Pron new xxxx saxy story d

Pron new xxxx saxy story d
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Slave Auction, A Charity Party by Francis Drake Posted by JackFD, with Francis Drake's permission. Thia stopped reading the page she'd attempted to understand the last four times she'd read it.

Her mind wasn't on the current best-selling thriller, it was on the box in her bedroom and the masquerade. No need delaying. Since she'd told Derek she would accompany him, her mind returned to the costume with every other thought. She'd accomplished nothing at work. She'd be glad when the damn party was behind her. She put the book aside and went to face her demon. She put the box on her bed. Removing the hooded cloak, she remembered the thrill she'd felt letting it slide from domination squirt this is our most extraordinary case file to date folks shoulders, revealing the prize the soft wool had hidden from Derek's gaze.

It hadn't taken him long to drink her in. She laughed. "Honestly, Thia, what's happened to you? You used to be such a nice girl." She laid the cloak on the bed and then set out the rest of the costume.

"But nice is so overrated. Where has it gotten me? Unfulfilled while married, lonely when widowed." A feeling of foreboding consumed her looking at the sparse miniskirt and seeing the pattern of the bedspread through the blouse. She tried to push it aside by admitting, "Being bad with Derek has shown me what uninhibited passion is. And who has it harmed?" She smoothed her hand over the lush fullness of the skirt. "No one." She started a bath. Into the hot water she poured oil scented with a musk fragrance.

She knew she played with fire now, but since she'd agreed to accompany Derek, she might as well suit herself to the provocative costume. Thia had debated about shaving her pubic area, thinking if she was on display she might look better without hair in that area.

When she finished relaxing in the hot water, feeling the silkiness of the water envelope her and inhaling the intoxicating scent, she'd made her decision. After shaving her legs, she spread shaving gel over the black bush above her pussy.


When she'd finished with the razor only a small triangle of hair remained. She ducked back in the water, letting the oil sooth her skin before rising to dress.

She came out of the bathroom, picked up the stockings and sat on the vanity stool. The cool air on her naked pussy was a reminder of what she was about to do, go to a strange house with strange people and expose her nipples for all to see.

The garters emphasized that not only would her breasts be open for view, her pussy would be open, unprotected should Derek decide to give it attention. Or rather, should she decide to let him. She might have peeked around the door to the dark chamber where she'd kept her wild side, but she hadn't become a woman who allowed her lover free rein.

Tonight especially. Naughty college ndash the new girl double penetration and doublepenetration they were going to the party on the job, so to speak, sex would surely be a distraction.

She shouldn't allow Derek anything, even if he expressed the desire. She shouldn't. Her blouse went on next. She slipped the silk-covered buttons through the holes, adjusted the collar and smoothed her hands over her breasts, letting the sensuous fabric infuse her emotions.

With a sigh, she dropped her hands and stepped into the miniskirt. The deep, soft pile of the skirt combined with the silk blouse would provide tactile scintillation all night. This was a mistake. Shaving her pussy had been an expression of the slut in her, wanting to appeal to a man who would touch her there or view her, in the same way women had adorned themselves for ages with the eye toward attracting a mate.

The musk bath oil left a lingering scent and smoothness on her skin that could mesmerize a man. And now she donned clothing that screamed only one message, I am available for pleasure. She should not go out like this, not with Derek or any man. Hell, she wasn't even safe from her own inclinations, burgeoning in her now, to touch herself.

That's all she would need hanging about her, the aroma of arousal. If she hadn't committed to Derek, she'd call this off. Thia had just finished wrapping the red scarf around her head when a knock announced Derek's arrival.

She'd thought she was ready, but felt herself blush when his eyes examined her. "Come in. I'll be ready in a minute." She retreated to her bedroom and finished applying her makeup. Thia put a few cosmetics and her house key in a small purse and picked up her cape.

She paused, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. God, I can't believe I'm doing this. With the acknowledgement that she'd gone too far to back down, she opened her eyes and stepped out into the living room. Derek stood up as she entered and stared. "You are gorgeous." He gave her a long look.

"Are you sure you're ready to go through with this?" "I don't know." Her eyes narrowed as she examined his pirate's costume. Tightly fitted leather pants hugged his muscled legs.

A white shirt hung open at the collar and showed fullness in the body and sleeves. He also wore boots and had a red bandana wrapped around his head. "Why are my clothes see-through and yours aren't?" "Maybe a man picked out the costumes. I do know that I'm not letting you out of my sight. My God, you're going to need protection to keep men away." She laughed, pleased as Derek put the cape over her shoulders.

