Beautiful exotic chick demands a rock hard fuck tonight

Beautiful exotic chick demands a rock hard fuck tonight
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My exwife had recently started texting me with random stuff. We have been divorced for over 4 years and had intermittent contact that she limited to money and dog issues. I had occasionally made a sexual comment or said something about her nipples (she has great nipples that usually stand out) but she would just ignore my comments. We had a great sex life for the 12 years we were together, it was full of wild sex. She is an eye catcher with long legs and usually dressed to show off. We did some swinging and she did her share of fucking guys on the side.

Some I knew about, some I found out about and some I'm sure I'll never know about. One of my fantasies was for her to get laid and come to me right away for sloppy 2nds sex. This never happened for reasons only she can say. I did get 2nds when we had 3sums but that was not the same. She knew this so I'm guessing that's a factor in what happened yesterday.


Two days ago during a text conversation she asked where I'd be traveling to and from the next day. I'm a truck driver and run containers out of Hampton Roads ports.

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I told her where I delivered to and that I'd be headed back to Norfolk mid morning. I didn't think much about it, I thought she was just making conversation. I made my delivery the next morning and headed back to port to pick up my next load.

It's a 4 hour trip and to help keep from getting board I like to look in cars as they pass, I see lots of leg and occasionally other stuff like people maturbating or boobies! She later told me she was sitting on an on ramp waiting for me to go by so she could time being behind me just right. Not knowing she was anywhere near I start hearing other drivers on the CB talking about a woman passing them showing lots of leg and possibly more.

I watched in my rear view for the car and noticed a vehicle in the left lane a ways back but it seemed to be pacing another truck. I called the driver on the CB and asked if that was the hotlegs and he replied that it indead was. But now she was rubbing a very naked pussy while he watched.

A few minutes later she had moved up to the truck behind me and paced him for a bit before racing past me, I only got a glimpse of leg but was now pretty sure I knew who it was. Either she had a new car or had borrowed someone else's because I had never seen the one she was in. I was miffed and disappointed not to get a show like the other drivers until my phone messenger went off. It was from her say to be sure to stop at the next rest area.

Now I was excited and hard as a rock thinking she was going to fuck me in campus ex girlfrienbd lucy doll getting fucked all folded up sleeper of my semi. 10 minutes later I looked for her car as I rolled into the truck parking section of the rest area. I saw it in the front lot but didn't see her. I parked in the back lot facing the building and saw her sitting on a bench facing the truck lot just to the side of the building.

She had a very short jean skirt on with thin pink summer sweater that did almost nothing to conceal her nipples.

From about 100 feet away I could clearly see she had no bra on and that with just a slight move of her legs it would be beaver city. A dozen or so trucks were already parked and several more rolled in just as I was shutting my rig down. Looking around it was obvious that the drivers were in a rush to walk past her so I took my time getting out of my truck.

I could see her responding to what must have been comments as the guys walked past her. She had a big grin and I swear she was spreading her legs for the better looking guys.

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After the rush of 78 guys went into the building I walked up and remarked what a nice surprise it was to see her. She grinned and pointed to my crotch, saying it was pretty obvious I was happy to see her. She said she hoped I was not in a rush today and could hang here for a little while. I said I had some time to spare but had to pee first. She got a mischievous grin on her face and said go right ahead but if I'm not here when you come out just sit and wait for me.

I hurried into the bathroom and as I was going in some of the drivers that went in before me were already coming out. I paused to look back at Beca and saw that one of the first guys had stopped to talk to her.

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He was about 6'2" and thick but not fat. I went in to piss and while I was at the urinal two guys in the stalls were talking about the woman sitting outside showing off her pussy and tits.

One guy said she was probably looking for random driver and he was going to straight up ask her. Hearing this made it very hard to finish peeing as my cock got hard all over again. When I got back outside she was nowhere in site, so I sat down and waited. I noticed a couple of the other drivers hanging out near the front of their trucks and wondered if they were waiting for Beca to reappear. I figured she was peeing and was coming out shortly.

It was then I saw one of the truck cabs rocking back and forth and I knew where she was. 10 minutes later the drivers door opened and she climbed down. Her hair was messed up and only 2 buttons of her sweater were done. Before she had walked 30 feet in my direction a short fat driver intercepted her and said something. I saw her shake her head and reply, thinking she was coming to me now I started to get up.

That's when another driver walked up and held his hand out, she took it and followed him to his truck. He was a black guy about 6 foot but very athletic looking.

