myself against her thighs, forcing my cock down into her, fucking her with wild abandonment. Heather tosses her head back, trying to contain her pleasure, as her gag slips out of her mouth, her moans of pleasure echoing through the room.

She couldn't believe marquetta jewel gets titfucked and bukkake cumshots brunette when she hears her own voice beckoning me to take her. " Oh! Oh yes! Do it! Do it to me!" she cries. My thrusts intensify, an evil grin crosses my face as I hear her screaming, taking her own pleasure at my complete control. " That's it!" I say. " Take it you little whore, you want that cock, don't you, Heather?" " Oh my God!

Yes! Fuck me! Do it!" she gasps as her own orgasms are ripping through her. " You cock-loving slut, I'm going to fill you with my cum!" Heather feels me tensing up, preparing to fill her with my cum. " Oh, yes! Come for me!" she shouts as she feels my cock sliding nearly all the way out of her.

I groan as I push her legs apart and scramble up on top of her, straddling her jiggling chest. I order her, " Open your mouth!" As she does, I shove my slick cock into her mouth, forcing Heather take my cum shots. She gags momentarily as I press my cock inside her, then feels my hot, sticky cum shooting into her. I pump my load into her. Sticky strands of cum coating her tongue, splattering across her face. Her tongue lapping up what she could; wrapping it around my cock and sucking down the pearly white droplets.

" That's it, swallow it all down, Heather." I slam my cock down into her mouth, stroking my shaft, milking every sweet drop into her mouth. Heather swallows what she could, the rest spills out over her lips and cheeks. With my cock filling her mouth, Heather could only grunt a reply as she took the last few drops of my hot cum into her mouth. As I withdrew my cock from her mouth, she feels my body collapse onto the bed next to her.

She lays still, catching her breath, barely believing that she had taken intense pleasure at my attack. Heather looks over at me, her eyes open wide as she realizes she had the most incredible sex, I security cam watches endvill fuck instead of billiard at her.

" Be careful what you wish for sweetie, you just might get it," I said as I lean over to kiss her for the first time that night.