"I appreciate the thought. Believe me, I'm going to stay near you." Her hands shook slightly as she fastened her cape. "There is something you should know. I'm more nervous than I've ever been in my life." "I can understand, but who knows? You might even enjoy yourself. Shall we go?" Derek swept his cape over his shoulders and held out his arm. With a squeeze of her hand in the anus of pretty cutie screwed girlfriend and hardcore of his elbow, he led her out of her condo.

As they walked down the hall, Thia tugged Derek's arm to stop him. "I'm nervous about more than my costume. Why are they having the party at this remote location unless they are hiding something? And you she loves to swallow all of that cum there would be games.

How do I know you aren't taking me as a sacrificial lamb to be used as entertainment? And you said you don't know what goes on at these parties. How do I know—?" He put his fingers against her lips. "I know more than you think. But to answer a couple of your questions, the party is there because they live there.

I've told you they aren't nice people or they wouldn't be investigated to begin with, so I'm sure they do have things to hide. And last, you'll have to trust me to take care of your sexy body." Derek leaned down and whispered in her ear, "And you know I can take care of your sexy body.

How many orgasms do you want in the next twenty-four hours?" She held up a hand with all digits extended and smiled. Okay, so maybe being trapped in a remote location with people who were probably criminals would be worth the risk. God help me, I believe I might enjoy the evening. I shouldn't, I really, really shouldn't, but I think I will.

Chapter 7 Derek helped Thia out of the taxi when it delivered them to the Ferry Building. They followed the signs leading them to the berth where their ride to the party was docked.

Thia held Derek's arm tighter with each step. Once the boat left the dock, there would be no turning back. They stopped when it became obvious which boat was their destination.

Thia stared. The yacht dwarfed Derek's boat. "Wow! This is what we're taking?" "It looks like it. Not exactly what you were expecting?" "No, when did they start putting fishing boats and helicopter pads on yachts?" He laughed. "I have to admit this is the biggest 'yacht' I've ever seen. It almost looks like it's built for icebreaking.

Amazing." Derek appeared to be studying the vessel, not simply admiring it. He probably was. As nervous and concerned as she was with her costume, she'd forgotten he was on the job. "By the way," he said in a low voice, "I don't want these people to know who you are, so your name is Sin for the night.

Sin spelled S-I-N, okay?" Thia paused for a second then took a deep breath and said, "Sure, fine.


Do I have a last name?" Derek thought for a second and chuckled. "You won't need one, but if you do, how about Forim? F-O-R-H-I-M?" He winked. "Silent H." Thia met his gaze and smiled. "Clever." "That's me." He took the mask from her hand and tied it on her before putting on his own. Then he led her down the dock. Derek's touch on her arm reassured her as they reached the gangway. A crew member greeted them. "May I have your invitation please?" Derek pulled an envelope from some hidden pocket.

"Very good. Derek Pirate. And the lovely lady's name, please? "Sin." The man's brows arched, but he showed no other signs of interest. "Very well." Thia watched the man write Sin Pirate in the top corner of the invitation before handing it back to Derek.

"Your cloaks will be taken after we get underway. Please go through the hatch at the top of the gangway." Following directions, they entered an exquisite lounge where they joined the other guests, also wearing cloaks and masks. As they entered, a crewman took their invitation, rang a bell and announced Derek and Sin Pirate. Thia immediately blushed with embarrassment.

At that moment, she was glad to be wearing the cloak and mask as people turned and stared. * * * * "Hello, Derek. Peter told us you'd be joining us tonight. We're your hosts. I'm Sylvester and this is Lilly. You received your costumes with no difficulty?" "Yes, thank you." Derek shook Sylvester's hand and gave a smile and cordial nod to Lilly. "I'm please to meet you both." He brought Thia to his side and smiled down at her.

"This is, my Sin." "Derek's Sin. How appropriate. Please order whatever you like from the bar. We will be pushing off shortly." Derek and Thia moved into the room. On their trip to Monterey, Derek had taught her a few nautical terms, such as bulkhead for wall. But bulkhead seemed crass to describe the sides of this area.

Rich teak bead board covered the bottom half and a luminescent dark gold material covered the top. Banquettes of plush red velvet provided seating, and they walked on Oriental carpeting over a teakwood floor. Shimmering crystals hung from two chandeliers and a mirror along the far wall reflected the glittering splendor. At least sixty people milled around, chatting and drinking or sampling the hors d'oeuvres laid out buffet style near the bar.

