Pleasing darlings charming males with wet blowjobs

Pleasing darlings charming males with wet blowjobs
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Once upon a time, I was dating a girl named Tess. She was a tiny, petite blonde, with boobs that were slightly too large for her size and an impressive list of kinks and fetishes.

Most were rather interesting, but there was one that somehow always topped the list: Tess had an unstoppable urge to go down on people - me, in this instance. After we had been sleeping together for a couple of weeks and the first desperate non-stop love-making had past, we started to tease each other.

She wasn't particularly fun to tease, because once she reached a certain level of arousal, nothing in the world could stop her from getting herself done, but she did have her wicked ways of keeping me on edge for as long as possible.

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This is the tale of the first time that happened. She never told me about her plans, but the first alarm bells started ringing when she arrived at my doorstep for a long weekend, dressed in the tightest shorts you could ever imagine, with her top nowhere near hiding her thong from creeping up over her waist, leaving me highly curious about whether she had looked like that throughout her entire public transport trip, and, if so, how the hell she had managed to not get thrown at with tomatoes and eggs by old ladies and other not-so-free spirits.

We spent most of the time either in bed or at the beach.


I hardly doubt there have been hours in which neither Tess or me touched her girly bits, and I think I counted no less than fourteen orgasms throughout the weekend up until Sunday afternoon - fourteen for her, that is.

None for me. Zero. Zip.


I was a ticking timebomb. Every touch, every kiss, ever naughty line whispered in my ear, every wiggle of her butt, every bite on her lower lip, every time her hand firmly grabbed my crotch and squeezed it, every little thing she did was getting me rock-hard. And don't think for a second the vile creature didn't know what she was doing. She was a highly skilled orgasm ninja, trained to get me close to the edge and back to more calm waters in the blink of an eye. There were moments on which I was praying to whomever might hear that she would screw up and actually get me there, but that was merely a matter of wishful thinking.

Tess never screws up (okay, maybe once, but that's another story entirely).

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When we got back home, Tess immediately got naked and politely summoned me to do the same. We sat down amazing sluts have kinky fuck session with one lucky guy the couch and started making out.

Tess moved her body as if she was actually riding me, and whilst she sort of was, the only thing that touched my dick was the tiny landing strip that would guide lucky hunters to the big red X that was her golden treasure. I felt her slightly increase the pressure, but barely had the time or mental capabilities to even acknowledge that fact, since her wet kiss used up most of my brain's computing power.

Only when she paused for a bit of a breather and to throw her hair back over to the other side of her head, sitting up in the process and thus applying even more pressure, I realized she was rubbing herself against me, leaking slippery juices all over my abdomen. I watched my dick vanish between her pussy lips, waiting for the head to pop up again. The mere sight of it smacked me right back to the very edge of a post-orgasm universe. I quickly put my arms under her legs and raised her body off of me, just in time to avoid a pathetic wasted ooze-gasm, and buried my face in her chest to hide my cringing face.

I heard her giggle. "Looks like you're ready," she whispered.

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I watched her slide down my lap and sit on the floor between my legs. She grabbed the base of my dick with both hands and gazed at it, mesmerized, enthralled by the thought of taking it all in. Her tongue touched the tip, licking up the wetness she had put there herself moments ago. I felt her lips, not over the head, but on it, kissing it, rubbing it, as if she tried to put a gentle hickey on it.

Simultaneously, her hands started to move up and down the base, slowly but steadily readying me for an ultimate blast. She licked me, just once, all the way from the bottom to the top, over the top, and back down on the other side. I had to stuff my fist in my mouth in order not to ruin everything by shooting a load into her neck. And she knew it. She looked up at me and smiled a wicked smile, one a female lead police movie character performs when she has finally tracked down the antagonist and is about to close the cuffs for the final extreme tit torture nailed tboard. It was the briefest moment of nothing, that, I was sure of that, would have ended with me bursting anyway, as the look on her face had finally tipped me right over the edge.

Luckily, she decided to take matters into her own hands. "Time to return the favor," she grinned. From that moment, everything was connected.

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Every move, every twitching muscle, it all happened in a cycle that had been determined before it had begun, and there was no way anything would go differently. She held onto my dick with both hands and pulled on it once, putting maximum tension on the skin. I felt her wet lips and warm tongue against it as she sucked it in, rolling her head about a third of the way down the shaft. That was the exact moment my defenses broke.

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She didn't even have to move her head up and down. Her tongue was motionlessly pushed against my dick, forming a ramp on which the first wave bounced off before it hit her palate.

Wave after wave filled her mouth with sticky cum, some of it dripping out of a corner of her mouth, but most of it accumulating in the back of her throat; a nice little bath for my still twitching dick. She maintained the vacuum until I slid out of her. Then she looked at me again, barely twenty seconds after she had done just that earlier, only this time with a big mouthful of the cum she had made me collect sunny leone pron hot girls the weekend.


It took her three tries to swallow, but she eventually opened her mouth to prove everything was gone, licking her lips to get the drops that got away. She laid her head on my knee and looked at me sideways, with a smile that looked like it would never disappear from her face ever again. Very few things indeed beat looking at a happy little Tess - although getting teased to near infinity and exploding in her mouth is definitely one of them.