She let him help her up but putting both his hands on her ass, under her skirt and lift her into the truck. He had windows in his sleeper and they let enough light in that I could see an outline of them while they stood and kissed. Then he took her sweater off and she slid down out of site. An educated guess is he was receiving one of her world class blow jobs.

A few minutes passed and he lean down out of site, then the truck started rocking vigorously. I sat on the bench with my arms spread on the back and maybe the hardest cock I've ever had watching and waiting for my slutty exwife to finish fucking her second stranger.

As much as I would have liked her to continue this all day I needed to relieve my painful erection and hoped she would ignore the couple sexy japanese babe nurse gets pounded hard from behind other drivers waiting with high hopes.

20 minutes went by before she climbed out and slinked her way over to me. What a site she was, hair was a mess, her sweater held together but one button near her waist and her inner thighs glistened with cum.

I could see several trails of cum running down both of her thighs. She stopped right in front of me, she reached down and scoped up some of it up with her finger and sucked it off.

As she did this there were several air horn blasts and cat calls from the guys watching. Then she lifted her skirt past her swollen dripping pussy and using two fingers scooped a glob of cum from her pussy. With an evil grin she held it out to me and said to suck her fingers clean.

At this point I'd have done just about anything to fuck her so I opened my mouth and leaned forward taking her fingers in.


The taste was actually pretty good and I spent about bringing big ass girls home from the club xxxx seconds making live pretty wild amateur masterbates ep hd to get every last bit of cum.

I stood up and grabbed her hand, leading her to my truck past what was now 67 guys staring at my ex-wife. I opened the door so she could climb up but she stopped on the 2nd step. This put her ass level with my face. She bent over and I didn't need to be told what she wanted. I started down by her knees and proceeded to lick up the rivulets of cum all the way up to her swollen messy pussy.

I did this for each thigh before burying my face between her ass cheeks and licking her from clit to asshole for several minutes. While I ate her out the group of drivers had gathered around to watch, probably hopping to get a turn. I pushed her into the cab and followed her back to the sleeper shutting my door behind me. I could hear several groans of protest but didn't care about anything but shoving my dick into her pussy at the moment.

I pushed her onto her back as she pulled her skirt up to her waist. Dropping my pants I knelt between her outspread legs and shoved my 7" cock into her pussy. My balls slapped her ass on the first thrust because she was so wet and loose from the first two guys she fucked.

I pounded her for a few minutes before slowing down to enjoy the way it felt. A well used pussy feels like hot pudding in velvet when it's full of fresh cum. I concentrated on a slow short grinding thrust that I know will get her to an intense orgasm.

Kissing her I could taste the musk of another cock on her mouth. This was all so intensely erotic that it was getting hard not to cum. Luckily it was for her to and she started a long and loud orgasm that pushed me over the top. It felt like I was pumping gallons of cum into her already soaking wet pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles grabbing and letting go, milking my cock for every drop. We both came with such intensity and one of the longest orgasms of my life I nearly passed out. I lay on top of her for a few minutes recovering before starting to grind my semi hard cock in her soupy pussy again.

She smiled and pushed me off onto my back. Straddling me in a 69 she proceeded to suck and lick me hard and clean while lowering her pussy to my face. I did my best to keep up with all the juices running out but I ended up with a face covered in cum and pussy juice. She stood up and said to sit in the front passenger seat.

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I did and much to my delight she straddled me and sunk back onto my hard cock for another ride. Bouncing up and down, now in full view of anyone standing near my truck we kissed and she licked my face clean.

She commented that nothing tasted better or turns her on more than pussy and cum juice together.

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Several minutes later I had her turn around so she was facing the windshield. Pulling her sweater open I played with her tits for all to see. One of the guys jumped up on the passenger step for a closeup and when Becky saw this she started playing with her clit. This brought both if us back to the point of no return. Cumming so hard twice in such a short time was all I could take. I told her to lick me clean again. She knelt down and slowly licked my balls and cock clean while switching between looking at the guy on the step and me in the eye.

It was very submissive and erotic to watch her do this. When she had me nice and clean I said you should get dressed because I need to get rolling. She put on a pouty face and said but I'm having so much fun. I told her it didn't have to stop because I'm leaving. She laughed, looking outside at her new fan club and said it wouldn't be as much fun without you.

She dressed, kissed me goodbye and said on her xstory phim sec loan luan out the door "besides I have dinner planned with my boyfriend in a couple hours".


I sat watching her strut past all the guys outside on her way to her car and wondered if this might be a sign of things to come in the near future.