Except for head coverings, the cloaks and masks lent everyone an aura of sameness. Thia knew that would change when the cloaks came off. She held tightly to Derek's arm, feeling fear akin to walking through a strange part of town and not knowing who might jump out of a doorway or from behind a building. It was the fear of the unknown. She tugged his sleeve and he leaned his ear to her mouth. "I'm nervous. Please don't leave me alone." Derek whispered back, "I'll stay with you every minute.

I'll even go into the bathroom with you if you agree to use the men's room." Thia giggled and said, "I may take you up on that." Drinks and appetizers in hand, they mixed with the other guests. Derek conducted the conversations. Thia gave only short answers to direct questions. The boat slowly moved away from the dock and into the Bay. Thia gripped Derek's arm again. Oh, she was an idiot. What was she, a quiet, relatively shy, staid accountant doing half-naked on a ship bound for a remote mansion?

This was like an old movie where the naive damsel was led to a surprising fate. Her stomach flipped cartwheels and her heart threatened to pound out of her chest. Would they reverse and take her back to the dock if she told Derek she felt sick? Derek provided the only semblance of legitimacy for her being on board. She was attempting to help him by posing as his date and adding to his cover, but that didn't excuse her dress, or that she was even now heading away from the security of the shore.

They were among a lot of other people, so maybe no one would notice her. In fact, perhaps she and Derek could hang on the perimeter of the party, escaping notice. No, if she asked to go back, how would he investigate?

Focusing on the conversation once again, she heard, "Are you going to bid on the slaves tonight?" Derek glanced down at her before replying.

"Probably not, though I'm interested to see how it's handled. I think my companion might object to my adding to our party with a slave girl." He slid his arm across her shoulders and squeezed her to him. She smiled up at him, wondering what her response to him should be.

"Maybe next time." His fingers curled around her shoulder. He was pleased with her answer. "If they're selling women, the drugs won't be far away," he murmured in her ear as he steered her away from the other couple. "The auction can't be real." His frown showed he wasn't completely sure. "You're doing well, but be careful of what you drink and eat." For the first time, she noticed Derek still carried his second drink but it had barely japan mom n son sex stories touched.

In her nervousness, she'd downed three fruity concoctions and was half-way through her fourth. "They might have drugged the drinks." Her mouth must have formed a horrified O because he continued, "Not with what we'd consider a bad drug, but something to loosen inhibitions.

Uptight people gamble less and certainly might object to some of the party games I think we might be seeing. Alcohol relaxes people but it's possible they've added something else to enhance it. I should have warned you. How many have you had?" She looked at the glass in her hand and then up to his face. "This is my fourth." He took the glass from her to set on a table.

"No more for you." "Absolutely not." But she looked longingly at the drink as they moved away. With the militant butterflies in her stomach, she could have used a little something to calm her down. Then she giggled to herself. Sex is an excellent calming activity.

And she wondered if that thought came from the alcohol or her own blossoming desires. * * * * Shortly after moving out into open waters Thia realized crewmen were moving through the throng collecting cloaks.

One by one, costumes were revealed. She noticed a definite pattern. The women's costumes tended to reveal a great deal of body, either breasts or bottoms or even the pubic area for some. The men's costumes weren't nearly so open, although mano brazil and hungarian girl in jamaica of them emphasized the penis. She must remember to keep her gaze on people's faces and not well, other places.

Thia turned away from Derek and the man he chatted with to continue looking around the room. Her knees weakened as she watched one couple remove their cloaks, exposing they wore nothing but loincloths hanging from strings around their waists, and their masks.

She did her best to act natural but the gasp gave her away. Her imagination ran wild as to what kind of party this might be. Under her stare, the man's dick started to rise. She gave another gasp and quickly raised her gaze. The man smiled and winked.

She smiled faintly and tuned back into Derek's conversation, the smile still on her face. Turning away from the loin-cloth couple didn't help clear Thia's consciousness. Just beyond the man talking to Derek she saw another couple's costumes revealed. The man wore a sultan's robes and his date had nothing covering her save a shimmery, translucent slave's costume. The top barely hung below her breasts, which showed through the material anyway, as did her pussy. Thia was pleased to see the woman had shaved her pubic area as she had, leaving a triangle of dark hair.

The slave trousers hung on the woman's hips and stretched tight across her crotch, then fell full and billowing to her ankles where they fit tightly.

Jewels glimmered in her hair—as well as on her neck collar and wrist and ankle restraints. The clothing marked her a woman who was used by the sultan. The restraints and chains marked her his slave. She didn't look unhappy with the arrangement. "May I have your cloak, please?" She gasped.

It was her turn to expose herself as so many others had. She looked up to see Derek already stood in his pirate regalia, watching her with interest. Could she do it? After a deep breath Thia reacted. With one hand she unfastened blonde with big tits in vaginal action clasp at her neck, and slipped free the first button.

Then she stopped, unable to go through with it. Unable to expose herself to the stares of strangers. Derek's hands slid over hers. "Let me help," he said in a low voice. With each button he released, the back of his fingers grazed the silk, causing it to flutter against her skin. She sucked in her breath and he raised his gaze. The amusement in his eyes told her he did it on purpose.

"A little sensuality to help you relax." "Yes, well, what relaxes a person one way adds a certain tension in others," she muttered back. He laughed, sliding her cloak off her shoulders and handing it to the crewman. "We'll have to see what we can do about that later." He leaned forward and let his lips brush her temple. "In the meantime—" he slipped his arm around her shoulders and turned her for his conversational companion to see "—I want to show you off." He held her in such a lovely wife gets banged by her husband masturbation and tight pussy she couldn't move her arms to cover her breasts.

The man Derek had spoken to—a cowboy with his chest bared under a suede vest and with a leather codpiece was impressive if he indeed filled it—gazed at her with unabashed admiration. With the Stetson hat and toy six-shooters strapped to his hips, the mask made him into an erotic Lone Ranger.

"You're beautiful," he said. "I understand this is your first masquerade at Maison de Plaisir." "House of Pleasure?" It had been a long time since storys de pornde mujeres metiendose cosas muy grande y gruesas en su culy cucu school French but somehow this came back to her. Sexy Mr. Ranger smiled and nodded. With a smile like he had, he wouldn't be a "lone" ranger for long. "I think you'll find it lives up to its name if you give it a chance." He moved a step closer after an appraising glance at Derek.

"Perhaps I can show you around later?" "Oh, no thank you." Derek spoke up. "I doubt I'll let the lady out of my sight. But hopefully we'll be back for other parties." "Maybe some other time," he said and moved away.

"I can see it's going to be a full-time job keeping other men away from you," Derek whispered in her ear before depositing a kiss on her cheek.

Thia wasn't sure how much this was for their act or if he felt as attracted to her as she did to him. "You smell great." "Thanks. And thanks for letting me tell the cowboy no before you stepped in." He shrugged. "If you'd agreed I wouldn't have been happy but I probably wouldn't have stood in your way." He nibbled her neck. "I'm glad you didn't agree." Really? She reached down to feel his dick was big and hard.

"We should do something about that, got any ideas?" "Yes, let's find the head." She followed when Derek took her hand. Outside the lounge and down a narrow passageway, Derek found what he was looking for. He tugged her into the bathroom. The space was as richly appointed as the lounge, and large enough for two, but just barely. Thia examined the waistband of his trousers.

"No belt, just Velcro," he said, his voice low and husky. The distinctive sound of peeling apart the material filled the room. It was a small thing then to lift the satiny fabric of his trousers over Derek's cock and let them slide down his legs.

"No underwear?" she purred. "In honor of you, knowing you were going without some items of clothing." His smile warmed her. Dropping to her knees, she clasped her hands behind her. Sitting back on her heels, she let him see her submissiveness. With a sound that was between a groan and a growl, he curled his hand around her scalp and guided her lips to the crown of his scepter.

The fine material of his trousers couldn't compare with the smooth, satiny head of his cock. She laved it with her tongue, taking particular pleasure in teasing the tiny slit, which rewarded her with a drop of clear, glistening pre-cum.

She licked it and then took the crown in her mouth. Derek rocked into her, feeding her his cock inch by glorious inch. She snaked her tongue along the vein on the side of his hard shaft.

There was no way anything that hard should have been able to bend, but his spear molded to the recesses of her mouth and dipped into her throat when she'd taken all of him. The wiry curls surrounding the base tickled her nose, but not for long because he pulled his hips back. Her lips clamped on his shaft and lightly grazed her teeth along his length.

"God!" The pleasure of taking him in her mouth radiated through her, starting with the taste buds on her tongue to the raspy-rough texture at the top of her throat. She lapped the head and started down his length again. Derek's hands firmly held her head.

With the scarf twisted around her head he couldn't touch her hair, but she wished he could. She wanted to feel his fingers twisting through her strands, imprisoning her on bootylicious babe strips off her bikini smalltits and hardcore knees. The better to service him. "Enough." His voice was hardly recognizable, but his hands on her shoulders left no imagination as to what he wanted. He pulled her to her feet and bent her over the pedestal sink rim.

She watched his masked face in the mirror, saw the glitter in his eyes. "Now we see why the instructions said no panties." From some hidden pocket, Derek drew out a condom and in seconds he was sheathed. It took little effort to push her skirt over the silky globes of her bottom. "Yes?" he asked. "Please do me, do me now," Thia replied. He accommodated her in one smooth thrust, setting both of them back on their heels. With every stroke her reason diminished until she was completely consumed with the sensations wracking her body.

He bent her almost double and his weight pressed her down. His thumb circled her asshole and his finger rubbed her clit in time with his invading dick. She used the mirror to push against until she could take no more. Her pussy convulsed, milking his dick and sending her into spasms until she fell forward, limp.

Beautiful chicks amp fellows in group fun they weren't even at the party yet. * * * * Feeling the yacht slow, Derek and Thia joined the group on deck. The boat entered an inlet and then turned to starboard. A large Victorian house perched on the rocks.

An extensive set of steps led from the dock to the top of the bluff, but there was also a small tram running alongside the steps. When the boat was docked, Derek looked back. The boat and dock were masked from the ocean. Sylvester Oglethorpe addressed his guests. "This evening will be a charity event for world hunger. The entertainment will start with casino gambling, with all house proceeds going to world hunger.

Following, the slaves will participate in various contests where guests may bet on the participants. As most of you who have attended our functions know, the final and often most exciting event is the slave auction." He smiled as a titter went through the people on deck. "Yes, it's a popular event. Any of you may place bids on the slaves, and they will be yours to command for the next week. Of course, they must be returned a week from Monday morning in the same condition as when they leave this house, unless other arrangements are made.

As usual, the contest participants will be standing in review as you go into the house and will be available for inspection during the casino gambling. Please examine them carefully as to place better bets." So, this is a serious auction, Derek thought. Thia's face flushed. "Worried?" he asked.

"It's a real slave auction," she whispered. "I naughty hottie raises her long legs hardcore and blowjob they meant the 'slaves' would be around to help serve drinks or something during the evening. Or—" she looked up and blushed even redder "—to serve in other ways." "How can you blush after what we just did in the head?" Derek nuzzled her ear, amazed this woman could act the wanton and still seem so innocent at other times.

"Relax," he added. "It's for charity." "I don't care. It doesn't seem right." He smiled. "Would you like to be auctioned? I'd bid a lot of money on you." "No, not this time." "Not this time?" "No. Not ever." He bit back a laugh. "Ok, let's go have some fun." Inside the front door was a line of naked women. All were Oriental. They all had their hair in long ponytails. Blindfolds covered their eyes and numbered armbands encircled their upper arms.

Their hands were tied behind their backs and their ankles were bound. Around each of their necks hung signs. Derek knew this was a partial explanation for the frequent trips to the Orient. Could the drugs supplement some kind of slave trade? Or did human trafficking support the drugs? They'd hardly entered the house and his investigation had turned a corner. His Monday morning report would be interesting. Thia made little noises indicating her distress as she reached each girl.

The rest of the guests seemed to take the line of naked women in stride. Indeed, small groups had gathered around some of the women. Both men and woman pinched, poked and generally examined the compliant slaves. Thia turned and gave him a once-over look, then stroked her hand down the front of his trousers. "Hey," he said. "Watch it or we'll have to find another bathroom." "I'm just relieved to see these poor women don't excite you." "I like my women willing and free to say no." She smiled up at him and he felt compelled to add, "Not that I like them to." "I'll remember," she murmured.

Derek read the sign for the woman where they stood. Twenty-two years of age, five feet one inch, ninety-six pounds. Please buy me. I need a master to satisfy.

I am fluent in seven languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin) and understand four more (Greek, Spanish, Farsi, Japanese).

I have two degrees in math and excel in literature. If you buy me I will do anything to please you. My body and skills will be yours to command. "Fucking amazing," Derek muttered. A quick check of the woman next in line showed her education and skills to be comparable.

What in hell was going on? Why would educated women like this allow themselves to be put in this position? Derek looked down the line of would-be slaves. This could be the lead that would break the case but how could he leave knowing what was going to happen to these women? His heart sank as he watched people feel and probe their compliant bodies.

Derek pulled Thia a little tighter against him, feeling suddenly protective. "Don't stray." Mutely, she shook her head. * * * * Derek and Thia entered the casino area.

Bright lights flashed all over, obscuring any good look at the room. The clanging of slot machines paying off filled the air. Lilly directed them to the cashier and Derek bought a thousand dollars in chips. He handed half to Thia. "We will stay together but you can play, too.

That will give me a chance to watch the people." Thia followed Derek to the Black Jack table. "Sin, would you like to play first?" "I'm not very good. Henry took me to Vegas several times but I never ended up ahead." "Don't worry, just have fun." It was fun playing a high-roller. God knew, he'd had to pose as someone at the opposite end of the economic scale enough times. "Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you." Thia sat down and Derek stood behind her. He watched some of what she was doing and it looked like she actually was a pretty good player.

He was also watching the activity on the floor. When the games were moving along well, the slaves were led onto the floor and placed around the room. Their hands remained tied, and the blindfolds were still in place. Derek watched a couple examine one woman. The man guided her to her knees by the ponytail, then pulled her head back. His partner lifted her skirt and situated her pussy at the slave's mouth. In seconds, it was obvious the lady was getting turned on and then she groaned in climax.

The couple seemed pleased. The slave woman seemed as indifferent as the rest of the crowd as she stood and was moved aside. I'm not letting Thia out of my sight. To emphasize, he placed his hand on her shoulder.

She looked over her shoulder and gave him a blazing smile. There were no overt signs of drug usage. Or really anything, except the slaves. Derek gave Thia his chips and continued to look around.

By the roulette wheel, another slave was giving head to a man dressed as a king. Derek watched until she swallowed. This is no game for charity. This is for real and these girls are being sold as sex slaves. But how do I prove it. I can't even identify the guests. And of course, that was the point. Derek glanced down. Thia seemed oblivious to the show he'd been watching as well as the men looking at her exposed breasts.

She seemed to be thinking only of the game, and she had close to twelve hundred dollars in chips when Lilly announced the slave contests would start in fifteen minutes. He whispered in her ear, "Maybe you should stop. We want to have some chips to bet on the contest, and if we leave now we can get good seats for the show." Thia stood, picking up the chips in front of her.

The smile she gave him had his dick thick shaft hammers wet pussy hardcore massage. What was it about her? Derek led her to a door he'd seen couples use. When they exited, there'd been a tell-tale look of satisfaction on their faces. He pushed and as he suspected, a small niche for assignations was revealed. He barely locked the door before pinning Thia to the wall and pushing her skirt to her hips. "Do you like the way the slaves look, naked and helpless?" He ran his tongue along the seam of her lips.

"I have to admit, there is something exciting about knowing someone can do whatever they want and there is nothing the slave can do about it." She parted her lips and his tongue drove inside, exploring and claiming it. When he raised his head and examined the tiny room, he looked back at her with a wolfish smile. "Turn around and I will help you feel what the slaves are experiencing." * * * * Thia saw then what Derek had already discovered.

Blindfolds and ropes and other restraints lay on a table. "I thought you wanted a good seat for the show." "This is a better show and I have the best seat in the house." He picked up a blindfold and length of rope. She pleaded, "Please don't hurt me." He simply stared at her. With a sigh she relented. Turning around, she crossed her wrists behind her. Despite the twinge of fear she'd initially felt, this was Derek, not some stranger.

An inexplicable excitement built as he wrapped the rope around her wrists. Her knees weakened when she was plunged into darkness by the blindfold. A thought struck her. "Derek, you're not thinking of putting me up for auction, hardcore extreme compilation my dad always tube porn you?" "You're my slave.

For now, at least. And here's what I'm going to do. Finger you until you are about to come, then screw you until you do come, and then feed you my cock until you swallow my cum. Understand?" "Yes." At least she knew what to expect. And, she thought with a mental smile, he was making her come first.

Always the sign of a gentleman. His fingers stroked between her legs and she started to moan right away. Somehow, being blindfolded and restrained added to the excitement.

She tried to control her breathing, tried thinking of other things, but it was no good. Derek had already driven her to a frenzy and he hadn't even started. Tiny convulsions shimmied along her pussy. Her breath rasped and she moaned his name. He lifted her over his erection. She wrapped her legs around his waist, positioning him perfectly at her opening. His penis plunged deep into her craving body. Heat poured off him as he thrust, pulled out, pumped, withdrew, and then thrust again.

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She was consumed with sensation lighting her body from the inside out. Her body rocked with the wave and she flowed with it. Minutes later, when she recognized where she was again, Derek said.

"Now down you go." Her legs dropped, boneless to his sides, and he lowered her to the floor. She opened her mouth. It wasn't long before his throbbing penis filled her mouth. His scent filled her nostrils, arousing her again. In what couldn't have been two minutes, Derek grunted his satisfaction and hot spurts of cum filled her mouth.

She tightened her lips around him and swallowed everything he gave her, then licked luscious teens play with cock on web camera clean. His breath sounded like bellows above her and it took some seconds for him to reach down and gently draw her to her feet. They sat on a velvet settee for a brief time and then he removed the blindfold. "Okay?" he asked. She nodded. He brushed his knuckles along her cheek and kissed her.

"You're really something." "I could say the same." "I'm glad you feel that way." He helped her to her feet and reached for the door. "Aren't you going to untie my hands?" "I don't think so. There are several women who have their hands tied. I think you look sexy like this." He adjusted her clothing and they exited the hideaway. "Shall we go watch the contest?" "Do I have a choice?" Thia was trying to find the most comfortable position for her hands.

Being restrained was more of an inconvenience than uncomfortable. "I could leave you here for others to use." "Lead on." I'm at your mercy. She followed him back out on to the casino floor. He took her arm and led her toward Lilly. "Are you having a good time?" Their hostess raised a brow at Thia. Thia allowed herself to be turned. Lilly tugged at the knots. "A sailor, I see," she said approvingly to Derek. "I spend some time on the water. Let me congratulate you on a great party." "Thank you very much." "Where can we best watch the contests?" "Through that door.

Out by the pool are tents for the guests. Pick one and make yourselves comfortable, but be aware they're not private." She raised her brows at Thia again, as though putting her on notice that anything Derek did could—and probably would be—watched by others.

"You look pretty latina gets huge load of sperm in her face in that pirate costume, my dear," she said to Thia.

"Are you having a good time this evening?" "Yes, very much so." How could I not be? I've been screwed twice in the past two hours and have a promise of more. She hadn't spoken the words but she had a feeling Lilly knew what Thia was thinking because she smiled. Derek excused them and they took the doorway leading outdoors.

The night air cooled her. The pool and tents were a couple hundred feet away. Thia followed Derek's lead. Each of the numerous tents measured about eight feet square. Inside, several ornate pillows provided seating or reclining capability around large brass trays.

Waiters hurried in and out of the tents taking and delivering drinks and snacks. Derek chose a tent that allowed him to see the house, the dock in the distance, and several of the other tents. Evidently he hadn't forgotten his primary mission even though he'd driven her senseless.

Derek helped her onto a pillow before sitting and draping his arm over her shoulders. "Comfortable?" "Very, thanks." She looked with interest at the set up for the contests. Eight exercise bicycles were lined up on the other side of the pool, each with a display board in front of it. What made them unusual was the phallus protruding through the seat. There were also four two-foot logs in front of the pool, each with dual phalluses near each end. One was about six inches long and the other about two inches.

Could it be the slaves were going to sit on them and get screwed?

She wants it in her poophole too girlfriend doggystyle

It looks like the slave thing could be fun after all. Finally, a disk about four feet in diameter that looked a lot like a lazy Susan sat off to the side.

Thia wondered what they would do with it. The twelve inch diameter pipe across the deep end of the pool also baffled her. "Derek, what do you suppose they are going to do with all this stuff?" "I don't know. We'll have to wait and see." They didn't have long to wait before eight slaves were led out and Sylvester positioned each one by a bicycle.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first bet you can place is which slave will be the grand winner. Except for the first contest, slaves will be eliminated until only one is left. "To begin, these beautiful slaves will ride these machines.

The first one to show ten miles on the display wins. There is a catch. While they are riding they will be screwed by the phalluses in the seats. If they rise off the seat they lose.

Slaves, mount your bikes." Waiters lubricated the phalluses as the naked slaves watched and then the women positioned themselves. "This is hard to believe," Thia said.

Derek merely grunted and Thia suspected he was more than a little turned on. She couldn't reach to find out, though, damn it! "Now ladies and gentlemen place your bets." There is a pad and pen in each tent. "Write which slave you think will win and place it in the box with your bet.

The lids will lock before the contest begins." After a few minutes, a whistle blew, the girls started to pedal, and the mileages on the displays started to mount.

After a couple of minutes the slave in the lead climaxed and two others moved two sexy exotic brunettes share a cock. Thia watched as others had orgasms and the lead changed hands several times.

By the end, the first slave had caught up and reached the required ten miles. She smiled at the guests and was led off. The remaining slaves were paired up and positioned by each of the logs. While the next contest was being prepared the servers settled the bets.

"Ladies and gentlemen, in this contest the slaves will be screwed by these machines. The first one to have an orgasm loses and gets five lashes with the cat o' nine tales. The winner will receive two lashes. The first one to have an orgasm will raise her hand so there will be no mistake as to who loses.

They will face each other so they can use their hands to stimulate their opponent. Please place your bets." Thia looked at Derek. He was looking at her, and she was sure it was lust in his eyes.

She checked his pants. "It looks like I'll get another orgasm any time now." Derek smiled, placed a bet and settled back. "Derek, open your pants. With my hands bound I can't do it." "No, use your teeth." Thia looked at him with surprise.

He stared back. She felt a craving building deep within her. She wanted him and it was patently obvious he wanted her. She sighed. The placket where the ends met was flush against the material.

She looked at Derek. "If you want it, find a way." She stared at him for a second. Well, she wanted it. She dipped her head again and used her teeth and tongue to get the edge of fabric in her mouth. Then it was a simple matter of pulling.

"You might be interested, with the length of your skirt and your position, your bare ass is exposed for the slaves and others to see." Thia looked around and saw what he was talking about. Shit. She didn't care. When she turned her head back to Derek he was rolling another latex sheath down his shaft.

"Then let them watch this." He helped her rise over him and in seconds his cock filled her, plunging deep into her belly. As she screwed herself on Derek's rock-hard dick she leaned back until she could see the slaves. They appeared upside down, but even at that angle they were really getting into tiny tit blonde earns a gooey creampie fucked by those machines.

Derek wasn't doing a bad job of fucking her, either. He slowly moved her up and down to match the rocking of his hips. At the same time, his thumb circled her clit I'm dying and going to heaven. Thia's moans escalated. One of the slaves cried a little as she went over the top, screaming in release and raising her arm. Seeing it, even upside down, forced Thia over the top, too. She wrenched forward, sitting up and then falling onto Derek's chest as her body twitched uncontrollably.

Derek clutched her and groaned with his own climax. Thia tried to catch her breath as the thump-thump of the machines and moans of the slaves continued in the background. Then she noticed the noise of the machines had stopped. In fact, the hum coming from the various tents had stopped also. A loud crack was followed by a scream. What the hell. Thia rose off Derek's cock and turned. A slave stood on the far side of the pool. A man with a cat o' nine tails whipped her ass. While she watched, he raised the whip and brought it down again.

"Derek, do something." "I can't." She whipped her head around and glared at him, but he simply shook his head. "First, this is part of the contest. Second, I can't bring hot fucking of a taut anal hole hardcore blowjob to myself by interfering. If I thought they were truly in danger I would, but this doesn't qualify." While Derek spoke, the next contest "loser" stepped up and took her turn.

Two more waited quietly. Before the monster with the whip finished, Thia leaned into Derek's shoulder, trying to block the sound.

However, by the time the next contest was prepared, none of the women looked any worse for wear. Thia watched in amazement as the four slaves walked around the pool and took positions on the wooden disk. They faced out, kneeling on the edge of the disk. Thia sat beside Derek though he hadn't helped her or adjusted her skirt, choosing instead to leave her exposed to any who could see into their tent.

Sylvester's voice distracted her from worrying about her exposure. "I forgot the winners get two strokes of the whip. We want to show you how cooperative these slaves are." He motioned to the winning contestants, who rose and walked back for their whippings. Afterward, they walked back to the disk and resumed their position. A naked man approached the four slaves on the round board. "Ladies and gentlemen, each slave will have fifteen seconds to suck this man.

Then he'll turn the wheel and the next slave will have fifteen seconds. When one of the slaves has a mouth full of cum, she will join the others on the side and the remaining slaves will face the greased pipe over the pool. Place your bets." The man turned the wheel and when it stopped the slave in front of him opened her mouth. Fifteen seconds later, he turned the wheel and the next slave took him.

After three or four turns he climaxed. The woman stood and showed everyone the cum in her mouth then swallowed and took her place with the other winners. The three remaining slaves walked to the greased pipe crossing the pool and waited.

"The three remaining slaves will each take a turn crossing the pipe. Whoever goes the longest distance before falling in the pool will be the winner. Please place your bets." The first girl climbed up on the pole laid face down letting her legs hang over each side.

"Derek her pussy and asshole are completely exposed." "But this time there is nothing fucking her." "Yes, poor girl." Thia giggled and Derek laughed. The first girl got about half-way across, the second a little further, and the third girl got almost all of the way.

She took her place at the end of the pool. Sylvester beamed at his group of winners and then at his guests. "We will take a twenty minute break to prepare the slaves and platform. I know you'll use it wisely." He winked at the crowd. "I know how I'd like to use the time," Derek said.

Thia thought she knew what he was thinking. And I agree. Posted by JackFD, with Francis Drake's permission.